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Fata Morgana Land and the Department of Fate

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Back in the day, I had it in mind to visit T.S. Eliot and Somerset Maugham, two of my favorite literary figures. I never did. Add Gore Vidal to that list. For several years, I have been of a mind to go and see him in Northern Italy. He died yesterday in the Hollywood Hills. Vidal was alone when he died. Since he passed from complications related to pneumonia, one can presume there was time for people to gather. No one did. I imagine there was some medical personnel there but I don't know.

Gore Vidal was one of the great literary figures of the 20th century. An argument could be made that he was the period's greatest biographer. As impressive as his writing is, that is not what impressed me the most about him. It was his politics and public voicings that accounted for that. I'm not going to say he possessed deep courage, because he sidestepped any number of things he most certainly knew about but, in the context of his craven fellows and contemporaries in the arts, he was exceptional. He was also an accomplished actor (I remember him as Senator Brickley Paiste in “Bob Roberts”) and he will be missed.

As noted in times past, the day would come when the rats would be scurrying down the guy lines and soon after, finger pointing would become epidemic. I don't know what the degrees of difference between a liar and a fucking liar are. Possibly it has to do with malice aforethought, which, certainly in this case would be applicable. One would expect hypocrisy to be at it's zenith. I'm guessing that no one read this in the Crass Media. ♫over, under, sideways, down♫ I had an interesting dream last night that, for some reason, did not involve Ellen Page or Kirsten Stewart. The public finally rose up en masse and went to town on the bad guys. It was highly enjoyable. One hopes it was highly prophetic too.

Speaking of sleazy, which I am just about to, you will note while reading this article that it's all bullshit because TSA is still completely in control but simply moving behind the scenes. Alternative sex dominatrix, Jackass Napolitano (does my butt look big in this serial killer raingear?) reveals her cloistered interests AND has a gay themed party at the Department of Homeland Insecurity. From the looks of the text, it appears that DHS is just another Gay Rights cooperative, which would be par for the course, seeing as the entire movement is controlled by the same people who did 9/11. Once again, for the 6,456th time, this feature of the alt sex, steam engine, is the only feature I take exception to. My personal thoughts about the effect of reversed Kundalini have no real place in the public discourse and all of that is served by reincarnation and I assume everyone goes through it to lesser and greater degrees. This disclaimer will be ignored, just like the preceding 6,455 disclaimers, in favor of shrill backwash, as the intellectual plumbing is subjected to the same unique, routing schematic, as the subject under discussion but that is also par for the course and I do not play golf because, if Jesus, or The Mahdi should return at some point, I would rather they did not find me there. I suppose there are even worse places to be discovered.

In my dream, Abe Foxman was torn apart by an angry mob; indeed, “this is such stuff as dreams are made on” and all these little lives are, most assuredly, “rounded with a sleep”, rounded like an Alabama homemaker, making her elephantine way, through the dreaming aisles of a Wal-Mart. Rats! I stepped on another PC landmine. The good news is that these kinds of mines don't blow your dick off. It just rouses the perceived, victim assistive machinery, inside the heads of those resembling that remark. I'm thinking of Abe Foxman jerky, drying on a wash-line outside the ADL.

Those of you so informed, know that this agency was created, as a response to the lynching of Leo Frank, who raped and murdered a 13 year old girl. I'm assuming the dreadful irony of all this is not lost upon the reader. The operative understanding that anyone with an IQ over 100, which accounts for about 10% of the public by present measurements (but which was significantly higher only a short time ago) is that this organization was created to defend monsters from due process. No other conclusion can be taken from this. You should know what you're dealing with. The absurdity and rank psychopathy of all this is lost on those whose self interest preempts the natural activity of conscience. They walk around massive plinths and columns of darkness that conceal basilisks and other chimerical lifeforms that may have started out human but then took an alternative, devolutionary route. They are going in the opposite direction of the natural, evolutionary incline of the species but... a large portion of humanity is cruising behind in their wake; millions of antiquated Volkswagen bugs, being sucked down the super highway to Hell, in the slipstream of the tractor trailer entities, who do evil for the sheer joy of accomplishing it. So it is in Kali Yuga.

There has been much speculation about how the public could be so easily deceived by utterly transparent lies, which offend reason and all the laws of physics. How could they buy the same tired arguments, from the same corrupt sources, for one vicious war for profit after another? How can they allow their former liberties to be taken from them? How can they submit to ham handed gropings by troglodytes, whenever they seek to travel? How can they tolerate the ongoing abuse and murder of dozens upon dozens of their fellow citizen; women and children included, by police forces sworn to 'protect and serve'? How can they accept completely manipulated elections and the incremental march of greater and greater corporate control over their lives? How can they allow a tiny, thoroughly criminal nation, to create a new Soviet empire, on the ruins of their once great, former republic?

These are good questions and arguments can be made for a serious degree of collective ignorance; fear, denial, blinding self interest, drugs in the water supplies, or some kind of subliminal broadcasting network but my suspicion is that the players are locked in to their roles for the purpose of demonstration. There's latitude there and a degree of range of motion, which can increase significantly from the narrow existing parameters, given some degree of persistence and determination on the part of anyone so engaged. Locked in does not occur without assent and agreement, on the part of anyone so engaged. A corollary biggie, is degree of attachment to the conditions and items of the culture and the times, as well as to atavistic urges from the lower centers most active in these times. A great deal hinges on one's personal identification with the environment and the roles. Most of us are in a movie and are unaware that it is a movie. Some of us are in a movie and know we are in a movie. Both elements are playing their roles. The more major players; the players given the 'seeming blessing' of outrageous wealth and facility for more; positions of power, profitable celebrity, connections to the linchpins of the productions and all the other ways that Kali can set you up, are bound for decapitation and the draining of their blood, into one of her goblets, prior to their skull going on the necklace that is strung around her neck. She's a wild and sometimes mean drunk and there's nothing like goblets of blood to get her going.

The why of all this wherefore, is secondary to the consideration of whether you are personally aware of what's being said here and what hasn't been said but which can be intuited, if you are tuned to the right frequency AND that is not difficult, just time consuming and we all seem to have time for everything else. That is, until we run out of time.

It's an exhausting affair but there are secreted pools of resource for those in Fata Morgana land who have found a real oasis. It amazes me how much time and effort is required to get from the starting gate to the finish line. For some, the 'force; of discipline maintains them, within the lines necessary to get where they are going. For some of the rest of us, it's potluck and serendipity. It depends on the impression that has to be made upon the participant. A lot of the time, the participant doesn't know why he or she is subjected to what looks like whimsey, attended by recurrent and unannounced, fickle bitch slappings by some emissary of The Department of Fate. These things just happen and somewhere, no telling where, it all comes together and you get some idea why you had to march over four thousand miles of bad highway, when there were so many other possible routes. It's all tailored to the personality and the role. Some people need to be tough and some people need to be soft. Some people need to be on rails and some people need to be bounced from pillar to post.

It's past time for everyone to put their endgame face on, given the presence of game players ubiquitous, and so that you can pass for the already taken, during Body Snatcher visitation day. The Olympics continue apace with no false flag occurrence yet. Of course, they're not over yet and they may want to rake in all the revenue before they start blowing shit up. Then again, they have a dozen possible scenarios simmering on the stove. All the hoopla and predictions about anything and everything have not yet come to pass and none of them have come to pass as specified. There's some kind of redundancy in that last sentence but I can't be bothered with it now. Have a nice day.

