Thursday, October 5, 2017

Tweedledum and Tweedledee have Become Incontinent and can No Longer Hear or See.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Regardless of what is or is not true about the Vegas mass murder, there is no doubt it is a false flag carried out by psychopaths. From information coming out it is apparent that Paddock and the scenario set up around him was in the works for at least a year. Unwashed Tribe Toilet Bowl website, TMZ is reporting that Paddock was scanning a number of musical festivals such as Lollapalooza and others a good while ago. This means the people who actually carried out the attack were in the planning stages for quite awhile. There is no doubt they are convinced the American public is fantastically stupid as articles like this indicate. Details and speculations abound and in some cases, as in the information covered in this article, it leaves you with a 'so what?' perspective; like who cares if there was a suicide note or not? Who cares if the Crass Media is talking about this and not talking about that? Who cares if the killer who was not the killer was on antidepressants? Sometimes I have to wonder what some people are thinking, or even if they are.

By now there can be no question that the attack was carried out by an organized team of demonically possessed monsters. Obviously the guns identified as the guns used could not have caused such carnage. Obviously the observations given in the first link show how absurd the official line is but that was also the case during the Israeli-dual national orchestrated attacks on 9/11. To this day the official public response is, “I don't want to hear about it.” They move through life with emojis dancing over their heads, texting in traffic, visiting Tinder and eating foods designed to make them suffer through the latter part of their life before it painfully and ignominiously puts them to death; as if they were ever alive in the first place. As hard as it is to say and as difficult as it is to accept it, they deserve what they get.

Bigger questions are; when is Trump going to give any indication that he knows the tale being told about what happened is ridiculous? When are ranking law enforcement personnel going to publicly decry the fantastic claims that have been made about the fabricated actions of the dead patsy taking the fall? When is Breitbart and others, allegedly engaged in exposing the Tribe engineered domestic Communist insurgency going to even ask questions about the inconsistencies that are so wide of anything remotely approaching the truth that you could drive a LeTourneau's L-2350 loader between the two most logical inconsistencies and close your eyes during the process while not hitting anything. What a load of stinking, reeking hyena shit!

Okay... let's say that the Satanic, near completely Tribe owned media, is managing to control the flow of information to the extent that no one is able to offer a conflicting perspective, opinion or eye witness evidence. Sure, there was the Australian fellow with a few things to say and included his hearing machine gun(s) and the strange couple at the festival who were shouting that everyone is going to die and a few other tidbits; like the 4channel warning from anonymous John, who cautioned the readers to stay away from Vegas and Henderson, wherever Henderson is. Anyway... let's say they have mostly managed to shut down any contrary information up to this point but there are all sorts of ways that like minded sorts can stage enough collective outrage where the media has to respond. Maybe it's too early but it seems to me that the larger mass of the population gives the impression of being so moronically credulous as to stun the casual observer standing apart from them and not under the influence of whatever toxic gas they have been exposed to.

I wasn't in Vegas but I can see from several of the videos taken during the chaos that gunfire was coming from several locations. Nothing has been said about this at all. I know, when you are involved in full time deception, sometimes it makes sense not to bring certain elements up; rather than taking the trouble to construct some unreasonable argument that couldn't possibly do an end run around what can't be explained away whatsoever, it's best not to bring it up at all. I can see the logic in that but there have to have been dozens, hundreds of law enforcement and emergency personnel who could see the guns firing from different locations. How is it possible that there are not any number of people who are asking questions and won't go away?

They can't all be fucking cowards and as stupid as they appear because they would not have lived to adulthood if that is the case. No... we are being separated out according to awareness by some mysterious means and I am CERTAIN this is all part of setting the stage for a sudden awkening meant to be a serious life changing shock at the moment it occurs.

How is it possible that news of the inarguable presence of multiple shooters is not being mentioned by someone in government, local or national somewhere? This is what perplexes me. I'm talking about it. Other bloggers and writers and commentators that few people read or hear are talking about it. Surely there are conversations taking place in diners and gyms and workplaces all over but... I don't know. How is it possible that all those people who work in the media are silent in the face of incontrovertible evidence? I am moving through a world of sleepwalkers. Of course I have known this for awhile but the level it has come to now is so very hard to believe. I am looking right at it and can't believe it but there it is. There it is.

Yeah... some part of it is cowardice, not wanting to call attention to yourself. Some part of it is indifference, not really giving a shit; “Hey, I wasn't there.” Some part of it is bone deep stupidity and the ability to believe ANYTHING you are told because, “they're on TV. They wouldn't lie to me!” How come Tucker Carlson hasn't said anything? Where's Cynthia McKinney? Where's Jessie Ventura? Where's Ron Paul? Where is anyone in any position of influence who can see without any difficulty whatsoever that this is a freight train load of bullshit?

They managed to arrange it in conjunction with the release of O.J. Simpson from prison so that all the media would be in Nevada but no one is saying anything contrary that I can see. How can Trump be unaware that something is wrong and not say something about it? Why is he not saying, “something is very wrong with the details of this affair. I don't know, as yet, what the truth is but something is off about the whole story and I am launching an independent inquiry into the matter right now.” Nothing... Nothing...

