Thursday, September 8, 2011

The End of the Road in the Rear View Mirror.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'May your noses lead you into green pastures beyond the end of the road'.

The end of the road lies somewhere down the road; you never know where that is or when you’re going to get there but you do know when you arrive. Things may change in front of you and there may be nothing more in front of you but the significator will definitely be in the rear view mirror. Through the windshield you may note abandoned houses, broken toilets and grazing cows. It might be a frozen lava flow and that’s never good news, given the smoke in the distance, whose location can’t be fixed. It could be white sands. It could be black sands and it could be red sands. It could be Tom Cruise running down the road in Vanilla Skies. It could be anything. It’s what’s happening in the rear view mirror that counts.

The first time you notice that you are getting close to the end of the road is when you look in your rear view mirror and see that there is no longer a road behind you. What that means is you can’t turn around any longer. You probably didn’t notice when the road disappeared, no one ever does. What you notice is that all of the things you are seeing in your windshield are now in your rear view mirror too. Sometimes the side windows are fogged with mist and you can’t see anything at all. Sometimes it’s smoke, as if you were driving through a brush fire and sometimes you can see out of the side windows but it’s more of what now is showing in the rear view mirrors and through the dashboard.

Usually when you are getting near the end of the road you begin to think you hear music playing somewhere. It’s not coming from the radio or CD player because that is never on when you are getting close to the end of the road. Maybe you turned it off shortly before or maybe it just stopped playing on its own. This is something you can’t remember, no matter how hard you may try. It does sound like music is playing somewhere and you finally figure out that it’s playing in your head. In many cases you can intuit what the end of the road is going to look like because of the soundtrack and this is the point where a lot of people look into the rear view mirror and notice that the road is gone.

You don’t need food anymore and there isn’t any sex at the end of the road, so that takes care of two of the major distractions of your life up to that point. For some there is an awful hunger and longing that is very much like what used to present itself, when one of these two things was on the Future Exit Menu but you know it isn’t either of these things, it’s for something else that went missing at the same time the road disappeared from your rear view mirror.

In many cases the end of the road has that late night Greyhound bus station vibe. There’s weariness and low level anxiety. There’s the distinct impression that the end of the road and the highway that took you there are still visible but only inside your head and the bus station effect makes the images return again and again like a runaway Rolodex. The Rolodex makes you think of all the people and opportunities that were going past the side windows on your way to the end of the road. This adds a haunting ache to the whole diorama of empty houses and grazing cows. In some instances and especially these days, the cows are not grazing. Even though you’ve never been to the end of the road and even though you may have been to the end of the road many, many times but just can’t remember from one time to the next, somehow you know there should have been cows grazing there, the same way you know that something terrible happened to the cows but you can’t see them at the moment. You know that whatever happened to the cows has something to do with you and you’re pretty thankful for the spinning Rolodex, although the low level anxiety has definitely increased since you noticed the cows were missing.

Now that you’re at the end of the road, you’re getting these flashes that you had noticed the road was changing behind you but you just didn’t register it at the time. It seems now that the road had changed from macadam to gravel and then to a dirt track. You’re not entirely sure about this but you can’t shake the sensation of actually having seen it happen. Along with this you’re getting other flashes and sensations about all sorts of things from the past that happened but you didn’t notice them at the time. You are only noticing it now. Some of these things seem like they were major events and screaming possibilities of all kinds but when they occurred they were very much diminished and more like distractions when, in fact, they were life changing experiences that didn’t happen.

You’ve got a lot of time to think now, in some cases and in other cases there is the pressing sense that you have no time at all and thinking about anything isn’t going to do any good. Some of you are probably going to explore some of the abandoned buildings in that case and maybe sit down on one of the busted toilets and have a cigarette and a beer but the cooler is gone from the car and you can’t find your tobacco. In all cases you realize that this isn’t what you wanted, it only felt like it was. It doesn’t seem all that strange to you that so many things are missing or that you are missing something you can’t identify because part of you knows all about it but the connection is bad.

