Monday, October 17, 2011

In the Mosh Pit with the Black Pots and Kettles.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Apologies for not being around for a few days; temporarily under the weather.

This is stacking up with brimming potential to be one of those memorable weeks where just about anything can happen. On the high end, false flag quadrant, the Israeli controlled western powers are wagging the dog and swinging dead cats all over the place. They want to see dead people and hopefully a lot of them in Iran. They’ve had their way so far with all the other wars so... if something is going to stop them it will have to be something different than the forces, people and things that didn’t stop them all the other times.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has gone viral and epidemic all over the world and the ranks keep swelling. Something has to give, overreact or break through soon enough.

People are being arrested for wanting to close their accounts at the large banks. There are several views about how this has been allowed to happen. Some say they entered the bank as protestors and that gave the usual, quasi legitimacy to temporal overreaction. What someone needs to tell these people is that they can just do online transfers of their savings and whatnot to whatever the next bank holding their money will be. If they want this activity made public they can simply announce a day when everyone does it; or a week, or a month. Whatever it takes to bring down the big banks and force legal action against Wall Street has to be done and relentlessly pursued until it is accomplished. Lloyd Blankfein and his friends need to be brought to trial, sent to prison or marooned on a rock somewhere with a few hundred pounds of Garbanzo beans, with fire making capacities and pot with some water.

Eric Holder of Fucked and Furious fame is panhandling for privacy at the corner of Shit and Go Blind, which we visited the other day. People as corrupt as or possibly even more corrupt than he is, such as Shabbos Goy, Darrel Issa, are lining up to take shots at the morally bankrupt, microcephalic attorney general. It looks like a mosh pit full of black pots and kettles. Cue Ozzy Osborne or Marilyn Manson; ‘together like you’ve never seen them before’?

♫Something’s gotta give, something’s gotta give, something’s gotta give♫

The usual politically correct nonsense is rearing its troglodyte profile above the once normal and now bent out of recognition societies and cultures of the moment. All formerly celebrated holidays are presently suspect and being plowed under for the pleasure of those who don’t believe in anything but their narrow little agendas of social control. Shake any one of the trees close to any of this action and half a dozen Zionistas will fall out of the branches. As Press TV accurately stated, you can have a gay sex channel in the UK but you can’t have a free and open media and that is no surprise given who controls 96% of it.

Political correctness is the bastard stepchild of the communist manifesto. The intent is to give the appearance of leveling the playing field so that everyone’s needs, even if it’s just those two guys standing in the corner dreaming of sheep, are recognized and put on an even footing with ten million other people dreaming of each other. Of course it has nothing to do with any of this but is just more ‘divide and conquer’, where the people enforcing these things, gain a power out of all proportion to the relevance of their right to enforce these things.

The breakdown of the whole infrastructure and its financial and moral underpinnings is absolutely calculated by the usual suspects who have been misjudged and impugned by history (until it got revised and rewritten) and let’s all take a nanosecond of time to commiserate with them before they go right back to their constant practice of seeking to impoverish and enslave the rest of us.

Well, one way or another, the whole thing is coming down and the real impetus behind all of it, regardless of how it may appear, is the cosmos using everyone good, bad and indifferent to bring about necessary change and whatever amount of suffering is required to make whatever points are the point of the whole exercise to begin with.

Yes, my friend, the symphony is being conducted from off stage and it really doesn’t matter who appears to be standing front and center. They aren’t doing anything that isn’t being allowed and directed for the purpose of demonstration. Totally compromised, psychopathic parrots like Hillary Clinton are just going through the motions and generally clueless concerning the real and final result of their speech and actions.

The wide range of accurate information in the minds of the Occupy Wall Street ‘rank and file’ is amazing. They’ve got a really good idea of what has been happening and is happening. All of this makes its way into the human consciousness from unknown locations and suddenly everyone knows it.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here between God and the Devil to make sure it’s all on the level... or something to that effect. Poetic license can be problematic when it comes to reality but then so can everything else that falls short of it and that pretty much means everything else.

