Sunday, March 28, 2021

"Most People, Ruled by their Personal Ambitions, Assume the Position and are Made Pregnant with Evil."

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We will be including some links today because they help to paint the Boschian landscape of the decline of empire. It won't be all that hard. It's basically paint by the numbers. They have to keep in mind that their workers are not very bright. I want you to see the connection between all of them in the way they have to do with controlling not only the flow of information but the perspective and understanding impressed on you. Forget the Crass Media, EVERYTHING they say is a calculated lie, designed to mislead you. I KNOW it is hard to look right at it and see how pervasive and powerful it is and to realize it is a demonic enterprise created to ENSLAVE you through Fear and Confusion.

Fake mass shootings are back and hence the reason for our first link. Colorado, of course, is one of their nerve centers and it is CONSIDERED to be in the center of the USA. I remember in the long past that it was the coastal shipping port for all consciousness-altering substances and I knew, peripherally, some who had become wealthy by dint of craft, effort, and location-location-location. I've been where they are and seen the process at both ends. I WAS NOT a player. I was NEVER very good at that. God DID NOT want me so engaged. Since I knew a number of these people and since they were well disposed toward me, I got a fortune of the desirable comestibles laid on me.

The usual psychopaths from whatever the present-day iteration of Mk Ultra or Tavistock might be, are fully engaged in ongoing staged events and they've got a good number of guided missiles in the paddocks. Programming is going on with their Hellish instruments at all times. Here is another area they are operational in and have been for a LONG TIME. Do you remember that little twit called Lil Nas X? He came out with a tedious and uninspired “Old Town Road” song that was #1 for months. It was/is a pedestrian effort and not worth listening to, except by accident; playing as you head to the door, which is what I do every time I hear anything like it. It wasn't a notable song at all, they pumped it up so that he could, with great drama, come out as Gay later. Now, this pin-headed entrepreneur is bringing us what we were REALLY waiting for; we and his 16 million Instagram lemmings. They are full-on AT IT. Be mindful and mind how you go.

Another area besides entertainment and automated mass murder is the political sphere and here we have one of the Biden Rockettes, who, along with NUMEROUS others are actually employed by Israel, not the USA. A lot is being made of China as a threat, except by those owned by China, like Lebron, Biden, and all of his associates, handlers, and backers. For them, the threat is Russia because Putin is not stupid and won't cooperate in the war on Christianity, Globalization, and FORCED immigration. However, all of this is Dis-info generated by Israel, which is the high seat of Satan on the planet, with Mossad and Chabad satellites across the planet that do the work given them from the Central Command of Darkness. They are just what Jesus said they were back in the day, and as the material darkness has grown more pervasive and intense they have grown more powerful as they ride the wave.

Long ago they went to work gaining control of the media, entertainment, publishing, social media, and politics. Since they are printing the money in their central banks, they can afford whatever they wish. This they have accomplished and if you won't play ball, they won't let you on the court. Most people, ruled by their personal ambitions, assume the position and are made pregnant with Evil; not that they would notice. Once your integrity is gone, everything that is attached to it goes as well. This is what makes the pursuit of the Qualities of God the Supreme Quest. God is right particular about who gets the use of these qualities because they are The Critical Powers of God. You can tell people; good luck with that. You can see deep into the heart of them, what is resident there and WHAT IS NOT resident there.

I am perfectly comfortable with “it's a trick, we always use it”.

After all, The Truth is Antisemitic. I've no fear of the high and mighty, who are, in fact, the low and impotent. They've nothing they can take from me or do to me. My life? That's in God's Hands. I would far rather depart here, KNOWING that The Truth will set one free. I say nothing here that I cannot prove past all arguments. What I say that I cannot prove, because it is Metaphysical, is... to me... SELF-EVIDENT! If The Truth is important to you, and you love and cherish it, it WILL present itself to you and the evidence will be the experience itself. I KNOW this because it has happened MANY times to me, and these days it is much like an endlessly running brook outside the door of The Adytum.

