Friday, March 1, 2013

The Ides of Hell are Calling your Name

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

We are entering the zone. I call it 'the zone' because that is the place where justice finally steps out of the shadows from which it has been watching the action; “though the mills of God (justice) grind slowly, they grind exceedingly small”. What befuddles us most is the appearance of things. Our media, our sources of information for the world external, are saturated with lies. These organs of disinformation do not reflect reality but rather present life as it appears in a funhouse mirror; people, events, conditions ...are stretched into a consumable absurdity. We've gotten so used to it that it seems to be normal. Normal hasn't been around here in a tortoise's age.

Guru Bawa, in one of his many discourses said that one of the hallmarks of the end times is the appearance of cannibalism. St. Dalmer of the Darkness was the precursor. Of course Emperor Bokassa was no slouch either. Economic pundits study trends and make projections, so do sociologist and experts from all of the synthetic sciences, where the results reflect the conclusions they are paid to fabricate and deliver. Those possessing jnana or an inspired, metaphysical perspective, can note the real trends taking place. Catamite scientists can only evade what 'is' up to a point because... what is, is what is and what is not, cannot be sustained beyond a temporary period of time. This is why all lies are inevitably revealed to be lies and are exposed for all the duped world to see, when the time comes. When the time comes.

You can only push so hard in certain places before someone pushes back. In the wider sense, the entire push and shove of the Satanist bankers, is to create such dire conditions in the empire that martial law will be declared. Every effort taking place and being set in place by the administrative, legislative and judicial arms of the bought and sold government of empire, is geared and focused in this direction. The economic austerities, brought about by massive off the charts skullduggery and theft; the destruction of the manufacturing base, the corruption and manipulation of the legal system. The fuel costs and the food costs fluctuating in such a way that it looks like demons playing with a yo-yo. Unfortunately, The Cat's Cradle is actually a trapdoor, spider's web.

The carnival is in town and it doesn’t matter where you live for the most part. The carnival is composed of many games of chance. It has that gormenghastian funhouse, all twisty mirrored thing. There are freaks and geeks, biting the heads off of a chicken and maybe there is even a dancing chicken, a la Pure Country. The suckers come and the suckers go. It looks like you can put that ring around the neck of the bottle but appearances are deceiving and physics is fact. Of course you can swish the basketball from that distance, only you don't know that the rim is smaller in diameter to the one you are used to. The carnival is a racket, just like Las Vegas, just like the entertainment industry, just like the music business; probably the same thing. Yeah, “it's the same thing, only different”. Yes folks, I'm looking for a steel cage match between, It's the same thing, only different” and “new and improved”.

“In this corrrrrrrrrner, wearing the blood red trunks and weighing more than you ever want to have to carry on your back in any lifetime, the shyster of shit-speak, the demon of crushed expectations, the harbinger of bad things in your body, the killa in Vanillla, 'cept we prefer Plumeria sap. Murderer of millions, some by knockout and boots to the heart and lungs and bloodstream, some by slow disfiguring, waste away (Coca Cola? I shoulda stuck with crystal meth) and some by any number of poisonous avenues, cleaner of car battery contacts, I give you, the present, heavyweight champion of vile world wide lies; Mr. Same thing only Different (the crowd roars) aaaaaaaaaand in the other corner, over there, somewhere, in the bluer than a terminally, can't be fixed, broken heart, blue trunks is the challenger, Mr. New and Improved. Let's get ready to rummmmmmmmmmmmmble. Tonight, your referee, is the newly resigned Pope, His lack of grace, lese majeste, Mr. I'm getting out of Dodge before I wind up holding the bag for centuries of evil shit, where thing go bump in the sacristy at night, your own Pope Rottweiler, Bennie the Gyp.

Yes, it's a carnival and for some reason, for some reason, the suckers keep coming to the booths, like they do at the tables in Vegas, in backrooms around the land, seeking that big, once in a lifetime return on their investment, though they don't realize what it is that they have actually invested, or what the real cost is. They keep coming back for more and more. The game has been fixed since the first 3 card-Monte cat put an ancient pebble under one of 3 clay goblets.

