Sunday, March 21, 2021

"This is What Comes of Living Your Own Truth When it Happens to Be a Lie."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I've been studying things for some time now. In my altered states, I would study as intently as my perspective made possible. However... the realizations would come so fast and so hard that I soon forgot most of them, in the whirling passage of thoughts that often resembled a stampede in a lightning storm. Then came the clearing sky and that peculiar freshness to the air that seems to be routine following a storm's departure. All was quiet now, the cattle which were formerly thoughts are now marooned in the Chickasaw Plum thickets and chaparral of the subconscious mind. It had become apparent to me that I was getting nowhere past hot and heavy petting with The Truth. You can't keep setting yourself off like Independence Day rockets and expect their effect to remain permanent on the skyline while you are only at second base.

I found an interesting condition that seems to be endemic to dreaming humanity. A certain segment of the readership will, likely, take exception to what I am going to say but I suggest you study it and put aside the mental costs of seeing it to be so, because what are you going to do about it anyway? That's human nature; what are you going to do about it? Probably nothing. Human nature naturally sets aside or ignores most anything that cuts into its pleasure interest zones.

It's the corruption that is the attraction in certain long-enduring behavior traits. Let's see... crackling bacon on the griddle and congealed grease in the aftermath. It's often educational to study what remains on your dish once you have finished eating. Inspired scientific minds will be paying careful attention also to what it looks like after it leaves you. Your body is a bellwether for your spiritual AND material state.

A couple of decades ago, I happened to be walking behind the Burger King at Maui Mall in Kahului, HI. (I'm sure I've told this story before.) The vents were vigorously expelling the smells of the industry taking place within. I've got a strong stomach and I don't get seasick even on stormy seas, which I have experienced not far from the Bermuda Triangle when the other passengers who were suffering were laid out in the small cabin below, while flying kitchen items from cutlery to pans to... well... whatever there was, flew like pieces of shrapnel at seeming random, or so I heard about later. I was on deck in the 12-foot seas on a small whaler. I wasn't being brave or anything. I had no choice. I'm pretty good about things when I have no choice. I'm surprised we made it back. It did not look like we would at times. I digress, we've come some distance from Burger King with no obvious relevance. It's relevant.

When I got hit by the powerful exhausts behind Burger King, I felt like I imagined the passengers on that boat felt when overcome with uncontrollable nausea. I didn't suddenly become a vegetarian as a result. I was already a pescatarian, had been since I was 18. Of course, there were periods of beef products, for brief intervals along the way, depending on what I had been getting up to. I usually maintained the sort of interim control that one sees with those who are either pathologically fixed on a particular discipline, or wildly out of control without much space between them.

I had a flash of realization concerning human appetite... of all kinds, and it came to me with memorable force that corruption was the chief attraction in most forms of self-indulgence. As I have mentioned many times here, one of my main amusements is watching people. I learn so much and I can do all kinds of things as long as I don't mention it. People can hardly object to what they don't know is taking place to begin with. What would I call it? Metaphysical Forensics? Parapsychological Observation of Body Language Tells? This has led me to observing the animal nature as it expresses in humanity.

You might observe, if you gave more than a passing thought to it, that sexual and pornographic addictions gravitate to the increasingly bizarre, over time, as the satiation levels drop due to repetition and they need a bigger jolt. They regularly need something wilder and kinkier. They've moved past using the whole chicken some time ago. You might think of this world as a vast multitude of worlds that overlap one another and this makes it possible for everyone to live in a world of their own creation, even if it includes other people besides themselves, because of kindred instincts and hungers. This is the same thing with people whose inclinations run to violence. The offenses become more and more egregious. It is the same thing with Greed and the drive for acquisition, or power. There is NEVER enough. All perverse hungers move toward the extreme, slowly but surely (and sometimes very rapidly), incrementally, one awakens to find themselves in a strange and alien land.

It is the undiscovered country of their own darkness into which they go. I look at certain examples of the kind as they come to my attention through various channels and I can almost see the mind gardens of astral chaparral and thorny barriers which they have built-in their dreams of appetite. Then I look at the long, long expanse of time that lies before them, as they weave ever denser over and underbrush by way of Newton's Third.

“Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go.” As you should know by now, it's not always grandmother that you find in grandmother's bed.

In any location where people collect, from small villages to large cities, life usually breaks into three main sections, the largest is the central mass who do all of the same things over and over and think themselves sane because others are doing it too. Then there is the section of Good Hearts who work for the betterment of humanity, and then there is the section of Bad Hearts who work to the detriment of humanity. The biggest problem with a greater unity coming to prevail, are the folks in the middle who move in whatever direction the prevailing wind, or the palpable lash dictates.

