Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Is Hang a Banker Day coming to a Theater near You?

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Watch it happen in front of your eyes. The Occupy Wall Street phenom is going viral, diversifying like a stock portfolio and popping up all over the US and in other countries as well. Look at the media not covering it. Look at the media giving out false information concerning the motivation, even to the extent of saying the protestors are protesting against people making 40 to 50 thousand dollars a year, as well as global warming. Understand that the media is owned and operated by the same people who operate at and influence Wall Street. Look at the important names that are appearing in the mix and the American Marines showing up on behalf of the protest as well. In its genesis and presentations, it is about as authentic and threatening to go nova as it can get. This is the real deal.

The traders and bankers are celebrating their imagined invulnerability. In the delusion of their fevered hubris, they are drinking champagne and talking about pouring it on the protestors, in emulation of the bankers and traders at The City of London, who waved banknotes out of their windows as they jeered the protestors. Does this look like they may and should have their heads chopped off and put on display? Does this give you the impression that Hang a Banker Day might be coming to a neighborhood near you soon? This is not an argument in favor or against this. This is an observation of the anger of the vast majority coming up against the defiance, indifference and ridicule of the minority of those causing the conditions for the anger in the first place.

None of those responsible for, the all too quick emergence of difficult conditions for the world at large, have been charged or brought to trial for their crimes, yet. Meanwhile, Americans and others, continue to be herded into for profit prisons, for feeding their heads, at the command of alcoholic lawmakers, who also legitimize and profit from the illegal drug industry in the first place. They are making it illegal for the people to grow their own food. They are arresting children who are selling lemonade. They are permitting sex change operations for pre-pubescent children. They are selling automatic weapons to Mexican drug lords, who are dumping heads and bodies in the public thoroughfare. They are out of their freaking minds and they are going down. Lloyd Blankfein and Steven Schwartzman are going down, sooner or later. Will the Federal Reserve, J.P. Morgan and The Rothschilds follow? We can only watch and wait and hope to see it.

Ah, my friends. We are on the brink. Nothing is going the way of TPTW, even though they are engineering so much of it as it goes. There is no motivation on the part of those who created this mess, to fix it to the advantage of those, who are coming to get them. As a result, the process in progress can only get worse and as it gets worse the noose will tighten, the pitchforks will rattle and the flaming brands will light the way to the castle gates.

There can only be some immense and horrible act, on the part of TPTW, looming on the event horizon. They can try to toss some of the members of their cabal to the crowd, as a peace offering but they cannot fix the conditions that have brought them to this pass, because that is not how they operate. The dynamics of the arriving age demand a complete house cleaning and no matter where they run to hide, the conditions they have set in place exist among the residents of the locales they seek to flee to.

The ironic landing of the marines on the other side of the fence indicates an awakening in the ranks of the military, which presently exists to serve and defend their interests, which operate contrary to the interests of military personnel and their families. Their treatment of the military and their sacrifice of the military to the machinations of bankers are becoming known to the rank and file. The suicides and the atrocities, as well as the gay agenda, are killing morale all through the services. The one thing that military personnel expect is respect and acknowledgement of their efforts. The one thing they do not desire or expect is to die for the wrong reasons and to be treated like shit on their return.

How long will it be before the domestic police tire of what they are being asked to do; given their own suffering in terms of the economy in their own lives? How long can they continue to live with the bad publicity of the behavior of some of the members in their ranks?

On the natural, terrestrial level, Nature is aroused and sending strange armies of ants into the living spaces, as well as all manners of ground trembling, along with fire and rain upon the landscape.

In the governments, the lawmakers wonder, as they bend the knee to Israel at every turn. Meanwhile, the world turns its sympathy and their backs away from Israel. It is a ‘consummation devoutly to be wished’ that this accelerates and the groundswell of Israeli residents also rises up again the powers in place. The time frame shrinks incrementally between now and the last decanate of October, as it comes upon the doorstep of the winter of our extreme discontent; to paraphrase The Bard, who I just quoted already a moment before.

What a wild time is rocking the house and promising to swell its ranks by the day. How many millions in distress are about to wake up and join the party? The basic principle of The Apocalypse insists upon the awakening and the awakening is coming to each of us, in its own way, depending on what we are engaged in or suffering from. Kiss my ass and call me Cupid. Heh, heh, now that’s a strange something to say; probably should be a bumper sticker (grin). What storeroom hamper of bon mots did I get that one out of? Thank god for the internet and all those newsgathering websites that brings the information to our minds, so that we can be proactively involved in the truth of the thing in the first place.

You can get your red string Kabala wrist ornaments and Banker rope on special at Target all this week. Come on down! There’s a blue light special going on, up in the ass of this K-mart store closing culture, of the great American wet dream that’s been ridden hard and put away wet, under those paint rags in the basement. Come on down! Come on down to the burial ground of the rainmakers. Come on down to the cheap seats in the back of the theater and, keep in mind, that makes you the first people in a position to leave. Remember if you are poor and don’t have very much that you are the people least likely to be inconvenienced, given how inconvenienced you already are.

Readers have been quoting one of my favorite all time authors to me on a regular basis lately, giving me those excerpts from Gandalf and company about how no one wants to live in the times when the shadow has come into power on the land and how we have to rise to the call. I don’t consider the appearance of the tales of the Lord of the Rings to be any kind of a coincidence for the world we find ourselves having to live in. The parallels are spot on. Pull up a chair, or pick up a marching sign or standard, whatever it is you are called upon to do and let us meet at the river, once the dust has settled and gone.

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DaveS said...

"When the going get weird, the weird turn pro." HST

Pretty much my thought of the day... everyday.


Robert Bonomo said...

Yes Les, things are heating up. I follow and write about the financial markets, and I am seeing a meme out there about how the Occupy WallStreeter's are "Marxists". I am pretty sure this is orchestrated and I really think it needs to be nipped in the bud. Maybe these young folks are not as financially literate as some would like, but they are out there everyday, fighting the common enemy and we need to realize that their hearts are in the right place, even if sometimes they are not clear with the rhetoric... that will come.. Calling them Marxists is a clear sign someone is reaching into a very old playbook.. and we need to call them out on it.

katz said...

