Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mesmer-Bots in the Department of the Depraved

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

There are several things that are prime indicators of End Times. End Times are also Beginning Times but the latter is only relevant to those, whose focus is beyond the summation lines, of the age in resolution. In most case, this is a coded DNA but nothing would make much sense, if there were no latitude for transitioning among the somnambulists, which is the essential wind beneath the wings of Mr. Apocalypse, whose walking stick is also a summoning stick, tuned to the vibrations of the new Earth. There is a gap in time and conditions, between the vibration of what is and what is to come. Since there is no Moon, adjustments have to be made, between the movie playing on the Jumbotron and the one playing in your head. The Moon is the transmitter that programs the alterations being acted out on the false Earth and the resonance in the heads of the mentally ill, is caused by the bite of the Lunatick, which waits on the leaves of the high grass and injects nanotech Mesmer-bots, into the blood stream of those whose immune system has not been upgraded to include ignorance and dum-assmentia. I'll say no more on the matter, until it comes up again, like gorge rising, which unlike what is not there, does rise in the yeast and sets in the Jello, translucent to some but opaque to the blue screen heads.

Anyway, as I was saying, before I digressed at right angles to everything else, there are prime indicators of End Times. We have a veritable Whitman's Sampler, of evidence in this regard and the list is long. Meanwhile, Mr. Apocalypse is turning the ancient subterfuge specialists into mouthpieces for the truth, whether they like it or not. Not to be outdone in the Department of the Depraved, the Rottweiler Pope and company are in Foul Hoenig Heaven. Another indicator for End Times is random and callous violence; always an exemplifier of materialism predominating uber alles. One hopes they will be schooled in the same, at their next point of residence. I realize that goes counter to the remonstrations of The Good Book but Karma will have its say, whether you forgive them or not. We're reaching new lows in communication, via the conduit of anonymity and therefore proving the old saw that “Men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses”, depending of course on the shape of their asses or the awareness level of the one walking alongside them.

Speaking of asses, this shout out to stupid and dictator indulgence, disappeared a couple of weeks ago but now it's back, because probably everyone forgot in the meantime. Speaking of Depravity and Indulgence, how often are we seeing things like this these days? It's too bad in these times of austerity, where Banker Indulgences rival and surpass anything going on with the organized church, before Martin Luther came along, that we don't have enough lampposts to go around. We need to make the streets and highways of the West, make the roads to Rome, post Spartacus, look like a non event. I know this goes contrary to what the Good Book says but Karma will be served, jot and tittle wise. The offenses of the bankers have gone turbo. There are no regulators and there are no rules. Another sign of End Times, is when the actions of Mr. Apocalypse, begin to match up with the real targets of the mindless and callous violence in search of closure.

I'm laying the sum of this misdirection and atrocious bad aim, at the feet of all those lactose intolerant, Moon Junkies, whose acetic anhydride is not what it used to be. This is what happens when all the good drugs get stepped on by The Bigfoot Police.

Those familiar with the Zen saying, “It's all a joke” should bear in mind that the comedic aspect of the whole enterprise is about to go nova. We can see it moving from the tragic-comic, to the full blown comic, but the progression is generally missed, like most things get missed, because of the preponderance of bad shit and dire necessity, handcuffed together on the Boulevard of Bullshit that has replaced the main thoroughfares of Main Street and Commercial Street, in Urban Nightmareville. We're about to find out the meaning of a New York Minute.

Speaking of Biblical plagues and factoring in wild fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and sundry, we now have widespread drought and that's going to mainline into cost of living, multiplied by food shortage, divided by unemployment and poverty margins, until all Hell breaks loose. Karachi has 20 million people. Mexico City has 20 million people and greater London has the same. There are many locations like this, with large numbers of participants. The intention of the Eugenics Elite, is to herd the populace into these locations around the world, for serious madness in motion. The math doesn't lie and nothing short of cosmic intervention is going to change any of it. Will we get cosmic intervention? I haven't got a clue. Things have progressed and regressed to a point that I have no more capacity to measure or interpret any of it. It's off the hinges. The door to nowhere and anywhere, is off the hinges.

