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Not Thirsty for Kirsty and other Things

Dog Poet not Trans-Gendering

May your noses always be on your faces.

Every now and again, Mr. Visible has to take a stand on one of the burning issues of the day. As much as he likes to be above the fray (not ...but then again), sometimes he just has to descend into the fecal-laced mosh pit of contemporary culture and, on occasion, that means without protective gear in a kind of 'bareback' intimacy, with something that should only be viewed through a lens in a laboratory.

I am as fond of Kirsten Stewart as I am unfond of Meagan Fox. Meagan Fox looks and acts like a certain type of female, whereas Kirsty, up until a short while ago, did not;, I m not thirsty for Kirsty. Kirsten had an affair with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman. Previous to that she was in a torrid-type of Siamese twins relationship with one Robert Pattison for 3 years. Word had it that they were very much in love. Word has it that she still is ...but the fallout from her momentary indiscretion is considerable.

I am discussing this, only in its relation to Love and ancillary things. If she had been my girlfriend and she went and had an affair, my only concern would be that she had a good time and certainly if she did have a good time, I might recommend that she continue because? Well, because I love her, non? She is not my girlfriend and I do not love her that way; at the moment. I'm just saying if she were, I would love her and that means, without qualification. Otherwise it is not love and ergo, Robert Pattison does not love her. He was in love with the idea of possessing one of the world's most desired arm candies (you heard that term here first. I'm getting tired of coming up with original phrases and not getting the credit- grin).

Pattison has shut her out completely. His considerable ego has been damaged and that was more important than the love he did not have. To the discerning eye of those, like myself, who have some small idea of what love is, an opportunity existed to really be a cool guy and he didn't take it. He should have come right out in public and said, “I just hope she had a good time. That is my only concern. I hope she knows that I support her in everything she does. It wouldn't be love otherwise”. He didn't take that opportunity and it is not likely that he will.

I don't watch the Twilight films. I consider them nothing more than a movie soap opera. Dark Shadows, which was a soap opera, was at least entertaining. Films whose whole purpose is to highlight the physical appearance of shallow performers is not my cup of tea. I like films like “The Guard” with Brendan Gleeson. That was a serious piece of entertainment by someone whose acting chops are not to be questioned. I don't find Pattison to be attractive. I do find Johnny Depp attractive.

Right about now, some readers are thinking, “Ah c'mon visible, I don't want to hear about this shit”. Okay, having picked up on that, let's move on to something else. Here is a delightful bit of news. Sunstein was/is a USDA, Grade A, world class sonofabitch. This is near as satisfying as Wolfowitz being kicked out of The World Bank. Cass Sunstein's SOB credentials are impressive. If you put 'Cass Sunstein is' into Google, the drop down menu will give you a taste of what people ask when they go looking for him. I went there to type in 'Cass Sunstein is evil'. It was already there as #2. #4 would have been appropriate also. It is in events like this that you see the hidden hand of the cosmos, which is also at work in Syria as well. Hopefully that will work out too. Assad is proving to be anything but stupid.

Here is a great opening statement from one of my favorite people and a preview of what is going to be happening with a consistent regularity. The immediate harm that now attends every draconian operation initiated by The Bankers and their stooges is turning out badly for them. Well done! Murder Incorporated is now getting the public attention it deserves and their names are being listed. These are the same dung slugs who orchestrated all of the recent wars and were also neck deep in the commission of 9/11, heralded by PNAC, which many of them were a party to.

The rapid decay of the urban rustbelt is shocking. Most people don't know what's happening in these places. Serial killers are using Detroit as a dumping ground for their victims. The economy is plummeting, as a direct result of banker greed, which keeps transferring an ever greater percentage of the collective wealth into their own coffers. They created the financial crisis for the purpose of greater gain. They create and regulate depressions,the way they create wars and for the same reason. It's what it is. They are what they are. Study the amount of unusual changes going counter to the intents and objectives of the ruling elite at this time.

Here's a statistic for you. The aggregate wealth of the Wal-Mart heirs is equal to 40% of the American public. Wal-Mart isn't a banking firm you say? No, they're a corporation. Corporations, banks, CEO's, Bankers, Politicians; the collective vermin of these desperate hours are as out of control as they are, as indifferent to the consequences of their actions as they are, as unruffled by the public exposure of their actions as they are for one reason; the purpose of demonstration. You might well ask, “Why is any of this necessary? Why can't life just be orderly and fair in the first place? Well... we are left to our own devices to see what we will do and these are the things we did. On the one hand we were horrible villains, on the other hand, we were ignorant and uninformed and did not act upon what was being done to us. So, eventually we came to this place, where it all has to be sorted. Every time period has moments like this, where the world teeters on the edge of terrible possibilities. Sometimes it's extreme and sometimes not so much, depending on the relative percentage of light to darkness.