I'm living in a state where corruption has been a way of life since the Civil War. Nobody moves here. They are inbred. As a consequence, there are no local actions for me to join.

If this rain stops, and the NYC event is still on, I'm gonna take a ride up there and pass out pamphlets on what to do if you get arrested like I did the last protest event I went to there.

VIVA the Americans who stand up and speak truth to power!

Anonymous said...

You have a gift in seeing the big picture. Vis, and we can only hope that your assessment of things to come is accurate....humanity has waited so long for change in the right direction. Yesterday, there was a short video on CNN describing the activities and people occupying Wall Street and it came across as they were the stupidest bunch of nincompoops who had no idea of why they were even there. Perhaps you saw it. But, of course, MSM has to belittle and confuse this movement. It did highlight the need, however, of having an articulate spokesperson for this movement....someone who has a clear idea of what the demands are and what needs to be changed. Let's hope that someone will step forward at that level before the winter weather does its job in defeating the movement.

Anaughty Mouser said...

F**K Visible!

You turn a phrase like a coin.

"The one thing that military personnel expect is respect and acknowledgement of their efforts. The one thing they do not desire or expect is to die for the wrong reasons and to be treated like shit on their return."

So true. War IS a racket. Lose the plebians giving their blood and lives for your corruption and it IS guillotine time.

Great post Visible.

Mouser (building fences)

Anonymous said...

Hey Katz;

Good on ya' mate!

Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

Good post...

Glad to see that some of the masses are awakening from the deep slumber.

Also, many parents nationwide are refusing to give their kids vaccination shots... haha!!!

Big Pharma is pissed and now running a PR campaign on the legitimacy of vaccine shots...

The days are getting more & more interesting....

Les, keep up the awesome work!

Thanks and God Bless,

Red Pill

Anonymous said...


Take over wall street goes viral!

Anonymous said...

It's time, paybacks are a bitch.
Got rope?

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"The Occupy Wall Street phenom is going viral..."
Marines Heading To Wall Street To Protect Protesters.

Denny said...

It's "Wall Street shuffle" time, folks! And there sure is gonna be a whole lotta shakin' going on...

Anonymous said...

To arms! (keyboards, cameras ect...)

The time is now, or forever be slaves. There is no sitting on the sidelines. To sit back is to cooperate with the banksters.

The sword of truth is the weapon of power, the keyboard the banner of which we need to fly the truth!

Now! Before they bring the crops into the castle and lock everyoone out. Believe they will. They have their bunkers, gated communiteis, paid off police forces etc.. But right now they are in the towns and playing in the fields. Now is the time to act...

If I were an artist I would create a 'Hang a banker today' logo.


Anonymous said...

yes the marxist meme has been unwrapped. of course anyone with a functioning brain knows how silly it is, but, the misinfo is not geared at you... its geared at the vast American middle class... tired, busy trying to make ends meet, worried and ignorant of the truth of things. so the meme works to cut off growing support, or worse, spark class or regional conflict... more liberal vs conservative gaming. so tired of it. we need a curveball to shake loose of this.

amarynth said...

Amicus, here you are:


(Oh geez! I am not an artist but can do simple things ... but the word verification on this one is 'occul' - and I'm shivering in my boots (grin).

Anonymous said...

There is come a day when the bloated blasphemies who have crept and crawled into positions of influence and power becomes clear for all to see. Even those Sheeple who have dutifully maintained the stance of ass to the class and head devoutly ensconced deep into the sand are starting to feel a trembling from the recesses of their own shriveled souls and begin to wonder at the actual identity of reality.

Les, you have struck a far-ringing, full-toned chord when you point out the significance of members of the Marine Corps and the occasional policeman coming to realize that they too are being used as mere human tools by those who could care less about their well being, or that of anyone outside of their own greed-besotted ego driven manias.

Light is increasing and augmenting by the hour. Alarm clocks are ululating all over the place. The Grand Awakening is full upon us as the dark powers and their Archons and Minions fall out amongst themselves and peck away like a flock of chickens at the tasty morsels in front of their nearest neighbor. Hidden agendas and secret concords are coming apart at the seams as the light of information and understanding emanates from source after source on the internet and among everyday people more and more discussing what is on their minds, only to find that their closely cosseted private opinions regarding what is really real are mirrored nearly perfectly in the selfsame viewpoints of the other guy.

The Dragonhead staff/wand rests in quietude for one more day as the Indian Summer morning demands another session of reconstructing the stone wall around the garden; while hauling in peat from the pond. Civilization is abuilding one stone at a time, as the spade and wheelbarrow teach lessons in humility and sanctity. Spiritualized materialism is not a matter of bigger, better, newer and shinier toys. Spritualized materialism is all about reintegration of humanity within the circle of life as a part of the All and as being One with all that is. In German the word is "wiederaufbau". That is, to build it up again, to reconstruct ~ to go on with the alchemical program of self real eye zation. To do that, my feeling is that the smoothest route is to simply, in those reverberating words from Woodstock: Get " Back to the Garden".

Thus does one cultivate the soul.

-stickman 12 Libra, 33 Anno Eros

Jody Paulson said...

There are actions planned all over the USA and even overseas. Click here and look down under the "Twitter" section on the right for an action close to you.

Anonymous said...

I hope, at the end of this proccess, that it's just not another case of 'all this change and all I got was this tee shirt'.

Who knows, this whole thing could be just another rigged pinball table.

But I'm sure enjoyng(if that's the right word) the spectacle for now.


Anonymous said...

Les, stickman, my truth bell just got rang, I appreciate that, my best to the rest of the family.

DaveR said...

Death by a thousand cuts. I've started to engage the rank-and-file banking employees in discussions regarding these topics. They have jobs and families, too and probably don't like the way things are headed.

I have a single savings account with BofA and recently wrote their online "contact" regarding their pending fees for debit card transactions. I got back some standard boilerplate PR crap and wrote back saying, thanks fr the boilerplate and BTW I think the people occupying your Boston office are only the first of many such things to come, you are now seen and greedy corporatists and this seems to by designed only to enhance your profits, etc.

