Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Road of Ignominy and the Lords of Parsimony

Dog Poet Transitioning.......

May your noses always be old and wet.

On and on it goes. It flies up your nose. It rips off your clothes, not the usual kleidung but the garments underneath. It comes in the night like a thief and steals your grief while you're asleep; don't know what I'm talking about? Me either. Warming up... one, two, one, two. Put yer back into it ye scum! and then some. Slogging away in the trenches here, Boss. Wishing and hoping for some saucers from the sky; aliens with serious weapons to kick some banker ass. They just won't quit. These diabolical usury junkies. They need a fix every half an hour. They are zeppelin sized ticks; Rothschilds, Warburgs and Shiffs, oh my! They'd suck the moisture from a dead man's eye. The crows are screaming cause these other carrion feeders got there first. Humanity doesn't do a thing about it. They're chasing the invisible cheese through a bramble maze. They got to like the stick so much they forgot about the carrot. They got whipped and hosed all up and down the road of ignominy by the Lords of Parsimony.

If Jesus does come back, I sincerely hope he's pissed. I hope someone laces his communion wine with PCP. I'm looking for serious road rage on this highway to nowhere. Every time I look at a lamppost now, I immediately think about what is missing. Yo Shakespeare! A little editorial help here; 'first we kill all the bankers' Heh heh, I checked the quote at Google and one of the selections was, “first we kill all the bankers”. That's some kind of serendipity but it's got a low sperm count at the moment.

The lawyers aren't the problem. The military isn't the problem. None of these other problems are 'the' problem. The bankers are the problem. They say a stiff dick has no conscience, neither does money and no banker has one either. They kill more people in one day than any man with a gun could ever do. They cause depressions on purpose. They start wars just to make money and they admit it too; “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none”. Could you do something like this? Could you start a war and kill uncountable numbers of men, women and children just to make money? They do. They make charts and graphs and study the thing. They are monsters. Why do we tolerate monsters in our midst? Why do we permit this? Why is there no secret group of pissed off ex-military making the rounds?

The despotic kings of usury are preeminent. There used to be a death sentence for this kind of thing. Now the only death sentence is your own. However, your death is not enough unless you can be worked to death first. Then you can spend 90% plus of everything you saved all your life, in the last year of your life, on bogus medical treatments as many, many people do. Look it up. These heinous felons are committing capital murder every single day. Wait, that's not entirely correct. Could be that on the weekends they just think about it. Of course, that speaks to premeditation. I'm wondering, if I premeditate, do I still have to meditate afterwards? What's' post-meditate? Is that when bankers think back on all the people they didn't kill and get all poignant and nostalgic. Do they weep in their twilight years over all those missed opportunities? Well, bankers don't weep do they? Not unless it's in the way that crocodiles do; crocadoodle do!!!

Like Bush said, "if the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts." ...speaking of lamp posts. Yes people, if you knew. What that means is, if you wanted to know. Meanwhile the Crass Media trumpets the offenses daily. How is it that you miss this? It's a toss-up as to whether you are simply bone dead stupid or just a craven coward, ...possibly both? Your hearts and minds fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. You're getting what you deserve, too bad they're not. Eh?

Edge, cut, hurt bleed ...the last to know are the first to scream and they just don't understand what Emily was talking about in the cup of her small hand. Passing, I see the occasional brief flames of a chandelier, these lives detached from mine, with the smell of cabbage soup weaving through the cold Moscow night ...all these places, clustered villages in Finland, the marketplace in Tangiers, South Africa, South America ...millions upon millions of lives, s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d from envelope to envelope, each envelope, a world of encompassing presence an, of itself, thing apart but connected to everything else in some mysterious unchanging way, love and sorrow exist everywhere, themselves a world of encompassing presence, jackboots and horns, explosions and screams, the sounds of feet running, the sounds of mortar and rocks falling in the aftermath, bit by bit the carrousel turns, chips scatter on the green baize, an elegant woman slouches and give the ancient stare, ten thousand years of mystery and longing, accommodation and regret, I can see the whole of human history in her eyes.

Plunder and sacrifice, arm in arm, lockstepped in sequence of contiguous events, one person shattered into billions of fragments of mirror, thrown, dropped or smashed? we cannot know ...the light plays off everywhere at once, the shadow waits, always behind the surface and between the shards, all this in passing, just a few moments reach, a dancing of thought in particular, touching upon nothing and no one, like the tiny lights of an unknown town seen from an airplane window at night.

What the Hell? ...moving right along and so are the bankers. The bankers are moving; these porcine, sleek and deodorized landlords of Animal Farm. There's going to be a lot of bacon one of these days on the barbecue grills of Hell. “C'mon visible, I don't want to hear this shit. Where's my Haldol”? The neighborhood ice cream trucks are being converted into pharmacy trucks, no change in the graphics or the music announcing the arrival, just the name is changed to signify the supplier.

The Rothschilds and their inbred associates; cue the banjo boy in Deliverance, are serial killers. That's right. They are serial killers. Why are they out walking around? Why are they not locked up in cages for transport to every small town in the west for purposes of display? Why are they not in a zoo (not a petting zoo) with a wooden plate in front of the cage that describes what they are and where they come from? Why ask why? Mr. and Mrs. Stupid are on the couch eating Cheetos and watching TV; bullshit, keep spreading it, spread it neck high, over land and sea and sky, yeah keep on spreading it, never quit cover everything in shit. If the GOP were an asshole and it made a giant whoosh, everything that came out of it would look like genus Bush, oh you can't make out the details, when it covers everything, standing in the midst, I know why the caged cowpies sing (transpose the words of another bad poet who made a whole lot of money), I love the smell of bullshit in the morning, it climbs down my mouth as soon as I start yawning, it climbs back out and into the conversation, it may be inanimate but its a blood relation. Rumsfeld in the hopper and Cheney in the can, Bush can spread more toxic shit than any other man ...but you ain't seen the half of it, until it hits the fan, Rice is mixed in with the corn and the undigested poor, Wolfowitz and Pearle have left a real unpleasant spoor, oh cover me with bullshit and point me toward the polls, I feel a big one coming on, let's see those voter rolls. Did I leave out Obama? Oh that will never do. He's a banker catamite; Captain Pissgum's cabin boy. He's proud of it. All of them are proud of it. They preen in front of the adoring public who deserve what they get. People actually flock around to shake his hand. Welcome to Dumbass Junction.

The bankers are a pestilence. The bankers are low to the ground blood sucking weasels. The bankers are the problem. The bankers are laughing at you and, what do you know? You're laughing too. Isn't that special? You're special too aren't you? Come on, you know you're special. Do you ride to school in the little yellow bus? It's a really big bus now, isn't it. It's a fleet of buses. Why not take a train? Isn't your daughter pulling it?

I come to bury Bwak!
And not to praise him
the good that men do,
{"shit! what the fuck was that?"}
where was I?
is oft interred with their trombones
but the bad shit is either Trading Places
or that movie Faceoff
more than once or twice I offered him a glass
of Lupercal but I think the colon inflammation has gone down now

friends, victims and drag queens
lend me your tights
there is no wider patrimony
not here nor
even in the ruined Acropolis
but brutal is an honest love
and we all know brutal
we have bent over for him here
again and betwixt times

whether we be dressed as cleofuckingpatra
or merely imagined in a dress before our betters
this Caesar was a dressing and
this salad old before it's time

so let it be with Bwak!
the noble Brutal has told us that
the door of history should slam into
his behind
yet there be couch kittens and suckups who will
forever hope their failed careers will live indexed
and pressed
between the leaves of some alone time

No editor can press this inky semen like grapes
into a table for four
forget the candlelight
even the queen must be a whore

I would not be Bwak! though his star
will perforce rise in the temporary tinsel world of manufactured life
I would not be a mover
a shaker
or a hard heartbreaker
so let it be with Bwak! that
the slings and arrows of the wheel of fortune
grant him first name exchanges with the rat-faced man
whose name I cannot remember but he did that show with the Jessica Simpson grandmother girl holding up
the cue cards that made this world
the land of the stupids

it is Brutal to be ambitious
and, let's face it
you're not going to be an honorable man
and even the chicks here are
honorable men

the cat spray of these times
is like a bad taste in the alcoholic's mouth
as he wakes in the backseat of that old car
with the broken window
tastes like what it is
no mistake

I do not wish to unbrutal what Brutal says
rather to say Cry on Zion and
Babbleon too

for truly they have said he was born to run
and raise some hell
and has a thing for the crack in the Liberty Bell
He's bad news (and the black girls sing-fill in the blanks)

oh brutal beasts and surely men without reason
have dimmed the lights at the high school prom
so let it be with Bwak! and extra brutal
his passing upon your ungifted tongues

for him a job and it no pleasure
to slog his way through tedious display
of endless pointing out that you are present
and he can't wait for you to go away

so let it be (cue the Beatles)
with the noble Bwak!
his passage from this tattered caravansary
that dogs at his heels must be his betters
and he toasts you with a fine champagne

There is no Bwak!
but surely there is Brutal
daggers like little swords
as cocktail umbrellas in the salad tossed
with Parmesan to hell
we all do wish we had the Bwak! power
I doubt that we would ever do so well

there is a reason we are left in dreaming
upon some hopeful windowsill
the parade outside is passing
the car dealer waves from the float
and the bridge is detached from the moat

Shall I lie in the coffin here with Bwak!
Shall this become my final place of rest?
Your brain is in the coffin there with Bwak!
and you must pause till it comes back to you.

