Saturday, January 11, 2020

"Let There be LIGHT, where There are No Accidents, Only Serendipitous Coincidence."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Oh yes... today... today? Let's talk about LIGHT! And by extension, let's talk about the mind because... it is the mind which perceives and experiences LIGHT, through the sense of sight. LIGHT is matter at as very refined level and then there are the levels of LIGHT that move from the light of the sun... into ever more rarefied expressions of LIGHT, until it becomes too bright to see and appears as darkness to the eyes that cannot see it.

Just as there is a physical sun and a spiritual sun, there are physical senses and spiritual senses. When your spiritual senses are activated, you get clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. These are some of them, not all of them. In times of material darkness, the spiritual senses are shut down automatically, in response to the force of materialism. Some amount of us have these senses activated in childhood (this is the time period in which certain children see their Invisible Friends) but they get shut down when puberty divides the world into opposites, or something far more confusing, now that we have far more genders than Baskin and Robbins has ice cream flavors. We ONLY have two genders, of course but because the primary offspring of Materialism is Insanity, you get the funhouse mirror effect of Nature bent all out of shape.

It is what the mind puts its attention on that determines the degree of LIGHT and darkness that illuminates or shades the world it move through. You've heard about false LIGHT but you have probably not heard about true LIGHT. It stands to reason then that you would be unaware of truer and then even more true LIGHT. Let's just stay with false and true LIGHT for the sake of this discourse and not concern ourselves with the subtle gradations and degradations of LIGHT. False LIGHT reveals things as what they appear to be. True LIGHT reveals things as they are.

You might think of the concentrated focus of the mind as being like a Laser as opposed to a table lamp, in terms of how the LIGHT is expressed. In the one case it is a narrow and concentrated stream and in the other it radiates in all directions. When you can focus the mind to where true concentration takes place you are in possession of one of the primary powers and secrets of existence; concentration is the secret of the magical art.

We're not going to be talking about MAGIC however. I've no great use or attraction for magic. In that regard, let me quote (more or less verbatim; grin) Arthur Edward Waite who said, speaking about Black and White Magic;

“On the one hand, you have something that is assuredly dangerous and on the other hand you have something that may only be foolish.”

The only magic I am interested in is The Magic of Transparency. That means, I allow the force (whatever force it may be) to pass through me, unhindered and unmodified. If that results in some form of supernatural occurrence, well... okay. It's what angels do. They allow the will of God to pass through them but it is God who originates and defines the whatever of whatever it is. It is the angels who directs it according to the command given. That is how I prefer to operate.

Since everything... EVERYTHING is some permutation of LIGHT. What is passing through you is some kind of LIGHT, which The Mind directs. In my case, I recognize ONLY ONE MIND and that mind is the Mind of God. I try not to interfere, with my assumed separate mind, which does not exist. The separated mind is our mistaken application of free will, in resistance to the Cosmic Will. In other words, it is when YOU KNOW MORE than God does. This all happens unconsciously most of the time. Although there are those who well know the implications of what I am telling you here. I prefer not to go through life unconsciously because then things CAN HAPPEN ACCIDENTALLY, or seem to.

Love is a form of LIGHT, although you could say that at a certain level of awareness, LIGHT is a form of Love. We don't need to get into the complexities and nuances. The greatest secrets and truth of the universe are SIMPLE. They are so simple that a child can get them and... that is the point.

Think of LIGHT as the most valuable thing you can possess. Hunger for it. It is okay to be greedy and driven toward the acquisition of LIGHT. Desire it above all else. Let LIGHT fill your heart and mind. Let it illuminate your world. Let LIGHT wash over you and drench you with it's presence. Breathe it in and out. Eat it. Drink it in through your pores. Envision yourself moving through a world of LIGHT in the direction of ever greater and more concentrated LIGHT. Love... the act of loving, attracts LIGHT. It also generates and creates LIGHT. Tell yourself that you are a particle of the LIGHT of the universal soul of creation.

Everything you desire and aspire to can be realized through Love. You don't even have to have anything specific in mind except to Love God. Remember what it says in The New Testament? “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.”

It is said, in the beginning, God declared, “Let there be LIGHT!”

LIGHT was the first thing he created and out of that came everything else. It's simple math people. Pursue the Liberty of LIGHT! Everything else that we seek after and strive for, in the contentious marketplaces of the world, costs us in terms of LIGHT. Our LIGHT is the currency that we pay in order to acquire the things of darkness. LIGHT is the protector of our sanity and our health and we sacrifice both of these when we invest our LIGHT in temporary things.

Of course, the conventional mind, which is the origin of 'conventional wisdom', tells you that I am insane for saying what I do. It is impractical! It doesn't make sense! Uh huh... it makes sense to me and when I am dancing through the upper reaches of the Kingdom of Nature (whose regent is actually the Queen of Heaven), where it interfaces with the Kingdom of God, in a celebration of the Freedom of LIGHT, feel free to call me crazy.