There is a book that I read some number of times that has various curious tales contained within it. One of these says that a very long time ago, an awful evil took place on this planet. The author doesn't go into the details. He simply says that the planet is permeated with the memory of it and that it is in these times that it is being resolved. This is why so many of us came here. Some of us chose to be here because of the possibilities, which I won't go into but which has been discussed here many times. Some of us had no choice because we are players in the performance. Some of us came here to help. Many of us wish we did not have to be here in these times, regardless of how we came to be here. Many of us have forgotten why we came and this accounts for the regret and apprehension. The unknown stretches out before us and is directly relative to the unknown within us. I want to tell you that it's all going to be okay but... as The Man on the Beach said to me when I queried, “It's all going to work out though, won't it”? “I don't know” is what he said.

We're presently in a space of time, awaiting whatever malefic industry the servants of darkness have in store for us. We are waiting. We go about the ordinary business of the day. Some of us are trying to improve ourselves and some of us are just totally immersed in the dream-scape. The consistency of the dream-scape, is utterly dependent on the components that compose it. It has a color and a tone to it that is the result of the particular filter which affects the quality of the light. It has a tone which is the predominant vibration. There are things that can happen that radically alter the color and tone of the whole stage set. 9/11 was one of those things and every area of our freedom of movement and speech has been affected by this intentional outrage, that was performed on us by the criminal elite, who control the engines of government and commerce.

I've banged on my drum about all of this for a long time now. It's getting redundant and even annoying to me. There's a huge crowd a few blocks up the street from me. I can hear them but I can't get to where they are. All of the access points are blocked by visible and invisible authorities, who work for the Department of Information Manipulation but... something is happening. The readership, listener-ship and watcher-ship is turning their backs on the official disinformation channels of network television and rubber stamp media portals of this dimension. The numbers of their audience are in free-fall. Where are these former regulars going? I've seen the statistics concerning their departure from Zio-Media but I haven't seen any evidence of where they go now. Somebody must know something about it.

There is this sense that the tide is turning in all ways injurious to the schemes and plans of The Vampire Squid Combine. Syria is not going the way Libya went, not for the moment anyhow. They're arresting bankers and putting them in jail. Iceland is hunting their own down around the globe. This can't be what they intended and, at the same time, they're not curtailing their behavior in any way. Saying it's pretty strange doesn't adequately express the situation. There are all kinds of things going on behind the scenes but we aren't privy to what's happening in those privies. We know the kind of things that take place in privies and that's about it. They're having a lot of trouble getting around to what they want to get around to. Desperate measures are called for. Sometime between now and the next rigged election we will see what those desperate measures are. At the moment we are waiting and hopefully it's only Godot that shows up. I apologize for this lame posting. There wasn't anything more available to me today. Maybe the radio show will fare better.

And speaking of book reviews, which I wasn't. Those of you who have read The Darkening Splendor, especially those of you who got it for free, I would appreciate some reviews. You know, a bit of quid pro quo between me and the reader? And of course, for the other book as well. Thank you to those of you who showed up and did so yesterday.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I took your hint from the last blog and posted a glowing 5 star review for "Spiritual Survival..." on Amazon. Should show up soon.

I have developed an irritating habit of dredging up pop tunes out of my memory after I read you. I am unable to explain this phenomenon other than its being a reminder of events at various stages in my life. A few days ago it was the old Joe South "Walk a Mile in my Shoes" that stuck with me all day long. Today it is Styx "Welcome to the Grand Illusion." Next time it will be something else. These tunes play repeatedly in my head and can feel like insanity taking hold.

Bless you for your work. I don't how you keep it up so relentlessly. I lived in Germany for a few years back in the late 80s when I was attached to an Army officer as his Government property in Bamberg. I remember he and some of his buddies used to go on fishing excursions to the North Sea. Perhaps you are due for a similar excursion, or maybe a day cruise on the Rhine.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Visible, I was one of the fortunate people who received a free copy of your book some months ago.

I love it and it's the kind of book (for me) which needs to be referenced regularly.

Honestly, as much as I like it, it left me wanting more...

Do you have plans for a second edition perhaps?

> Ali's mom (aka Melanie)

DaveS said...

Thanks, you rock!
I read your words even if I don't comment as much, plenty of others to squawk at ya, you don't need my weird too.


Visible said...

Hmmm, yes, I think there is some degree of travel in my future.


I have no plans for a sequel at this time but I am hoping to get my new novel from the notebook to the computer. It's already written but I don't seem able to manage it yet. Some force is heavily intrusive between me and it. It will happen though.

MiaBellezza said...

Vis, I'm seeing a lot of cracks in their veneer. You have done a great job to keep rolling out every couple of days another thought provoking article. Wondering if this is hell or some form of purgatory, or what? Is this the grand deception as i have suspected?

The New Agers talk of creating your own reality, IOW pretend what's happening exists in some other dimension or 3rd world. (I wonder where the 2nd world is?) Kinda like dreamland ... So we have all sorts of sheeple walking around in non-realities.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great post Les.

I was hoping for a bit of Mr Apocolypse (and his walking stick) in there somewhere but I would imagine he is very, very busy at the mo.

Nothing lame about this post.


MiaBellezza said...

Well to take an analogy from somewhere else ... For every 10 marbles of actual money there are roughly 100 marbles out there. World GDP 2011 was US$78.95 Trillion and derivatives (that are now imploding the anglo empires) are anywhere from $600 Trillion and up; probably closer to 10 to 1. Can that be repaid? No. So why are they bailing out countries right now in Europe. Well they aren't. The money gets siphoned right into the banxsters hands. Everything is going according to plan.