WHY... WHY IS IT that people don't get THE OBVIOUS? You EITHER seek and surrender to the Will of God, or you are IN BIG TROUBLE... present or pending. You CAN'T win! Heaven is ALL POWERFUL. If you are smart, you seek it with all your heart. Otherwise, you are a Fallen Angel. It is MADE to look a certain way here, ON THIS PLANE, and this is why people get sucked into their own loss, disappointment, and failure, due to BELIEVING IN APPEARANCES. Appearances are a lie. They are generated by cosmic force for a purpose. Study the life cycle of foliage. Certain TYPES of people, at a certain level of being, are utterly seduced by the promise of profit from appearances. They don't know any better, but they can hurt you with Hostages to Fortune.

Humanity, a portion of it, is about to make a spiritual leap and grand changes are coming to our perceptions and level of awareness. I do not know how many of us are to be affected; well... we will all be affected to some degree, and then left at some corner of the road on the way. They are at whatever rest spot or Future Exit they took, to ease up on the presence of the howling of the wind, as it whistles through dead trees in corridors of Nowhere. I suspect it will not be many who make the leap, as I observe the present pursuits of the masses, but that depends on the grace of God and his patience and compassion. He knows all. We know VERY little so our opinion is not generally solicited.

The way my food tastes now. The way all of it comes at me now has become a remarkable turn in my existence. The way God is present in my senses and proving to me beyond a shadow of a doubt what it means when he says, “I am the supreme enjoyer” and I was reflecting on that when God said, “You see the perks that come with seeking me?” He does that a lot now, catches me in an object teaching situation, and blows the curve right by me, setting me up for the fastball and I know not to crowd the plate because he's got the advantage in the count so he would brush me off... nicely. God is rough and tumble as all get out and silken smooth and effortless when he wants to be. He is all things to all men and women, there and back again with Bilbo, and all the rest of us. It's up to us whether we enjoy life and you CANNOT ENJOY LIFE unless God is present and enjoying it. I don't care what anyone tells you. If you are not enjoying your life that is why. Don't go looking for reasons for why your life is empty. It is empty because God is not in it.

They talk about Diversity and Inclusion but what they really peddle is Perversity and Exclusion. These are NOTHING BUT BUZZWORDS. They picture in your mind, but the reality is quite different. Don't waste your time listening to them; WATCH WHAT THEY DO!!! If you pay attention you see who is behind the pornography and every distress that becomes evident in the streets. You see who is at the head of EVERY alt-sex organization. You see who is providing the money to the politicians and you see which of them has fallen out of favor or never been there to begin with.

More and more you are seeing this sort of thing then you see this kind of thing. Here is what gets stated in the Satan Sneaker Scam;

“In selling the sneakers, the rapper has partnered with MSCHF — a company that runs on 'structured chaos' and has been 'creating some of the most absurd, cynical, and viral projects and products that have spread across the internet'”

-according to a report last year by Business Insider.

These are the sorts of things being generated by Chaos Magik. It's a new trend that is being promoted by the catamites who operate from their niches in the intellectual and academic community. ALL OF THIS... is a blind or camouflage for Satanic Intention. When you cannot understand something that is simple, due to complexity and confusion, THERE IS A REASON. Once again, ♫ What's puzzlin' you is the nature of my game ♫

You are a footsoldier without a uniform, fighting in a war that most of us cannot see taking place. NOTHING here has to do with any of the usual objectives and ambitions of the temporal sphere. IT is ALL ABOUT your soul. It is a spiritual war! It has been going on for a long, long time. Everywhere you look, people are trapped inside their own heads with their hearts imprisoned by transitory and fleeting attractions. Some of us are working for one side and some for the other, the majority are leaves trembling in the prevailing wind.

It DOES NOT have to be as it seems. Whatever that is, is something we have talked ourselves into, with help from the minions who serve whatever pays or punishes. For them, it is either the object of desire on the one hand or The Breaks on the other. God is a living light. The idea is to come into harmony with the Will of Heaven. Whatever there is that then appears in your life is a direct result of what you have placed your reliance on. There are far more than a few of them born every minute, back again, and again, expecting different results.

