Monday, October 23, 2017

Terribly Hungry and Fumbling in the Dark as Things go Bump in the Sacristy

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I was on Feet 2 the Fire radio last night for something over an hour and had a long and involved conversation with James Jancik. It felt great to be able to do this and I hope at least some of it proves useful to the reader.

Well... the Z-List reality TV Tribe actors are continuing to speak out on those issues dear to all of our hearts (grin). I don't see how the pernicious influences of a small segment of true bottom feeders can be mistaken in their real intentions. Conditions in this culture have really come to a terrible pass. Have they not?

I was moving around the internet a couple of days ago and came across the biggest radio host (Howard Stern) by far these days ...and besides talking about Harvey Weinstein, he kept calling out for Cardi B. who happens to be one of the most incredibly untalented individuals I have ever seen. It makes you wonder. I don't know how it is that I wound up there, watching a portion of his segment. I don't think I made it even to the halfway mark, given how I loathe the man and certainly have come to loathe Cardi B. I've seen this kind of thing before, where someone comes out of nowhere and all the talking heads begin a unison chant of praise for someone who doesn't have the chops for an open mic performance, much less up on the big stages but most of everyone I see for short bursts of distaste these days, does not fill me with a sense of the rightness of it all.

The world has gone haywire. There's someone down in the orchestra pit, like there used to be in the old days, who calls out cues for the lines being forgotten by the usually intoxicated actors on the stage. This person is stage whispering what the producer wants to have said, even if it wasn't on the script initially. They've been reduced to making it up as they go because... all the stuff that was supposed to have happened got sidetracked somehow, like the recent Clinton presidential campaign. They are still not past getting over that and it isn't going much better for them in Syria, or those Eastern European countries that they were so sure they were going to steamroll right over.

In the minds of the continuously driven and mislead, it is all disarray. The voices they were supposed to be hearing in their heads are there but somehow another voice has come into play and this is proving disturbing to the Satanic, criminal overlords. As mysterious as this may appear to be on the surface, at least to those who are having their intentions stymied, it is a simple matter. We are in an apocalypse. An apocalypse is not a driverless car being run by unseen drone-style operators in some Quonset hut in Wyoming. It's not even a cobbled together prototype, created to disperse a general atmosphere, the way a soundtrack does in a movie. An apocalypse is an ancient process that is set in motion like the seasons following one another. It has stages, anti-climaxes, climaxes, denouements and a whole collection of stops and starts and stutters, which are not the product of hurried, approaching deadline, chaos. It is a force, manifesting as a chariot or a car or some kind of amphibious vehicle, directly engineered by a host of events and conditions that are meant to trigger an apocalypse, by running off the road and spinning their wheels in a ditch for... (drum roll) the purpose of demonstration.

When life goes choodlin along, there will be progressions of religious change, with the driving intent of becoming incredibly rigid and stratified, accompanied by an orchestra of ringing cash registers and wars that come and go, bringing all the things that war brings and leaving all those other items that war leaves in its wake. The religious figures don new garments and discard the old. New versions of old religions appear and depending on the technological level of accomplishment, arrive dressed in pseudo-science and fantastic shake n' bake histories that speak to an ancient provenance that never existed in the first place but... so what?

If you can get the public to buy it and there are coupons for all the desired dispensations and two for the price of one indulgences specials, you're going to be good to go, even if you don't do exactly that, which would be far more preferable to the rest of us who aren't salting away Joel Osteen sized fortunes for the declining years, when you are going to need extra cushions on the rocking chairs and maybe it would be that much nicer if they were hand stitched by nine year old boys in Isfahan.

