Friday, July 27, 2012

Cannibal Feastings on the Imaginary Lake

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

You can can blame it on a general trend toward brutishness. You can blame it on some secret, official, policy of general intimidation as a precursor to a generalized practice and performance of outrage upon humanity. In order for the complete and total corporate control of the populations to take place it is necessary for the population to be put into a state of acquiescence for all sort of horrible actions as a matter of routine. You can blame it on any number of things but I blame it on a rising pandemic of insanity.

The business of Shallow Graves goes on because there are some number of characters out there like this. He's one of the waiters at the 'all you can eat' Kali Yuga Buffet Diner. Since everyone is helping themselves, Kali Yuga again, the waiters have more free time that they ought to, so they can scan the crowd for their own idea of 'all you can eat'. One of the things I remember Guru Bawa saying, was that the emergence of cannibalism was a sign of the end of the culture. I'm paraphrasing but, no harm done to his point. In yet other words... be aware of where you are and the critical implications of the moment; all of these moments strung like Rosary Beads around the neck of the planetary puppeteer. This is not Houston and I don't have a problem. There are no problems. There are only conditions and the way deeper into their complexity and the way out of the relationship and there are any number of ways and means, Some of those are brutal too and some of them are effortless, depending on where you think energy comes from in the first place. I know it gets translated into all kinds of channels and holding tanks but... where did it come from before it got there? How come we can't bottle the lightning for use?

The Lord of Insufflation has granted me a visitation, so we'll be going in and out of things, in ways similar to going out of tune musically. It's not a rare event. It's nicht selten Auftreten for me to hear from a reader that they don't understand, or get what I am saying, or that they don't always agree with me. As for the latter, well, the size of the output needs to be considered (size matters-grin) in that case and as for the former... there are relative levels of apprehension and understanding that are what they are, to the particular degree that the material world interferes with the comprehension of the transmission and it's contents ...and... it should be kept in mind that the same applies to me in reversorama ordnung. There are all kinds of language assistive locations and helpmates that you can employ as we go. By way of explanation, I'm not a quick study, given the complexities of MPD. It can be like not knowing the differences between an anagram and an acronym. Meanwhile, I'm watching Love Actually, while I am writing this. I am probably watching it because it has such an abundance of some of my favorite actors. I've never seen a bad film with Bill Nighy in it. He reminds me of myself when my pretensions are authentic. And the film reminds me of my life in certain places; the possibilities, the occurrences and the absences. Life... life. It's about finding out things about yourself.

The whole point of the operation of life is finding things out about ourselves. I had to dance with a certain amount of ladies to tumble to what my love was really in search of. I remember reading H. Rider Haggard's, “She” when I was a young boy. I remember the explosion of love in my heart in a 7th grade classroom in Paris, France. I remember all kinds of things and also exemplify all kinds of things so... take what you find to be useful and discard what is not. This is just as you are supposed to do anywhere and everywhere and what happens here is directly relative to the degree of resonance you experience. No resonance? No problem. No need to be here.

How people can negotiate around the truth; go through such convoluted and cantilevered contortions to manage doing that, is something that blows my mind each and every day. How do they sidestep what is irrefutable and just go their, less than merry way? How do they do it? How do they make all these deals and compromises with their conscience? How do they build these vast websites that purport to tell you the truth when they know they are lying? How do they tell part of the truth and then bring out the men in black t-shirts with the big mouth shovels to load up the horseshit. How do investigative journalists allow themselves to be called that when they walk right around enormous and monstrous lies that are venerated and worshiped as actualities that either never happened or didn't happen the way they all lockstep say it happened. They have built mausoleums and museums and churches to provably, flat out fucking lies.

You see these venerated newscasters, these august eminences go on TV and give you the news that the corporations manufactured for you to believe in. You go on the internet and you listen to people who present themselves as truthtellers who lie to your face. You know there's something off with all this shit from Anderson Cooper to Robert Fisk. You know Alex Jones works for the people he bullhorns you into believing he opposes. There is a slim and slender cadre of people who put it out on the table for you to see and they are marginalized; slandered, setup in phony crime scenes, imprisoned, murdered or otherwise by whatever the laws of Karma allow in each case.

Let us look at the world as a kind of imaginary lake. Let us keep in mind the swan that can suck only the milk from a mixture of milk and water. Let us imagine that this lake has variable degrees of toxicity and purity. Invisible barriers keep one degree of water from touching another. Think of it like a honeycomb, or some carrousel like device (weird, I thought I was riding a Harley just a moment ago and somehow the keyboard was the handlebars. It was a little freaky. I'm not a bike rider most of the time. I'm a walker). Yes, we do closed cap-shuns here. People imbibe what they develop a taste for. Therein lies the cornucopia of gold for the corporations. Corporations study people's tastes for... any and everything in conjunction with their primary concern. Oh, let's not be shy. They now manufacture products to alter and adjust the tastes (buds) of every dimension, for the consumer. The ideal corporate life form, is one that will work with relentless industry under the most cost effective circumstances and either die off when its usefulness is gone, or continue to contribute by carefully measured degrees of effectiveness until the time comes for it to be chop-shopped and then recycled into any number of useful industries. Certainly fertilizer is a consideration and ye hermeticists and alchemists, pay thee attention to the feature of fertilizer's use in the construction of explosives. I'm not going to make mention of constructing something and sticking it up your ass because Youtube has plenty videos of Darwin Award candidates in action. I'm simply talking about paying attention and hopefully alleviating you of some of your unnecessary baggage, acquired according to where you are in this imaginary lake of the moment.

What you perceive and what you are aware of; what you are willing to perceive and willing to be aware of, is determined by where you are on this imaginary lake. Are you on a big yacht? Your waters are more toxic and your filtration systems more complex. Now it is probably time to talk about the living waters of the truth. You see, the truth confers immortality upon it's rider. If you carry the truth, you are a horse. If you carry shit, if you carry lies, you carry your own darkness. If you skirt around the truth, the truth will put a skirt on you and make you it's bitch, by example of what it is not. If you walk around the smoldering lies, awaiting their date of combustion, you have a date with fire of some degree, determined by the quality of the water you are drinking from the imaginary lake.

My friends, it puzzles the living fuck out of me how people make arrangements within themselves to compromise their integrity by kowtowing and genuflecting to the ruling elite shitmeisters, who are, less than favorably over-represented by a certain Tribe but... among whose members are the literal scum of the Earth; metaphorically speaking AND keeping in mind that the killer kind are not exclusively any particular tribe because there are forms of conversion and circumcision available at all times; trading rings, connubial engagements, flashing wads of dollars on blankets, near the stage. Yeah, you're in the game. I actually saw this at the 20th Anniversary of Woodstock, where I performed, before Ritchie Havens went on and seeing that a massive fight had broken out in the middle of the crowd, I put down my guitar and did an accapela of my song, Alcohol. As soon as I wailed out 'alcohol', the fight stopped. When I was done, I just walked offstage and I saw a congregation of about a dozen guys, kneeling around a blanket and showing their cash. There didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. It was some kind of 'my dicks bigger than your dick thing, only it was about money and money doesn't get me hard, maybe because I am not concerned about how impressive my dick is, or maybe because I am an impressive dick and yeah, they were all genus simularius. Anyway, I just walked away. All through the night you could hear someone yelling, 'alcohol'.