It doesn’t matter what you call the whole process or to whom you attribute the power to bring it to the term of its course. It doesn’t matter if you think the bad guys finally messed everything up so that the mathematical certainty of evil destroying itself has finally arrived at the dénouement. It doesn’t matter if you believe it’s all under the control of a mysterious and indefinable consciousness. It doesn’t matter if you think the moon is made out of green cheese. What matters is that it is happening in front of you and inside of you and somehow, someway, it is taking place. That’s the critical focus (or should be) of the whole shebang.

I’m not any kind of gifted prognosticator but I would have to say that, irrespective of that, these next few weeks look like any given day some event will be enough to change this world beyond all expectation. It’s going to result in different things in different places, just as the alterations in consciousness are going to be radically different for different people depending on what has been in their head to begin with. This is Monday morning talking. I’ll be real interested to see what Thursday morning has to say, or next Monday for that matter.

Everything at every level is being affected so there’s no way to predict what might be the result of all of that. Anything, even of great magnitude, can now happen in a few minutes, an hour and a day. Hopefully (as I believe it to be true) everything is under control for the purpose of demonstration and we simply need to acknowledge that and proceed with an awareness of it. The idea that this is all blind chaos that somehow came to this moment through some sequence of empirically understood evolution is a frightening thought.

In any case, you are where you are as what you are. You’re the sum total of whatever you got up to that somehow made its way across the possibilities of the map of your existence to the location you find yourself in now, physically and consciousness wise. If you’re not happy with that, change it. That potential is also operating under the same rules of a few minutes, an hour, a day and so on, depending on what is required to get you in gear. Some can change. Some can’t change and some will be compelled to change. Good luck with how that applies to you. Alright then, stop, look and listen. The train is coming down the tracks and something also appears to be going on center stage. Don’t get confused about where you should be standing with both the performance and the train in operation at this time.

End Transmission.......

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est said...

i feel like
i just got

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA... Fanfackingtabulous! It was like an express truth-train ride! Damn.

Anonymous said...

The OWS people should tell the pentagon to take a break from spreadin democracy til we iron out the kinks back here. Use the extra trillions to fix our house..
Seneca iron worker

Matt McCauley said...

LV if you find your throat or sinus beginning to get sick... spray saline and 20% silver colloid in either or both holes 2x, 2 days- swear it works no matter what. Will email my cold killer info.

Thank you man. You wrote somewhere that when the world is clearly batshit insane, then you are awake. Look at all these people, all over the world. I feel certain that they/we will be hard to co-opt or derail. It's just money. How funny. Will make donation to your muse What if all your readers/listeners gave you 10$? You could take up kendo or something.

Please keep at it. I hope to be like you, old man. Kunda li i i i ni, kundali i i i ni.

Visible said...

actually it was a different kind of weather having nothing to do with colds or any related types. Have the collodial on hand and other things. Thanks for the info.

gurnygob said...

Well put Les. Thanks for organizing my thoughts for me. When you say it it makes so much more sense.


kikz said...

mornin les,

an idle thought.. judge napolitano. on fox, yet. recently he and the x bin laden unit chief actually named those who the media shall not name, as 'cui bono' in the latest false flag intended to goad usrahell's bitch into a catfight w/iran. interesting.

i've asked him how he is allowed to say what he does, and posited that his voice probably falls under controlled opposition.
of course, i've heard no answer. :)

i kinda like the guy.
although, i do take issue w/his illogical stance on the notion of original sin. ah well, everybody has a blindspot..

but, to champion freewill and search for truth as deity bestowed weapon against temporal tyranny, then ascribe humanity's imperfections/shortcomings on the use of the very gift... while ignoring institutionalized religions' co authorship in our 'blinded bondage' is cognitive dissonance at its zenith. some 'primary programming' is quite difficult to recode, even for a judge.

hope you feel bettr soon...nice job on the post.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Round and round it goes and where it stops nobody knows.

Right now it's manipulations within manipulations and speculation within speculation and ego fighting ego for control of other egos. One big soup of information.

Sort of nice. A bit of creative cooking. We will know the flavor and taste when it's done up and ready to serve for this particular meal time.

