Sunday, April 4, 2021

"Love is Looking Out into The Morning. It's Looking Back at You This Easter Day."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

What do you know? Today is Easter. It slipped right by this year so as you would hardly notice it.That is NOT accidental. It is not only Christmas that they are making war on. They are making war on Easter as well. They say, “there is no God” if there is no God then no God could be born or rise again. In a sense, they are right because God does not ever die, but he does simulate well, and there is nowhere we can go that God cannot go, and many many more places God is and can go than can we.

They want to replace God with the state. They'll have their own religious facsimile. The entertainers of our times are showing how religion interprets through them. You see, presently you have, at least, the illusion of what The Constitution guaranteed. If they have their way you will, certainly, no longer, have that illusion. Who are 'they'? They are the ones you cannot call on their behavior. They are the ones who attack the enduring institutions with the intention of creating chaos and disorder, and then seizing the reins of power... but... The Earth is a sacred vessel and at the mere approach of the profane, IT RECEDES. That is what Lao Tzu said. Lao Tzu was no Christian in the classical sense, but The Truth of which they both spoke is THE SAME.

Yes... our present crop of leaders are nearly all compromised, feckless, weak... other words apply, however, the whole subject is disagreeable to me. Men can destroy cultures and infrastructures. They can destroy nations and traditions, BUT they can NEVER destroy that which brought life about in the first place and which is a CONSCIOUS, LIVING ENTITY made of something much finer and denser than any light we know about and which RULES ALL... ALWAYS.

It is murky at the moment for most (something's off about that sentence), BUT... the power of God is not dimmed, except in the minds, hearts, and imaginations of humanity.

The Aquarian Age sets an irresistible imperative. Christianity, Islam, all of them will be radically changed or plowed under to feed the coming terms of the new awareness. Recognition of The Sun as the regent of manifest existence will become pervasive. The physical sun is a portal through which The Spiritual Sun shines. That knowledge will, as always, be protected by a fellowship of initiates who are empowered to shepherd humanity further along the measureless reach of evolution. That pace does not work for me.

For those of us who are in anguish from having to sup from common troughs, there are sweeter pastures and pristine waters that satiate not only one's physical thirst but the deeper thirst. You can travel to these pastures and waters because they are resident within you. Because of the extreme materialism of the times, humanity is drowning in the attractions of The Senses and the OTHER NEEDS of the inner being have been cut off and are starving. What I am telling you is LITERAL. If Christ has not risen in you today; WHO? WHO... is resident there in his place?

Christ is The Sun King. He came in his PERFECTED HUMANITY to SHOW THE WAY. Christ is The Wayshower. Other versions of The Sun King preceded him and now one is to follow. He will, with the energy of his being, and a Divine Mandate, SET THE WORLD IN ORDER!

I am guessing you noticed, you might not have registered... BUT Easter is now in shut down mode as far as they are concerned. They are dreaming of conquest and empire. They are dreaming of their coming mastery of The World. They are dreaming.

Humanity DID NOT come THIS FAR to end like a fart in the bathtub or remain soiled in its own wastes as it now is. Spiritual Renaissance is upon the Event Horizon. It surely does not seem so at the moment. The howling tempest of hunger and vain ambition is raging like a wildfire through the common mind. This skirmish of appetites will fade. Changes are coming.

God is coming with his angels. It may be that few will see this because their sight is dimmed by material fires. They are literally writhing in the fires where no desire can be satisfied. The hungers only increase. As the pressure of irresistible change comes upon them, people are driven in weakest link directions; alcohol... drugs... obsessions and fantasies, raging mind dances, neurotic tics, and psychotic episodes abound... only to wind up as monkeys on a stick and a teaching moment for the survivors. This very force that is being wrongly exercised at present is the same force that drives to spiritual liberation.

Remember that scene in “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”? They got on the freeway going in the wrong direction. People passing on the other side of the freeway were shouting at them that they were “GOING THE WRONG WAY!”

This is what is actually taking place. If you tell people, they laugh at you or give you the finger. I am watching from a distance as the tabloids of the world unroll before my eyes. I want nothing from it so it speaks to me without deception, even though the medium is deception itself. That is most difficult to explain but I suspect it has translated where it needs to be (grin).

Today is Easter. It has not always been celebrated in the same fashion but it was always Easter. We have always had the risen God in some fashion, AND WE ALWAYS WILL. There are some who celebrate this in a daily fashion. It is a timeless thing. Look at The World around you at this time. You might think of The World as a material expression of The Divine Mother. She can, through the convolutions of the human mind be transformed into a hydra-headed bitch. When she is twisted into unnatural expressions- as we see in the dense urban locations, PERVERSITY RUNS RIOT through the common mind. Certain courses life CANNOT take without arriving at certain destinations. ONLY God can, through his grace, heal your karma in an expeditious fashion.

Most people don't know about this aspect of The Divine as it has been defined by the architects of fundamentalism. They have left that out of the grand picture they painted but did not understand... because it was bent to the ends of evil intent- FOR THE PURPOSE OF MIND and CROWD CONTROL. It gets to where The World seems bigger than your ability to deal with it

God can do as he pleases, his power is LIMITLESS. Use your imagination. God is the be-all and end-all. Find this out now or find it out later at greater expense.

