Monday, March 8, 2021

"Now They are a Big Clown in a Larger Portion of The World Inside their Minds."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There is a big push for Atheism in this time and that is to be expected, as Materialism comes to its fullest flower. In the aftermath, the petals wilt and fall. Insanity runs rampant and fear gives it an infectious quality, so as to spread a-trembling in the air. Few of us realize that this is all the result of a concerted effort from The Lower Astral Plane. It reverberates into the manifest and feeds upon the atavistic apprehensions, in that primal area at the verge of Flight or Fight. Life becomes incredibly simple once you gain some insight into its natural inclinations and can see the difference between Wheat and Chaff.

They believe they have won. This is when that legendary hubris arises and they stop caring about EXPOSURE. They come out of the shadows to covet, gloat and strut around. They make themselves vulnerable with their thoughts of invulnerability. This is why it is in the nature of Evil to destroy itself. Evil can just as well be called Wrong, or Mistaken, just as Sin means, 'missing the mark'. BECAUSE there is a perfect order to things, when you set yourself against it, there can ONLY be one outcome. You fail. This is why we see all dreams of empire dim and falter, eventually. Those pushing Atheism into the conversation are knowingly, or unknowingly serving The Dark Side and the objective of The Dark Side is to KILL YOUR FAITH. Having accomplished that, DESPAIR is the next port of call for the brutalized masses.

I don't argue with Atheists... well, I don't argue with anyone. Those who argue are already arguing with themselves. They don't need my help, BUT... they certainly need help.

Let me TRY to explain something that has NEVER been explained. I will not be able to do it but I will try. Those crying out in the darkness of their own minds that there is no God, have confused the idea of God with Religion. No sane or serious searcher confuses God with Religion. Only the UNINFORMED do this. They don't know what they are talking about so there is no point engaging them. I happen TO KNOW that every soul is brought to understanding in time. Even if it takes millions of years, and sometimes it does. They eventually get there. God knows this and allows people whatever they think they want and whatever level of disappointment is required until they come to their higher senses.

I am VERY, VERY fortunate in that I have had direct experiences of The Supernal Hierarchy. I'm not anyone important. I'm not exceptional but I am determined. Eventually, even this blind squirrel finds his nuts, literally and metaphorically. If others choose to believe one thing or another, it is not my place to get into controversy with them. They WILL come to The Understanding, even if it takes millions of years.

I am often amused when those, trying to make a lot of noise about their lack of belief in anything besides the material plane, go about quoting what others have said on the matter. Do they not have original thoughts of their own? Apparently not. When I encounter anonymous ad hominem and poorly composed syntax, on occasion, I always think of dogs barking. If you are troubled by the sound, well... that's one thing, BUT... if it's nothing more than background noises, you simply identify it and move on. You ONLY experience confusion in these matters when you are confused. Does that make sense? It does to me.

The World is one BIG dysfunctional family and is the result of Bad Parenting. This Bad Parenting is not just the telepathic invasion you experienced when you were very young and could not defend yourself against it or all the indoctrination that followed after. It is also a DNA-genetic thing. They breed tendencies and appetites into you and you must defeat this influence in any way that you can. The simplest and most effective way that I have found is to GET NEW PARENTS, or... conversely, recognize your original parents and return to them. I have chosen God as my father and The Divine Mother as my mother. They are both personas that are generated by the same invisible unity. They take that role according to the work that they do. In either case, it is the same single force acting through them. The same is true of angels and all other Luminous Beings. There is ONLY one force at work in them.

Honestly, I would love to fix The World but I know better. A great many people do not want The World to be fixed, and if they do, they want it fixed wrong- due to Self-Will run riot- and closer to their heart's desire. If you can't get them all to agree (and you can't) where does that leave you? Endless argument? Making compromises and concessions? Adjusting yourself to what is not sane because you don't want to be out in the cold, so you go along to get along? Anyone with a basic awareness should realize that you cannot make yourself happy by knuckling under to stronger fragments of WILL. “Be in the world but not of it.”

