Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nick Cage is a Vampire and I am the Wizard of It

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I love the smell of burning plagiarism in the morning, especially when it’s me. Some few night train lawyers seem concerned that I did that to the elegant work of Jim Kirwan, when it was Jim quoting me, so if anything, it was in reverse. Jim is a fine writer, one of the best; passionate and precise. However neither of us needs to steal from each other in the first because for both of us, it’s on loan from God. I hereby legitimize this sad state of affairs, I give Jim permission to steal my shit whenever he wants and then sell it back to me at a cost determined to be cheaper than stolen.

In my defense, I raise the case of the vampire, Nick Cage for your study and scrutiny. I know, I look like Nick Cage and that is another kind of plagiarism, which God is fond of. Nick can play me when they make a movie out of my first book. Now you can accuse me of shameless self promotion too, which is the second thing that comes up with Les Visible at Google after plagiarism. I know, I used to look like Nick Cage as you can see, by looking at the photo of me, and remember that I have aged just like Nick appears to have aged as well but we all go back into our coffins at night.

Actually, I’m more concerned about a movie I saw last night called Setup, which has Bruce Willis, ‘I’m not Justin Timberlake, Ryan Philippe’ and a guy called 50 Cents in a movie that wasn’t worth 50 cents and you really have to see this film to know what I am talking about but you will hate me for having made you watch it. It is truly and unbelievably bad and it cost a lot of money to make it happen and somehow it is connected to this guy whose bio says “Bringing an incredible array of diverse talents to the screen after designing action sequences for some of Hollywood's top blockbusters, Writer/Director Mike Gunther has used action to bring in over 2 billion dollars at the box office and emerged as one of the industry's most exciting "go to" creative forces”

We live in amazing times and as I watched this film, which was off the charts horrific, in exponential scope; given the name actors and all, I asked myself, “What’s going on?” I’m not entirely certain but it looks like an enormous cosmic meltdown is in process, as those who have made so much money from the things we all used to enjoy have finally come up against a wall or an endless wasteland because they watered it down and squeezed it dry so hard that now they are all hanging in air with no form or content. I mean to say that this is happening at every level of the game; political, religious, artistic. The mainline, mainstream players have come to the edge of the precipice with everybody else’s money and they are going where?

Let’s go back to the plagiarism thing because there are all kinds of ironies going down at the moment. I was hoping to get someone to do a graphic of the twin towers as a fuck you but it wasn’t my idea to tell the truth. Susanne came up with it and since she can draw, I asked her to do it but time goes by and I think, ‘let me get someone else to do it’. I was going to give her attribution after the fact but I guess you could say I plagiarized her idea up to the point that I was talking about it. Of course, it would only be plagiarism if something happened with it and I benefited as a result. I’ll see you in court Susanne (grin). She has many talents that I do not. She can draw and she can play the guitar. I am a terrible musician. I’m a singer/songwriter and I never have understood why nobody famous ever did any of my songs.

I went to Maui to meet George Benson, that was the motive and George liked my songs but his manager had ‘first refusal’ on anything he recorded. I stayed on Maui, hoping to meet Willie Nelson, working as a cook in restaurants. I wrote songs that I thought Willie would like. Willie had a friend named Poppi (I probably have the name misspelled) who was a restaurateur and Bud (The Birdman) Clifton gave him one of the songs I wrote for Willie and Poppi heard it and said that Willie would love the song and he would get it to him, then he died. That kind of thing has happened to me more than once. I never wanted to be the performer. I wanted other people to do my work. I was always trying to get songs to people but nothing came of it and it is hard to understand because the songs are good. I would think country and folk performers would love to do my songs. I used to run into Richie Havens here and there and that never came to anything either. Maybe my songs aren’t any good but I suspect that is definitely not the case. Some of my songs are pretty fucking good and would head for Grammy-land on country radio but maybe it just isn’t supposed to be.