How can 'they' exercise such vast and encompassing control in the manner that it seems? I am completely immune to it and have been for some time. I am certainly not alone. I have come to believe that there is a force that is practically everywhere and which is in the human mind and either it has command of the mind or it does not. No one has any power here or anywhere that is not conferred upon them by the ineffable, one way or the other. It's all done for the purpose of demonstration. None of them, the rich and powerful, the poor and powerless, the physicially beautiful and the ones who hit every branch on the ugly tree on their way down, none of them are immune to the changes of fortune, aging and death. There are exceptions but such things are not advertised except for the purpose of demonstration.

I am so grateful that I know there is one power that rules all things. Sometimes, in times of greater light, the impression of that authority is more benign. In times of material darkness that impression can change as Fear and Desire war for preeminence in the hearts and minds of the populace.

I came indoors to screen the first game of the ALDS series for Major League Baseball as I worked on this post. I caught the opening act where they paraded law enforcement and military personnel. I heard the announcer ask for that inevitable moment of silence for the government Deep State's latest attack on the citzenry, though it wasn't called that. Then some multi-platinum recording artist that I never heard of was introduced and he sang the anthem as a tame eagle soared above the witless heads of those comatose parishioners in the First, Second or Third Chruch of our Slut Walking Lady of Material Torpor. Thousands of thumbs hammered on cellphones or held them up to record an event they are present at but somehow apart from. They need to record it for some reason and I am left wondering why anyone would want to archive memories of a life with no real or lasting meaning.

The eagle soared by again and then the game began and I was left thinking how a buzzard would have been a far more appropriate symbol of the country and these times.

End Transmission.......

A final note; some very unusual events are taking place at sporting events of late. Something is up with the players and the referees. Something is going on with those attending. I can't say for sure what I think I am seeing but I can say it is going to become apparent shortly. There is something in the atmosphere that I have not seen or felt before, something large and... for the moment, indeterminate is on the wing.


Anonymous said...

The geoengineering particulates all around us appears to not affect a small percentage
of us.

Stegiel said...

I was discussing the Las Vegas issue with an old friend who is a Russian immigrant -he is very bourgeois but also not entirely dismissive of my conspiracy facts. In this case he said something that sank in deeply and I think that it touches upon this hoped for Awakening. He said after I pointed out the inconsistencies as set forth by Social Media as contrasted to the MSM (he smiled indulgently that I buy Social Media but not CNN) that it did not matter if it was a lie or not. Why? He does not see this touching him. He cannot believe that evil men have evil plans. He prefers the lone gunman argument because he cannot bring himself emotionally to recognize the truth because there is not power in truth for him. He has marital issues and money issues and a house he cannot afford and bills to pay he cannot afford. He is investing in the market preparing for the crash but has no psychological energy for dissent. It reminds me of the Chinese fatalism-as long as nothing happens nothing will.

Anonymous said...



& taken with the ubiquity of the mug shots of the neocons
makes for some interesting developments...given the insane
clown posse in Palestine and all...can't wait for the


my over educated opinion is TRUMP Knew...before it happened

it's just all part of the misdirection stage play theatre
of the absurd by the shoah business crowd

time for a little forensic accounting



Asil said...

Greetings Visible, That shock is on its way and people are going to be shaken to the very core of their being. The truth will not be denied and most will be unable to bear the truth. When I think of what is happening the words of Matthew came to mind, that God will separate the wheat from the chaff. All the very best wishes with affection, Lisa

Asil said...

That shock is on its way and people are going to be shaken to the very core of their being. The truth will not be denied and most will be unable to bear the truth. When I think of what is happening the words of Matthew came to mind, that God will separate the wheat from the chaff.
Love, Lisa

Anonymous said...

" Is it real? Or is it Memorex?"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @1:22

I believe that the protection is exactly that.

RickB said...

Visible, thanks for expressing my exact same sentiments so perfectly. I feel less alone.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry I had to stop sending you that donation that I had been sending. The divorce killed me, for a little while. I will be back but you do things with words that make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. That last paragraph was beautiful in its simplicity. I don't know how you never miss a beat and put more in one essay than others can put in their whole life's work but you do. No one has your elegance or your clarity or your hidden appeal that always makes it a pleasure to read your work. I don't know how you do it but your consistency of inspired output is remarkable. Visible I have been reading you for years and all that shit you went through is like nothing to you. It's like all in a days work. I believe you are right and that God thinks you are his friend and I know what that must be worth so I don't guess you even miss the money. I just wanted to say that you make my day every day I read what you do so incredibly often and I want you to know I listen to that collection of songs that you sent me every day as I ride to work or at night when I have had more drinks than I should. Thank you vis.

Kazz said...