Most cities have locations that are often called Combat Zones. The one in Boston is called just that. It's where people go where they should watch their ass, or are intending to watch the asses of others, and also when they are looking for strange adventures. Vice is nearly always with us. Virtue less so, given the times we have come through. Intelligent city planners put certain elements in certain places BECAUSE THEY KNOW they will appear in any case. Now, that is insensitive and discriminating, and also, nothing that goes on in these places NOW is any less than normal and natural, even when it is seriously depraved, it now has its own lobby of victim-abled surrogates. This is what comes of living your own truth when it happens to be a lie.

People are fighting in the streets, in restaurants, and on the beaches. The theme for Spring Break this year is Riots, with lots of yummy neon colors. The World is coming apart, insofar as the bipedal side of things goes. More and more evil types are using the chaos for cover on their crimes of person, passion, property, and resources. A LARGE group of people recently skipped out on a $20,000 tab at a Florida venue during a mob action. Everyone in the group is culpable and none of them care. I imagine that the number of scams now directed at our moronic government are reaching figures never previously imagined. It seems that no one is at the wheel, so it's turning into a free-for-all snatch and grab.

This is what Materialism brings and you can be certain, you can take it to the bank, that madness, collective and individual, is/are going to be the next pandemic. This one is not being planned by the usual suspects. It is being planned on their behalf, for the purpose of waking the Hell up.

Why do you think that the Puritans, Shakers, Quakers, and others left Europe? You've been told it was to escape persecution. You need to factor in The Reformation, which had taken place not that long ago. It was really about corruption; the corruption of the Old World and their desire to live in a purer state in the New World. Of course, whenever you try to shackle sexuality it leads to certain hard and fixed attitudes and protocols, until it breaks through the weakest link, or consumes itself from the inside out. Until we sanely understand human sexuality we are going to have problems.

I watch movies for several reasons, one of them is to take the pulse of the culture, another is to see what people will tolerate and what the intentions are of the people who make them. It is now a rare event when CALCULATED race mixing is not a major plot device, even when there is no coherent plot to begin with. It is a rare event when alt-sex considerations are not prominent, despite their irrelevance to the story. Often there is cultural shaping as concerns everyone being the same and equal in all respects, which is an impossibility. It is the forcing of square pegs into round holes and the idea that this is how it works best. We just have to trust them.

I don't care who of which color loves, or is attracted to, someone of another color, religion, or whatever. I don't care if people sleep with their own sex or any of the other hot-button issues being pushed by those who seek to drive humanity into spiritual squalor. It is not my place to tell people what to do with their lives, and as long as they are not harming another it is none of my business to inform them of how it might turn their lives in ways they never intended. I DO CARE about scheming manipulators whose objective is to open the Gates of Hell. I have arranged my life in such a way that THEY CANNOT intimidate me or affect my life. I have NOTHING they can take and I'm already canceled and don't much care. I've also proven this the hard way. What they think or want does not matter to me. ONLY what God thinks and wants matters, period.

I realize this posting is all over the place and I nearly put this one aside as well, which would have been 3 in a row. My writing is changing and it is an adjustment I have to make. We never stand still. We are always in motion. The most important thing you can do is to MAKE FRIENDS ON THE OTHER SIDE. You are assuredly headed there no matter what. Friends on the other side who are representatives of Heaven are the most powerful friends you can have ON EITHER SIDE.

I can't know how the things said here will affect readers. You represent so many different rays and stages of consciousness. I am presently out of my depth because God is always digging away at the sea bottom beneath me and I have to adjust. What it means is I have to acquire a deeper faith. Presently, I am offering vignettes that don't always provide an obvious connection between them. This is because it is beyond my power, at present, to draw the connections. I hope to be more capable once I have adjusted (grin).

End Transmission.......

I've never gone back to Pocketnet, not once, since they cut me off, which I now KNOW they did intentionally, probably for questioning their motives and pointing out disparities... They were always pretty nasty and dismissive. I don't miss them and I'm not going anywhere else at the moment either. All of that added much work to my usual tasks. I am thinking of booting Fakebook soon as well. I don't like Fakebook and I never have. I was simply trying to accommodate the readers at different locations. I am now... FINALLY... absolutely convinced that God has my life in his hands. Some part of me remained uncertain for many years because of the regular trauma showing up. That's been gone for some time now. Yeah... it could change back, but I am expecting something else now.


Ray B. said...

Vis, for what it's worth, I like your 'new' writing style. It feels more free and off-the-cuff. The number of "quotable quotes" has also gone way up. It feels like the Muse in you is becoming freer...

Vis: "What would I call it? Metaphysical Forensics? Parapsychological Observation of Body Language Tells?"