How many years did I spend trying to get people to sing my songs? I didn’t have to sing or play them and I am a terrible musician and a truly bad mixer and engineer. I keep trying. Apparently my work is so bad, I can’t even be on Soundclick anymore and I don’t even put them at the end of my posts. It stuns me how bad my songs have sank. Jackson Browne did all that incredible work making Warren Zevon happen but I never got a Jackson Browne, or a Richie Havens or a Willie Nelson or a George Benson. I just went on and on. I’ve stopped recording songs because nobody wants to hear them and just stuck to the writing. I don’t play my guitar any more or the piano; not like I could anyway, but I do keep singing and I hope someone heard. Elvis Presley just dropped me by the side of the highway in LA. I can thank him for making me safe in Palm Springs when he would pull up to the curb in front of Bookland and tell me that “I thought you were going to Phoenix?” People thought I was his friend and they left me alone there in the rich man’s desert. He drove by about ten times that night, waving, talking to me through the limousine window, while people were screaming in the streets, “Elvis!” I lived on tangerines picked from trees and French fries that some kid might buy for me and slept in the desert, or some young girl’s car. Hardly anyone helped me out. Dark times and desolation for me but I just struggled though it with the kundalini.

Well, that could be a movie, just like the trial in Hawaii, or all of what happened in Washington D.C. and those tales have been told before at the other blogs. I am amazed that I am still standing, well, sitting actually. That is how come I know there is a god, which brings me to an incredible space, at least in my own mind, given the continuing lack of recognition. Or, is our purpose going to be fulfilled? Somehow I see a new day dawning and I do not know what will come of it.

I look at the evidence of this movie called The Setup, as the cultural expression of an absolute contempt for the purpose of existence, that goes nowhere, except into endless distress, while we have the means and technology to make anything possible. There has to be a divine hand but the times are dark because we have been shredded by psychopaths that have led us to our doom.

It’s on now. Maybe god is real and maybe not but does anyone doubt the presence of the devil? Or is this just evolution. Well. I guess we find out in the end. Because it really does come down to whether or not there is a god and I think there is. It’s a grand scale kind of a thing. You have the trembling heavens on the brink, however, heaven does not tremble because the actual will of god will prevail and all the hard on have all, steal all, will lose all.

I believe in a bright and beautiful future simply because I believe that somewhere ahead it lies in the performance of our being upon the nasty first matter of our present state. Authenticity and originality are the real currency that there ever was. If one were to accuse me of anything, accuse me for not having given my very best because I have occasionally succumbed to the weaknesses of my kind. I am harried by the same temptations and desires of the rest of you and I have fallen many times. On my own behalf I will say that I still endure and get up again and stand fast when called to account for the needs of the time.

You will notice that, as the old corruptions fall away that something better is coming out of the mix and you should hew to that direction. The time has come to make a change from the life you knew into something better.

End Transmission.......

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missingarib said...

Hey, ninety-eight, point six,
It's good to have you back again,
Oh, hey, ninety-eight, point six,
Her lovin' is the medicine that saved me,

les remember these lyrics well your writing and insights remind me of that tune write on! (grin)

mayaseri said...

You amaze me.Your constant talk of God of the Devine is music to my ears you fill a void in me a yearning a searching that has always been with me you help show me the answers to my most intimate questioning -I bless you for that.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Les --

If you want your music out there do what you do with PATRICK and get some help. My suggestion is to put together a good pick up band with steel guitar... Make sure the band can sing back up and consider sharing vocals with female...

Rehearse together for a week or two and then do a live studio recording...

I love your music and Walk Through The Fire could be right up there with Ring of Fire (think of the Live From Folsom Prison LP)

Keep on Chooglin'


wv sessa -- Just because I sessa so....

Anonymous said...

I wondered what happened to your music.... and I for one really miss listening to your songs.... "God's not Dead", "Rocketship", "Spread your Wings" and "I am Alive" (? - acapella type song) were all firm favorites of mine.

Can't you bring them back Mr Visible?

Jody Paulson said...

Les, I think you're a fine singer and an exceptional songwriter. Why not get a band to back you up?

Matthew said...