I personally went into the woods and took down about twenty pine trees around 30 feet in length and worked with this guy Luke, who had a tarp, something like 80 feet by 40 feet, to put up a canopy above us. This was a few days before I performed. One night I had to drive however many winding miles back to my place in Woodstock, cause Woodstock isn't Woodstock. The town and the festival are different places. I came back and a storm had hit and brought down half of the canopy and part of that crushed part of the support structure of my tent beneath it and everybody was standing around in my ten by ten, half collapsed tent during a downpour swilling beer. I freaked a bit and sent everyone on their way. A few hours later everything was repaired again. The moral of the story is that some people just talk a whole lot of shit and some people get things done. Some portion of us, it seems, carries another portion of us on our backs. The super rich like to make that claim with their trickle down golden shower; way I see it, something else is carrying every one of us, somewhere, according to some intention and design.

Yes Love Actually is filled with impossible scenarios and it gets too cute on occasion but actual Love is also filled with impossible (seeming) scenarios, I don't know if real love is too cute all I know is that it exists and can be possessed by human beings, or rather, human beings can be possessed by it but there's a disclaimer, non performance caveat, in the contract of real love and that is that real love will not dwell where the truth does not abide; something to think about.

End Transmission.......

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No radio show tonight but I will get it off to James on the morrow, so, sooner rather than later.


rootzzzy said...


You give so much to so many....the link (should you choose to indulge)my humble way of appreci-loving ya.

Pépé Bradock & Grand Brûlé's Choir, The ‎– Burning


Clarity said...

This felt to me much calmer than your usual SM, which I enjoyed. To balance out "Shallow Graves", could you add a link again to "I Am Alive"? (grin)

Much resonance here today for me. I just finished an email to a friend who asked what I thought of something he had sent me. I basically said the same things you said in terms of newscasters, et al. ("How do they make all these deals and compromises with their conscience?") but I was writing of doctors. I then went on to law enforcement, thinking of all that has come up with this shooting. It seems that many will have to lie or keep quiet. In the past few days, I've said the same kinds of things about news reporters/investigative journalists, and those who run websites that purport to tell the truth. For many of these people, I think of what their intentions most likely were as they entered their professions. How is it that so many can do a 180? Or maybe a 270; I'm not sure. How can someone who wanted to treat disease and save lives turn into someone who will watch patients die knowing there is a simple, effective cure? How do reporters get in front of the camera and lie through their teeth, knowing that their lies lead to deaths of innocent people and destruction of countries? And worse, knowing their lies are leading to their own destruction? Or is that an area in which they, themselves, have become blind? When you do the math, they're not all going along for the ride in the end (not that they'd end up in any place good anyway). Don't they realize this?

I have found out a lot about myself, and I continue to do so. One thing I have learned is that until I am in a particular situation, I don't know how I will react. I've shot my mouth off and had to eat my words any number of times, and it doesn't taste too good. I guess I am fortunate that I haven't been in a situation where I have had to make the decision to compromise myself and my integrity in such a big way. I can only hope I'd do the right thing. I asked my friend what the hell happened to people. His answer: economic slavery. I do believe he has a point there, especially when you have others who depend on you. It doesn't help when you've been fooled for so long and you wake up to things late in the game of life. But then, there is strength in numbers, and having the support of others can help you accomplish things you might not be able to on your own. This is one reason why people find the community created in your comments section to be so valuable. Your words and presence here, of course, are a much bigger part.

No, real love is not cute at all. There are many different aspects which come into play, and some parts may be cute and playful, but there are many other pieces which fit together to form the bigger entity. Actual love requires a strong foundation upon which all those aspects can rest, and you are so right, Visible, so very right... Real love will not dwell where the truth does not abide, and perhaps the biggest part of those truths are: knowing yourself with full honesty, and knowing that actual love is not the culmination, but rather the conduit for the ultimate love - of and for the Divine.

Always with gratitude,

Anonymous said...

Consciousness will not give you power to control the world; it is not a sentimental reassurance; it won't make you healthy or rich or successful; it is not a benign form of therapy. Most of all, it is not energy and has nothing to do with energy of any kind. Consciousness is the way OUT of this material reality, and that's all it is.

-- Thaddeus Golas, The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

and without love, truth (as beholden) is fragmented.

Anonymous said...

Good post, LV. I've encapsulated our times myself by the term you used, "brutishness." We have a brutarian culture here in the U.S. Vide the clothing fashions depicting skulls, blood, knives, threats, butchered words. I think Hunter Thompson started it with his romanticization of the Hells Angels. Then 'Nam. Then we got thug rap in the late '80's, courtesy of the Tribe on all counts

And television is just horrible, especially the sci-fi and detective shows. Just horrible--decapitations, shootings, incinerations, disembowellings, torture, decomposed corpses. Plus the criminal gangs documentaries, that elevate these thugs. Jews make these shows and it's their instinct to amplify pathology. They feed on repulsive scenes. They are drama parasites. They don't see limits because they are prepared to abandon any society once it goes unstable. They are hardwired for it. Eustace Mullins wrote that they collect on the cloacal areas of a society, literally (cities) and metaphorically (the media).

Indeed, our brutarian culture has entered its terminal phase. Civility is looked upon as weakness by the masses now, whereas, not so long ago, the masses respected the well-bred man or woman as their superior. I have told my friends that incivility will unravel America before the economy does. It's unravelling now. The public spaces have been destroyed by it. So that's why "dating services" are a big industry now. Single men and women don't talk in cafes, bars, parks, etc. They'll ignore the man or woman next to them and look for dates on the Internet.

But I don't blame the women for being occlusive. There are lots of creeps out there.

Re the "cannibals", Dr. Rebecca Carley said that these instances recently hyped by Jewmedia--those people were rabid. She says rabies has been introduced into the population via vaccinations.


Dave, on the East Toast.

Anonymous said...

Cannibals feasting on imaginations waters
The desolation of the wasteland of the eye
Hungry wolves howling through the midnight
Darkness grips and pulls to death another lie
The wastelands pit filed full of useless suffering
The monster feeds upon the back of men
Sucks the blood in distant hopes it is superior
Craves the loss of iinnocense
But rising sunlight lights the crest of seven mountains
An opened space shining deep within
The earth the wind the fire and the water
Cosmic juices flying hearts on heavens wing
Of heavens touching growing limitless and boundless
The looming sense of life brushing ways through time
Union draws the pathway through the consciousness
Weaving tranquil motions through the mind


Rob in WI said...