End Transmission.......

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MiaBellezza said...

The book that made the most impression on me, ever, was 1984; required reading at my high school. Taken off the curriculum later.

The perceived dread of an incident of an explosive nature at the Olympics was just too obvious. What better way for our nefarious deceivers than to appear to be protectors, the irony is too much, while pan demon ium can start off with hardly a notice. Nefarious, in deed. Get ready for a pandemic, just in case they have the balls to pull it off and nobody stops them. (grin) Note how many expensive seats have gone unfilled and the overall low attendance. Intuition or in the know?

Reverse kundalini, et al devolution ... their demonization of humans all going according to plan. Resistance is futile ... we'll see about that Jack.

insiam said...

It is a bit of a chicken and egg scenario. I mean most people just don't get shit at all - no matter what their so called edumacation or IQ. Why is that? And how about those types that spend their days misleading and debunking anyone on the verge of awakening by trawling blogs etc. One poster left an interesting link as to how they are trained on one of your recent previous posts. I mean who are these people and why do they sell their souls for pennies .......... ?

Sure seems like a movie other than the fact that some players are becoming self aware - and that doesn't happen in movies. Does it?

Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis, Les.

You mentioned IQ. Sugar is the great doping agent; it is reducing average IQ. Examine the greatest engineering works of the West; they all were done before computers. Even the Moonshot was done mostly on paper; computers in the 1960's were primitive. Could we do it now? No. This, and the Jews have been dumbing whites down by mingling them with blacks through "desegregation". This was the object of the Jews. They don't care about the blacks. The Jews' goal is to dilute white power by miscegenation and cultural dissolution. Eventually no white community will be allowed to exist.

You said also that the U.S. is being turned into the USSR. This is true. But I will add that it is to be a hybrid of USSR and South Africa. If you want to see the future of the U.S., go You Tube and look at vids of Johannesburg, Cape Town and the rest. It's horrifying and I see it already in the big cities in the U.S.

We'll have the national security state, courtesy of the monster murder-machine called DHS, custom built by Jews for their security, against the backlash they know is coming. In due time the FBI will be dissolved, and its old guard pensioned off. The younger blood, after thorough political vetting, will be offered jobs in the new DHS alongside its corps of psychopaths from the Middle East wars, and coloreds, who can be relied upon to savage the white population into cringing terror.

Get a gun. Don't fuck around. Get mean.

Dave, East Toast

Anonymous said...

Vis --

When Gore ran for U.S. Senate in 1982, I had the pleasure of working as his Press Sec for the first few months of the campaign. He was always a gentleman (no untoward advances) and seemed very devoted to his long-time lover Howard,a hyperactive New Yorker, who seemed his diametric opposite.

At first, we agreed to shake things up, coming out for legalized drugs, no standing army etc. At one point we were out by the pool writing a speech and I asked him how he planned to handle the question of his homosexuality, if it came up. He thought for a moment and said of his opponent Jerry Brown that he was also a bachelor and since America was the land of Mom and Apple Pie, that meant that both he and Jerry must be virgins. We both figured that should shut up the press if the question came up -- it didn't...

Anyway, we started getting a lot of press, then a film crew form Univ. of Wisconsin and the next thing we knew he was climbing in the polls... and presto, like magic, a "political consulting team" showed up from DC and took over the campaign, stopped all the speeches about legalizing drugs, getting rid of the Pentagon, etc. I quit after one week, Gore was miserable and couldn't get rid of them and the campaign quickly tanked -- which is what the rats from DC wanted all along...

He will be missed.


Anonymous said...

Deborah Myers, DHS, written testimony, before Congress, 30 July 12:

"...DHS has personnel stationed in over 75 different countries, and these personnel are key to identifying, detecting and preventing threats before they reach our shores.

"DHS will implement a systematic and automated biographic information sharing capability by 2013 and biometric information sharing capability by 2014 to reduce identity fraud and enhance screening decisions, and support other administrative and enforcement actions...."




Visible said...

I'm watching this piece of shit movie, Ted. I'm about two thirds done. Already there have been 3 odious comments about Jews. The first one enhancing their special victim status. Midway through they went after the Iranians, implying they are hairy beasts. I'm seeing this kind of thing in an alarming amount of the newer films.

Visible said...

Jesus, now there's a long dialogue between Calvin Klein underwear boy and the bear about them opening a restaurant and letting Jews in, like that doesn't ordinarily happen. What a stupid public. Wait till they really begin to experience the compassion of their new masters.

Visible said...

The phoney Muslim who shows up here through a Mexico connective is starting to lose it, now threatening me with, "death by ethereals" (grin). I don't usually read his screeds, I scan and blip but I couldn't help noticing his constant use of the word faggot over and over. What is it with these latent homosexuals that they are so predictable in their patterns. Sooner or later the effort to contain this attraction of his will become uncontrollable. That should make for some amusing interludes.

Anonymous said...

Why not tell your troll-tulpa in Mexico that you're empowered to to cause him to go insane by your onw cadre of ethereals and that you're remote-viewing his every move and those of his controllers. Just start fucking with the moron. Time to have a bit of fun at his expense.


Visible said...

I'm thinking that's happening without my having to do anything based on the mirror principle; a basic tenet of magic.

Cici said...

Hey Vis,

Loved it. And I'd just like to thank east toast dick, i'm sorry dave, for his reality check. But I do be's surprised he gots a hankering fo to come 'round heah a'tall...he know they be's colored in these parts?

wv: equalest

Like wat dick..I's sorry, dave say...da jews be using the coloreds, real slick like, to dum down the whites...knowing they ain't equalest..

Lee Riley said...

One question as a poet and spritually whole person who happens to be gay... why Les, why, is a movement of ANY kind ( Askenazi or not ) to legitimize gays a threat to the natural order?

This implies somehow that being gay somehow "catches on" to such numbers to be a threat. Regardless of the push and why, sexual deviancy is when humans abandon procreative duty for talismans of pleasure.

If there, is no good or evil, nor absolutes at all, hiw can thete be but one sexual process without its own radical freak, its own mutation, as does other aspects as the Now?

I agree once we stood upright we lost our way and the focus of power and repression for human kind became genital.

Your writing inspires the radical poet in me. The insistance I am a mistake of my own duped by ancient magicians presents dissonance to your clarity.

Without describing their campaign, explain to me please where gay people all over the world and throughout all of time are so afflicted and blind?

Anonymous said...

So I'm at a shopping mall yesterday, down here in Phoenix Arizona, because it's time to buy a new baseball cap. As I was shelling out $25 for the same hat that I buy once a year, at the same overpriced sporting goods store, a young woman behind the counter asks me, "So...are you here on business? Or are you here vacationing?" I'm too old for this to be a come-on and I realize immediately that the store's policy is to interrogate anybody who makes a purchase - doubtless so they can report it back to Homeland Security. So I say to her, "If I don't answer that question, do I still get the hat - or do you keep my money?" She laughs. But the other mall-drone workers (all young women) surrounding her start giving each other furtive looks. So she hands me the receipt and I leave the store without supplying her with the requested information. The drones eyeballed me all the way out the door, whispering and pointing...

