Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Somewhere a Wing, No Bird is Flying

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Spring has arrived here with force and power; brilliant sunlight and a rising temperature, are firm evidence that printemps has landed in my neck of the woods. It saunters in with grace and the promise of good things to come. It is a time of new beginnings, a time of hope and incipient joy, lurking in the soon to be blooming underbrush. What could possibly not go right under such blessed circumstances? The heart soars and all the wounds and forgettable sorrows, fade as their time comes to termination. I feel like dancing and singing. The house is daily filled with Susanne's lovely voice, as her own stirrings are irrepressible.

Mercury may still be in retrograde but you can't measure that according to me. Something has happened in the planetary alignment. Maybe it is my recent Jupiter/Neptune trine. Whatever it is, it's good and I've been told it is to continue and increase. That's outstanding news. It's been a long crawl over broken glass and missing cobblestones, on unknown streets by the dark of the moon. It has called for a careful feeling of one's way, lest one turns their ankle in unnecessary haste to arrive where? This is the presumption and arrogance that leads us into difficulty and injury. I am thankful for patience and persistence as much as anything. This is a sign not to be discouraged by the unexpected. It is my nature to always look for the deeper meaning. It may be tardy in its arrival but it always comes. Grasping for quick and simple answers takes one into the realm of half truths.

In the meantime, the outrageous and absurd, shoots itself in the foot. The tragically amusing marches right alongside. These things seem to be the hallmark of the age. Evil does not seem to want to die a natural death but, then again, there is nothing natural about evil. In the midst of it all, good things are happening. Our inventiveness out of necessity is a marvel to behold. Alternatively, some are truly fearless in their pursuit of justice. Here in this time of great transition people all over the world are losing their lunch as the evil within is forced out to the surface. As I have mentioned many times. When the avatar comes, he pushes all that has been hidden on the inner planes outward into the material world for the purpose of judgment. He comes with a new broom and sweeps it all clean form top to bottom. People whose vision is limited only to what they can see with the physical eye are often unaware that what we see, 'out here' is being manipulated from, 'in there”.

The more time passes on the way to critical mass and the summation zone, the crazier and stupider it gets. Expect it. Rely on this happening. If you remain sane it won't touch you. It is the resolution of personal destinies en masse. Each are in their own cubicle of karma. You are not in that cubicle, unless you imagine yourself to be, or are sucked into it as a result of false identification with what you are not. This is a danger we should all be consistently aware of; the efforts taking place to control our imaginations and to focus them on the deranged and unreal. You can see it taking place all around you and because of the pressure of group mis-think, it is a powerful form of negative magnetism.

We like to think of ourselves as individuals apart from the maddening crowd, We think of ourselves as consciously separate entities from the congestion of ignorance on all sides but that is not entirely true. We are all influenced to some degree and that is why so many mystics and spiritual seekers have gone off into the isolation of the wilderness, to commune with the infinite, beyond the surrounding distraction of the burning cities and looted plains of of this plundered planet. It's hard to maintain the requisite optimism required during times like these, when the very worst among us have risen into such powerful and unopposed prominence. This is all a blind to seduce our faith into doubt. Never imagine it will not turn out well for the best of us who have been unflinching in our steadfastness.

I want to sincerely thank the majority of the readers for sticking by me and also for recognizing that I don't have to operate according to false and fabricated standards of behavior, as if I were wearing a cassock and belonged to some rigid and repressed order of anally retentive monks, trapped in a constipated corridor of conformity and uniformity. We get used to believing we have to abide by certain unchanging laws of behavior, with zero flexibility. This is not and never has been true. Spontaneity is one of the great attributes of real spirituality and for those whose freedom is locked up in dogma and cant, it will sooner or later break out in unpleasant ways through the weakest link in the chain, as we have noted among the servants of the Catholic Church and many another fundamentalist creed. Perverted sexuality on the one hand and violence on the other.

I want to also thank anonymous, sniping from the shadows and unable, out of cowardice to leave their names because it proves an important point about their point of view; meaning there is no substance contained within. It's just another kind of affirmation as far as I am concerned. It's all good, even when it appears to be bad. I'm coming to believe that many times, bad is just undiagnosed good ...and evil, simply the raw fuel that lifts the good off of the launching pads of our lives.