Not my best work but who has the time to be careful enough to get it done right? Not me. Ah well, every now and then something like this happens. I don't know why, I'm just glad it's over. Now I think I'll go get all spiritual and back to pretending that somehow the material isn't. If everything is made out of the same thing then everywhere is holy ground.

End Transmission.......

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Almost A Capella by Les Visible


Cassandra of Troy said...

Not your best work? Doubtful. :) Some of these turns of phrase and allusions are masterful.

biggee said...

Ah, yes, riding the short bus. Unfortunately these models come with the upgraded shackle package.
So when someone has finally gotten sick of the ride they still can't get to the exit door.

Erica said...

Nice one Vis-well,actually quite nasty,content-wise,but done so poetically!
Yes,I believe the trick of survival is the attempted spiritualisation of the material matrix.Keep on keeping on.

Richie (Dana) said...

Avast ye scum!

Visible, the hand of God rests upon your shoulder.

Richard here, transmitting from Dumbass Junction where an unpleasant scent wafts on the gentle breeze of stupidity.

The Aliens are here!
Actually, the aliens have been here around 900,000 years since the fine days of Lemuria. They masquerade in human form, but they are NOT humans. You see, humans have hearts. They have souls, they have hope and they have Love. The aliens know the definitions of these words, but utterly lack in the experience of such things. Allow me to point out the REAL stupid ones. That would be our banker “friends” who are even now losing their false and stolen empire. There is now no hatred or animosity on my part. There is only a vision of an extremely lower dimensional and parasitical host planet where these beings can be quarantined for a few million years for the purpose of demonstration.

I have every faith in my fellow humans because I have every faith in my Divine Creator.
The prison gates have already opened. It is simply a matter of turning to see and walking through those gates to freedom.

Thanks for making me laugh this morning Visible.
Have a fine day all.

Clarity said...

I love you!!

Holy crap, was that good. It's been a while since you delivered one of these. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I might be back later to comment on the deeper meaning, but right now I'm just enjoying the attack on my senses...

Love to you, and love to all,

Visible said...

Well Erica;

Maybe you need a couple of shots of Scotch first (heh heh)

Thank you all, no time for more than that now.

Anonymous said...

when you write like this and have no idea what the hell is coming out the ineffable has come to visit and swing you dosie doe from the rafters in a wild cabaret of crazed celebratory release.

one of my favorite posts ever.

mr and mrs stupid don't live here anymore.

liz in l.a.

Visible said...

Remember how I said I was going to publish my blog postings but in digital format so that Pierre didn't get freaked about all those trees going down (grin). Someone from Bloogingbooks just contacted me and told me they want to put all of my blogs into books. Didn't I just mention this was going to happen? Wait until you see what India is going to make happen; given that what I got told comes true like all the other things I get told.

Well, of course, I don't know anything about this company but the guy sounded serious. What if I have to pay them? Boy will I be embarrassed (grin).

I don't take any of it seriously but... you never know. Sim will be happy. He puts so much work into the blogs and my website, I almost want to succeed just to make him happy. He's pretty damned determined in his own way.

covkid said...

Hi Les And all,
After reading this i thought it best to blow the dust off this classic and bring it down from the shelf.

absolutely brilliant though its probably better known as "the bankers are the problem".

Never been away Les just watching from the shadows.


Visible said...

Ah covkid, you just made my day in hearts (as opposed to spades). It feels like my birthday now. Thank you for coming by, it means a great deal to me.

Visible said...

covkid, the video won't play. Typical. The comments are interesting though, especially the one by the guy who mentions talking real slow and the guy who says a banker might have made the video. A week after this came out there was over a hundred thousand views. Now it is half that. Is this somehow reverse connected to all those presently living holocaust survivors who now still number more than the Red Cross says got liberated initially?

Visible said...

I have fixed the text errors 12 times now, they still come back. No one is sort of doing that are they? I mean, the corrections show up and then they go back again. Nah... couldn't happen

Anonymous said...

Calling Patrick Willis! Why hasn't he done any of your recent work? You have a falling out? That doesn't seem possible but some of your best work has come out here recently.

Give me his email. I'll let him hear about this.

covkid said...

Aha! my fine poet the pleasures all mine.I'm not passing through Les i'm always here and always will be....just chillin in the cheap seats.


Visible said...

I can't just give out his email but he goes by the moniker of Snordelhans; maybe you can reach him that way. The truth is that I stopped sending him my work. I felt intrusive for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Please send your invisible friend round to my place to kick my ass or maybe just scare the shit out of me. Hell, ask him/her/it to hit me between the eyes with a sledge hammer - that might do the trick.


P.S. Love your work. Inspirational as always.

Anonymous said...

The phrase "galactically stupid" comes to mind here. Actually, nothing comes to mind that can approximate what these murderers are all about. They have their own syntax. Their deeds defy out logic. I can see Hitlery Clinton in my mind's eye, with that hooker-on-acid look on her face, her neck muscles tensed up, and that wired-on smile, and those dark, insane, lifeless eyes. These people make merry over death and misery. It's the only time they truly feel alive. And that makes them dead. I can see Bwak's side-to-side turning of the head, as he reads the teleprompter and parrots words written by Bankster Butt Boys. Where do these people come from? Are they even people? I think not. How the hell did they take over the entire world? How did they gain control of the media, and the military and the minds of the masses? How stupid were we to let this happen? Were we eating Twinkies and laughing at Captain Kangaroo when the shit came down? How did we suddenly morph into a mass of blowup-doll humping morons that celebrates celebrity? At what precise moment in time was the cosmic switch flipped? I can't seem to recall...I just know that I am ashamed to be a human being at the present time, and sick to death of zombified idiots who prattle on and on about Republicans vs. Democrats, and Ford vs. Chevy, and big tits vs. small tits, etc., and whatever else the Lamestream Media wants them to talk about. Shut the fuck up already, okay? And yet, insanity is the new norm. Picture a scene from "Cheers" where a crazy, shambling, paranoid, cliche-spouting idiot walks into the bar and everybody yells, "Norm!" What the fuck happened and when did it happen? Was I asleep? How do you wake up one morning, and realize that you have nothing in common with anybody around you, and the people whom you thought were your friends and family have been working for the bad guys all along? With every breath they take, with every move they make, they tip their hand. Their actions pledge their allegiance to the Dark Side. Their words? An entirely different story. And yet they rush to work and rush to church and rush to pay their taxes, and they really believe they are good people - and yet they vaccinate their kids and they send their money to charities and those charities use the proceeds for genocidal purposes, and they vilify and castigate any individual who is even partially awake and they do exactly what they have been programmed to do by the Evil Overlords they claim to despise, and they do it 24 hours of every fucking day - and that makes them worse than the guys at the top of the greasy flagpole, doesn't it now? That makes them the enemy. Hey! The enemy is your friends and family! And ain't that a kick in the ass...

Visible said...

Whatever covkid, but no more Les, okay? I already feel diminished, as you can imagine; no explanation follows. Vis, visible, V, all of that is fine.


Anyone asking for an asskicking probably doesn't deserve it so I put in my own request, different than yours. I have been known to make strange things happen so look for a touch of mercy.

JerseyCynic said...

Visible's blogging book. Can't wait! Carpal tunnel pain is excruciating. I need to physically hold your words

Visible said...

JerseyCynic; here, hold this (grin). Yeah, that's about right but NEffA FORGET (scene from "Airplane)about the purpose of demonstration.