Three hours later I leave a small bar with some take-out food in tow and I'm walking across a vacant lot toward the sidewalk that leads to my hotel. A cop is sitting in his car in the vacant lot. He jumps out after I am about halfway across, and starts walking toward me briskly. "State your business," he says to me, tersely, with his hand on his Glock, which was still holstered. "Going to my hotel to eat this take-out food, Your Honor," I said in all seriousness. "You can't walk across the lot, sir. You are trespassing. I could arrest you right now." This was the second time I'd been harassed in Phoenix by police, for walking across a parking lot. Apparently the new "laws" here state that unless you are doing business on the premises in question, you can be arrested simply for walking on the property. "So...where CAN I walk?" I ask the pig, "The only options I have are to traverse a parking lot to get to the sidewalk." I pointed at the sidewalk about 50 yards behind the cop - you couldn't get to it unless you crossed the parking lot of a nearby business establishment. "I don't give a fuck what you do," the cop hissed. "Just get your ass off this lot. Walk THAT way," he grunted, waving toward a sidewalk that went in the other direction. I just shook my head and turned around and headed that way - and then, I took a quick right and went through the parking lot of the convenience store right next to the abandoned lot. The cop kept staring at me as I did this, and I waved at him, and yelled, "Merry Christmas Mr. Potter!"

Yeah, man, the shit is coming down here in the Land of the Fee and the Home of the Slave...

mike m said...

I have also noticed a lot of the assholes like that monster clinton and others referring to certain "people" in their never-ending wars as "actors".

Not even attempting to camouflage their intent but obviously flying right over the heads of the dumb and dumber.

Doug Pearson said...

Damn, I hope you don't mean me since I'm in Mexico. I guess that fake Muslim guy is the guy who was posting about Ali a while back. Anyways, I ain't in cahoots with nobody. Just retired and living in Xalisco, Nayarit......

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

Drool on.


Doug; not hardly.

Doug Pearson said...

Whew. Man, it would be upsetting to be associated with that side of the coin.

Visible said...

Probably why you're not and me neither.

John Rambo said...

Jesus man, after reading that article about Kundalini and anal sex, I wanted to puke. Here is the most disgusting part:

"Many homosexual men who constantly take it or get it "up the butt" have to wear diaper-like products to catch their fecal waste liquids that drip from their loose and weakened anus, the same as females wear sanitary pads to catch their menstrual fluid."

Anonymous said...

Here's a festive modern show tune hottie expression for ys...

"Heartbroken," Meaghan Smith...

Heartbroken..."What's the use of fixing what will only break again,"

Now that is the trick then isn't it?

Anonymous said...

via kathy
Anonymous @ 9:46pm...everytime I go to the bank, which is about once a month, they ask me questions. "What are you doing this weekend"? What do you do when you go there, do you ski? On and on. When it started I thought they were friendly and I'm a bitch but that little voice keeps telling me they are somehow keeping track. It sounds paranoid but just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after me. :)
MiaBellezza- your link today sent me back to the theives oil link from the other day. Going shopping after work tomorrow.
Dave- you're always such a ray of sunshine.
Vis - how does a person not be stupid? I'm serious. I am clearly a moron here. I don't understand, or follow so much of the time. Was I born this way or is it the school system or what? Can I smarten up? I was listening to Rik Clay and my brain could never make those connections, in a million years I don't think.
I'm definitely not smart enough for three faces. What you see is what you get and boy has that gotten me into trouble in this life. I say the wrong thing and laugh in the wrong place and generally comport myself as myself much to my own chagrin. Although I'm a rock in a crisis. Credit where credit is due.
peace out

insiam said...

Lee Riley ......

As a father of 2 sons I find it abhorrent to be in the presence if mincing gay men. It is like being exposed to unexpected inappropriate sexual scenes in a movie being watched with your mother.

I also finedthat gay men will glance over at me and my youngest when put and about (16) with a look of 'ooh your lucky'. Being gay is not normal. If kept private then i have no problems. But all of this faggoty over exposure and open promotion is evil.

Hope you understand.

Churning Larvae (sooner or later I will befriend you all) said...

Just curious...The scribe of this blogspot has stated on occasion: "You may not call me Les." Reading todays posts there are few that address you thusly but had not been admonished by you. Can you clarify for the record what your preferred title is? Les or Vis? I'm hopelessly anal when it comes to good manners and proper courtesy when addressing my fellow travelers. Thank you.

Rob in WI said...

Lee Riley,
I most certainly cannot speak for Visible, but have been reading and commenting here for awhile. The whole issue involves the agenda, stated in the protocols, and in motion (accelerating) today. If homosexuality were truly a trait one is born with; Why does it need to be promoted? The media, the laws, etc; Why are they needed? Now they're promoting it in schools, even at an early age. One of my sons worked as a busboy at an upscale restaurant at 16. He, and the other young workers, were constantly being harassed by some older, homosexual waiters and managers. They were offered gifts, money, preferences, etc. to "join the fun". If you think there's no agenda in action to swell your numbers, you're either stupid, or a liar. BTW, my son wasn't seduced, and laughed at the attempts.
Be well, Rob

Richie (Dana) said...

A few weeks back you mentioned that you had lost some readers which prompted a response from me.
My feeling is that many of those are actually still there, but being very quiet due to the struggles inherent to these times. I can attest to these facts on a personal level as negotiating the madness is not always so easy.

My personnel journey is focused exclusively on the keys to escape the prison. While I am aware that I have presented some strange ideas in the past, I cannot shake the fact that most that come here are just as “strange” as I.
It is remarkable to me that almost everything that attracts my attention is frequented by a very small minority of humans present today.
The third paragraph in the following made me think of you as this is what I see your mission consists of. We all had a lively conversation once on the subject of channeling which in my mind is what you do very well. Yours seem to be more impressions than actual words, but they are pure and true nonetheless.
The following are bits and pieces of a transcript of the telepathic interaction between an “Alien” captured alive in the 1947 Roswell incident and the one person able to communicate with this being. I do not always believe everything I read or hear, but attempt to use EXTREME discretion as Stickman counseled me years ago. If something rings the bells, I listen. I realize those bells are different for everyone, but in the interest of kindred spirits, I present my copied present truth.

“The paradigm of science is that creation is all, and the creator is nothing. Religion says the creator is all, and the creation is nothing. These two extremes are the bars of a prison cell. They prevent observation of all phenomenon as an interactive whole.”
“The vested interest of the “Old Empire” prison system is to prevent you from looking at your own soul. They fear that you will see in your own memory the slave masters who keep you imprisoned. The prison is made of shadows in your mind. The shadows are made of lies, and pain, and loss, and fear.”
“The true geniuses of civilization are those who will enable others to recover their memory and regain self-realization and self-determination. This issue is not solved through enforcing moral regulation on behavior, or through the control of beings through mystery, faith, drugs, guns or any other dogma of a slave society.”
“On earth, the propaganda taught and agreed upon is that the gods are responsible, and that human beings are not responsible. You are taught that only a god can create universes. So, the responsibility for every action is assigned to another being or god. Never one’s self.”
“No human being ever assumes personal responsibility for the fact that they, themselves – individuality and collectively – are gods. This fact alone is the source of entrapment for every being.”

Smoking Mirrors is always about the facade and fake world in which we reside. I would hope that these snippets are in harmony with that intent to enlighten.
Your work is always appreciated by me and that is not about to change.

the gardener said...

"Kalki"... 'kalki"..."KALKI"... kept hearing 'kalki' in my head for the past few weeks. I read it during a time down with either a bad flu or a sprung sciatic nerve... I had that novel all casted for a movie. I wasn't surprised when Mick was talked about for the lead in the movie of 'kalki' that was never made.