Easter is an INTERNAL thing and as you ASPIRE... as you TRULY ASPIRE, you will one day be drawn to Spiritual Jerusalem on THAT DAY when it is celebrated in The Heavens every year... every day. Don't let this Great Chance pass you by. Every moment is an opportunity to turn your inner eye to the Spiritual Sun. Swedenborg had much to say about The Spiritual Sun and the Heavenly Hosts, AS DID OTHERS. It's all been recorded and written down now and again, as far as words will go. You can find IT, THE THING ITSELF if you are intrepid and determined. You don't go anywhere without it in the first place. Ah... duh.

RECOGNITION is what is needed and at first, it might seem like a distant mirage, but... IT IS THERE! You have to do the spadework. You have to plow the field and realize it is not under your own power. NOTHING IS. Heaven will attend to the fruits of your works. You cannot fail if you do not give up and the rate of your progress is determined by the intensity of your passion. It's simple. It's precise. It's mathematical at a level no scientist has ever arrived at understanding.

You only need to believe in the power of LOVE and to practice and perform it in all that you do. LOVE is the brimming and overflowing fountain that inspires every great and noble act. The noblest of them all was Jesus Christ demonstrating it. You don't need any greater proof of everlasting life than that. God is... REMARKABLE... I cannot hope to tell the profundity of it. The common human mind at this period of time does not understand the greater and deeper implications of LOVE, BUT the Spirit of the Avatar is coming and it will flood the human heart when it does. How that will impact... heh heh... it's going to impact in different ways. I'm guessing it depends of how you take it. That WOULD have something to do with the result.

Happy Easter, my dear friends!

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Ray B. said...

Happy Ascension Day, everyone...

I have backed-off of Yeshua ben Joseph regarding this day. Regardless, I celebrate on this day the past Masters who have won their way into some kind of Ascension (with or without taking their body along), and presently-living folks who will cross that 'boundary' in days to come. (Raises a glass...)

And thanks to all the Unseen Folks who have provided behind-the-scenes help and assistance in getting the aforementioned to the Threshold. (Raises glass again...)

And thanks to the Oma Desala (ascended Ancient, in the Stargate TV series) style of Folks, who 'reach down' and give a helping-hand-up to good people who are very close to the Threshold at death. (Raises glass again...)

And finally, thanks to Vis and the commenters here who are holding the Path open. (Final swig...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

robert said...

Visible by near transparency to the light:

How your words carry so much more love than the snarkly sampling of compromised media hacks! We shower off our sleepy eyed crusties in your stream of consciousness conveyed. Your example demands a response from our hearts, however misconstrued.

I want nothing from it so it speaks to me without deception, even though the medium is deception itself. That is most difficult to explain but I suspect it has translated where it needs to be (grin)

Crystal clear here! Just as you cannot cheat an honest man, you cannot deceive someone without attachment, not seeking to receive support for self-delusion, some mental creation to lean upon to ignore our deeper being for another day.
Notice the compulsive media consumer, who needs to believe the ever thinning corporate spin, to avoid turning and facing their true state of being.

Listening to the man checking out and ringing up food at Trader Joe's, suppressing a guffaw out of politeness (or cowardice), the gyrations of the air dancing on the clouds of fictional factoids is awe inspiring, were it not portending a massive crash of cognitive dissonance in the near future!

You can find IT, THE THING ITSELF if you are intrepid and determined. You don't go anywhere without it in the first place. Ah... duh

We ARE it, yet the endless varieties of vagaries we spend our creative juices on, to run away and feel disconnected enough to reproach our spirit for its distance!
How a cascade of depressing doubts insert a wedge between our feeling and our being, if we allow it to grow without plucking it out like a noxious weed!

"You cannot fail if you do not give up and the rate of your progress is determined by the intensity of your passion. It's simple. It's precise. It's mathematical at a level no scientist has ever arrived at understanding"

Clarifies why the deceivers aim to confuse ouir comprehension about what Passion is and frustrate our expression of Passion.

Why SO MUCH money is spent on mind controlling "entertainment" to sell the idea that actors overacting, chewing the scenery with insincere demonstrations of energetic excess, fueled by drugs and the life force of innocents, is passion!

That's NOT passion but merely fear-driven frenetic fakery, easy to get away with as the quality of acting has dropped to the level which feeds zombie conceits and nothing more.
Why doubt and confusion divorce us from our connection to the ultimate Passion, breathing through us and watching through our lying eyes.

The crustier the death cult gets about the rising consciousness beyond their control over the carnal mind of the human puppet, the closer to the cracking of the shell.
As crass mercantilism sells only Easter eggs of chocolate as the way to celebrate, the spirit left out of the message looks elsewhere for sustenance.

The air goes out of the balloon inflated by appeal to surface sensing and the soul recoils from the emptiness of existence run by trolls.