Why is there no course in high school about money and how to balance a budget ... because they don't want you to understand how it is their plan, about every 60 to 80 years (that's why most wealth by the 3rd generation gets obliterated, except for the uber elite), to take everything away from you including your livelihood, property and spirit. Everything is going according to plan.

Anonymous said...

Seriously...who are Meagan Fox and Kirsten Stewart? Karen Toffan

Skepticfrog said...

The Nation of Satan, Evil and Revenge is on the rampage again.
Now even romantic association with an "undesirable" is severely punished.

Now the positive: The Tribe surely must have gained a few thousand new haters for this particular travesty. It's good that she is a natural Nordic type blond and pretty, it heightens the male species' disgust with the perps.
Eventually, the numbers will catch up with them, and then the fun begins - like it always has had in History. Remember how many times have they been expelled from a slew of countries during the past two millennia. History DOES repeat - with some variations.

Zoner said...

Well, at least out of all this turmoil, uncertainty, and hand-wringing one amazing thing has presented itself.

The adjustable cleavage bra.........

Anonymous said...

For the World, I'm just hoping the 'Really Rottens' dont show up at the Laff Olympics today, tomorrow or next day.

Eamon said...

If Miss Stewart had chosen to become a porn star, or anything else that could be classed as an unwise move -- say, taking up crocodile wrestling or trying to set the Guinness record for crack consumption within a 24-hour period -- would "real love" simply say, "I hope you have a good time and I fully support your decision"? No. Real love continues to love the beloved even when some of the decisions of the beloved are manifestly stupid and potentially harmful, but that is not at all the same thing as supporting the unwise choices, actions, etc. As for Pattinson's reaction, the situation as a whole, etc., maybe you are right. I haven't paid attention and have no plan to do so. However, it is entirely possible that you are being less than fair to a man you do not know and who is going though a painful process under a microscope which magnifies and distorts things in a way and to a degree which we will never know or experience. Just because a man does not immediately come out and say, "Hey, Babe, I just hope you had a good time being boned by that other guy despite whatever commitment we supposedly had," does not mean he is a bad man. He may be really good; he may be very bad; he is likely somewhere in the middle. It is not my concern, but I see no reason to presume he is notably different from other men, most of whom would and do naturally smart when faced with infidelity. Godspeed, my dear friend. Thank you for another excellent offering.

Anonymous said...

Visible, it's Robert Pattinson you dropped an n. All of them vampire movies suck, although the bar scene from Queen of the Damned is kinda cool.
Stay true to the Spirit,

missingarib said...

Vis,the masters of war are in it for gain--it starts with the war on drugs-
families neighborhoods,counties, country's are fair game-
The P T B use the various agencies to trash any and all declarations of human rights in the name of what -well I forgot what it's in the name of -wait oh ya to protect our children ya I think that's it-course I could be wrong - the drug war is a convenient weapon to crash and burn through the fabric of a nation- including extradition, shooting down of planes and whatever else serves to kill,steal or incarcerate for profit.
The killing ground has arrived -God preserve us

thank you for shouting from the internet- from the heart-
live long

Visible said...

Eamon, what is your point? Do you have to go reaching into the hypothetical just in order to make me look uninformed about something? I don't do what if and it's irrelevant to the actual details of the situation. I can't deal with something like this but I can tell you it makes me feel soiled and disappointed. I'm going to go get a cup of tea. Maybe I'll feel better when I come back upstairs.

Visible said...

People, please try to refrain from those heavy ugly comments about a certain segment of the population. Yes they are vile and it might be that all of what gets said is true but it gets me into trouble at home. If only for my sake, please exercise some degree of civility because I hear about it and would rather not.

Anonymous said...

Visible says this was "lame posting" ..., but first part was all "gold", about unconditional love and Patterson's missed opportunity to state such (but being they are all hollywood "property" he didn't, because that's not the game); so that part alone made the post another, of endless Visible one-of-a-kind works (i could have stopped reading the post after that first, part, but like always - read every word to the last and then comments)

BTW thanks for the directions to Rodney Crowell

For those who enjoy Rodney's work, check out the music of his daughter Chelsea Crowell (granddaughter of Johnny Cash; it's in the blood (genes):

to MiaBellezza
the "derivatives" have been estimated to be U$1,500 trillion (1.5quadrillion); in the 1980s Eustace Mullins estimated the holdings of the "Rothschild" (red shield=blood shield)to be U$500 trillion = half of the value of the entire world (at that time; it is now likely around 1 quadrillion; i.e. value of most of the world); this is partially what the "derivatives" game is all about - gaining control over all material objects by way of (reverse kabala) funny money; that is - the world turns over its material wealth in exchange for the pieces of pretty colored paper...
Look at a U$ "1 dollar" paper money and the truth is right in plain sight: in bold letters, on the front, top is printed FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE: search the legal definition of "NOTE" - it is a debt obligation with interest attached - interest payable to the owner of the note and collateral (your material person) due if interest is not paid; the owner(s) of the notes is the "federal reserve" which in turn is owned by private banxters (headed by the blood shield klan); in other words the USofIsrael has no money as it is a system of debt;
If a person (anywhere in the world) accepts these debt notes (not money) they enter into contract with the note owners - i.e. agree to pay interest with collateral attached for non-payment - i.e. your carcass, your blood, your sweat and tears;
I don't know if George Carlin knew the details, but he got this part 100% correct "They own you!";
Objections will be made that this "money" is a fraud and scam, but the anwers is you, we, all, around the world were informed openly before agreeing to the contract - the contract of endless debt with interest and collateral (your material person) - as it is written in plain sight on every piece reverse-kabal magick money bill ... forget "money" we don't have any and haven't since 1913 (all of above can be verified with official documents, etc. - it's not a conspiracy theory - it's a criminal conspiracy - in the open)...the significance of 12-22-2012 is 100 years since the creation of the debt scam system - the means by which "they" have come to own us and the world ...