I think of it as the pandemic spreader all the time. Ever since I read "kalki"... every time there's talk of the Constitution I think of the few survivors of this world heading right over and fingering that document. Not much fun owning the Constitution when no one gives a bloody shit.

Yeah, I snoozed on Gore too... when his mate died and he came back home to CA from I think it was Ravenna Italy... he was in pretty bad shape then... He could have tolerated my presence in his life. Taking holistic care of him. I thought about it a few times in the past few years. He did his time and did it well "kalki" had a lot of fun... handled it and them well. Caused me many a gut giggle. I remember them all when they'd routinely go on Johnny in the 60s... he and Truman (another Libra) were my faves... on Johnny as a babysitting kid in the 60s. What a time.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Musings On The End Of The Zionist States Of America

thom j

Zel said...

"The Olympics continue apace with no false flag occurrence yet."

No worries, it won't happen, if this reporting is accurate -

If you're hoping to make a big splash you need blood, the bloodier the better. I know what you're thinking, what about the athletes, but if they advanced that storyline it would make them out to be incompetent boobs, given the militarization of London, and while the psychos can afford to be considered heartless, they can never survive ridicule.

Just like that fiasco up in Chicago, where they mobilized the army & police, hyped up the possible need to evacuate Chicago due to violent rioting, then were left with egg on their faces when nothing happened.

It's like the show is run by a bunch of stooges, or parasites too dumb to realize they're killing their hosts when they could have assured their progeny immense wealth for 100 generations if they'd just set up a system just half as predatory.

I apologize for ranting, Les, but these days inspire contempt, rather than respect or fear, for the clowns prancing on stage.

MiaBellezza said...

See video Inside The Mind of an MKUltra Killer with Author Fritz Springmeier by, yes, Jones. BTW the illuminuttys, Fritz claims, are not German blood, oh Vlad. Yes, i believe mkultra is real, look around you ... your neighbor, the baker, the candle stick maker.

Reminds me of that weird dream i had. Georgie sorrows picked me up in his limousine with a group of people and we went to dinner in this weird town and everyone in the town was a robot-like android. i deeked out pretty quick and none of the robots would help me get out of town and a couple were after me. i finally jumped into the water to escape and woke up.

Anonymous said...

I've used the word "faggot" once and I'm the only man I've ever been with!
Wait, that didn't come out right.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

" finger pointing would become epidemic." and the link there to a 512bit NSA quantum computer. the trouble is that they will, as always, use such selectively (it could render conventional encryption useless) - but there's always the chance (more so I think in this technology) of the masses getting hold of it. in which case, it adds fuel to the great revelations (that I hope to come). it's a game changer, that's for sure. problem is it's still Dodge city and like Albert said, everything's changed except how people think (and Chosen ones more than others). And everything is QC like, and under control (and connected) as you say, so the Divine plays leapfrog over all things dreamt of in our philosophies and so it goes.

and Dave, get a Dick.

Anonymous said...

Gays are responsible for a very high percentage of sexual assaults against children. Back in the day before the child-molester and sexual deviant Alfred Kinsey came along, and became the linchpin in the now-completed process of making deviant sexual behavior "normal", homosexuality was treated as a mental disorder. Which is exactly what it is. And whenever I hear gay men talking about how they were "born this way", I want to gag. They were not born that way. They chose to be that way.

Most gay men have a sexual identity crisis at an early age. Often, men become gay because they are rejected by their peers at sexually impressionable ages. (Most especially by women.) Isolated, confused, and having a strong sex drive as all young men do, they seek comfort among people who are similar outcasts - young men, or older men, who grew up under similar circumstances (i.e., they, too, were isolated and confused and rejected by their peers).

What's next, will pedophilia be "normalized" (god knows the elite are pushing for that to happen). And what then, necrophilia? Zoophilia? And then, yes, if you have sex with a lamp post, that's "normal", too, and we should all embrace it and accept it.

Gays are abhorrent in my opinion. Their lives revolve entirely around their deviant sexual behavior. They push themselves on - and deliberately try to seduce - impressionable, younger males. Not all of them - just most of them. They are loud, rude, boorish, and terminally obsessed with their disgusting sexual lifestyle. Not all of them - just most of them.

Let me make this clear now, for anybody who doesn't understand what the deal is. Men have penises. Penises have two specific biological purposes. One is for urination, and the other is for procreation. If you stick your penis inside a man, that's a mental problem. Somehow, your brain got short-circuited and you began sticking it in the wrong places. Once again, for the terminally brain-dead, a penis has two biological purposes. One is for urination, the other is for procreation. Repeat as often as necessary. Say it over and over.

The gay agenda was deliberately created and fomented to destroy families - and to decimate the white population (specifically, the goy population).

Mission accomplished. Have a nice gay!

Visible said...

For the one who opened their comment with 'Heteros don't understand kundalini', I would say that non heteros only understand it in reverse. kundalini is not something you understand.

Since it has lit up all of my chakras except for Sahasrara more than once, I can say it is an incomprehensible force that transforms with every center it engages; works both inside and outside of the one 'possessed' by it, has no morals, doesn't recognize right and wrong, is self contained to an extreme degree because of the non stop mirroring aspect. It is also telepathic and possesses every other super sensory awareness and power because they are part and parcel of the particular centers where they are stored. That said, I don't post insulting comments without a traceable name. That is fair. Identify yourself and have at it with a will but I do not encourage or support cowardice. Your most egregious error is to be the #6457th abuser of ignoring the disclaimer so... as far as the 100 measurement of intelligence, see the text. I hope you understand, your comment was not badly written, only misinformed. I would have posted it in a heartsbeat except for the closing lines


Never think of yourself as a dullard or one who does not get things. The truth is you are simply pre-quickened and when that occurs, the recipient often finds that they far outstrip those they formerly assumed to be superior. Futhermore, God very often chooses, the illiterate, fools, ner' do wells and other social rejects for the purpose of a dwelling place and to promote a particular aspect of the endless varying possibilities of expression


I like Fritz Springmeier and Video Rebel. They are both courageous and honest as far as I can tell.


As for calling me Les. How it came about was that when I changed my name to Les Visible for a concert gig in the early 80's, at the same time each band member also chose a stage moniker; Bud 'the creep' Clifton (Why do they call you Bud the Creep"? "You'll find out".) and Franklin Stratosphere, people automatically started calling me 'visible' and 'Vis', sometimes Lord or Count Visible when they wanted to be dramatic. Ergo, that happens to be what all my friends call me. It is what Susanne calls me and I don't get Les anywhere but here. Now, people don't seem to get my various mentions over time about this so I thought I would just ♫let it be♫ but... since you asked, here it is again and it probably won't change anything. I did not say "you may not call me Les" however. I would never say such a thing. If someone does that I simply shun them entirely through the rest of this lifetime (kidding!).


Did one of you say you would be attending the concert I am going to? A friend of mine says someone did. I know there are a lot of readers here in Europe.

Sugar definitely lowers your IQ and is attended by a host of other harms. I consider it the heroin of food.


If I missed any necessary responses, let me know.

the gardener said...

I wonder if anal is one reason why so many young women are having hard times conceiving? Where there is big business in 'acupuncture for conception'? Bet the OBs are seeing sprung sphincters as big as tea cups on the delivery tables along with plastic bag D cups. Maybe there's money in piercings that clip those pesky sprung sphincters in the closed position?

