Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Prince Among the Living and a King Among the Dead

Dog Poet Ruminating.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

We're not going to spend any amount of time on the Colorado shooting. Obviously it was a government op, as were all of the others. Every one of them had a companion military or police drill similar to what happened taking place at the same time. As usual there are companion efforts going on that may or may not be relevant. Why someone would wire up their apartment and then inform the authorities it was wired is also weird but the whole thing is weirder than the guy's hair. Since Israel runs all of the American terror operations, the same way it runs American foreign and domestic policy; “I'm a patriotic American, proud to be Israel's bitch”. People should no longer stand when The Star Spangled Banner plays. They should bend over. It's more in tune with how it is.

We've mentioned here, in times past, how there were going to be a whole lot of tragic-comic events proliferating with increased frequency. Well, you'd be hard pressed to top Tony Robbin's latest. Dumb-asses! What's the point? It's only meaningful if you can stand there and not get burned. Hopping across the coals like The Easter Bunny on meth does not convey to me the trust and self confidence these new age airheads tout it for. It's like those people with Transcendental Meditation a few years ago and recently, as far as I know, who would bounce in the lotus position on their whoopee meditation cushions and convince themselves they were levitating. This is no knock on TM. It's a legitimate meditation medium.

I find this a little disheartening but, then again, Putin is a man of many parts and I have long believed that he is playing dodge and stall; a waiting game, because the chewing gum and Elmer's Glue being used to hold the American financial system together, has to give way anytime between now and when it happens. The idea is to stand back and wait for it to self destruct. As soon as the Israeli vultures have picked the bones clean, they'll call in their golems and ogres to suck the marrow from the bones. To get some perspective on what degree the children of Satan exercise their temporary control over world affairs, you have only to read this. Here's a little more speculation and info.

You can almost hear the clock ticking the way they sometimes do when you can't sleep and the house is still. We are talking about the certifiably and pathologically insane. They want Iran and one way or another, they'll 'probably' get their war. I tend to believe that Iran already has nuclear weapons. They don't want to use them but they will. Any student of the Iraq/Iran conflict of a few decades ago knows how committed and unified the Iranians are. If they suspect they are going down, they will do everything to take it down with them. Toward the end of that war there were rats who weighed as much as 26 pounds, due to the amount of corpses there were to feed on.

The most amazing thing about the whole process of these times is the utter and abject stupidity of the mass of the population. I have wondered at length about this. I have wondered about whether it was the result of some kind of programming? Is it the result of certain broadcasting devices? I've finally come to the most logical, for me, conclusion and that is they were 'born that way' (grin). It is my considered opinion this is a matter of reincarnation. If you have studied reincarnation, in 'the way' that I have, you might come to similar conclusions. One of the things I do is observe generational change. That isn't some mystery science. All sorts of sociologists and pop psych bubble heads have expounded on these things; Generation X, Generation Y, slackers and so forth. They're good with terms and empty pontifications about the superficial side of things. Depth of any sort escapes them because there are things in the depths that challenge your ideas about life and about yourself. The result of one actually studying what lies beneath, is that their values and beliefs are threatened with change and change, which is the cornerstone of immortality, is the one thing the majority of people object to the most. They don't like change and that's a problem because change is the eternal constant.

The majority of people are slaves to materialism and materialism breeds fear; insecurity, uncertainty, greed, indifference to others and a host of unfortunate qualities that no truly sane person would encourage in themselves. This is where fat and complacent comes from. This is all due to appetite becoming preeminent over reason. I mean fat metaphorically. There are various body styles and sometimes there's nothing you can do about it. I've met fat men who are like ballerinas on their feet and who are quick and alert and generally good company as well. People sometimes get ideas about me here, concerning weight and sexual preference, when I am at incredible pains to explicate with precision, exactly why I come to the positions that I do. I'm past worrying about it now. People get it or they don't.