Anonymous, you are correct sir, see above.

Visible said...

Remember they're not all bad guys.

Go see Trading Places if you need to feel good for a moment and if you ever get down or depressed, I can turn you on to all kinds of things that will lift the spell for a little while and so will some of the other readers, without which this place wouldn't be worth the paper it isn't printed on

Anonymous said...

Just to expand on my notion of "crazy" being the new norm, here's a bit of real-world sychronicity that illustrates it.

So I made my last post here, and shortly thereafter I received an email from a prospective new business client. I had emailed him earlier in the day, in response to his query about exactly what the bottom-line price was for my services. So I wrote him back and I told him, flat-out, in the email, what the bottom line was, along with some other information that he needed to know (even though he didn't think he needed to know it).

So he wrote me back immediately after I sent my last post in to Vis, and here's what he wrote - "I don't want to know how to fly a space shuttle or build the damned thing. I could care less. I just want to know what the bottom line price is."

So I sent him back a brief reply, and copied and pasted the part that I had originally sent him in my previous email, and put quotes around it, which explained exactly what the bottom line price was, and I said I hoped that answered his questions about the "bottom line". (Having less tolerance for insane people these days, I also said I'd be glad to answer any other question he might have - again, if necessary - ha ha!)

So insanity is definitely the new norm. Being unable to process information, being unable to comprehend anything that has been said to you, being unable to fathom that your questions have already been answered - this is the new norm. And if you aren't a member of that Zombified Tribe, you are in for a world of trouble, if you have to interact with them.

These "people" get mad at you because they are insane, basically, when you boil it all down. They are mad at you for their insanity. Huh? Like I asked in my earlier post, when the fuck did this happen?

If you aren't a completely dumbed-down, ADHD-riddled, Prozac-gulping Pajama Person (asleep in my jammies, watching Fox Newssssss! - whee!), you are an alien being, you are bad news, you are the fly in the ointment, the monkey in the wrench - no - you are the very REASON these people have PROBLEMS.

(Pardon me for being honest here, but I wish to fuck the NWO would hurry up with their End Game plans and torch these walking-dead, zombified "humans". Because they aren't human. And they are dangerous to themselves - and to everyone else with whom they interact; friends, spouses, children, business associates, et al.)

Visible said...

Amen with that but compassion must rule if we are not to become them.

Anonymous said...

Vis - Amen indeed. You're so right; I don't want to become them. And I do have compassion. I guess my patience quotient is thanks for reminding me about patience and grabbing my shirt sleeve as I started to fall. (I typically have an ample supply, not lately though...I guess that makes me human - cough, cough. Is it easier being a zombie? Hmm...)

Anonymous said...

"Gone Zombie" - a musical parody, based on Alan Jackson's "Gone Country"

She's been playin' with herself in her room
And gulping down Midol
Every night she watches TV -
Reruns of "Idol"
She's been readin' 'bout Kim K
And all the fancy shit she's been buyin'
She says 'I'm a vapid girl myself
- I grew up on Long Island"
So she gets fake boobs and learns to dance
Says this might be my last chance...

She's gone zombie, watchin' TV
She's gone zombie, has A.D.D
She's gone zombie, glued to the cell
She's gone zombie, highway to hell

Well he's been cut off from the world
Just spankin' his monkey all day
He's been watching Internet porn
And pissin' his life force away
He says 'I dont believe in nothin'
But I sure want a McMuffin'
'Cause that healthy food sounds awful
Aw fuck, give me a McWaffle
I hear it's changed down at Mickey D's
They're not as putrid as they used to be...

He's gone zombie, watchin' TV
He's gone zombie, has A.D.D
He's gone zombie, glued to the cell
He's gone zombie, highway to hell

Well, he commutes to LA
But he's got a house in the valley
But the bills are pilin' up
And the stock market's starting to rally
And he says 'Honey I'm a serious investor
Schooled in finance and banking
Our neighbors have bigger cars than we do
Our image is tanking
It sounds so easy making cash from others' pain
Be back in the money in no time at all'

He's gone zombie, watchin' TV
He's gone zombie, has A.D.D
He's gone zombie, glued to the cell
He's gone zombie, highway to hell
Yeah he's gone zombie, a new kind of walk
He's gone zombie, a new kind of talk
He's gone zombie, crazy and wild
He's gone zombie, Satan's love child

He's gone zombie
He's gone zombie
Everybody's gone zombie
Yeah we've gone zombie
The whole world's gone zombie

He's gone zombie
He's gone zombie
Everybody's gone zombie
Yeah we've gone zombie
The whole world's gone zombie...

MiaBellezza said...

Speaking of banxsters, stupid me ... last time I went online to do my banking, I left my brain behind that day and foolishly agreed to download a program my bank recommended on their site... This was to protect my banking sign on passwords etc. Okay. Now this program is called Rapport and the company starts with T.

So I'm logging on somewhere else, not a bank and this thing turns up with a bunch of bullshit about keyloggers and I smelled a rat. So I uninstall this program and it reinstalls. So uninstall again and deleted the executable file in 'Download folder', but forgot to empty it from the Recycle Bin. So every time it keeps reinstalling itself on my PC. Emailed this firm told them the program was acting like malware .. no denial from my accusation???? Just a lot of other nonsense. I keep emailing this guy pissed off and then he sends me a link to really uninstall this. Apparently the uninstall in Control Panel in Uninstall Program doesn't really uninstall it. So I use the site's uninstall. Seems to work, but darn I'm still cleaning up the PC.

It seems to have created problems with certain Microsoft downloads and I get an error message of "RapportEI64 is reporting tv.ConfigMgr Err24. This device will not be available until issue is resolved". Now I'm asking TV config manager????????? Don't like the sounds of that. Now if Rapport is in 'Non-Plug and Play Drivers' what's it got anything to do with tv.configmgr? Now my husband had done something about a year ago to watch Netflix on the TV. hmmmm Has this got something to do with a backdoor into the HD TVs .... ah I'm letting my imagination run away with me ...

So I had to go into Device Managers while in Safe Mode and uninstall its 2 drivers. If you uninstall in normal mode, they reinstall. Went into RegEdit to delete all entries in HKEYLOCAL_MACHINE, SYSTEM, SERVICES. Seems to be clean now.

A lot of people are having problems with this program. Just a warning; if it acts like a recycler virus it's probably bad news, just like the Banxsters ... Am I going to transfer my money out of banks, into credit unions and elsewhere ... take a gander.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

Suddenly all my browsers will not play anything, including sites I am a member of. So, instead of the links I wanted to put here and can't, go and listen to anything and everything by Rodney Crowell, especially his latest- check out his bio and who he was married to and why you don't know who he is when his songs have been done by the best and also Bob Seeger. I am a big Bruce Springsteen fan up to The River, with a few following exceptions but Bob tops Bruce all down the line and had the grace to step back when he knew the cost of compromise. Treat yourself to some very good music, go work on your night moves.

Anonymous said...

Did Julius seize her? I'll bet he did. Yeah, the privileged class has it all. Until it gets taken away. Same shit happens every Kali Yuga. What a strange world, eh.

Anonymous said...

Capital pursuits
Hidden cabals
Subverted governments
Fallen naval
Sudden particulars
Courses dessert
Dead money useless
No living worth
The zionist dreamscape
Fascist ideals
Burnt in the fire
Where truth reveals
Wielding in patterns
Charging the flow
In hearts made of peace
Energising the whole

..peace.. : )

Visible said...

If you ever walked down Santa Monica Boulevard late night you know what Rodney is talking about and hopefully you get to hear this.

Odin's Raven said...

Orlov has a nice article about the spread of insanity through modern society:

Visible said...

So,if you have never heard Rodney Crowell,

hopefully you get to hear this. and you might want to google another Houston kid or god knows. Since I used to walk up Santa Monica Boulevard to the restaurant I used to eat on from my apartment on Sunset, down by H and V, I used to wonder about all the boys standing in the doorways of the closed shops. I know, I'm stupid, it took me a while.

Visible said...

"every Kali Yuga" would be the operative phrase.

Anonymous said...

Broken propaganda
War machines worst dread
That Gobbles up small children
Paints them in blood red
Across the streets of far away
To fill the bankers bowl
The house that's in destruction
Seems the media is slow
But what are we to expect
Zombie vampire zionists
The manipulated systematic
Archonic deformed virus
Engineering chaos
But truth always will find
fills within the atmosphere
Radiating through the mind


Lightray said...