As the insanity gets more pervasive and more forceful, you can see that all manner of social programming surfaces. People that you once thought of as relatively stable and intelligent begin to act in goofy and unpredictable fashion. They suddenly acquire a venomous hatred for this person, that cause, this group, this religion, that political system. They begin to act unreasonably. They pursue fame and attention where there is no justification for their possession of it. They were a small clown in the small corner of their world and NOW? Now they are a big clown in a larger portion of the world inside their minds, woven of fantasy and self-importance.

I once had tens of thousands of readers and for a time I turned down the volume of spiritual commentary. It was always there, but less of it, so as not to offend too gravely the atheistic sensibilities of the webmasters who linked me. This did not last for any great length of time. I decided I could not cut corners on that which has no corners. I let fly with what was really in my heart and these webmasters parted ways with me. Overnight my traffic went from tens of thousands to thousands and it MADE NO DIFFERENCE at all, except that I was free to write what I was inspired to write. I never made any future effort to improve my internet traffic. On occasion, websites have come to me about hosting my work and that's okay, but I rely on my employer to handle my affairs.

We think we know what we're doing, BUT... we don't and to the degree that one FUNDAMENTALLY KNOWS that they don't know, they have access to the source of all-knowing through the simple act of surrender. I have found, through direct experience, that this works and I am of the 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' school of thought.

Some people, I can't help but notice, are very angry, unreasonably angry, especially about the idea of GOD. They just cannot comprehend why a loving God would allow what he allows and also do what they attribute to him. Because of this argument, they have decided there is no God. This has the same impact on reality that the Catholic Church had in the matter of whether The Sun rotated around the Earth, or The Earth revolved around The Sun. Their position had NO IMPACT on The Sun and now it is common knowledge that The Earth is... more or less round. Oops, wait a minute, don't let the Flat Earth People hear what you said. Ridiculous is piled on ridiculous now. More and more, absurdity is the last outpost of those who refuse to see things as they are. Well... you can't SEE things as they are, can you? However, you can intuit, through simple observation that there is MORE TO IT than your senses report.

Atheists are welcome to believe as they wish. It doesn't affect me. I am not an evangelist. I have no investment in temporal things or temporal religions that have now become as crazy as the people who belong to them. Atheists have no real bone to pick with me because the God they don't believe in does not exist. I am in full agreement with them about this. That does not mean that God is not real. It only means that religions, as we have seen over the course of history, are wrong concerning what they are based on.

As an example of the craziness going on these days, and the desire for more of it, there is an interesting posting over at The Truthseeker. What I noticed right off was that many of the comments in praise of someone in the article are all fabrications written by the same person. Why would someone do this? I've been dealing with comments for a long time and have gotten a feel for certain trends that come and go. You get to where you can spot it and with Anonymous, all bets are off. Anyway, this is an obvious put-up job. What the reasons are, well... heh heh, I will leave that to the tender perceptions of the reader.

People should feel free to believe as they wish and accept the consequences as well. They WILL receive the consequences anyway, that's how it works, whether they want to or not. Caterwauling in outrage about what you never bothered to really look into in the first place just makes you look dumb and opportunistic, which... in fact... you are. I would much prefer to accept that I am nothing and do not know and live in the hope of being informed, than I would to insist I am more than I am and know more than I do, and have life inform me about that and cut me down to size in the bargain, over the long, hard course of experience.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hence I only come out of the nose cave to run errands of take some walks so I don't get any fatter. Gods, I never expected to actually LIVE in the Twilight Zone. Quite frankly, I don't much dig it. Can't wait for this garbage to be gone. Another Nostrils Up, of course. Your humour is very nose-acious.

robert said...

Dear Visible,

In case it is not crystal, there is namaste love here or agape love here reflecting back at you from readers, commentaters and the unseen resonating with your earnest shedding of self to set spirit free.