Wow! a most intense post. I've been trying to describe what's going on as cultural insanity (contagious), for the last 20+ years, invoking such terms as "cognitive disonance", "Stockholm syndrome", etc.; to try and promote thought and discussion. You just lay it out there, no holds barred. That's why reading here is such a mind opening experience.
As always, thanks again, Rob

Anonymous said...

Hello V-

While reading this blog (I have been following you for awhile), all of a sudden I stopped reading mid paragraph and felt I had to write this.

No biggie. It's just to say thank you. Because of you I have become a seeker. Of what.. I have no idea.
But doing the process, I've come accross some very ugly things. Also, because of your links, I have learned what Wetikos are.

What stays uppermost in my mind is: people claim to be awake. But awake to what? Now that is scarey.

Thank you for your blogs and whether you want to be or not, I consider you a guide:).

Peace to you,

Odin's Raven said...

Here's some resonances with another Woodstock of a more civilised time.

Woodstock Manor was the dwelling of Fair Rosamund, celebrated mistress of King HenryII, around whom many romantic legends grew. Later the land was incorporated into the grounds of Blenheim Palace, birthplace of Winston Churchill.
Mars and Venus close allied.

Anonymous said...

- Real love will not dwell where the truth does not abide -
This one´s hewn in stone.
One truly universal reward for the energetic reader.
I didn´t ride the swan with you though. Since a swan is not a mammal and milk consists mainly of water and I´d rather don´t wanna let this comment turn Thank You, Les
By the way, do you have any references on the Woodstock episode ?
Lest I forget, please don´t consider me thinking of you as being stupid ( grin with a wink ) , rather stoned...

Rob in WI said...

Dave on the East toast,
I fully agree with your comment, with one exception; "the masses accepted the well bred as their superior". "Well bred" has been the excuse for so many crimes of the self chosen elite. I am not well bred, but am honest and respectful of the Divine. Well bred is code for superior, as in jewish "superiority". Thanks for mentioning Eustace, He's a hero of mine. Be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

So...some guy in Oregon just got sent to jail for 30 days and fined $1500 for filling the reservoirs on his own land with rain and snow runoff. In other words, he got sent to jail and fined for catching rainwater. So I guess that qualifies as a vivid example of the rising pandemic of insanity. Or maybe not. I made a post yesterday at Visible Origami (more like a rant - heh) and noted that eventually, the water supplies around the world would become "suspect", most likely due to "terrorist activity" (i.e., the supposed poisoning of water supplies by "terrorists"). This is not conjecture, this is part of the overall plan. Now it could happen in a combination of ways, it could happen that "they" decide to claim that your water is tainted via any number of things. So it's interesting that, right now, also in Oregon (actually in the City of Portland), communities are being told to boil their water because it has been "tainted" via coliform and E. coli bacteria. So consider this - you can't control all the sheeple without controlling their water supply. You can't herd sheep into a pen unless you have something inside the pen that they need in order to stay alive - in this case, potable water. So this trend will continue regarding the fining and imprisoning of human beings for collecting rainwater. Laws are in place already in several states in the USA - and this will go worldwide, eventually. I don't necessarily ascribe this directly to some instant offshoot of pop-up insanity (like cannibal goings-on)- more like deliberately planned happenings, over time. But water is the definite key here. If they can make you think that your drinking water is tainted, and the only pure reserves of it are in designated areas - like government-sanctioned "refuges" (i.e., "camps"), well, if they can get you to believe that, then they have got you by the sheeple short hairs. When I first "saw" this scheme, after having a consciousness expanding-experience, about 12 years ago, and I posted my discovery on a "Truther" board, I was summarily visited by black helicopters and had a lot of shit thrown at me that is too voluminous to mention here. Now that I don't give a rat's ass for the sheep, and actually see more merit in the plans of the Elite, I don't get those visits any longer. But still, it's something a very small percentage of you might now keep your eye on, since this is the third (and final) time I've mentioned it. I mean, those of you who have an open eye. In other words, about 1% of the people here at Visible's blogs (heh). It's all about drinking water. And the control thereof. it all unfold. It's already happening. Distract you with more and more MSM insanity, and government psyops - and while that is going on, take most of your remaining water away (private interests are buying it all up, have you noticed? - no, you haven't; too busy thinking about James "Joker" Holmes, etc.), and then convince you that the rest of it is tainted. "Baa"-bye. Case closed. Or should I say sheep pen closed...

Babcock's Nightmare said...

Thanks for all your work and Art LV <3

Visible said...

I've been aware of that water thing for over a decade. My friend Bob Lowe used to mention it to me when I was still in the U.S.

Someone just mentioned here that we should now boil our water.

I never pay any attention to any of that but my thing is to offer up everything I ingest anyway.

preacher said...

A bomb in Syria killing some important people; a terrorist attack.
A false flag in Burgas.
Just before the EU had to decide to exclude Hezbollah... but didn't...

Alas, the Batman killer outdid them all.
And so the legend ends; mission accomplished.

This is how some North-Koreans see us:

All the best!

Anonymous said...

love that! real love will not dwell where the truth does not a nutshell... <3

Anonymous said...

Offer up? Vis, are we talking about regurgitation here...???

Anonymous said...

Oh Man, Vis.

I have a question for you, but all this stuff pops in and says, "Say this first!"

Say what first?!

OK, so it was a horrible week for me, who cares, like nobody else had that? I didn't get blown up by a bomb, or worse partially...

The Boss (yes, the Ineffable, not Springsteen)showed me that my latest desire in life that I dedicated 2 years of said life and $10's of thousands in loans (OUCH!!!!!)totally blew up in my face. It was this week that it was apparently determined that I, "realized that it truly is over and I FAILED."

OK, grief comes along with that in a big way. Whatever.

After several days of wollowing in the mire, He told me to LISTEN UP. I did. It was made aware to me that my particular desire that I attempted to acheive was a microcosm of this entire life for me.

I chased a career. I missed and failed. It ended.

Translation: I desired that which is transient and useless, my lfe goal failed, then I die.... then I get a new life in a new body and start all over again.

No. Not that!

So, my new career is Him (please Lord let me be consistent), let me chase God, not another career, and let me quiet my mind so I can hear You.

I'm tired, Bro. Sad thing is I have it easy compared to so many in this world it brings me to shame. I was Blessed and have no excuse for struggle...

Sorry, Vis. I;m rambling.

My question to you Vis is, why do I believe everything you say?

Please don't feel any need to answer that. I guess it's the Boss who makes me believe, or not. What do I know.

Just seems that lately, all I look for is your next "Smoking, Petri, Origami." Of course, I'm not alone.