Take care Les,

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that the root of all this is the central bank, the branches big or small will just grow back or change shape. Even if it means going back to zero and starting over again, the root must die. I've firewood to cut now.
Peace from Minnesota

Neko Kinoshita said...

Awesome way to start the week.

Still watching as the cracks both spread and multiply.


Anonymous said...

My question is why the hell do those people who got arrested for trying to pull their money out of the bank have their money in those banks in the first place? They should have pulled it out a long time ago. We have said it here many times DON'T PLAY THEIR FUCKEN GAME.

I agree a lot of the rank and file OWS crowd do have it figured out. We can thank the internet and people like you for that. They sure as hell didn't learn it in school. I did 200+ units in college and when I graduated if someone had asked me about the FED I would have responded with the usual bullshit. The cat is definitely out of the bag.

On another note, hope what I'm reading concerning Lybia is accurate. The people seem to be taking their country back. A few stingers would help. Turn around is fair play Russia.


Anonymous said...

good to see the young legs back out on in the streets. been awhile. better able to put the pieces together and gain a sense of collective power when interacting face to face.

only in this way may a snowball effect yet be possible.

the outspoken once marginalized as mere 'malcontents' have since been upgraded to 'terrorists'.(oh yeh, that means you, et al.)

out of the way, right on schedule is my own sense of space and time anymore. still, break out the bands and the chillums ...

my last 'appearance' was the 40th anniversary of the '67 pentagon encircling. more impressed, i was, by the youngsters than by those 'patriots' on the sidelines clearly old enough by now to know better.

"i was born in the usa" ... "but i don't want to die here"

Anonymous said...

fine post lord visibles,have been in spaceland myself past few days.....
if mrs lavender luck is reading over here she needs to know she is beautiful....a little like brother estebans hot fiery spanish beauty he has been holding hands with in that fine song,.....

anyway respects neil

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back Les!!

A lot of jewish produced hollywood movies over the years have gotten quite a few laughs at the idea of a homeless black guy with a sign trying to change the word, well I think the laughter stopped when this guy stepped in to the mold:

Les, may God bless you and the whole invisible family over here.

Lili said...

I say Occupy Online:

Occupy Microsoft
Occupy the IRS
Occupy the MSM

Anonymous said...

Stickman sez

Timeline: Eleven days. Recalculating the entirety of the Mayan calendar, Swedish researcher Carl Johan Calleman updated the date of the Shift from the Winter Solstice of next year to eleven days from today: October 28th.

Other searchers and researchers who happen to be into numerology (as are some of the deepest Cabalistas) are pointing to 11-11-11 as being an incredibly powerful date and possibly even a major stargate opening. That's only 25 days away.

So we shall see. At some point along the looming spectrum of days and hours something is coming down. Many people can feel it now. It's almost like everyone's holding their breath. Time for the unveiling of a new paradigm. Kali Yuga is just about stretched out to the max.

May the light and love prevail.

Anonymous said...

trapped in an emotional body
but it never had time for true cause
it felt it had to maintain falsity
an imagineless emotionless wall
it spoke archon hell and psychopath
collecting childrens eyes and toes
its spinal column detached
it swam the torrents of hell below
the two columns where it sat disunited
colapsing under extremes
because falsehood was its foundation
it worshipped the bringer of greed
it was disease corruption and sickness
groomed in a perversion of the mind
being dragged to the slaughterhouse
for all its ruthless demoralised crimes


Anonymous said...


With interest on savings less than 1% what's point of keeping money in the bank? Most would be better off not bothering with bank accounts at this point.


Anonymous said...

the people could only go forward
their was no going back this time
stood with their brothers and sisters
it felt like an uncrossable line
the death cult talmudic demiurge
fallen flat on its no good disgrace
best not cross swords with spartacus
where pure freedom lights and vibrates
and the base of all peace rouses
fills with a taste of the truth
circulating within on all nourishment
revitalising the consciousness root
the devil should of known better
poor judgement ,no rational sense
to fight a war that it will lose
just to maintain false pretense


lightandlongshadows said...

Luvbomb the hell out of this paradigm...7 billion joined hands would be a party worth attending.

Anonymous said...