People are water boarding their children. The police are shooting on sight. People are being fined for feeding the underprivileged. Gardens have been outlawed. All good supplements, medicines and recreational mind-stuffs, have been made illegal and the bad shit has been made mandatory. Statistics say you are 16,000 (or was it 60,000?) times more likely to die from corporate pharmaceuticals than from anything that's illegal. It gets more and more batshit insane by the day. It's off the hook.

I want to be optimistic. I want to find new ways to talk about what isn't changing except to get worse. I am running out of descriptors and hyperbole. WTF? WTF? They're drilling into people's safe deposit boxes. They are stealing the money out of their bank accounts, cause there isn't enough coming in the QE slush funds. People can no longer read and write and chew gum at the same time.

Words appear on the virtual paper and look like squiggling worms. We're in a countdown of some sort but you can't hear the numbers. My thinking is that we already passed into minus country some time ago. WTF? WTF?

People look normal where I am, far removed from urban blight and resident in some kind of pastoral time warp. I don't know if they're normal. I've forgotten what that is. That is the nature of incipient insanity. It goes by steps and degrees and it's always going around the corner, so the time comes, over and over, where you can't recall what was normal last month and there's no memory at all of last year. You've got a few childhood memories, maybe, though they might have been implanted and then there's nothing but fog and blur between there and last week. It's like living in Memento and let's hope you know a good tattoo artist.

Humanity just goes right on ♫dancing in the moonlight♫ and what that means is they can't see shit but you sure can smell it. Everyone has a theory about whose behind all of this. For me, as far as America goes, all you have to do it look at who blueprints the game plan for Homeland Security in The House and The Senate. All you have to do is look at the names of the people making the Freak City laws. Most of the time you see Chucky Schumer's name. The support of the militarized US, is directly connected to the following destruction of it, as soon as Ersatz Israel has got its desired boundaries. What really surprises me is that some larger portion of all the world's nations have not gotten together and make arrangements to eliminate The Vampire Barbarians from the face of the Earth. I'm guessing that between the control of the world's finances and currencies and all of the nuclear devices hidden around the globe, they've got the human race, which they are not members of, by the short hairs. Making these statements is considered to be the ultimate in poor taste, where it hasn't already been made illegal and there shouldn't be any surprises about that. This whole circus has been orchestrated from a long time ago and the only saving grace, in my mind, is that I know that the strings of the psychopathic puppet-masters, are being pulled by forces unknown to them. Like that timeless quote maintains, “those whom the God's would destroy they first make mad”. One of the expressions of this particular madness, is an irrepressible urge to come forward and be identified and to brag about their crimes. They are relentlessly convicting themselves in the court of public opinion, as Mr. Apocalypse is raising the awareness of the formerly brain dead witnesses.

People can argue all they want to that the real villains are someone else ...but how to explain the list of names in all of the key positions, or the ownership of all of the mechanisms of deceit and injury? How does one explain that? How does one explain the architects of all those wars brought into being by the Neo Con membership (the word Neo-con is anti-Semitic), where the names are an echo of the other names, working as accessories before, during and after the fact? How does one explain the identities of the Central Banking Families? This is known as denial and the primary drivers of denial are ignorance, fear and the desire for material gain.

You can call them as you see them but it doesn't mean much if you can't see them and the cause of that is the inability to see yourself. So it goes.

End Transmission.......

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PatrickW said...

Oh yeah... they heads they a'poppin out faster than mushroms. Soon come plucking time!
Excellent pace Vis... fab piece.

Visible said...

Now, that was quick my dear friend. Let us hope that the time space continuum, in what passes for real life, will reflect the same speed.

Peter said...