WB Yeats' The Second Coming ends with the ambiguous attitude toward the Sun king:

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

As you allude, the reaction to the new day dawning from within will depend upon our state of being.
NO ONE is immune to a possible allergic reaction to increased intensity of the light!
Those who have peeked, chancing a glance in advance at their own true being will be less shocked perhaps.

But no human experience, even the deepest dedication to constant practice of the Presence, can prepare us for Heaven descending into human affairs or Earth being elevated from its abuse by hell-spawned mindsets.
Whichever relative motion we perceive, the change is coming as fast as humanity can handle it. Delayed not for the sake of plodding plotters but for everyone else asleep at the wheel of life.

Making life a peaking hell is designed to rebound in welcome relief, even from the habit of material seeking!

Visible said...

Robert; There are some fine points made in your statement and clothed in deserving eloquence.

Anonymous said...

"change is coming as fast as humanity can handle it. Delayed not for the sake of plodding plotters but for everyone else asleep at the wheel of life."

Goddess is merciful far beyond our understanding. Let us simply praise Her!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Happy Easter back atcha. Nostrils up for the post.

Anonymous said...

"I want nothing from it so it speaks to me without deception, even though the medium is deception itself. That is most difficult to explain but I suspect it has translated where it needs to be" (grin)

I grinned when I first read this and it still makes me laugh hours later. I don't suspect many of your readers need a translation.

Happy Easter Les and all your readers.


Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
as in
More and More Visible
for the non-spanish.speaking reader
the latest Miles Mathis article , , gives me the impression of being a 'rhythm' to the 'tone' of this beautiful poem of yours...
Much Thanks , once again, for your poetry for the Soul....
Cheerful Love, GrizzlyBear hug

Frank said...

Hi Vis

Like yourself over the years I've had weird and wonderful experiences and still do. But as far as this article goes, about two years ago for about ten minutes I think the veil slipped.

The sheer size of God is beyond human comprehension and all I could do was say 'OK. What do you want me to do'? It really is not worth resisting. This reality is like a mouse trying to kick an elephant.


Frank said...

From a few days ago.

The Light is here.

The link is fine. Worth looking at.

Thomas said...

Beautiful post. Thanks Visible :)

Sukh said...

Frank, the link doesn't work for me; it gives a 404 error and "the requested URL was not found on this server"...

Disha said...

Hi Frank, same here, link doesn't work.

Frank said...

Apols. Me and tech don't get on that well. Not sure why link wasn't showing.

Here's another link. Hopefully this will show.

Frank said...

FWIW. Why I wouldn't go anywhere near the vaccination.

It's about blocking memory or trying to create a new memory I think. See MK Ultra experiments and research into vaccines. Big Pharma / Farmer doesn't do this for our health ! This reality has just one purpose and everything is aimed at this which is keeping 'consciousness' within a narrow frequency range. Again IMO.

And what are we trying to remember and what is the vaccine trying to block ? Not to put too fine a point on it - God.

‘Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level’.

Vaccines and memory.

‘The success of vaccines is dependent on the generation and maintenance of immunological memory. The immune system can remember previously encountered pathogens, and memory B and T cells are critical in secondary responses to infection. Studies in mice have helped to understand how different memory B cell populations are generated following antigen exposure and how affinity for the antigen is determinant to B cell fate. Additionally, such studies were fundamental in defining memory B cell niches and how B cells respond following subsequent exposure with the same antigen.’

The Memory B-Cell Niche and Recall Responses

‘It is therefore of vital functional importance that memory B cells are stationed at strategic sites where they can maximize their chance of encountering antigen’.

Remembrance of Things Past: Long-Term B Cell Memory After Infection and Vaccination

Anonymous said...

And then there's the old waaaay too cheap, easy, time friendly and uber effective nebulized hydrogen peroxide trick. BigPharma and Co. foam at the mouth at the thought ergo (mum's the word) say the M$M fifth column.

Anonymous said...

Hello and a belated Happy Easter.
A very good piece of writing ,as usual, and so appropriate to what I'm reading at the moment.
This book parallels what you write about in many ways. The author talks about atheism, anarchism and the replacement of God with the state and how they are opposed to spiritual liberation. He also goes into "religious facsimile, legal facsimile(ie
the facsimile of Law we call "the legal system") and more.It's a free download but at 1146 pages a weighty tome though so far (I'm at pg250) well worth the time.
I don't claim to be "clinging to your coat-tails" as I'm too far behind but the synchronicity of your work to my train of thought is very encouraging,so once again, thank-you.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"And Then You get a Kind of Dumb and Dumber, Wrestling in the Mosh Pit of Cosmic Stupid."

For Christ said...

We have a world, and now we have a System to grow us to all that We can be:

It is about time we do it the way it is meant to be, TOGETHER, HIGHER, GREATER, HAPPIER.

"Human Nature is not meant to be controlled, but rather is meant to be nurtured" -- Andrew Gavin Marshall

"We have it in our power to begin the world over again" -- Thomas Paine

We don't have to wait any longer in this Misery Stew these demonic hell idiots have created and cooked for us.

All we need do is tell them now: GET OUT! (of our way).



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