Keeps me on track when I'm not on track... :)

I knew I could trust you when you wrote a while back about (paraphrasing) how you asked God why He beat you up so much in this life and He answered you back, "Because I needed to be sure about you...."

You said you cried for days after that....

I would, too....

Just a Thank You from a reader. I appreciate your efforts. Yeah, He works through you, but you must have wanted Him to... says a lot about you.

Jim in FL

Stella Blue said...
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Stella Blue said...
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Anonymous said...

Amazing.Just the thing tonite to keep me going on in the waning hellhole days here.kauai

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Considering that people are taught a false history from childhood by all of the major institutions of society, and as adults their livelihoods often depend on parroting the false history and ideology of the State, and that their livelihoods are put at risk by questioning the false history and ideology of the State, it's not really surprising that they behave like sheep and kowtow. Society really has no place for critical thinkers.

Anonymous said...

test jkl

Anonymous said...

- Real love will not dwell where the truth does not abide -

this is the core message of Jesus, Muhammad, Confucius, and many others ... some focused on love, some focused on truth, but all agreed ... it is the truth that is holy

without truth, how can you know something
without knowledge, how can you trust something
without trust, how can you love something

the truth allows for anything of eternal value ... even the satanists agree ... of course where the satanists differ is that they believe the truth should be concealed and profitted from, not shared

- In order for the complete and total corporate control of the populations to take place it is necessary for the population to be put into a state of acquiescence for all sort of horrible actions as a matter of routine -

one reason people are too stupid to get off the rat wheel, or too stupid to figure out the masquerade, is because of genetic limitations ... jews have slaughtered most intelligent non jews, and we are the kids of dum people ... whereas most people think WWII was a war between Germany, Japan, and the world ... it was really a war between the jews and the world ... and the jews didnt lose many (or any?) ... WWII was a vehicle to consolidate world jewish power

hidden behind the masquerade of war between nations, was a war of jewry on intelligence ... if you think Katyn was something that happened only to Poland, you havent figured WWII out ... intelligent generals, officers, teachers, businessmen, even farmers, were all bought out or executed (там де жид не прикупіт, там буде мурдерство) ... the jews executed thousands (even millions) of intelligent russians, ukrainians, germans, polish ... this is on top of the millions they genocided in the holocausts of the famine of ukraine and the russian gulags ... even long after WWII was over, the executions continued ... hiding behind masks of communism and collectivization, the jewish nkvd went village to village and executed any intelligent farmer that had more than 2 horses and cows ... intelligence is a threat to jewish control

why kill the intelligent? ... (1) the intelligent can figure out the truth .... (2) the intelligent can unify people ... the jews mostly fear #2 ... hence why you see the faux opposition like alex jones, mcgrath et al. trumpet government corporate banker religion ... you will never unify against governmentcorporatebankerreligion ... these things separate people and at the same time mask the real culprits ... we need to unify against the synagogue of satan

the jews are clever tacticians, they know the most important lesson in war ... you cant be killed if you arent a target ... hence why they spend trillions on disinformation: jews are eternal victims and we should never look at race, its evil to look at race ... well there is the trick ... one race rules the world and youve been brainwashed not to look at it

Burnie said...

If you like the trickle down economy
You must like a golden shower
I'll abstain and get out of the rain
those cocksuckers can piss on themselves

wrote this on my fb page and attributed you as the engine of my creation

the gardener said...

What kind of sign is this? I crawled into bed and felt something crawl across my hair... I could see somethings moving across my pillow...wth?

I turn on the light and there is a nest of EGGS in my bed... and a million ants scurrying in from outside a closed window running with their eggs and young in their mouths. I've never seen this before.

Didn't know what or how those 'eggs' got in my bed but the ants must have thought my bed was the safest place to stash 'em... feel bad now about my wipe demolish of them but am really shocked that I had such a home invasion.

Being right outside of Yellowstone as the birds fly causes me to keep an eye open for

Was stormy and windy earlier with just a few big drops of rain but the ants were moving in emergency mode. Bug out bag bugs.

the gardener

way too late or way too early-the witching hour 3:11 am

Anonymous said...

Hi Les !
Another superb linguistic "Leckerbissen/Schmankerl"
(Take your pick, Dude!!!)
My fave scene in Love Actually was where Bill Nighy says Britney Spears was the best "number" he ever had - know the one ???

Anonymous said...

how to get people to believe a lie?

(1) repeat the lie as many times as possible .... people are comforted by numbers, and the more times they see the lie the more likely they are to believe it .... newspapers tv movies textbooks .... lie as much as possible in all mediums

(2) do not give the truth any attention .... do not even respond to it, for this gives it attention ..... just try to pile a lot of garbage (disinformation) on top of it, so that people can no longer see it

(3) if anyone is saying the truth, try to discredit them ..... by associating them with some mind control hot word: racist, anti semite, conspiracy theorist .... facts are not on our side, so use adjectives to try to brain wash people, give people brain pain to think about the truth

mind control works the same way as conditioning monkeys in a laboratory ..... every time the monkey does something that is undesired, the monkey is "buzzed" physically and mentally .... brain washing works the same way .... when people talk about topics that the jews do not want you to talk about, the judaic in attendence will throw a fit, calling you names and screaming, pretending to be violated

he is basically conditioning you, so that every time you think about the truth, you get a negative feeling ("buzzing") associated with it .... by repetitive "buzzing", you will be mind controlled to completely avoid these topics

how to lie?

a good lie is one that isnt up for debate ... you make the lie part of the background, an assumed reality

example 1. lets say i wanted you to believe that obama was black (obama is half-black half-jew) ... i wouldnt come out and say obama is black, that would be putting it up for debate, and initiate critical thinking ... instead, i would show videos of obama playing basketball, say he is a fan of a certain basketball team ... the brainwashee subconsciously assumes that obama is black because he likes basketball

example 2. lets say i wanted you to believe that Hitler was the source of all evil in WWII ... i wouldnt say Hitler did this or Hitler did that ... that would be putting Hitler up for debate and initiate critical thinking ... instead i would say things like, those robbers were as bad as Hitler ... or, that gunman was as evil as Hitler ... (this method is a jewish favorite to use in sitcoms) ... after a while, the background comes to be an assumed reality ... then we come to history class and hear the word Hitler, and we already have a reaction as to who or what he did even when we dont really know anything at all

Visible said...

Cheers all round;

The best part of the Britany Spears skit was when he took it back and said what he really thought (grin).

I expect I will now watch it again while I do either another post or a radio show. For the moment I am thinking a one week moratorium on the radio show is not a bad idea.

