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Religion is a Carnival Mask set Upon the Ever Shifting Features of Mystery.

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The fashion industry is a world unto itself while permeating the world entire, basically saturating it. It's run by men who hate women and men who like children for recreational sex and as a part of one of the essential tenets of Satanism, which is the despoliation of innocence. That is a really big feature of Satanic practice. Pizzagate is one of the biggest revelations to come around. In reading the article one is filled with a sense of wonderment as to why the Clintons bought so many pizzas from Comet Ping Pong; or maybe not.

I often wondered why Mick Jagger and so many rock gods were always present at the fashion shows. Here we have one of the latest taking place inside a Catholic Church in London. Could it possibly be more blatant? Except for the recorded performance of a full blown orgy, I suspect not.

If you travel to any of the big time celebrity websites you see very little of real musicians. You see exclusively rap performers, though the larger majority of us are not listening to it. It is what I call weaponized culture, where what is not music, not art and not literature and all the rest of similar perversities are celebrated and mainstreamed. One of the most effective tools of brainwashing and negative mind programming, is constant repetition; constant presentation before the senses, both obviously and subliminally. It comes in orchestrated waves of influence. All of what had previously been censured is now being remarkably rehabilitated before our eyes. It is not only being rehabilitated but celebrated as well and where normal behavior is a threat to any of it, normal behavior is now censured.

What we need to understand is that this is a war ...but it is not a war where the important feature is that the war is won. The important feature is the souls that are lost, or won, depending on how you measure such things, or from which side of the war you are on. You're on one side or the other, if only by default, due to that ancient axiom of jurisprudence; ignorantia legis neminem excusat. I thought putting it in the original Latin would give it a more archaic or timeworn provenance (grin). What it means is that just because you don't know what is going on doesn't mean that your not knowing what is going on excuses you from an appointed position in the mix.

Once again, it is not about winning this war. This war goes on and on, for so long as there are souls in trial in the material realm. It is no accident that we are composed of warring elements. Therefore it should come as no surprise that this world is a theater of perpetual conflict. The mind is the seat of reason, should reason be present and the heart is the seat of passion. The finest expression of passion is Love. The mind has several tools and one of its best is logic, where reason is seated in true judgment. I say this because it is possible to reason anything if one's judgment is corrupt and logic can be employed to any end that a perverted judgment and reason chooses to employ it. One need look no further than lawyers in this regard. We've heard the phrase, “first we kill all the lawyers”. Actually, the full phrase is, “the first thing we do let's kill all the lawyers.” We have also heard, "Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest." These are all fruits of the observations of poisoned reason and logic in action, when they are applied to the affairs of social order and most especially the religious needs and aspirations of the people. I say 'needs' because deep in the heart of all is a yearning for our eternal home. However our needs are not for religious panoply. Our needs are for spiritual truth and succor. This, religion does not supply. Religion is the carnival mask put on the ever shifting features of mystery constructed for the commerce of those self appointed to the task of deciphering it.

The one vested with the power of revelation is not a religious charlatan. This I do not say to imply that everyone who works for a religious organization is a charlatan. The majority are simply uninformed. One can pour over volumes of purported teachings and philosophies and become very knowledgeable but it won't do a lick of good, beyond informing one that knowledge is critically limited when it comes to the ineffable. Not a word has ever been written to accurately define the supreme being, except where it has been said that it is unknown and beyond the comprehension of mortals. To my understanding, Lao Tzu said it best when it relates to the mind's capacity and the nature of the world. Jesus Christ said it best when it came to the heart's capacity and best direction.

When a culture is in decline it always shows the same trends, whether it be the fading glory of Rome or modern day America. Eventually the society is owned and controlled by the worst of us and bread and circuses becomes the necessary distractions to keep the population in line. Of all the examples I can give, certainly the Lingerie Football League qualifies as one.

I have no real qualifications in respect of what I do. I'm well read. That much is true, but I never even finished the 11th grade and I've certainly never been a respected member of society but I do love the ineffable and I have found that that is enough. So I will tell you as clearly and simply as I know how to do. No... let Lao Tzu say it. He is far more accomplished than I;

“Leave off fine learning! End the nuisance

Of saying yes to this and perhaps to that,

Distinctions with how little difference!