A few days ago, I watced a You tube vid about Waco. This, from a link at Mike Rivero's site.
Chuckie Schumer was prominent in the Waco affair.
The vid showed Chuckie and various FBI types, all looking astonishingly healthy and attractive in a very gay way.
It hit me Chcukie is a switch hitter. There in DC (direct current) Chuckie has learned to get ahead ( get it? head?)

Anonymous said...

OMG did you like see Miley's hairdo? Lady Kaka has a fur coat! The mobile DNA who's your daddy truck is online in the glorious people's republik of New York. These are the stories that really matter.

the gardener said...

g'day... I've been working on a new application for the 'gobbledygook affect'. Anyone who lies from their mouths will find nothing but...gobbledygook coming out. Anyone who uses their hands to write lies will find them useless except for writing...gobbledygook...hahahahah

So if you get say...some legal notice and it does not make ONE LICK OF SENSE... say GOBBLEDYGOOK!

After the 'gobbledygook' comes the 'shit torrent'... just spews of pure shit emits from head orifice. The 'shit torrent' might result in actual 'shit' coming out of the orifice or just word shit... I've been seeing/hearing a lot of that going around.

BUT get this! amazing article on what the not humans have been madly working on for ... a long time...

Quite the document here with all the fave killer electrical, electronic, sonar, etc... tools created to totally annihilate real humans' brains and bodies.


the gardener

PS-got quite the snort out of 'childhood memories, probably implanted' HAHAHAHAHHAHA not right when one has to now question every single stinking thing as to its 'reality'.

Craig said...

I have always heard that cops have the best weed. Now we know. On a heavier note it looks like the captain has turned on the fasten seat belts sign. There seems to some serious turbulence swirling about. A hard hat is also recommended. There are reports of giant walking sticks swirling about as well. (grin) Always wanted to do that! Les your writing always brings me comfort and hope. Thank you never seems to be enough, but thank you.
Craig out
PS "It's just a ride" Bill Hicks

Anonymous said...

A colossal sinkhole opened up in Louisiana over a brine cavern that holds radioactive drilling waste and which is close by to a butane well whose 36 inch pipeline is bent from the ground subsidence.

The well drilling company has been ordered to produce a worst-case scenario study by the state government.

This could get very intersting very quickly.

When Mr. Apocalypes comes a-knockin' you'd better pay attention.


missingarib said...

Given the numerous tricks,tips and fireworks someone otta call 9 11 -oh wait that call went out in 2001 and along came home land security to the rescue ahahaha-in the mean time we'll just hang around and kibitzer about our day-

The bloggers and the loggers are busy trying to open the log jam so watch out down river.

live long vis -appreciate your excellent writing (and I ain't blowing smoke up your ass saying that) -wish I/we could do more to clear the river.

Anonymous said...

Chuckie SCummer helped to cover up the Zionazi Mass Murder of the Davidians and the 5 "ADL/ATF" so-called covinous collusion with most of the Kosher Brothel called Congress...Sonny Bono and few others excepted....

You know...maybe a whole lotta things...but essentially what the "Media" and terrorists of the ZOG proved is...Due Process is a Stage play Kabooki Theatre of the absurd notion... know..?

Go just seemed rather suspicious that the Bolsheviks had managed to craft the...
"Anti-Terrorism" legislation
... and were ready to go the day after the Oklahoma Murrah building Suck Bomb case...

enjoyed the congregations comments..yesterday, but was too tired to chime

Remember :

"'Omnium rerum quarum usus est, potest esse abusus
virtute solo excepta."

Which translated into 20th Century

There may be an abuse of everything of which there is a use, virtue alone excepted.

slingblade poetry...

Sir Anthony

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of anonymous is how those lame wannabe cross script hacks don't work. Inferior devotee groupie fanboy ballwashers might like to get pwned but I'll pass. One time I was dumbassin' around and found some penis lip tryin' to run some script in the my documents directory that shit got kicked to oblivion. I like to get on the neighbors wifi and get behind proxy too and look at pages in case any believers of their own press clippings get any ideas about some skills they don't have. :o)

Anonymous said...