Hello Vis,
Well, I,ve just been kicked out of yet another group. The usual BS. Either I'm crazy, evil or I'm too agressive, intimidating or I make people feel uncomfortable. I hear the same crap from people who aren't fit to look me in the eye. I've had it. No matter how many times you talk with, laugh with them, have a beer with them around the table, it always ends up the same. Your good name slandered and dragged through the mud and kicked out. I used to wonder why certain people reacted a certain way around me. Now I know. Pieces of crap in human form never want to be around genuine people. It hurts them somehow. This isn't the first time I've had people try to destroy me, but I'm still here. I refuse to let evil people win the day. I think I may have to be a lone wolf from now on because a Jedi can't have a drink with a table full of Sith. It just won't work for long as I once again found out the hard way. Guess I just wanted to see if anybody was alive in there. If anybody had a soul. Well, I got my disappointing answer. But I'm still here and that still counts for something.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

You said at the end you were glad that that was over but I just wanted it to go on and on. Luckily I can reread it and when I do I will extract more from it than the first time through. All that and then the song got me dancing too (better than singing along because you wouldn't want to hear that). Can't say why because most everything is beyond my ken but these days I just feel peaceful and kind of expectant but not in a gloom coming way, just expectant. Glad to see covkid too -- Hi!

Along the banking theme, if there are any readers here who are American citizens living outside the USA or new immigrants to the USA and you've heard about FBARs and FATCA and the like I hope you'll take a look at the Isaac Brock Society site ( to get information and commiseration.

Visible said...

lightray, it is what it is. There is nothing we can do about that now. Times will change. Trust that.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Superb post good Sir!

Anon@5:56 loved your rant - identified with all of it.

Peace and love

Anonymous said...

"So she gets fake boobs and learns to dance
Says this might be my last chance..."

I'm still laughing as I type this...


insiam said...

@Lightray ........

Seems par for the course. I like to venture out now and again to see if the majority are actually catching on to current events. Nope. No hope. I invariably end up having to play some kind of word game as people tend to agree with what they think i have said - when in fact i was saying the complete opposite. Hope that makes some sense :)

Anyhow i recently changed my posting name here from siamsiam to insiam as it fits (being an anagram) perfectly with the current mindset of the majority of people i encounter.

Denny said...

Bankers or no bankers, if we lived in a world where money didn't need to be painstakingly earned in order to have the basic necessities, or food didn't need to be painstakingly grown or killed and prepared in order to have something to eat, or houses didn't need to be painstakingly built in order to have a place to live, or clothes didn't need to be painstakingly tailored in order to have something to wear, or women didn't need to be painstakingly wined and dined by someone resembling Brad Pitt in order to have mutual sensual pleasure, or the mind didn't need to be painstakingly dissolved through meditation in order to escape the endless samsaric cycles of death and rebirth, or hair and nails didn't need to be painstakingly cut, clipped and filed by hairdressers, manicures and pedicures for a fee in order to feel and look good, or coal and oil didn't need to be painstakingly extracted from the earth in order to have energy and all its accompanying luxuries, or I didn't need to walk around feeling painstakingly guilty all the time because there are people all over this planet who not only painstakingly provide all these material items but also have even less or have it harder than I do, then I promise that you'd never hear another squeak from me.

John Rambo said...

Well it's now official- DOGS have more rights than men in the West:

John Rambo said...

(Pardon me for being honest here, but I wish to fuck the NWO would hurry up with their End Game plans and torch these walking-dead, zombified "humans". Because they aren't human. And they are dangerous to themselves - and to everyone else with whom they interact; friends, spouses, children, business associates, et al.)

I've been thinking the same thing lately. These people DESERVE to get exterminated by the Illuminati because they are the very reason evil continues to exist. If it wasn't for such stupid, evil people, this world would be a better place.

So in the end, I can't blame the Illuminati for wanting to kill off 90 percent of the population. In one sense, they are right to do so.

As for compassion, well the fools will not accept it. They will not accept good advice, or spiritual help, so the only option left is for them to be exterminated, either by the Illuminati or by nature. They have left no other choice.

Peaches said...

Kali Yuga slaps me in the face every day in large and small ways even when I have tuned it out.

Indeed, insanity is the new normal.

Rock on Visible.


Anonymous said...

Out of the last 13 pieces I have done over the last two months, 10 belong to Vis.
Admittedly, I have passed some fabulous pieces up, some very tempting pieces, but, truth be told, I am getting bored with my own voice, I am getting outdoors massively and I am keeping my computing hours down to a bare minimum. I still read every blog by Vis. I still enjoy them enormously and I still envision them as high art.
I am physically, spiritually and mentally preparing for Armageddon and the upcoming onset of Babbleon.

Anonymous said...

Closer to Heaven Than I've ever been.

Anonymous said...

A very simple, very subtle point to prove, to those who still sit on the fence, that bankers control the media: Some of the British press have been running the story of the death, possible murder by her husband, of billionare Eva Rausing, this is the caption left at the comments section of one tabloid paper: Sorry we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons. The rest have merely disabled comments without any reason.

Visible said...

my computer has been shut down and my os erased, sorry about that. I am on a small and hardly working sysdtem. You might not hear from me for awhile. I will try to post comments.

Anonymous said...

It's sad when we are forced to draw conclusions about a potential friendship with someone we meet based on our perceptions of their level of Matrix consciousness, but that's how it is for me. I have many acquaintances these days, but I stop short of anything deeper because it is a pointless waste of my time and my empathy to even attempt a meaningful conversation. I know, all too well, that behind their eyes is a vast empty parking lot and a dumpster filled with rotting garbage. This used to be a mild tendency; it was something I sensed after having spent a lot of time with a person. Anymore it acts as an extra sensory ability as though I am wearing a pair of "They Live" sunglasses, and I can smell them, like the stench of death on a hot afternoon. Visible, I respect what you do here. It lets me know there a still real human beings residing in a similar purgatory.


Erica said...

Hi Vis-hope your computer problems get sorted soon.Just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Rodney Crowell- even if the choice of song is somewhat ironic-it has precipitated down incessantly for weeks here-wish it would stop fucking raining!
Oh,and in response to your comment over at Origami-yes,I am female-so like to add a splash of Canada Dry,or similar, to my Scotch,to avoid that macho burnt throat effect!
Unfortunately my purse won't stretch to exotic single malts,so get whichever mid-range blended the supermarket has on offer.

chaukeedaar said...

Now thats not going to be poetic: The banksters are not the problem, the unawaken people are. If you get rid of the banksters, its a matter of a glimpse until the demons find new low vibrating hosts. But keep on doing the "Rothshild" intellectual masturbation, at least its funny.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed the missing fixtures on the lightpoles also.

This old song now makes sense.

Aboard a train
I met a dame
She was a hipster
Man a real gone dame
She wasn't pretty
For New York City
As we strut down on that ol' fairlane
With a heave and a ho
I just couldn't let her go

Get along
Sweet little woman get along
On your way
Get along
Sweet little woman get along
On your way
With a heave and a ho
I just couldn't let her go

The train kept a rollin' all night long
The train kept a rollin' all night long
The train kept a rollin' all night long
The train kept a rollin' all night long
With a heave and a ho
I just couldn't let her go

I made a stop round Albuquerque
She must'a thought I was real gone jerk
Got off the train at El Paso
A-looking so good I couldn't let her go
With a heave and a ho
I just couldn't let her go

The train kept a rollin' all night long
The train kept a rollin' all night long
The train kept a rollin' all night long
The train kept a rollin' all night long
With a heave and a ho
I just couldn't let her go

Thanks v,

A.Mouser said...

Found a nugget to share.

For all of those who experienced violence and/or trauma at the hands of a psychologically disordered parent:

Wayne Muller (1992) writes in Legacy of the Heart: The Spritual Advantages of a Painful Childhood,

"Adults who were hurt as children inevitably exhibit a peculiar strength, a profound inner wisdom, and a remarkable creativity and insight. Deep within them - just beneath the wound - lies a profound spiritual vitality, a quiet knowing, a way od perceiving what is beautiful, right and true. Since their early experiences were so dark and painful, they have spent much of their lives in search of the gentleness, love, and peace they have only imagined in the privacy of their own hearts."

Anonymous said...

(rider; no Stella, this is not about you)

10% of American women suffer from BPD.

You want a real BPD - I Hate You, Don't Leave Me - video?