anyway - thanks for your works Visible!
respects and peace to all souls!


Anonymous said...

Great news hearing about the Bankers' arrests. I would much rather hear more about that than the last queefs of humanity.

I guess that pedophilia and baby raping have become so common place, they don't even make the national news anymore. The story is so stomach churning, I am actually sorry for posting it, but I wanted to ask why this has had no press, yet the Sandusky scandal dominated? This case is even more abhorrent than the Sandusky case because the mother, a 22 y.o. geeky looking library type, actually allowed her 5 month old infant to be raped, then handed this baby girl over to a 48 year old man professor at a Cal State college for him to sodomize, choke, burn and urinate on the baby. Most animals will kill and die to defend their offspring, but so goes it in the cafeteria of Kali Yuga:

Eamon said...

I do not and did not desire to make you look uninformed. You are what you are and I love you for it -- and, what is more, I believe you know that. However, I did desire to encourage you to examine your own treatment of a man and a situation about which you are, like all of us on the outside, largely ignorant. He did not react the way you would have or the way you thought he should have -- c'est la vie. I don't see how that is a sure indicator that he did not love her. What conclusions you draw from any examination, should you choose to perform it, are your own affair. My point, visible, is that real love does not, in fact, do what you seem to imply -- at least not in all situations. Love desires the actual/real good of the beloved -- not a good that is merely apparent, illusory, etc. I know you know this. When the mindless, spineless sheeple repeatedly choose to whore themselves out to demons, the Money Master Mafia, et alii, endlessly indulging in intellectual, moral and spiritual fornication, does real love say, "Have a good time!!"? No. Real love, which we see in the vast majority of your usually-spot-on social commentary, rightly hammers the mindless and spineless among us for being so blind and craven that it makes you want to vomit. Infidelity -- whether physical, intellectual, or spiritual -- is not something to be encouraged or celebrated. It is to be lamented, especially because every infidelity among creatures necessarily involves a much greater infidelity toward God, whose infinite, unwavering love is the very cause of and reason for our existence. I love you like an older brother or favorite uncle; it is my love which motivated me to encourage you to reexamine what you have thought and said. I do not know if you will do so (that is your affair) or what you will find, but I do know that God will be our faithful Guide and Friend as we travel the road to our heavenly home. I hope your tea was delightful and that you are feeling better. Godspeed, my friend. I love you (c:

Visible said...

Bholanath... have you heard from Ram Tirth yet? I can't find your email address for some reason and that is why I am communicating in this manner. You, on the other hand can contact me via that medium.

MiaBellezza said...

See youtube "Max Keiser: Occupy Bilderberg & Mainstream with Alex Jones". The finishing touches of the global fascist model is almost in place. Pretty soon you'll have to pay a tax to breathe while the jackboot is in your face. Ah, I'm just kidding; the souless bangsters and politricksters can't do that TOO, surely? Well as another video goes ... "bend over", or get off your knees. It's decision time, or forever hold your peace...

8 seconds to midnight...

the gardener said...

Dear Sir:

Which is the most profitable to you source for purchasing both of your books? I would like them delivered yesterday.

Thanks in advance,


the gardener

Anonymous said...

I'm with Michael, the crimes of this "nation" are off the charts; causing the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, destroying Libya, cluster bombing Lebanon, Operation Cast Lead, trying to destroy Syria and trying to blame some dead guy (dead numerous times) for 9/11 which he had nothing to do with but we know who does. Now also seeking to destroy Iran for a non existent weapons program while Israel continues to refuse to sign on with the nuclear non proliferation treaty. Endless wars courtesy of Israeli owned US.

Palestine has been real for centuries and the reason Israel changes all the names of the towns where she has driven out the inhabitants speaks volumes about who has a legitimate right to that real estate. Judgment is coming.

Read more:

should it have read fiery furnace{s}...?

Network Workers....

04 Aug 12

working overtime for the Network of workers...

michael rivero

View Intense Debate profile

+111,111 Vote up Vote up more....

michael rivero · 1 hour ago

Shame on the University of California.


Visible said...

The thing is Eamon, you are attempting to define my definition of real love as if that were somehow your province and it isn't. We all have the authority to possess our own definitions of the item and I will make my own judgements concerning what love is; reserving the understanding that there is always more to it.