In former times, thunder and lightening were considered evil and a sign that the Gods were angry. Those living in the ignorance of those times would seek to propitiate these gods with baskets of fruit and sometimes human sacrifice, just as they would yearly sacrifice someone to ensure a season of bounty from the fields. It's not like anything has changed except for the manner of expression. We never see things as they are in our own times but we've all got 20-20 hindsight. We're experts on the way things were, even when we definitely, imperfectly remember. More and more, I am getting the impression that, “it's all good”. I just don't see the totality, or I am seeing it through a lens colored by a certain degree of prejudice, in one direction or the other. I seek a complete impartiality but I'm not there yet. I will be though. I will be.

They say that an optimist is someone who just hasn't gotten the bad news yet. In my case, I've been given the bad news for years but it hasn't changed my perspective one wit. I've always known that I was seeing imperfectly and I consider that one of my better virtues, in that I don't always automatically assume I am right. One of my mottoes is that once you realize you are wrong, you are no longer wrong, you're right. We have such a tremendous investment in being right and that is why we argue. If we were right we wouldn't have to argue and we wouldn't argue. The more we insist and the more smoke that comes out of our ears, the more wrong we are. Serenity and tranquility come out of the deep assurance of being free of insistence upon anything. What it is is its own affirmation and what is not, will fade from view because we will no longer be maintaining it as a fixed commodity. We hold the false in manifestation by the force of our misinformed will. If we were simply to release everything, then everything would naturally find it's natural place, all by itself.

We are responsible for all that is untrue about ourselves. We have an attachment to the sum of that which is born out of the insecurity of not knowing who we are. Not knowing who we are, we have fabricated an unreasonable facsimile. After the passage of time, we accept that this must be true of us and we will defend it at all costs. We are defending something that doesn't exist and that guarantees that our defensiveness will rise to the maximum.

What could possible go sideways on a day like this? The sheer exuberance of Lady Nature, bursting out all over, is a thrilling experience. I can't comment further on it. You would have to be here. Well, we have come to the end of yet another posting and I'll see you tomorrow with a follow up on subjects as yet unknown to me. Have a wonderful day and don't let appearances get you down. That's all they are, appearances.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo, Visible! Beautiful truths and a dose of early spring in our long winter of discontent.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Thank you for your fine post.

Jim Kirwan recently wrote:
"Ultimately those who are DEMANDING our UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER now; are Israeli-sympathizers, Mossad agents or just global-criminals working for the real evil-empire that is demanding the end to everything American. There is no longer any room in the world for both Israel and America. And the number of those that agree with this reality is growing by the second…

Israel created TERRORISM itself, as a global disease. It’s up to us to end them now, or face extinction as a nation."

Sounds about right to me.

Peace and love

Anonymous said...

Touche, Vizzy. I remembered this line from one of Castaneda's books, after reading this fine piece of yours. "You cling to your arguments like a virgin clings to her panties..." To have no points to defend is the ultimate goal. You betcha.

Anonymous said...

it might seem expedient to say ..."it is all good"...
but something doesn't set well inside when that is uttered...


July 1987 upon leaving Bidens' office just happened to share the lift with Judge Bork...


have you ever seen Judge Borks wife...she used to be a nun....


seriously, the "Jewish" state is good ?

sap must be rising


It's your life! said...

The former Constitutional Senior Lecturer (Obama) cited the U.S. Constitution the other night during his State of the Union Address. Unfortunately, the quote he cited was from the Declaration of Independence - not the Constitution.

A university law lecturer would never make the mistake of mixing up the Constitution and the Declaration - any more than a lawyer would misspell 'bona fide'.

Obama is 100% a CIA fraud. He never wrote a single law review himself in his life - even though he was 'chief editor' of the Harvard law review. Soetoro is a scam. Seriously.


Free Republic: In the State of the Union Address, President Obama said: "We find unity in our incredible diversity, drawing on the promise enshrined in our Constitution: the notion that we are all created equal."