My usual near-lucid stuff.

Thing is they HAVE to respond to every query they receive, which means they HAVE to read it. This is a great opportunity to get some stuff right into the "belly of the beast" as it were. When I talk with the behind the counter help I ask if they like the new fees. They say no. Then I ask them if they've done anything about it and they will say it's not their job. Then I point out to them that they are the customer service representatives of the company and they'll be the ones continually taking the heat for the corporation's policies and that it is well within their "place" to do a lot more than just take it as handed out.

Get proactive with the bottom end employees at every opportunity and don't let them off with the "it's not my job" BS. It absolutely IS their job. If they can be enlisted to pass the word up the ladder things can change. "Well, we don't set the policy." Ask, "Have you yourself done anything to change it?" Have you written to your own corporate bosses about these problems??" Put it right on them.

I'm due another response from the online contact person and I'm going to share a link to this blog post and say something about this is the flavor of commentary widely around the net. Do they want to continue to take part??

Anonymous said...

Hi Katz,
Any chance you could post a PDF link to your pamphlet?

Erik said...

Hi All,

Amarynth's 'Hang a Bankster' image is now included at the side-bar (top)

Vis, i can remove it again if you want ... just comment/e-mail me ;)

amarynth said...

I just don't want anyone to 'hang' me! Shall we forgive the banksters? (grin)

Visible said...

The bankers aren't going to change if you give them another chance.

Anonymous said...

Les is more

Just a simple point Les. The bankers are much akin to the devil. No one can hang the devil right? He is a important part of the mix, an angel some say. Im not into gods and angles per say but the ideal that cosmic forces have multifaceted roles is pretty clear. It might be that the bankers are just playing out a needed role?

I know I dont get much traction on this argument, but its not the bankers that created or should I say fed this mess, its the people and their uncontrollable lust and desire for the "american dream." To be doin better than the Jones. People have agreed to bad loans, people have been sidetracked into Ipod living. Its not the devils fault that people want silly stuff, but its sure the devil hand that the bankers are profiting off.

Say as a vet, I can tell ya tons of vets have been awake for a longtime. Moreover, they didnt wake up after getting out of uncle sams service, they woke up in the trenches. Jr Bush push out the last real generals a longtime back. If the old guard was still in place, we wont have DHS or Getmo.

Its super important to call out the crimes and people behind them, but it still more important to understand what systems have allowed these bankers to grow. One major part of that growth is peoples desire to larger then life living. We can hang the bankers for giving us fake credit and a beyond your means of living life, but will that stop the machine from starting all over again?

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

The only reservations I have about the walls st protests is that they seem to be asking known criminals to stop acting like criminals.

Seems to me to be fruitless. We can expect the same with any protests of the US government.


amarynth said...

That's why I made a more 'bloody' better image! (grin)

We'll wait for Erik to put it up here, in the belly of the beast, as we seem to be having a denial of service attack on the main site since I put that image up!

Anonymous said...

with tin foil and paper
destitution and sickness
armys of banksters
with their souls hell possesed
fabricated documents
to confuse the people
with the worship of insanity
corruption and evil
they told lies through politicians
distributed wealth to the willing
satanicly poisoning
all minds from beginning
children implanted
with false historys
mothers and fathers enslaved
life just a mystery
but now a rising torrent flows
from beginning to the end
of a cold dead system
that can no longer pretend
the people are wisening
lifting hearts higher
the truth fills the air
there's no place for the liar


bit of a rap style tonight people,
as appreciation to some great poetry over on wrh,that my son will love when he hears it....

Visible said...

I feel it too. So at peace, time has slowed. The weather here in th UK has been crazy hot - now it's all change.

Had a very stressful month - my twin brother is going through a major crisis but can't see. No insight and denial. Screwing it up but thankfully he is now with our Mum. Had to come home -gave everything I could and can't give anymore. I was diagnosed with bipolar 15 years ago and have only now (after journeys to the moon and back down!) have acceptance. Have to rest for me now. Can do no more.

Definitely feel the change. Have been touched and its stayed. True love, honesty, respect, compassion, joy etc. No fear. Those shivers/tingles of oneness have been on me since yesterday.

Have been cold but sweating (rebirthing? - had this before but this time its different). Been very very regular toileting (solid- sorry!) like I'm getting rid of toxins.

If you have not come across "Jem" - a singer from Penath in Wales UK, look her up - her first album I am sure you will know a few of her songs. She is well known but not famous. She shuns the fame thing. She is not a star but a guiding light and am sure you will find her music of comfort and insightful.

Les - I have been reading you since about Jan of this year. You are the sun that warms our hearts and lights our paths. Peace to all and enjoy the ride - for that is all it is. Love and compassion.

The time is now

The future is here

If you listen very carefully
You will hear nothing at all.
PS my 2 cats and dog are so at peace right now too - and very affectionate for them. The times they are a changing.

From RobinH

marchare said...

Follow the money. Where does it originate? The Fed. Unless you get to the root of the matter your energy will be wasted. Focus now before the media, politicos and corporatists co-opt the movement.

Anonymous said...

Gandalf is a great metaphoric symbol of an avatar. Someone would think he is some supernatural force, but I dont agree. He is Tolkien, the author and creator. My take is Gandalf not Frodo is the main protagonist. He is template for moral and spiritual growth. We are all able to be Gandalf.

As he said in the mines of Mordor, it not for us to choose the place and time for our growth, but it is our place to define and choose how we react to the shadow. As we see, he helps Frodo(ie mankind) let go of the ring. I say thats what you, Les, are doing(most of time!) But the reasons to act isnt based on your surrounding nor the shadows machine banking system, it something much deeper, and rests only with ones self-hood and the long path to it.

If we only look outward at the shadow and dont fight it with, we are just running in circles. Their are tons of reasons the bankers have such a grip on the world and their reasons they wont let go too. Still non of those reasons has meaning without adding in the self.

Yes its clear we need to cut of the head of the mouth of sauron but we need to not speak from him either. We dont need to blame and group people into the light or the shadow. We are all part of the shadow. Every time we create and move with fear, every time we worry about your bodily health, every time he shift focus from the avatar within we help to stay in the shadow?