Categorical this, categorical that,

What slightest use are they!

If one man leads, another must follow,

How silly that is and how false!

Yet conventional men lead an easy life

With all their days feast days,

A constant spring visit to the Tall Tower,

While I am a simpleton, a do-nothing,

Not big enough yet to raise a hand,

Not grown enough to smile,

A homeless, worthless waif.

Men of the world have a surplus of goods,

While I am left out, owning nothing.

What a booby I must be

Not to know my way round,

What a fool!

The average man is so crisp and so confident

That I ought to be miserable

Going on and on like the sea,

Drifting nowhere.

All these people are making their mark in the world,

While I, pig-headed, awkward,

Different from the rest,

Am only a glorious infant still nursing at the breast.”

Mind the elegant beauty of it. Consider the inarguable truth of it. There is nothing more for one to learn than that which was put forth by the master all these centuries ago, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbor as thyself.” If you can accomplish this and stand guard at the gateway of your mind, you will have no concerns for the moment you are in, nor the future that appears to lie ahead but which you will see nothing of except in the moment you are in.

It is a wonder to me; the compassion of the almighty. The divine sees with a vision, vaster than I will ever comprehend and knows with a certitude so far beyond my own that I cannot imagine it. Knowing that what lies beyond my knowing is real. Knowing that it is, though I will never understand or grasp it, is all that I will ever need. Though it lies forever upon the further horizon, I will strive after it, simply because there is nothing else to strive for. Once one has felt, however briefly, the majesty of the everlasting ineffable, there is nothing that can satisfy the hunger of an awakened heart. One can never return to the follies of the past.

God is real and... given that, what else remains except to draw as close as one can manage, or be permitted to come? We are promised salvation. That promise remains throughout the ages, regardless of our circumstances at any time. We have only to set our feet upon the way back and we will be guided every step of the way.

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Stegiel said...

Les, when you mention culture being weaponized I would call your attention to the articles by Dave McGowan on the Laurel Canyon Music scene.

Ray B. said...

Elegant column, Vis. One of your best.

Miles Mathis also has multiple columns on how the art world, the music world, and many other worlds have been subtly taken-over - with faux-worlds installed in their places. (He is an artist.) What he rails about is that the substitution has been near-total. There has been no allowance for two-worlds: the tasteful and the tasteless (my words). Nope, a total switcheroo has been decreed. Thus, I fear for those with no experience of the former...

I am of the opinion that the ineffable gave us brains and memories for a reason. Otherwise, we would only be deer in the field, so to speak. An eternal present, with no evolution. I am pretty sure that superior 'unseen' beings did not want to incarnate into being a bug or a bison. Limited options. So, we got (complex) brains and (long-term) memories - for better and worse.

I look at 'religion' through filtering; it applies to them all. First, there was an actual being who broke through to some additional awareness-level(s). When he/she 'came down' from being-in the actual experience(s), those experiences needed to be held in the human brain to be retained. So, a first level of filtering. Then, the insights were taught to those interested. Those insights had to be 'dumbed down' to the level of the receiver, in order to get the info internalized. So, a second level of filtering.

Eventually, the original being died-off or ascended. If the proto-religion was lucky, the original 'disciples' also broke through to the additional awareness-level(s) of the originator. No filtering. If not, then they taught further generations of those interested to the level they had attained. So, a third level of filtering. Progress-this down through the centuries. Add war and persecutions that took-out ranks of initiates and their awarenesses. Add the power-hungry, and those psychopaths hungry for domination-positions. And so, you get 'religions'...

Fortunately, each person has a shot at a direct-encounter with some additional awareness-level(s) - as high as they can handle. Also, the ineffable seems to periodically bodily-manifest some enlightened being(s) to help 'boost up' the declining-awareness of the populace.

My main wondering is whether earth-plane itself is 'rising' with the ages, or whether earth-plane is just a factory-floor doomed to remain-forever at the same level while eternally processing-through Souls...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.
P.S. Vis, I just ran across an article that might be of use to you:
“A Crash Course on the True Causes of 'Antisemitism'” by The Saker. It is very well written, and parses-out the wheat from the chaff.

Visible said...