Wrong citing, wrong founding document there Barry, I mean Mr. President. By the way, the promises are not a notion, our founders named them unalienable rights. The document is our Declaration of Independence and it reads:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Barry is just a Rothschild puppet.

What does that make America?

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visisble

Terrific to see that you are dancing again, and the fingers are doing the tango on the keyboard, rhythm based upon the beating of the your Heart-essence.

Perhaps those that hide in the shadows are incapable of participating in photosynthesis, which is to say that they lack a symbiotic relationship with organic life, i.e. are parasites.

Just a matter of who their marrow crystals are synthesized to, hence the nature of their music.

Be well, enjoy the early morning dew, may the Rose Garden of The Heart always be in Bloom.


Laura said...

You have captured and expressed so sublimely the rebirth and joyful state of spring! Not yet arrived here in my neck of the woods, but it is grandly percolating below soon to burst forth! The heart does soar in fanciful flight and Grace abounds.

"It's been a long crawl over broken glass and missing cobblestones, on unknown streets by the dark of the moon." This reminds me of the words of a wise women "it's like being in a dung heap at midnight with only a spoon" and expresses the journey some of us have been on ~ through a tunnel into ever increasing divine light within.

Serenity and tranquility, such beautiful words to reflect the frequency these states hold ~ free of insistence upon anything and attached to nothing ~ no ego to argue, bind to or hold down. There is vast space created when we no longer fill it with extraneous false defenses.

Spring echoes the incredible lightness of being more than any other cycle. It calls for singing and dancing and the exhurberance is felt so deeply within. The restoration and redemption surround and embrace us, as we listen and heed.

With love, in grace ~

Anonymous said...

Peace be upon you
Brother Les,

Good to see back up again and doing your thing. Really lovely words. Allready they are giving me strength to make my move to the mountains to realise my dream. Its beautiful here in Reunion!. The Sun shines everyday the sky is blue the water is blue, there are the green mountains in the background waiting for me leave all the shit behind. I want to clear my mind and fill it with the plan to build a teeny tiny house and learn how to grow food to ensure a life for me and my family. Appearences are strong but as you said are just appearences. I hope to leave soon but I am feeling so weak and unmotivated, but I know I have to go at some point, god willing. I want to stay in the mountains in the embrace of nature with the clouds like a mist all around me with eagle flying high. I saw all this in a dream after I had asked God/Allah for an answer just before sleeping. The answer lies close to me but I am unable to reach it becuase of all these things, people, experiences and places so vile and corrupted that have made a deep impression on me and make it difficult for me to leave the bad for the good. But Inshallah/god willing I will keep trying. It says that GogNmagog cant be defeated by anyone except God. I think all these people in different countries who do the same thing, watch the same thing on t.v, have the same aspirations and expections of themselves and others today are GogNmagog becuase they are one with their fake Gods. They are ready in a split second to destroy every living thing on the face of the planet for sake of lies. These lies are told by the Zionist elite devil worshipping bastards who are so far off the rocker that its no use trying to do anything now. Once the masses of clones find out that its them then it gets worse becuase there will be a frenzy all over the world for revenge and the killing of each an everyone of them who was party to get us where we are today.It is said that Adam a.s will be told by god to take the children of the hellfire and he will ask how many and it will be said 999 out of 1000. A person asked the prophet p.b.u.h what will happen to us, scared that he might be of the 999 for the hell fire. He smiled and he said that the one is you and the 999 are GogNmagog. I beleive everysingle person who believes in war with nuclear weapons and that anybody has a right to do something like that escpcially to civilian populations are GogNmagog. They will fight and they will be nuclear wars becuase its all allready there. I want to be out of that 1 who believes and flees to the hillside where there is an abundance of rainfall. I pray that I am helped like Visible is becuase its tuff when everbody is in a trance. I personally feel that everyone is corrupt unless you prove your self otherwise and I see no possibility within the system for any improvement. Please feel free to correct me on my views as I am all alone and could be subject to paranoia.
Love and respect for all!.

elussivebutterfly said...

