Sunday, October 9, 2011

Condo Dwelling in Perpetual Hamster City.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Most of us are familiar with the term, ‘Satanist’. We might think we had some idea of what the term meant. However, if we were asked to define it we would more likely come up with a list of behaviors instead of the core principle. What Satanism is is the recognition and celebration of the individual will and the free exercise of any and all passions as a right that is taken, regardless of any resistance or sense of violation on the part of anyone they are being expressed upon. I purposely didn’t go to any of the web sites where I might run into any official definitions, anticipating if anyone does; it will still come out to be, more or less, something compatible with what I just said. One might add that practicing and committed Satanists are those who do evil for the sheer enjoyment of it. That’s simpler and more compact but not comprehensive because in some cases, the evil performed is more of an expedient necessity than it is a motive.

Back in the 60’s there was an Army major who worked for MKUltra. I can’t remember his name now (visible in his dotage?) and he was a known Satanist. Anton Szanador LaVey founded The First Church of Satan in San Francisco around the same time. What was being expressed in the hearts and minds of that small collective known as ‘hippies’ was only one philosophical construct that came out of the period. I have certain memories of San Francisco, although I didn’t spend a lot of time there. The California side of the equation always struck me as airhead central; forgive me if I have offended any long term residents who resonate with the landscape. I don’t mean to give the impression that there is any contempt or judgment taking place here. It’s just how it struck me.

I remember a protest march in S.F. where I saw a couple of cops beating a pregnant woman with nightsticks. I remember walking past Buona Vista park and getting a sense of danger in the darkness. I remember being very, very high on acid, sitting in a stairwell in an apartment on Folsom St. with a friend who was having trouble, because this was some very strong shit, although it wasn’t on a par with the orange and blue STP that was around for a brief time and was manufactured somewhere in the bay area. I took it once and tripped at the intensity of authentic Owsley White Light for 3 days and peaked for at least ten hours. Anyway, I was sitting in the stairwell when a door opened on the landing above and shortly after, 3 young ladies and a boy came down all witched up on their way to wherever and I could hear the sound of rattlesnakes all around them as they passed. I also ran into Charlie Manson in S.F. You could call that a hostile encounter.

I think that was a sufficient digression. Whatever may have been taking place during that period, which got identified as peace and love, was not the only emergent thing. Human nature is capable of all sorts of things. Eventually whatever you wind up with has everything to do with whether you are all about self interest or more at home serving and enjoying the greater good; should that oft referenced and seldom seen condition ever actually appear. I remember the genuine presence of something fine and noble in the full time residents of that temporary culture. I remember that ten times that number would swell the ranks every weekend and that speaks volumes about all sorts of things. I remember how real and vital it all was to me. After these many years, it stands out as one of the brief moments in which I was able to interact with what I held in a higher regard than all the rest of the repetitious, bullshit redundancies that are the usual order of the day. I remember returning around 18 months later to a war zone, where everything formerly familiar had departed. It was all about heroin and speed, with the occasional souls squatting in doorways in hope of Ginsberg’s ‘angry fix’ (I met him also a couple of times and didn’t like him very much, probably because he really, really didn’t like me). I found out years later that it was the work of the CIA, which railroaded all that was bright and beautiful, back into the stock pens of Perpetual Hamster City. For quite some time I was unaware of the details attending the hijacking and rape of that free bird period of the human heart and all of the difficulties that the human heart presents for the forces who feed off of the violation of it.

There is a lot of dark and sinister activity in the dark and sinister world, which we occupy. That dark and sinister state has been gang-fucked into our situations for pretty much all of the centuries since they got around to recording and revising all of the histories that supposedly came before the moment in which we find ourselves today. I suppose that is a justifiable precedence for believing in cabals and overlords who exercise a firm hand of control over all of our affairs and... I’m not saying they don’t, at least as far as it goes for those of you who submit to them.

It’s understandable that some of you think the occupy Wall Street movement is just another controlled expression by the usual suspects, whose intent is to destroy our hope and kill our initiative. Because most people don’t look deeply into things, it is easy to arrive at the conclusion that Masonry is the be all, end all and chief villain behind all of our torments and difficulties without grasping that it’s more about the tenor and darkness of the times that it gets expressed in than it is about any enduring resident evil. Since I know I’m going to hear about it and get cursed out as an apologist or even an employee of this organization, let me say with a deserved exhaustion that I’ve got nothing to do with those people and don’t belong to anything or get paid by anyone and really don’t care about the possibility of that happening down the road. I made my choice of service and allegiance some time ago and that’s not ever, ever going to change, ever.

Unlike a whole lot of other people who, for some reason, are so confident and convinced of their own possession of the truth and all that attends it, I don’t know and I have no trouble admitting it. I can only speak to what I’ve noticed along the way and that is that it’s never entirely this or that and possibly neither one. I also note that if all power seen and unseen were actually in the hands of whichever world controlling apparatus there may or may not be, I wouldn’t be here, not that they didn’t visit some portion of that on me over time. If these so called elites actually did run everything up and down the ladder of influence and control we would be a lot more screwed than we are.

I don’t really concern myself with what people believe or how they arrived at that. The large majority of the population generally comes to believe what supports the opinions they have already formed and are not usually open to principles and perspectives that challenge their disingenuous explanations for the usual indulgences of self interest; not forgetting what I already said about that. Most of the people who make up the world audience and most of the people that milk it, are all recognizable neighbors in the enduring collective deceit that finds its voice and fealty in survival instincts, their sexual organs and their stomachs. You’ll just make yourself depressed and unfulfilled by expecting anything more.