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Anonymous said...

Today I noticed a few commenters on various sites expressing the idea "no matter the chaos that may be coming, we are eternal beings" and thus are starting to operate more out of a position based on true inner peace. I'd say that's good, as now both Russian and Ukraine govts are confirming that huge numbers of troops have been moved into place and fighting is about to begin in East Ukraine. Combined with the massive social unrest about to happen in America, well now seems like a good time to start thinking about your eternal position. The demon illuminati cannot control spiritually evolved people because they exist beyond their bullshit fear propaganda system

Ray B. said...

Vis, a 'warning' column. Appreciated!

I am actually optimistic about our situation. For a looong time, Unseen baddies actually outnumbered Unseen goodies - locally. Probably on a 60/40 ratio. That let baddies gradually take over, as they could tie-up the goodies and have the excess available for mischief. Now, with all the Cleanings going on, the ratio is better than reversed.

For instance, there was recently a 'battle' (a Cleaning) with four Unseen baddies. To deal with them, at first nine Unseen goodies showed up. That increased to sixteen goodies, as time went on. As others got Cleaned, one Unseen baddy ultimately had nine Unseen goodies concentrating on it. In short, there are now enough 'excess' goodies to swarm the baddies. Encouraging...

Another encouraging sign is the 'swooping-down' after a Cleaning. Once an Unseen baddy is Cleaned, they frequently turn-around and move to undo the damage they have caused to lower levels. Usually, this is more energetic and information-giving. Recently, this has taken another 'step'. A just-Cleaned non-human entity went-to-town on lower-level human baddies. There were images of a bulldozer smashing-down things, and of sturdy fences being smashed-through. (These were just 'translations' of what was really happening.) There was also the phrase, "You would not listen!" I am encouraged by lower-level human baddies no-longer being tolerated...

Also, a small personal note: For a short time, I got 'shifted' into just feeling Happy. Not happy-about-this or happy-that-happened. Just Happy; a pure feeling. Surprisingly profound.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

robert said...

Visible sharing of spirit leaving all illusion for real!

What you inspire in response in the call and shout!

"It's up to us whether we enjoy life and you CANNOT ENJOY LIFE unless God is present and enjoying it. I don't care what anyone tells you. If you are not enjoying your life that is why. Don't go looking for reasons for why your life is empty. It is empty because God is not in it"

Why the empty protest so loudly and grab the bully media bullhorn to insist that they are having the time of their life and anyone who does not see it their way is a poo poo head and a heretical non-believer in the media story, too, so there!

When we have joy, our hearts' natural impulse is to share it and spread it around, like the infinite resource that it is!
In war time, dead in the middle of Armageddon, the divisive diversion cautions us instead, to take on adult fear to protect our inner child from the zombie plague.

This is our primary choice: to fear and shrink from duty to the One or to go on with love, no matter what.

Who do we love? Our temple, the temporary vehicle attached to the fake solidity of heavy matter or our spirit living to be free, which we share with the One?

Hard but simple.
Requiring all in commitment but simply a walk on the water with the One.

"Don't waste your time listening to them; WATCH WHAT THEY DO!!!"

Watch the rotten fruit fall into the down vortex to contraint in perpetuity.
The smarmy sentimental screed passing for sincere desire
The subjective superiors spinning in their graves
The selfish sacrificers of other people's life force just to keep their corpses warm

The people who love have been exploited long enough to know better than to assume the position of dependence anymore!

Not to turn down the lamp light, damp the fire, scatter the spirit
But shine brighter than vampires can eat
Call for more of the One to come through our lives until all are awakened to their own inner fountain or swell up beyond control like an exploding tick too greedy to live.

"Everywhere you look, people are trapped inside their own heads with their hearts imprisoned by transitory and fleeting attractions. Some of us are working for one side and some for the other, the majority are leaves trembling in the prevailing wind"

Too subjective inside our heads, there is no there there
No room for any heart's desire in our mental bubbles
No way for spirit to share an expansive vision with locked down fear-eating zombies, who insist on their trance story to excuse their predation.