Silent darkness
The hungry cold
scorching wrath
The hammers roll
Lightnings mayhem
The tyrants dread
A Burning fire
The nocturnal web
Of crooked paths
crocodile sheep
Layers of predicament
Evils keep
Slanders casket
The useless sold
Burning in the fire
Of earths truth grows,,,


Anonymous said...

Imagine the odds. There are two female celebrities from the past whom I greatly admire. One was a movie star back in the 1930's, 40's and 50's. Another was a movie and TV star in the 1950's, 60's and 70's.

Lo and behold, two "regulars" in here made posts very recently, from out of the blue, commenting on how they had a "thing" for these very same stars. I have never mentioned my attraction to these two celebrities - not in here, or anywhere else.

One poster commented about the first star, the second commented about the second star - within four days of each other.

I have been reading Vis's blogs for over three years now, and have never read a post made by anyone that indicated the poster in question had a "thing" for any female celebrities from "back in the day", whatsoever (let alone the very same two - count 'em, two - whom I greatly admire).

And two of these posts were made, suddenly, within a span of four days. And the two stars just happened to be the only two whom I admire in a major way...the odds of this happening are over a billion to one (and I'm being generous with the odds here).

I'll leave it to you readers to decide why that happened - I know why it happened. Do you? If you can figure it out, give yourself a gold star...and be careful of everything you do online, from that moment on.

If you can't figure it out, hey, you are not alone. Maybe you'll figure it out in time.

CH said...

Excellent Mr Vis. You are so quotable, I don't know where to begin thanking you for your way with the words. I really enjoy your perspective and poetry about these crazy crazy times. I've had an intense feeling of WTF? going on for a long time, and it's been soothing to have an articulate, honest mystic witness to it as you.

Warm Zephyr said...

Visibl(y) Irrepressible,

I've been clinging to your shoelaces for nigh a year now, as you ascend and transcend,go backwards, forwards and side to side; and I've noticed something lately listening to your cha cha slide (~..~) You're quickening the pace...adding a dash of lunacy.

You're helping to crack THEIR mortar with charges set to blow, you're kickin' em in the shins giving green bruises that glow! I love your 'rUtHleSs' wit that leaves THEM writhing on the floor, and ALWAYS, always leaves readers coming back for more. :)

A cosmic legend on par with fabled Cyclops ~ only you're working for(((Source)))doing 'error- reversal' Psy-ops! Still, it can't be easy and to that I say...YOU ARE LOVED and APPRECIATED way beyond your pay! And...W~T~F heh?

"Will we get cosmic intervention? I haven't got a clue. Things have progressed and regressed to a point that I have no more capacity to measure or interpret any of it. ***It's off the hinges. The door to nowhere and anywhere, is off the hinges"*** (LV). Ah hah hah hah hah... :D

Wen Ao Long said...


After a long three-year exile from communication with people who want to be viable beings and wake the hell up I finally have a chance to talk to you. I've had the benefit of reading your words but never being able to tell you anything in response. I wish I could help in some way, but hell, I'm just holding on by my fingers like Dekkard at the end of bladerunner... I think at this stage a person either "knows" or "cannot know". It is as simple as seeing in full color and into the full spectrum of energies vs being utterly blind down to be eyeless by genetic default. The problem has been that the cards were stacked until now and it has been that the sighted were given the wool treatment before and at birth and beyond while the unsighted by nature have been given eye-sockets with unseeing eyeballs that mimic sighted beings' behavior. Worse, they are controlled and led by Archons who DO see enough to know how to get their spiritual rape on via these hopeless mannaquins at the expense of the Sons and Daughters of Truth. Sadly, in order to end this fiasco, the "end" has been transformed into "THE END" and this is to complete the metaphysical surgery which will extricate the healthy spiritual tissue from the gigatic cosmic cancer/parasite so it can die in its own pocket dimension while the healthy tissue is extracted to a metaphysical ICU for recovery and reintegration to the Real World from which we have been unfortunately abducted/astray or else otherwise "estranged", but yet have properly struggled to reconnect (religio). The time had to come, and now it is going to seriously come in major ways. I feel you are on the right track to awakening, given your repulsion from tepid blind bland stupidity and in your urges toward sincerity and revelation. You also seem to be growingly repulsed by candy-coated bullshit such as is pandered about by New Age idiots who are just the "other color" offered by the Demiurgic fool and his ministers.