Maybe you’ve gotten out of the car by now and it’s certainly cooler or warmer than you expected. The sun is behind the clouds and it feels like it shouldn’t be as warm as it is, or the sun is shining but it’s so much cooler than it should be. The thing you notice the most as you get out of the car is not the climate but the sounds inside your head. It isn’t music anymore and you realize now that it wasn’t music before either. It’s the rise and fall of a great number of voices. It’s like being in a quiet park somewhere in the middle of a large urban complex, when the wind will bring a sweep of sounds to your ear and then carry them away as it shifts in another direction, however, there isn’t any wind blowing at the end of the road. You can’t make out what any of the voices are saying but they are definitely saying something. You can feel the emotional impact that they contain but no matter how hard you try you can’t make out what they are saying.

Once you go into one of the houses you are hit with a wave of nostalgia, as if you’d been there before but you’re pretty sure that’s not the case. Still... everything is a lot more familiar than it should be and surprisingly, the inside of the houses are not abandoned at all. True, there are no other people but it looks like there were others here only a moment before. The inside of the house is as vibrant and animated as the containing walls and various objects could be. It’s the exact opposite of the outside appearances.

You haven’t been there very long. You don’t think so anyway but you do realize that you no longer have any sense of time and it’s altogether possible that you have now been there a lot longer than you think. A lot of what happens after this depends on what part of the end of the road you wound up in. You’ll have a good sense of what to expect from the unexpected by how you feel. Some of you will be feeling better than you would imagine given your surroundings and you sense that it has everything to do with being at the end of the road and the fact that with the road gone, everything that might have troubled you is also gone. In other cases, the road being gone is a terrifying concept but you haven’t got a clue as to what to do about it.

One thing eventually dawns on everyone at the end of the road and that’s that they aren’t feeling any different than they were feeling when they were back on the highway, before the gravel and the dirt track, it’s just amplified now. All kinds of things that were competing for the attention, or in place to distract the attention have been removed. The rise and fall of the voices has a hyper reality to it. It seems inexplicable that you wouldn’t be able to tell what they were saying, even though you know what they are saying and just can’t make the connection to the part of yourself that understands them.

You realize that you’ve been at the end of the road for awhile but the environment only just caught up with you now. It’s amazing how quickly it happened. It’s like it happened so very fast that the first time you saw it was in the rearview mirror and yet, it took a great deal of time. It seems like one should get to the end of the road well before they get to the end of the road and they might never have reached the end of the road at all. Of course, where one road ends another road is sure to begin, even if it is not a highway like the last one you were on.

I’m reminded of my enduring motto at this point, “Leave good footprints”. Those of us leaving good footprints are the very same people who found out what happens when you don’t and took it to heart. It’s got everything to do with the end of the road and the beginning of whatever follows that. I think it was Bilbo who mentioned what can happen when you step out of your door and into the road; how the road can sweep you up and take you anywhere, even to the gates of Mordor.

End Transmission.......

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A.Mouser said...

Perhaps the life we lived was just another road side attraction - but we didn't have time to get out of the car as we passed it.

Provocative post Visible.

Are we so far gone we have reached the end?

Again the feeling of the calm before the storm.

Yours, Mouser

Zoner said...

Nice journey. Thanks for inviting me along. What does that say on the mirror - I can't quite make it out? "Objects in the mirror are......"

So tired of driving. Are we there yet?!? Someone else take the wheel, please.

Anonymous said...

For me, having that spare tire(Les), makes getting there a little easier. Maaaaa.

covkid said...

Hi Les and all,

The road goes ever on and on
down from the door where it began
now far ahead the road has gone
and i must follow if i can.
pursuing it with eager feet
until it joins some larger way
where many paths and errands meet
and whither then? i cannot say.

B.Baggins esq.

Richard said...

AHHH ..... So another facet of your being becomes clear to me.

The closest analogy is to another era, the town-crier, he who would stand on a box and shout out the news to the populace, booming voice and clear enunciation.

Now it is the Visible blogs, the voice trained by mixtures of Buckley.

Gratitude arises spontaneously. Thank you.

Who dat I see in the rearview mirror sitting in the back seat? What? A backseat driver!!!!!

May the green meadow your nose leads you to be full of roses in bloom.

Woof woof from the Dog Nation.


Anonymous said...

Had to struggle a bit (well, by trying to let go of struggling... relaxing) to comprehend your metaphor. All and all, it appears like some real poetry... like real poetry should be... you got to rest on it a bit.