Several times I have responded to having read the McGowan articles. Why I am still hearing about them and finding them linked on my Facebook page I do not know. Perhaps if this mystery were cleared up for me I would not now be wishing I had never read them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,

I swear on whatever you want there are mouth breathing dipshits who, when they're not watching CNN, are unconsciously moved into position to press people's buttons in the most tedious ways imaginable. It's just a low level, repetitive disrespect. I live in the middle of nowhere and my only neighbor is exactly that and I'm afraid I'm going to cold cock the douchebag. Maybe that explains the repeated McGowan monkey business. Here to help!


_0_ said...

Jesus spoke Aramaic. It was the language of the region for the time period he was in physical form.

The Aramaic term for forgiveness is shbg. Spoken as 'shabag". It is defined as following: to unlock your mind. To unhinged your mind, To loosen your soul.

It is not defined as a granting of mercy for offence. It says take no offence. Judge not and be free. Jesus didn't die as an act of mercy as commonly misunderstood. He came to unlock your mind, from death. To not accept it as something to be obtained. It is not defined as a granting of mercy for offences dictated by the Catholic church. Which enforces sin as a value. Where as shbg is about true freedom.

There are 10's of thousands of accounts where people have flat lined and hovered over their body's. Their body's physically dead. Yet, they could see, hear and smell everything in their enviroment using no physical eyes, ears, or nose. You are not the physical body in the mirror. Although this world will do everything to convince you otherwise. You are simply Divine! No getting around that no matter how hard you try.

I too have a 10th grade education and am well read. I have spent the better part of the last 20 years devouring all things spiritual. What you feed grows.

I'm delayed by you. (not you vis) the "lurker" who keeps badgering me on your site. yes, I know that sounds crazy.

All I can tell you is this: a thousand thousand orchards dwell within a single apple. Much is the same with a single life. Infinite lives dwell within a single life.


_0_ said...

On the other side.

Visible said...

A couple of responses here. First I didn't post Aggressive Truths latest which was in Polish. I don't want to be callous and disrespectful but he's just a bit too much.

Matt... for all I know the person means well but to keep hearing about it is a little annoying, given that I read everything McGowan wrote years ago and have commented on it here in posts extensively though some time ago.

O; I'm glad to have you come around. You seem to be very informed in a way that is in tune with what we treat with here. However, you keep saying you are moving on but do not move on (grin). I don't know what that means, I'm just calling attention to it. For all I know you will be able to inform me about it. I mean well with this posting, I'm just a little curious.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Visible

IDK. I come here to read the blog's author, who has my undivided attention via his writing gifts and macro experience in the thing that interests me most. It's my understanding that the author is an elder in every regard, so for someone to give the 'old man' a reading assignment, repeatedly, is not courteous, really. Could be enthusiasm though, which is perfectly fine.

Also certain commentors add a whole lot here. Thank you Vis for this whole thing.

Peter said...

Hey there Mr. Visible. The world is such a vast place. Spending much time exploring it. On occasion I venture back here to peruse your writings. I was very pleased with the first two paragraph of this, your latest piece.
Are you familiar with the web site by the McClaughrys? Here is a link to their latest piece.
Their site is quite extensive. I highly recommend it!

Visible said...

Hi Peter!

Long time no hear. How are things in Long Tree? Always great to hear from old friends that I have never met (grin).

I have never heard of those people but I will check them out. Thanking you in advance.

Love, visible

Anonymous said...

It is not about winning this war.

I have been puzzling over how to win this thing for... YEARS. I picture this earth covered in small gardens with slick trains flowing everywhere. Clean water, the fear cranked down to zero where it belongs, the demon spawn in jail, name it.

This is supposed to be a place of conflict? I despise conflict. But reading here for years now and having had synchronistic lashing and reward, I somehow know that the ineffable works only in perfection and outside of time. It's just so hard to stop ripping my hair out over the lying liars telling lies and murdering everyone and everything in their path while people unwittingly help them.

But if the battlefield is inside us, we can win or at least draw, right?

Wow. Aroo


Anonymous said...

I am in awe of your ability to put into words the intuitive knowledge so few possess. I have been reading your blog for years. At times my ability to understand is lacking but your messages as a whole are always clear. I too have spent my life in books searching for truth. I am old now and poor but incredibly content with my life. I put up a website years ago -99- maybe. It's a simple letter to God. I hope you will read it and smile. You can find me at Thanks again for all your words of wisdom over the years. Jones

Ray B. said...