Anonymous said...

Here we go: the bankers again. Your essay is highly emotive, LV. I like it.

I think J.B. Campbell's latest is complementary:


Anonymous said...

This, IMHO is some of the best stuff you've done Vis. Loved it! Not bad for a guy with no time. Guess that makes it timeless.

@anon 5:56.00 No truer words were ever written! May I send this to Friends and Family?? ....Jimmy

Pink fan said...

BLOW ME one last kiss

I thinl I've had enough of this.

You say I think too much.

I say you're full of shit.

I've, you've, we've had a shit day.

No more sick whiskey dick.

I want back my ignorance and bliss.

Blow me one last kiss.

Anonymous said...

To anon@6:16 - of course...feel free to send my post to friends and family. But...they will probably read it, comprehend none of it, and come after you with an axe (ha ha - as you fully realize). But then...that would be "normal" behavior, would it not? Wink-wink.

Anonymous said...

Having compassion has been very hard for me lately. Increasingly I dwell on the notion that some people aren't "people" at all. And there is ample evidence for this precedent in shamanic lore, religious texts, etc. Case in point - whenever we dream, we see old flames and friends, continually, and yet, they aren't what they seem to be. If you've ever had recurring dreams about such "people", have you not reached a moment when you realized the dreams themselves, were traps - set to keep us forever looking back? We get obsessed with events from our past - with people, most especially. The girl you carried a torch for...the friends who slipped away...the loved ones who died. But were they really friends to begin with? Increasingly, I am thinking that friends/family member/lovers - hell, even pets - might just be energy-sucking vampires who are deliberately insinuated into our lives to thwart our ability to escape from the prison of mind/body/spirit. How else can you explain their inability to demonstrate a modicum of higher-level awareness or full-fledged empathy? They seem to be able to mimic these traits, and yet, their actions belie their words over and over. Perhaps these beings we see in our 3D world are projections, emanating through the prism of DNA (water and silica - which is basically a transmitter or a projector). Perhaps many of these beings are not even remotely what they seem to be. We watch the caterpillar turn into a butterfly - and yet, we think being human is all there is to the journey while we are on this earth? Perhaps a multitude of different types of living beings (organic, and possibly inorganic) PROJECT their essences here on the earth plane. And perhaps some of them are human, yes, in which case, why wouldn't it makes sense that some are less developed spiritually/psychically/awarenesswise, than others? And that might explain why the vast majority resonates with the lower-level frequencies of human behavior - perhaps sexual energy is something that many of them need on a very large scale, to...expand their chakras, or their energy centers? Become something more? Perhaps there is a ladder of development for both human beings - and seemingly human beings, alike. Perhaps it's a war for energy and once we get enough of it, we can step up to higher levels of being. And perhaps we can never quite be sure exactly who the players are, or who the beings are behind the mask. In which case, divorcing oneself from their family and friends, that might be a means of escape. Because, how can you amass enough energy to touch the stars, if you continually burn it up by interacting with beings who simply suck the life from you - and never wake up, no matter how hard you try to awaken them. Perhaps we can indeed identify these "people", in direct proportion to the level of our obsession with them. And maybe that is one of the keys to the doorway of freedom...

J.B.Campbell quote: said...

United States of America is infested.

"What has happened is what Jewish banking demanded of the Jewish agit-prop groups: Hitler saved Germany from starvation by issuing debt-free currency and this represented a total catastrophe for the Jewish usurers of the Rothschild syndicate: no more income from lending credit (nothing) to governments and being repaid in cash or gold. Not only did and do these Jewish usurers get their phony loans paid to them in cash but in addition they get interest! It is the scam of scams and Hitler showed the world how unnecessary it was and is to borrow credit from private lenders and have to repay in cash. All any government has to do is print its own money in proper amounts, as Germany did, and the Jewish scammers get nothing and the country becomes extremely prosperous virtually overnight."

Anonymous said...

"...Ellen Weiss, former head of the NPR newsroom, is the wife of Rabbi David Saperstein, the man most responsible for the passage of gay marriage in New York and the overturn of don't ask don't tell in the military. Ellen left NPR in January 2010, but the Jewish revolutionary spirit lives on. Now NPR is dredging up "memories of the Nazi occupation" in Greece to distract everyone from the fact that both Greece and Italy have installed agents of Goldman Sachs as heads of their respective governments."

--Robert Hickson, "The Asphixiation of German History"

the gardener said...

I have been really fixated for some time now on fixing the time of WHEN THIS ALL HAPPENED TO THIS DEGREE and that Venus cycle of the eight years from 2004 to 2008 WAS really the gate opening and closing for everyone to have the abilities to show exactly who and what they really are.

NOT that how this is going or coming down is anything new. The people were just as dumbed down and eager to go with the flow of whatever petty tyrant said whatever it was they wanted to hear.

All the baddies and players can get away with a whole lot more crimes and abuse when times are fat-let all the smart intelligent people have too much time on their hands to find one another and start piecing together missing parts of puzzles and it becomes rather obvious the agendas that have played out.

But every good thing must come to an end and in lean times, they can become mean times once that apple cart or wheelbarrow of harm, abuse, threats and tyrannical actions by dead souls gets a little too top heavy.

TIPPING POINT has arrived. The wax mannequins can't stop their criminal insanity, the dullards have been encouraged by the criminally insane to 'voice their opinions'... too many showing their like assholes whilst opinionating on things they know or care NOTHING about.

So with all cyclic actions it will be a cycle within a cycle-I'm still working on that cycle and the ones preceding it too which has got us to the level of plastic land full of plastic people who for whatever reason can't be benign or nice plastic people but only plastic that resonates with the truly soulless cowardly nasty ones.

Maybe it was in the 60s when those weird toys came out that had plastic sheets that molded objects you'd place in the metal tray and you'd make...a bunch of molded sheets? I can still remember the melting PLASTIC from that weird toy. "Make your own plastic people for the time of the millennium shift of unconsciousness" "Be the first on your block to possess the power to create your own golems!"...

I can remember the little aluminum blocks-inserting the little plastic sheets just so, lining up the little holes on the sheets with the little pegs on the block-put down the lid-pull a lever and PRESTO CHANGO you lifted the lid to some idiot molded object that meant nothing... thrill quickly gone-faster than the sno cone machine toys etc.

So there are fast ones and slow ones pulled on us all the time via consumerism. SOMETHING has manifested all the zomboids. Cavalier Consumers with attitudes.


I remember when Rodney was married to Roseann Cash. She was raised in Casitas Springs near me and when her dad ran off and left her mother and the girls for June Carter I knew several other good Catholic girls who went to school with them at the Catholic girls school in Ventura. Nobody had nothing but good to say about Johnny's girls. It seemed like a perfect marriage match to me, I was really surprised when they split up.

the gardener

working on the trash dump trailer load-starting the mass dumping of life's trash today!

I've had to reset my modem at least 10x today like someone is purposely working to slow me down! Right after Vis mentions about losing his music files the other day long ago. hmmmm

Lee said...

RE: To Denny's comments.

"All Is Vanity" Ecclesiastes 1.2

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I was comparing you favourably, though not completely, to the Bard whilst reading this post, so it's
Shakespeare - Forest Killer.
(Monty Pythons Arthur
"Two Sheds Jackson setup skit came to mind in your comment about the forests)

many gems in this post, I felt like a kid in Willie Wonkas (tribe productions) chocolate factory. the smarties are my favorites, what happens if I pop the red and blue at the same time. mmm I probably did.

(and for the computer dependent - get a backup program like Clonezilla or Acronis True image - and back the whole main drive up. that way if things go astray you can be reborn in minutes - try to keep actual data in a seperate partition and backup that up too). Or throw all these distracting cares away and go to India , Antarctica, Here.

mike m said...

Vis and all,

It appears that the man with the stick has been very busy lately.

Everyday more and more is being exposed with maggots crawling around split level ranches with double wide additions and a penthouse/ocean view.

Is it a proliferation of the non-stop pseudo technical advances of this particular time or a simple case of the same old story , same old song and dance my friends?

Inquiring minds are inquisitive.

insiam said...

anon at 5.56....

I think you have articulated very well the way things are seen by the majority of posters passing through here. Well certainly for me. I never really thought about it in such clear terms - so thanks for sharing.

Scary really when one sees things with such clarity. Also empowering!

Visible said...