When in backwards land do as the backhanders do or have nothing to show or tell on facebook. Handbag babies will be going out of fashion soon enough. One psychopath I keep tabs on was whining with 'everyone but her being pregnant one year' and 'why can't I get pregnant' and my thought response was 'try vaginal... it works!' lol

Beware-stupid is contagious like psychopathy is in these times...but maybe there just isn't any 'there' there.

Wondering where you were Richard-good to see you back. It is tough hearing and seeing so many dissing the unemployed... in their bullshit world of talk... so many are stressing to the deadly degree that they will be homeless on a month to month without having ever done anything wrong let alone illegal and that aint right.

the gardener
stirred... not shaken and awfully disgusted but working on it.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm regarding all these dumbass homophobic comments - well I'm gay and and have never met another who had to where a diaper because of fecal waste issues - and as for "Rob" whose son so bravely deflected the advances of those predatory queens...all I can say is some people really are dumb as dirt even on this blog.

Anonymous said...

“Good propaganda does not need to lie, indeed it may not lie. It has no reason to fear the truth. It is a mistake to believe that people cannot take the truth. They can. It is only a matter of presenting the truth to people in a way that they will be able to understand. A propaganda that lies proves that it has a bad cause. It cannot be successful in the long run.”

-- Josef Goebbels at Nuremberg Rally, 1934

Visible said...

Yes. some of the commentary is brutal and possibly ill advised as far as comprehensibility goes. Gays made up a portion of my social life for years. I don't have any gay friends now because there are very few gay people in the environs where I live but I was around them long enough to appreciate their wit and entertainment value and I never had a problem with a friend coming on to me that way. So, I can see many sides of this equation.

My objections have to do with dangerous political agendas that are also tied into creating a communist state and reducing nearly all of the public to penury and promoting endless war.

On the other hand, I see being gay as a rite of passage that occurs in nearly every person's soul journeys in some particular lifetime, just like being born different colors and into different religions as well as languages and cultures. I view both types of consorting to be limiting since I am only interested in completing the alchemical marriage and that's doable given that she is already risen. It's just working out the details and jettisoning the ballast, along with some degree of refinement added.

However, a comments section should reflect the views of all of the readers, even when they are distasteful to some. It gives a cross spectrum of what people are actually thinking.

I do wish that when people had strong and controversial views that they would identify themselves, also when they want to toss around invective and erroneous projections but what that amounts to is me wishing in one hand and shitting in the other.

I realize that my attempts to showcase any number of things will invariably lead to resentments and disenfranchisement on the part of some readers and I regret that. I only hope that they can see past their blinders and filters to the very specific positions I take in very limited ways; seeking to avoid 'across the board' labeling of entire demographics.

est said...

it reminds me of that story
where jimi and the band are
walking in [or out, can't remember which]
of the whiskey a go- go

after some rough-housing
neil gets pissed and say's
'don't touch me'

and jimi say's
'i'll always touch you'

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish-

The Times of the Season in Armageddonville.

Zoner said...

So let me get this straight (heh).........

Gays CHOOSE that lifestyle due to being oddballs or misfits, yet it is all a fiendish plot by some evil mucky-mucks to ruin families and do in whitey?

Over-the top (geez, I gotta be careful here) displays of "gayness" can get tiring quickly, but no more so that the actions of any self-obsessed hetero tool that thinks their "hotness" is the sole redeeming feature they have. The fags that I know and associate with at least are in on the joke, whereas someone like a Kardashian actually buys into her own press and thinks there is importance there

I'd post anonymously too if my logic were so fucked up. Some people see the boogeyman in everything I guess.

How do lesbians fit into this evil plot? What about those that are Bi-sexual (ooh, double agents!)?

It would seem then that those living the gay lifestyle could be rehabilitated and brought back to normalcy with the right care. In fact, Marcus and Michelle Bachmann down the street here can probably help you out with that. It seems to have worked wonders for old Marcus!

Geez, I can't imagine what those who choose to forego sexual relations altogether are secretly planning for us since they are obviously not going to be doing their bit to keep the family together or the races pure...........

Of course gay organizations are co-opted and run for purposes other than what those involved at the grassroots level intended. So is EVERY group that has significant numbers and an income stream. Throw in a hot-butt(on) angle and it is irresistible to those that think they can run the show.

One more false point of delineation between us, one more trigger for the reactive, fearful mind, and in this case, a stone-reliable flag to wave to rally the mindless droolers when there is a an election to win or some cash to raise.

Anonymous said...

To "Cici", Wednesday, August 01, 2012 9:31:00 PM:

Your critique of my post is barely coherent. I can't see through the wit. You must have gone to integrated schools; you use ebonics well. You associated my analysis of Jew social engineering with my penis. I don't see the connection.

To "pierre", Thursday, August 02, 2012 7:57:00 AM

You picked up on "Cici's" "dick" insult. What does my dick have to do with what I said? Why are you thinking about dick?

To "via kathy... peace out", Thursday, August 02, 2012 2:12:00 AM:

I'm a "ray of sunshine" because my environment influences me this way. Tell me about the demographics of where you live.

-- Dave, on the East Toast

Anonymous said...

this is for the elephantine alabama aisle send you her complaint.!

Anonymous said...

".....How can they allow a tiny, thoroughly criminal nation, to create a new Soviet empire, on the ruins of their once great, former republic?....."

Ahhhhh...finally someone says it. The NEW BOLSHEVIKS!

Beautiful! Thanks Les.


Emmanuel said...


Hi Visible,

As a follower of your blogs over the last five or so years, I have found your blog sites to be an oasis and refuge from the banal conformist mainstream. You attract many readers whom I would call kindred spirits that are here because of a heart felt resonance primarily. When I speak of the heart I refer to the connection with all humanity and all life including Gaia herself, and all the rocks and mineral kingdoms included. Though this meme is what Visible Origami is based upon, I find that all your blogs carry this underlying premise even when expressing the deconstruction of man-made folly and infrastructure of deceit.

I know that when you write about who really did 9/11 you aren't saying the whole tribe did it in general. I know that when say there is a insidious ploy to advance a homosexual agenda you aren't saying gays are bad, but rather, there is an agenda fronted by the same group of folks that also are saturated on every liberal and civil rights type causes in order to establish a higher moral ground so as to become non-suspect in the causation of 9/11 and much of the grief that includes the rackets of finance, industry, energy, politics, media, entertainment, and pretty much all fucked up matters not withstanding all the fucked up things Israel gets away with. It's a very tough fine line to try to express this viewpoint but not come across or perceived as a homophobe or racist as is the knee-jerk reaction when broaching such subjects. Believe me, I can only bring up such things with less than a few people I know, which makes it a pretty lonely path to be on. I presume this is true for many of your readers, which is why this is a place of refuge. But, I also notice some readers who comment don't necessarily come from the heart that I described, but are more attracted to the notion of anti-Jew or anti-diversity aspect that is represented in the certain far right wing of politics that those type of folks resonate with. This is a sort of the enemy of my enemy is my friend I suppose.

Kudos to CiCi for her comment up above to Dave. I can imagine having a conversation with Dave in person and being in agreement with him on much of the things he states. But, his remarks about "coloreds" would place me in his boat for the go back where you came from type. I presume that is where he is coming from because he is so concerned about the diluting of his white race with other non-white races. That is not from the heart. That is a mental contruct, ego, that infers that there is a strata of class regarding the best race as white and all else is below that. Therefore, mixing races is detrimental to the white race, and to his fear, the loss of such purity. Definitely not a kindred spirit for me.

Emmanuel said...