It is no accident that almost seven billion people are here. For those of us who see the whole panorama and the underbelly too, we do not separate everything into parts but rather see the whole, as if it were intended to be so and then we seek to gain insight into that, through objective observation with intuitive feed, in respect of the whole because, no matter how objective or bright you might be; no matter how well informed, you don't get the totality from sensory input, nor can you fully understand what anything means, unless you have access to an intelligence you don't possess yourself. This is the secret of artistic genius or genius of any kind, where the practical result is useful and enduring. It's also called inspiration. This is also why accessing the well of memory is one of the most important things one can achieve; should they know how to do this because, EVERYTHING is there. There's nothing new. Quite a few things could be said here but we'll defer that to Origami where it belongs.

The point of my bringing up the preceding is that when people rely on their own limited resources and when they reference material culture for the answers to problems that are the result of material culture in the first place, they're just chasing their vestigial tail. It's a vicious cycle and it explains the incredible denial on the part of all the self important people, whose heads are stuffed with useless information, whose only value is in being able to endlessly spout it, in the company of people who are also only paying attention to the sound of their own voices; empty rooms and empty heads filled with conversational Mylar that bounces off the ceiling, noxious brain farts that improve no one.

People are stuffed with self importance, the same way they get stuffed with holiday food and both of these cause them to bloat and fall asleep. Why do people get so drowsy after some of these meals? It's because of the reaction of their system to the digestion of a large amount of meat and attendant fare. That's where the red rimmed eyes from the inside come from. Toss a lot of alcohol on top of that and what have you got? You got the same thing you get when you eat all that bad information and engage the brain in tedious amusements. You get tired and stupid. Eventually your motivations become pedestrian and you are no longer capable of reaching into the higher register, or even inspired to. Everything of value becomes a threat to your survival in make believe zombie land. You are incapable of becoming a prince among the living and a king among the dead. You become the wall against your own freedom and mortality your constant companion. You gain nothing of value here and that is the currency you take with you into the lands beyond.

Wisdom demands that you acquire and accrue the coin of invisible realms, that you familiarize yourself with the landscape ahead of time but... the pressing demands of the temporary dominate the heart and mind, until the heart goes fallow and the mind heads on rails into senility. Senility is called The Second Childhood. It's what you get when you don't get regenerated innocence, which is the other option. I believe I have mentioned William Blake a few times. He was considered a serious eccentric in his day and one of the things he used to do, during a certain period, was to answer his door naked. His explanation for that was that he had 'regained the pristine innocence of his youth'.

The density of these times in respect of relative darkness is extreme. Following that, has come the individual isolation tanks of ear-buds and the endless searching and tapping upon cellphones. They are the new rosary. They shut off the mind from self inquiry. All of these things have one purpose and that is to defeat the dynamic of 'know thyself'. All of this is a calculated effect. There are actual forces at work. There are actual intelligences employed in continuous deception and the most powerful result of this influence is Fear, attended by confusion and also rage. Rage is never far off when Fear is around.

There are so many people on the planet right now because of the incredible opportunities that manifest for those who have found a way around the quicksand and the man-eating plants. Most people have forgotten why they came. They will be reminded of that sooner or when it no longer applies.

End Transmission.......

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tmcfall said...

I really need to get out of this asylum soon. the irs may force my hand and it will ultimately be a good thing...another wonderful post
Thank You
Tom in Tempe (for how long?) Arizona

JerseyCynic said...

yes, we've certainly plateaued --nothing left to figure out with regard to "basic needs". Aaahhh gimme that ro-mote & a couple of bags of chips, dips, some doritos jacked, a six pack......

It's all Edward Bernay's fault

Thank you once again, Les Visible, for confirming I am not the "crazy one"

Zoner said...

So many synchronicities, it boggles what passes for the mind these days. What to say?


It's all I got, and feels pretty damn good at that!

Thanks as always, Visible, for speaking my mind for me. Just proves again that "me" is specious at best.

Anonymous said...

Thanks v,
The stories of the patriotic heroes that took a bullet for their lady make me feel sick. High power rifle bullets go right through a body and if they are of the expanding type do more damage to the second in line than the first. If of the FMJ steel core type they go through a bunch of bodies before slowing down much at all. Obviously just more BS for the proud murikans.