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

a modest proposal for everyone, not just protesters-

boycott coffee

1) its the worlds second most traded commodity (behind oil)

repeat -


2) it's virtually ALL kosher

'More tea Vicar?'

Visible said...

Love your Life, you're completely full of shit. Do you know that? I really wish you would go away. I don't enjoy what you have to say and you are a constant, arrogant and pontificating servant of the shadow world.

Visible said...

What a great post...
things in the big apple are getting interesting. The cops here are feeling a little put upon for all the grief they've been getting, poor boys.

Emperor Mike has been quiet as a mouse for a change and as naive as the protestors seem to be, they sure do have a lot of energy.
My house is full of energetic dreams this week.

Each kid has had a story for me of a particularly vivid and memorable dream. As for me, I am dragging around with some kind of cosmic ball and chain or anchor or choose your metaphor. If I was any more tired I'd be dead. But fear has been replaced with curiosity of what is to come and gratitude for the consciousness we've been blessed with.
Peace and thanks to all


Anonymous said...


Tracy Chapman - Mountain o things

Its the dream of mountains of things that feeds the bankers crimes!

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

looks like wrh has put you up lord visibles,hopefully it was actually lord rivero himself who put it up,lord high posted a little story over on hph yesterday,it seemed to contain twingly feelings in it,I expect he has been eating pie again...

happy revolution people...neil

Anonymous said...

Im full of shit yes and others stuff too, the shit is all you care to look at, your choice my friend.

If your lookin for shit, youll find it. Why are you look for shit? Better yet, why are you using viewing glasses that can see shit anyway?

Ill answer that, you let your own shit get the best of you. It cool, its human and its why bankers can survive and kill. They feed off your viewing of shit, they create tons of it so you forget shit is only a part of the whole. Focus on shit Les, focus on fear and spread it if you wish, but I know you are trying to do something else.

Fair Les, you have asked me to leave many times and Im an unwelcome soul here, please forgive me.

I thought after reading your work for a few years now you had an open heart and mind, but like your own writing says, people hold dear to their own systems and views, people only listen to want they want to hear, and youve proved that well.

Ill still push your site on others as your a gift and guide but you have made it clear as a bell, Im gone man.

Love Your Life

Erik said...

Hi All,

Our provider picked today for doing
hardware maintenance also on our server...

So les-visible.com is very, very slow today (and this also influences these blogs); sorry for that ...

katz said...

amarynth said...

That's why I made a more 'bloody' better image! (grin)

We'll wait for Erik to put it up here, in the belly of the beast, as we seem to be having a denial of service attack on the main site since I put that image up!

Do NOT put up anything that could be construed as a call to violence, unless you want to see Les in trouble and this site closed down. If that happens, I am going to blame amarynth for being the poison.

Anonymous said...

amarynth,I suppose if those banksters and other oligarchal zionistic tyrant rat squids hand cuffed themselves and came out appologising,maybe they could just spend the rest of their lives in those new jails that they have built,I suppose we could allow them to keep some paper with tin foil in it aswell.maybe we could send them on holidays over to all the countrys they have raped to lick cow pats from the feilds or something...I am sure we could work something out....
but if they dont,well we all know what will happen.....

massive respects to you lot....neil

Anonymous said...

up on sottnet too.....neil

Sooke said...

Just pointing out a glitch:
Comments from readers are on occasion being displayed with Visible's signature.

Anonymous said...


Amarynth's 'Hang a Bankster' image is now included at the side-bar (top)

Vis, i can remove it again if you want ... just comment/e-mail me ;)

Have you placed that image on the blog without first getting Les's consent...?

How irresponsible, is that? Maybe it's just your idea of a "joke" I don't know but shit like that, particularly now with these things happening in Wall St and elsewhere could be all it needs to get the blog taken down.

(apart from that it also makes the blog look like my 9 yr old son's scrap album)

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing time...energies are spooking out all over the place...different energies of every stripe, but all feel it. The time is ripe and those with a nose to smell...smell the time is 'now' to jump in grab this amazing energy to 'use' to their own purposes. Who will win out? No one knows at this point. My 'vote' goes to the 'un-washed' masses who have only their (our) pure passion to guide them...not an organized, power-pointed agenda, replete with wonky systems management BS. For once, just maybe, the 'true agenda', the one that serves the greatest human heart potential of the greatest amount of people will possibly call the shots. Time will tell. Anyone who is even vaguely awake, will hopefully add their energy to this loose and now rag-tag and potentially life changing movement. Finally, some movement is brewing to end the awful static, dead energy. Hopefully, the 'orchestration' of, and co-opting by the many, hungry for power, old-paradigm groups, will not be able to touch this pristine and authentic energy for their own uses. Let the new paradigm, whatever that may be, blossom and evolve in ways that we cannot even now imagine, but will, step-by-step, become.
And, the 'bi-polar' energy is rampant now, for those so inclined. Maybe it is the kundulini moving about? I choose that description, but am most likely wrong. In love, M.

wv: staxiab---we are moving in the taxi of the common man into the absolute.

gurnygob said...

What Anonymous said about boycotting coffee.

Boycott coffee! Are you mad? I take it you don’t like the taste otherwise you would have found something else to boycott. I know you mean well but but but,,,,,,,, please not the coffee!!!!! :-(

Hang a Banker Day coming to a Theatre near You..... Sounds like one to watch out for Les.

American Marines. That sounds like fun. Imagine a big row of 6ft 6" marines build like huge brick shit-houses on the front line of the OWS protest. That bitch Anthony V Bologna would wet his pants. It’s a nice thought. I hear there’s a big Marine over there somewhere called Camouflage maybe they could get him to lend a hand.


Anonymous said...

Some inside info. Biker clubs/lodges/gangs/groups here in Michigan are organizing a ride to New York/Wall Street. The latest slogan I've heard is 'shut the bitch down.' Many biker/clubs have been contacting each other (Ohio, Penn, Ill, Ind, etc.) to organize/ride together to Wall Street. Simple truces have been met for I.E. stay on the interstate highways, minus gas, smokes, food, and what not. There is a roar across the heartland headed east and it is not the Detroit Lions on MNF. The scuttle but is try and pick up as many clubs on the way as possible.
Peace out Rob S.