Well I guess this is as close to a cue to show you a bit of my work (as it's crossed my mind a few times) What with the 'shameless self-promotion' (not that that's why I'm doing it and it's kind of anonymous anyway) then there was the plagiarism, I'm not the original artist (but it's taken from his water-colour and I made into stone as a memorial to him) Then there was the reference to watered down creativity, squeezed dry and hanging. And I thought hey I'm more full of fuckin juice than I've ever been, and it seems like shit might just be going my way long enough to get some of that juice in the glass. Then with hewing in the final paragraph... I'm a professional hewer... yep authenticity and originality are currencies of mine, I'm pretty good at succumbing, I'm a pretty good faller in that if I don't still contrive to land on my feet I roll, I endure and I get up. Anyways this piece came to me as a crowd and I made it into a clan I think it's a pretty good expression of what it's about, what we all need hope you enjoy it

Tom Lowe said...

Visible, you were not allowed to 'succeed' (per their advertised definitions), because on one hand you are not one of the Chosenites, and on the other hand, you are too intelligent and strong to be an Elvis/Anna Nicole style puppet, which result is required of goyim in the entertainment industry whether they are Arsenio Hall or Jimmy the Greek. What you sought through all that was actually nothing but a dangerous illusion!

Who is alive, kickin' and a' producin' relevant entertainment today--Les Visible, or Elvis Presley?

Does the flashy hare win, or is it the prolific tortoise?

And how long does a hare live compared to a tortoise?

Fools want riches and fame, and say "Cash is King, and I am the Thing!"

But Survival is King, and cash is nothing but trash. Just look at it and see what it is actually made out of.

As for the illusion of Fame, David Bowie's song has that one down pat.

I don't want to be famous in Hollywood. Instead, I'd rather be useless to Hollywood.

"No one knows how useful it is to be useless." Lao Tzu

From 'Lowe Too'.

between and behind the lines said...

Dooze n Dunce In the Kitchen
by Mrs. Maxine McAudiobelle

Chapter 3

Hooks, Jabs, Uppercuts, Submission Holds and Lashings of Bashings.

Bloodied nose:
1 ham sandwhich
1 nose

Firmly tap nose with ham sandwhich - pop!- do not follow through (unless you prefer mushy nose).

Main course.
Stickee Wheezee Windpipe Crush:
1 Elbow, knife-hand, double-flipped bird-curve, spear-foot, or baseball bat or golf club or whatever makes you feel creative
1 Windpipe

Strike windpipe authoritatively with great decisiveness. Repeat for a more foamy froth.

Shaved Shin followed by Cracked Caps:
1 pair hob-nailed boots
1 pair of legs

Stamp dieagony down to shave, full-on-follow-through with safety-toe nose-cap to crack.

Intensify procedure for Flayed Shin with Crumbly Caps.

Cauliflower Ears:
1 pair of ears
1 pair ham sarnies
1 box

Rip off ears and box them until tender.


Purple Sheriff-Star Nipple Twist and Shout:
1 pair of thumbs and some fingers
1 pair of nipples

Tabasco infused butter-fingers is but one the many possible tweaks to this age-old recipe.

Black Eyed Bruce:

1 or 2 ham sandwhiches
1 someone called Bruce

This pud needs some advance planning because as you know the colours ♫ somewhere over the rainbow blahdeeblah

Anonymous said...

Les --

I know you've had your ups and down with them but seems they are under attack in France of all places....


wv verth -- Our verth-ion of the truth is the ONLY verthion

amarynth said...

Go here:

Look at the player on the side. You can play as much of Visible's Music as you want.

Will get it in a proper selectable playlist as soon as time presents for the job.

Ben said...


As happens most of the time when reading your always encouraging, always refreshing words, my mind is drawn to scripture. On reading this last my mind was drawn to the Proverbs, as follows:

"Better a little with righteousness
than much gain with injustice.

In their hearts humans plan their course,
but the LORD establishes their steps."

In my youth and early middle age I was set on a course that was bringing me considerable "gain"... I thought I was righteous.

Father Creator whacked me but good and I realized that my definition of righteous was not His definition. I still would not in any way call myself righteous... but I have a smattering of faith, and the Bible tells me that Father counts faith as righteousness.

Had I not been whacked, but good, your site would have have brought nothing but scorn from me; I would have held you and those that visit here in high derision. My goodness. How Father has changed me... and I find myself so humbled and grateful for this whacking. "Whom He loves He disciplines."

Anonymous said...

Big Dog,

There is no time like the Presence; thanks for learn'n me that. Write, sing, and dance naked till your throat gives out.