We got a little sidetracked when we walked off in another direction, after mentioning the movement of religions upon the face of the water of the cultures, mirroring the desires of the ever hungry masses who never get enough to eat because the more they eat, the greater the hunger becomes until they eat themselves and are no longer visible. Across the centuries as religious systems come and go... become ever more refined about the art of making money, fabricate ever more ridiculous costumes and do all those things in the dark of the night as things go bump in the sacristy, it's usually business as usual. Sometimes people get burned at the stake and sometimes they go to the tower to wait for the fateful day of beheading. Sometimes they are simply excommunicated. It's a process that can be extreme and occasionally even benign for a time but the one thing you are probably not aware of is the presence of God. We hear about the presence of God in the original scriptures that always have to do with the life of the founder. This is followed by an endless litany of amendments, codicils and angry bulls running through endangered China shops, enraged by red flags and red herring and such but... except for right there at the beginning, you don't hear that much along the lines of, “Hey... I saw the almighty in an aisle at Sports Authority this morning...” or some variant or another.

Yes... for a time you get the occasional new headliners like Paul ...and Islam is full of internecine conflicts between followers of one latter day headliner and another latter day headliner and a lot of people die because of doctrinal schisms and such but you don't see God, which is a rare event indeed. Hearing about God is the flesh is more likely but there isn't or hasn't been much of that either. This is one of the unusual features of an apocalypse; God starts to show up- not necessarily right before your eyes but more so in the occurrence of inexplicable events where a 'hidden hand' seems to be at work but you can't see what the hand is attached to and very likely you cannot see the hand either. What you see are the effects and results of the hand at work. That is one of the consistent biggies of an apocalypse. God begins to appear without actually appearing ...but you get the sense of the divine's presence in natural and otherwise events of a mysterious kind that do not fit into the usual categories.

Oh my goodness! What do we have here?

Mr Apocalypse is here and is one of the hands of God, in the same way that an angel is a direct expression of the will of God that is specialized for specific work to be done. Angels, the larger and more powerful angels, are often embodiments of a quality of the divine. They also appear as a perpetual force, like sight and hearing, as they exist in all of the life forms making use of them. You hear people saying here and there that they ran into an angel or an angel appeared to them but when I study their tales about what happened, I become skeptical. I have encountered angels and what I noticed most was the POWER. The power was so great that I could not even look up and see the angel. I wasn't able to do it. I was overwhelmed and bent over in submission. This was the case each time I had such an experience. There was no variation in the sense of the power that was present so... unless I hear something similar, I tend to doubt that it was an angel that was involved.

I bring this up because I tend to doubt a great many things that appear in my windshield; meaning I doubt what I am told is what happened. I doubt the listing of who is said to have been involved or behind whatever it was that took place. I do not doubt the presence of Mr. Apocalypse or the recent impression that the divine is on the scene and I mean all over the place. This is going to increase in both power and frequency. It is going to start happening faster as time speeds up and we come closer to that great signal event that is going to happen, or that breathtaking series of events that are going to happen. I find myself in a waiting state. Surely there are those small duties of life which I must attend to but all of what I thought I was supposed to be engaged in has been placed in abeyance because something much like that rough beast whose hour has come round at last is shuffling toward some metaphorical Bethlehem to be born. I'm not sure I got the phrase in order but I suspect you know what I mean.

I tried to talk about how I am affected and how very changed I am from the person I was during last night's radio interview with James. I am curious as to what some of you may think about what is moving into view and precipitating into form, whether it be some actual being taking shape before us or whether it is a spontaneous awakening in the human heart, which I am certain is going to take place. I don't know how widespread of dramatic it is going to be but something like it is going to occur and forever change us and the world in which we imagine we live.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another awesome post.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "I am curious as to what some of you may think about what is moving into view and precipitating into form..."

Well, you asked (grin). Based on all the Otherwhere-ness I have come-upon or experienced in the last decade or two, it feels like top-down opening-up. Let me explain...

It began with the (real) elves. Or rather, with Stone Circle Entities informing the elves that they had been manipulated. This was a shock to the elves, who had seen themselves 'above' that sort of thing. Many SCEs exist above SpaceTime, and so have easy 'contact' with higher beings like (real) angels. I presume that is where the SCEs got their info, i.e., on some trailing-down from the ineffable.