Hello, enjoy your writing, musings, and reflections. This is a practice note to see if it will post as have tried before and it would not work, lets see how this goes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les- this is the perfect beginning and attitude that will be shared with all in the spectrum of my day...

Visible said...

When I say, "It's all good I am referring to the changes in our lives, not to the external world which I am only half familiar with in the first place.

Anonymous said...

March 4th Yawn
CreaaaaK Stretch sigghh


THE ROBINS ARE BACK, North of 50!!!
Yahooo! Yippee! Glory Be!
A wing here, a wing there...
The neighborhood has three times as many Feral Cats as last year, Poor Robins. They won't stand a chance without some Protection.

Operation W.O.R.M.
Keeping Kitty at Bay since 1958

Mission From GOD

Enough! said...

In America, the term ’Holocaust’ should allude to one and only one very solemn thing: the extermination approx. eighty million Native Americans by the White Man. Trying to compare the 271,604 "jews" that died in WW2 is unacceptable, quite apart from being nothing to do with America. No document can ever be produced, indicating a European intent to collectively exterminate "jews" – not in WW2 or any other time – whereas such an intent clearly did exist against Native Americans by Rothschild representatives. Holocaust reparations should go one and only one way, and that way is not to israel: namely, to the shattered and disinherited Native American tribes. They could in return teach America a way of peace, and wholeness, such that America could adhere to its own glorious Constitution, stop bombing other nations and become immune to the satanic infestation now preying upon it and sucking its life-blood.

The central Power seems invulnerable, but it can be challenged not by arms but by people prepared to tell the truth. Abolish the Fed. That would mean taking away from the Vampire Elite their magic power of creating money out of nothing which they use to destroy every gentile in the world - Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Budhist.

Visible said...

Well said!!! That is the real holocaust and there are others in 2nd, 3rd and 4th place and more before one ever gets around to these clowns.

Anonymous said...

“the outrageous and absurd, shoots itself in the foot.”

Satan’s hoax is a recipe to burn humanity. An increase in holy hoaxing hutzpah means Moloch’s oven is ready to bake more goy cookies.

Anonymous said...

The holocaust--

Not the biggest genocide in history. Not even the biggest genocide in the 20th century-- doesn't even break into the top 5 on the charts.

But you wouldn't know it, inculcated as we are commanded to be by the Oz-like propaganda machine.


War's a rackett said...


This is right up there with the chairman of the national committee to combat paedophilia being found out with child pornagraphy on his computer.

Anti-suicide military poster boy offs himself. The global zionist wars for the bankers are wrecking havok witht the gentile working class forced to do the murdering. Cognitive dissonance resolved with one bullet.


Robin Redbreast said...

Thanks Visible, you somehow manage to break through the weariness.
First proper Spring day here too :)

Anonymous said...

Where does our knee-jerk tendency toward vigorously defending our opinions and beliefs actually come from? We're all taught to stand up from ourselves at a very young age - especially in the case of males. "Son, don't put up with that crap, don't let people disrespect you, stand up for yourself!" All boys are taught to punch the neighborhood bully in the nose, should the bully start doing what he does best (bullying).

Why is this? Are we so completely programmed that our subtlest thoughts and actions are predetermined? I think so. I have noticed this characteristic in men, much more frequently than in women. Men seem to be the Grand Pooh-bahs of having strong opinions regarding things they know very little (or nothing) about. Visualize the strong, silent male on the road trip with his woman, refusing to ask for directions as he drives around in circles, lost as a stray sheep. Sure, that's a cliche. But men are programmed from a very young age to be strong, opinionated, and self-reliant to the point of abject brain-death - and to engage in physical altercations, if necessary, with any other man who challenges his self-perceived know-it-all "righteousness".

Boys are herded into various athletic contests from a very young age, told things like, "do your best" and "tough it out" and "be a man".

Well, that sure makes it easier to funnel those men into a military uniform, and send them out to slaughter innocent Third Word women and children on behalf of the bankers. (Just a coincidence, there, obviously.)