Thank you babtl! Laffed my stomach sore.

Mucho Loves,



If you create naked? Just be careful where you bang the cymbal! I gave my self a ham-bone sandwich;

1 flailing ham with tamborine glaze
1 dancing naked dude


lips du purple plum

wv; velcro: the material creation of the human ego {c;

Anonymous said...

We're inching a bit toward Charlie Manson Land, here, I fear. But, The Monkees are looking for new material (gentle ribbing- no flames).

Visible said...

concerning SOTT I would say that the charges are wrong and I hope they make it thru. I found them to be fairly decent people in the main. Any spiritual support I can give, I will. That might sound strange but I didn't dislike them. It just wasn't my thing. They did a lot of good work.

david griffith said...

Creativity .... it's a strange creature.

Read your post and wandered off for a morning coffee and then some ruminations about the singer/songwriter 'thang'.

Like you - and who knows how many more - we write our songs with no ulterior motive. Fame and fortune aren't the motivation .... connection via resonance is what we'd hope for..... a sharing.

Spent decades writing a few songs a year and loved them all .....enough to record many but never with any particular desire to perform.

Along the way, I've 'sort of' realised that, while the music may well be 'good', that's not why people connect with me.

It's the expression of character though word and deed which matters... I don't have anything else.

I'm not suggesting that I'm doing anything more than living - as best I can - by aligning myself with the Universe.

True within your life, Les?

Of course, you'll still write your songs as the spirit moves you.

"Spent decades writing a few songs a year" makes it sound more than it is ..... I've actually spent far more time working in the garden and scratching my head than humming tunes.

Many enjoy your work and find it edifying .... chuckle, chuckle ....
perhaps we could sing your posts to the tune of:

'row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily,merrily - life is but a dream.'

Anonymous said...

Pierre said...

a band, a wedding, attended by Putin, Ahmanijad (cant spell it), Jersey Girls, Willey Nelson, and others.
if the guest list is up to scratch no need to guard the punch bowl as everyone in the tent is pissing outside it.


wv: actor. sometimes I think the ancient Greeks had the right idea when banning fictions.(boredom warning though).

siamsiam (formerly know as Siamsam) said...

Whoosh, seems to me that you wrote this post at 100 miles an hour. So i am consciously writing this at what may be a similar speed. No, I have stopped to think. I certianly ain't no Les visisble.

"watered it down and squeezed it dry so hard that now they are all............"

I heard they are now marketing instant water, it is a bit like instant coffee one ore two spoonfulls in a glass then simply add water for a glass of instant water without the fuss. I can't keep this up for long but lets see how it goes. They say it will be the next best thing since sliced bread. I prefer rolls. I'll put you down for enough to make 5O gallons or more just in case. Everyone needs water. Especially if they drink coffee - or tea for that matter. This is strange, yes I know you Know but it is quite - well, quite ... Yes. I could go on, or could I. No more chemicals for me. Well for a while anyhow.

Anyhow again I just thought I would let folks know that due to a typo you made - Les that is. Maybe it wasn't a typo. When you responded to a recent post of mine I will be formaly changing my post name, if that is the correct term, to Siamsiam. It has a better ring to it than Siamsam. I don't even like the name Sam I can't even understand or recall why I chose such a name. Your the poet I should have listened to you. Not that you told me. But I hope you won't think of this as plagerism (I never intended to fit in that word) I digress. I have lost my train of thought. I should have waited to correct any typos. I have done it again. Havent checked the spelling though. Why sould I it would just waste time. I have plenty of that so that's not really an issue. And I think I have made myself perfectly clear anyhow.

Kindest regards to your good self and kindred spirits that come around.

Siamsiam (formerly know as Siamsam) soon to be known as simply Siamsiam - as Prince already used that angle - for want of a better term.

siamsiam said...

No, I have stopped to think. I certianly ain't no Les visisble.

That could be taken two ways. It was written in the positive sense. Hope that's clear. You probably new anyhow. I'll shut up now ...

Anonymous said...

The last thing the industry wants is a gentile, pot smoking, divine talking, finger pointing, sharp tongued trouble maker in a position of "having a voice". You stuck to your guns and are maybe more popular than the sell outs could hope to be and to a much better audience. Yer cool.