Hi, Matt. I have read you past few comments, and wish to offer some 'clues'. Feel free to take-up or ignore as your inner-guidance directs, of course.

I was majorly shut-down as a kid and when growing-up. Engineering and USAF did not help in expressing emotions. So, by my late twenties, I was a boiling-soup of anger, rage, sadness, etc., all held under rigid control (which expressed in clever put-downs and being 'in my head'). At one point, I realized I could not even feel anger any more. Just an empty void. That was when I knew I needed to work on 'old stuff'.

Various counseling techniques eventually cracked my 'wall'. An enormous amount of old-stuff came to the surface. For a period, I had sooo much anger - what felt like an 'explosive' amount - that I kept walking-around saying, "I will not do violence Today." I was more of a bastard for a few years, while working that through.

Eventually, through feeling-through the old anger - and the old pain beneath it - I caught up to Today; the Present. Now, I fully-feel anger, sadness, etc., as it comes-in. And, by not having a huge Backlog of same, I am not reactive. I can say, "Someone just did this to me; why?" while feeling it through in present-time. That allows for Creative responses, rather than push-back or shutting-down.

As an 'incentive' for diving-in: As my Backlog diminished, I became more sensitive. I could pick-up on body-language, tone, even emotional states of others. This led to being able to 'read' chakras in others (and myself), and even some literal empathy states. And more esoteric stuff. Because I was not 'loaded up', there was room for other things to be there.

The above, of course, is WHY the various powers want us (individually and collectively) to remain focused outside...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

I believe the war is won the minute we realise our origin as Divine beings. We are simply passing through this physical world on a spiritual journey that eternally unfolds. I believe it is best to walk between the worlds, so one is neither a victim nor a victimiser. Many refer to this as the middle path. My focus is not on the pursuit of wealth, power, glory, or hedonistic desire, but rather strengthening my connection with the source of all life, to facilitate an expansion in consciousness. Personal experience has taught me connection with source is integral to this process, to provide the necessary discernment to light my path, otherwise one literally wanders blindly in the wilderness.

I am not overly concerned about Man's artificial world of illusion, which is dominated by ego, because everything that occurs on this plane is ultimately the Will of the Divine in manifestation. It is clear to me that the apparition created by Man is there to lead people out into the wilderness, then it is up to each one of us to connect with the Divine to find our way home.

Even though I know this world can be very dark I also know that if I move within my Father's Creation by responding gently to my Father's direction, as if we were dancing closely together, I will eventually be lead to green pastures and still waters where my Mother can provide that which is necessary to nurture me. As long as I stay on my current heading I feel confident 'goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever' (Psalm 23:6).

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ray,

You described my twenties and a bit further as well. Lately it's like my empathy is dry. Im completely up on current events over most of the world, today it's thugs in body armor beating down Catalonians trying to vote out of Spain.

I also had to rebuke a man / child for his pushy disrespect, feel like I should have done it a long time ago. Diplomacy, courtesy are wasted on some people. IDK.

Think I understand about being caught up, being in today. Usually I'm level and more free but as you say I certainly can carry a backlog. I appreciate your attention to my posts, have always read yours carefully. This blog is such a great place. Thanks Visible.

Kazz too. Great words. This conversation is a true comfort to me, starting with Vis and Lao.



Kazz said...

Dear Matt,

I found martial arts was great for helping me to learn how to channel my energy better. The right martial arts training can still your mind and spirit, strengthen your body, and teach you discipline and self control. Learning how to move and control energy, without and within, is a wonderful physical activity which provides benefits that seep through into all aspects of your life. If interacted with in a responsible, positive way, martial arts training can have far reaching benefits for the student. Karate is an active meditation that also helps to instil confidence and courage, because it helps to reduce fear. Yoga is more my speed these days. It provides passive meditation and apart from helping one to keep one's body well toned and flexible, it is marvellous for stilling and clearing the mind. Vis often talks about the benefits of yoga, and I fully support his stance. Working to improve one's self always pays large dividends in the long run. Losing one's temper is not a sign of failure, but merely the Divine's why of showing you that work still needs to be done ;o). My guess is we are all in the same boat in that respect, because we wouldn't be here otherwise.