Exactly! There is a certain 'range' where those overlaps function in unison. If one has done enough work on oneself, human nature, and Beyond, these kind of coalesce into a new kind of vision or insight. I have watched with curiosity as this 'knowingness' has slowly come into being. A mélange of different flavors, as it were. Perhaps, the brain is retrained into one form of synesthesia?
On your paragraph about the 'inserts' into current movies, it has gone beyond the pale (or beyond the pail - *retch*). I now pass-by most modern movies - even when they hint at an interesting plot - because those 'insertions' have become beyond-obvious. (It may also be the "Metaphysical Forensics? Parapsychological Observation of Body Language Tells?" kicking-in.) I do fear for naïve types who do not know they are being programmed...
Vis: "I am presently out of my depth because God is always digging away at the sea bottom beneath me and I have to adjust."

A wonderful turn of phrase. Thanks! And yes, any growth requires a certain 'death' (or at least 'modification') of the old self to become the 'new' self. In one way, growth is an easy path (look at a tree). In another way, growth is hard...
By the way, looking back at your first paragraph at being unable to 'recover' things, I found a useful tool - a kind of reminder to myself: When I am in new metaphysical territory (still-within some higher-consciousness state), I envision myself as being partway up a mountain. I know I will soon descend that mountain into group-mind consciousness. In my mind, I throw a three-pronged Grappling Hook (with rope) into the mountain at that height. It signifies to my mind & Higher Self that I want to remember how to get back 'here'. In subsequent higher-consciousness states, further Grappling Hooks are placed. Then finally, I am somehow 'aware' of that state (the mountain-side) while still in group-mind consciousness. It takes little to get there. Cool...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Uh, hate to tell ya this, but you're still on pocketnet:

PetuniaWigglebottom2 · 27 minutes ago



I'm also posting all your stuff on my page with due credit, and others have posted your stuff too.

This particular post is like uber awesome, and totally cuts to the chase. Like you, a lot of what's happening is also irrelevant to me. But I'm about as withdrawn from the status quo as you can get. Have been for most of my life. Different priorities, not to mention I'm too pragmatic for most stupid mortal flotsam games. I realise most of them are more trouble than they're worth. I've arranged my life to be as inconvenienced as little as possible. . .though I guess it wasn't always so; though I didn't mind at the time. After all, averaging 55 hours a week and getting 4 hours of sleep on a good night ain't exactly convenient; but it was what I wanted at the time. On a better note, I've been semi-retired since 48; basically working part time or seasonal since then. Granted life ain't the party it used to be when I was off, but hey! We're getting by, and that's all that's needed.

Nostrils up!

Visible said...

LTPTB; I do want you to know that I really appreciate what you do for me. I probably don't say it often enough. Perhaps I will write a Pocketnet exclusive posting as a last hurrah.

Visible said...

Ray; Many is the time that you will say things and you're off-planet for me as my understanding of the workings is expressed much differently. I don't see that as a negative but as a closed house system constantly evolving that appeals to you. It is the flavor of another ray (hah! that came all by itself). Today's comments dovetails closely to a resonance between the schools of thought. Tomorrow comes an even more distinct movement in writing style reminiscent of what was originally the case with Petri Dish. It is an interesting thing that happens here where diverse perspectives start coming in like vocal harmonies; one of my favorite things as a singer. Thanks.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Dude! We're both workin' for the same 'CEO'. ;O)

Visible said...

Knowing that makes it the easiest thing in the world to give and take.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Religions are Fantasies, Constructed Upon the Premise of The Real but Not Reflecting It in its True Light at All."

Thomas said...

Ah... from where I'm looking, you're doing fine, Visible.

I think you can just relax into it, safe in God's Loving Embrace. He'll do it in His time, and He knows how it needs to done. Don't be impatient.


Even fully realized masters have a little piece of ego left. Even Jesus had a tiny, tiny spark of vanity - He took pleasure in having His feet anointed with fragrant oil, and He was happy to wear the beautiful garment, woven in one piece, that the executioners rolled dice over, because it was too fine to cut into pieces - and He did not want to give His persecutors the pleasure of seeing Him doubt. It was first when He cried out: "God, my God, why have you abandonned me?!", and they could cackle and mock: "Are you not the Son of God?!"... and He said: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do" that He let the last little piece of His ego go, and left His body for the other side. And why not? He must have been staggeringly, heart-stoppingly beautiful - which I guess is partly why He inspired such deep, malevolent envy in those who loved to "loudly pray in the middle of the market-place", in fine, rich clothes, with oil in their beards, carrying gilded scrolls - and rot in their hearts.

There is nothing wrong with taking pleasure in the beauty of ones being. God is Beauty Itself! How could His creations not be beautiful? But one should not let it get to ones head.

No one will outshine God - never have, never will. His Majesty is incomparable. Look, how rich His garments of flowers, stars, night, all nature, how bright His smile in the Sun, how subtle His movements in every little thing, the wind, the ocean, a burning flame, how perfectly awesome His Creation! How perfect He is!