MiaBellezza said...

the gardner ... i found your ant episode interesting .... signs? my fly story occurred about a week ago with hundreds of flies in the house and a swatting spree left my arm and wrist sore for a while. Reminds me of a dream i had once about swarms of flies and steam. Funny thing is it lead me to an interesting piece of information. so is your ant episode leading you somewhere ... nudging you so to speak? i also got bit by a spider in the middle of the night, about 2 weeks ago with about 12 bites across about 3 inches and it is just now clearing up. Very large bumps and redness occurred.

Here's how the manipulation of the people is done R-complex and more detailed analysis How the Human Mind Works. Reading this makes me think a little more about how the mind is a biological computer. ~ ah, Neo are we in a virtual reality ...

"V" ~ the Fifth Wave

MiaBellezza said...

"The gospels as a whole relate to the life and death of Jesus but Paul's letters seem to be more a vehicle for pronouncements directed against observance of laws ensuring freedom, independence and equality." Paul, acting on behalf of the establishment wrote about in Romans 5:4 and 13:1-7 submitting to authority and helped to established (for the establishment) the concept of divine right. Keeping in mind they might not be cain kings today, they just have a different designation under the lord of the ..... swat!

Anonymous said...

I know another guy named Luke from a long long time ago who wasn't too bad & helped out Les & the dog poet gang take down those pine trees & put up that tarp & we put up a huge tarp , way huge for shelter from those blood thirsty
control freaks, it was a long long time ago and it will be again in a 1000 years and that is
good enough

Chinese Sneakers said...

Sorry to interject, without having read the comments; but i just had to give this gem a bump:

"...way I see it, something else is carrying every one of us, somewhere, according to some intention and design."

Brilliantly focused.

Thanks a lot for all you do.


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 7/28 @ 9:54:00 A.M.:

Jews kill us by violent state forces, and they also come in softly, by the medical industry.

We must also guard against putting our children under medical care. Conventional medicine is another Jew method of genocide. Jews hate and fear Aryan beauty, sensitivity, creativity. Jews will kill your blue eyed children. Especially those who exhibit high intelligence (i.e. curiousity).

I warned my ex-girlfriend to keep her kids away from Jew doctors. She didn't listen. She thought I was a despicable racist. She'll learn a very hard lesson.

MiaBellezza said...

Linguistically the masonic password appears to have more than one interpretation ... a pledge of allegiance also.

Vic Marz said...

When one grows up under the "Get out of everything free card" issued
via the Kol Nidre it becomes especially easy to see the training it engrains in the parasites. Case in point is Graham Spanier, who in less than a month of getting tossed from Penn State was just hired by the Federalies and is working in a National Security capacity. After all, rampant pedophillia and child prostitution in the wrong hands could cause a breach.

Anonymous said...

What can be said about the Olympic opening ceremony? parody? spoof? goof? sly wink?

There's a movie called 'Spaceballs' which was a sendup of 'Star Wars'. That approximates the impression.

I think it's time deploy a holographic Paulbeatle.

Why no inflatable Shakespeare balloon-- I feel cheated.


Anonymous said...

Pulled through the eye on a river of symbols
Charged on the fire where hearts cross
Spun in the beams of pure loving vibrance
Looms of the dread of colonial loss
House of deception moves like a dinosaur
The cradle of living electrifys in all sense
Stirring the spirit in lightning and thunder
Truth shakes the sphere in dynamIc intent
Bristles of harmony a walk up the universe
Paradise pulls where lifes living makes
Currents Draw lifting plumes through humanity
A rose of the sunlighted sparks vibrate
Filled with the earth in heavenly beauty
Shining eternity in unitys call
Born in an instant of sublime clarity
The great heart that opens up truth in all


Visible said...

Ram Tirth? Fred, is that you? I deliberately left out your mention in case you were around. My spidey sense is pinging.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 9:54:00 AM
I conform with everything you wrote but beg to differ on the race theorem. Hitler was not the only eugenicist of his time since the popular eugenics movement was founded in England in 1912. He gave the tribe the Nürnberger Rassegesetze based on racial doctrines grounded in the eugenics curriculum. Jews were henceforth easily identifiable by their crooked ashkenazi noses among other features in order to separate them as a goddamn race by verdict of the Reich. If one finds that eugenics in Germany was heavily subsidized by the Rockefeller Foundation up until the war in 1941, the movement´s "scientific" findings regularly hailed in the elite circles of the american establishment and that the US was the first country to introduce forced sterilizations on 30.000 souls with the "wrong" gene pools,
then the only conclusion left would be to assume that Hitler just extolled and cultivated the jewish call for victimhood by proclaiming race status. To date there hasn´t been found any specific "jewish" gene as far as the scientific clique is concerned. But what are the odds when jewish immigrants of african descent are attacked on a regular basis in Israel. However, the poor religion of judah has an ethnically diverse blend of adherents with only one common denominator - a sick religion.

Anonymous said...

Hey Visji -
Yer crackin me up! I very much doubt that RamTirth/Fred would show up around these parts, but just the fact that you know the gentleman is a hoot.
He is a very very good friend for 20 years or so, we hung out in Varanasi and Vrinadaban, and get together every couple months.
Email me and I can tell you more if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

That was me, bholanath.
Not sure the post went through.

Visible said...

Small world and getting weirder. First Bholanath shows up and says it was he who wrote whatever and then Onelove shows up and happens to know Ram Tirth Fred. Ram Tirth Fred was the guy who was cutting those poles with me out of the woods. You're in touch with Fred? Tell him Les Visible said "Hi". We go way back in time to my occult bookstore and Rock City Road restaurant... early days

Anonymous said...

Bholanath here.
Sorry for the confusion. I didn't write the 7/28/12 3:03pm comment.
My first comment signed 'onelove' - wasn't sure it went thru since it disappeared before signing my name.
My second comment was just to clarify.
In any case, the Swami is doing well.

Visible said...

What the?

You know Fred-Ram Tirth? Cause there might be a lot of Ram Tirth's out there. If this is the case, please clue him in to me because I haven't seen him in 20 years. So maybe you know my old friend Walking Horse who made the copper Tibetan bracelets and was something of a martial artist; I think that's how he would want me to put it.

Anonymous said...

Miabellazza, I doubt that was a spider. Spiders will rarely bite, even when they're provoked, most can't penetrate the skin with a bite, and the dangerous ones are brown recluses and black widows, and those hide so well and stay put, they're rarely seen.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if there's many Tirths out there, but I sure know our guy.
Of the tribe, from NYC, was around Woodstock, went to India in 70s, funnier and crazier than shit, but wise, our age or older. I met him 20 yrs ago here in NM. Most of the cult assholes think he's 'crazy', but he's a true bhakta and saner than those who judge. Kind and generous, has some serious Grace following around consistently. Lives a couple states north, but visits regularly, a brother who never fails to make me smile.

Visible said...

Bholanath!!! That's him; generous, the real article. That's him. Tribe member (not in good standing) that's him all the other points too. He'll confirm the whole story I told and tell you, no doubt, other tales about me. I'm guessing he has no idea what I've been up to. Clue him in. What are the odds? Unreal.

bholanath said...