I see a lot of dead people. They almost look like those zombies in movies, but these don't chase you to eat your brains and turn you into one of them. These point their fingers at you like in those body snatcher movies and scream "FREAK! (S)HE IS NOT ONE OF US!"

It used to bother me. But it's of little important to me these days. (c;

Long live (finger pointing) the Vis!


MIH said...

(written to some loved ones yesterday...)


You’re still dreaming but that’s alright. Each unconnected dream is your way to peace – find the connections. Each dream shows you what connects your stomach to the whirlpool, what it is you've not forgiven. You’ve merely misunderstood happiness and searched for it outside of you, and of course what you found ended. There's only one dream, and it’s the dream of unhappiness and it will end.

Jed Bozza said...

Most Visible,

What is there left to say? We’re well past the point for pithy comments, no? But we feel we owe you the explanation that we’re sat here reading your words, benefiting from them succinctly, even when we’re quiet.

We saw a headline the other day that read “Visible from Space”

Wouldn’t that be a neat new blog-heading ; especially if it were true?

Went up to the mountain for a solitary hike yesterday. Rounded the bend on the road and saw that the mountain top disappeared into the misty, rainy clouds. Then we remembered that we hadn’t finished pondering the previous Petri-Dish. Thought : We get to take Visible with us into the clouds. Grin. It was a good hike.

Knowing you is like knowing a recurring dream character. You are the cherry on the sundae, Amigo.

May God keep His light upon you.

Jed Bozza
(sometimes W.C. Ellsworth)
(sometimes Jean ValJean)

kikz said...

my consciousness began where most people’s ends… at the end of the road.

frm the age of 5 til 18, I lived near the end of a road. it leads by a cemetery and at pavement’s end, a dirt road continues alongside a bluff overlooking a river surrounded by huge salt marsh. the dirt road ends at water’s edge, a small sandy beach. the marsh is surrounded by deep woods on most all sides, as the pascagoula slowly winds its way to the gulf of mexico, some 5 or so meandering miles away.

I grew up watching a lot people reach the end of their mortal road in black hearses, followed by long lines of cars with their headlights on. where now, there is a place for me, btwn my daddy and his mother, my gramma. part of my heart will always be there, but my bones never will be, only my thoughts inscribed in the polished gray granite.. ‘gone to the beach’. :)

although I’ve taken the other end of the road out into the world, I hope having acquired my consciousness in such a place w/all its lessons w/help when the end of my mortal road comes. :)

Anonymous said...

It is a seemingly convoluted - in and out of dreamscape - path we wend. On our way, I imagine, to where and whence we never really left.

Either that or the residual reflections known to attend an occasioning touch of 'jungle fever'.

Anonymous said...

Where *is* that fat lady?

Anonymous said...

"“Leave good footprints”. Those of us leaving good footprints are the very same people who found out what happens when you don’t and took it to heart."

Ain't that the truth.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les. If you follow the signs and look down below your feet, there is always a "road."

Did you create the road as you walked along Did someone else make before you? So important is it to tell the difference. We create paths out of the darkness of our own minds. Too offen we follow the lights and taffic signs to someone else's dead end.

Sounds like a lot of people are pretty happy to travel down the road, so long as it keeps going. Nice sights to see, and new events to unfold. One big moving TV set. After a while its the moving that matters and not the the events or cows going by anymore. Why?

If you stop, the voices get louder. If you block them out with the sound of wind or the AC running, you feel better for a second.

Why do we run form the voices? Dont remember who said it, man will do anything to keep for dealing with and interacting with his own soul.

The soul is a road and when you find it ended infront of you, your ready for a new one, a new road or path. Look down at your feet, that new way will be right there. Go to fast and let others light the way and you might find yourself right back at the same old dead end with those voice getting even louder.

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Anon only because of the Zio-Ogre...
NM blessed with blue skies, a nice wetting rain
at sunset last night. Your Roads and rear-view
mirrors stuck me very 2001:a Space Odyssey-ish.
whatta Mind ol' Art C. Clarke is, now discorporated.
Did you ever read on to 2061, Odyssey 3?
don't want to be a spoiler, but what a bunch of
amazing prescience, couched in Sci-fi prose,
he demonstrates...
How about "Childhood's End"? If the Reptilian
Annunaki--Sitchin and David Icke explanations
be considered in the light of Clarke, spooky,
Wow...Thank You Jesus. Amen
wv: anstrou: gravy based on insects

kelli said...