Hi; I got shutdown and have to take my computer to the they even shut this netbook as soon as on went online with it; sneaky me, I found a way around it. It might be a day or two but at least I can post your comments.

Visible said...

sorry about the typos, they just kind of happened.

Anonymous said...

anonymous at 9:26

there is something real about what you wrote that despite people's immediate need to deny it as truth... lingers. it is plausible. there is an energy to it. perhaps you are skirting the biggest lie of all -- pulling back the curtain on what it is that truly traps us here. it would have to be something perceived as beautiful/loving/innocent -- especially if it isn't. the flowers that smell so sweet attract their prey....

once you open your mind to this scenario, life gets even weirder here in the great nowhere...i like that...especially with uranus going retrograde for the next 6 months....

liz in l.a.

the gardener said...

One explanation for revved up revelation and revealing time is the X CLASS FLARE SET OFF BY THE SUN JULY 12, 2012.

"x--FLARE! Big sunspot AR1520 unleashed an X1.4-class solar flare on July 12th. Because the sunspot is directly facing Earth, everything about the blast was geoeffective. For one thing, it hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) directly toward our planet. According to a forecast track prepared by analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab, the CME will hit Earth on July 14th around 10:20 UT (+/- 7 hours) and could spark strong geomagnetic storms. Sky watchers should be alert for auroras this weekend. Geomagnetic storm alerts: text, voice.

The explosion also strobed Earth with a pulse of extreme UV radiation, shown here in a movie recorded by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory:"

Personally, I believe these xray flares of enormous magnitude coupled with our earth's very thinned out magnetosphere is working in tandem with the Venus Gate closure of last month.

We maybe SHOULD get some special sunglasses...careful don't see too much too often...could blow our little minds!

I read somewhere maybe to see AURORAS down to CA! I was feeling 'done with it, them'-son feeling 'edgy' all day yesterday.

But what I do know is the free for all time for those wax mannequins playing their cruel roles is OVER... it is done. That cycle is over. Another is taking its place no doubt... hard to know which way the wind blows.

But these X-FLARES are the revealing and cleansing parts of the program. I've felt: woozy, dizzy, drained, headachy, just icky in general for a few days from prior Solar Sprees but this one feels different.

Enjoy-I am hoping this particular X Flare is going to be the energizer everyone needs to get to moving on.

For those who've been penalized for not being a 'pajama person' (haha) it was over 20 years ago that I was going through a shocking interlude with a nest of whatevers at a petty job and my brother told me 'you are not like them... and that's a good thing. However they don't like you because of that and they never will and you can never coexist let alone flourish so you need to leave now'... and don't ever 'assume they are like you-make them prove it to you and since most aren't... just assume-shields up that they aren't".

So 'they've' always been the mass people, they just kept a societal mask on that was demanded of them.

I got kicked out of a 'sociopathic' site because I dared say the 'Reason all these pathologicals are able to work the systems, like the legal and court systems so well is because the legal, LEO, court systems etc are all full of pathologicals too'... a few of the shrinks on board notified me of their reasons when I protested their kicking me out of the forum due to that legitimate assessment of mine.

So anyone pandering to the pathologicals or defending them is a pathological too-at least a serious Devil's Advocate.

I think a lot of what goes on are just tests put out by at least the pathologicals to see what real normal souled humans will do about it. Like learning lessons for THEM.

the gardener

Happy XFlare Friday the 13th!

Anonymous said...

TPTB has held all the cards for a very long time now. Hell, they PRINT the cards. And they've had a very clear, concise plan about exactly how to take over the whole world and control virtually every single person on the planet, and that plan has worked in spades. Like it or not, if you can disconnect yourself from the whole evil vs. good mental container that they themselves created for our minds, you have to give credit where credit is due. How utterly incredible is that accomplishment. How utterly incredible is it to turn people into drones who slave their entire lives away, paying off debts, making their enslavers richer, while simultaneously raising their children to be carbon-copy clones of themselves. And they made them LIKE IT. Now that is an utterly amazing feat. And TPTB not only made them like their slavery, they made them revel in their inability to think for themselves. They made them take PRIDE in it. They made them take FUCKING PRIDE in their ignorance, as they wave their little Masonic flags at baseball games and such, and sing the National Anthem, while their children are murdered in genocidal wars designed to empower the bankers and tighten the very nooses around the drones' necks. How many times have you heard some well-respected idiot say something like the following: "Freedom isn't free"..."What you don't know can't hurt you"..."That's a crazy conspiracy theory". These programmed drones are the very people who control the herd FOR the Elite. These are the people who do the work of the Dark Overlords FOR them. And how fucking brilliant is that? If a herd member starts pointing out what is really going on in the world, the programmed herd members leap into action. They will confront the dissenter and start hurling slanderous phrases at him/her ("attack the messenger" programming). They will talk about the dissenter behind his/her back to others. They will tell their circle of brain-dead friends to distance themselves and their children from "that crazy person". Hell, in some cases, they will beat the shit out of the dissenter or worse. The end result will be the following, typically - the dissenter will summarily shut the fuck up and stop attempting to wake up the other slumbering herd members in the general vicinity. Mission accomplished. These terminally brain-dead zombies ARE the problem. TPTB has merely been demonstrating its overpowering will and its ability to use unbending intent to reach its goals all these years. That in ITSELF is a major example of what we can accomplish together, if we only use the same will and unbending intent. When the truth is starting you right smack in the face, day after day, and you still can't see it - hell, you can't even make an EFFORT to see it, well, as Mel Gibson said in the movie "Payback", shortly before he put a pillow over Gregg Henry's face and shot him in the head, "What the fuck good are you?" These herd members are the enemy. If I see one less fat lady in booty shorts with a pair of headphones crammed in her ears, or one less truck-driving fat man with a goatee and a shaved head who thinks drinking beer and farting is what life's all about, will that be a bad thing? No fucking way. Ask yourself the same question - be honest with yourself. Compassion wasted on those who are already dead is energy wasted on one's personal attempt to escape from this prison of mind/body/spirit. This whole life experience of ours is nothing personal - it's a challenge. And what's waiting for us is utterly impersonal. And I think the more we gravitate toward the infinite, toward what is waiting for us, out there, beyond the borders of our being, the more we start to become just like it - utterly impersonal. At least that's how I feel right now. I just don't know about compassion anymore. I don't think compassion will pay the spiritual bills these days. The prices keep rising, and personal energy is our most precious commodity...

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

On a lighter note, here's a joke (it's a tad x-rated, so cover your eyes if that sort of thing offends you) - Popeye and Wimpy go over to Olive Oyl's house. Popeye rings the bell. No answer. Suddenly, they can hear Olive moaning inside. Popeye and Wimpy run around the side of the house, and they look in Olive's bedroom window, and they see Pluto (the cartoon dog) on top of Olive, from behind, doing what dogs do. Popeye freaks out and busts in the front door with Wimpy in tow. Popeye can't believe what he sees and he turns his fury on Olive - "What the hell are you doing? I thought we had an exclusive thing going on here?" And Olive says, "Popeye, put a ring on it if you want to make it yours - we have what we have. I thought you said we could date other people anyway, I don't see what the big deal is." (Meanwhile, Pluto keeps pumping away and doing his thing, oblivious to Popeye's appearance in Olive's boudoir.) To which Popeye says, "I've had all I can stands...and I can't stands no more!", and he rushes out of the house. Olive, still, getting it on with Pluto, turns her head and says to Wimpy, who has been standing there all this time, munching a hamburger, and watching, "What is up with Popeye? He's so crabby these days?" To which Wimpy says, "It's simple. Pluto's in Uranus."

MiaBellezza said...

Vis, I got hit like that 5 months ago, both on my PC and laptop ... I must have been naughty. (wink) Luckily I can reformat a PC and get up in running in 4 or 5 hours. (grin) You seemed to get hit right about the time I made my post.

On another note, Patrick's, you sexy voice man, recent video upload in a weird way (synchronicity; here I go again) lead me to Rivero's video. Oops I did it again.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

Patrick (hi)
is this
one of yours?
I'd have to agree at this stage, this week spending a couple of hours watching (like a ghoul) newer stabilized tsunami videos, not a bit of quake damage to be seen - and these are relatively flimsy wooden buildings in these coastal villages. I wonder what the Japanese think (or IF they do).
sick of your own voice? get a eunuchectomy and sing like a little angel.

insiam said...

anon @9.26.....