Ride, Sally Ride,

Anonymous said...

"no matter how objective or bright you might be; no matter how well informed, you don't get the totality from sensory input, nor can you fully understand what anything means, unless you have access to an intelligence you don't possess yourself."

so much to love in this post...but 'chasing your vestigial tails' is inspired. oh the wit of the cosmos...it has me laughing all day when i am in synch with its observations, visual puns and gentle asides...the more you listen, the more attention you pay (with the currency that is impervious to fiat) the more you are given...the feedback loop is instantaneous and constant...at some point i imagine i will surrender myself totally to this interplay and that is when the shift comes. but i don't know. i can only imagine. if people could unplug from the earbud matrix and connect with the intelligence that is waiting some may be terrified while others would finally know what they had come here for.
liz in l.a.

Anonymous said...

...go ahead, make my day.

....you shoulda seen Dr Ron Paul on C-Span {7/24} do the Waltz...across Texas, when the Young Man from Kansas asked about the "Jewish" Likudnik Terrorist 9/11 mass murder PSYOP for Global Zionazi Hegemony....

a genuine twofer.

I'm Alive

dig it


...comes now professional LIAR [JEW] Dore Gold...with a stinky load of talmudic pilpul twaddle wrapped in dried elephant dung stuffed with some cat poo........


"Thus the decision to use the term "occupation" appears to emanate as much from political considerations as it does from any legal analysis. . The charge of "occupation" has evolved into one of the most potent weapons in the delegitimization campaign against Talmudia.

In sum, the "occupation" label is built on flawed analysis and requires the application of transparent double standards by those who use it, by which they single out Israel for condemnation that it does not merit. Rather than creating a setting for diplomacy to succeed, it only makes a real Middle Eastern peace more remote than ever


...even mighty Manfred can sniff out the "JEW" chutzpah...in a NY second....right Mr. Green Jeans...?

Visible said...

I actually read that already and projectile vomited on the astral plane partway through.

tmcfall said...

Yeah, that article definately gave me irritable bowel , hoof and mouth syndrome simultaneously.
These guys are totally brazen, but the apocolypse train is coming down the tracks...all aboard!!!!!
Tom in Tempe Arizona

Innocent Smith said...

Very good post, Les. Although I must take issue with you on the rosary. Personally, I always thought all the ear buds and iPods, and cell phones with internet are much better described as the new cigarette. People are afraid to actually strike up a conversation with their fellow man, who may be a stranger. It is a combination of weakness and fear and not having any social skills. And yes, maybe they were born that way, but I think they were manufactured by these very devices. There is nothing like a good smoke to take the edge off while waiting for a train and offering one to your neighbor. Those days be gone.

Now, I don't pray the rosary much anymore as I tend to pray the breviary. But, recited and prayed properly, it is an incredible meditative tool. And brings one closer to God through his Holy Mother. But, I understand where you can be lead to make such an observation.

The trick to materialism is charity. After all, all the commandments are a variety of charity or said more simply, love. After all, St. Paul said works without charity is dead on arrival. You don't covet your neighbors goods out of love for your neighbor and that includes your enemies. The other trick is to find a way to covet your own goods. Be keeping the world fresh and regenerating your soul.

And of course we must be prudent to take notice that when the Old Enemy draws our hearts to the love of temporal things, he stirs up a weaker brother against us, to take from us those very things which we love. St. Gregory, a pope said this in a sermon many years ago.

God bless you and all my brothers and sisters who read and post here.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff - keep it cOmin' Bro'!

Rob in WI said...