I’ve heard it said that even if it happens at the hands of a total degenerate, sanctimonious hypocrite, you can still have a real and lasting spiritual experience depending on the level of your faith and conviction. Most things aren’t what they seem and your destinies and dependencies are not necessarily as hard wired as you think they are, given that you have any idea of what is or isn’t so in the first place.

I could be wrong about some of the conclusions I have come to over the course of whatever course brought me to this composite moment. Given that, it’s my considered belief that all power emerges from one place and is only on loan for periods of time to effect events and conditions for the purpose of demonstration. The idea of secret cabals of twisted individuals that run everything is about as real as the degree of your faith in that supposition. This is not to say that a consortium of bankers, political whores and all the rest of them are not continuously busy stealing everything that isn’t nailed down and coming back with crowbars for the rest. This is about perception and position relative to your degree of confinement and servitude. Most people get what they deserve for being lazy, paranoid and cheap. Most people convinced themselves of something and wind up the victim of it down the road. Most people have no problem adjusting the facts to suit their preferences, or justifying their actions through some form of self deception about what they were really up to.

Of course there is some amount of controlled opposition going on with the Wall Street movement. Of course there are elements within the Masonic orders and every other group that’s engaged in the manipulation of human affairs. Of course this is the terra firma of the prince of the air and all things are skewed toward the corruption and destruction of all of the better possibilities of our nature but that’s not the whole story. You’re not as defenseless and screwed as you might imagine based on surface appearances. Your biggest problem is not these self serving psychopaths in high places. Your biggest problem is yourself and the weaknesses and appetites you rationalize and engage in, while professing to be otherwise. No external force or personage has any more power over you than what you provide by making yourself available to it through the usual conceits and weaknesses of your unformed and unexamined being.

These times are like no other times. The usual terms and traditions are no longer preeminent as they once appeared to be. The very nature of their oppressive behaviors and intentions is proof positive that they are losing their grip on the hearts and minds of their subjects and victims. The critical concern is that any of you might see the possibility of the moment and seize upon it, rather than allowing it to become just one more missed opportunity in the cycling recurrence of lifetimes so employed. What you may or may not do is not my affair, that is your concern, or otherwise, it just wasn’t that important and you may repent at your leisure.

End Transmission.......

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Robin Redbreast said...

Another fine and wise post Vis. What a world we live on eh?!

Sorry if am irritating to some.

Just the way I am sometimes. I don't claim to have all the answers, just need to feel a connection... and well I don't know....

Perhaps would be better off at Spacebookdotcom - surely there are 1% there, who might relate to me.

Perhaps go into hiding for a bit (as am so self obsessed)
For whom it may concern:
See You Next Tuesday ;)

Perhaps return to my previous pastime of writing poetry - has been a few years but will give it a go.....

The world is still turning
There's beauty abound
Nature and nurture
Standing steadfast,
Upon this ground.

Communication, it sometimes goes wrong
Whether in the quiet woods
Or in a crowded room
Still can't read your mind.

But I do know inside
Am never alone
Nothing I can prove
Can't put it into words
But through the night through the day
I at leaset, can see it in the birds.


So will just keep on walking
Along this chosen path
In nature or cities
This concrete path.
Alone or with you
Reacting or not
Responding, learning
And always growing.

Extremes all around
It can all be so confusing
Not sure where to look
Arrogance, ignorance
Needs and then wants.
Love, hate,
and of course
War and of course peace.

So will just keep walking
With you or alone
Learning and growing
I'll help us/me (if I can)

If there's something to give.
From within my small mind
But all that I ask of you is
Will you just please just be kind?

Love RobinH

Ben said...

Vis, All,

Lot's of resonance here. Monday a week ago I was chatting with an old friend (I say old, he is in his mid-eighties).

We were discussing the Occupy Wall Street movement. I confessed to being somewhat dubious as to who or what was behind the movement (I had read several articles from the "alternate" media claiming that Soros and even Obama were discretely backing the OWS bunch).

My friend told that it might well be that the movement was/is being funded by the usual suspects. He went on to say though, and I agree, that these are not the usual times; as he stated it, "Once this box has been opened, it will be almost impossible to get it closed again." He went on to say this: "A door has been opened which was previously shut."

When I asked him about this last, he noted that things have been brought up by OWS that were never publicly discussed by mainstream media... issues such as debt slavery, the Fed, the total control on the economy by private bankers, the need for a cancelation of all debts, etc.

He noted that the last time, in his lifetime, such issues were publicly spoken of was in the later stages of the Weimar Republic. Germany was crushed by debt by the same gang that are doing it now though on a worldwide level.

So, according to my old friend, while the OWS movement might have been funded/started by TPTW, it very likely will not go the way they intended.

In reading your blog I was reminded of the opening lines of The Second Coming:

"Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity."

I don't know where all this "mere anarchy" will lead but I'm quite certain it will play a significant role in the downfall of MYSTERY BABYLON. And the saints will rejoice.

Anonymous said...

debasement of society
corruption of the feilds
destruction of all thats good
a cloud on all thats real
through the heights of self importance
blind men lead the way
to the moment of their destruction
in a corporate display
of down and down is formost
useless is the need
a yearning for illusion
to satisfy the greed
the outlook is disservice
to the beauty of within
that loves us from the sky
unraveling the strings
shining through existance
of their is a better way
to stand by loving truth
and walk the path thats paved


Denny said...