Denny said...

Anonymous 11:13 00 PM

You're right about the coffee. I've been suspicious lately of how it's being advertised as a panacea for a number of ailments, the very latest being depression (Daily Mail UK).

I drink organic Japanese (green) sencha tea infused in pure spring water. Now that IS a panacea.

davidcarswell said...

The gay comment. Not relevant. If the military's morale is poor because DADT has been taken away-then their issues are a whole other issue to be solved. Remember their are decorated gay and lesbian soldiers who do not take issue with their straight counterparts and I have heard many soldiers declare in the military that it is a nonissue. Don't make it one in regards to Wall Street. You made a great essay here smell of homophobia. Not good.

Maybe a beheading of Dog(s**t) poets would be a good day.

Just a thought.


archanegel said...

The military is a valid organization.
I postulate that they are tiring of being wasted in illegitimate ventures

KimWSSmith said...

A few have mentioned B of A in this thread. I'm passing this link along.
It is calling for a run on that bank on October 11th, 2011.


If we can destroy just one big bank with divestment and sanctions; perhaps the others will seriously consider a return to basic morality.

I like the policies used in China on corporate criminals, and corrupt public servants: THEY ARE EXECUTED!

This is the birth of a revolution. It can be peaceful; or it can be bloody. My bet is the banksters, owned politicos, and CEOs will choose a blood bath.

The coming winter should be an inspiration for all. A brutal winter at Valley Forge did not deter General Washington and the Continental Army from marching on Trenton in a fashion we would consider very primitive. We have resources and numbers. We are the 99% who rebuke and curse the status quo.


Anonymous said...

Love your blogs and read them daily. They keep me sane and you always seem to write about what I'm feeling. Words cannot even express the deep appreciation that I have for your blogs and your honesty. You are the real deal Les.
A rare find in this hellhole called earth.

Anyway, I just had to draw your attention to something that I recently viewed and I'd really like your take on it.
The comments are pretty eye-opening as well. The guy who made the video has a site wellaware1dotcom, you may have seen or heard of it. Some of the stuff on that site is so unbelievable. Yet it seems to make an awful lot of sense when you really sit and think about it. Makes you want to scream WTF!!! Check it out. Would love to know what you think of it all.
As Ozzy Osbourne says "I'll see you, see you on the other side."

Peace out,

Ellie Bellie

Anonymous said...

loved your quote of the conspiracy clown, "hey hey hey"

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

I'm a bit confused here with some of the "Visible said" comments, that actually link to Visible profile page. maybe something to do with that maintenance.

anyhow, simply from me today re these protests.
(Apalypse Now movie variant)

Smells like..... fresh air


wv: logieste
divinely enabled logistics , for protesters, I hope.

Anonymous said...

I really hope to God you're right Visible. Let's not forget that these lustful death bringers may wait until this thing does start to gain traction before they "pull it" on the next and most attention getting false flag ever. I think that if and when they do, it's gonna be a very bad mistake on their part because they keep on proving that they really aren't very good at creating a story line because they consider the general public as ignorant buffoons. Like G.W. Bush said: Fool me once, shame on.......shame on........you can fool me......what it means is you can't fool us! Anyway, I do hope you're right, and put the DHS on speed dial and hit the snitch button if you see anything that might be frowned upon be it real or imagined. The time is fast approaching where we are going to need each other more than ever before, be mindful of the divisions that are there to pit us against one another. Keep your eyes on the prize and uh, fuck these guys. Thanks again Visible.

Rob in WI said...

Just curious; is "Love your Life" the "lonestarwatchdog"? There are similarities in comments to blog. Why would someone capable of writing coherently drift into gibberish? Who knows? Sounds like you're improving, but still need more rest. Hoping the coming tide will keep you well. You mean a great deal to your readers.
Best always, Rob

UrbanFreegan said...

Found your blog at The Daily Bail. Loving it! You have nice music as well. Will be buying it. I'll link your blog to mine if that's ok with you.

I see greed and waste daily in the amount of stuff thrown out. Stuff that could feed and help so many people. It makes me cry sometime.

Times are a changing. I engage in conversation with our youngsters on a daily basis. They all know something bad is happening but they don't know why.

A woman like me is happy to educate them as to who is causing the grief and what we can do about it.

I practice some sort of peaceful non-compliance every single day.

The day of the rope is coming for these banker bastards.

Anonymous said...

Les, You have been for the past couple years the one I turn to to make sure I'm up with the tempo and in the right key. I admit sometimes it's a syncopated rhythm but I alway feel the back beat anyhow.
Your value cannot be overstated.
Mo visible
WV just amarkin time

Anonymous said...

It's come to this: We have run out of time

Overtthrow Wall Street

Overthrow their puppets in Congress

Overthrow their puppets in the Executive Branch and the hundreds of bloated, illegal agencies that stand against us

Overthrow the 'Supreme Court', staffed by corporate shills and communists

Overthrow them all and make auick business of it so we can move on

Anonymous said...

You want change you can believe in?

Think they will do it for you?

Time to overthrow them. Then it will change

Then, hang the bankers

Anonymous said...

Vis, Robert Bonomo et al,

I agree with Robert Bonomo's (3:56pm) comment. The Wall Street protesters are well intentioned but it's highly likely that this is a meme (ie: Blame Wall St) and you'll probably find someone like George Soros is behind this. In the articles below the authors say that although the Wall St banks are part of the problem their main job is to "provide a transactional function and they wouldn't exist without the larger economic system of the Western world driven by central banking."

So to be effective the protesters should really be targeting the Fed and its branches as well as other central banks around the world since that's the real crux of the problem.

The same tactic was apparently used during the depression of the '30s. Wall St was targeted while the real money making power was left unscathed. You can read more about it here.




(Misguided) ‪Obama Supporters "Occupy" DC‬


Not everyone is off-track though. This guys got it right.

‪Occupy Wall Street Protester End the Fed - Best Rant!‬



Erik said...

Hi Amicus and All,

We now have an improved image ...

It can be found here:


Anonymous said...