Looking forward to an Origami about accessing the well of memory. Hope we don't have to wait too long. Many animals are capable of this access. They can navigate globally without GPS, sense approaching weather changes and earthquakes, avoid danger, etc. When we can achieve access, we won't need no stinking internet.
Be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

We'll be ready. And we're leaving the light on for you, here at the Motel 666. We hope you'll have a nice day in hell. All you newscasters and politicians and bankers and war-mongers and psychopaths and Satanists and C.E.-fucking-O.'s. We're fluffing up your pillows, we're sprucing up your bed chambers, we're making things ready for the Biggest of Sleeps. And the souls of the billions of dead bodies you've littered the planet with, over the last couple of millennia, are doing all the prep-work for the final festivities. And you thought it was the sheep who were on the menu, didn't you...and you were right; but not like like you thought you were - because you are the sheep now. You are what's for dinner. And how does that make you feel. With every desperate move you make, from this moment on, your goals will only slip further from your grasp, and your masks will fall completely away, and your terror will mount. With every theater shooting you organize, with every war you plan, with every lie you tell, your end only draws nearer. And we can see it in your eyes now, that you know this; we can see it in the eyes of your minions, too - we can see that things aren't going quite as planned. And so can you. So we're leaving the light on for you, here at the Motel 666. And when you've had enough, when you've run out of places to hide, when you're so tired that you can run no longer, when the well of energy has finally run dry and your spirit shrivels and you know your next breath will be your last, we'll be ready. We'll be ready to lay you down gently, and pull the covers up tightly beneath your quivering chin, and stroke your hair, and whisper sweet words of comfort into your ear, as the thunder rolls, and the fissure widens, and the red glow of perdition sucks you down deep, and the hour of payment arrives with a white-hot finality that will make the universe itself tremble in an orgasmic, cataclysmic frenzy. "Yessssssssss..." We'll be ready.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. Comments/statements/pronouncements of those kind make me wanna bang my head into the wall. Yes, they are stomach churning, but it hurts my head more and makes my eyes cross. But, before I hurt myself at those times, I take deep breaths and mutter I hope this will all soon be over. I know it will end when it's supposed to, but I'm still anxiously waiting. Love Serena

JLOC said...

Once again you hit the nail on the head Mr Visible.

Visible said...

10:17, well done, well done.

Inocet Smith. Two sentences in, I said to myself, this fellow is a Catholic. Please look up 'analogy', it's just semantics and takes nothing away from what you have; nor did I intend it so. What I meant was as an object or medium of worship and these things are that. What one puts all their attention on is their god and... so it goes.

captain Kanuck said...

Great Post
Oh Geeeeeezus last chance to steal your tickets for the coming
rapture.Unfortunately theres kneeling room only The rest of ya
heathens your allah gonna stay down
here and eat devils food cake and shovel coal for eternity unless ya convert and become non infidel papal romp smaking zionists
Amen and all that stuff
Signed a sneaky robot

insiam said...

Instructive and enlightening - and bookmarked for future reading. Now excuse me whilst i take of my underpants to answer the door :)

Patrick V1.2 said...

This whole thing seems like we're in this hamster cage in a tilt a whirl and the scientists are saying the biggest wheel in the universe is only capable of 186 thousand miles a second and they're talking about the hamster wheel. I'm out there everyday and people do not see shit. Ever. I mean I now pay my bills with quantitative easing it's so much easier then actually earning money. Why didn't I think of it before Ben ? Duh.

But I don't care. Me and G know and I guess the path is narrow.

Patrick V1.2 said...

Tom in tempe I don't know you but I'd feed you just to spite the fucking criminals at the IRS. Don't you fucking quit buddy. G has your back. Trust and keep trusting and pray brother. If you truly have faith you have G. I mean that.

So if you get hungry post here and I will get a hold of you I promise before these people and G I will feed you. Here comes my test gahhh ! Why do I do these things? Because it's the only way we defeat this scum.

Anonymous said...

"THE JEWS ARE a unique race, parasitic and predatory, evidently formed from hybrid stock (including, according to Mourant’s haematological analysis, c. 10% of Congoid blood) in the way described in Sir Arthur Keith’s theory of human evolution.

"The parasites find, seemingly by instinct, and attack every inherent weakness in our racial stock and exploit our vices, so that it is often difficult to fix a boundary between our innate deficiencies and the parasites’ exacerbation of them. Our current religion is one of their many weapons: The superstition infects our race through its appeal to our racial proclivity toward romantic sentimentality, transcendental mysteries, and even a certain heroism: the willingness of men to sacrifice themselves for their people, which is perverted into asceticism and an itch to serve 'all mankind.' That has been a deadly infection, encouraging both the survival of the unfit of our own race by preventing the natural process by which viable species eliminate their degenerates, and by encouraging a fatuous toleration of racial enemies...."

-- Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, "The Three American Eras" (1983)

Anonymous said...

pierre said

this guy asked "why is it so? often answering integrity and good attitude there (though annoying persona, I find)

Prof. Sumner Miller

Rosary bead analogy I found quite pertinent, though one could (like masturbating with God in mind that you suggested a while back) do the God.App. successfully, even with bells and whistles. whooowhooo! better to contemplate though amongst such a din.

Anonymous said...

pierre said... (doubling up)

slightly off topic but not really. Love is all and pointing the finger at the bastards.


Anonymous said...

You know Les, when you talk like a man, you get to have my audience. I too thought it was hillarious when I saw the "harry krishnas" doing their yogi flyer transcendental hopping around in kids air ballon jungle gyms saying they are levitating with their hindu gods, lol. You should become Muslim Les, that is what I think. Break the mind control of whoever taught you or indoctrinated you into whatever, and come to us. We will acccept you. Read Sura fatih' ah and gul' wellah ahad from the Quran. It will break the spell of whatever is using you Les. As for people on Earth and why they are here, it because too many morons fucked like jack-rabbits and shitted out a bunch of useless kids that clogged up this Earth and turned heaven on Earth into hell on Earth. Come to us Les, come to Islam and the New Ozmanlis. We will accept you and make you the man you can be and not just what someone in some pyramid structure thinks you should be.

Visible said...

This is very cool, courtesy of Bholanath.

Look at them all, some of them are high art.

Visible said...

This also works for these blogs. It might be of interest to some.

Ray B. said...

"[Fire walking]'s only meaningful if you can stand there and not get burned. Hopping across the coals like The Easter Bunny on meth does not convey to me the trust and self confidence these new age airheads tout it for."

In my early experiments on Reality, I fire-walked once (circa 1980). However, I was divided. One part of me was a mystic who was aware that Reality was malleable. On the other hand, at the time I was an aerospace engineer who "knows aluminum melts at 650 degrees, and that fire I am about to step into is over 1000 degrees." Upon walking (multiple steps, orange coals), one foot was fine and one foot was badly blistered. Literally divided mind-over-matter?

However, back to your main observation (which is true). I had a friend in Seattle who was a fire-walk instructor. He walked hundreds of times. No problems.

Once, this instructor had an inspiration to stop in the middle of the coals, reach down, and scoop up a handful of coals. Again, he had no problem with either feet or hand.

Then, he had a thought flash through his mind as he was looking down at his hand holding the coals. He was wearing a wedding ring, and he had the thought that metal conducts heat. You guessed it...

Afterwards, the palm of his hand was fine (and his feet). But, there was an angry blister under where the wedding band had been. How’s that for creating your own Reality?

Food for thought...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

est said...

here's a couple :


Tomorrow you will live, you always cry;
In what fair country does this morrow lie,
That 'tis so mighty long ere it arrive?
Beyond the Indies does this morrow live?
'Tis so far-fetched, this morrow, that I fear
'Twill be both very old and very dear.
'Tomorrow I will live,' the fool does say;
Today itself's too late -- the wise lived yesterday.

Marcus Valerius Martialis

Post-Obits and the Poets

He unto whom thou art so partial,
Oh, reader! is the well-known Martial,
The Epigrammatist: while living,
Give him the fame thou wouldst be giving;
So shall he hear, and feel, and know it --
Post-obits rarely reach a poet.