May the best way to 'reach out' the 1% is to simply have 10 million people withdraw their money from the bank. This would crash their system in no time.


Josey said...


There must be at least 10 rather large and extra-powerful volcanoes ready on the firing line.

From Chile, to Iceland to the Canary's, Russia and elsewhere, locked and loaded for bear.

Ad's a whole new dimension to things around the world and the best-laid-plans of rats and men.

Nature's explosions could make the military plans and actions pale in comparison.

bholanath said...

There was this story about new discoveries of mass graves of Mohawk children last week -

Clif High just covered it here -

His reaction: a reworking of the "lord's" prayer -

Yo, large pedophile who is off-world,
from whom we learn child rape and ritual murder and war,
so hollow is your claim to fame,
so stinking filthy is your name,
your king (and his domaine) are done,
your will is less than none,
on earth, and oh, go fuck your 'heaven'.
We grow our own damn food,
so take your attitude,
and worthless debt based dogma,
and stay the fuck away from earth,
or we will kick your scaly ass back to Vega

my feelings exactly...
time to 'occupy' all the BS religious institutions


Anonymous said...

a casket made for wall street
made of paper painted red
for all the blood ridden streets
of where those devils tred
a casket lined in tinfoil
stripped internals of the money
intermixed with all that poverty
that they sat and thought was funny
and for all those murdered people
take the rat out of skull and bones
for all the indians they slaughtered
the feather of geronimo
and whilst they splutter over tea
and sink inside their dread
in full knowledge that they were devils
and the devil is already dead


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

OCCUPY (literally) every single church from coast to coast which ought to be open 27/7 if anyplace should ever be.

I worked 23 years at a seminary and complained practically every day about this.

Every church should have a big well equipped and well run wonderfully vibrant kitchen and feed those who need fed.
At least serve (great word) one meal every day and TWO on Christmas!

Every member of every congregation should bring in any excess clothes, appliances, tools, furniture and all the rest that so many are drowning in.

There's enough to go around and if they did this then they, the ministers, preachers, rabbis and their flocks might also quench their spiritual thirst, fulfill their call to preach and uplift and nourish both physically and spiritually the least of us.

Lord knows they're still waiting..


just me, Laurel A. said...

est........your three lines just made my day :)) ....what a perfect summation of les' writing today :))

Anonymous said...


It can be inconvenient not being hooked up to a financial institution. Checking accounts have their place, on line bill pay is nice, certified checks, wire transfer, direct deposit etc. (with the exception of wire transfer all free) I have been with credit unions for most of the last 30+ years. I keep my IRA and extra cash in a brokerage account. I haven't had a savings account at a bank since I was a teenager. Never could stand banks.

You need to take advantage of these institutions free services. You ever pay interest on a charge card? Might be hard to believe but I never have and I charge almost every purchase. Been doing it for years. American Express rebates 1% on purchases, more on some things. Same with the other cards I have. They make their money off the stores and sheeple not me. I practice what I preach. As I said I don't like banks.


Anonymous said...

tipped on the feather of geronimo
in wild horses playing through dreams
spoke on the tip of a thunderbolt
crushing the sense of all greed
weaving the mountains and rivers
on an arc of an indigo sky
struck on the bite of a scorpion
tore down all the devils lies
pierced with a spear that drove deep
reached back and cut out its tongue
the devil estranged and dismembered
to the earth it melted and sunk
the drums of the universe quickened
all the people on earth were awake
the devils who performed pure evil
in the ground in its right place


Anonymous said...


You may get 1% back, but the other 3% that would have gone to the supplier/store now goes to the financial institution. It's considered "the cost of doing business". The stores have to pay 2% - 4% on every credit transaction to accept credit cards.

So every charge, even if you get the lousy 1% back, is making money for the financial institutions for sitting on their asses.

Put them out of business by paying by cash/check if possible. Many mail order companies still accept a check even if they have to guarantee funds before shipping.

It's just so damn convenient to charge it.


Robin Redbreast said...