As a consequence, this led to an alliance between higher beings, SCEs, elves, and 'accomplished' humans. A preliminary 'sweep' was conducted from high to low to change or remove baddies. (A 'Turning' was initiated at that time, but has yet to show up, IMHO.) Subsequently, remaining baddies have been slowly Cleaned or removed. There has even been a change in the 'status' of Earth-humans over at some kind of a Confederation (assuming that episode was real). In short, the baddies are in retreat, from the top down.

How does this manifest down on earth-plane? For lower-level baddies (those with physical bodies), they have less and less overall coordination. Infighting is breaking out, along with the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. Baddies are also getting 'enlightening' info from above, rather than 'endarkening' info from uber-baddies. Some lower-level baddies are now turning or resisting; hence all the 'hacking' releases or screwing-up of false-flags.

On the ordinary-people side, there are far-fewer baddies in the astral (and up) to 'whisper' unfortunate things in people's ears (or third eye). Channelers (conscious or not) are also far more likely to receive 'good stuff' because the ratio of good-guys to bad-guys in the ethers is higher than it has ever(?) been. Confusion in the streets (for a while), as the more-desperate of the baddies try to hold-onto the old 'agenda'.

In my heart of hearts, I hope that this leads to an opening of the Third Eye in all of humanity. ('Revelations' can be read as an opening of humanity's Third Eye and consequences thereof...) Humanity will 'see' all the helpers that have been around them. Also, the baddies will be directly seen, or at least felt. No more 'sleepers'. And, of course, contact with the ineffable, at least as high as you can stand without shorting-out.

If we can make it through the 'transition' period, it should be glorious...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.
P.S. On discerning (real) angels because of the POWER aspect, 'naive' (unseasoned) angels do not shield themselves. This produces fear and/or supplication in most humans. More-ancient (real) angels have noted this involuntary reaction from humans, and now 'cloak' most of their emanations. Power, but not POWER. These more-seasoned angels want dialogue, not fear or supplication. So, check with Higher Self about Who is 'standing' in front of you...

Unknown said...

AGREED, in every way. Earth changes are here. We are IN the Apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

Actual Being or collective awakening? Why not both? One might compliment and support the other.
Silly humans....we are so easily fooled, and that is a worry. A faux avatar, a sham revolution (a la the French one with Marat, Danton, Robespierre, et al)...we don't need that.
The proof will be Love, or it's antipode.

As far as Angels go, I'm almost certain I met one, and it was a very peaceful and loving presence. Reports are that a favorite saying of Angels is "Don't be afraid".


Anonymous said...

Vis, Ive been reading you for years and I have known you for much longer. That radio interview was superb!!!!! I have never seen you so vulnerable and utterly committed. One can literally see the presence of the ineffable in you during the broadcast. I started weeping several times. Thank you so much for this. It was real.


Visible said...

There are many different classes of angels. There are many of the hierarchy of elementals that appear as such and there are all manner of Devic Realm denizens with coronas of light and luminous presence and appearance. I am not saying this to 'counter' your comment at all. I am merely saying that there are hordes and large bodies of astral and higher astral creatures and those who are manifest but live more outside the manifest rather than in it. Over decades I eagerly read every tome from the occult side of things that I could get my hands on. I even had a bookstore for several years for the single reason of being able to read anything I wanted to and then (grin) put it back on the shelves. This is IN NO WAY an argument against your experience, nor in support of my own statement about power. It is simply to say that there is a lot more to existence, manifest and unmanifest than we might think.

I NEVER set off thinking I am right and- god forbid- informed, because I am not. I used to know a lot. Now I know next to nothing at all. Part of that is being exposed to the size of what I have not even yet experienced and some of that is that what I do know, simple as my perception of it may be, is really really more important than the totality of what I used to think I knew. I recognize without resistance now, that I don't know shit. Anything I say here is based on experiences I had and in nearly every case that would be multiples because I hesitate to use one offs as examples of anything because they could be anomalies and they could be, well... possibly anything.