Anonymous said...

Tom Lowe said:
Visible, you were not allowed to 'succeed' (per their advertised definitions), because on one hand you are not one of the Chosenites, and on the other hand, you are too intelligent and strong to be an Elvis/Anna Nicole style puppet, which result is required of goyim in the entertainment industry whether they are Arsenio Hall or Jimmy the Greek."

I just wanted to echo that and ad, I can relate and feel there was a reason my screenplays "almost" got greenlighted and my beautiful songs unrecorded by anyone other than my teenage friends in their parent's basements IMing that they, my songs "are fucking beautiful, dude." which I find amusing also in that I'm not a dude but back to my point...
it's my belief that we on the fringe of the fringe weren't allowed to succeed in the prison talent show for various reasons. Our DNA unzipped, freaky "accidents" and on it goes, the ways we Love Anchors have been...intruded upon, so to speak.

Anywho, I'm always reading you, along with a few other Love Anchors and, as always, thank ya. Love, MV

nina said...

Suddenly, out of the vampire's medicine cabinet comes Dr. Feelgood's, charged with murder 2, long awaited criminal trial media blitz. He's facing a grand term of, cough cough, four years. And you know he'll behave.

In this OJ/Casey A/Reagan/Pope/Jacko child molestation redux we learn at last in all blazing truth for the world to see at last just how the business side of musical fame is really run. Sigh.

Many shied away from the family's claim little brother was kidnapped. But when you see these moguls on the stand describe the wads of major dough from FIFTY back-to-back performances and what they required from Dr. Feelgood to make that happen, you know it is true. Kinda like propping up a zombie with chain link and razor wire. Count on Mr. G. Sax taking bets somewhere behind the curtain.

Maybe all that stuff comes in from the wars? Then the whole MIcomplex should stand trial.

I don't think that's a creative climate anyone with any spirituality can survive. It would not be an envious position. As you are is all that matters.

When this whole joint goes down, and human values are rearranged, the acoustic I-ounds of the common man will be king.

siamsiam said...

I'm back. I know I am being a nuisance. (Had too spell check that) just thought I would mention it. What I was going to say - am going to say is that I think some folks (sounds nicer than people - I think so anyhow), myself included, sometimes try to read too much in to your posts. It is difficult to remain on target when writing in such a manner. I understand. I will prove it. Yes I have learned something quite useful - perhaps - which I will bear in mind when reading future posts. That is being presumptuous (I didn't spell check that) as you may not make or should that be write any more posts - both I suppose. Of course you will. No that is presumptuous. Or is it. I'm confused. Actually I’m not I just said that for no particular reason. Maybe people will think I am confused. So what, I wouldn't be alone.

Anyhow there is some point to this post. That should be obvious. Shouldn't it?

Anyhow - I keep using that word (anyhow that is) - as you will see from my last post I have made it official that I am now to be formally - informally I suppose - known as Siamsiam. You’re the first one to know. Well it is your blog.

More coffee........... Yes please dear

PS I think using the spell checker is a form of cheating. But I still use it sometimes. I used to get 30 out of 30 (100% that would be) in spelling tests when I was 9 or 10 years old. Some of my mates thought I was cheating but it was simple really. No spell checkers in those days. I think learning the times tables by rote was also a good thing. Many people (enough with the folks this is serious) can't do simple arithmetic these days. I say bring it back - 10 minutes in the morning would be enough. Worked for me. 9 times 9 are 81 - and that is without even thinking. Of course that would be impossible. But you know what I mean. Don't you? I glad I didn’t type this on paper as I would have used a bottle of tipex (some people call it white out - but I think that term is banned in most G20 countries due to racist connotations. It has hard to tell a joke these days without upsetting some minority – majority. I’m glad I am not a comedian. But I do wish I could sing better. Dosen’t every one. Probably not. I suppose were all different

PPS I am not a financial advisor. Far from it I tend to buy high and sell low. But for what it is worth I would advise anyone still holding shares in Tipex to sell now. If I had any I would have sold already. It's not rocket science. Think about.