Hi Les,

Thanks as always. Even if you stopped writing as from today, this latest post certainly sums it all up past, future and present.


Important mercury poisoning article on WRH...

It's now time to go to any so-called "dentist" and force the scumbags to remove all of that that shit from your mouth ON THE SPOT AND WITHOUT PAYMENT! Don't allow them to get away with it any longer.

Anonymous said...

they said it was immpossible
cant be scientificly proved
crazy horse knew different
and prepared the living roots
from the father of all medicine
whose love fills up the earth
the almighty rides compassion
atunes the newly birthed
and weaves upon the senses
nothing devils could ever do
they sold their living selves
to lies instead of truths
and the beauty that was whispered
comes flying through the door
as quick as rushing water
where lions stand and raw


siamsam said...

Nothing much to add. But curiously I googled the word 'dotage' as I wasn't at all familiar.

Try it - velly strange. From here anyhow :)

Anonymous said...

and on that fatefull moment
the devil crushed then fell
the spell he cast was just disease
the victims lived in hell
they dwelled the cloud of nowhere
trudged the passages of crime
crazy horse was full of love
the words he spoke were of divine
and the minds began to open
people walking through the gates
through an instance that unfolded
beautys haunting place
embracing all and everywhere
crazy horse loved all of truth
he opened heavens heart
and blew the medicine root


Anonymous said...

......All power emerges from one place......
...and is only on loan for periods of time.... effect events and conditions.........
......for the purpose of demonstration.......

We should make a plaque of this


Visible said...

"Once to every man and nation
Comes the moment to decide,
In the strife of truth and falsehood,
For the good or evil side...."

Anthony65 said...

Satanists: Another angle. People who behave in ways designed to attract and empower demonic entities. It is also possible to behave "satanically" without being a satanist.

But the satanists are only one part of the story. The luciferians are another. Rudolf Steiner wrote about these two extremes, materialism and spirituality.

I do feel that there are secret cabals out there trying to run the show, but as Les mentions, they clearly do not run the whole show. The good guys seem a lot harder to pin down, but there is still a great deal of beauty in this world and in many of it's inhabitants.

Without the desperate efforts of the bad guys then the world would be a far, far better place. I've been fortunate enough to experience things which offer me one hundred percent certainty that this is so.

Whether and when this will happen, I have no idea, but I know it is possible and I will continue to work in my small way to help it happen.

Anonymous said...

through the root of all things
where the ancients dwell
an immense eruption of eternity
the place where all lies fell
a sudden forming fusion
resonating every thing
crazy horse drew a mountain
the lightning thunder and the wind
a charging liberation
where the universe atune
rising through vitality
the words of sun and moon
the blooming essence blossom
true nature takes its place
in the gardens of all paradise
where heavens open and awake


DaveS said...

Good day everyone.

The Rockies where I reside are enjoying a beautiful fall; the peaks are wearing caps of white and skirts of gold... WoW!

Great post from Sensei Visible today, all of it ringing the bell of truth inside me. Even the parts about California where I grew-up and about SF where I lived for a year in a VW bus during the mid Nineties, when property was cheap and apartments were vacant... this wasn't too long after the Loma Prieta quake and the weak and fearful had fled the area, leaving behind the west coast's Paris empty and rebuilding.

Ah, those were some magic days... the place had a wonderful international flavor because of all the foreigners who had moved there and I hung with a pack of youngsters (mid 20's) representing seven countries, three continents and many racial different backgrounds. Wow! As I said, those were some days.

Sorry, getting off the subject, what I was saying is that the LV post are ringing bells inside me, and that I feel much the same as others posting here. We're close to that 'moment' and when it comes, people are going to recognize the change.

I think we give the youth of today too little credit. I think they'd be happy to have Soros fund the OWS movement, and just as happy to spit in his face when his minions started telling them how to think and what to do. I have hope, more than I've ever had before. As another poster wrote, once the genie is out of the bottle it's damn hard to stick it back inside. And genies have a way of doing what they want, no matter how hard the PTB tries to hide'em, move'em or change'em.

Remember, and this is an important thing to remember; the OWS movement really sprang from the spontaneous convergence on D.C. after the shitheads passed TARP. That gave rise to the Tea Party, which was then co-opted by the corporations, and left a lot of angry, more-or-less disenfranchised, Americans with no where to turn. The youths are the next wave to be unleashed and more and more of the old fuddy-duddys are starting to realize these kids are as angry as they were three years ago – and surprisingly, they're angry about the same shit the old dudes are/were.

Ahhhh, I'm ranting. Sorry.

Let me finish by saying, it's coming. Like the Dog Poet, I don't know exactly what or when, but I feel it deep in my bones. Something we should remember is that history passes a lot faster when you're reading about it than when you're living it. The war protest movement, which the Sixties are remembered by, really got it's start during the Fifties by people protesting against all of America's foreign entanglements, especially Korea. That movement took almost twenty years to come to a head.

Stay strong and keep believing!


WV; logsac... something in male undergarments comes to mind :)

Dan said...

Les Visible, you are the expression of the harmonious way in life, opposed to the separating field which the two combined provide the ever going saga of the manifested Existence. Your poetry and vision feeds the needy and brings us the missing light in the darkness of the time.
We are not, but the collapsed wave in a see of love and hate, the ever playing game inside it all, the ever going beauty and ugliness of the call. Dwelling we undwell, hating we love hell but loving is the goal. For when we split apart, the movement had began to bring lost souls to One.
Of course that looking through a dark glass, shadows dance and sounds collapse, until unity is realized and entity restored to its original mark.
Here my sis', my bro', is the original call to oneness. Till the day when there is nobody out there any longer...