What you have done is to take what I said out of context, creating a non existent scenario that i neither mentioned nor alluded to. It's a simple fact that when someone says they love someone and they have been with them for 3 years and then they cut them off for a very human failing that could happen to any of us then that person does not love the other person nor does anyone telling me different understand love very well.

I said what i would do and i have done this and I live in a situation where i grant total freedom. That it hasn't been taken advantage of is not the point.

You don't know anything more about that guy than i do, as it so happens I happen to know more but you have empirically decided that you not only know the depth and extent of love but also that I don't; which I never claimed anyway.

The proof of what I have said is right there in the behavior of the principle. I don't much care about the childish and attached self serving behavior of those who consider themselves the wronged party. That is not relevant to my understanding of love.

I also have a good memory and I am aware of everyone who starts off a commentary slapping me around and then topping it off with a tag line of appreciation. It's a tactic and I'm real familiar with it.

Though this may escape notice, I was speaking for myself alone. I wasn't speaking for others nor did I indicate that. I was speaking for myself and what I would have done. As far as I know, that is a privilege I still retain.

If you spend 3 years with someone in a professed enduring love for them and they make a mistake which at 22 years old is not difficult and you just shitcan them then that is not love on my terms and hypothetical projections are meaningless.

Yeah she could have gotten an automatic weapon and killed him and his whole family and he wouldn't love her anymore because he would be dead. She could turn into a crocodile through the power of some bush witch doctor and gone and had an affair with another crocodile but none of that has anything to do with the actual situation.

It's fine to be hurt but it's always about ego, always. My idea of love is obviously different but I'll stick with it and also stand by what I said. Also, I wasn't hard on the guy at all and leaving that impression is disingenuous. I simply stated my observations based on my understanding of what I call love and I absolutely walk the talk in that respect.

I don't mean to alienate you with this and there's no rancor or bad feeling on my part. However, I'm not stupid either and I've been subjected to this under different auspices several times now with the same opening efforts closing off with some kind of "good doggy".

I'll admit that I''m having a bit of a rough day as sometimes happens when the astral weather fronts conspire to create a low pressure area but nonetheless constructing figmentary conditions and making projections that imply I said what I said in a way other than how I said it or inflating my commentary on someone where I merely mentioned missed opportunity tends to made me respond on a point by point basis. I don't think many female readers will disagree with my analysis given the prevalence of double standards all of us have seen more than once.

Visible said...

Thanks Michael, I couldn't help myself.


Gardener, the most profitable thing for me is that you get and read the books and enjoy them. Otherwise, I have invisible means of support. Amazon is fine. They are thieves but what else is new?

MiaBellezza said...

corvus ... "the "derivatives" have been estimated to be U$1,500 trillion" ... my, they have been busy little vermin.

Hey how about a Bangsta rap song! M&M (grin) might be available. Just kidding bend-over-bangsters. Vis, i couldn't resist (grin).

Visible said...

Well, sooner or later you get the point.

Erica said...

Hi Vis,Yes of course you are right in your definition of the way love should operate-unconditionally.Yes,we women are more forgiving of this type of indiscretion-but the jury is out on whether that makes us more unconditionally inclined,or just more desperate to cling to relationships that aren't working.I'm somewhat cynical about 'love' within the matrix!
Would review 'darkening splendor' if I felt I had anything to add to the excellent ones you've already got-quality,not quantity!

Anonymous said...

I'll be sticking with the United States of America.

Granted, it's body is crawling with worms so much that there's no energy left and it seems to be dying. They can't kill an idea.

They put all of their energy into attacking what's pure. The "Occupy Wall Street" and Tea Party movements were infiltrated and made to look ridiculous within the first month. They've done it all from the inside.

The constitution was voided when they put the senator's offices up for mob rule. In a republic, the laws are not up for vote. The constitution was whored out to mob legislatures years ago.

Women could always vote. If they were widows and the heads of their households, they could vote. It was a one vote per household rule and the man cast the vote. Nowadays, any woman who believes in that very fair rule is ridiculed by the image of the beast and all it's hydra heads. After the constitution was virtually voided with the senators being elected by mobs who voted for the immediate need of the day, those needs being engineered, women were allowed to vote only to cancel the votes of their husbands and the war of the sexes began. Every president since then has been elected by this bitter overflow of women in the population. After that, it was only a matter of brainwashing each generation by degrees which wouldn't cause too much notice.

If it weren't the United States doing it, it would be some other country. You can't run from them. You have to confront them. It starts here.

Anonymous said...

If (note I wrote "If") A and B are in a mutually and genuinely loving relationship, where A loves B as much as B loves A, and B does something wrong, then it is the loving duty of A to lovingly correct B, not 'support' him/her in his/her wrong-doing. By supporting wrong-doing, you are ultimately doing more harm than good. This Hollywood couple you mentioned at the outset of your blog never did love each other. It's better that they are no longer together. There could not be 'loving correction' in this scenario because there was no love to begin with, not from either of them. Had there been love, she wouldn't have 'cheated', and he wouldn't have dumped her. However, expect a brief but stormy reunion, after which they will (more or less) go their separate ways.

Eamon said...