The LIGHT of the sun will be streaming through the leaves of the translucent trees, as the music of the spheres, resonates through the LIGHT that illumines the whole of that magical forest through which I will be moving.

There are two basic themes of spiritual possibility and both of them are right because they are a matter of choice for each of us. They are the paths of Singularity and Duality. In Indian teachings they are called Advaita and Dvaita. In the first one, it is all one and you end up being God, as the particle unifies with the whole and you are God and creation as one, in a mysterious and inexplicable manner. In the second, there are two. There is you and there is God and this is the role taken, when one wishes to spend eternity in service to and adoration of God and that is the path that I choose, because I am in essence a Poet and a celebrator of my creator. I don't want to be my creator and the master of all things, even though, according to the essence of what cannot ever be spoken about, I might still be that anyway. We're talking about at that point where you, or I, any of us, arrives at the portals of the defining moment. Some of us may never arrive there and simply be assimilated out of the matter we wedded to instead, when the whole of creation gets rolled up and put into stasis for a period of time and God sleeps in that tranquil period between Kalpas, or segments of existence that are the demarcation zones between the Day of Brahma and the Night of Brahma.

I suggest that you go about your days, envisioning LIGHT, filling you and surrounding you. Imagine an aura of impenetrable LIGHT that surrounds your form and which nothing of a negative or inimical bent can penetrate... something along the lines of, “Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil.”

All of this is true for some and CAN BE TRUE FOR ANYONE. It is a matter of personal predilection.

The more you suffuse yourself with LIGHT, the more like LIGHT you become, until you are resident in a solar body and then you can hang out with my friend, Vivasvan, who is presently the regent in Lord Surya's seat and who will be there for 400 million years. I don't know how far he is into that commitment. You can look all of this up on your own if you are of a mind to.

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Anonymous said...

Joni Mitchell also gives this message beautifully:

Shine on...

Visible said...

The swinish Zio Cons are making it impossible for me to post so here is the new Discourse #4 link from The First Church of the Presence of God-

"Discourse #4 is now available"

robert said...

Our LIGHT is the currency that we pay in order to acquire the things of darkness. LIGHT is the protector of our sanity and our health and we sacrifice both of these when we invest our LIGHT in temporary things.


An operatic aria of expression, coming from the Center of Creation, through the light motif of Visible, so "Les" becomes more, as the prism of your personality gets purified by the light passing through!

All we, the witnesses, can do is acknowledge the joy transmitted!

As the material Matrix makes things murky, we turn on our inner light and continue to walk with the Source of All, showing the only viable alternative to eventually going fully inert.

Stay lit from within, my friends!

Anonymous said...


Best. Comment. Ever.

You have raised the bar...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

A ten nostril post!

Anonymous said...

Nostrilz sjogszzzzzzzzzzzzzzfffg

Ray B. said...

Vis, an enLIGHTened column. Thanks!

Vis: "...and then there are the levels of LIGHT that move from the light of the sun... into ever more rarefied expressions of LIGHT, until it becomes too bright to see and appears as darkness to the eyes that cannot see it."

Something of that nature is happening to me, right now. So much light/energy is coming into me that I am almost fried. I keep asking and being told that it is a Good thing. So, I keep trying to just 'flow' with it. Intense...

There is also an interesting thing when Higher Self is involved Cleaning someone. Kind of 'billowy' light/energy appears and heads toward the recipient. Sometimes, it is to raise their energy/light/love enough that they cannot help but release what they have been carrying. Sometimes, it is to 'fill in the gaps' if so much has been released that the entity might collapse - stuffing, as it were.
Vis: "The separated mind is our mistaken application of free will, in resistance to the Cosmic Will. In other words, it is when YOU KNOW MORE than God does."

In my travels with Higher Self, I frequently find that 'apparent' God is stratified. All-God encompasses everything, of course. However, in duality-land, my experience is that upper-level Beings do not 'mix' much with lower-level Beings. Creation seems to move from high to low, with the higher levels just 'assuming' that things worked-out-well with lower unfoldings. Sometimes that is the case; sometimes not. When this separated-mind points the real situation out to that separated-mind, there is frequently wailing and sadness - actually, my perceived 'downshifting' of same - and moves to correct the situation. How much 'free will' is actually involved in this is debatable, of course...

(There are interesting sub-parts to this 'process': The upper-level Beings read me first. It is like an instant telepathic sweep. Then, they read the Being who/which is in trouble. Way-up discussion takes place, and then 'something' is dispatched downwards. Frequently, many levels are worked-on between them and the level of the Being in trouble. By the time 'something' gets down to the Being, it is like a tsunami of change is already happening. The 'something' just rolls-through that Being, like an implacable force...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

tasmith said...

"celebrator of my creator" excellent! Thanks, Vis!
'As long as certain twisted souls feel the need to lie, cheat and murder to achieve their ends some of us need to keep pointing it out.......' - Visible
Struggle to do both, Keep up the great work! Many are willing, too many are lost. Appreciate your dedication. God Bless!


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"Those Rowdy and Unrestrained Offspring of Materialism who Call the Prince of Darkness, Daddy."



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