Zoner said...

Geez Les, your description of what a "Satanist" is perfectly describes the actions of my fundie neighbor - the one who engages in all manner of ill things towards me, no doubt justified by the fact that I have long hair, play rock music on my electric guitar, and told her when she she came at me full-court press about the wonders of Jesus the Christ that while I appreciate the teaching, I was not down with the concept of organized religion and church. Constant harassment ever since, usually in the form of trash and yard waste being dumped in my yard and the regular blasting of "Christian" music at my house. Nothing my Strat and a good tube amp can't overcome, however (evil grin).

I did discover that burning some western sage in my front yard did, indeed, ward off these evil spirits. Sent her scrambling for her bible while muttering about "Evil New-Agers" and such. She is doing God's work I guess. We'll see how that all works out when judgement comes, if one believes in such a thing.

Stranger by the minute.

Anonymous said...

Wrongo-O my brotha!

Cirque D Soleil is the secret evil empire. Just wait, they will do Star Wars and then you'll know... it's them; those acrobats and twisty-turny-folks. Evoool, I'm tell'n ya.

They can kiss their own fannys and I'm sure if you were to scream, "Go Fuck Yourself!" They could scuffle off to a corner and get busy. Evooool!

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Thank you again Judge Viz.

Defining the devil entity is likely equally as difficult as defining what we would call the God entity. Both entities are present and permeate every nook and cranny of the space and available to express themselves with whom ever gives either their attention.

My experience has brought me to a dimensional appreciation of singularity, of the quantum wiring nonlocal manifesting effects of reality, the consciousness coupling of the individual mind and the collective mind.

There is now for those who can appreciate it, a scientific basis to the old wisdom “there is only one of us here”.

Satanists, Zionists and all their darker minions are only agents for an entity that has promised them a something they are quite willing to give up their souls for and even go so far to kill their own go get it (how else can we explain the pilots spraying noxious chemicals over the earth and their own families down below).

George Green ( took a walk on the dark side and has an off planet dimensional reality model, that so far at least, I can not find any fault with, and from that perspective we now have a context for all the bits and pieces that don’t fit into the limited three dimensional model.

My experience as well is that it’s just the physics of the space that when ever a source of light is activated, the darkness of the field applies as much pressure as is possible to extinguish the light.

To accomplish work with electricity we need both the positive and the negative and ascribe virtue or vice to either polarity is just our ignorance of nature.


Anonymous said...

When they find out that winning hearts and minds goes a bit south, they will resort to the shock and awe stuff.

Bastards. But, it doesn't bother me as much as that word seems to imply. It does a lot of folks I know, however. That's mostly because they have a stake in it. That is, they want what the mean crowd is (apparently) getting... you know... eye on the prize and all that bullsh1t.

Some of these mormons I know think that Glenny Beck is the forerunner of Cheezuts. The world out there is really funny. Nothing but the divine could create this magic.


Rob in WI said...

The army officer you mention is Michael Aquino. He's been accused of much nastiness involving children, but never convicted, I think. Some say the military has been protecting him. Now who could ever suspect such a thing?
I'm curious about your encounter with Charlie Manson. Could you sense an evil presence about him? A short time before his arrest, Jeffrey Dahmer passed by a lunch table where I was sitting, in the factory where he worked (I was an outside contractor}. A chill and darkness went through me that has only happened maybe a dozen times, usually when encountering certain navy and marine officers, so this idea of the military protecting some nasty characters may bear some truth.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz:

"Condo Dwelling in Perpetual Hamster City."

Your knack for piercing through the shit clouds and distilling the voluminous crap into laser cut word resonance crystals is profound Sir.

Dear Anonymous’

Encouraging you all to take a stand and be counted. Come time for your “light review” I promise you it will be one of your greatest regrets.

Make your declaration to cosmology about who you are and stand and be counted. The risks you fear taking on by doing so, live larger in your own mind than reality, and even if you are carted away into some Halliburton detention camp in the middle of the night for your views, at least you will be amongst friends.

Man up and come out of the wood work.


f8te said...

Hey Les. Satanist special forces colonel Michael Akino is who you are talking about at the beginning.

amarynth said...

A little article from Clif High about Raven, the Grunch just ahead, Funeral of the Zombie and Giants that are not house trained.

Visible said...

Yeah that's the guy, Michael Aquino. I guess he was a Lt. Col and I got that wrong.

As for the Manson interaction that would take more time than I have at the moment to be effective with atmosphere and event but short answer is that I was certainly able to tell that he was a serious shitbag although I didn't get the actual dimension of how much of a shitbag he was. He cme off as more of a garden variety punk and I wasn't impressed at all and certainly not intimidated.

missingarib said...

Les ,it's hard to hit a moving target the saying is why draw the bow when the thief has left?

regards from a fool on a hill

Perry L said...

Ummm...the entire "Summer of Love" thing as well as the "British Rock Invasion" WERE a PSYOP with the intended outcome of exactly what happened...introducing Satan to the Christian Church raised "baby boomers". It was about diverting hearts and minds and destroying any connections to tradition and history thus creating fertile foolish minds who would run off in the 1970's for "Self Help" in a variety of forms provided by the "owners". What came out of Bohemian Grove City (aka San Francisco) laid the groundwork for the societal self-destruction via godless self-indulgence we are at the end point of now. The PSYOP created the "ME Generation"...I mean "they" did give us "SELF Magazine" in the early 1970's right?