I sent him an email, which he'll see eventually.
Yeah, and all the cult assholes are fellow tribals...he's a black sheep, except he's definitely not a sheep.
Got into some little troubles (similar to yours), ended up in a similar situation, stayed protected (same as you), and came out stronger. But that's all under the bridge...
Look forward to reviewing the Visible files (heh).

Visible said...

fucking A! You will get them. What are the odds??? Like when I reached out to you in Italy.

bholanath said...

What are the odds that like-minded bhakti souls would gravitate toward, and find, one another, in the Kali Yuga?
Pretty good, I would say. That's about our only saving grace here. Our friend's business is called "Grace ----" coincidentally.
Did your ever hear about being in Lansky's house? (snicker)

Visible said...

I missed that one but with us two it was either ecstasy or karma yoga.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

gardener, might as well share.

enantiodromia in action. (extremes turn into their opposites).

koalas are quite rare here (endangered species basically) and I haven't seen one in the 10 years I've lived here.

evening before last, coming through the closest I get to depression, clinically negative, the pits and crazy headed somewhat.
then early next morning and last night spotted my first koala high up in trees near the house (his grunting noises gave him away).

life's like that sometimes.

MiaBellezza said...

bholanath, i am enjoying right now reading your blog.

reply to Anon at 9:51:00 PM

well i'm out in the garden a lot and tend to unknowingly bring in spiders, so in the warm months in Canada i usually get bit in the night. spiders bite in three's but tiny bites. what was different this time was bits in sets of 3 times 4 and it itched a lot and they were big and red. so i watched it carefully as my body seemed to be really having to work on whatever it was. it's all gone now after about 10 days or so. no it wasn't poison ivy. but who know's it could have been something else. by the 4th day i put oregano oil on the area.

There are black spiders that get in from the garden and they move very fast and like to sleep in between pillows! ~ i'm not kidding

Anonymous said...

Hey Visible,

Had a dream about you last night. It was kind of strange and kind of funny. We were together in Germany (I think) and Kristen Stewart the actress was there too. I have a huge crush on her, and I remember I was trying to get her attention as I was fawning all over her, but it was very clear in the dream that she was only attracted and had eyes for you or the divine principal that works through you. It was quite funny, in that no matter what I tried to do to get her to take more notice of me, she just wanted to talk about you:) I woke up and I remember the only thing I kept on repeating over and over again uncontrollably in my half waking half dreaming state was "You cannot compete with the divine"...I remember someone else a while back in the comments sections saying that they had a dream about you and Kristen stewart as well....I wonder if she reads these blogs...if she doesn't she should....anyhow, I am now settled in LA, and for whatever purpose the universe put me smack dab right in the middle of the should see some of the looks i get. I do a lot of walking since everything is convenient and i rarely drive my car, but when I walk up down the streets, I often chant Ganesh's name and I envision Ganesh walking along side me, swinging his club breaking down the walls of illusion and materialism...i often wonder if they feel anything, even subconsciously :)
Anyhow, if you will permit me, I would like to visit you again sometime in November be you are off to India. Let me know.
Love Imron

@Liz in LA, you seem like someone I would like to meet. I live by the grove. Any chance you are near by? YOu can ask Visible about me, if you have any doubts about who I am.

Anonymous said...

I just put up my comment and guess what zio blogger's word verification was was? I kid you not "hategoi" hey can't be more explicit than that....

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

Imron; That is too freaking weird. I read a few days ago about her being caught cheating on her boyfriend with the producer of Snow White and the Huntsman. Anyway, Lady K came for a visit this weekend and while I was up on the planes yesterday she showed up and there was this whole interaction, which happens a lot under those circumstances and can involve just about anyone.

Then this musician showed up, in real time, with a body, since he was from the neighborhood and we rocked out here and it went so well that we've booked a gig in a local club for the 12th of September. Given some of the material that came up it should be pretty wild. We're going to videotape it and put it up on the internet.

You're in LA now? Wow! That was quick. I am so glad that worked out, I think (grin).

the gardener said...

Here's a strange little article from Lynn de Rothschild... all about how she's always been one of the 'you people'...just a typical tribe member who-you know-always worked hard, had confidence to work, went to Columbia off her hard working 'middle class' parents money...married Rothschild in mention of when it was she took to smoking Lucifer's pipe. hmmm

She's into ethics etc now and "In our first working paper, available at , we have highlighted several private sector efforts to improve education, support small and medium businesses and to bring back a bedrock sense of ethics and civics."

and "I don’t want to destroy the system. I want to balance the freedom that has brought me a wonderful life with personal responsibility. That is the only way to save capitalism for the sake of a future generation of girls who have dreams."

Read more:

Bizarre revelations and dreams of this normal ethical American girl.

Perhaps she meant to say "I don't want to end up like those French women who consorted with the Nazis at the end of WWII?" or Marie Antoinette or in prison with all her possessions from her 'nine figure salaries' from ... working so hard. LOL

the gardener

Read more:

the gardener said...

Dear Pierre: Sorry, I don't get this "enantiodromia in action. (extremes turn into their opposites)" The ants did run us out of my bed into the living room... I went in there as soon as I awoke to see what was going on. I felt really bad that I freaked out thinking there were MAGGOTS alongside my pillow... Quite a few of them... 30/40? a real wth moment... and to see them all coming with those eggs in their mouths and little black things (juveniles?) that they were stashing them THERE... made me ashamed that my first reaction was to KILL IT! GET RID OF WHAT I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY WERE.

I beg to differ about spiders biting... there are some kind of small ones that usually bite people around their eyes-swells them up like a one two punch. We have some really gnarly Hobo spiders trouble is they have their #1 enemy spider who looks just like them then there are these huge 'Cat face' spiders who do look like a cute little cat face who go after those Hobos.

I've had good luck banishing them and have killed very few insects in my middling long life. I scoop them up in a dust pan and toss them out far away-I've had a few dogs (always boys) who could smell spiders and would always alert me to their secret presence by barking madly at them. I have one cat who is very conscious about spiders even though she is blind in one eye.

There are a few 'ant people' in my family. I've never been an 'ant person'... I'm a 'mouse person' for home invaders.

I've heard of ant invasions before where they are saving their eggs before giant rains and weather-hoping for some giant rains but none here.

the gardener

Visible said...

A note of clarity about the removal of those posts by the Flying Cossack. Susanne doesn't often come around these blogs but occasionally she does and I don't usually hear anything from her about them unless there is something she objects to and she objected to this big time. In order to have a certain amount of peace of mind I have removed those comments.

I tend to allow a certain latitude here as far as people's comments go because the comments do not reflect the view of the blog owner and are purely the opinions and property of the commentator.