I immediately thought of Radiohead's 'Karma Police' music video. Wish I could post a link but I'm not that savvy. Love and peace to you all.

MIH said...

Richard –

After some time of reading Les a certainty came to me that the same mind from a different voice spoke to any and all that came to the wilderness. This man, let’s call him Giovanni, spoke of the end of course, and of the way. He taught a teacher and became a child. I do not know. Even then I looked through eyes of a woman.

We all find ourselves again, perhaps merely to remember our attainment. One thing is clear, that we have a method; one lights ten and ten one hundred, and then one thousand, ten thousand…

Anonymous said...

The journey of life does not always look like a road. Once a number of years ago, I was driving through Sourthern Utah in the middle of the night with my brother. At the time I was severely ill and thought I was not much longer for this plane of existance. Others thought the same which is why my brother was taking me to enjoy some time in California.

We turned off the lights and it was liking being on the moon. The bright stars, the pink and greys of the landscape, the quietness all contributed to a sense of other reality. For me, I did think it was the end of the road. But no, it was just part of the journey of going from one place to another. An old life faded away, a new one began. I was soon to find myself living in Lake Tahoe, making new friends, enjoying life and regaining my health. Where the was a dirge playing along the journey there, a new life was born and the phoniex rose high in the sky in a new place and time.

The Grim Reaper may shadow us on our jounrey but life is in us now and the light will forever burn strong. Even after we shed this hell of body and bone. Yes, we may be swept away onto the road and where we go is the mystery. Yet, we will end up sometime back at that quaint little village with home written on it. We start all over again and one day, we will get it right.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Independrnce from what?

From the very thing now strangulating America.

Organised control and corruption of the people by the richrst 0.01%.

The Declaration of Independence is for all intents and purposes now null and void.

Sorry, better luck next time.


Anonymous said...

Les --

This just in on WikiLeaks from intercepted alien transmission --

"...Proceed down the Long and Winding Road to the End of the Rainbow. Report precise alchemical location of the Pot of Gold to nearest invisible agent. Upon confirmation from silent witness immediately smoke pot of gold and wait for further un-strucxions..."


WV uppave --heavenly asphalt on the Long and Winding Road

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Anyone, anywhere, can sit down on the road or beneath a tree and chant the Hare Krsna mantra and worship God."
-Srila Prabhupada

(I'm fine with never having an original thought)

Richie (Dana) said...

If there is any truth to astrology then it feels like I have been sitting near the end of the road for about 40 years as I am one of those old Pisces.

Always looking at the end game.
Always frustrated with the nonsensical foolishness.
Uninterested in the trinkets that others seem to value so much.
Wishing for death without being suicidal.
Always asking why?

My car is a beater and a piece of junk. I seem to have lost my way because I cannot seem to find the beginning of the new road.....

Perhaps blinded, but not disheartened.

Respects to Mr. Visible


Jo said...

Geez Les–words are inadequate to express how this one moved me....every line you shared penetrated each of the billions of cells in my body temple sparking a Light at the nuclei to twinkle as the stars above. This one in particular jumped out:

“Some of these things seem like they were major events and screaming possibilities of all kinds but when they occurred they were very much diminished and more like distractions when, in fact, they were life changing experiences that didn’t happen.”

Instead of being on the edge of totally broke I could be a millionaire if I kept all those quarters instead of plunking them in the personal ass-kicking machine of regret for missing so many boats on the River of Opportunity had I been paying attention instead of contemplating my psychic navel as I wallowed in the mire of my own pity party because I couldn’t handle the suffering that comes from being mortal. More bitter than sweet....more Hannibal Lectors than Yeshuas on this earthly plane of existance. Ain’t easy being super sensitive in this world.

Anyway, after I was done reading and floated back down to Earth (you see, my end of the road feels like the path of a comet-grin) I instantly thought of Patrick doing this piece with this background music of my latest favorite song I stumbled upon yesterday:

Probably wouldn’t really mesh well but they kinda evoke similar feeling.. Not so much Transcendence but rather Immanence if you grok my drift?