Marcus Valerius Martialis

Anonymous said...

via kathy
If this is Kali Yuga, and everything is for the purposes of demonstration, how could it be any other way? Everyone is just playing their part. If the bankers weren't scum bags and the average joe wasn't a moron, and the politicians didn't lie every time they opened their mouths, it wouldn't be Kali Yuga would it?
This is what I understand from your writigs and it is the only thing that makes any sense at all. I hold to this understanding and work on myself, ignoring as much as possible, the world. I read somewhere years ago that the Indigos would tear down the world over the next thirty years and the Crystals would rebuild it. I don't know whether I believe in those terms, but destruction and rebuilding are the order of the day and it is clear that older kids, teens to twenties, don't believe the crap they are force fed and younger kids are particularly joyous on the streets around here.
What comes after Kali Yuga?
Peace out

Tyler said...

Syria for example is home to THEE oldest continuously inhabited cities on this planet, a culture so deep and rich its absolutely mind blowing. These assholes want to turn it into a depleted uranium waste dump, a taco-bell and Mc Donalds franchise. These Jews finance the annihilation of the most ancient, learned, intelligent and innovative cultures and cities on the planet just to have a little bit more of the too much they already stole from everybody else.

Why are the masses so stupid? We could be on mars by now but we haven't even kicked off these parasites yet.

The Jewish media and education system is like a prosthesis for the weaknesses and stupidities of human nature, while simultaneously exploiting and destroying individuals and innovations of any real lasting value. All they do is buy up the competition, claim it their own and create pointless jobs to perpetuate misery, need, want. How clever. Planned obsolescence to keep people dependent. The Talmud is a moral guide for usury, rape, murder, and exploitation.

Yeah, lots of stupid people out there who were raised on the Jewish media... pretty bright huh. Why not promote reality on the media. Promote truth, promote innovations, and justice for all... cures for cancer, cures for deafness, jack fresco's inventions that could keep humanity alive and thriving indefinitely. instead we get business as usual. we get these same cretins financing scientific studies to halt non existent human caused "global warming" which leads to things like this

People like myself were raised in these conditions and few of us ever break free from them because we have never had a glimpse of the possibilities of something greater. We've not been inspired by the hand or words of someone who has our best interests at heart. We are wholesaled and treated like sheep and we buy into appearances and think this is the way it is supposed to be, when in fact anything is possible

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 7/25 @ 6:52 a.m.:

Dear Muslimstein: I saw a pair of your ugly co-tribesmen yesterday. They were wearing their beanies. Their little daughter was blonde and blue eyed. You hijack Aryan genes to camouflage yourselves. We understand. We're on it.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

The Spring Cleaning Period of the Aquarian Age.

Tyler said...

The first half of my previous comment never seemed to have made it. here is the first half:

The masses stupid as they are because the Gaddafi's, Christs, and Hitlers who aspire to the higher nature of the masses are killed and bombed into the stone age by people who want you to remain stupid and ignorant.

Some ~95% of the population in Germany rallied behind Hitler... same as is happening inside Syria and Iran today. These highly intelligent masses are defending their countries from the same people for the same reasons. Jews will often brag about killing Jesus, and their Talmud states that he was executed in a Rabbinical court for Idolatry. Really it that he was executed for defying the Jewish power structure at the time for kicking the money changers out of the temple, as stated in the bible, just as Like Jesus, Hitler kicked out the (cant say that here) bankers in Germany and turned around their economy miraculously, they paid off their debt in just two years and were living in a golden age paradise.

Same deal with Libya... Iran, Syria... do you see a pattern here?

Libya (what used to be), North Korea, Syria, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela are among the last remaining nations on this planet without a Rothschild controlled private central bank. Libyans had a Rothschild controlled private central bank installed on them before the war was even over.

Before NATO bombed their infrastructure and killed ~100,000, the Libyan people enjoyed FREE electricity, 14 cent gas, the most innovative and amazing water aquifer and irrigation system on the planet. $60,000 grants to newly weds... thousands of dollars in government grants for people to start their own farms and businesses. Check the link for more detail. Gaddafi was voted man of the year in a poll by Amnesty international before they completely covered it up and began parroting the Jewish media as they are now doing with Syria & Iran. Hitler was labeled man of the year by Time magazine for the miracle he performed on the German economy. Jesus, Hitler, Gaddafi, Iran, Syria...see a pattern???