As for the commentor about being gay is a choice, I wonder when he made such a choice himself. If homosexuality is a choice, then we all were presented at some point to make such a monumentous decision. What happened, dude? Did you have amorous or lustful feelings for another male at some point but "chose" not to? You're using all your willpower to choose to be hetero? Aren't the most vehement male homophobes really just butt pirates in denial? Or, perhaps, such a person was a flaming homo in a previous incarnation(s) and is dealing with the residue of such past amnesic experiences that conflict with the present incarnation of a different degree. Whatever. All I can say is that I have an older first cousin whom I have known as a kid who is as gay as gay gets. He could not have chosen this consciously even if he tried. There is no freaking way that he could possibly "choose" to be hetero no matter what "therapy" he could go through. Sure, there's brainwashing, and exercising "willpower". But, as someone told me once, celebacy is a natural state--only if it is true. If you have to try to be celebate, then you are not. Funny how Catholic priests are, but I digress. If you have to try not to be a homosexual or "choose" not to--then you frickin' are. And as far as my gay cousin goes, he is the most kind, decent, and considerate person there can be. He was ostrocized (funny how such individuals would really "choose" the wrath of a conservative society and go through a personal hell just to fuck some ass) from his Catholic family and lived primarily with his and my grandmother. He cared and doted for our grandmother with action that only speaks of absolute and saintly love. The real deal. Interestingly, he is a devout Catholic and pious in every way. The homophobe would cartoonishly imagine every gay man to be a raving fiend grinding his teeth looking for his next ass to fuck. When I describe my gay cousin as being a decent person this doesn't register with the homophobe because by default no gay person is decent. It must be the friction of ass-fucking that they are obsessed with thinking about all day and using all their might and willpower to not end up doing all that.

Thanks for doing what you do, Visible.

Visible said...

Alright guys and girls, spirited debate is what we are all about here. And thank you Emmanuel, well said, well said and yeah, for some that is the road which I went out of my way to acknowledge as in at some lifetime here and there, these things happen.

With a realized Kundalini, I live with a wild and primitive woman within, which I do believe allows me some latitude because I get it as few men do but I have managed to tame the fury with no outbreak of lasting degenerative impact... so, I know what I'm talking about. She accompanies me in my every move in my every day and she would love to get Kali Yuga on my ass but I have taught this drunken bear to dance and sing and you can too.

If you think I am not versed in the sexual pressures that people of all persuasions go through... heh, I am intimately aware of all of that... but I haven't had conventional sex in a long time.

I have my routes cleared up and even my relationships and karma allow and celebrate it but if you don't think I feel the fire of god knows what awful congress there is then you do not know the nature of those who fuck with me, sure I do and more but here I am writing for you every day in a life no video tapes or temptations will show otherwise. I'm a full time employee for the greatest boss on Earth or anywhere else; end of story.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Some of you want to mingle. Soon we will all be forced to walk our talk. We will learn that we were envirused by the Plastic Demon of Decomposition, or that we knew our own hearts. The Age of Self Deception will be swept away.

"Further forward I see, much can I say of Ragnarok and the gods' conflict.

"Brothers shall fight, and slay each other; cousins shall kinship violate. The earth resounds, the giantesses flee; no man will another spare.

"Hard it is in the world, great whoredom, an axe age, a sword age, shields shall be cloven, a wind age, a wolf age, ere the world sinks."

-- The Vala's Prophecy in The Elder Edda

What bothers me is the chauvinism in anti-racist types, who insist that racists will mingle whether they want to or not. Sounds like Jew-think to me. Sounds like gulag and murder.

If you want to mingle, go for it. Clip your diction in mixed company so you don't offend. You'll fade out; you'll become grey consumers and metrosexuals. Hang in there as your neighborhood goes Second World, then Third. Enjoy the diversity. You won't flee to New Zealand. I expect you to hold your ground. Get out there and scrub the graffitti, pick the trash, haul the tires out of the waterways, rescue the fighting dogs. Control the booming SUVs on Sunday mornings, the gunshots, the rapes, the gang shootings, the burglaries and purse snatchings, the incompetent clerks, the dirty stores and thug cops. Keep telling yourselves that diversity is what the World needs to heal.

Remember all that as your taxes keep increasing but your standard of living keeps going down.

-- Dave, on the East Toast

Anonymous said...

Emmanuel, brilliant screed there. Thank you so much. One question: If homosexuals are just "born that way", wouldn't the same have to be true for pedophiles, necrophiles, zoophiles, and even people who indulge in Satanic sexual rape and ritual murder? And if indeed the same were true for those people (they were just born that way), wouldn't we have to accept their behavior, too, according to your logic, and classify that behavior as "normal"? Please advise.

Anonymous said...

via kathy
It seems the same topic is circulating on different metaphysical levels. Dave is talking about this year and next and Vis is talking about beyond time. I'd guess that the essence of each of us is the same as that of the other but the culture, Dave's issue, is tragically different.
Dave-my demographic is a pasty white middle aged, debt slave in Emporer Mike's fiefdom. 15 years ago my kids and I were kept fed by some flaming drag queens and some heroine addicts who sold their tails to put food on my table.
Some folks are born gay and some have gayness thrust upon them, so to speak. I'm with Vis regarding the agenda. Who gives a f* who you f* but every civilization needs cohesiveness to survive and the agenda is all about division and the division is everyone against the white men.
And Dave, there was no offense intended you're just a Debbie Downer
peace out

Anonymous said...

Les! OMG, I am so sorry, I effed up...please don't post my name from google accounts, I am an anonymous who posted rothschild movie...thank you, egads......

Anonymous said...

pierre said..
no Dave, that was my immediate response and something I rarely do. (see? you think you know so much).
then again, there's that rewarding bad behaviour thing, attention to bad tots and the suppression of any positives which i don't think you deserve right now.
just think of this - the Zio/Khazar/Rothschild Jews think they are better than everyone else and that there's no shit on them.

Anonymous said...

Sad but true, they reach a critical and pivotal number and a tide turns. Multiculturalism becomes "their" culturalism. Even jews were once champions of America, until their numbers and their power swelled too much. Now, look at them. If the tv etal is any indicator, multiculturalism cannot be healthy. They don't want the peace, they want the fights. They're fight promoters, never IN the fight.

They're the locust army. They're peaceful and law abiding and seemingly assimilate, and then their friends and relatives come, and the lone locust metamorphoses into the swarming locust.

Some things my 8th grade sex-ed teacher taught me.
1. All VD's ultimately come from animals
2. VD's run rampant in homosexual communities
3. _______________

There's a 3rd law to be discerned from that.

"Gaia" is every bit as cruel as Yahveh, where that's concerned.

Ray B. said...

Richie (Dana), Thursday, August 02, 2012 3:52:00 AM

I enjoyed your 'snippets'. That is deep wisdom, regardless of source. I am shamelessly copying them to a file to re-read periodically.

Thanks for the breath of fresh air.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

To "via kathy... peace out", Friday, August 03, 2012 12:11:00 AM:

I'm not too hip, Kathy. What is a "Debbie Downer"?

-- Dave, East Toast

Kevenj said...

Excellent comments here today.

ChewyBees said...

I believe that the establishment commanding the acceptance of homosexuality is for lecherous purposes, and has little to do with championing homosexuality as a valid lifestyle. It is all about demoralization, division, and conquering people of character and courage.

That's not to say that a person can't be homosexual and have character and courage, Mr. Vidal is proof of that. Yet on the street level, homosexuality is just another means of validation.