It’s been very strange and cool how your various blogs (since last I commented a week or two ago), have been surrounded by cosmic coinkydinks of synchronicity; regarding other’s comments too. It was wild and freaky in a good way and I wanted to write again to share the quirky nudges that tickled me out of my usual funk but I was not up to the effort of two finger typing; slacker girl that I am. But todays SM was too poignant to let slip by.

Just yesterday I spoke with my brother about what to do about our Mom. She’s 82, and lives alone though an aide visits twice a week. She suffered a stroke a couple years back and while she is fairly physically healthy and mobile, she is cognitively impaired and getting worse all too swiftly. He doesn’t want her to spend another winter in her house in Ct and yet neither he in NJ, my other bro in Australia or myself in NC can take her in. So we need to make arrangements for her to be in an assisted living home and we’re not sure where. These places are very expensive; 1-3 grand a month and he told me that her 401 has been hammered by a loss of 50% in these times of financial debacle; down to 90 grand from 180. Unflippin’ believable!

to be cont...

Jo said...

Having spent the past 50 yrs in her house, she doesn’t want to leave understandably, but now we’re faced with making it happen with her reluctant grudging consent. I spoke to her too and it was quite difficult to even have the conversation as she grasped for specific words amidst a sea of emotional angst. I felt like I was barely able to swim amongst issues involving loss of control, independence, familiarity and what is a “home”. Besides which my siblings and I all have a history of subtle trauma with this woman. You’ve maybe heard the saying; “If it’s not one thing it’s your mother”!? Reminds me of the time many years back I was out for dinner with a friend and after a few beers and hours listening to my sob story, he asked exasperatedly “What is the matter with you?” and without skipping a beat I replied “Matter is the matter!!!” Small stretch from Matter to Mater don’t you see?

Anyway, I share all this because while explaining to my mom that I’d probably be coming back next month to help her go through her belongings as she chooses what she can take with her to her new much smaller place, she started to cry and say it was too hard to let so many things go. Yes it truly is. I struggled to be as compassionate as possible and yet my defensive mechanism of humor kicked in and I tried ever so gently to point out that everything...all of it... is only a temporary loan anyway....cause “you never do see a hearse going down the road trailing a Uhaul! Heavy stuff—pun intended (grin).

Perhaps you may get a small glimpse why this theme of the end of the road has hit me so hard. I really needed it today. And though I know you are “just an instrument”, the message would be corrupt or convoluted if you weren’t such a sweet vessel of Divine Musings, pure in heart because you seek Source first.

But dear Les–please don’t think I am some smarmy sycophant putting you on any pedestal God Forbid!!! I know you are only human too like the rest of us, and I don’t always agree with you or your delivery sometimes and that is okay of course. But you have a unique-singular- gift that speaks to many who gather here at this Sacred Well and I for one appreciate the way your words quench my thirst. Thank you Crazy Diamond Fire Man for your holy voice of comfort and because you keep on giving the magic balm to sooth our souls. And much gratitude also for my fellow travelers to these here parts in the cyber nether world; your words also touch my heart.

Blessings to all wherever you find yourselves on this road and remember the sage expressions whose sources I don’t currently recall that “This too shall pass” and “Wherever you go; there you are” Good Footprints Indeed!!!

PS Kinda funny too since my one and only child, precious son, was born without legs. He has feet but they are crooked and can’t make footprints...he walks on his hands. So in honor of him who is my sole treasure in this life, I say “High Five! or rather; High Ten Everybody!!!”

Much Love~xojo

Anonymous said...

flash of sweeping buffalo
clasp of chasing tiger
clap of scorching thunder
hearts dynamic fire
mighty rivers outburst
liberations wholesome breeze
medicine of sunlight
sail of freedom seas
tempest of the mountain
hunter of the stars
truth crashes lies
lightnings sudden spark
arc of summers rainbow
streak of galloping wind
flash throughout the dungeon
by tip of light within


Anonymous said...

Les, I think that optimism you mentioned in another post that you've been feeling has reached me.

I feel good. I have also reached an end, and now I see that it's just a beginning.

Patti said...

Les - I have followed you for so long - am not good with words - but just want you to know that you are loved by this lady dearly. We'll fly together. I'll look to my side and you'll be there! I can feel it! Thank you, my friend!