Here is THE definition of "Materialism"...It is the belief that THIS is "All there IS" and that anything "here" matters in the big picture of things. It doesn't. Materialism leads people to believe that their DNA is something other then a passive chemical which only functions to maintain your temporary Soul Holder. Materialism leads people to "Occupy Wallstreet" demanding what they are "owed" here because they have been "ripped off" and they don't "own" all the goodies available "here".

Materialism leads people to forget that they only "Own" ONE THING in the entire Universe and that they came "here" with it and will leave "here" with it and that the ONLY thing that REALLY matters is what YOU do with your ONE "possession" while you were "here" during your BRIEF visit to this virtual reality that Materialists think is "real".

Materialism leads people to believe in silly concepts like "Solid Objects" in a world made entirely Of Atoms which are 90% empty space and in continuous motion.

Materialism also leads people to fight over "stuff" they think they can "own" and to try and control people with the purpose of setting up a "Permanent Earthly Empire" in a virtual reality where NOTHING lasts forever (not even Mountains).

Anonymous said...

"Yet that scaffold sways the future
and behind the dim unknown
Standeth God within the shadow
keeping watch above His own."

Tom Lowe said...

"Les ,it's hard to hit a moving target the saying is why draw the bow when the thief has left?"

Well, Fool, it's because they have nowhere to go. In fact they never left, nor can they ever leave.

You haven't figured that out yet.

kikz said...

Your biggest problem is yourself and the weaknesses and appetites you rationalize and engage in, while professing to be otherwise. No external force or personage has any more power over you than what you provide by making yourself available to it through the usual conceits and weaknesses of your unformed and unexamined being.


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Peter L.

Great inputs to the post! Clicked on your name and surfed to your blog. My hat is off to you for your courageous work.


Richie (Dana) said...

What Kikz said at 7:48

I zeroed in on this one as well. I guess I have a very unformed being as this seems to be a major problem.
I successfully created an avatar to deal with the zombies of the Satanist village in which we live.

It's funny you should mention San Francisco as my little avatar must begin building a new restaurant on Valencia on Monday.
This business of being different from others is no walk in the park. I can safely say that my avatar is experiencing some difficulties faking his way through the foolishness of the material.
I always envy those who life has brought them to quiet locals where there is ample time to contemplate and work this thing out.
Since I know the "grass is greener" is bullshit and the problem lies within, then it is within the realm of reason to believe that some must prevail in the middle of the pit.

If God gave me the talent for being a builder then why must I waste it in this way?

Jesus stated that it is not what goes into a man but what comes forth in evil that is the problem.

I am certainly not looking for sympathy here from anyone. In fact I am discouraged that I do not seem able to contribute something a little more positive as you all seem give me each time.

I can only pray that God will grant me the wisdom to see what is real in the face of the onslaught of ridiculous needs, wants, me and mine, and the trash heap of the material.

When I think of Satan the word is synonymous with organization. This world and our society are based on the rules of satanic organization. The precepts of the Divine are a polar opposite. Why do humans believe they can somehow prevail against evil by using the same twisted, doomed to fail, organization?
Les, please forgive me for sharing this bit you sent me a few days ago but I think many could benefit from it.

"Well, confusion is the order of the day but salvation and self realization are an individual affair. It doesn't matter if the majority get lost and off track deluded. It is up to each person to set the course for their own fate."
Les Visible

Les, many thanks from the real me.


Anonymous said...

"Your biggest problem is yourself and the weaknesses and appetites you rationalize and engage in, while professing to be otherwise." So true, the journey always starts at square one.

European American said...

For some reason your writings reminded me of this:

"Naturalness is the basis of effectiveness. If one poses to be something else, one loses the charm of naturalness. The result is that one accumulates a stress. We do not think of life - we live it. We do not think of others too much. We just behave in a natural way. Don't make moods - wonder what anyone thinks of us. We do not live life on the remarks of others. It is enough that we are naturally helpful to others. What others think of us is not our concern - it is their concern. If we are weak, we will always put ourselves at the whim of others. We do not base our lives on the opinions of others. But if we are not clear in our conscience, then we will always be weak and will always mind the looks and remarks of other people. It is the weakness of individuality if it always looks to others. It is important only that we radiate life. Every individual must be a joy to himself, to his family, and to his society. - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Kassen, September 1974

mooseknuckle said...

“Absolute certainty is a privilege of uneducated minds and fanatics.” - C.J. Keyser

gurnygob said...

Les my mind opens a little more each time I visit.

Les I don’t know if there is a cabal that runs the whole world but it is hard to believe otherwise especially in the western world. I think it is clear by now that most of the power brokers, bankers and their rent boys (the politicians) are all in bed together (maybe even literally, who knows) I think as time passed they have consolidated their power to the point that no one gets into the club unless they say so. Obama is a good example of that. The people were hoodwinked and instead of change they got more of the same.

“What Satanism is is the recognition and celebration of the individual will and the free exercise of any and all passions as a right that is taken, regardless of any resistance or sense of violation on the part of anyone they are being expressed upon” Never heard it explained that way before.

Brilliant I’m going to write this down somewhere so I don’t forget it.