PPPS this post is much longer than I thought it would be and I think I have actually lost the plot. Not to worry. I could get used to this. I'm fine - really. So I’ll stop now. I could go on though but I won't - I did - I have stopped now. Well almost. That’s it. Full stop.

Just a reminder it is Siamsiam from now on. You can thank Les not me – he’s the genius around here. Just goes to show anything can happen.

Need I say more

Jus one last thing. I did spell check after all. I must be honest. One has to move with the times. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t a good speller when I was 9. If any of those teachers were still alive they would tell anyone that has any doubts. Why would I lie. I passed my 11 plus. That puts me with the top 10% and nobody can take that away. I thought it was easy and I used to wipe my arse on old newspapers. A lot of people did back then. Sounds a bit strange when you think about considering we only took a bath once a week. I don’t even think we smelled bad. That’s odd. The good old days

Anonymous said...

Just had to say how accurate, concise and powerful I think these words are.

'... I’m not entirely certain but it looks like an enormous cosmic meltdown is in process, as those who have made so much money from the things we all used to enjoy have finally come up against a wall or an endless wasteland because they watered it down and squeezed it dry so hard that now they are all hanging in air with no form or content. I mean to say that this is happening at every level of the game; political, religious, artistic. The mainline, mainstream players have come to the edge of the precipice with everybody else’s money and they are going where?'


'... I look at the evidence of this movie called The Setup, as the cultural expression of an absolute contempt for the purpose of existence, that goes nowhere, except into endless distress, while we have the means and technology to make anything possible...'

Nailed it for me!


Anonymous said...

Why do Americans insist on bringing god in to all conversation? It isolates you guys and gals, just the same as it isolates large swathes of the Islamic world, and, frankly, the second I hear that you have an invisble friend who made you and wants to give you nothing short of immortality, I'm no longer able to take you seriously on anything you say. You are grown ups, act like grown ups.

dr10dlounge said...


Keep up the great work!!! after discovering one of your articles about a year ago, I was amazed how your words and ideas resonated with me.
To me, this last decade has been like a bad disaster movie and seems that by the day the majority of humanity are becoming increasingly more insane from the pressure and poison of this reality tv show-life on earth.
I love to paint and write and perform music in nz where I live. I dont have a job (currently I am an art student)or a car, house etc..most people think that i am mad doing what to me is as natural as breathing-for now I am enjoying making music with my friends-surfing the waves of sound. Im inspired every day by Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Doors, David Bowie, Nirvana etc..But the majority of "mainstream" music of today seems so void of engaging artistic expression, it just seems so "overproduced" bland-no risk-asleep.
I make cds-do a bit of artwork on the disc then give them away for free-I get a kick out of that!

Anonymous said...

all too human, dog.

and yeh ... all existential consideration distills precisely to - and hinges entirely upon - whether the Universe (and oneself by extension) is characteristically positive, negative, or indifferent.

for endless synchronicity remember to stay tuned to WLES.

Visible said...

I saw that Nick Cage vampire movie by the way and it was a gripping psychological study.

Anonymous said...

Les --

Your Declaration of Independence from Israel has prominent place of WRH as of 3:45 pm EST

Meow and woof woof


Brandon said...

I know what you mean about nobody caring about the art you create - I am/was a poet, and I've "lost" my talent in part because it doesn't make sense for me to put so much time and effort into something no one is going to give a crap about. I know some would say "You should be doing it for yourself!" and I have, and did, but that's only a small piece of the fun. I never created for myself so much as to touch the lives of others.

On the bright side, look how successful your blog and articles and such are - look at all these positive and encouraging comments you're getting. Maybe you've been shut out of other creative avenues because this is what you're supposed to be doing. Well, not maybe, because it's happened, so obviously it was supposed to ;)

Keep up the great work, and keep your head up my friend.

Visible said...

I will definitely go along with the remake of The Thing and the Fly, even though I can't stand Jeff Golblum and I have a personal experience with him that speaks to that. In case some of you only come to Mirros and don't go to Petri Dish, please come by and read the article and the comments and give your opinion. I could use some help and if I am wrong then I need to hear that too.