Thank you for the thoughtful reply which, by the way, did not alienate me at all. No, I do not agree with all you said, but that is okay. You have made many excellent points and I shall calmly consider them before replying further, should I choose to do so. Pax tecum :)

Anonymous said...

When assessing the overall dynamics of various celebrities, most especially, "movie stars", you have to start out by determining what they actually are.

And most of them are not human like you and I are human. Most of them don't have free will, most of them don't make their own decisions.

What I'm saying is, the vast majority (and I don't mean a few, or some, or even 25%), well, the vast majority is mind-controlled. They don't have a will of their own. They are literal robots. Most especially the female "movie stars".

So someone like Kristen Stewart is a prime example. There is zero doubt that she is mind-controlled. You cannot be a young, female, somewhat-pretty "star" in Hollywood without being a mind-controlled robot. (Either that, or a clone.)

There are only there types of "stars" in Hollywood - mind-controlled slaves (both female and male); mind-controlled slaves who are also "handlers" (i.e., people who "handle" and control other mind-controlled slaves), and handlers who are not mind-controlled in the traditional sense (usually they are government agents who moonlight as "stars"; i.e., Bob Hope, et al).

No other types of "stars" exist in Hollywood. Nobody becomes famous unless the intelligence agencies/controllers want it that way, and have groomed the individual from birth, to become a star. Nobody but nobody. There are no accidents here. There are no exceptions.

I used to be in the business. I have seen it first hand. I know other people in the business who have seen it first hand. It's just a fact among people who have worked in the business. Why do you think movie stars have trailers? (Meaning, isolated stand-alone sanctuaries on wheels.) Because they "vant to be alone", as Gretta Garbo once intoned? No. Because it isolates them from the rest of the cast members and crew so their handlers can tweak their programming.

On movie sets and TV sets, there is a caste system. The "stars" and principal actors get their own separate catering (for lunch, snacks, dinners, etc.) The rest of the cast and crew get their own separate catering. The two factions are kept isolated from each other. This is not because "stars" get special treatment due to their lofty status - it's just to keep them separated from each other so the non-slaves don't interact with the "stars" (i.e., the slaves).

Female "movie stars" are pimped out to super rich Satanists, Tribe Members, and various billionaire types on a regular basis. That is just part of the deal. If a Saudi prince wants to bang Kristen Stewart when he flies into L.A., it's going to happen. These girls are told that they have to whore themselves out to the puppet-masters if they want the brass ring. Not that these girls could say "yes" or "no", they are mind-controlled. Most of them have their money stolen from them by their handlers. They have no free will, and they don't really know what's going on. Randy Quaid made allusions to this a couple years back, you might recall, after he was framed on hotel-theft charges and fled to Canada.

So that's just how it is...truth being stranger than fiction and all.

uninformedLuddite said...

About the man on the beach. Was a lot of the conversation non-verbal?

Visible said...

There's no harm done Eamon. Life does funny shit. A lady just called tonight looking for her husband and he stayed to watch Time Bandits with me. Your rising to the call like this answers every question I might ever have. Thank you my brother, big time.

Anonymous said...

A sub-theme in Les's comments sections is "end of the world" memes in the entertainment media. This evening I watched Discovery Channel. Four or five hours of "2012" and apocalypse stuff, followed by a two hour "stone age" survivor show. Ten suburbanites, 25-60 ans, given animal skins and dropped into the Colorado wilderness. I quit it after an hour.

The destruction scenarios were: tsunamis, meteor strike, superstorms, New Madrid, Yellowstone super volcano.

I write off the tsunami cover for a population reduction. And the earthquake and super volcano.

A terra moto might be induced by subterr atomic blast, but its effects cannot be aimed and valuable assets would be destroyed. A coastal tsunami might be done by submarine nuke detonation, but the Powers aren't going to drown NYC and the East Coast... unless you start seeing FedGov and Wall Street move to Denver. (Vide the Kabbalistic murals in the Denver Airport; consider rumors of vast underground spaces also).

The easiest disaster to fake, and most controllable, is a "meteor strike." A nuke missile launched from high altitude; strikes the Earth at Mach 3, trail appears plausible as that of a meteor. Blast radius big enough to wipe out inner city breeding populations no longer of use to the Powers. Miles of hopelessly decayed buildings flattened. Several millions would be eliminated by this method. Media will corroborate the natural disaster(s) as "meteor strikes".


Of course Discovery Channel is out to make money by offering high drama. But as we are learning, such shows are crafted; content is composed with care and high attention to metaphor and symbols. If Discovery et al. are jumping on this new profitable theme it will do its duty also, which is to prep the population, herd the population and mass consciousness (sic) in directions the Powers want.

What do you think?

Dave, East Toast

John Rambo said...

Your idea of unconditional love, isn't that meant to be applied only to the unconditional, to God?

If everyone had the same idea that "Hey, let's just sit back and let our wives or girlfriends cheat and act like a fucking whore", then the world would be in an even bigger mess than it is in at present.

You are probably aware that 85 percent of divorces in America are initiated by women? The majority of divorces are caused by women, not men.

Also think of the children. What happens to children psychologically when a divorce happens? When the wife runs off with some other man?

70 percent of criminals in America are raised by single mothers (women who divorced their husbands).