Lifetime after lifetime they go back to the table because one day, after all the terrible suffering of lifetimes, scrabbling and clawing among millions of their kind, the door to Easy Street will open and the Pinata will break of it's own accord and the cornucopia will blow it’s goods out all over them like some guy who did coke the night before and also has the flu, cleans his nasal cavities over the discolored sink in some anonymous hotel room. The irony of it is that they won't know what to do with it when they get it. They won't be able to appreciate it because they are sure that someone wants to take it away from them. They become too cheap to share it, which might really make a difference in the enjoyment factor. They are now in the position where the real rush is simply being able to have it when so many others do not.

Easy Street may be out there somewhere, intersecting Prosperity Boulevard but Serenity Lane and Tranquility Alley are way cross town, outta town actually, even beyond the suburbs. Now, Uneasy Street that's a whole other kind of road and that road runs inside of you, so that even when you are on Easy Street, you are on Uneasy Street at the same time. Who says you can't be in two places at once? Balderdash!

You have to think of life as a little like a roulette wheel, eventually your number is going to come up and then it will be a matter of whether you were cheap or willing to risk it all. That will determine the amount you get. Payback is commensurate with faith. Now, if you were a good guy or gal, when your ship comes in, chances are you're going to get some satisfaction and enjoyment out of it, provided you know who the supreme enjoyer is in the first place. That is kind of critical because that is the only portion of yourself that really enjoys anything. If you're a bad guy and that can mean all kinds of things, like being cheap and only out for yourself, which isn't a crime here but which is a definite no no everywhere you really want to be, if only you knew where that was and... I should add, that could be right here too. Well, no need to delineate, you get the picture or you don't. In that case it will all turn sour on you, turn to ashes in your mouth and your existence will be populated with all the fair weather friends you deserve and all the betrayals and abandonments that come with the territory. Quite some number of people are finding this out now. Some of them are going mad and some of them are running into all sorts of problems.

It's a strange new world we now enter into. For the moment, much of it is percolating beneath the surface but... just like boils, acne, shingles, or Karposi's Sarcoma and so many of a like kind, these things will be stepping out into the light of day soon enough. It is the summing up of the age. What more can I tell you? Please observe the seat belt signs. Turbulence is expected.

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

See the movie Kumare, that's an order (grin).

Radio show this weekend.


wiggins said...

Good article by Duff on Refining Anti-Semitism at VT (Thursday 28th) Les......

Anonymous said...

Peace be upon you
Brother Les

I saw the movie Kumare last night was moved to tears at the end. Was very motivating for me to be my own guru. All though I am moving through life smoothly right now in Reunion Island waiting to climb the mountains and stay up there for many a day. ( I hope to settle here and ride out the storm. Hopefully if I have a good setup you are most welcome. I am sorry couldnt meet up with you in India, as the wife and baby were the priority. Glad to see you back at base. Praying all goes well for all of us.I think there is going to be a huge tsunami here and that if I am able to survive it life here should be great after the great Mr. Apocolypse going to kick the world through the goalposts type thing. One question what do you think will happen to India when it goes through disasters and change? I made a run for it because I thought there were just too many people and I was not able to see myself surviving in India.

bee wrangler said...

Your teachings are priceless....knowledge not shared is knowledge wasted. Thank you so much for sharing...the truth is coming to many souls these days. My life has been a whirlwind lately too, but now i see the future clearly. the revolution will not be televised.....i like that fact- jen

Visible said...

My dear Friend Akram; India has always been there. It is a crucible. India's biggest problem is the tilt toward materialism but that will be adjusted on the cosmic scales. The whole world is going to be transformed. It will get ugly in places and beautiful elsewhere and the personal determinant is dependent on what lives within you.

I did not see any of the other parts of India that I wanted to see but I saw enough where I was. I am saddened that we did not get to meet there. It was wonderful when you came to my house last year. Our time together was proof of what fortunes our friendship might hold. I did not get to see my friend Scott either and I was so looking forward to making music with him but god in his infinite wisdom decided that I should go..

India is not the place for me, although I might go back again at some point for a bit. On a positive note, something fantastic happened to me and I didn't even notice until I got back. It has changed everything. Things that had long troubled me fell away like dead leaves from a tree.

We'll meet again. I will hold you in my heart until that time. Kumare is a great film, heh heh... it says a lot about what happened to me in some ways, although I didn't set out to make that point, it certainly makes the point about so many of the false gurus I came across, though most of that was either at a distance or astral.

Anyway... much love.

Visible said...

Gil Scott Heron indeed, Bee Wrangler.