It has began,
The SWAT teams in St. Louis Protecting Bank of America Refusing Customer Withdrawals

Only time will tell and it may not be long before the corrupt politicians and thier Banker masters may be forced into a " swinging position ".

Visible said...

Okay, a few things. A couple of comments appeared under my name because the commenters couldn't post and emailed them to me. That was my fault, I should have posted them as anonymous and simply spaced it out.


Yes, Susanne came to me this morning and said the hang a bankers graphic was probably not a good idea. I didn't even see it, haven't seen it yet. had a lot to deal with last night and was really tired for one reason or another and went to bed early.


The gay comment was correct as far as I am concerned. You don't know the military very well and I do. They do not care for this and it does hurt morale. Don't ask don't tell was fine. What is happening now is not. It's got nothing to do with being gay and I have clearly stated what I believe concerning the subject and I think my position is correct because the political side of the gay movement is all about the Zionist agenda. Go to every gay organization and note that the heads of all of them are sometimes entirely Jewish and at other times mostly so with no exceptions.


I will look at that youtube link today and see if I have anything to say.


Love your Life, saying that the bankers are not responsible and that it is the greed of the people that is the cause of the problems is irresponsible and completely wrong. The people aren't out charging interest, crashing the system, starting wars for profit, foreclosing on homes and a host of other crimes. That is what I was responding to. You pull shit like this on a regular basis and it gets to the point where it begins to annoy me no end. Maybe you should look at this and see if it doesn't make some kind of sense but... not on your part.


If I missed anything just now I'll get to it in a bit. I just got up (quite late for my usual hours) and need to have my tea and get oriented (grin).

Thanks for all the great comments.

Visible said...

Well, they're all over me over at SOTT about the gay comment. You can't win in these things, even though I have time after time been clear that my comments are not about being gay but about who is pushing the agenda and for what reason. This itself is an example of the intent of the agenda. Then someone says it looks like I am pushing for violence against the bankers when I clearly stated in the post that I wasn't doing so. People don't seem to have a problem with the bankers pushing for violence against the people however.

Bottom line, it doesn't stop with equality for people of alternative sexual preference and the point that they are a very small minority of the public doesn't seem to matter either, members of the military really do not like it and it is terrible for morale. You don't toss your lifestyle choices into the face of people who aren't into it and you don't complain about heterosexual choices being tossed into your faces when that IS the norm. gay doesn't reproduce and populate society and you wind up with sex change operations for children being pushed by Jewish lesbian couples in Berkeley.

This stuff is just plain wrong and I'm not likely to change my opinion on it or my opinion on forcefeeding kindergarten children about particular lifestyles.

Call me intolerant if you will but there's too much that's going on in this movement that is harmful to the greater public body. Keep your practices in the bedroom where they belong. There's no real equality in this any more, if anything it is over the top in favor of more than equal.

Anonymous said...

I think it's too early in the game for 'Hang A Banker' signs as that will only allow the media to degenerate the protestors and maybe scare off people who otherwise are moving towards support. May I suggest something a bit more fun like 'Take Their Passports'? It's non-violent yet alludes to both the rat-like nature of the banksters and what the movement wants to see...trials and covictions.

God bless this site. It's the one place on the web that gives me optimism.

wv: pitype - the urination of one with an enlarged prostate.

siamsiam said...

Meanwhile in the land of make believe the great leader appeases the people by telling them to pay of their credit cards - whilst banks charge interest rates up to 30% - and decides to follow Denmark in introducing a fat tax on staple foods thus punishing the majority of thin people.

They also wiped out hundreds of small vending businesses throughout the Uk with the stroke of a pen by banning the sale of cigarettes in bars and restaurants because a few kids sneaked in a bought a pack.

If you want to see a real terrorist in action scroll down the link below to the second picture. Note how the police are totally complicit. Now if someone in the crowd done the same!!!!!


These people are obviously insane

WaitingOntheWoo said...

Just a quick comment on the Military intervention that is expected on Wall St.

It definetely sounds very Hollywood cool. A military, who has awakened to their predicament of being used as cannon fodder for the profit of the 1%, come in and patriotically defend and stand beside We The People in order to protect us from the bought and paid for corrupt goons at the NYPD. The people cheer, they ride on tanks, they get their pictures taken with the heroes, the protectors who have gone rogue to stand with their families. The military now belongs to We The People. We have the power...bring on the mercenary armies...we can win this thing! Our country is ours again!

Sound familiar?

from Wikip. "On 11 February 2011, Mubarak resigned and fled Cairo. Vice President Omar Suleiman announced that Mubarak had stepped down and that the Egyptian military would assume control of the nation's affairs in the short term. Jubilant celebrations broke out in Tahrir Square at the news.

On 13 February 2011, the high level military command of Egypt announced that both the constitution and the parliament of Egypt had been dissolved. The parliamentary election was to be held in September. (I believe that date has been moved to around April of 2012)

Here is an excellent article about what Egyptians are going through since their military has come to the rescue of the protesters. (sorry you´ll have to have to copy and paste)


Here is only one outcome...but read the article...it is interesting...
"Human rights activists point out that the military council has tried more than 5,000 civilians before military courts in the past three months. Many of the defendants were arrested during peaceful demonstrations, the activists said.
A growing number of Egyptians are beginning to wonder whether they made a mistake when they put their full confidence in the ruling military council."

I would love to believe the Hollywood version of this....Bikers and Military...surrounding the protesters in a wall of protection..in it together, come what may...

I can´t help but think though of cliches like "trojan horse", "wolf in sheeps clothing" "beware (whoever) bearing gifts"...

without a very clear agenda on what will happen in the aftermath of whatever it is that is desired from these protests, we will be left with 2 options...Mad Max Chaos, or Martial Law.

Just my 2 cents.

Visible said...

Well, let's hope this makes sense. A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

Kiss My Ass and Call me Cupid

amarynth said...

Wow, people are expressing themselves quite violently eh? I made an image for amicus - somewhat in jest and somewhat seriously. Erik posted it on the blog, for a few hours ... it was never meant for the blog and never meant to stay here. When it was prominent here, I improved it - as it was very quickly done for amicus and anyone else that may get a chuckle, or rather a grim grin, out of it.