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

"I had a dream".. but then....

this post captured the aspects of conscious mind vs unconscious mind splendidly.

wv: ortheat. it's one of those energy beams things that the Divine is holding at bay , as it comes in from an orthogonal (right angle) direction, they won't see it coming, them being preoccupied in the rear vision mirror, or wondering where the road went. "Was it something we said?" they might get a chance to ask.

Andrew of Sydney said...

I want to know how you manage to capture my inner feelings from over there in Europe? And then write them down for me to read? You don't even know me? Are we all sequentially experiencing the same shift and in tune? And I thought I was either dying or losing my head! Unity consciousness is where we are heading at the end of this road.

neal said...

That is speaking plainly, and I thank you and yours, for what that is worth.

Digging lines in the dirt is really direct, the wind will have Her way, but the point given can sneak through, sometimes.

That will just add to the haunting of this, but if only one notices the discrepancy, the rest will have to suck it up, and figure it out, and report back when required.

My twin sister and I were drowned at birth. She has not spoken to any of us for 30 years. I wish I could tell her that I am not afraid anymore to go there, and back again.

Ghosts need to know there are plans, then there are Plans, concerning them... anger is an energy.

Anonymous said...


This post gave me the feeling/vision that I have traveled many roads, many times.
Very Strong...Good Feelings...

Sometimes seeing people like you or most of the commenters at the busstop or sharing a ride for a while down the road.

I think if we could just learn to get in the passenger seat and let The Navigator drive the car,
(He knows where all the cool places are anyway) we humans would have the perfect trip.

To vis and all, thanks for letting me hitch a ride sometimes.See ya all at the end of the road.

Neil, Kickass Poem Brother

walking hawk

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

"The first time you notice that you are getting close to the end of the road is when you look in your rear view mirror and see that there is no longer a road behind you."

As I read this piece this morning, probably too impatiently because I wanted to get out the door to enjoy another beautiful day, I thought oh dear this is another one that Les has put over my head. BUT as we literally headed down the road into some gorgeous mountain scenery I had a chance to think on it a bit and although I won’t pretend to know what all the words mean, I decided that Les might just want us to take whatever we needed from them. He’s really that generous. What dawned on me, at the height of today’s sun no less, was that I was finally old enough to not worry about looking back and not seeing a road anymore ... even though that road used to be lined with family and friends who I have sadly had to leave behind. I do not have to miss them waving to me from way back there because now I will think of them as quiet passenger spirits who are riding right alongside me in my journey. It feels good, thinking of it this way. So welcome aboard dear ones and let’s all face what lies ahead together ... whatever that may be ... even if it is the end.

I believe that the only moment you can actually ever live in is the one you are in at the moment. All past moments are dissolved and all future moments are swirling shapeless wisps in the mists of time. Some may be able to predict quite accurately what form those wisps may take but all I’ve got is a guess and I am generally as wrong as I am right.

Jo: We’ve just been through the same with my mother-in-law so if commiseration from a stranger is of any value you have it. I loved your comment about no u-hauls behind hearses. Blessings to your boy who is leaving good handprints I’m sure.

siamsam said...

Do we choose the road we travel or is it layed out before us. Sometimes the path is so difficult to negotiate other times it's a breeze. I can see that I got to each point by the decisions I made - in a karmic sort of way. But looking back at the decisions which took me along certain parts of the road it just doesn't make too much sense. Did I really make those decisions. Sure doesn't feel like it at times. Perhaps that is just me using hindsight. But I feel it's more a case of trials and tribulations. Then again we can all - I believe - tap in to the operating system using words. But who makes the conscious decision to act. Suppose it comes down to freewill. Do we really have a choice. Are we not but charachters in a play but not the author. I am not really sure. Is anyone?

Thanks for all you do Vis. The resfreshments you serve along the road are very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I have the word for this as it unfolds Les: pusillanimous, Credible threat!, how disgustingly un-American but that seems to be how the great USA is travelling at the moment. As I have said before, Americans are good salesmen and that's about it - full of piss and wind – I'm more nauseous with wtp than I have ever been and that's saying something.
How embarrassing to be an American at this juncture of history (present company excused).


Kray Z8 said...

The wheel turns; One cycle ends, another begins. We learn sooner or later when travelling that the map is not the territory.

Lots of actions lately, from the Earth, the animals, the sky, the Sun. There's that just out of the gate on a bobsled run sorta feeling. Wouldn't miss it for the world.