Wen Ao Long said...

By the way I also feel that the biochemical catalyst methods employed by those with the proper dispensation is overly beaten over the head with the stick of ignorance by those who feel they have a preach-own-version-of-straightness dispensation. Personally I have benefitted by the double-edged sword of biochemical catalysis and include that tool cautiously and with the same profound respect with which I carry my other tools, knowing that everthing in this cosmic tragicomedy is dualistic in meaning and results depending upon the agents which wield them, be they words, comestibles, or anything else.

Long live those who win victories and don't blabber overmuch about methods others should or shouldn't utilize, long live pragmatic warriors who understand the ideal of winning the battle and not pulling slivers out of each others' eyes in the heat of combat.

insiam said...

Nothing here is news to me. But i am just some fringe conspiracy theorist so maybe you made it all up to scare the children.

I find it 'interesting' that the fat bottomed one and the Icke fellow are not really covering the Assange situation.

Sometimes i wish i was a brain dead fuckwit so i could just fit in with the majority of our species :0

John Rambo said...

"I don't know if they're normal. I've forgotten what that is."

Go to Bangladesh. You will probably be overwhelmed with emotion and shed tears, seeing them, what real human beings look like.

They have real love in their hearts, the same love that is almost entirely missing from the hearts of most people living in the western world.

Anonymous said...

A tigers pulse
The harvest moon
The scorpions bite
Zionist doom
Suppremacist falling
Imperialists shake
The school of the heartless
Pits of a snake
The calling of attention
The wolf and The hare
the lightnings buffalo
An ancient mare
The lair of a lion
The house filled with dread
The sacrificial swine
Of the motionless dead


Anonymous said...

Sorry about these quite scary poems people,, Neil

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

Runaway Stupid and the Train to Nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Enslaved corporate fascIst evil
Parliamentary sacrificial swine
The prowl of hatreds total disfavour
The head on the gates of the devils behind
Monsters of depriving and meaningless
Parasites feeding off the minds of the weak
The unnatural lies told in absolute darkness
The debased form of the sold by its deeds
Savages barbarians democidal maniacs
Exposing the face behind the false mask
The financial pyramid burning into nothingness
In the alienation of humanitys cast
Heartless convulsions of ruthless mismanagement
Dreams fade and die by the tip of a sword
Where humanity lifts and fills up the spirit
The devil lays dead in a pile on the floor


JerseyCynic said...

Chucky!! - WTF? WTF? - (genuflect genuflect)

Make my day as usual, Les Visible

bigloner said...

Folks, we got trouble,

I don't know what's going on there and all the Fox / CNN heads don't either. They can't even cite right. Some said 1 million gallons ( nearly all others say barrels ). Second, if its butane ( hopefully not benzene re: carcinogenic stuff in aquifer ), it seems to me if it is liquefied it must be under great pressure. The deeper it is the more stable ( relatively ) it is, yes? But if it is shallow & liquefied it must depend less on depth & more on integrity of dome to maintain liquid state. Very stupid if all this is indeed true.

....In a secret research facility in the middle of the swamp, Dr. Alex Holland is working on an experiment to combine plant and animal DNA. Alice Cable (Adrienne Barbeau) has been sent by the government to help with security. But when the evil Dr. Arcane's men storm to lab trying to get hold of Dr. Holland's work, the results are explosive, literally. Through a chemical reaction, Dr. Holland is transformed into the Swamp Thing...