‘…they deserve what they get’. Not according to God they don’t Vis, which is why the people will be given another chance under Christ’s leadership when the Holy Spirit, the true light bearer, reigns for a 1,000 years. The only ‘...they deserve what they get’ that I see is those who serve the satanic elite, because it is they who have been drawn out for the fire. Who am I to argue with the Divine, after all it is Christ who does the sorting?

‘...the larger mass of the population gives the impression of being so moronically credulous as to stun the casual observer standing apart from them and not under the influence of whatever toxic gas they have been exposed to.’ The thing is Vis even if you are awake what do you do???? There is also a strong possibility that many folk are simply young souls, and you cannot compare a young soul to old souls such as those who frequent SM. It is the victimisers who have corrupted this world and are destroying it, even though they could not have done it without humanity's help. In defence of humanity one must remember the majority have been sociologically engineered, with the help of sodium fluoride and other toxic agents, to be uninformed, unaware conduits, that are just waiting to be taken advantage of. The mere fact the satanic elite and their minions stand opposed to humanity puts them at odds with God and the !0 commandments, because they do not love God and their neighbour with all their heart, so I don’t get why you are ragging on the victims Vis and not the perpetrators (?)

The satanic elite want people to attack the governments so the elite can take down the old stage settings, leaving only the new, which is the corporations, whose owners now claim ownership over all those registered at birth. What I see is that satan is a trickster of impressive proportions, because none of the birth certificates/cestui que trusts meet the standards of a LAWFUL contract, so they are all null and void. Following is a good rant on why the cestui que trusts/birth certificates/corporate slave papers are null and void.

Those serving the government/corporate heads, are the fiduciary for those trusts, and as such they have a duty to the principal/beneficiary/humanity. A fiduciary has an obligation to protect the property or money on behalf of the beneficiary, so if a fiduciary breaches their duties they are accountable for any ill-gotten profit. The elite’s agenda 21, which removes ownership of all property, is not only a breach of the trusts the elite use to claim ownership over living beings, but also God’s 10 Commandments. 'Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that eternal life does not reside in a murderer' (1 John 3:15). This tells me the satanists are being lead by their ego, not the Divine!

One must remember satan inverts EVERYTHING. Satan has tricked all those who serve the 'corporate state’ into believing they have lawful authority over the people, but there is a large difference between forcefully controlling humanity and lawful authority, as a matter of fact where there is force THERE IS NO LAW!

(Part 1)

Ray B. said...

To me, the most-obvious ‘omission’ in the MSM evidence-train is muzzle-flashes from the 32nd floor. At night, even with Las Vegas’ ambient lighting, muzzle-flashes should have been clearly visible to anyone in the area. I have yet to hear – or see videos – of anyone spotting muzzle-flashes from that area. Sustained, machine-gun-like muzzle-flashes should have been obvious to most of the crowd and bystanders. Some witnesses must have even been trained ex-military. WHY no reports of muzzle-flashes from that area?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

(Part 2)

What makes all those people out there who work for ‘ the state’, which is actually a communistic regime that opposes Christ/Holy Spirit, believe they are dealing with warehouse goods instead of men and women?? They have been deceived in the same way those who were drawn out for war were. Henry Kissinger stated, "Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” What makes police, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, and politicians believe the elite think differently of them?

'Put on the full armor of God, so that you can make your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world's darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT, which is the word of God' (Ephesians 6:10-18). The battle we are fighting on this plane is not for our lives but for our souls. The challenge was to stand one's ground and NOT get captured by the satanic elite, which is why Jesus told us, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber” (John 10:1). All those who serve the satanic elite cannot house the Holy Spirit, because they serve/bow down to the creation instead of the Creator. The sheepfold are the only one’s who can house the Holy Spirit, because they were not defiled with other women/temples/churches, which is why the lamb redeems only those who are within the sheepfold as first fruits (Revelation 14:4). This is why Christ tells those who serve tirelessly in the churches and temples, ‘[d]epart from me, all you evildoers’ (Luke 13:27), and ‘depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness’ (Matthew 7:23).

The challenge was not to be captured by satan. All those who serve ‘the state’ were able to be drawn out because they had not conquered their ego, lust (for power and sex), or/and greed, in other words they did not do what they were here to do, which was cleanse their temple, instead they were drawn out by satan to serve in his temples of lawlessness.

As I have said numerous times before, the blood of the people will be on the hands of those who serve satan, along with all of the karmic ramifications, and satan, as per usual, will walk away with all the profits and power, so who are the fools Vis????

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

I'm glad that you feel so confident speaking for God. I've never had that kind of confidence.I am even more marveled at you using words written down somewhere and passed through more hands than a table cloth in a Chinese laundry. To say, "not according to God" renders you less than credible to me. You push and you push and you push and then you go into a full blown manic cycle that just makes me wish I wasn't party to any of it. You don't know what you are talking about and the only interesting feature to me is how you can just keep doing it and never get that.

Visible said...