Thanks for sharing, Les. This one was particularly powerful, definitely had a 'mirror' aspect, but not in the deceptive sense.

Thanks Friends, for amping the Vibe. I enjoy the interaction with you here almost as much as that other place.

Some are saying big happenings today (9/9); I don't know about that, but it sure feels like something soon. The dark ones have just about painted themselves in a corner, and we all know how they behave when that happens. Just remember, truth is the utimate power, and Love is the ultimate truth. Stay cool, L.V. and All.

Peace, Love, Strength,


Anonymous said...

I seem to remember Ron Paul endorsing not only the gold standard but also a one world currency.

The vast majority of the monetary gold reserves are held by zionist international bankers i.e. 500 billion in gold bullion in the BIS.

A one world currency is a major pillar in the globalists' plan for a new world order where they own and control everything.

est said...

so i'm driving under
mont blanc

when i punch thru
to italy i see a light go on
red - it's the alternator

so i pull up to the roadside
gas old style repair shop

i look under the hood
and remove the bolt barely
holding the thing in place
and wave it around at the

he shows me back into the shop three or four bays down
it's all old parts and sundry
with a large table of spare
nuts bolts washers etc...

i root through and find my
corresponding nut and washer

i shake the mans hand and say thanks - he won't take a lira

but when i was looking thru
i was back home, in the barn

endless hours seeking
the same solutions

bolt washer nut

W of FactsNotFairies said...

"Dietrich Bronder, a Zionist Jew and historian of the time of Zionist Jew Hitler, wrote a book called "Bevor Hitler kam" (Before Hitler", Geneva, 1975), showed, which Jews financed Adolf Hitler all the way to power, it proves that most of the Nazi leaders were Jews or were married to Jewish women. Bronder's book is banned in Germany and elsewhere. It was never reprinted. I have a copy and hope to post it @ 'Secrets of Zion' as soon as a rough translation is ready."

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jed B, all out of pithy comments about what is only too obvious to those of us who are 'awake' but, hey, no harm in validating your thoughts, Vis, by leaving a comment.

I hit the end of the road a while ago - no pot of gold, just pot. Boredom scratches at me and I've run out of both the road and the 'act'.



WV Sap horsz

Brownhawk said...

My book could be seen as an elaborate take on this whole "Precession of the Equinoxes" thing. I suppose you could say I'm throwing my 2012 hat in the ring.

I'm not sure if the Mayans knew exactly what it was they were seeing, but I have my own sense that 2012 marks a period from which time as we've known it in its state of "linear erosion" 'ends', as we emerge into a "timeless" reality, or one of true time where "time" is only now. Time as a Being in which we experience Life in the embrace of a Divine Gift - "through the Aeons".

What Les puts in the form of eloquent poetry, I'll try to mirror in my own way with an excerpt:

"The precessors have arrived at their date with a destiny which has been here all along, truth be known. Time on this planet is a car geared in forward 'eening' out of control. It has always "passed" where its truth is always sitting whether careening or not. Right now its illusory engine is blown out, and the momentum that has kept it going is finally coming to a stop in the presence of itself".

Anonymous said...

Eveyone knows, on some level, we have reached the end of the road.
I did not take your poem as personal but rather collective.
I have been aware of the end of the road for some time now and have watched the goodness slip away in the rear view mirror.
Everyone has contributed to where we are now. I suppose there are more of us who did not take a mis step to heart. Even though everyone knows it on some level, it is a very isolating place to be. I feel as though I am in on some awful secret that my fellows are not yet aware of.
The fool on the hill watching others go on their not so merry way and yet still denying their true feelings or attributing them to what they should be attributing them to.
Too late now. We listen to the carnival barker and wait.

Anonymous said...

Many triggers here, Vis.

I just can't yet remember what we used to know.


Neko Kinoshita said...

Like you Diane, there is something I used to know but have forgotten.

Hidden in the invisable tracks in the dirt here at the end of the road.


Anonymous said...

I have resolved to tune out any and all the 9-11 hoopla with which we are due to be inundated this weekend. I'm just curious to know if it can be avoided, somehow. It's sort of like the time I went to Argentina to wait out the 2000 presidential election in Buenos Aires. I just didn't care to experience the nonsense first hand, or even second hand. And we know how long it took to get to the punchline of that joke......