Just woken from a lucid sort of dream in which i was thinking about dreaming and waking. When we dream we are aware of ourselves as being a character - an entity in a seemingly real world. However we do not seem to have control over our actions or what happens in the dream. It is as if our/the awareness which comes before us or the person that we identify with - is observing us. When we wake up the person we thought we were and every other thing in the dream disappears. However, the conscious awareness which was observing what we identified with in the dream remains and has simply taken to observing what we identify with in the waking 'dream'. So wouldn't the next logical step be for the conscious awareness to continue when we leave this waking dream. and so on and so on ....

Denny said...


I'd say that personal vanity is far more malignant than any type of cancer.

I was thinking about how you mentioned earlier that you were homeless and sleeping in your car and had to resort to eating cactus at times...

Well, if ever you get the chance to fly to Sweden you'd be most welcome here.


Anonymous 9:26: PM...

I don't doubt that in general family and friends can be a hindrance to one's own spiritual awakening, but there are also those we are "destined" to meet in life and who become lifelong friends. And even though such a close friend might not be aware of everything being revealed here on this blog, this does not affect the LOVE that is mutually present, and which could in itself also be seen as possibly being even more conducive to one's own spiritual awakening than say trying to convince others that it's important that they know that this world is controlled by satanic psychopaths. Clearly, I'd rather be in the company of a genuinely NICE person who knows nothing of all of this, rather than a not so nice person who knows it all.

Anonymous said...

it seems the point 9:26 was trying to make was that it is quite beyond choosing people you perceive to be 'nice' vs. 'not nice but knowing'...that's just the wrapping paper or the methodology of keeping you entrained and drained.
of course you would prefer the nice person...most do...and most are trapped and drained. but that's just the theory i took from the words of the fabled 9:26 of 7/12. you catch more flies with honey than vinegar and some big damn thing has sure caught a lot of flies......


Stella Blue said...
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Anonymous said...

4 to 5 hours?why so slow

Anonymous said...

"I can see Hitlery Clinton in my mind's eye, with that hooker-on-acid look on her face, her neck muscles tensed up, and that wired-on smile, and those dark, insane, lifeless eyes. These people make merry over death and misery. It's the only time they truly feel alive. And that makes them dead."

Souless yes, dead no, not yet.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ravenise said...

Visible, I highly recommend you test out a linux distro, it will help ward off those hackers. The problem starts at Microsoft... they can send you viruses disguised as updates. I was targeted with Israel's flame virus not too long ago also. I managed to keep my OS intact, but I have installed Linux Mint as my primary O/S, just to avoid the headaches, and I only jump into windows for audio and video editing.

Consider reading up a little bit on Linux Mint, it beats Ubuntu in many respects, and that is what I use.

Anonymous said...

Symbols in the wind
A token of the fire
Charging through the buffalo
Leaping in the tiger
Chasing down the dusty road
Stirring in the fortress
Spoken in the mountain peaks
Forming inward courses
Gathering in all aim
Wandering through mystery
Revolving the circumference
Binding in simplicity
Of eternity
In one in tide of all
swirling through the fingertips
Where mother earths truth calls


Have a poem lord visible. : )

Erica said...

Hi Vis-'Darkening Splendor' arrived yesterday-so spent most of yesterday and this morning reading it.
Thank you,I really enjoyed it-not the darkest parts-but understand that,as in 'real life', these are necessary for the purpose of demonstration.The message is loud and clear.
Won't go into details-don't want to give away the plot-but loved the scene in the bookshop!

MiaBellezza said...

You've got to listen to this video Groovy Gais at the Grove ahem ... by Jones.

Listen right around 14 minutes. (giggle;henry)

Visible said...

I should be back in the swing come Tuesday or so. Hang in there.

MiaBellezza said...

reply to Anon at 9:26 ... who wrote "Perhaps we can indeed identify these "people", in direct proportion to the level of our obsession with them. And maybe that is one of the keys to the doorway of freedom... "

Something about your statement, besides been there, done that, resonates with me. Besides i've heard stories of people getting ratted out by their family, friends and loved ones and loosing their jobs and relationships, health, etc. ... so, are they worth it? Perhaps it's best to leave the robots be.

Denny said...

Sorry to keep harping on about this, but... Snow drifts and people freezing to death in SOUTH AFRICA, tornadoes in Poland, Japan flooded in parts with 400 000 people displaced, Serious flooding in Norway with roads washed away, non-stop rain all over Europe and with more to come, while people here in Sweden are all gaping at their mega-sized flatscreens and waiting for the Olympic Games to begin at a cost of a few billion dollars while poverty exists all over this planet...

No wonder God spit out that CME at us...

Anonymous said...

Liz in L.A...we must have hung out together in a past life (7/12 9:26 anonymous poster here). I was going by George a while back, but today I feel like a "Bob", for some reason. Tomorrow who knows. I'm glad that Liz seems to get me, because I don't get myself about half the time. Wild swings of duality lately in my world. Anybody else? I don't know if it was that solar flare or what, but I know it means that furious changes are at hand and I am all about that, no matter what those changes might bring. I'm in Tucson AZ at the moment watching this killer storm blowing in from the south over a low mountain range - complete with high winds, and now, just as I write these words, pounding hail and trees bending at 90-degree angles. Anybody ever spend time in the Southwest? This area has the wildest, most powerful energy I've ever experienced. And I'm not even up to the Four Corners area (yet). Anybody know of any wilder areas (in terms of crazy powerful energy)? Stella Blue - "Uranus is in bad aspect..." I hate to admit it, but I need you to explain that one to me. I could just nod and smirk and pretend like I get it, but, that would make me "normal". (i.e., a zombie, "He gone zombie, la la la".) Vis, I had a dream that you were singing to Kristen Stewart the other night. She was staring at you all goo-goo eyed. You were singing into a karaoke machine. And that lady who does the Cassiopaea website was there (Laura Knight-Somebody). Wow I should have passed on that huge chunk of blotter acid I did about 30 years back...

Anonymous said...

anon 9:26;

it is said that "those who know don't say, and those who say don't know."

that being said(grin)...
point well taken.

the road less travelled can oft lead to a gut full of gravel. it may not be for everyone.

but for the few who feel, rather, that the road chose them ... it is to each to balance their material experience with the love that underlies us all.

(yes, including the perps who of course 'know it all', and are not so nice.)


runnin' down a dream,
never would come to me.

workin' on a mystery,
going where ever it leads ...

running down a dream." (tom petty)

Anonymous said...


nice rant. nature abhors a vacuum.

next time say what you really feel.(grin)

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the inspiration
dog poet & the childhood softball
sandlot scratch league & snoopy

Anonymous said...

Hillary is morphing into Madonna. They're merging.

I guess that's what happens when you're feeding on the kosher line so voraciously.


Anonymous said...

To The Gardner @ Friday, July 13, 2012 5:48:00 PM

Thanks for the info on the flare. Over the past two days I noticed that the sunlight was different. It has a luminosity I've never seen, and a sapping or sucking effect. I mean it's not like "traditional" desert heat or heat here on the East Coast. This new light penetrates and melts. It's a different wavelength. It doesn't draw out my perspiration like the "old" sunlight I knew 20 years ago.

But duh, haven't heard a comment from anybody around me. Their faces are in their screens.


WarmZephyr said...

"the cat spray of these times
is like a bad taste in the alcoholic's mouth
as he wakes in the backseat of that old car
with the broken window
tastes like what it is
no mistake..." (LV)

You hit the raw-nerve truth EVERY TIME! Geni (us)

Anonymous said...

stella blue thank you
i am about to go outside and stare at a tree
with the intent of seeing its aura of energy....
it is a grey l.a. day and energy reserves are low.

i lived in topanga at top of observation near tuna canyon in 91/92. marooned for 3 days when rain storm washed boulders onto topanga boulevard and closed it...moved back to venice shortly after...haaaa


Anonymous said...

Anon at July 16, 2012 3:03:00 AM, I liked this - "those who know don't say, and those who say don't know". Perfect. Lately I feel like curling up in a ball and sucking my thumb - I don't know shit, thus the rants. That Tom Petty song snippet nailed me in the head, too. Hey Vis - ever think about creating a chat interface (chat room) for your boards? That would sure hit a home run with me...I'd wager it would hit a home run with a lot of other people who visit your sanctuary.

Visible said...

Yeah, a chat room probably would be a good idea and also free up some number from even having to come around to places like this.

brokenbeat said...