Anonymous said... my first year of working for the US DoD...I was sent to DC to attend a planning meeting for the newest businesses to open up on the military installations at the time ...Burger King Restaurants ...I can't forget how generally,...stupid some of these people were...and when they opened their mouths,everyone & everything was about corrupting the process ...or creating an environment in which the process could be corrupted or taken advantage of is how I ended up being a Federally Protected Whistle-Blower ..over Burger King Whopper Patties Ha! So, no...unfortunately, you are correct and the corruption is so wonders if it is even redeemable?


RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Srila Prabhupada scoffed at the religious leaders and politicians who talk about "universal brotherhood," yet exclude animals from moral concern. He taught that nonviolence is the first principle of spiritual life.

Srila Prabhupada responded to the Declaration of Independence by saying animals also have the right to life and said our present civilization cannot even be considered human, because of the practice of slaughtering animals for food and sport.

He equated eating meat with cannibalizing small children, and candidly told a Catholic priest in London in 1973 that, "Animal-killers cannot understand God. I have seen this. It is a fact."

the gardener said...

Read a good one last night over at RMN-about 'alien ships laser lighting all the evil doers on this planet vanquishing them all off of this planet'.

Time line of either March New Moon on the 12th or Full Moon the 26th... with the powerful Vernal Equinox in between and Easter at the end of the month on the 31rst.

Whatever had the Power to retire the POPE has got a lot of them on the run. Can not run nor hide from the LIGHT.

Hysterical to me that the big loosh feed upon his departure, minus the FISHERMAN ring, which will be 'melted down along with his papal seal" generated such a huge ceremonial sacrifice of energies upon which those kind feed off of.

Cannibalizing of the energies of the masses. They surely do eat their own.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you mentioned Las Vegas. About 22 years ago I was at the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas, playing blackjack. I used a mixture of card-counting and bet-size alteration. I was up just under $1000 in a matter of hours, playing $5 minimum bets per hand. This was not a hell of a lot of money to be up (or so I thought); not for a second did I think that the casino would begrudge me less than a thousand dollars; why, people WIN ALL THE TIME in Vegas, the casinos want you to win in Vegas, sure they do, etc. I was sitting to the immediate left of the dealer. Suddenly, they began to bring a new dealer to the table, every few minutes. (This was back when they still used to have one-deck tables at certain casinos in Vegas, and the dealer would deal the cards by hand from one deck, not out of a shoe.) These dealers that they kept rotating to my table every few minutes were all Asian females. Every single one of them. The idea struck me that they were all from the same country, all trained the same way, and they were all there to bust me out. I chalked these notions up to being paranoid delusions at first. But then, they brought this one particular dealer in, and I caught her dealing cards to me from the bottom of the deck. On three consecutive hands, she tossed me a card that she flicked very smoothly from the bottom of the deck. Having had a few Budweisers by this point in time, I couldn't keep my mouth shut after she did this the third time in a row. I called her on it and objected strenuously. The pit boss came over, listened to what I had to say, took my all of my winnings, kicked me out, and told me to never come back. On the way out of town, I had about $100 left. I stopped at a place called The Last Chance Saloon. Where I proceeded to lose 15 consecutive blackjack hands (the odds of having this happen - unless the deal was crooked, which it most definitely was - are 32,768 to 1). The male dealer at this "last chance" casino (aptly named, eh?) leered at me with total hatred as he ripped me off and took my last dime. True story. And, yep, it's all a carnival. Everything is fixed, rigged, and tilted, in favor of the soulless rats, with malice aforethought...

Anonymous said...

Dear Les -

A couple of years (or lifetimes) ago, you wrote:

"You become what you identify with . . . The idea is to go about all of your actions as if it were the divine who was engaged in them. When you eat, you eat as if it were the divine who was engaged in it. When you commit any action you carry it out as if the divine were doing it."

This has stuck with me like Gorilla glue. Not that I'm considering you a guru - - we all have to be our own gurus, but sometimes what someone writes causes a twitch in our thinking that lights the way for a bit. That is why we're a social species, more like wolves than badgers. We need that contact to pass along information-laden energy.

But animals in captivity begin to behave strangely. The forces currently engineering our captivity (especially in the U.S.) seem surprised by this. So they put chemicals in the water and food and medicate the crap out of people - - and, holy shit, things just get weirder.