Everything you need to deal with anything in this world is right inside you, and should outside assistance become necessary the Divine will provide it, because that is how this world works.

If one trusts that our Creator is loving, beneficent, and just, than we can rest assured in regard to one thing, whatever our fate, it will be that which we most richly deserve, because what you sow is what you reap.

Luv Kazz

_0_ said...

It's a multifaceted paradox, vis. In a sense I am speaking about my departure from your site. In a sense I am speaking about my departure from this life. Jesus spoke of his death and resurrection many times. I speak to my permanent departure from this world. I also speak to the permanent departure of the person I'm speaking too, who are many, including yourself from this world.

Some say, " you are born into this world to correct your karma". What is karma? Is it not creation returning to its creator? There is truly no good karma and or bad karma. It's simply a form of spiritual sonar. I speak to its resolve.

Do you know the saying "10,000 into one and one into 10,000"? There used to be s bible online called "the way", but it is scrubbed from the net all the time. It is a translation of scrolls from Jesus's time in tibet in his 20's. I have a printed copy somewhere in storage that i down loaded only to have the site that put it up be taken down the next week. In it is the story of a Roman defector named Sifr (meaning zero. As sifr is the Arabic root word for zero) accompanies a young man in his 20's to tibet. This young man the monks there called the supreme bhuda yesha. He taught that reincarnation is that, you are living many lives simuntaionsly in different time period' s and that at the end of an age, some would transcend this world. In a sense that all human souls are fractle or the proto gstalt of one gstalt/ super being. Gstalt defines as (essence of being). Hense 10,000 into one and one into 10,000.

When I say, I won't be back. That is to what I speak of.

Here, and many places like your site Vis, I use the symbol 0, often confused with the letter O said ohhh. Among many other names/handles. Most know me as 0. The name I was given on the other side of life in my 9th NDE. Or as close as it comes to that name, which can not be pronounced or defined here.

Here, i am much different than the every day Joe you would meet on the street. In my life I am much different than I am on these sites. I'm hard worker, father of many. Mirical worker in many ways.. yet I blend in well with the rest of the world around me. I have struggles and trials like we all do. I just do not cling to them not internally. I'm pretty laid back and well easy going. I work hard and I chase skirts, eat out (grin) and cook dinner at home. Pay my bills and my taxes and laugh and sometimes cry.

I don't go to church anymore.. it dawned on me one day watching an old cartoon that when a person dies they have an X over their eyes. And when you are sitting in a Christian church they have a cross at the front of the church that every one is facing listening to a man beat his fist upon his breast and pulpit while placing little mirrored X over everyone's eyes. Ummm no thanks! Fuck that! So i come to sites like yours to get my church,

I do NOT worship the cross, nor will I ever wear one. The point wasn't the crucifixion, the point wasn't the death. The point was the resurrection!

Anyway, I have to roll. I won't be back.



Ray B. said...

Hey, Karen/Kazz, I just saw "The Karate Kid" movie (with Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi) for the first time in about a decade. New insights galore. What a splendid teaching movie! Good for the soul...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the 2010 remake of Karate Kid last night. Beautiful teacher-student relationship in overcoming fear. I cried, what a wonderful story. Nice Synch Ray.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kazz

I live alone and build my little house and usually speak to the ineffable, and my departed parents. I'm 49, and this is normally my meditation. I've old friends to speak with or visit a few hours away, and some lovely people out here as well, and this works. Never since adolescence have we had to define boundaries or discuss courtesy.

Enter my only neighbor. A tv watching alcohol and porn addict with nothing to say who never stops talking, is passive aggressive and insolent, a yokel through and through. I had to back him away the third time he walked into my shack at whatever hour with no invitation, and I'm not good at confronting people. I hope he complies finally, I don't like telling "grown" men their manners suck.

I value your experience for certain. There's a yoga studio just nearby that I KNOW will help.



Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

What Happens in Vegas will Most Definitely not be Staying in Vegas.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Las Vegas; the False Flag Waving and the Gonfalon of the Everlasting.

Dragon_Bishop said...

This meme was partly inspired by something you wrote a while back. I think it's an important meme that shows the uninitiated what we are really dealing with, and what not to become ourselves!



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