Two good films that a lot of you might not have seen are, "Highway 60" and "Griff the Invisible" and I have plenty more if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

Les you are the most exciting 'go-to' blogger on the internet right now.
I want to kiss you. I am a man. And I am not gay/bi (wish I could be sometimes ;-)). I want to hug you and let my kundalini rise into you in a positive feedback loop. Yes, I have been drinking, but am stone cold sober.
I love you Les, never forget that...

Anonymous said...

Les, not only do you read my mind, you blow my mind. I am a rationalist. Not quite a tool and die man, but semi-so.
I can program a computer and I believe in the scientific method. I don't suffer fools. I don't believe in anything I can't see or touch with my senses, and even then I am dubious, knowing only too well how easily they are fooled. I love your writing Les, which is a manifestation of your mind.
Keep doing that voodoo that you do so well....

Anonymous said...

when I saw this.... "the continuing lack of recognition", I just shook my head. WTH are you talking about? I recognized your talent years ago. While I wasn't able to hear your songs, due to a sucky dial-up connection, until recently, I found your talent inspiring. You seem to be trapped in a false paradigm. Why would you want recognition from the slime buckets running the current media anyway? It's a cesspool. Recognition is relative & I like your music. Don't I count?
Signed, provincialparadigm

Anonymous said...

Dear Les

Fret not. Your, "Spread Your Wings" is as fine a song as any ever. You would not have been content in the cesspool of music/movie land.

Did you not read that the rock/folk movement was a government psyop? The children of CIA agents and highrank military, massively funded to divert attention and spread drugs.


The Realist Report said...

Absolutely phenomenal, Les. I love how open and honest you are.

Been here before:

"If one were to accuse me of anything, accuse me for not having given my very best because I have occasionally succumbed to the weaknesses of my kind. I am harried by the same temptations and desires of the rest of you and I have fallen many times."

It's about understanding our downfalls, mistakes, and sins, and owning up to them and learning from them. Being truthful and honest. Like most of us were raised. You know what Les, I've made a point since I've been blogging and doing this activist stuff to be as open and honest as I can be. Same in real life. I've never felt so good and so hopeful in my entire life.

I bought "9/11 Was an Inside Job" on iTunes a few months back, and think it's great!

Cheers everyone!

Anonymous said...

"... Poppi (I probably have the name misspelled) who was a restaurateur."

Hey, is Poppi the same restaurant guy who pee'd on Jerry's couch? (c;

Your review of Setup had me recalling the feeling when I come out of one of those Quenton Tarratino movies. It's a dirty feeling and sort of like you just got mugged, but don't know who did it or when and how it happened. Now they say that Quent's a genius, but methinks I can get that same crappy feeling for free and that too presumes its a worthwhile feeling in the first place.

Another subject... I like your songs. Best songs have to be great poetry first. And howling at the moon can be the best poetry when its direct from the heart.


~F~ said...

Hello, I sincerely enjoy reading your posts as I relate to many. Stay safe and God bless!

~F~ said...

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for you blog as I sincerely enjoy reading it. I stumbled upon Mr. Willis's youtube channel and subsequently, your blog. I must say,not only am I genuinely horrified by most of the contents at times, I am also thankful for the truth of it. More people should speak the truth about what is going on in our world as the times will change, whether they want it or not. Thank you again......~F~

Visible said...

Thank you all and I'm not looking for recognition. If that were my motive I would have had it several times already. I was just trying to be heard and I guess I am being heard but I was basically tellin a story about what I went through and how I felt at the time, not how I feel now. Now I'm just so glad I have a relationship with the one that I don't much care about anything else, at all.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Hallelujah Les prabhu!

Without a fear of seeming condescending or buttering you up (although I often dream of butter)
I'll say your words make me feel a little joyful and lighthearted.

Thank you.
Me too.

Visible said...

New Visible Origami-

Something about Precessions and so on.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you think about this Les but I feel it's a setup.
Marines Heading to Wall Street to Protect Protesters.


erasmus said...

Hey Les,
I've been diggin' your blog for some time now but haven't ever left a comment before now.
You're the real deal and have a visionary mainline into the reality of our times.
Thanks for all of your mighty efforts to elucidate the truth. Some of us resonate like bells and others won't. Such is life. Please don't be discouraged...ever because you do make a difference.

Your brother,




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