I want to point out to those for whom it even makes a difference that I am under siege at the moment and part of it is what has only just begun here. All my screws are not in the right screw-hole but the cabinet is still standing and for the moment that is all that counts. No word yet about whether the things in the cabinet are worth saving but let us assume they are or are at least worth something if only as memorabilia.

The war is on in earnest mow and it can be hard to differentiate between the good and the bad when they keep moving both the goal posts and the edge margins. Some might come to regret what they say and some may regret not having said anything and some may simply regret. It is immaterial. It is the value you place on being and not being there that matters. I can't define or explain God, all I know is that I love God and God loves me. More than that I do not know, nor even choose to.

If I upset anyone here I may or may not be sorry. I will be sorry if I erred in anything I said or did measured against the inviolable certitude of the ineffable. If I did not err then I will probably be still a little uncomfortable simply because I don't know.

Earlier, the ineffable said to me, while the sun was still out, "visible, if you would only rely on me completely, not only would you have no worries but you would dance up and down the street all day long, knowing that all is going to be wonderful for you and there is NOTHING for you to be concerned about but you do not do this and subsequently your life is not nearly as joyful and full as it might be. I hesitate to intrude but now I am going to because I can't stand to see you the way you are... half in and half out so I am going to do something that will shame you a tad because you have been hesitant. I recognize why that is after what you have been through but I want you to have more fun and I insist on it.

What that means I do not know. It sounds promising and scary at the same time but that is what I heard.

Anonymous said...

Vis, if I were you I wouldn't do so much mea culpa. You bend over backwards for other people so much and most of the time they don't deserve it. I have yet to see anyone that you go out of your way to make feel better come forward and recognize your action and I have been coming here since you started. Not once have I seen that happen. I would never show the restraint that you do- never and you get shit for the effort. My advice is that you say your piece and keep moving and don't slow down for those who don't care enough to see your caring. They come here like fags in drag putting on performances and you take them seriously. I don't fault you for being a human being but you need to stop caring what they think because most of the time they don't think except about themselves. I am not trying to give you advice but when I come out of hibernation after 3 or years you ought to pay attention.


Unknown said...

Agreed. I've been feeling the momentum and something much bigger is coming.

Unknown said...

Agreed. I've been feeling the momentum increasing. Something much bigger is coming.

Kazz said...

You are right Vis. I should have said 'according to the word of God, as set down in the Bible'. My bad. I can't speak for God, but I can communicate that which I see and experience as truth, which is the best any of us can do really. Thank you for picking me up on my faux pas. My sincerest apologies.

While it is true the Bible has been 'passed through more hands than a table cloth in a Chinese laundry', that is true of most manuscripts these days, so if we dismiss the Bible on that basis we must dismiss them all. My reason for using the Bible is that it provides authority in regard to any conversation about Western systems of law, commerce and religion, because it is the origin of all these constructs.

I see what I see Vis. 'You don't know what you are talking about' is a very broad criticism that leaves a lot open to interpretation, without actually challenging anything in particular that can be defended. All I know is my truth remains consistent, and it makes perfect sense to me. If being passionate and concerned about the well being of others, such as the folk who work in the Law Society, translates into, 'You push and you push and you push and then you go into a full blown manic cycle that just makes me wish I wasn't party to any of it', then I am sorry my concern for my neighbours comes across that way. My only intention was to speak openly and honestly about what I see, and support that view with the authority provided, which happens to be the Bible. If I am guilty of anything it is of caring too much about others, because if what I see is true and I chose to say nothing, how would I live with myself if I said nothing? That would be like hiding my light under the table. The fact that my light might not shine very well, or it is a bit defective, is no reason not to shine it. It is the best I can do, so I am sorry it falls so short of your standards Vis. I am definitely not the dog poet and have never claimed to be. I am just a self educated middle aged Aussie house wife who is a no body.

Thank you for being so tolerant of my inept manner. It was not my intent to judge the actions of others, but merely share my concerns.

All the best brother, God Bless and take care.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

They're selling the Paddock meme like they're selling the 'Putin-defeated-Hillary' meme.


Anonymous said...

Vis, I check your website everyday for your words of comfort and wisdom. I like to read the comments as well though sometimes I feel a few of those commentators should start their own blog and not use yours as a forum for their own ideas. Of course I can skip over those and I do. Meanwhile, what was more blatant then Sandy Hook? Holy cow, if the truth of that never came to light , I doubt anything will. I watch, observe and listen to those around me to see who is awake. However I mostly just pray a lot for that Peace that passeth understanding because
That is the only thing that brings me any solace. I have long since stopped depending on (wo)men to bring the Truth to Light.
The Matrix is too big.

Jenny said...

I have been going through the wringer in my life this year. broken foot- surgery-death of a close friend & then Harvey flood took out tens of beehives and almost my home too. Now ,my dear old dog bruiser has passed away and he had been following me around looking worried. He knew he had to leave. I wish I could learn to listen to the small still voice of the ineffable more often. I feel I have had my warning to "slow down & have more fun". We all need to just be glad to be alive. Today I am. Love reading your posts my friend. Be Safe! jen

Visible said...