Transgression can be forgiven but hovering in limbo, uncommitted, cowed by fear fairies?
Take a stand where we are planted
Answer the call from Being far deeper than subjective fantasy allows and say it out loud in love.
We who have nothing invested in the machine of exploitation no longer will be silent witness the ceremony of innocence digested by the demented desolators!

Expose the gravy train of trafficked children once and for all or this plane will be power washed away again.

Thank goodness, there is order in the One that is bringing irresistible light to the party, right on time!

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Thank you once again, Les.

This was an angry article, and nothing wrong with that.

Here in Britain we never heard about the uber murder.

This is not because it happened in the USA and so is not of direct relevance.

Because the number one headline on all British MSM outlets has been day one of the Derek Chauvin trial.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Speaking as an NDE case, I don't see how any NDE case can enjoy life. Lies, illusions, limitations, perpetual inconveniences, stupid traditions and stupid social conditioning so few break free of, and are so frustrating to deal with I just walked away from them all because the willfully ignorant are not worth my time.

No, my life ain't empty. Statistically it's been pretty good, 'cept for 5.5 years. Well, of course it's had its ups and downs, but I'm sittin' comfy now with enough to get by, and a little extra that tends to be given away. How can I ignore a dude dressed in rags, wearin' mismatched shoes?

I see my sojourn here as nothing but a self imposed prison I asked for due to having to prove something to myself. I now wish to slap that me of that illusory timeline upside, despite that I know that I needed to get this garbage out of my system. At least I know it's the last round, and I have much to look forward to. No, I'm not enjoying life, but rather tolerating it. I see it like running the Marathon. It feels so good when it stops. And I must admit life is a bit better now than when earlier when I did make a statistical ton of money, but had no time. 2 to 4 hours of sleep a night with 2 or three days off a month where you do 17-18 hours of sleep ain't no fun. I had various painkillers for the headaches running through my veins, but it was what I wanted at the time. The current 20 to 30 hours a week beats the crap out of a 55 hour average. I also have new co-workers in my department who are awesome.

Chaos Magic. Hmmmmm. Elric of Melnibone's forté. Read the series twice. Very compelling but depressing read. His source of power killed him in the end. Hint, hint, hint? Stormbringer, she was called. A vampire sword.

Satan! Demiurge? Saklan? Samael? Yahweh/Enlil? (Enlil caused the flood in Epic of Gilgamesh.) Yaldabaoth? Sophia's mistake? Is now the REAL time of Sophia's Correction? (John Lamb Nash) Well, what ever. I feel very optimistic for some strange reason I can't define, and am not concerned at all about the outcome of anything. After all, we are forever; and there's nuthin' anyone can do aboot it.

Nostrils up, big time!

Thomas said...

Whoosh! Serious energy in this post! No superflous words, and heavy hits. Good stuff :)

I found some more "evidence" for the theory I posited in the last post (Sri Yukteswars theory) - that we are currently on track towards higher vibrations.

So, (part of) the timeline in the theory is:

ca. 3100 B.C. beginning of the previous descending Dvapara Yuga
ca. 700 B.C. beginning of descending Kali Yuga
ca. 500 A.D. low point - and beginning of ascending Kali Yuga
ca. 1950 A.D. beginning of current ascending Dvapara Yuga

And if we look at this, from wikipedia - on ancient mesopotamian religion (which included Babylon), we read this:

"The earliest undercurrents of Mesopotamian religious thought date to the mid 4th millennium BC, and involved the worship of forces of nature as providers of sustenance. In the 3rd millennium BC objects of worship were personified and became an expansive cast of divinities with particular functions. The last stages of Mesopotamian polytheism, which developed in the 2nd and 1st millenniums BCE, introduced greater emphasis on personal religion and structured the gods into a monarchical hierarchy with the national god being the head of the pantheon. Mesopotamian religion finally declined with the spread of Iranian religions during the Achaemenid Empire and with the Christianization of Mesopotamia".