Now Anonymous at @9:35pm mutters about 'consent' and Katz has the blogs closed and already has 'apportioned the poisonous blame to me'.

And all this for a graphical reproduction of Visible's Words available for but a few hours?

Kneejerk reactions I say.

Anonymous at @9:35pm, we know very well where the lines of consent lie - not to worry. Katz, your comment is quite misplaced in the light of the work that we do in the background to ensure that Visible's work remains available depending only on whether the internet remains available. So, no worries there either.

Anyway, the hardware upgrade is done and speed is back to normal.

Now, back to Hang the Banker's Day in a Theater near YOU and I! This is somewhat of a reality. The latest slogans and graphical images are much more graphic than anything I can even envisage - like Eat a Bankster (grin).

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

First...i have missed everyone and so happy to be back posting...

i must tell you my whole family is very sick including our beloved dog...infected by our sick in the head government labs creating man made diseases and then coverup what they have done...this disease is very tiring at times...what these demons have done to ALL of us is obscene...

glad to be back with everyone...

i had to reply regarding your response to LoveYourLife...thank you i couldn't agree more...again again the message "You Will Tell Them By Their Actions" rings true every time...and that inner gut instinct that triggers off in us...

The Apocolypse is a slendid thing...the light the wonderful growing light...the new energy flowing within is unlike any felt before...
while those of the dark wither and age becoming sicker in mind as their energy depleats for they cannot vibrate high enough to accept this new higher vibrating Father energy...they will go crazy..."Terminal Madness Of The End Times"...

i also pondered how much longer would it take for those in the military to realize they are risking their lives and health to benefit the elite agenda and nothing to do with Liberty and Freedom...nothing...killing each other for greedy souless demons...they are stealing your spirit...

they cannot arrest an idea whose time has come...this is the Final Awakening...if you miss the boat this time...well...

the more that is written about these demons and their evil...the more it is exposed...exposure is the first step in its destruction...evil beings hate being dragged into the light...and you my dear friend Les do so with such grand elegance of words...keep up what you do...we are there with you...

Best Wishes Always

siamsiam said...

@David 1:45 a.m.

Whatever you do in the CARsey DAVID is all WELL and good. But best keep it as a cottage industry for the sake of good order:)

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

one more thing speaking of exposing the souless demons amongst us...

this article yesterday rocked me to my very soul...do we really need cheap knockoff fur boots this badly that this is what is being done to manufacture these boots...

i don't have words to discribe how i feel...the sick insanity of if all comes to mind...and the saying you can tell them by their actions speaks to me...



Best Wishes Always

King of the Paupers said...

Jct: Focusing on the drivers doesn't deal with the systemic malfunction of owing 11 when we only borrowed 10! Usury. Find "Big Lie of Economics" to find out why.

King of the Paupers said...

PS: Dennis Kucinich's latest resolution to Treasury Greenbacks like Lincoln did is the greatest move by an American politician yet.

gurnygob said...

What davidcarswell said...

Yes Les you shouldn’t mention the gay thingy it’s not politically correct and besides gay soldiers are an ass-et to the army and make a good weapon of mass fear. Think about it. If you were on a battle field and there was a column of gay infantry soldiers charging down on you and screaming at the top of their voices “here come the boys” would it not scare the crap out of you? Sorry davidcarswell but I think the gay comment is relevant. And yes I suffer from homophobia and zionistphobia and bankerphobia and a few other phobias I won’t go into hear. Since we are discussing about things that have made a right fuck-up of our societies then why shouldn’t we talk about the gay thingy?

Visible said...

It didn't really bother me Amarynth.

kikz said...

well done les.

my fav gandalf quote:

to the fire balrog on the bridge...


katz said...

Now Anonymous at @9:35pm mutters about 'consent' and Katz has the blogs closed and already has 'apportioned the poisonous blame to me'.

And all this for a graphical reproduction of Visible's Words available for but a few hours?

Kneejerk reactions I say.

Anonymous at @9:35pm, we know very well where the lines of consent lie - not to worry. Katz, your comment is quite misplaced in the light of the work that we do in the background to ensure that Visible's work remains available depending only on whether the internet remains available. So, no worries there either.

Maybe you didn't realize that when the people whom Les exposes get angry, they are vindictive as hell. Maybe you didn't realize that this blog belongs to Les Visible, and he makes all creative decisions. I don't know what you do "behind the scenes" other than your obvious misplaced ownership of this artist and poet.

But, dear amarylth, get your own blog.

DaveR said...

katz @ 5:30: "Maybe you didn't realize that this blog belongs to Les Visible, and he makes all creative decisions."

and then, very next sentence:

"I don't know what you do 'behind the scenes' other than your obvious misplaced ownership of this artist and poet."

Isn't katz the attorney? Hey, attorney katz, what's lawyer-speak when the witness contradicts their very own statements?

Yeah amarynth, maybe you didn't realize it is Les' blog. So there! Told you!

neal said...

Vis, I guess you have put out another litmus test. Only a western intellectual mind could confuse an agenda with the targeted issue. Gayness, economics, politics, there is clarity with these, that comes with poverty, I think. I don't know why these things are complex, maybe too many think that humanity can think or do whatever, regardless of the real purpose to bring balance, and preserve life. Everything else is chatter to all my little friends.

Man, all this other Life is just waiting, and hoping that some, or just one, would just do what needs to be done, in every little corner of every little place.

A lonely little mesa has recently cropped up in my view, I can live there for free, and plant something, and watch, wait, and hope with the rest, after the money is gone. I guess the real revolution won't be televised, just happening when no one is looking- well, except for the Ones that matter.

Anonymous said...

To Just My Two Cents ~ I somewhat agree about the military in an occupation scenario. Let's face it,they have been occupying foreign lands for such a good many years there presence on Wall St. would not make me feel safer. The military mind is a double edged sword. The cuts most often do not benefit the reciever's.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you 200 years ago those psychotic elites would not of gotten away with drinking champagne and waving bank notes. They woud of rightfully been jumped on by a huge mob and hung like they deserve to be. The problem is now we have a police force and they own the police. If the people could take this into our own hands like we deserve to be able to, we would be able to execture them along with the Rothchilds and Rockefellers. It is sad in all this time, hundreds of years no one has gotten rid of these two evil empires because they are responsible along with other zionists for all the trouble in the world.