In defense of your argument. I have been told and also read about the cosmic mother being of fierce aspect and in some cases so frightening that those exposed to it lose their wits and their wits don't come back. However, my experience of her has been sweetness and light without exception. I've never seen the dark side of her and I had a poster of Kali on my walls, sometimes several, all through my youth and actively worshiped her, hopefully in my poor fashion, with the similar intention of RamaKrishna. It is said that in that aspect, as in the aspect of Smashin Tara, she is hard to take and I was literally crying out for it. I am infinitely grateful she didn't show me the full boat. Just a few thoughts.

Anonymous said...

The movie "Michael".... " I ain't that kind of angel! "

David Alan McBride said...

My Angel experience (this might sound a tad familiar):
The might of the presence of this Presence is completely overwhelming. This Angel didn't have to actively do anything. Or be anything other than passively in front of me. I had a clear sense that I would have been completely obliterated, both body and soul, instantaneously. With zero effort on the Angel's part. An effect of this overwhelming power emanating from this being was finding myself on my knees face down in the dirt. This was involuntary. Being prostrate was not an option. It occurred automatically as a result of the nearness of the angel. I couldn't even move my head much less raise my eyes to even gaze upon the feet. What I realized afterward was that NOT completely obliterating me instantaneously both body and soul required effort on the angel's part. I was worthy of the angel's effort to not harm me? Me? I was worth delivering a message to from one that emanates this level of power? Me? In some infinitesimal way I matter to you? Me!? My great and beautiful Lord that is a humbling realization to live. The message was delivered and the angel left.

In regards to you asking us what we think is moving into view and precipitating into form:
I agree with you that the second coming is in the form of a collective awakening in the human heart. But I also feel that some very surprising visitations from some very good, and formerly invisible, friends will also occur. The ineffable and the hierarchy of light is closer than ever. More directly engaged. More communicative and interactive. More present and hands on. And in large numbers. Just the tiniest bit outside of our physical senses. The place we have all been struggling and suffering to get to is nearer than ever it was before. I've never felt better or more hopeful about our future as I do right now.

Thank you Mr. Visible for never giving up. Thank you for being the messenger that you are. Words will never be able to convey my gratitude to you.

Visible said...

David; that is very much like my own experience(s).

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

(Smashan Tara)

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Sixty billion mammals slaughtered and who knows how many aquatics (trillions) slaughtered every year after year after year by the cavemen like humans creates an aura of misery and death which permeates the very atmosphere of this planet and repels the demigods/angels as one might imagine it would.

Word on the streets of heaven is the higher life forms avoid this place like the plague it is these Kali yuga downhill all the way, days. Not to mention the resident barbarians barely even give them the time of day anymore, much less worship and love!
Rare as hen's teeth exceptions to the rule excluded, of course..

Other than that, it's a wonderful world and the meek can have it..

Visible said...

So what? I'm sure when she sees it she will damn me for it

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis
A spontaneous awakening in the human heart? Aah, no. Not in this lifetime or any other I’m afraid. You can’t have an awakening in the human heart when the human is completely disinterested in anything other than physical and spiritual consonance. In other words, we want comfort and having awakenings and the like is a bit of a pain because they tend to make us very uncomfortable indeed, so scratch that one. No, what’s happening is, according to one observer, an alchemical transformation, a devolution from angels to beasts. You’d have to say on the evidence he could be right.
Some of us, a very few of course, have seen this and have decided not to participate. All the other herd members are whooping it up as they head deeper into Hell and they’re holding out their hands, eager to get us to join them. Our response is along these lines: “Nah, not today. You go ahead though and have a great time. I’ll see you on the other side if you ever get there.” That’s a best as I can see it because my sight is limited and the pressure to join in is unrelenting from all sides.
Maybe there is some divine agency that is going to sweep through and cleanse us without any effort on our part, but to me that ignores the very nature of the game as it is set up. The only real evil is ignorance and ignorance is wilful by its very nature. You don’t have to remain ignorant but it makes life a lot easier if you do, mainly because when you start to move out of it you want to tell other people things they don’t want to hear. Fucking with other people’s realities is a good way to make yourself unpopular to the point of being hated, and even burnt at the stake, figuratively or literally.
Meanwhile the liars and cheats prosper and the only crime is getting caught. The heretic has no home and no family to call his own; he is an outsider by his very nature. Outsiders tend to remain outside because their nature makes them forget how to fit in with the rest of the herd and their presence tends to be prickly and uncomfortable to be around. This gets us back to consonance and there you have it.
Darius (Damned if I do and ...)