Hi Karen;

I'll have to say, you are gracious. In my defense, though it may be inappropriate for me to be the one defending myself (grin), I have to deal with so many things in a day and I go through some things more quickly than I should. I meant no insult to you and had it been anyone else I would have said the same thing. I love it when people talk about God. For me there is no other subject I enjoy so much. Speaking for God or telling what God means does not go well with me because I know I don't know and one of the perks of that is that I know no one else does either and it is a dangerous area when one purports to know what God's intentions are. We are all guilty of this however. I tend to react without thinking on occasion. I am much better than I was. I've grown by leaps and bounds in recent years but I still have several areas I have to improve on and by the grace of the ineffable I will. At the moment though, I'm not there so...

everyone who comes here should remember that I make errors in judgment and in the way I react and no one should assume that I always say exactly what I really mean. Sometimes it comes out wrong. I could have shown more finesse and I will strive to that end. In the meantime it can be hit or miss. It is much less miss now than it once was but it does happen.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

You are right, that none of us knows, but the Holy Spirit does, and that is what guides me. I don't expect others to believe this, however this is something that I now know for sure. This does not make me unique or special, because interacting with the Divine in a deep personal way is possible for all of us. I don't know how it works with you, but your conversations with the ineffable and your invisible friends seems pretty close to being guided by the Holy Spirit, only for me there are no invisible friends, just the Divine.

I have studied psychology so I am well aware of multiple personalities and things like that, but working with the Holy Spirit is not a mental condition, although those who work for 'the state' try to promote it that way. I can see how people in the mainstream would view people like me as odd, but God's people are different because they are not really of this world. 'If the world hates you, understand that it hated Me first. If you were of the world, it would love you as its own. Instead, the world hates you, because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world' (John 15:19).

You speak about the ineffable all the time Vis, so you must know that God's people are here walking upon this earth. You are intelligent and informed enough to know the churches are for the fair weather worshippers, and the real temple courts, which Jesus threw the money lenders/bankers out of are our law courts. I have heard you state that the Kingdom of Heaven lies within, so I know you know our body is the real temple in which the Divine roosts, in the form of the the Holy Spirit, so why would it be so off tap for someone who was being guided by the Holy Spirit to be shown all sorts of things, things that they are able to converse with authoritatively, by using the word of God, which the Bible is? I have clearly been shown that the Bible is the means by which satan and God fill their ranks.

I am happy to meet any challenge directed at me, and with the sword of spirit I will defend the truth as I have been shown it. If my truth is consistent, whereas the world's truth is lies, if my truth makes sense, whereas the world's truth is nonsense, rather than getting upset with me would it not be better to consider what I have said. If people feel challenged by what I say than please, by all means, challenge the validity of what I say, but if you cannot defend against my words is this not a good indication that I am speaking truth. One way of knowing whether something is truth is by testing it, and the Bible tells us to test everything, so I welcome all challenges to that which I present as truth. I note that in the time I have been writing posts here I have adequately defended everything I have ever stated. When I present my truth badly I have always had the grace to acknowledge my personal deficiency in relaying the truth, but that in no way reflects badly on the truth. Even though I am happy to meet all challenges no one does, they simply start attacking the messenger with ad hominem attacks. Surely if my truth has no firm base well educated people such as your self and your readers should easily be able to tear down what I say, yet they don't.

I know people find the truth impossible to accept, it was for telling the truth Jesus and his followers were put to death, because the truth threatens the status quo of satan's worldly Kingdom here on earth. This is why telling the truth in a world full of lies is a revolutionary act, and Heaven knows if Jesus was anything it was a revolutionary :o).

I stand by everything I have written, albeit badly, and I welcome all challenges, so please, if people wish to show me why my truth is not truth please do. I would be more than willing to change my paradigm if someone can show me why my understanding is incorrect. After all it is not about being right, it is about unearthing the truth :o).

Luv Kazz

robert of wherever said...

I don't know much.
But I know that everybody, government, churches, religions, education, all institutions lie.
As John Lennon wrote nothing is real.
What is real I don't know or remember.

robert said...

Of what can we be certain on this tour through the heart of the beast?

Can we know why stars are sprinkled into infinite mystery?

We can observe with increasing calm what registers in our instrument,

Set up more experiments in consciousness and learn to clear the mind.

We know that this Universe is a self-similar fractal: as above, so below.

We can test any possible conception in this labor of consciousness

For ourselves and if there is any value in it for others, we share freely.

It is also true that others are in the same school but taking different lessons

They serve as tell-tale indicators, warning signs along not the way home.

True compassion feels the Ineffable Desire to return every drop to the heart…

Our sole focus must be on our soul reason for being in a human avatar at this time:

Breaking through the upper crust on our mind’s eye and realizing the vision revealed.

The millennia of human wallpaper covering over direct perception must be stripped away

Leaving us to understand that creation continues perfecting even while we act out ignorance.