I have also noticed on Internet boards, that it is predominantly men who do the most bashing of other people and their differing opinions. This is not an accident - it's an offshoot of the aforementioned conditioning. Men look around for cues from other men, quite often, when faced with a new concept (or, they look around for other males' posts whom they admire at Internet boards, when facing the same thing). Basically, when they hear a differing opinion from the group's, or read a differing opinion from the group's - and, if that opinion is a new concept for everyone involved, most especially - they will look around for a cue as to how they should react. And if they see a sneer on the lips of their fellow men, or if they catch some rolling eyes, or if they read a condescending post from a male they admire, they will jump into the fray and start pounding the person who has the differing opinion.

How many times have you heard a man defend his opinions about something, to the point of near-violence (or actual violence), when you knew the man's was dead-wrong, his mind had been made up for him, and he hadn't considered all the evidence about the matter at hand. I doubt if you can count that high. Maybe it's the testosterone. Who knows. But men are more brain-dead than women, especially when it comes to considering novel ideas of real importance, which are completely foreign to them. They are far less changeable than women. They tend to cling to their arguments more steadfastly - to the point where they will actually kill for them.

In short, they are programmed robots, bent on causing mayhem in the world at large, while swaggering, pontificating, spouting off myths and half-truths they have been handed along the way, and doing the bidding of the overlords who pull their puppet strings.

("I object to that, it isn't TRUE!", I can hear some male shouting, right now, as he reads this. "I'll punch you in the nose for that one, you freak! You pussy! You limp-wristed idiot!")

I steer clear of most men, just for those reasons alone. They're dangerous animals. Easily provoked into violence, by the very people they claim to abhor.

And I'm a man. So, hey - there you go.

Anonymous said...

Expanding on the notion of the perpetually demented male -

Men are programmed to say things like, "I already know that", whenever they are confronted with a totally foreign concept or idea. It just comes out of their mouths, like so much pre-programmed projectile vomit. Women, on the other hand, when confronted with a totally foreign concept or idea, are more likely to say something like, "Hmm...that's interesting."

You can't tell a man anything new. Not a damned thing. Doesn't matter what it is, he's heard of it, or he is familiar with it somehow, or he knows somebody who knows about it, and, typically, he has a strong opinion about it (usually the desired, pre-programmed opinion, shoved into his head by the Puppet Masters).

This is all due to deliberate conditioning with malice aforethought.

When it comes to religion, or matters of heightened awareness, or spirituality, or higher truths, men are way behind the curve, compared to women. (As a group - I realize ALL men are not like this, I'm making generalizations here.)

Men will encounter a school of thought, on the subject of spirituality, or heightened awareness, and they will cling to it FERVENTLY. They will defend it against all comers. Because, if they are wrong about its veracity, then they aren't as strong, smart and "manly" as they want to believe they are; they are misguided fools who have been misled, "And by god, nobody makes a fool out of me! I'm a man!"

This is of course quite interesting, when one looks at the historical record of wars that have been fought on the alleged basis of conflicting religious or political beliefs (and I realize that all wars are really fought on behalf of the bankers, and for genocidal purposes, but you catch my drift). Who fights the wars? Men! Who clings to their ideas and beliefs like virgins cling to their panties? Men!

Recently, I have noticed a frightening explosion in the number of males I encounter, who are exhibiting some form of senility/forgetfulness/irrationality/bipolar behavior. It's epidemic, especially among males over the age of 50. But I am seeing it in younger and younger males, all the time. I'm not completely sure why this is happening, and I am open to having my semi-formulated opinions changed about it. But I think it's another example of the Puppet Masters' incessant quest to dumb down, poison, and slaughter everything that moves. Chemtrails are part of it, no doubt. Wi-Fi emissions aren't helping either. Cell phones are part of it. Food stuffs (paging Monsanto!). Fluoridated water. But it's interesting to me, that fewer females are exhibiting this sort of behavior, at least among the people I have encountered recently.

But then, maybe there is a reason. Perhaps males are being targeted, deliberately, in this manner, more so than women, because they are the stronger sex, and fucking up their heads and bodies will make them weaker. So that they can't fight effectively, or at all, when the bulk of them encounters the real truth about what is going on in the world, and how they have been misled, and what the bad guys' plans really are: to slaughter us all and put the rest of us in cages working for Nike (and other corporations).