Susanne does not share my views on many things and the divine like some number of things is a gray area for her and not something she thinks much about or puts very much faith in.

It doesn't happen often but sometimes she strongly objects to something or someone; some blog linked to, because she is heavily influenced by history as it has been erroneously presented and not as it actually is. I have to take that into consideration, so if there is any need for clarity or an explanation here, hopefully this will serve.

insiam said...

Dirty murdering fucking evil bastards. Don't be put of by the title. Nothing like those videos put together by that fat arse Texan.

PS i often go to PP and Icke sites, just as i would tabloid trash papers. They are so tight that they have actual started to mirror each others bs. Anyone that thinks Icke is anything but a tool should wake the fuck up.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

To Les and bholanth:

I want your opinion on my perception. I visited Santa Fe (NM) for the first time this past January. The place was hideous. The tension from too much money, the stock market crowd, the designer New Agers, the art galleries, the shark real estate companies... I could barely stand it. It was about the nastiest crowd in well-dressed disguise I've ever been around. As bad as DC or San Fran.

The locals, however, the working people with roots in S.F., I found to be very agreeable.

I got a premonition of what I was in for when I saw the Sotheby's real estate signs in Abiquiu on my way down from Chama.

Was I being "negative", or was my perception accurate?


Dave, East Toast

Visible said...

Those scenes in the movie were remarkably tame and the intent satirical and the entirety of it through the movie of any significance was a couple of minutes so I don't comprehend your concerns and can't really have an opinion on them.


Santa Fe is an artsy-craftsy center. I haven't seen it in a long time. Bholanath would know much better than me what it's like now. Most of all I remember were the Indian ladies selling things in the square.

Anonymous said...

Dave, east toast -
Your perceptions are accurate. Of course you would be majorly shunned there for voicing it. We don't call it 'Fanta Se' for nuthin.

the gardener said...

Dave~I've never been to Sante Fe-but it is funny you mentioned this as I was just lamenting to a friend of mine the other day about my snoozing on meeting Georgia O'Keeffe, who had moved to Santa Fe a few years prior to her death in 1986.

Many times I've wandered through areas supposedly 'divine' or 'magical' or creatively endowed with heavy people only to find the vibes there so oppressive, so murderous in feeling that I could not get out of there fast enough.

Ojai, CA is like that now. I witnessed the dissolving or dissolution of the magical pockets scattered throughout that Valley about the time Krishnamurti died which was around the time of the big 4th of July fires which ringed the Valley in a most hell like fashion.

Ojai is astrologically an Aquarian town. Uranus ruled Aquarian makes it a natural for a bohemian group of transients-lots of Uranium up in those hills too. But what was interesting to me to find out is the history of Thacher School which is a very dominant player in the climate of that town and that Thacher was a Skull N Bonzer - Howard Hughes went to Thacher as many world renowned people and/or their children have.

So in regards to Santa Fe and other 'artsy' places like that-do a little checking on any of the private schools they have there. Ojai had quite a few boarding schools of long standing-all with specific fields of folks who were multi-generational. It was funny... my old auntie knew a woman who was a cook at Ojai Valley School when Lana Turner's daughter went there... the time the daughter supposedly killed the mob boyfriend Stompanato... the cook did not believe Cheryl did such an action but took the fall. OVS was the boarding school for the LA creative crowds children. Then there is the Krishnamurti school and the Theosophist boarding school up in Upper Ojai with world ranged children.

THAT can tell you plenty about who and what controls 'fab' areas like Sedona, Shasta, Santa Fe, Jackson etc.

the gardener

Visible said...

It just occurred to me that an explanation might be in order concerning my mention of Susanne and removing those comments. What I said I said with her authorization and input. That probably might not have been clear. I try to keep her out of what happens here in respect of me except for occasional mention. She is my very good friend and their is no discord there but sometimes the things that get said her upset her and I have to respect that and I do.

Anonymous said...

In the late eighties me and my friends got into " classic rock " and marvelled at Richie Havens using his giant thumb to bar chords over the top of the guitar neck in the " Woodstock " vid .

In 1990 I was a counsellor at a very artsy-craftsy music / dance oriented summer camp in Maine . I was lucky enough to hear Richie Havens play a set just a few feet away from me in the small performance hall .

I met him and got a photo of me holding and pointing to the " magic thumb " , and also an autograph where he wrote , " To **** , a friend forever . He's still gigging at festivals in UK as I speak .

Taj Mahal also played , Arlo Guthrie was a no-show . They booked Jimmy Cliff for the next year , almost enough reason to tempt me back ..Mr Cliff has a new album out as I type !

Small world indeed . First time I ever knowingly met any jewish people , in fact I stayed for a week in Manhattan with a large , sarcastic , neurotic , hairy jew friend whose mom was a little " Dr Ruth " type shrink.

Such a cliche !

In my late teens I spent every Saturday night at an alternative rock club called " Rock City " .

Admittedly , that synchronicity is far more tenuous .

Feeling very , very low right now , and lonely too .

Send me some love , you good people .


Anonymous said...

Re magic : I came to Brighton UK around 1992/3 and it was magical , I really arrived at the best time possible , great people , music , shrooms , weed , girls and more synchronicitys than you could shake a wand at ....Its GONE , now , and I always ask people whether this is just my perception as an older person , but the concensus seems to be : The magic has gone .

Its not a great place to feel sad in , thats for sure .


Anonymous said...

pierre said..

dear gardener.... sorry, I go too far drawing dots, or rather, leave ambiguities, I'm also self centered. enantiodrimida was my experience there, the connection though was the nature thing and our ear for it, which I'm sure we share, in the broad scheme of things.
so to get on topic, yes, I have awoken to a bed full of dozens of flying ants .here they only do this when it rains very heavily and they get into the house where mere mosquitoes don't. I think they are going for warm and dry. little do they know how bad us monkeys can be when fearful and ignorant.

cheers and puffs.

Anonymous said...

Alot of people are are surprised that the Olympic Stadium on Opening Day didn't blow skyhigh and aliens didn't swoop in to say hello. Awh! The more some people think they know the less. The name of the game is Chess,"One night in Bangkok... "I love that song the video is pretty cool too. You have the Chess for dummies and you are playing Fisher and Kasparov, but in this case one step ahead is enough for this crowd. Those of you who are on the ball keep your passion and your distance. You already know the secret that isn't a secret the game is already over. In the meantime have fun, talk amongst yourselves. We'll meet after the fireworks and party like it's 1999. "One night in Bangkok..."

onething said...

The secret to all this is that we are in hell NOW.
When Jesus said, Ye are of your father the devil, he was a liar and a murderer from the beginning, He was telling us that there are just two prongs on the devil's pitchfork. Those are: violence and deception.