The official spin has spun out of control, and all bets are wild cards. Divine power is on the move in many places - - and more importantly, in many hearts.


Visible said...

Wow! What really cool people come around here! Nice to see you again Marie and you are directly spot on. Well said.


Gambler guy, Whoa... what a tale. I don't have your level of expertise and I generally don't gamble but I do enjoy a betting game, given that I have some control over the outcome, so I have enjoyed playing poker because I have a say in the matter. It's not like dice or roulette. You can get a hot hand on one memorable night but otherwise you're fucked. In poker I can use my intelligence, provided I have any. So, usually I win or break even. Of course knowing when to quit is a critical feature.

I've seen people lose money they could ill afford. I know some real horror stories about gamblers. So, when I play poker... and I haven't in many years. I'll only play fifty limit; meaning no one can lose more than that. Then it can be fun. I don't like taking peoples money. One time this guy lost big to me on a football game and I just said forget about it, though I know that would not have been the case the other way round. I knew the person was going to have trouble paying me so I let it slide.

I wished I had gotten the same treatment back a few times, not just in terms of gambling cause I never did much of that but just in general. However, I am sure it all comes out in the wash. Brighter colors!!! Whiter whites!!! (grin)

Stay frosty

flying cossack said...

gambling, alcoholism, drugs, video games, and insert-your-own-escape here ... none of these are problems ... they are bad solutions to the problem ... the problem is lack of life, friendship, culture

the irony of gambling ... sitting in a dingy room, cramped for hours, coming out only to have the sun laser you as if smoking a vampire ... is that even when you win, you lose

JerseyCynic said...

"The official spin has spun out of control"


Thanks for the song, Visible. I wish I could still dance on the tables -- I'd be jumping all over the place with this song playing. My happy feet got a good workout under the table though! What a fun song. Great beat - sound - and lyrics.

flying cossack said...

lesvisible, is the single left (reddish) eye in your petri dish graphic intentional? if so, what does it mean ... i noticed lasha darkmoon has the same in her icon/avatar ... left eye of horus? the moon?

Nemetron 2000 said...

You know, I often wonder just how much do these people know? By 'these people' I mean the big baller, high stakes gamblers, who's bargaining chips are the lives of entire nations' of people. I mean do they have any sense of consequence at all, or have they themselves been deceived; shinning light on a quote from the bible stating that Satan has "deceived the entire world".

It would be interesting, albeit somewhat disturbing, to peer into the minds of one of these individuals and see exactly what they think and perceive of the world, in all its uncensored gore.

I don't know, perhaps my concept of 'consequence' is different from theirs. Perhaps what I would perceive as unbearable suffering, they themselves long for. Perhaps what I would perceive as "going to hell", they perceive simply as "going home".

Somebody once said "it's better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven". I always thought that was a matter of opinion, but maybe to some who walk this planet, it's a simple 'fact' that they will not abandon. Do they truly wish to be the rulers of desolation? The emperors of catastrophe? Or, are they promised something that can't be delivered by someone who never had any intention of delivering on said promise in the first place. Piss poor deal if you ask me; which no one has, at least not yet anyway.

Unknown said...

I love what you write but unfortunately not all is what it seams. For instance, here in Brazil I'm tired of seeing people clueless about Zionism or Satanism and also devoted religious people doing all sorts of crap and moving along very well. Take for instance the ex-president of Brazil, Lula. He is a definitive crook, his family stole billions of dollars and the people is still in love with him. He will definitely not pay for his crimes (it actually seams his blessed, since he was even cured of a serious cancer in the throat). His family will enjoy the loot forever and where do we stand? At the same place as before. I guess the more you learn the truth (whatever the truth maybe) the worst you make in life (at least this life). Since we live of earth and we need food and shelter and other creature comforts, what to do but to join them? Also, if you could answer this: what is it that some of the real top people in the World know that we don't? I mean, they surely act that there is no tomorrow, there is no consequence to any act they do while we must "fear" GOD and the judgment upon us when we leave our prison of flesh. Why is that ?

Visible said...

My Cossack brother, that is pure coincidence. I'm not into any of that shit, I'm a bhakti. Yes, in my 911 t shirt I hold my hands a certain way. That is kundalini and I am incarnate. But I have no use for any of that other stuff. I didn't put the eye there in the first place. Came with the template

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

gotta take some fake devotees to make a fake guru.

Visible said...