I hate to spoil the OWS party but I heard something today (unrelated to OWS) that hadn’t previously crossed my mind about the OWS movement. It’s not who is controlling it that is important but the fact that it is being tolerated at all even if some show of force has been put on by the police and some poor folks got bashed up a bit. Could it be that TPTB are allowing this protest and maybe even anticipated it as part of the (PROBLEN, REACTION, SOLOUTION) agenda that they like to engage in from time to time. Let’s suppose for a moment that TPTB are looking to kill the $Dollar$ as some have suggested in favour of a one world currency or something like the Amero then this could be the perfect opportunity. Putting an end to the FED sounds like a great idea to me whatever comes around but I wouldn’t be surprised if these evil bastards where not one step ahead known way in advance what was coming. Remember these people think 10, 20 or 30 years in the future while the rest of us have to struggle with what’s on the dinner table next week. There is a 3rd world war coming soon and what comes after that could well have something to do with what is going on now. I would not like to be one of the people making decisions on behalf of the OWS movement. I agree with Ben on the point he made about things not turning out the way TPTB planed but it’s going to take some very bright minds or help from the Divine (that Jesus to me)to steer this in the right direction.


Visible said...

Maybe and maybe not but God thinks millions of years in the future and knows the end from the beginning and all that occurs in between.

Rob in WI said...

I've reread the second half of your post 3 times, and have no comment other than that the "prince of the air" has great influence these days,
and is as difficult to grasp as smoke. Will reread more than once again. Thanks. Best to all, Rob

Richie (Dana) said...

Sooner or later you are going to believe, just as I did......
There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

Morpheus to Neo in The Matrix

European American said...

On the other end of the speculum, excuse me, spectrum...

A Mulatto, a Bisexual, a Marxist and a Psychopath walk into a bar.

The bartender says "What can I get you, Mr. President?"

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
(still sitting on the fence)

hard to know (what's going on), easy to say.
or if easy to (intuitively) know, hard to say (protecting the preciousness).

Im currently reading the new testament bible and eckart tolle (thanks previous commenter) by night, Vis by day, and not spending one single moment of my life in that state of meditational bliss/purity that should come before breakfast. but at least I observe myself that way (tolle's central beyond ego message).

and without (acutally with/partially/incompletely) that awareness its house full or mirrors, boxing own shadow, repeating same mistakes, and all the flaws and shortcomings. but like good hygiene, collect the tools and accessories, make it a daily habit, prioritise the laundry items, and know what good dirt is for... or something like that. (but I am not really tested either, and I 'aint into that giving/serving way).
mud feet and air head. (and duplicitous self derogatory style).
Didn't Jesus tread on an ant ever? Or was he more sensible than me?

questions, questions.

anyhow, maybe OWS is a backburning operation (steam valve) but even if so, these things can develop a life of their own, a firestorm. and they will if nothing else, cause a few more to convert. but will they question?


wv: sestr. sestrs and bothers.

gurnygob said...

Thats ever true Les.

Silly me!


Anonymous said...

Bhagavad-gita As It Is 9.25 (summary by Srila Prabhupada)

Similarly, one can attain the Pita planets by performing a specific yajna. Similarly, one can go to many ghostly planets and become a Yaksha, Raksha or Pisaca. Pisaca worship is called “black arts” or “black magic.” There are many men who practice this black art, and they think that it is spiritualism, but such activities are completely materialistic.

Peter said...

This Manson thing sorta peaks my interest Vis.
Someday soon you will have to expand upon it for us.
Dave McGowan covers Manson rather extensively. He mentions in part 3 of his Laurel Canyon piece:“I mean, fuck, he auditioned for Neil [Young] for fuck’s sake.”

Graham Nash, explaining to author Michael Walker how close Charlie Manson was to the Laurel Canyon scene.

In part 2 of the LC piece he quotes Neil Young: “He was great, he was unreal – really, really good.”

“He had this kind of music that nobody else was doing. I thought he really had something crazy, something great. He was like a living poet.”

These observations from Dave McGowan reflect my very limited exposure to his music , which has disappeared. Supposedly "Chuck" made alotta tapes with Terry Melcher that have mysteriously vanished. But the 2 minute excerpt I heard was suprisingly good. It was in a documnetary film that was free on HULU about a year ago but it too has mysteriously vanished. Although I Googled the title (Six Degrees of Helter Skelter) it can by purchased or rented.
Just a head's up Vis.

satan's panties (lovers of bacon) said...

Dwondo celling in herpetual camster hity. Hail Santa! (Repeat 667 times while masturbating furiously to the Teletubbies)

Peter said...

It's back on Hulu for free!!
Manson sings at the 22 minute and 50 second point.

Kray Z8 said...

Greetings LV and All...

The rapport and synchronicty here just keep getting stronger. Was going to comment on a particularly moving point in your essay, but at least three others beat me to it so, 'nuff said, I guess :>D Perfect opportunities don't exist. Take it from a professional procrastinator, if you wait for things to be 'just right' you'll be a perpetual bystander. Even the Yin-Yang is a blend of dark and light; no matter how you slice it, you get some of each. At some point we all have to decide what is worthy of our participation and then engage ourselves regardless of what flaws there may be.

Most who come here believe we are connected with a higher power. We have myriad individual methods of cultivating this connection. To many of us it is much more important than any other aspect of the 'mainstream' world we are surrounded by. IMHO it will become even more important as events transpire in the near future. Many of us are prevented from physical activism by constraints that are monetary, geographical, mental, legal, etc. That doesn't matter. Transdimensional action is more powerful and effective anyway. It can't be prevented or blocked or hijacked or stolen. We can ALL direct the energy which flows from the higher power through us toward anyone or thing we deem to be a worthy recipient. Abilities vary, but as long as each of us is doing the best we can do, we'll know we are doing all we can do. Yes, it takes discernment and intuition, but that comes with the practice; besides, positive energy will not go to waste, even if it is misdirected or even undirected. There are forces most of us can't fully comprehend starting to clash. Any and all positive energy we send out will go toward the change we all want to see. The time is NOW. Whatever your path is, engage in it with all your heart and soul. We all can and must play a part in manifesting the future we want to see. In order to help others and ourselves, we need to continue to strengthen our relationship with the Divine and continue pro-active energy work. It's the most powerful force in existence and the ultimate expression of Love.