Accept me, I'm gay is a means of validation. So is look at my huge rack I just had implanted, or check out my Porsche, or I am holier than though religious, and any number of things are validations. People are all seeking their forms of validation, it's part of what keeps us convinced we are alive. And when one thing doesn't work, or it gets negative reactions, then they either look for something else, start blasting away at strangers, or find a way to force the acceptance.

Which is where it comes back to sexual preference, and all consensual sexual acts are ultimately preferential. Otherwise it's not consensual, and that means rape. When time and resources are wasted to force personal preference down the throats of those that don't choose it, then I guess land of the free brings on a whole new meaning. We don't have big tit awareness week being thrust at us by these trustees. So it is agenda driven, but the agenda is not as it is sold: to ensure equality of people and bring about public awareness of the sensitivities of a minority group. The agenda is to do the opposite by creating division and hierarchy based on a lifestyle choice.

Despite calling sexuality preferential, here's a flip 'being born' a homosexual, or being born anything else for that matter, impossible? Who is to say we each as spirit didn't review this life before graciously accepting it as a unique experience? Under that belief, we are all 'born' into what we are, and what we become, unless we can make the conscious choice based on awareness and enlightenment to change the formula this go around. I have a feeling the really important choices aren't revolving around who you consensually bump your nasties with, and children aren't consensual, nor are animals.

I have a feeling my writing sucked here, sorry if confusing. I decry political correctness and then am formulating sentences to be PC. One of my validations is to have someone read what I wrote and actually give a damn. I envy you, Visible.


Burnie said...

aaaaaaayup potluck for me, so for the hell of it I leave you with this I wrote around a joke I heard once. It seems to fit somehow but then maybe that's just me

Paddy was talking to Seamus the bartender owner of a fine Irish pub and they were talking about a friend of theirs who had passed. Paddy took a sip of his beer looked Seamus in the eye and said in his fine Irsh lilt; "Seamus, If I knew where I was going to die I wouldn't be going near the place."

Seamus smiled, raised his glass and gave this toast;

"May the sun kiss your face at its rising dawn

The wind at your back and your sails about burst

your woman in bloom, your son at the wheel

Heave 'er up tight to the wind laddie

God its a glorious day."

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Yes, the Tribe is responsible. The world will be so much better off after the Tribe receives their come-uppance. Because there are no other evil people in the world. Well, maybe a scattering of them, here and there. But none of them is part of an organization. Huh?

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

The United States of Dumbass opens a Can of Whoop-Ass.

Anonymous said...

Farik Quincy said:

To "Dave on the East Toast":

Sure, riiiight, buddy, riiiight. Whatever you say. Blacks lower White IQs, that must be why so many Whites are blowing themselves up in meth labs. Of course, fluoride in the water must be the faults of those pesky Blacks, too.
Chemtrails, too, right, Dave? You must live in very close proximity to those damned Blacks, because it's quite clear that they've limited your ability to think critically. Is that your excuse regarding why you can't move away from the ghetto to be near your betters or equals?

Pierre is right in his analysis of you. I smell it all about you, too "Dave". Just like the phony resident Muslim, your scent just hovers in the air. You're just way too desperate to cling to notions of Khazar superiority (fomenting class and race warfare to prevent the humans from rising against you lot)) that you're choking on the Zionist kool-aid. The only Whites still left in South Africa are formerly Working class, extremely lower income Whites and elderly Jews without family or resources. You are exactly where you deserve to be. HA! Cheers. Have fun hunkering down in the inner cirty surrounding by your, erm, 'inferiors'. With any luck, perhaps they will put you out of your misery before your blow yourself up in a crystal meth lab.

-Farik Quincy

Anonymous said...

Farik Quincy said:

P.s. Here is a nice spray of air freshener to dissolve the stench of burnt toast, served up by a Khazar bigoted troll calling itself "Dave":

It is the full movie from 1934, "The House Of Rothschild". The true enemies of humanity of every race, color and creed.

Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago, Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit made sure of his entry into the annals (pun intended)of gay history; speaking in front of the parliament with the infamous words: "I am gay and that is good so." From that point on people in Germany applauded themselves if they shared the joy of a fag acquaintance in their circle of friends. Tomorrow, August 4th, a multitude of barely dressed men, packed with muscles in pink boner leggings and chubby mares with crew cuts and lumberjack shirts will roam the mainstreets again and party into our faces, celebrating THEIR sexual legacy. I have a colleague and he´s gay; shares quite a bunch of stories. However, his life describes loneliness because almost all the guys he dated had a different understanding of a bond.
Sad but true, promiscuity is the name of the game with all its inherent emotional blunting.
The openly gay circle of a city with ,say 1.8 million citizens, is relatively minuscule compared to the other side, so people naturally know each other when they meet on same dating platforms, over and over again to inform for instance, about the next bug torch party; where every diggler can join, with a headlamp only and a leap in the dark - commencing operations...
Legislative efforts in 2001 - same year as of gay lobbyist Wowereit´s smug phrase -constituted a light version of same sex marriage in Germany, still denying equal tax and adoption status to gay partnerships. The next step Germanys´ will ultimately coincide with the leanings of Mr Barack Obama. Agenda, anyone ?
Eventually, Ed & Fred are going to have their baby - Alex or Cory, you decide the gender and the money driven zombie of a surrogate mother, who carries the last fertile survivor of Fred´s viagra addiction, will gladly be in labor.
Please, don´t tell me ever again that Adolf Hitler degraded women in Germany to just mere birthing machines, when in fact nothing would have changed ever since. Well, as a matter of fact, and I´m sorry to say this because I am conditioned, too; I envy Russia.
Have a nice C S D

Visible said...

I apologize for that Frank but if I don't allow whatever is in people's heads to come out of their mouth, I'm either a censer or a censor. Remind me to list my black heroes and nearly all of my heroes are black and I can go way back with them too. You know, I grew up on military bases so I never got prejudice to begin with but man! And I can fight... when I was in prison, had it not been for some black kings and gods I would not be here today and they didn't have to do it. They had ever reason to hate me to but the biggest and baddest guys in the joint were my full time every day friends. If anyone knows, I do and don't get me started on the music which shaped my whole life.

Burnie said...

Not in your league Stella Blue but your experience rings true. All my gay acquaintances have big hearts. And Gore Vidal was like a breath of fresh air in the dirty world of politics. I have a friend who calls me poppa, he and my daughters were friends and he was most definitely born that way. I have been aware of the reverse Kundalini and I wanted to talk to him but now we live a few hours away from each other. And frankly I am not sure how to broach the subject. Maybe it is none of my business, I just worry because I love him like a son.

I am so not hip. A few years ago I had no idea about the zionist agenda. I call it that because I can't ascribe all they do to the whole lot. Now it is in your face as they cheapen woman and turn men into pussies, and the world into a cesspool. The day will come, I know it in my heart, when they have to pay for all their horrendous crimes. I can't carry hate and anger any longer it just destroys me, so I try and live their opposite, but I fall down a lot. Thanks for all the comments and the post Vis I truly feel like I am in school, but this time the right one.

Stella Blue said...

Like Visible, I was not prejudiced growing up, even though my mother was a southern plantation mentality. I was ostracized when I went to public school in 5th grade (schools were then desegregated) because I became hand-holding friends with a little black girl named Pearl (the term "black" wasn't "in" yet--they were still "colored" or that other derogatory term which my mother tended to use). My mother told me I had to stop being friends with her; broke my heart.