Visible said...

You're welcome to whatever perspective it is that has grabbed at your coattails for a moment. I could never communicate why I believe as I do or see as I do. It's just the way it is, as it is for the moment with you; paid and glad of the work, or not paid but at work all the same. I don't know nor am I curious. I look at everything; the tenor of the salutation, the warp and weave of syntax and the overall patina and sub-surface impression. A lot of it has to do with time and I have forever so it's all what it is until it is not.

Anonymous said...

The Interview was very inspiring. Thank you Les Vis. Wonderful words. Love Peter

LostJeb said...

Gustav Meyrink makes a point in his White Dominican novel(which I read recently. was intrigued after seeing mention of it in Jung's red book, and shortly after a dream occurred as if to further demonstrably prove points about to be made) that the soul knows all coming into this, all it can do is remove obstructions. Others point out that synchronicity is a result of lack of obstructions. I'm used to synchronicity and precognition and such in life, glimpses of something ever present at minimum. Like birds on the move for some time now, for whatever reasons. But things do seem to be breaking down, quite nicely and long overdue from my vantage point. What's been made out as inversions has long been right side up as well, with attendant projections and fakeries and forgeries with it, and that will be seen in coming weeks if not clear enough already.

Looking back over years I'm not sure how much I've changed, but currently feel I fit in better with the world around me now. I never genuinely really cared much for fitting in growing up, still don't, but in the past it's been problematic. Any trying, and try I have, was futile(still is). Either we are as we are or we are as we're not. Someone/thing else is usually determining the latter, but the former(solitary) is in it for the aeons, as you were. The dimensions are multiple, and we don't get rusty.

I've yet to watch/listen to your recent radio show, this is just impressions left within me in recent months in general. Cool Kids of Death comes on the radio as I finish typing this, Underworld the blissful soundtrack to the greater parts of my life, no less attendant as it rolls right along. Ear worm morphing into Bird 1 in my mind as the waves of energy surround and enter my ears.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

This is a Fading Age of Darkness, in a Full Approach to the Everlasting Light

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Finally had time to listen to the vid. Great stuff, Meynard!

Ginnie said...

I just digested the video you made...It was beautiful! I couldn't shake the feeling that it reminded me of something that has stuck with me since a kid and that was the movie "Harvey". Every quote by Elwood P. Dowd in all their timeless truths flooded my mind! You made me cry.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Corrected link for Petri Dish:

Visible said...

Thank you LTPTB. I screwed up another link... nothing to see here, move right along... remain calm.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I don't know about Cardi B., thank the Goor Lord, but Les and friends, have these guys crossed your paths...?
David Olney and Sergio Webb. Talk about rightness.

Anonymous said...

Les says "There are many different classes of angels. There are many of the hierarchy of elementals that appear as such and there are all manner of Devic Realm denizens with coronas of light and luminous presence and appearance.."

And I say he is right, and I too know but a tiny bit of what's to know.
Djinn are good examples of the hierarchy, some 'evil' some friendly to humans, some ambivalent.
But together here, all of us, can learn a bit more.
Thank you Les.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Speaking of Djinns, and such..
Who says they don't have a sense of humor?!
Here's a good example, in living color.
LOL, the old reverse Chinese water torture, trick
(drip drip drip)

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

To Grant You Salvation from the Flaming Inferno of the Desire for Temporary Things.



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