I could see the movie being re-done with the butane angle....kinda like Cagney at the end of 'White Heat'.

But, after a bit of drilling there's still good music buried about


Anonymous said...

Once again sorry about those poems,,they just came out like that,,,it would help if masons jew fake Jew telligence services death cults and other various garden variety psychopaths would stop playing games with the devil,,,,

Respects.... Neil

Anonymous said...

No offense to any of the real Jewish people like the ones in Iran who refused to go to Israel even after being tempted with large sums of money,,,,

Respect neil

Anonymous said...

Good piece , Les .

One night , years ago , in the Sussex countryside , I was " dancing in the moonlight " , tripping massively on fresh-picked shrooms , a very hearty dose , and I wanted to see Pan striding oer the hills didnt happen , but I was left with a message , no , not from a " voice " or anything , just
" Its a joke . Its all a big joke "

Im reading a biog of Keith Moon .

Something you wrote reminded me of a passage about Mal Evans , he used to be the Beatles road-manager /fixer , but hit hard times in early seventies LA . He was shot dead by cops cos he was " threatening to commit suicide "

Yep , its a joke alright !


whatever said...

"People are water boarding their children. The police are shooting on sight. People are being fined for feeding the underprivileged. Gardens have been outlawed. All good supplements, medicines and recreational mind-stuffs, have been made illegal and the bad shit has been made mandatory. Statistics say you are 16,000 (or was it 60,000?) times more likely to die from corporate pharmaceuticals than from anything that's illegal. It gets more and more batshit insane by the day. It's off the hook."

Hammer meets nail, Les! Damn straight. If you could choose your race, your country of origin, your parents, your environment or your DNA before you are born, I could begin to understand all the hate and hurt in this world.
But you can't. You cannot choose or change who, what, where or how you are who you are.

It is a fact. A circular truth. A cosmic 'Catch 22.'

Can you begin to imagine the Heaven on Earth that awaits if and when we accept and realize this?

OMG! There would be plenty for everyone.

The Earth is abundant. But, not if we continue to allow her ruination through war, nuclear armaments, GMO's, pharmaceuticals and poison to our air, sun and water supply.

The elite are murdering us. Slowly and systematically, murdering us. And taking our life savings while they do.

It's time to rise up and reject the lies. It is time to be responsible for your own health and your family and for your food. We ARE what we eat. We've been eating poison. And they would like us to continue that trend so they can continue "treating" all our disease and keeping us alive until they sap the last penny from us before we expire. It makes life a game of roulette. And you are betting against the 'house'. Feeling lucky?

Good luck. Get smart. Know. Feel. Grow. Live. Life.

Everyone can and does have it in them to defeat the bastards. Listen. Hear. Trust yourself and no one else. Peace.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Bath and Beyond in the Rubber Room.

the gardener said...

"Mesmer-Bots"... I like that.

Mesmer-Bots, Mesmer-Bots
Let me pass-now
Focus on this piece of glass
There are doors up top those stairs
Go inside and see what's there
Looking in-it's all just mirrors
Groping, grasping a room of peers

"Amazing!" so "Fascinating!"

They preen and study-unaware
the doors shut and they don't care

They'll stay inside til you say when
Then we can start it all again...

Called 'showing them the egg' or 'putting them in the egg'... it's an egg of mirrors. Like a carny show with a big wide ramp leading to a flashy shiny mirrored 'inside'...

Inside the egg-mine is always yellow. Like a pretty Easter egg all glitzed up.

When it gets most out of control 'putting them in the egg' is a good thing to do... just show them the egg-they'll do all the rest.

the gardener

Unknown said...

You outdid yourself this time Les,so on point,by the way, has anyone told how hard those 2 words are to see,I had to refresh 5 times before I even could take a chance to type them, still do not know if I see this one correctly, we shall see in a second. Your piece is more important then my comment,



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