Les, thank you again for your entertaining and pertinent commentary. Friends, thank you all for your variety and beauty. Keep the Faith.

Peace, Love, Unity,


Peter of Lone Tree said...

"I found out years later that it was the work of the CIA, which railroaded all that was bright and beautiful, back into the stock pens of Perpetual Hamster City."
For a grim look at how movements can be co-opted: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation.
There's much more on the page also.

ChewyBees said...

I challenge anyone reading this to identify any organization that is not for the immediate profit of the few at the expense of the many. I just wrote a long piece on tonight about the pink ribbon people and the cure. Like everything else that is organizationally driven, some people are profiting and a great deal more are paying, quite often with their health and ultimately their life on this planet.
For anyone reading this, I would advise this: first identify your validations in life, these are the things you do and commit to on a regular basis. If need be, write them down as you see them on a daily basis. These are the 'loops' (repeating subroutines) of your life. After a few weeks you can in reality have yourself in a nutshell. An example of a validation would be eating, or watching TV, or having a cocktail, or volunteering in a soup kitchen, or healing the masses.
How can any man progress if they can't identify themselves to begin with?
If you can define yourself, then you can manifest anything, in a prolific ray outward from yourself. I love the teach and learn cycle. It goes like this...
For everything you teach, you now have an equal amount of learning available to you, and for everything you learn, you now have an equal amount of teaching available to you. It is the only model of education available to a sustainable society. Contrast that to the western societies of education, and you will see that it is a world of programming, not teaching, for the benefit of corporations and their masters: the bankers, and their masters: the who-for-hell-(n)ever.

katz said...

one day, I was out on core property by Lake Dallas, where no car or vehicle could get to, on horseback. I came across folding chairs, about a hundred of them around a burned out campfire. in the center of the burned out fire, there was a large pickle jar full of blood and guts. It shocked husband made me carry a gun from then on, while riding out there. there was no other way to get to that place, other than by horse, or by boat. so, they must have brought a boat in there, set up these chairs, and had some sick rituals. that's my first glimpse of satanism. if you think zealots are crazy, you should try a few of these morons.....some of them are way sicker than anyone you might want to ever know.

anton levey was a jew, btw.
his work was well paid for by the black ops in control.

did you see "eyes wide shut"?

len said...

robinh, you are irritating, and not in a nice way. stop whining about's you.

onething said...

Wow, that hurts.

onething said...

I thought Jesus nailed it pretty well when he said, "You are of your father, the devil. He was a liar and a murderer from the beginning."

So it's two things. Deception, and the use of force.

Whether one enjoys the suffering of others is a derivative fact.

To use others against their will through deception, force, threats, intimidation, manipulation, lies, violence, etc. is the essence of evil.

Robin Redbreast said...

European American: love your words about naturalness and effectiveness - feels like I'm hovering there presently ;)

Anonymous said...

They left them on the flatland,
They left them on the shores
The truth that never answers and only begs for more
The sowed their evil issue and lust blood left
The scene, to the back tides and the deltas
And places never dreamed
They often look asunder and never fear the worst
By heir aid the sparrow and spurn another birth

Their nightmares are deflowered
Like the virgins raped at war,
Their ceaselessness is coward
Their mortal die’s been cast
Like leaves on the branches after winter’s past

Still believing their own babble
That towers never fall
They will fall like Custer in his evil act of war
With frost on the Pumpkin and the devil at the door


just playin with her timex watch and forty nine smiling, fish eating dolphins

inspired by anonymous

Franz said...

Just excellent.

Also wonder if we ever knew some of the same people? The Neo American Church was heavy where I was, and one of their Boo-Hoos took me on a tour of Haight-Asbury right after it became the most depressing dead zone on either coast.

In NYC, no later than 1969, even midtown was a dream for whatever acid was going around. The whole place was a kind of living, breathing Christmas tree. Then Nixon's hogs got busy and it ended there too.

The protesters I bless no matter what. If they take NYC back for the humans, I don't care what else they get wrong.

Cautious optimism. No. No caution. I was not cautious in 1969 and see no point in converting now.

Freddamedgjedda said...

When the laws and commitments of a nation, organisation or group is unethical according to your standards, either join another group, or break the laws and commitments you find unethical.

This is what Ghandi did, but did it for all to see, we need to do it underground. Some people like to make groups and protest, but when they do, it is all to easy for TPTB to recognise and corrupt those movements. Instead be a sophisticated criminal, one who does what is ethical and seek the truth, without fear of his own life, no matter what the laws of the temporal powers might be at the moment. No law, no crime!

If something is illegal it means it is money to be made from it!!! Understand the system and find ways of doing good thing for your community without doing unethical things or supporting unethical people or groups.

This has been said in many ways; stop feeding the machine, but don't stop feeding yourself and the people around you. GROW up!! We don't need no leaders or big institutions, we need love and mutual respect. Stop feeding the dog that bites you, time and time again... GROW up!!!

Robin Redbreast said...