Why are we in hell? Well, because this is the worst kind of incarceration, the kind where they throw you in the can while you're very drunk, and when you come to you don't have a clue why you're there, or how you got there, and the blow to your head has given you complete amnesia. You remember nothing of who you are or where you came from, so you have no recourse therefore to get out, and as time goes by you are not sure you were ever anywhere else.

They've locked you up with the criminally insane, all paranoid schizophrenics, and none of them know what they're doing there, and sometimes when you ask they seem to give an answer, but as they go on and on you realize they are deluded or deliberately making sh*t up.

If you really want to run an effective hell, you can't let the inmates know they are in it! It's best if you get them to labor for you with little resistance. Keep them in line with lies of a future hell if they aren't's one of the best lies of all, because it keeps people from looking up and saying, wait a minute, isn't this hell?

When you realize you're in hell, the next step is to look for the exit.

Is it hell when there is nothing but lies and hypocrisy, very little real hope, the bad guys run the place, and there is no truth to be found? And then they tell you about a God who is so immoral that you can't make progress because the religion confuses you till you don't know right from wrong, even though they tell you that this is what they are teaching?

Anonymous said...

Aw, GTRman...everything is temporary. So buck up, fellow camper. Life sucks right now for a lot of people, but that, too, is temporary. Nowhere to go but up for the faithful. Nowhere to go but down for the bad guys. It will get sorted out soon. The gulf between those who are awake and those who are asleep continues to widen at a frightening pace. That's part of the disconnect, part of the sadness that many are feeling. But you will join together with like-minded individuals in time, all in due time. And we will laugh about all that went before. In the meantime, just endure. Endure and smile at what is coming.

Anonymous said...

To Gardener, Sunday, July 29, 2012 @ 8:27:00 PM:

Ojai Valley sounds like a sheenie hothouse. If they've moved in big time it's got to be creepy. Thanks for the info.

Dave, Toast

MiaBellezza said...

Now we know why there's so many people asleep ... they've been bafflegabbed their entire lives, and the bafflegabbers have probably been assisted by the psycho pseudo bafflegabbers.

Anonymous said...

The United States' own VCheka, coming soon:

"As I have said many times, homeland security begins with hometown security. As part of our commitment to strengthening hometown security, we have worked to get information, tools, and resources out of Washington, D.C., and into the hands of state, local, tribal, and territorial officials and first responders...

"More than 229,000 law enforcement officers have now received training under this initiative, and more are getting trained every week. The training was created in collaboration with numerous law enforcement agencies, and with privacy, civil rights and civil liberties officials. DHS also has expanded the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative to include our nation’s 18 critical infrastructure sectors. Infrastructure owners and operators from the 18 sectors are now contributing information, vetted by law enforcement through the same screening process otherwise used to provide information to the JTTFs..."

DHS Secretary Napolitano, before the House Committe on Homeland Security, July 25, 2012

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
est said...

when i was a kid i used to like to play the game ‘risk’

as many of us know it involved a roll of the dice

now that i’ve grown older and i’m hoping wiser

i can’t imagine my fate hanging on some lousy advice

if little ‘is[it]real’ thinks it can [in the same fashion as the 'usa']

stand up to the whole world arrayed in opposition

they [and us] have a very hard lesson coming indeed

i’m not a child anymore and it’s this truth i perceive

’bout time we all grew up
don’t you think ?

Visible said...


I think the problem here is the perception that I was promoting the film as anything but what it was, mostly unbelievable pap with some entertaining vignettes. I watch all manner of things when I write as a distraction for one part of my brain. The only films I actually enjoy are period pieces and gripping thrillers, as well as the very occasional well done comedies with people like Aaron Eckhart or Greg Kinnear.

Movies are just distractions, much like life is.

Anonymous said...

...just out of sheer enthusiasm and as a counterweight to Hugh Grant, while a bit more suitable for our intentions,
I like to recommend:
1. The Sunset Limited
2. Casino Jack
Hope yall enjoy as I did !

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish-

Killing Jesus for a Bowl of Goat's Foot Soup.

Visible said...

Those are both great films. Go to Youtube some time and check out Kevin Spacey doing imitations.

I'll go ahead and list some great films here after I have lunch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks all, I like the movie Pale Rider. No Sondra Locke.

We can ride a white horse,

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

Yeah, well, it's not like I was recommending the film but I did enjoy seeing some of my favorite actors. The movie itself was ridiculous but seen as a series of vingnettes there were some beautiful moments. I haven't given that list of movies yet and you need to know, I have no restrictions on the content of a film as long as it's well done; like Memento. I see every film that has Guy Pierce in it. I thought Hurt Locker was a piece of shit but, otherwise...

The Devil's Advocate is a great film and Constantine and The Day the Day the Earth Stood Still were both entertaining. The International and The Killer Elite were great, both with Clive Owen whose film I never miss along with anything that has Jason Stratham in it or is done by Luc Besson.

All Merchant and Ivory films get to me; most period pieces do. I'm not recommending the films in the preceding paragraph for you, they are probably too intense. I have seen some really remarkable films in the last few years but that's according to my tastes. I've seen beautiful things like The Painted Veil and The Golden Bowl and real hoots like Kick-Ass. Pure Country and The Girl Next Door (the one with Timothy Oliphant in it) are films I watch over and over, like Time Bandits.


Visible said...

There are a number of great Irish films, among them, The Guard with Brenden Glesson. That is a fantastic film with some serious humor. In Bruges was great with him too. He and Colin Firth are something else.

My favorite actress is Ellen Page. I can't remember the name of the one where she becomes a Roller Derby athlete but that is a very enjoyable film (Whip It). 'Super' is Funny and Tragic too. Hard Candy is probably too dark for you but Ellen really has range. She's gifted, not one dimensional like most of them.

Griff the Invisible is an amazing Indy effort. I see a lot of Indy flicks. Page Eight with Bill Nighy is really tight. Margin Call is fantastic, so is Limitless. Unstoppable is off the charts and a true story though they probably hyped it up. Transiberian is really fine, so is Two Days in the Valley. I just saw The Witches of Eastwick again, boy that was so much better than I remembered. Well done westerns are among my favorites but I will have to think on them to make a list. Robert Duval and Kevin Costner are in some of them. Mr Brooks is probably too dark for you but what a thriller; well done. As you can see, I like films and watch them from the directors standpoint (Does Visible want to direct? Grin). I have a few things I take enjoyment from. I love well done fantasy and science fiction; District 9 and Serenity were fantastic. I could go on and on but I think I'll just go. Oh, I saw the new Oliver Stone movie (definitely too dark for you), well done again. Benito Del Torrio was just incredible as was Selma Hayak. Later.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
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A new Visible Origami is up now-

Our Fortunes and the 3 Faces of Everyone

Anonymous said...

MiaBellezza, spiders only bite people in response to a percieved threat. They are physically incapable of feeding on humans.

The close bite grouping is a should check your place for bedbugs.



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