Becoming one harmony from individual voices or fracturing into powerless inert shards:

We must choose our path from here on; training wheel removing and emotion coming…

Anonymous said...

Paddock: an enclosure for animals.hmmm.

Hereticdrummer said...

Great post Vis, you are the Prince of Perspicacity. Nothing personal Karen but that stuff about birth certificates/cestui que trusts/corporate slave papers is errant nonsense. It is patriot mythology, promoted by snake oil salesmen and patridiots. All court cases, federal or state, civil or criminal, boil down to 3 things and only 3 things. Law, facts, and procedure, which is the rules of the court. Carriage bolt them together and there it is.The System does not require fancy esoteric mumbo jumbo to enslave us. They do it because they can. They control the firepower and the goons with the keys to the cages. It is really that simple. That stuff you espouse has not won one documented case out of countless millions in the courts world wide. I repeat, not a single one. If and when it does, send us the date of decision, location of court, name of ruling judge or panel of judges, and the all important case docket number so we can verify it ourselves. Then and only then will I give that line of legal reasoning credibility. Hereticdrummer

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

They Went Off the Road on the Way to Mandalay Bay.

Kazz said...

Dear Hereticdrummer,

You acknowledge 'they control the firepower and the goons with the keys to the cages’, but you fail to acknowledge that any system that relies upon force is one of lawlessness. If the system was lawful the elite would not be launching unlawful false flag wars against innocent peoples, and those goons you refer to would not be able to get away with unlawful behaviour, so your suggestion that the only way I can provide 'legal reasoning credibility’ to my claim is by winning against this unlawful system, makes no sense, because the only way one can prove a system is lawless is by the very fact that it is impossible to prevail against it.

When I refused to identify/adjoin my three dimensional living being, which is a creation of God, to 'the states' second dimensional dead corporate fiction/birth name, that is a creation of Man, the judge bowed and abandoned his court/bank/admiralty ship/commercial place of dealings. As the judge had abandoned the court, and I was the only sovereign, based upon the fact that I was a not a dead entity, but a living being and there was no valid claim of harm, I dismissed the charges and departed. Afterward, I sent away for the recording of the proceedings only to find out it had been erased and replaced with another recording, where the judge/banker asked the prosecutor if she was sure that I had left the building. He even asked if the prosecutor was absolutely sure my car was not in the parking lot. The prosecutor replied that she watched me drive off. Then the judge/banker opened the proceedings and declared me ex parte, claiming I did not show up, even though I have a recording of the judge asking the prosecutor if I left. You can't leave somewhere unless you were there, can you? At the very least it would appear from the recording that the judge and the prosecutor were colluding against me, wouldn't you say? How is one to expect a lawful outcome if the judge and the prosecutor, who both work for ‘the state’, are colluding against you?

You talk about 'legal reasoning' but what about good old common sense? Every lawful court requires that the defendant be judged by 12 of their peers, with a neutral overseer/judge to moderate the proceedings, and a plaintiff with a valid claim of harm to initiate the courts jurisdiction. In the lower courts we have 'the state/police prosecutor' prosecuting people, and that trial is overseen by another representative of 'the state/the judge', WITHOUT a jury of 12 of the defendant’s peers deciding their fate, and both the 'state' representatives have sworn allegiance to the law society, which has sworn allegiance to the corporations/corpses/'the state'. Slight conflict of interest wouldn't you say?? This is why Christ overturned the tables of the money changers and told them, “It is written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer.’ But you are making it ‘a den of robbers” (Matthew 21:12-13)

How anyone can believe the system we are currently under has any lawful credibility itself, when it's representatives have made it illegal to feed the homeless in some US states, is beyond me.

'The state' has provided a legal remedy for this situation, which is to sign the 501-C3 form and take control of your 'strawman/corporate slave papers', but this makes you a merchant in the elite's maritime system of commerce, and no merchants or bankers can enter Heaven. This is what the satanic elite wanted the whole time, because up until now the only agreement they had with any of us was our birth certificate/cestui que trust, and that was null and void the moment the fiduciary breached the trust. I have to tell you satan's ability to lie and deceive is truly impressive.

Luv Kazz

Hereticdrummer said...