A pause for/in the enigma

Anonymous said...

am sorry people,,,a lot of devil bankster demiurge tyrant beating going on over here at the moment....

respects ...neil

Anonymous said...

oh and people at the telegraph,please stop snorting cocain of dead childrens knee caps and pretending that your not a tyrants and empiricals rag please,,,,
we all know how cheap you are....
whatever money they pay you for writing watered down opinionated propaganda,,,,well that is the price you sold your soul cheap cheap


Anonymous said...


I realize that and don't care. Most of my charges are at China Mart, Costco, and other big box stores. I don't care if they take the hit. Don't have much use for them either. They are all corporations and put the screws to you any way they can. If you or anyone else likes these outfits then use cash. As for me I look out for myself. Granted they clean up in their charges to the stores but they do even better charging 20%+ to the sheeple, and those late fees etc. If everyone paid their cards off at the end of each month they would loose a huge profit center.

There is over 920 billion credit extended on charge cards. Think about it. How much interest accumulates? This 900b is financed out of thin air just like mortgages. What a racket.


Anonymous said...

There is some strnage rules by which they play. the truth is always out there for those who aspire to look. Most don't. They are content with the bread(gmo) and circuses (low IQ sh*t)

yes, the deck is finally going to be reshuffled. A new game will commence. think it will turn out better this time.


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

that was a nice link anon 6:34:00 PM that protester part 2 , like Vis, tells it how it is.

interesting that comments are disabled on "Jewtube" for this one.

another one , like those few heavy drops before it comes pouring down. comments allowed. example at the end of human amplification, one talks, the rest repeat, the more the better.


wv: pycara . bonfires tended by caring people hammered home ♫ all over the land mmmmmmm♫ .

Anonymous said...

Great read, Les. I am pretty sure that we are in the Kali Yuga & wish that the Calleman call of 10/28/11 &/ or the others who choose a slightly later date of 12/21/12 for all of this BS to be over are correct. Much as I hate saying this, it all sounds a bit hollow to me & I hope that I am wrong. Still no doubt about the Kali Yuga being in full swing. I was actually born knowing this info. Yuga's are pretty darn long, though, & who knows when one really begins & ends? I do remember when a very tough, in a no-nonsense way, spiritual teacher asked me upon first meeting : Is this your last lifetime? Without even thinking that over, I responded "yes" & he did not argue with my answer. Perhaps, I am grasping at straws to encourage myself that this mess will soon come to an end, based upon my own small knowing. The depth and complexity of the total depravity of government & all societal control will require a mighty hand to extinguish. Do love the OWS, though & who knows...this could be the first "straw" with many more to come that breaks that camels back. When I was a kid, I used to have a re-current dream about a haystack that was perfectly calm & serene. Then one tiny fleck of hay would fall, then two & finally the perfectly calm haystack was a maelstrom of flying hay bits of total chaos. I think that was a prophetic dream since it was so constant, insistent & burned itself upon my psyche.

One last thing...I bank locally in a very small town bank who, by other standards, is a small-time bank in terms of cash resources. This town has two major employers that hold this community together. The largest employer provides 300 jobs, the second largest provides 200 jobs. The second largest employer had it's line of credit yanked with only a weeks notice by RBS. The company had to shut down immediately without these funds. This threw the workers & the community into a total frenzy over the awful fall-out of the loss of jobs in both a personal way & in terms of the entire town. After two harrowing weeks, our local bank, with few resources, picked up the line of credit for however long that it can sustain holding it and is keeping this small place 'going'. Anyway, not all banks are the bad guys.
Les, & all lovely folks here, kindly forgive my, perhaps, offer of too many personal stories.
Love, M.

Anonymous said...

via Homer, Monday, October 17, 2011 10:04:00 PM



Anonymous said...

the universe is unfolding, as it should

MachtNichts said...

I wish I could add some intelligent thoughts, Vis. Nothing comes to mind though.

For all it's worth, it feels like the moment just before my aunt's pressure cooker exploded with the sauerkraut. Actually, the poetic licence lies in the sauerkraut. I think, it was red cabbage.

It nevertheless required formidable clean-up efforts.
Peace, Silvia

Anonymous said...

Liar! Liar!

Liar! Liar! Pants on fire…
Every word is true!
Oh, my god?! Uh-oh, My God!?