This makes sense to me, even if we don't know exactly how it is being accomplished.

And when the real shit starts coming down, and the Puppet Masters make their final push for overt world domination, this would make it much easier for them to exert their will on the masses.

"You're crazy! Why, only a totally moronic, non-believing, unpatriotic, Commie IDIOT would say something like that."


Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

autumn is spring where I sit, now, listening to more birds than ever (perhaps also because it's been raining for 3 weeks). Somewhere,under the rainbow....

kenny said...

It gets more absurd every day.

"A United Nations-based drug agency urged the United States government on Tuesday to challenge the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Colorado and Washington, saying the state laws violate international drug treaties."


Maybe a few drone strikes against tokers will please the UN?

"Obama Administration Says President Can Use Lethal Force Against Americans on US Soil"


Choir member said...

Hey anon@post 19 + 20;

You don't mention zionists or jews - that's what a misdirecting shill would do. Litmus test time: Who did 9/11?

Be specifific.

Rob in WI said...

Just heard the news that Chavez has left us. I'm both sad and suspicious. The claims that Hugo's cancer was an attack by enemies has legitimacy, considering his age, previous good health, etc. Why not put his enemies under the same "prove a negative" standard that those enemies require when "they" make an accusation? Who, among us, can support our innocence under such a standard? I'm thinking about the other targets of the zionist entity and collaborators.
Be well in the afterlife, Hugo Chavez, you've shown us your cajones. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Enlightenment begins with calling things what they are, and abruptly ends with euphemisms of convenience. Verily, it is impossible to oppose that which cannot be defined.

Judeo-Christian is as oxymoronic as Zio-Nazi in that both are polar opposites. In both cases the conflation is used to associate the poison with the medicine as if they are one and the same.

They are not the same. Hate is not love, nor is Jewish tyranny the same as liberation from it, as the Jewish organs of propaganda would have you believe. Satan’s semantic subterfuge serves Satan splendidly.

Germans then were no more evil then than the Palestinians are today. The only difference being for a brief time the Germans succeeded in casting off the Jewish yoke of serfdom. It is the hubris of false moral supremacy, and the unscrupulous clinging to Satan’s coattails that allows for this fraudulence to continue.

The Jew’s happy clapping goy helpers are Zionist dip shits because Jew’s conspired to subvert their belief system. These victims of Jewish malfeasance are then used again to obscure the racial nature of the whole enterprise. Satan has a spirit and a body. Lest anyone have any doubt, it’s called the Jewish state for crying out loud.

Punching and kicking nebulous definitions is like pissing into a headwind. Real rainbow warriors call things what they are.

Ray B. said...

Ah, Vis... There you go, again - slipping a Visible Origami in under the cover of a Smoking Mirrors. I like it!

Spring is arriving where I live, too. Bushes have little buds, daffodil shoots are up six inches, and the wild grasses are greening. The mix of Spring bird population is starting to show up, and Liz just spotted an Elk on their yearly migration to new pastures. You can just feel Mother Earth getting ready to burst out. I love this time of year...


Anonymous on 'Men': Your postings brought up a few musings, which I'll share...

In my (amateur) readings on biology, the male Y-chromosome is the only chromosome in the whole caboodle that absolutely will not 'open' to mingle genetic material during conception. (Talk about 'stubborn'... grin) 'Why' this is so is debated, but my instinct is that this behavior reflects some profound truth. This behavior is ultimately 'lethal' in the sense that isolated genetic material accumulates errors over time (eventually to the point of non-functioning), which is countered by mixing. So, something was so important about non-mixing that it overrode biological survival concerns...

On a different note about 'men', how many readers know the term "Warlock"? Long, long ago, this was a class of 'empowered' men of the same abilities as old Wicca was to women. 'Sage' is probably the closest we have to that word today, although Sage lacks the sense of boldness and movement in the former. Gandalf would be considered a Warlock in this definition, if he was a 'man'.