Even in the icy cold, inflexible logic of mathematics, excruciating beauty - it can be like a razor to the brain. Even pain, when pure, is beautiful, becomes pleasure.


Allright - it's time for me to go to rest. I'm saving the Petri Dish for tomorrow. Goodies! :)

Thomas said...

Going into prayer, I just had a realization - and my conscience bids me to share it.

I must correct my previous comment - it is not entirely true.

It is not wrong to take pleasure in the beauty of one's own being - BUT - the warning that you give against vanity is wise, Visible.

BECAUSE - taking pleasure in the beauty of one's own being only allows the energy up to the heart, and no further. Beyond that, it is not the beauty of one's own being, but the Beauty of God - shining into and through one. And failing to realize this makes it egotistical.

At a certain point, it probably merges, but that is above my pay grade.

Until then - the warning stands - you are correct when you warn against vanity. But up to the heart, it's all right. If one is elsewise living well with God, one does not need to condemn it, or be ashamed of it, just be wary it doesn't become too much.

Just needed to say that - I already feel the energy loosening up. Praise God!

I'm still saving the Petri Dish for tomorrow. Good night :)

Thomas said...


one further elaboration: the energy can up go to the 5th chakra, but vanity stops it at the 6th - the ego, sitting in the back of the neck. There, perhaps, is the energetic reason for it being so potentially destructive. At the same time - a captain of an old ship, for example, standing on the deck, strong and rugged, in a fine white jacket, a solid record of service, and sun reflecting in golden buttons - for such a man, there can even be some charm in a drop of vanity.


I suspect, but I do not know, that the beauty of oneself and the beauty of God merge in the positive pole of the 6th chakra, the 3rd eye, in the forehead.


bless you, Visible. It is one of the good pleasures of my life to read your writings- and the warning about vanity is still worth keeping in mind. A genuine Humility is key, not a weak vaccilation - and God loves it so.

How humble the flowers, the trees... even the stars seem humble in their silent distance. Of course, before God - all must bow. Praise!

NOW - goodnight! ... ;)

Anonymous said...

Excellent post.


I am my own god.

That light that we see at the end of the tunnel? What if it’s Just Us?

Sex is a big subject for me, I talk about it all the time with strangers as well. I Am Asexual. Never have felt sexual attraction once in my entire life....and I’m old. Some have said I’m not human. Well, perhaps not but is is what it is and I see at as a gift from .... My Self.

I’m not a fan of “the creator” so called. Here I understand the Gnostics. Seems to me that we are all dead and in hell being fed upon by some other “god”.


Visible said...

ah yeah... you bet. Should it be, as I suspect, you are a specific person from another location you won't be able to maintain this desolate and Hellish perspective here. I realize that is only an effort to break down the faith of others.

Anonymous said...

Good catch Vis, that does seem like that Yukon guy from TS. He has been busy attention-seeking but not so busy about having a valid reason. You should be complemented that he strives to be heard here. This is the sort of place a man like that wants to make sure he has mud on his boots prior to entre.


Anonymous said...

Germany going into full shutdown during April 1 to 5, effectively banning everything except food and medicine shops during Easter. Is there some spiritual significance to banning Easter, a joyous European pagan holiday?

Guy Reid-Brown said...

I can't know how the things said here will affect readers. You represent so many different rays and stages of consciousness.'

Am just totally in sync with this.

Walker said...

"The most important thing you can do is to MAKE FRIENDS ON THE OTHER SIDE" - This is good ... this is very good !!!


Anonymous said...

The time for the enginnered collapse of the supply chains is finally here. Some huge boat has blocked the Suez Canal and will take weeks to unblock. Oh it's happooning, baby!

I guess the Passover holiday is significant, offering the world as a sacrifice

Anonymous said...

The natural born usurpers have swept under the "pagan" rug practically all history and teachings of the Vedic culture (Sanatana Dharma / Eternal Order) which previously existed world-wide in many nuanced forms of religion, tradition and truth and is the precursor and preceptor of all that follows.

Spiritual crimes against man and God and law, such as the removal from Christian doctrine and scripture the Laws of Karma and Reincarnation are the crux of the earthly demonic raison d'etre. And we the world-wide peons are of course the collective result (aka) "Exhibit A"

Precedents abound throughout history recorded, unrecorded and especially history suppressed with extreme prejudice. History like this..

Anonymous said...

Goddamn, an Iranian missile just slammed into an Israeli cargo ship in the Arabian Sea. Seems like Passover this year is gonna be like a Luciferian Soul Harvest. Earlier today Ukraine signed a declaration of war against Russia. Looks like the shit is finally starting



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