They are messing with us. If you want to post a comment, put it in an email

Anonymous said...

Hey Les-

They are fucking with us! Things are more curiouser and curiouser on the daily, no?:

Brings a whole new meaning to 'down to earth', holy shit! Anyway, glad you are back safe and sound, because lord knows we crave your soundtrack for this last dance with Beezlebub, brother.

Anan E. Muhs

Visible said...

Hmmmmm, I was just putting a feature about those sink holes into today's petri dish; great minds think in kind. (grin)

Sim said...

Flying Cossack - that single "left" eye at Petri Dish was originally a right eye.

I chose the graphic - just on the basis that it portrayed a reflective mood. It's something that Vis got, rather than asked for, so no one should equate its presence with Vis belonging to any cults, secret societies or whatnot.

Or me, come to that!

Peaches said...

What is that word - when something resonates so deeply that you can't even respond in an intelligent manner?

Stupid? Unevolved? on the right/wrong path?




ChewyBees said...

Ahh, but if the single left eye is reversed to the right eye, then the effect of the mirror is in play, which is the complete idealism behind the duality of real and fiction.

This duality is reflected in the ever-increasing need for technological pacification. The button pusher societies have become the tech-teat-sucklers. No one operates without some kind of micro-chipped, imported junk in their hands, ear, brain, boo-hole, IDKnow.

Without a doubt, what would bring the world of mammon worship to its knees event would be a global catastrophic destruction of anything with a microchip, essentially a global EMP bomb. This is not out of the question. It could be man made (doubtful), or natural (not so doubtful). The sun alone could crush all microchipped devises in an instant, and has shown its ability to wreak major havoc in that arena in the past. Additionally, there are so many unknown forces out there with equal if not greater power. The recent fly by of a big rock in coincidence with a littler rock plowing into the atmosphere of Asia is a prime example that our holy scientists don't know Shiite any sooner than the devout know if Pluto is a planet or a dog.

If I were to give the extreme of apocalypse, (beyond space anomalies not yet conceived) it would be:
Comet or large asteroid impact.

Secondarily would be a solar flare of the kind unknown to man.

Third would be a super volcano eruption that crippled the ecosystem.

Fourth would be an ecosystem collapse triggered by the government's inability to govern, using various scientific "methods" to create a theater of people that follow scripts.

Fifth would be a systemic collapse of the worldwide grid due to a failure in microchip function.

I don't want to explain the consequences of such, Hollywood has made enough attempts. Let me say this instead: everyone in western society is tied into a microchip like the bankers are tied into an account number.

There is no chance of morphing the current governments, east and west, into anything resembling the natural existence of man.

All mankind must be put to the test, and as I see it, the test is this: do you believe in government, or do you believe in God? And if you believe in God, do you believe in you, or do you believe in strangers? It's all coming down to a simple question: do you believe in yourself as God? If not, then who is it you put before yourself as God, because it most certainly is not God?

A Prophet once said, "Love God before all others." How can one do that without loving themselves as the Creation of God? And how can one love themselves without loving all of Creation? Really, where does it end?

It ends when the backwards step is taken. A man decides that he might be of greater stature than his neighbor. He stomps some form of life because he can. He makes others miserable in a vain attempt to make himself powerful. He lies, then assaults, then rapes, and then murders.

All of these technological advancements we have embraced as normal, are not normal. Mankind has made button pushing the norm, and natural contact the abhorrent sin. Microchips are fragile, far more fragile than life, yet we rely on them like they are the God of our universe. Without us, as the Children of God, microchips would not exist.

Microchips create a fictional reality. Coincidentally, so do governments. So too, do corporations, and institutions. Nearly every organization of men creates fictional existences that do not coincide with nature, or God.

Love yourself. Then Love your Family. Then Love your Neighbor. After that, teach and learn. None of this is about money, or stature, or power, vanity or anything resembling an institution. It is about mankind actually surviving past the next 5 years.

It is about God being God.

Anonymous said...

Bravo ChewyBees! and I'm betting on the SUN... you brought that all to a head so completely. And as weird as it feels right now? Too long of a calm in these end times means one hellatious storm.

Doing in of the chips. That make this unnatural world be square.

'be there or be square'. hahahaha

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

This Horse Needs a Rider.

kf said...

LOL: (Coca Cola? I shoulda stuck with crystal meth)

You're a hoot with the truth!



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