I bring this up because - "Perhaps males are being targeted, deliberately, in this manner" - of the 'War on Men'. We have seen the female side in this 'War on Woman' in the marginalization and killing of Priestesses and the 'genocide' of Wise Women and Midwives ("witches"). What most do not see is the equivalent eradication in men. How 'squashed' and trivial we are today (most of us)...

Where are our Warlocks?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

In keeping with the spirit behind this post by Vis I thought everyone might like to re-read one of Neil's poems that I saved. It made my heart sing then and when Spring finally appears around here I plan to read it again for my own personal pleasure and celebration.

Neil wrote:

by a hawk a butterfly a hummingbird

the essences of life deep inside

a brush on the tracks of wild horses

a congregation of all is divine

hearts melt away into butter

the breeze rocks the cradle of love deep within

sung through a heart gathered rainbow

playing the tips of the fingers of spring

dancing the rains in the color of bright yellow

sunbeams echo to far away isles

the unity of all sisters and brothers

a new era dawns where man reconciles

calm fills the waves of high water

a colorfull tapestry wound on all truth

the covered darkness opens to lights first beauty

essences of stars and blossoms and blooms


Anonymous said...

Beautiful words, and so many of them! But you are as guilty as all the others. You know the name very well.. Just say it.

Rabbit said...

I never expected you to be other than human Les, so have merely watched your travels with interest and occassional sympathy/empathy.

We're not the same despite having much in common, but we see through similar eyes.

Seasons like all things seemingly are cyclical and here we are reaching the scorched end of summer, with the greenery getting old, last fruits and veges being given up and the icky sticky buds are nearly done. As usual I will be headed off to warmer climes again, just the other side of the border from where you were but in the Punjab. It will be hot, and the DU blowing in the wind from Afghanistan gives that more meaning too.

Looking by Lebanon as well this time, I promised my wife. Who knows when we will see them again. Every time I travel to that part of the world I wonder if it will be the last. How I hope your optimism is not misplaced, for a fear greatly for the greatest number of people any improvment in the future may be a bit too far away.

PSO said...

Dear Visible, -
quoting Vis:
"The more time passes on the way to critical mass and the summation zone, the crazier and stupider it gets. Expect it. Rely on this happening. If you remain sane it won't touch you. It is the resolution of personal destinies en masse. Each are in their own cubicle of karma. You are not in that cubicle, unless you imagine yourself to be, or are sucked into it as a result of false identification with what you are not. This is a danger we should all be consistently aware of; the efforts taking place to control our imaginations and to focus them on the deranged and unreal. You can see it taking place all around you and because of the pressure of group mis-think, it is a powerful form of negative magnetism."

I said some powerful things.
I deleted it all.
No, not ashamed, just cautious for the moment's sake of becoming a more than a moment- in mo-ve-ment..

Moved by words that are Light and guided by the source of said light.

Powerful light Visible.
Your words are a lamp to a shared path. Perhaps there are frequencies of light that can stir us to movement- while others just sit there and read -scratch their heads and move on to the next website...?

Light converted from 1's and 0's.
It's all the same stuff.
It's al; varying degrees of light.

Visible, this post is one of the must reads for all and belongs in your next book, I swear it does.

Thanks for living the life you are living.
I appreciate it and I know it ain't easy, atol/at all/ et al.

♥patrick from western kentucky

McKenna Fan said...

Kirk Sorensen says- 1square meter of rock anywhere on the planet contains 2 square cm of Thorium.

Back in 1965-1970 they had a reactor running in Tennessee using Thorium in a liquid fuel.

Low-pressure, not prone to meltdown, walk-away safe.

Not able to weaponize. Project discontinued.

FF 40 years- Liquid Fueled Thorium Reactor revival. China scheduling its completion by 2020. India, in the works. "Capt." Kirk Sorensen, at Flibe, dedicated to creating the LFTR for the Pentagon- the bastards are exempt from civilian regs.

Lets see if this comment flies, before I continue.

Thorium Fan said...


2 square cm of Thorium is equal in energy to 20 square cm of Oil.

Thorium is fucking everywhere.

Fissile Uranium is as abundant as Gold.