Visible said...

Amarynth has been an incredible help with Eric and a few others. She built my whole website. She is publishing the books and there's more too. She has a right to say what she did but I don't want to alienate anyone.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Some inside info. Biker clubs/lodges/gangs/groups here in Michigan are organizing a ride to New York/Wall Street. The latest slogan I've heard is 'shut the bitch down.' Many biker/clubs have been contacting each other (Ohio, Penn, Ill, Ind, etc.) to organize/ride together to Wall Street. Simple truces have been met for I.E. stay on the interstate highways, minus gas, smokes, food, and what not. There is a roar across the heartland headed east and it is not the Detroit Lions on MNF. The scuttle but is try and pick up as many clubs on the way as possible."
TO COOL! Yeah go go go !! I love all of you! Having a load of bikers show up will really help the morale of the protestors and I hope their presence there makes the psychotic elites stomaches turn. (Even better would be Hell's Angels showing up and flipping them off lol:)

John C (UK) said...

Laurie, re ugg boot story,

I saw that video a year or so ago and it was nothing to do with ugg boots, just animal cruelty. The mail, a British xenophobic hate-mongering tabloid, (in case you didn't know -grin-), have just used the sad story as an excuse to demonize china again.

wv: redlent - 40 days of bloodshed?

Anonymous said...

I would like to elaborate a bit on my first comment, third from the bottom. As far as executing the zionists and the two satanic empires, my reasoning is 200 years ago people were hung for merely stealing a horse. What they have done is a million times worse as we all know. Secondly, all of them are guilty of treason against the United States and against the Constitution. Ditto for that moron zionist in England who hacked Prince William's cell phone. That was treason against the Royal Family. Of course these immature unevolved pathetic examples of a human being (if they are even human I am starting to wonder and my mind is flashing back to the tv series V)now own the US government, and the Royal Family but we as the people need to push for their arrest. And keep pushing. Execution doesn't have to be the order of the day but they HAVE TO BE IN PRISON and thrown off their tower. Mobs of us need to DEMAND, both here and in Britain. Ditto for Norway and Libya. We need to stop this now for the future of our children and grandchildren or they will be living a hell we are even to scared to think about.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 12:46:00 AM said:

"Even better would be Hell's Angels showing up and flipping them off lol:)"

Remember when Hell's Angels showed up at Altamont?

Anonymous said...

Haven't followed things very closely, but am sure that it will be a very motley affair. Soros in the mix for sure, with his experience in cooking the "Arab" revolutions. Marxist elements also for sure. Lots of honest people along the continuum of awareness. Hope people know that the Jewish Marxist threat never went away. See the Venona book for the evidence that McCarthy was right (http://books.google.com/books/about/Venona.html?id=M8p00bTFvRkC). Father Coughlin detailed much of the same (http://iamthewitness.com/archive.php?dir=audio%2FCharles.E.Coughlin%2F)

The banksters funded the Commies and there are involved here at various levels. Just a question of who is able to ride the tiger if there turns out to be one.

Visible said...

I was at Altamont, impossible to describe what it was like.

Anonymous said...

Replying to Anon who replied to me-please don't call me stupid, but I don't know what Altamont is. It is now on my list of many things to google.

Visible said...

What I don't understand is why people don't do that in the first place. Search engines have been around for a long time and there isn't much you can't find out using them but for some strange reason, not only do a lot of people not use them but it appears that a lot of people don't even know they exist. I can't figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Visible-I guess my main defense about not knowing about Altamont was that I was 10 years old in 1969, lol. I did google it and found a good article about it at echo. As usual Wikipedia who I don't trust had two links but I try to avoid that site if I can. Agendas and all..Since you were there that must of freaked you out no? I hope you didn't get hurt. I can't believe I have gone my whole life without hearing about this, especially since I was a post era hippie by the time I got into high school (minus the acid, lol). Still I'd love to see the Hell's Angels being sicked on those left wing zionist elites. Would serve them damn right and I would lmao if those bikers hit them in their heads with champagne bottles. Love your blog and it is so nice to be able to read the truth and tell the truth somewhere on the internet without getting verbally abused. Thanks for being the balm on my wounds.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

The Big Empty Wasteland of Indefinable Angst.

Anonymous said...

@david carwell-
homophobia...there is NO such thing as homophobia...being afraid of being molested by one if you are a child yes, being afraid because they resemble the main character in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre yes, being afraid of the psychosis that controls their soul yes, being as afraid of them as we are of clowns due to the same creepy factor yes, but homophobia... nope. Gays are dark and strange where as straight people are not and the use of that phrase is about as compassionate as forcing a young child to watch a Friday the 13th movie.

Perry L said...

Not to throw a wrench in your dreams of "Revolution" but the "Occupy" nonsense has all the signs of being ORGANIZED and by the very same people who organized the "Arab Spring" sham Did you ever think that the PTB WANTS a "Revolution" so they can blame the people for their planned financial collapse and Global Chaos "episode" of the show?

We have been subjected to a continuous PSYOP since 9-11 ad not a small part of that is to make people "hate all Jews" and get pissed enough to"take down the government" (and NO I don NOT support evil Jews or Government).

Gee, maybe THIS has to do with what Albert Pike wrote in 1871 in his WWIII "plan"...?

"We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view." Albert Pike

WHERE do you suppose "they" will get those "Nihilists and Atheists" to "unleash"? You are LOOKING at them on the street NOW. Why NOW?: Because it will be real hard to organize them AFTER a nuclear war


Anthony65 said...

Perry: The Albert Pike quote is very relevant. The current situation also reminds me of one of the Illunminati game cards where a hippy is beating a policeman.

"Kill for Peace" Destroy violent groups and control peaceful groups.


Having said that, here is an indication that the protests are not completely under control. Israel friendly US trade unions are trying to muscle in on the show.




Zionism, 9/11 and The War on Terror Hoax

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