I think most would still come here even with a chat room. Even the most chatty among us are seeded by your work although it may not appear so at times. Many times I don't have anything to add to your posts and don't want to just paraphrase to show I read or understand or agree...

The dynamics of a chat room may appeal to some, and perhaps me as well, but I can't afford the time to stay engaged in realtime and I like the permanancy of the comments and the ability to reply when possible. As it is, I find it tough to keep up with the three blogs at times.

Not lately though, with your 'puter woes. Not many comments on your main three blogs even when you caught up. Makes me wonder if some got lost somehow. With your brief absence I started wondering what our community would do if the blogs were down or you were otherwise indisposed. I know you speak of possible developments, but I hope you stay in contact and preserve the blogs and archives. I've yet to explore them all. It makes me want to copy it all. Perhaps some mirror sites could be set up by those with the skills, at least for archives, dunno if you can mirror comments as they're added. I suppose it's possible, but more than keeping the access up for commenting, the value would be in preservation in the event that something dastardly takes place.

I recall Clarity offerring a meet-up alternative and I dug back through the posts to copy that link. We get so much from your sharing of wisdom and insightful commentary on current events, but we have also built a community here, one that I would hate to lose touch with.

Anyway, I hope all is well with you and you've got the hardware issues sorted. I'm no expert in computers, viruses, astrology (or anything, really), but with all going down and the CME's, various planets in retrograde, snafus like this don't suprise me. Makes me think we take so much for granted.

Take care,


the gardener said...

While we're all waiting for the Return of the VisRigRepair... I was doing a little astro snooping around trying to get some rational reasons for the low level anxiety I'm going through right now.

Monday-July 16th-Mars in Libra TRINING Jupiter in Gemini...

July 18th there is the Uranus in Aries OPPOSITE Mars in Libra

followed quickly by the NEW MOON IN LATE CANCER-Most midsection Boomers have their Uranus in Cancer... this New Moon will be setting up house keeping practically on my 2nd house Uranus in Cancer... wooo hooo (WHY we boomers were so damn naturally offensive to our own parental units btw) we made this world our own homes. We lived it and loved it and many if not most still silently love it and worship it and care for it.

I was checking out the upper MT area and saw an article on WP Grace forgetting the tons of asbestos waste they left behind after strip mining for VERMICULITE of all things. Make gazillions for selves and corp... leave behind a few trillion in clean up costs and thousands of suffering and dying humans, animals and habitat.

Is there ANYWHERE that isn't tainted and toxic in just the three hundred years or so that the natives told us that would happen to the likes of us white people with no consciences-no souls-with forked tongues both flipping in different directions lying at the same double time?

So today-Mars trine Jupiter in AIR signs-Cardinal=active Air... Big Martian Air... big windbag fights?

then Uranus opposite Mars... again in Cardinal signs but Uranus in Aries is headbutting spontaneous head trips opposite Libra Mars doing its passive aggressive crafty creative works... spontaneous craft works-highly electrified energies.

With New Moon at 27 Cancer Sun and Moon... on Thursday (thor's day) which is full of abundant vital energies that are new and very very emotionally charged.

That Sun and Moon in Cancer is squaring Saturn in Libra one last time too...

go to and enter your birth data, time/place/date to see where this action is in your charts.

the gardener

Visible said...

I'm back up since this afternoon. Did it myself too, pretty amazing when I think about it. See you tomorrow.

MiaBellezza said...

Guy Damien "The Flower" / "Le Démon Blond" Lafleur ... My husband and I just got off a day cruise and met Guy Lafleur! Got photos too with Guy and my husband and his boat ... turned out pretty good.

MiaBellezza said...

Excellent Vis ... best thing is to know how to format your own computer ... kudos ... besides you save money by doing it yourself!

Just make sure to get all you Windows updates and anti-virus updates until they say there are no more updates.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Everywhere I read, KILL THE ILLUMINATI. Uh, you don't destroy them doing this. You just send them to the next level of existence. Once something is, it never goes away. It just goes to a different format. . .as it must continue to sort itself out.

Duality sucks, but it seems we're stuck with it for a bit longer. Hopefully not too much longer. I don't even want to wait the 5 months and 5 days of the alleged countdown to Ahau Kankin, which my thinks is a bunch of hogwash.

Anonymous said...


from shipping to stripping. yeah, w.r. grace. bloodline, wasp, knights of malta branch of the jesuit order. (the hand that fits the zionist glove.)

knew the grandson, peter and family, early on in his corporate reign. cold determinism.

'accident of birth', ships passing in the night.

and yet, "many if not most still love it, and worship it, and care for it."


what other "places like this"?

Anonymous said...


ah, yes, the 'sixties'. say what you will, it was not a boring decade.

see what happens when the kids are left too long to their own devices?(grin)

(actually, this is a pretty well composed room.)

the gardener said...

The visuals that Lynda Hill uses in her sabian symbol astrology are very inciting to imaginative works. I subscribe to her newsletters about the New and Full Moons every month-this one is a really involved one with the Tsquare of the Cardinal energies involved: Uranus in Aries opposite Mars in Libra and both squared by Mr HufnPuff Pluto in Capricorn-all with planets in this 8/9 degree range will be activated by these revolutionary energies upon us all (about time!)

I was compiling my letter of all letters sent to everyone and every agency who has participated in (and profited from) such a grand slam of inequities visited upon myself and family for the past six of the eight years of that Venus cycle, so this New Moon newsletter made especial sense to me.

"The Sabian Symbol for the new Moon is Cancer 27: A Furious Storm In A Canyon Filled With Valuable Homes". Not my 'valuable home' this is speaking for and my canyon was long ago flash flooded... :)

the gardener

the gardener said...

Dear Anon, if I'm not mistaken the WR Grace company also owns Taco Bell... wonder how many chemicals these types are able to unload through their 'food' holdings?

"they profit-the rest of us only pay" is a truism that's got to be changed.

I was feeling the Solar Waves-riding them well and good but did notice the affects of them yesterday-Monday. I try to be a human vessel that transmutes all energies into empowering ones to the rest of the life force here on this planet. Gets exhausting but we did have an utter downpour of rain, thunder and lightning just when we needed it the most... yay!

Very great the downpouring of negative ions and with as much help from others as there is coming in here right at me... I spent some time with the avenging angels out in the apple grove yesterday. Good times were had by all.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your works Visible!

...strangely, my computer suddenly "died" two weeks ago, but no luck on getting it going again - off to the public lie-bury i go... (btw: an interesting vitural parasite attached itself to my computer before it went belly-up - it was named "" ... and no one nor no thing knows what it is/was or whence it came from (i got my ideas about it and i would win all bets...)

on the vampires running the show (DEMONStration):

outward appearance

inner soul

repspects to/for all beings

"recovering moron"

Anonymous said...


howzabout - 'encouraged' to retrofit, the rest of us only play.

est said...

i just had an interesting
conversation with a veteran
in line at the local drugstore
waiting to pickup a 'script

i sussed him out immediately
or so i thought, vietnam era
maybe had ten years on me
when i looked him in the eye

i said to myself - lost soul
drug addict there to pick up
[though i don't know]
pain-killers or what-not

i could feel him looking at me
then he stood right in front
of me and said 'your military'
i said 'no i'm on the other side'

said i did not believe in killing
to solve our problems
and why are we sending kids
over there on a false premise

he surprised me with 'your right' and took my hand
he had a strong grip-solid
he looked in my eye and said:

'you are my brother, in peace'
and 'i agree with you'
he had a lot of pain i could tell
i returned his grip - strong

i said 'you're gonna be ok
you are a strong man'
i tried to take his pain
as best i could - in my way

we parted as brothers
and friends - not five
minutes after we met

'redemption song' i sang
biking my way back home

then i wept for a few minutes
and pulled up prophet bob m

MiaBellezza said...

If you haven't seen this, you should Jay Weidner - Kubrick's Odyssey and more articles and videos about this subject are discussed here.(ultrabeautifulmonarchqueens~grin)

Visible said...

New Petri Dish up-

Ten Days to the London Scarelympics.

Anonymous said...

est; you moved to tears..

I love you man.

walking hawk

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

The Crust of Ignorance and the Jesus Bunny.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

thanks for that link MiaBellezza, I'll listen later.
one thing watching The Outer Limits 60's SF series is that practically every episode I connect to a 70's and 80's SF movie that I think got their idea from there.
last night I even had a "They Live" style episode (S02E03) where the scientist put on his special glasses to see the 2D creature that noone else could see. mmm!



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