Much later, in college, an acting group came to perform a new anthropological drama by Colin Turnbull called The Ik (also The Mountain People), and one of the actors was black African (he later performed the role of the manservant to Meryl Streep in the movie Out of Africa!). He asked me out on a date for opening night and we went to a really nice house in a better N.W. section of Washington, D.C. It was all black intelligentsia from Howard University. I entered the house and was ostracized and frowned upon immediately and talked about in the 3rd person; I dare not ask for white wine! I was, to them, the epitome of white supremacy in their midst--and they hated that I was with him and that he chose me rather than one of his own race. Finally I spoke up after enduring many insults, and dared to enter in to their repartee and try to defend myself and who I was--me--a person. They began to tell me how whitey was White Supremacy and that the black community would eventually "overcome" by sheer numbers--they planned to overpopulate whites. The militant nature of these academics totally blew my mind!! I never forgot that night and what I heard. I'd expect something like that in the Hood--but not there, with these very educated and intelligent people. I had revered MLK, Jr. and read books by Eldridge Cleaver and Malcolm X. I was not a prejudiced person. They WERE!! Totally.

So--Dave on the East Toast, there you are. I do not take umbrage with anything you said--you were making observations (right on about the sugar epidemic btw). And CiCi--your ebonics slam of Dave puts you into the blender, too. And OMG, Farik Quincy--who are you?? Your diatribe is right in there with the whitey haters, and so scary I wouldn't put it past you to explode in public somewhere.

It is my hope that this world will become unified, without discrimination to race, creed, or color. But that is probably a pipe dream. Birds of a feather and all that. It is a very segregated and difficult world we live in, and very far from being culturally or politically and socially unifed. Observe Asians--they stick together. I learned how Arabs hate Americans when I went to Libya in 1958 and had rocks thrown at our car. Arabs will stick together also. We are coming off Aryan neo-Nazi here on these blogs sometimes, and that's not what Visible is about either.

Ever see that film called Enemy Mine? That kind of sums it up for me.

Peace out,
Debbie Downer (WTF is that??)

Oh yeah, and lest we forget--I was deemed homo on this blog a little while ago! Remember that?! I sure got slammed around here and felt I couldn't be "me" yet again. It ain't a good feeling; especially when one so wants to be part of the group.

Visible said...

I used to work at an early black coffee house at 10th and K called The Lute and the Lyre and The Crows Toe among other names. The owner was Teddy Portochinko and I would perform my poetry there and I used to carry a 45 because I slept there at night and it was a seriously dangerous area. Boy, did I run into that black intellectual hate. It was red hot. I knew H.Rap Brown, ran across Stokley Carmichael and all the cutting edge cats of the time. Hung out with a gangster named Spade Jimmy and all sorts of people, including a really fine musician named Ringo Angelino who was always insisting he was Italian.

One day I was in the public library on New York Avenue reading Nietzsche and one of the heavy black intellectuals passed me and saw what I was reading and he just went off on me in the library. I wasn't impressed or afraid but you know the scene that is like a bad dog on a short leash. Funny shit. It mellowed out later and a lot of those people came to like me because I never reacted, never got defensive or argumentative. I just let them vent their spleen. I knew they needed to.

Anonymous said...

Farik Quincy said:

Thanks, Les. It's like you said months ago, the prison trustees just have to cling to the cracked and splintered rungs above their fellow prisoners, so they can play warden, if even just briefly to feel like a legend in their own mind. If you are not the puppet master, then you are just another puppet, so check the schadenfreud at the door.

Arrogant, superficial intelligence untempered by humility and wisdom only lead to total devastation, as many geniuses like Dave Toast and countless others are about to find out the hard way. What the fuck does it matter how "intelligent" one individual or race is versus another when your whole system of government is corrupted? When your evolution is being suppressed and you can't do fuck all about it, except for talking a lot of tough shit, small dick smack about showing them thar niggras who's boss on the innerwebs? Everyone decries the pathology of the ghetto without even considering how the crack and guns saturated these neighborhoods. Gary Webb, anyone?

that's all for now.....

Anonymous said...

Hey Stella Blue,
me likes you very mucho.
´Out of Africa` is the classic of all flics in cinema de colonial.
Sydney Pollack is one of my favorite directors with many a happy hours of programming my brain´s "bunch of juvenile delinquents, banging trash can lids together." ( thanks, Vis) Unforgettable his part of apoplectic manager Tootsies´.
There you go; another agenda driven movie ? Nahh, not this one....
Here I got a nice anology to Ed & Fred and the surrogate mother from my preceding post.
Science is keen to promote the existence of the Oscar Wilde gene and hence not only engages in advances in the genetic field but also tries to reflect on the bizarre debauchery of our co-inhabitants, namely the animal kingdom. For instance, two male black swans mysteriously fall in love with each other and decide to have offspring and take the hump; to no avail, certainly.
So the guy with the "male" part decides to seduce/rape a female, let her lay some eggs and forces her afterwards to abandon their nest in order to hatch the eggs all by himself and his initial gay spouse.
What a cruel world !

Anonymous said...

State Department Hired Trolls To Fight Terrorism Online:

This is is an interesting news item by Wired Magazine. They are just finally now admitting what many have long suspected; people get hired by the State to troll blogs and online chat forums to demoralize and undermine dissent:

We see you trollin'! We hatin'!

Anonymous said...

via kathy
Stella - I walked into high school with no preconceived notions. I grew up in a house where you didn't say stupid never mind nigger or spic so it was quite a surprise to have to fight my way through the first two years b/c the black girls didn't care for my blonde hair and green eyes. It was the first year of bussing in NYC. I've never gotten over it.
As for peace out, my 14yr old says it on the way out the door, as a joke and i do it here for the same reason. As for Debbie Downer, I made the mistake of teasing Dave a little. My perception of him is as the same kind of mad I used to be at everyone and everything so I attempted a dash of lighthearted sarcasm to which he replied in an even angrier way. So, I thought I might give him a stupid and inane phrase ie Debbie Downer as in the bitch that never has anything nice to say. There is also Pouting Peter and Angry Andy, Betty Bitch and Mary Mad.
The temporal world is so ugly and we all know it. Do we always have to be serious and brooding?

insiam said...

Frank Quincy ....

Having lived and worked in Asia for over 20 years I can tell you that racism and nationalism are alive and well. The multiculturalism BS being forced upon western nations is a one way street. My own son has all of the requirements of being a national where we currently reside yet when his peers at school score much lower marks they are held as higher in rank as my sons name is western.

As a foreigner myself i am referred to as such. I can't own land or property, start a buisiness, gain permanent residence, vote. Public hospitals openly display signs stating 'foreigners pay 50% more'.

Mean while my own country has been overrun by immigrants - many illegal that are give preference in housing and services etc etc.

There is an agenda my friend. People are actually different.

And i happen to agree with the system where i reside. it should be adopted back home. My country has been ruined by this agenda. So perhaps you should get out more and actually see the world for what it is. Not what you imagine it should be.

Stella Blue said...

kathy --
Thanks for the reply! I'm blonde & green-eyed, too (only Clairol 8G these days :)
Marry Madly and Betty Bitch just did a same-sex marriage in Salt Lake City; really p'o'd the LDSers, esp. when they learned they're gonna add Debbie Downer and Diddly Donna to their growing harem...
heh heh (all smiles)
Best to you!
Stella Blew-Who?



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