Bushukshi said...


Hi again, old friend.
Haven’t said much recently for…well, there just doesn’t seem to be much these days to say. The world is unfolding according to plan and actually, in spite of the occasional angst of anticipation, it’s been simply some enjoyable to sit back and enjoy the follies.

I can, however, only imagine the fatigue you must experience sometimes at hammering out these essays so regularly. Even though it must seem often like preaching to your choir, please know that your efforts have not and do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.
For those of us who live in this world that continually pisses down our backs and tells us it’s raining, your words serve as soothing balm for our aching psyches.
In spite of the Higher reassurances and insight received, I still find myself clinging to each writing and radio show you share with us.
Having long ago accepted living in a world in which I thought differently and marginalized by the masses while watching friends, colleagues, associates, and family drift away, I find a great solace and peace in the association of like minded beings struggling also for inner peace, love, and assurance-while we continue our quest toward our own Destiny and Divinity.
I must remember, The Master does His greatest work in what we perceive to be impossible situations.
Thank you again, oh doggus poeticus, and much love from my little corner of the world.

“To live in the presence of great truths and eternal laws, to be led by permanent ideals; that is what keeps a man unshaken when the world derides him and calm and unspoiled when the world praises him."


Anonymous said...

Looking in the rear view mirror Standard and Poors downgraded the US.

Looking out the windshield S&P just UPGRADED Israel.

Ok, Since S&P downgraded us the upgrades Israel, we can stop giving them aid.

Standard & Poor's raises Israel's credit rating, citing budget policy

What was the last thing that went through the bugs mind before it hit the windshield?

Its a$$hole.

est said...


this is what i thot
what we really are
has never moved
nor will it ever

what we might
actually be though
that's a different story

Burnie said...

the end of this
the beginning of that

that's all I got....

Anonymous said...

Native american song...

It‘s the red road I searched for, the road to my home,
Wisdom and strength my bow and arrow in the wilderness of roam,
I had seen the far reaches of the tree of life and yearned,
But I wound up on that black road … the path of no return …

Anonymous said...

What's the meaning of life?

Why do people do what they do, is it really all about money?

No. People do what they do because they want to be loved.

It has been said women give sex to get love and men give love to get sex.

Some people give neither sex or love and get neither love or sex.

I know this isn't Origami but I just felt I wanted to write that love not money makes the world go round.

We all want to be loved. In whatever convoluted context we see our actions as leading to those we admire to love us, we will do them.

Things go better with love, so come on over to the love side of life. We should all be loving it.

Anonymous said...


Turkey has had enough.
Egypt has had enough.
Palestine has had more than enough since 1948.

Has the US had enough? Israel was instrumental in the killing of nearly 3,000 Americans almost ten years ago in 9/11 false flag inside job.

Israel as a nation is in the shitter so a Mossad false flag on 9/11 blamed on Muslims is entirely possible.

Hope their false flag goes entirely wrong and they end up killing all the corrupt politicians presently on the take for zionist Rothschild and Israel.

In that case; bye, bye Barry!

James Laffrey said...

"Jews benefited in every way (from 9/11): Profits from insurance, profits from advance purchases of stock options, profits from owning the war-materiel companies, profits from further suppression of our freedoms and productivity to drive us into bankruptcies and foreclosures, thus transferring our wealth to them as they own all the big banks.

Rothschild-jews are the leaders of the giant subset of international jewry who rob and strangle our economy, lives, and liberty. Rothschild jews, born of their family name-change (from Bauer) about 250 years ago, have reigned over international banking for the last 200 years, and still do."

Patrick J. Buchanan said...

"While most Americans seek an end to the Iraq war, Israel and its Fifth Column in this city (Washington) seek to stampede us into war with Iran."

Meanwhile the killing goes on.

Americans and Muslims are dying in wars promoted by the military, industrial, congressional complex, global corporations, Israel, and Christian Zionists.

Anonymous said...

We are all suffering from a kind of 9/11 PTSD.

Stress has been described as the feeling one gets when one does not give in to the legitimate desire to choke the living shit out of someone who really deserves it.

The doers of 9/11 deserve to get the living shit choked out of them - instead we get 9/11 PTSD.

Anonymous said...

"Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats."
-H L Mencken



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