Dear Karen; I'm painfully aware how lawless and corrupt the system is. However, lawful systems must rely on force as well. Do you imagine thuggish criminals who harm people are going to cheerfully turn themselves in for prosecution? It is not impossible to prevail against the system if you employ law, facts, and procedure, just exceedingly difficult. Nevertheless, some wins are better than zero, which is what the patriot mythologists get. Your birth name is not a corporate fiction, the fact that it is recorded on a certificate notwithstanding. People have had birth names since well before the legal entity know as corporation was ever conceived. The only courts that adjudicate Admiralty/Maritime cases are federal and only those that involve controversies on the high seas. The only landlubbers involved in these cases are insurers of navigable vessels. Are you one of those Karen? If I had the time and ambition, I could confirm this with a plethora of high court rulings. All other federal court cases are either civil or criminal jurisdiction. I know judges collude with prosecutors. Most judges in criminal divisions are former prosecutors themselves. More often than not they both will collude with your defense attorney if you have one, as they are all members of the BAR Mafia. It is a masonic blood cult. Its members put allegiance to it above race, ethnicity, nation, and religion. I also know that due process rights, both substantive and procedural, are routinely shredded, particularly in the lower or municipal courts. I'm not at all supportive of this, but here the System is being eminently pragmatic as well as ruthless. If everyone charged with a crime exercised their right to trial, the System would collapse overnight. So they muscle you with threats of extra severe punishment on sentencing if you lose at trial. You avoid this by taking an expedient plea bargain and do far less time in the Slam. It's playing the odds Karen, most poor people really have no choice. They know at trial the State can easily stack the deck against them and will not hesitate to fabricate inculpatory evidence and use other dirty tricks as well to make an example of the defendant. In criminal cases, whether the result of indictments or information charges only 4% wind up going to trial. It is a cruel, pathetic joke, but it is reality. I don't believe the System has lawful credibility at all, it is the ultimate evil. Not to beat the point to death but I ask one and all, if you must use the court system, whether by your own volition or not, would you rather use an attack methodolgy that at least wins sometimes, based on precedent and logic, law, facts, and procedure, or the patriot mythology based on fantasy and a silver bullet charlatan's wet dream that never wins which Karen unfortunately espouses? The reason I have such a hard-on for these people is that they put the tar brush on all pro se litigants, those who fight without lawyers representing themselves. I firmly belive that the BAR association is surreptitiously behind the promotion of so much of this idiocy. Just like internet trolls, to disrupt and discredit a legitimate methodology or movement. Be well Karen.

Kazz said...

Dear Hereticdrummer,

We differ on one thing, I don't believe we need a system to protect us from criminals. History shows us the worst criminals are the one’s who run the systems. If the police did not work for the global elite there would hardly be any criminals because the community would take care of them. if men are not sociologically conditioned into being subservient beta males who need to look to other men for their protection they step up when it is necessary. From what I see those who we employ to be protectors are actually the pirates that are robbing us on the high seas of commerce, through fines, licensing, and taxes. Instead of putting the pedophiles and more sinister criminals among us in jail, they actually end up working for them, whilst at the same time they put people in jail, like animals, for committing victimless crimes, and all that does is destroy innocent lives and line the pockets of the rich who have stocks in the industrial prison complex. Don’t even get me started on the industrial military complex or big pharma. The protectors you mention are usually enlisted to punish those who defend their family, or their self, to disempower them, which in itself is criminal, because the police are rarely there when crimes are committed, they are often more of a mop up crew, so giving people the disincentive of jail time, or putting them through a lengthy court trial for protecting their life and their family, actually serves the criminal element within society, because it puts decent people at a disadvantage, as criminals are not so willing to do the right thing. Self defence is, always has been, and always will be, an unalienable right that belongs to all people, regardless of their social standing.

For hundreds of years the Western war cry has been, 'we must fight to preserve our freedom’, so to be perfectly honest, I find any suggestion that any of us need to look to someone else to protect ourself offensive, considering we send so many of our young men to die in wars overseas, allegedly for our freedom, the very least we should do is maintain that freedom, don't you think? Once you give away your freedom for your safety you are at the mercy of despots, because without freedom there is no safety. Empowering others always ends up corrupting them, because that is what power does, it corrupts (Lord Acton). All we achieve when we empower certain individuals within the community and give them authority over the rest of us is disempower the majority within the community, which creates a massive Stanford Prison experiment that never ends well, think Stalin or Hitler.

What I see is that the elite herd humanity into cities where they can separate them from all that is sacred and natural, so they can better control humanity's consciousness, through spiking the water with neurotoxins, such as sodium fluoride, the elite reduce peoples IQ and calcify their pineal gland, which disconnects them from source, then they push toxic vaccinations, GM foods, and implement things like the 5G grid to screw with people's bodily electrical circuits and general health, with one intention, to stop them from evolving. If the global elite stopped interfering with this process people would naturally evolve from this plane as God intended, then there would be no problem with the global population expanding to detrimental numbers. When humanity lives in harmony with Creation it is not only beneficial to humanity but also Creation, which stands in stark contrast to the current system that serves a handful extremely well, but is detrimental to the vast majority as well as the planet we all depend upon for our survival.

Luv Kazz

Hereticdrummer said...