God bless your honesty Len - I have a lot to learn and hope in the future when I'm older (than my 35 years) will gain maturity and wisdom in the future

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Busking at the Corner of Shit and Go Blind.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..


Satanism, legalized, sanctioned and encouraged by general society is readily viewable, smellable and hearable via your local slaughterhouse.
They might hide these away in some short distance from where we all live but Hell is also hidden away some short distance from where we all live.

Thousands of these Hells from sea to shining sea.

Everyone, schoolkids especially should be escorted and admitted so that they might personally and in person know the truth of what is done to the least of us.

If the murderous slaughter of some 60 BILLION innocent animals each and every year here on planet earth (Bhu-mandala) doesn't qualify as satanic/demonic, then what might?
(they eat horses, don't they?)

Anonymous said...

A deterioration of mental faculties.

amarynth said...

Some thought I had this weekend about the Occupation. The magic I think is in the word. Many writers are suggesting that they, the loose conglomerate, prepare a list of 'demands'. Well, I was thinking that one can only demand from someone who has something to give to you. I think the "Occupiers" are "Occupying", and not demanding, because what there is, is theirs (ours) to begin with. Not sure if I'm right with this line of thinking, but that is what seems to appear for me.

And I can live with this.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

I attended the Occupy Portland protest on October 6th, which drew about 5,500 people. What I saw there was a wide variety of people from teens to elderly, although predominantly young (teens to forties). There were Trade Unionists, working poor, unemployed workers, students, retirees, and street people. Most of the people at the rally appeared to be well-informed, self-directed, skeptical about all political Parties and movements, and also highly motivated. "End the Fed" signs were abundant; I saw a "Capitalism Doesn't Work" sign that was carried by two women who looked like they were about twenty years old. Frankly, I agree strongly with those two young women.

The Occupy protesers chanted "We are the 99%" and "The 1% must go!" That is one of the most oft-repeated messages of the Occupy movement, and it is fundamentally a Socialist message. The Occupy movement has identified (correctly, in my opinion) the gap between the haves and the have-nots as the root cause of domestic suffering and injustice and also the chief cause of international conflicts and wars.

The 99% are waking up to the fact that the 1% have been waging Class War against them for centuries. Now the 99% are organizing to fight back against the 1%. Hopefully, the Occupy movement marks the beginning of the end of the rule of the 1%.

The rumors and speculations that thrive on the Internet sometimes fail to describe what is actually happening at a protest. You have to go there and meet the people to see what is happening. You may not like the Socialist ideals of the Occupy movement, but I can tell you that their Socialist idealism appears to be a spontaneous expression of sincere people who have studied history and reached their own conclusions.

Of course the elitist Establishment will try to harness and control the Occupy movement -- but the Elitists may eventually find that they have backed a horse that will unseat them from power.

bholanath said...

anonymous...via homer -

May we return with honor and humility to the Bhu-mandala.
Jai Maa!

danimel said...

Les -

I do not know what exactly has drawn me to your writings and/or why I keep coming back for more but it seems strangely like a feeling that I am connected to something that I cannot describe but know that there is some unattainable truth that I should know but for some reason cannot realize. An observer most of my life watching others live and always feeling like an imposter waiting to be discovered. Something in your writings resonates in my mind that most of what I know I really don't because everything presented to me from all parallels is coming from a place of lies and deceit. I think the real universal truth is too much for the human mind to handle currently and when it is exposed your either likely dead or will be in short order. Don't know why I just wrote this but good karma to you and I look forward to future musings.

Take Care

Dan L

Anonymous said...

100% of the 1% to be yuga cleared.

that leaves the 99% {of which 90% are junk dna)

devine and conquer!

Gregory F. Fegel said...

An Anonymous poster here mentioned people with "junk DNA."

According to the geneticists, we all carry some "junk DNA" which might help us or hinder us, depending on the fate of the individual. The wealthy 1% run nearly the same risk of producing a handicapped child as do the 99%.

Nor have we seen that the wealthy 1% produce a surplus of geniuses. Many geniuses have emerged from the lowest economic circumstances.

I'd like to see the "merit" put back into "meritocracy." Becoming wealthy may not be a result of of merit, but merely of unscrupulousness. Neither does having wealthy parents indicate merit. The British Royal Family makes a great pretence of being charitable because they know that the public expects them to prove their merit.

For centuries most of humanity has endured a Feudalistic economic system which assigns disproportionate wealth to a privileged upper class, while the lower classes have been oppressed.

An egalitarian society with a narrow gap between the high and low ends of the income spectrum would facilitate a true meritocracy.

I Love You said...

Great post and comments. I would like to see more poems as comments in the world.

A group of us aren't certain, but we're pretty sure we took out Satan/Lucifer in August. Loved him off-world and then a few other things happened. So we're wondering if OWS is one way we'll see the etheric battles manifest in 3D.


Rabbit said...

Thanks as always for articulating what I am almost always almost thinking. You hit a high note with this among others " even if it happens at the hands of a total degenerate, sanctimonious hypocrite, you can still have a real and lasting spiritual experience depending on the level of your faith and conviction. "

I'd go so far as to say that faith and conviction, and striving after an impeccable life can make it the rule. Just now rising up yet again from near destruction at the hands of evil, only to be feeling grateful not just for surviving but for thriving and learning a whole swag of great old lessons of life anew.

Anonymous said...

via Homer.., Monday, October 10, 2011 4:21:00 PM.
I hold back because Les thinks highly of you but this...


Visible said...

a new Visible Origami is up-

Push and Shove Dancing in the Public Square.



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