The advent of feminism in the 70s also marked a dramatic increase in crime, that has been increasing ever sense.

So I am sorry to have to disagree with you on this point, but I absolutely cannot support the idea that we should just give women unlimited freedom to do whatever the hell they want. This has already been done in the western countries, and look at the result. Tens of millions of broken families, children growing up without fathers, millions of men's lives destroyed by their ex wives financially or emotionally, and so on.

Feminism is one of the root causes of why the Western world has become such a hellhole. I'm sure that you already know that feminism was created by the Illuminati in order to destabilize western society and thus make it much easier for them to create a police state.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Churning Larvae said...

Gosh, Vis, don't you ever get writer's block?

Stella Blue said...

BTW @ Anon 8/5 12:28am --
You are so full of shit. You have no clue. You don't know WTF you are talking about. "In the business" my ass.

Churning Larvae said...

Unfortunately, many of us here, myself included, may not have reached the developmental stage or evolvement approaching Vis's all encompassing gift of Unconditional Love. Pattison is a young guy..his head swimming in the ether of success and fame. He finds a girl he loves, invests emotion, affection, material and spiritual effort into the relationship as his maturity and experience allows. His opportunity to be a "cool guy" in handling said demise of his relationship may arrive at some point in his life, but sadly not soon enough for Vis's take on it. After all, Vis has experienced lifetimes of relationships and affairs to fill many tomes upon which to draw and offer his professional opinion. Perhaps Pattison is a newbie to the world of the sensual and "true" love and the "Ole Master" can give the lad a break to find his own level of forgiveness and understanding as Vis himself had to grow and find this for himself.

Anonymous said...

"this one's for you ..."

i tagged along for awhile cuz 'the woodpecker' had flown, and your material reminds. you know, for a bit of fun and insight, zane and sane, and perhaps some virtual, however 'anonymous', sense of community. (some of it i could have done without.)

for world view poli-sci, i still like icke. he's found his gonzo journalist footing, for the most part, and doesn't project so much the frustration typical of those viewing from the outside in.

google:'knights of malta - whale', and you'll have at least some inkling of the world from which i've intimated that i come. israeli ... puhleeze!
(need to conjugate your 'burbs'.)

your experiential bent is towards the overt authoritarian, those who neither built nor own the global infrastructure you would describe.
'pro rata' is your (strictly) backroom villain. (the masses sense him vaguely, through his mutts, as 'simon'.)

zionists, jesuits. different style and roles, same luciferian agenda.

that would be long term social engineering, with a genocidal twist. dissociative divide and conquer begins at home. time + pressure =

subvert the creation, supplant the creator. (like that's gonna work.)

not sure if identifying all of the perp-pets will be of much help, other than to vent. (symptom methodology.) the 'us' and 'them' thing, you should know, may be contra-indicated in the final analysis as an effective (personal) solution.

still, someone needs to sound the alarm. and no one rings it quite like you. (curse of the capable.) it might resonate a little further and more deeply is all, were it less simplistic, more comprehensively well rounded.


Anonymous said...

this 'knights' fan's version of the satanic pecking order is ironically the mirror bias to your own, inasmuch as he 'fails to emphasize' khazari roots (and other.)

again, this is intended for your personal edification and consideration (per request)as i have little interest in rattling the cages of some of your more rabid supporters (grin)

Visible said...

How anyone got the idea that I have any interest in K. Stewart is beyond me. Or how anyone imagines I am promoting infidelity is also beyond me. I just happen to know that people make mistakes and you have to forgive them.

A lot of what I read here is proof positive to me that attachment and the control of others for the sake of one's own vanity is a major driving force. It doesn't surprise me that people's lives are as fucked up as they are because they see others as possessions instead of independent entities on their way to a destiny that does not involve any of us in any final sense. We come here alone and we leave here alone.

What is most surprising is the need to put a specific meaning on someone's words where there is no evidence of such meaning anywhere in the words; none. I thank god that I'm not limited by ideas of ownership and people as property simply because they chose to spend some amount of time with me. I believe if you love someone you set them free, you support them in both the wise and the foolish ends of their being.

Humanity never fails to surprise me with it's necessity to put rules and regulations on each other and get nasty about it too. People hate their own potential for freedom and they hate it in everyone else also.

It amazes me, it really does. It amazes me that people can know so much about me, without ever having met me and their ability to take things out of context is stupefying. This is the reason I don't take all the nice things people say about me seriously because they will turn on you in a heartbeat and if you don't know that then you'll find out, count on it.


Visible said...

I stand one hundred percent behind what I said and it is exactly how I would behave if it came about. The person I live with understands what I mean and it provides a freedom of being that most people don't have. Nothing of a certain order has gone on in my life concerning any of this, on either side but the magic and the friendship are very real.

Here's what happens to people in relationships. They meet and a spark ignites and that makes them feel free and that freedom is intoxicating. Then they get attached to the person and want them to act and be according to their property rights, so they kill the love and the magic and are left with smoldering resentment which eventually turns to hate. I see it all the time.

They become cripples, limping along next to each other, bound for the grave, all intimacy and joy go into the coffin with them. That's not how it is for me.