Thank you brother!

"Those crying out in the darkness of their own minds that there is no God, have confused the idea of God with Religion. No sane or serious searcher confuses God with Religion. Only the UNINFORMED do this. They don't know what they are talking about so there is no point engaging them. I happen TO KNOW that every soul is brought to understanding in time. Even if it takes millions of years, and sometimes it does. They eventually get there. God knows this and allows people whatever they think they want and whatever level of disappointment is required until they come to their higher senses"

From the higher perspective, imagine the divine comedy of God-awareness-in-training declaring without irony that there is no God!

No God like what partial minds can conceive, that is certain.
No Will like that which the will to be less than whole can achieve
No boundless Love which self-lovers can get it up to engage in coitus with their narcissism

The Super parent permits offspring the full latitude to learn, so that all can be known.
Along the way we find out all our cruel corners we made to order our emotional sloshiness.
Mystery awaits our discovery that we keep ourselves mystified just to have some fun before more responsibility becomes us.

Our one control point is our relationship to the One, how our garden flows, how our spirit is welcomed and entertained by our humanimal limited conception.
Though we were conceived to be unlimited (eventually) BY the Unlimited, it is all too much, the love around us (lyrically speaking)

Every day here is a gift to set ourselves free in emulation of and obedience to the spirit child of the One.
This liberation process demands the deepest bonding process to Who is Real, spurning all offers to stay enthralled by what seems to be real, the solid deception we beat ourselves over our heads with.

Like the woman resting after labor in profound satisfaction and the boundless potential of a new relationship, a human awakened surrenders to the blissful nurture of having found freedom again.
So many are so close to home and hearth that we all can taste the victory through our sweat and tears.

Asil said...

Over many years of reading what you write it has so often coincided with my beliefs. You wrote that you chose God and the Divine Mother as your parents. I believe this is the actual truth of our birth. God the Father and the Divine Mother are our parents. Our spirit and souls were created by our heavenly parents and that is the essence of our existence. The body born of human parents is only a temporary shell. After whatever trials and tribulations are needed our souls will eventually find their way back to their heavenly home and place of true birth.
Love and all the best wishes to you Visible.

Thomas said...

Aye, let the world run its crazy course,

and go somewhere peaceful to pray.


Here in Europe, a kind of metal fatigue is setting in as regards the system. Many believe in it, while many do not. Sooner or later, something's gotta give.

Always, there is God.

Anonymous said...

my guess is it happens like this- the ban on evictions ends March 31st, which will cause up to 33 million Americans to be homeless on the street. Derik Chauvin is let off and the trial is dismissed in mid-April. This combined with the fear of being evicted will incite rioting out of Hell, the big cities will be burned to ashes. Last year's riots will look like baby's first riot compared to this year. Oh it's happooning, baby!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Les, Thank you. May our wondrous loving GOD continue to Bless you and use you as the Oracle to Enlighten us that you are. Thank you so much.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"It is a HARD Truth to Have to Accept that Most People Don' Care what Happens to You."

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is getting weird.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article (starts halfway down) about how the illuminati used Freemasons to groom local indians to be magistrates and lawyers and thus further their illuminati goals.

Kind of weird how the father of iskcon's guru line was one of the first Indian magistrates in British India (and almost certainly a Freemason) known as Bhaktivinode, who was the father of Prabhupada's guru. So then during iskcon's time, thousands of young boys got raped in what some people call "The Royal Secret" masonic ritual. Even more weird is how the grandson of Henry Ford is spending 100 million dollars building a Freemason style "hindu" temple in West Bengal, at the same site where thousands of boys were raped. Mr Ford also demanded the leading homosexual pedophile who engineered those mass rapes to be put in charge of the project.

Anyway there seems to be a new vaisnava young lady becoming popular called Chitralehka Devi. So hopefully the religion is turning more towards a clean, wholesome culture.



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