Nil desperandum, folks! Make your peace with The Lord...and your neighbour(s) - this last one's the hard bit. Keep the peace and be at peace...


pax verbum

siamsiam said...

I do believe many of you will have already viewed the below video - only 48 seconds. It speaks volumes. Not so much what is said but the comments in response. It is apparent that people are no longer afraid to say the word. The JEW word that is. This is going viral and the word is out - I mean in.

Forget about being PC. You know - " I have gay friends or I have Jewish friends." I don't have gay or Jewish friends and I don't care for Jews or gays and I don't care who knows it. Why should I be persecuted for having likes and dislikes. If I said I didn't like Arabs and straight people then that would be Ok. Fuck that. The gloves are off.

Jew jew jew -jew jew and double jew. If that is being anti semolina or what ever they call it then so be it. Let s call a spade a spade.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

The Mossad Merengue of the Dancing Disco Dead.

Anonymous said...

Jews and Gays have been really mean to me.


Perry L said...

Speaking of those "Train Tracks" and "the Train" I wrote an article about that very subject a little over a year ago expressing the validity (or lack o thereof) of having anything to do with "the train" or "the tracks". My hope was that people would read it and start figuring out how to get themselves and their families away from the Train and the Tracks...


Visible said...


hotlinking is not rocket science. I don't know if it is bcause of laziness, fear of the unknown or lack of skill but it is not uncommon for people to just paste links and move on. I can tell you that the other side of that is that there are people who also don't cooperate in the process so the link doesn't get visited.

On rare occassions I also offend but that only happens when I am high and temporarilly don't know how to do what I usually do because I am in Unusual-ville and as it so happens I am actually there right this moment so you can imaigne the time and difficulty involved in the process and I'm even watching my spelling.

I realize that there will probably continue to be people who metaphoorically take a spray can of paint to the wall but when the wall is alive it will take you there immediately. Any search engine can show you how to hotlink in no time at all. Yes, these things do take time and effort. I could do everything I do a lot faster if I just did away with the amenities (grin).

So, carry on.

Visible said...

Damn! heh heh, it especially doesn't work when you put quotation marks around it.

European American said...

The window will be wide open between

November 8, 2011


November 12, 2011

This is no drill!

est said...


i couldn't resist

said the wind

the window was open

so i came in

around i swirled

out i went

then i died

my energy spent

me also

said the rain

i floated up

fell back again

and the sun-lit

warm brown earth

spinning through space

for all it's worth


Anonymous said...

Dear Smoking Mirror, the VNmese translations of your pages are HORRIBLE at best.

Visible said...

Perhaps you should hire a translator. I suppose I could learn Viet and simply write in that from now on and everyone else can hire a translator?

Z.Monkey said...

Yo Dog!

The Universe exists in the Mind of the All. All is Mind. Certainly the Will of the All is prevailing. What makes these Banksters think that they can pillage and plunder without maintaining a balance. Nature abhors a vacuum, so, you know, a balancing will happen. Karma demands a balance, and those who do not understand that are in for a rude awakening...

Righteous blog, keep it up...

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

Disinfo Agents, Oprah Graduates and Whatever May be True..

Visible said...

We do not know that Ghadaffi is dead yet. This is being reported by the mass media which lies non-stop. I'm withholding any belief in this until I have a certain degree of proof.

Anonymous said...


after being fortuitously directed here a few days ago by some link from some website somewhere, all now forgotton in the fog, it appears i've just stumbled upon my new most favoritest blog on the whole tronz. if this oasis-in-the-desert blast of open-air, straight-shootin truthiness is just more co-opted alternative media vampire squid brainwashing disinfo (opens head, hands over bar of irish spring), hats off to you've finally caught me hook line and sinker. maybe you just turned the chip on. whatever you did, i like it! mikey likes it!

give me a minute though, please. i can see there will be an adjustment period for me. it's not every day i get a laser-focused beam of the sheer, unadulterated truth/gnosis to the eye. author and commentors have just re-affirmed my faith in...something...everything. not a bad start to the day (big, big fucking GRIN)

thank you,




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