I just have to shake my head at so much fear and insecurity. It's breathtaking, literally. I can understand the chains of ego and vanity to some degree. I wouldn't wish them on anyone but I can understand them. However, to take what someone has said and attribute some other meaning that is nowhere to be actually found in the words well, that's just dishonesty and it's also something I don't hide from myself. I know what lurks behind all the temporary facades and fronts. I've seen the masks come off and there's nothing pretty about it.

There's no inkling of support on my part for any behavior by anyone. I'm simply informed about human behavior. I know what people do and what hard highways they have to move over in search of themselves. I know they are going to fuck up. It's a rare specimen that does not fuck up. Therefore I believe in forgiveness and I believe in unconditional love and I believe that you either live according to your beliefs or you are a hypocrite. Everyone wants forgiveness but granting it, that's something else. The double standards that go on are mindblowing.

Well, you'll have to sort all of this out for yourself. That's not my job. Enduring youthfulness, flexibility, reservoirs of energy and endurance? These things are not for you; calcification, senility, cell bars and heavy invisible shackles, those are the payoff for dragging another down into the unholy hell of your own selfish demands that they do as you say but not as you do.

Visible said...

Geez, I just read that comment. Once again, massive dishonesty. I never had but one dream with that person in it and there was nothing sexual going on. Someone else mentioned having a dream with me and that person in it. Perhaps you are confused? I have all kinds of dreams with all kinds of people. Celebrities show up all the time. I imagine many people have such dreams. How such presumptions can be made is startling.

I have all kinds of opportunities for certain things and dismiss them out of hand; couldn't care less. As I have been at real pains to communicate, no such things go on in my life and no mention of dreams was made here and no mention of any specific dream has been made more than once concerning any one person. No mention of erotic engagement has been made. That's all projection and slander as well.

Like I say, I have no illusions about people. They out themselves, their prejudices, their resentments are glaring examples of what they are really made out of and when people twist a person's words to suit an image that doesn't exist well, that is extreme dishonesty. What puzzles me is that the actual words are right there to be seen. Why would someone imagine that portraying something other than what it is, with the actual evidence to the contrary right there to be seen... goodness I really don't know what to say.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish-

Pinup Girl and Heart-Throb Boy Continued.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. I don’t consider myself a follower, but a listener. I weigh what I learn here and use it as a gauge, or a remedy, or learning tool or a potential affirmation that I’m on the course I wanna be on. No one’s path is exactly the same. As we travel, we’re sharing our experiences and observations with others. Maybe that experience/observation will be useful should we come into a similar circumstance. I appreciate Visible’s sharing information and his style of doing so.
On my own, without Visible’s input on the subject of romantic-type relationships, I’ve reached a very similar conclusion.
I’ve dreamed about Hollywood types – the majority of those dreams were not sexual. In fact, I dreamed about Arnold Schwartzenagger, whom I do not find attractive in any sense of the word . When I recognized him in my dream I was wondering why he was there cuz I didn’t know him. I’ve had dreams about Visible too; again not sexual. I have never met Visible in person. I don’t know Visible outside of here. But I do find him an attractive person/personality.
And, as far as dreams go, the words of a song sum up much of my feeling about them – “I find it kinda funny. I find it kinda sad. The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.”
Love, Serena

Rabbit said...

Hi Les.
"Why would someone imagine that portraying something other than what it is, with the actual evidence to the contrary right there to be seen"

That is one of the great mysteries of the net, I also wonder about it.

I do understand (as you have indicated you do) why the young man would reject Kirsten after her indiscretion, and doubt I'd do differently. However I recognise the higher nature it takes to do as you say. In Islam it would be considered perfectly justififable to divorce an unfaithful wife but the course of forgiveness is made clear to be the better choice.

ChewyBees said...

The topic of affairs and forgiveness and unconditional love fits in with a conversation I had with some neighbors a couple of weeks back.

We were all standing around in the afternoon sunshine, and someone delivered some gossip about someone else (a stranger to me), a married man that had posted his picture onto one of those e-sex sites. Of course, he got caught because the friend of his wife came across it, and the pattern of wronged ego and divorce at all costs ensued, at least according to the gossiper.

I looked around at my neighbors and said, "if my wife want to have an affair, then I hope it makes her happy."

They looked at each other and me like I was crazy.

I followed up with, "what am I going to do about it? I love her, I want her to be happy. I'm not going to go off and hire an attorney and get a divorce. Why would I want to hurt her for being happy? Why would I want to hurt me even more? It's something I would have to work out for myself."

While still shocked I have to believe there was a crack in the ego shield there, a bit of understanding.

The power of forgiveness, and ego on the back burner are essential to a healthy life. When people get all up in arms about grudges, revenge, victimization or judgment, they only exponentially increase and prolong their own agony. Of course we all get hurt, but the manner in which we deal with that hurt can cost us a lot more than the ones we are angry about. These are the times we each show the level of our quality.


Visible said...

That is precisely true Chewybees. You're really engaging in self flagellation and you can't do anything about it and you can't change it. You can't unfuck someone. All I'm saying is make the best of it. Show some class. Do that cool thing most no one else has the sand to do. Whatever it is. It already happened. All you got now is the aftermath. Be classy.

Visible said...

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