Dear Karen; I pretty much agree with you on all points. The cops don't exist to protect society but to control it at the behest of their masters, the puppet politicians who answer to the money power. Representative democracy is a scam. Cops are truly like garbagemen, coming to clean up after the deed has been done. The murder, rape, arson, assault, robbery etc. Yes, if we had our unalienable rights to keep and bear (carry) firearms, street crime would be reduced to almost nothing. Only slaves are not permitted to carry weapons. The wealthy however will have the juice to get the necessary permits or their bodyguards will have them. We live in a caste/class system, one set of laws for the rich and another for the peasantry. "The rich man makes the law, the poor man breaks the law." The paper crimes of high finance and big banking are another story. Iceland imprisons them for years upon conviction and some countries like Iran, Vietnam, Panama, etc. actually execute these bastards which is what they deserve. In the U.S. they get wrist taps. However, where we come to an impasse is on the legal industry or racket. The patriot mythology that says people are a corrporate fiction by means of their names spelled in all capital letters, your birth certificate makes you a commodity of the state and is used as collateral for money and debt, the yellow fringe around the flags in courtrooms signify you are under martial law with no rights, courts always operate under Maritime/Admiralty jurisdiction or the dictatorial law of the sea, etc., ad nauseum are all completely unproven, unfounded, and have never won a single case in any courtroom anywhere. Further, there is not one scintilla of evidence that would stand up in any court of law in any nation to prove these ludicrous assertions. Trying to employ them in a legal battle just gets people into much deeper trouble than they already are in. Be well, Karen.

Anonymous said...

Some sound advice for Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

Kazz said...

Dear Hereticdrummer,

I am not interested in fighting Man in his manmade temples, or overcoming Man, because that kind of behaviour traps one in ego, and ego confines one to the lower, infernal realm of desire and suffering. I am only interested in expanding my understanding of Creation so I can better navigate my way through this magical, sacred journey our Creator has provided. Even though I comprehend Man's law very well, because it's origin is theological, I live in accordance with Divine lore, because Divine lore is the lore of Creation, and it is only through understanding and mastering Divine lore that we are able to connect with the Holy Spirit and move onto higher levels of existence.

Dear Anonymous,

I thought your link was funny, thanks for the laugh.

I have it on good advice there is an upgrade coming, and anyone who does not meet the grade can't get back into existence for quite a while. They have to wait until the dark comes back round again for another shot at the title. The only place any of us can evolve, or devolve, is existence, so far from always being a curse, it can be a blessing beyond measure. If that was not the case the satanic elite would not fight so hard to maintain control of existence. One thing I have noticed about Creation is the harder you try to hold onto something the more it eludes you ;o). There is much more to existence than the infernal realm, so as they say, onward and upward :o).

Luv Kazz

Ty said...

Nice to see the S.O.B's responsible are being exposed!

OCT 8: ‘Directed by FBI’ Victim of ISIS inspired attack sues FBI for damages, reports RT:

OCT 7: Meanwhile FBI is in search of 2 piglets ‘rescued’ by animal rights activists in "Pig Terrorism" case.

"The FBI's had a busy schedule recently, arranging raids on animal shelters in search of 2 piglets that were stolen by animal rights activists. And those responsible will likely face some serious charges under The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act."

Hereticdrummer said...

Dear Karen; Then why did you relate that incident of your hassle in court wherein you used the patriot mythological argument of Admiralty/Maritime jurisdiction ("I won't enter their pirate ship") or some other inane, vacuous contention? Even if you were summoned to court or arrested and brought there against your will, why bother to fight, "Man in his temples" as you say? If you truly beieve that, you would have just kept silent and let them do what they will to you or did. Evidently, you did employ your ego. Be well Karen.

Kazz said...

Dear Hereticdrummer,

How is one to learn about the world in which they live without experiencing it? Part of one's spiritual evolution is learning about the dark. The first time I went to court the Holy Spirit took over. I don't know who was more surprised when the judge/banker jumped up, bowed and fled the court, the judge, the two prosecutors who sat there with their jaws wide open, or me. The next time I went to court the Holy Spirit told me to be humble and look within, so instead of challenging Man's system I looked at what I could have done to have avoided being in the situation I was in, and to the judges/banker's credit he did not fine me, even though I had 5 charges against my corporate entity. I had to experience what I did because it was part of my path.

It was only in retrospect my understanding of the situation caught up to what the Holy Spirit was showing me. That is how the spiritual journey works, which is why so much faith is required. None of us are devoid of ego. The spiritual journey is about overcoming our ego, which is our animalistic nature, and rising above it to our higher divine nature. I believe everything I experience is merely part of my journey of conscious expansion to move me from third dimensional linear consciousness, which is driven by the ego, to 5th dimensional quantum consciousness, which is guided by spirit.

The Shekhina(h) (also spelled Shekina(h), Schechina(h), or Shechina(h)) (Biblical Hebrew: שכינה‎‎) is the English transliteration of a Hebrew word meaning "dwelling" or "settling" and denotes the dwelling or settling of the divine presence of God. The Shekhinah is the feminine aspect of Divinity, also referred to as the Divine Presence.

One thing I am absolutely sure of is the Holy Spirit is real because my first hand experience confirms this. If it were not for the Holy Spirit it definitely would have been a case of there but for the grace of God go I, and I am grateful for the mercy that has been shown me. I share what I do because it is the only way I know how to shine my light/lamp for others, and say thank you to the Divine for the wonderful way the Divine cares for me. After all what else can any of us offer the Divine, when the Divine Created everything, other than our allegiance and love :o).

Luv Kazz



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