Superfuel, a book by journalist Richard Martin, details the feud between Adm. Hyman Rickover and Dr. Alvin "the Chipmunk" Weinberg.

When Dave wasn`t yelling at him, Weinberg was doing stuff that would make Superman`s jaw hit the floor. But Weinberg wasn`t enough of an asshole.

Martin tells of the popular "expert" refrain one finds today- "Well, if it were so wonderful, we would be doing it already."

Sure. That must be true.

Meanwhile, the Indians are saying, "I am thinking that this is bullshit. We have zero Uranium in our huge country, and shitloads of Thorium is being everywhere."

And the Chinese are saying,"Shye-shye for the declassified research notes, assholes. Have fun paying IP royalties to use our awesome shit!- Oh, and while we`re discussing metals, thanks for the bargain-basement discounts on Gold and Silver. Maybe we`ll back our Renminbis with `em- YYEEEHAAAA!!"

Fan of Thor said...

Kirk Sorensen at TEDx


Thorsday! said...

What the President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has to say, the son of Jiang Zemin, BTW-


Anonymous said...

TO ANON Tuesday, March 05, 2013 9:36:00 PM
"I steer clear of most men, just for those reasons alone. They're dangerous animals. Easily provoked into violence,..."
- definitely the right choice and if it nonetheless happens try to avoid eye contact and don´t wet yourself.
you made my day

bee wrangler said...

Spring is here and my bees are in the Houston livestock show bee gazebo...the sheeple file by and wonder at the bees. Sometimes they see my website written on my beehive inside, they might look at my site and click on the links....it matters.. what you do. Your words touched my soul deep down today-thank you, much love to you and suzanne - jen

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Looking out for Number One, while Drowning in Number Two.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis,

farking kool as usual, I reckon dog poet should be the Pontificate, you have our unquestioned support

Dan said...

Up until only recently I have let others define who I am and literally found myself playing the part of my creators. I was and still slightly am a bit of partier which earned me a reputation that I found myself internally obligated to maintain for reasons unknown to me for many years. Keeping the legend and stories coming of wild times and excessive living nearly did me in. I was a rock star without the fame and money in my own mind. I finally figured out who I am through some introspection and I have set myself freer of my false persona. I feel quite a bit lighter mentally now that I no longer feel the need to live up to others expectations of me. I feel I am closer to the real me than I have been since I was a child. Thirty some years of distancing myself from the real me. I almost forgot who I was or am but it is becoming clearer by the day.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Catapulting to the Bending End.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was really exciting. I bet you're a big Lee Marvin fan.

Visible said...

I really like Lee Marvin. I never got to know him very well. He lived in Woodstock N.Y. His brother owned the gas station in town. I will tell you this. In real life he was one scary motherfucker. I remember the first time I saw him. It was at the Sled Hill Cafe. He was sitting at the bar. I was at a table facing the bar. He got up to leave and I surreptitiously observed him go by. I thought to myself, "that is not someone you want to mess with"

Him and Oliver Reed, another outstanding actor, used to go down to the border towns in Mexico and raise Hell; unique individuals. They had the chops and the cachet for their time here.

Lee said...

Holy Crap!

No wonder people are getting a particular psychic imagery. I saw the album cover of "God In Country"


Eamon said...

Was Brother Lawrence's "freedom locked up in dogma and cant"? Was he an anally-retentive man whose spirituality was somehow unreal? That some who profess the letter are bereft of the spirit does not actually render the letter meaningless or harmful, in se; similarly, that some are so devoted to the flesh that they all but extinguish the spirit does not mean the flesh is bad, in se. Balance, dear Vis...balance. Good to see you back in good form. God bless and keep you.

Visible said...

My dear brother, Eamon. I hope you know. I pray that you know, that I do not consider Brother Lawrence in such a way. I do not understand why you say this. To be in the presence of god is my signal commitment

I hope you will turn that harsh eye on the final draft of the new book, coming in a fortnight to you.

"These are the times that try men's souls"

House asunder

all that.

I am a very changed man. I have been told that discord would come. I remain steadfast.

much love to you, my unseen brother and friend.



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