If you try break free from the clutches of international bankers who own the military industrial complex, the (cant say that word without someone pointing out my pointing it out) dominated corporations and industries will scope out the infrastructure of entire nations and order the military to target the infrastructure, schools, hospitals, water, electricity systems, banking institutions, sewage treatment plants, restaurants.. you name it. Then Jewish dominated corporations will swoop in and lend them the money to rebuild what the people already had, except it will be German, British, American, French, Israeli contractors and industries, and the people will be living in debt servitude paying off these blood siphons for the damage they did for generations to come... stick a McDonalds on every corner. It all comes down to who controls the debt.

Visible said...

Phoney Muslim, you're not allowed here any more and your comments don't get read either. Feel free to write as much as you like before it goes immediately into deleted.

Unknown said...

Les for some reason your words always speak directly my heart.i wonder how you come up with this stuff its pure Gold. Your words always uplift me and inspire me to improve my lot one way or another. Thank you .
on a personal note I have seriously been on a downward spiral Ever since I was entrapped by the FBI. Physically, mentally, spiritually down hill.I have to face the man in the mirrior and acknowledge that I have become the wall to my own freedom. Because ultimately I have turned away from self inquiry, from any sort of spiritual edification besides a prayer or two every other day and the occasional reading of your work (which i used to read a lot more).I've just been so sad I should know better but i am unmotivated and uninspired.
Les, and anyone reading this Please Pray for me.
My Name is Keith Vance Morton and i ask that you pray for me. You don't even have to be specific because the divine knows what I need even more than i do. Your prayers are much appreciated.

ChewyBees said...

A couple of thoughts today, my usual ramblings...

Humans move about as virgin cells looking for one after another virulant pathogen to attach to, as if that were the path to the secrets of the universe, to enlightenment. Sooner or later they become infected with so many viral organizations that their mental immune system can no longer process anything but the cobwebs of existence.

When the government comes and takes away the political dissidents, the domestic terrorists, and the enemies of the state, and the remaining proclaim the action just cause, the government will have effectively removed the final barrier to their true intent.

And finally, in response to anon asking for Les to "come to us"...would he still write what he writes, or would he write what you say he should write?

Lee said...

To ROB in Wisconsin/WI ?

Regarding animals with a built in GPS system and sensing danger.

Jesus calls us hypocrites because we can forecast fair and bad weather by observing the skies. In a sense, we are fooling ourselves by plugging into machines and disregarding our surroundings. Animals do not do this since they are in tune with nature.

And, like the movie, The MATRIX, humans were plugged into a system that sucked thermal energy while they lived their lives in an artificial dream world.

Interesting perspective when you compare it to this reality called, Life.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

Warren Zevon's night time in the switching yard came to mind, tunefully.

Max Keiser, who I like, had Roxanne (TV show fame) on as she is running for Pres. pity how Keiser often compares the banksters to the real terrorists, the Saudi Arabs who dun 911. pity Roxanne didnt take the opportunity to go for the julgar and point the finger at the Jedaic Cabalists (she was speaking from New York).

Partick W's - superb, maybe projection on my part , good will and mindfullmeaningfullness but there seemed to be a synchronisation of words and the pianists expressions (facial and musical). Now Im off to the garden with piano dreams in my head and an eye on the (real) serpent (whom I suspect is stealing the eggs).

And if given a choice of being caught up in a terror event happening on an odd or even day, I will take a 4/8, 8/12, 28/2 over a 3/11, 9/11, 7/7, as the former will be God's and he knows when to stop and why it is so. odd that. good evening.

Rob in WI said...

Thanks for responding, and I hope your situation is improving (read your comments). I intend to comment further regarding that perspective. Our brains are not "vaults of knowledge", that we have received through our indoctrination (in this reality), but "receivers", like modems, accessing the Ineffable's library available to us. Jesus said, "ask and ye shall receive". Animals seek the info, but not necessarily, the comprehension. Everything is available.
Be well Lee, Rob

DannyC said...

Great stuff Les, you are a shining example of how we should approach and react to the stimuli, they call 'news'.

Stella Blue said...
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