The first sentence is probably incorrect, regarding timing - that no material has been found (or has been hidden) does not constitute evidence. But the second sentence - that in the 3rd millenium BC, the objects of worship became personified - as opposed to forces of nature - fits exactly with the beginning of the descending Dvapara Yuga!

I also found this - from "Songs of the Sage" from the Dead Sea Scrolls (4Q510–511 - fragment 1)

"And I, the Instructor, proclaim His glorious splendour so as to frighten and to te[rrify] all the spirits of the destroying angels, spirits of the bastards, demons, Lilith, howlers, and [desert dwellers] ... and those which fall upon men without warning to lead them astray from a spirit of understanding and to make their heart and their ... desolate during the present dominion of wickedness and predetermined time of humiliations for the sons of lig[ht], by the guilt of the ages of [those] smitten by iniquity – not for eternal destruction, [bu]t for an era of humiliation for transgression."

Which reads like the one who wrote it was well aware that the dark age would not last forever. "An era of humiliation for transgression" ... Are we just experiencing the ass-end of this era? Don't know, but could be!

The feeling of hope persists... :)

In any case - God is eternal - and so are we! Hallelujah!

Guy Reid-Brown said...

I didn't know you were an NDE survivor, Love to push those buttons.

I always liked your refusal to 'be positive' and all that sort of thing we are encouraged to be so much these days, as things get appreciably worse.

That is the Woke message - 'we are determined to reshape the world in that nightmare dystopian fashion John Lennnon wrote the anthem for in 'Imagine'- so you better be POSITIVE about it, alright?- the destruction of Tradition AND Family AND individuality AND Free Thought and Speech - just shut up and wave a rainbow flag over it all, and speak in jargon about inclusiveness, diversity and whatever that tagine was about 'love' the Funny Marriage people were spouting -

Pretend you don't find the sight of men kissing each other on TV instinctively revulsive- (sorry, that just might be me talking to me) -

Obviously, we all have a memory of heaven, and a presage of it to come that is withheld from our frontal consciousness,but you can REMEMBER being there.

No wonder you find the Mundane level such a drag.

However, I think you are right to feel optimistic for whatever strange reason.

I got this message from Scripture today, from Jesus most beloved - and most faithful- disciple -

1 John 3:2

2 Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"They Come Back Home as Demented Fluffers for the Architects of the Fall of Humanity."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Guy, in 1977 I got myself plastered by Southern Pacific. Bet day of my life. Ten day coma. Seemed like a lot longer on the Otherside. Can't wait for my contract with myself to be up so I can get back, but wait I must. I was shown a lot of my Akashic Records of past and future. . .in 1970 technology. I saw I'd have a home computer, but in the vision I saw huge disk drives with those 20 pound disks of your, reel to reel tape machines, and I laugh about it now. I was also shown my future soul mate who I am now living with, and I spent about 11 or 12 years looking for him, despite the fact that in 1977 I thought I was crazy for being shown I'd dump a foxy younger than me millionaire in the making. Well, I made statistically a lot on my own when that happened, and me and the thing I was married to were psychologically incompatible, so hey.

I begged to come for one last life to prove something to myself. I accomplished everything I wanted to do, and now I'm in the 'Waiting Room'. I have a feeling the last thing I'm here for is to see this era go out all the way. I can live with that, not that I have a choice. True, there are inconveniences with all that is going on politically; but all in all, my existence is quite tolerable now. I love the oodles of discretionary time I have now, as opposed to what was in the past.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Many thanks for the amazing account, Love to Push Those Buttons.

Especially as my previous comment was so badly put together.

What a Fantastic Journey!

And how very fortunate to come back knowing who it was you were looking for.

Not many get that privilege!

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
You can imagine that in 2014, having their secrets and not having a voice, I woke up people. Now, having his voice and armed with every information from every continent, he will destroy them with exact precision. My plan has not changed, but the conditions have changed. A beautiful cabaret was created. Creation is something special. We are born in the Lord's image, so we create the world in order to please the Lord, not by humans. A generation of priests were subject only to God. You can't even imagine how far civilization has deviated from the truth.



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