Friday, September 22, 2017

The World Around Us and... the Greater World Within.

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I've been noticing a trend of late. As you know, trends are a big deal to me, probably bigger than is apparent here. The same goes for Phrenology and you can find a lot out about it here. Let's add a little irony and have you check out item number 3 in the list just below the one first mentioned. That's interesting, isn't it? Heh heh...

Okay... as Jackie Gleason used to say, “and away we goooooh!” I used to love Jackie Gleason. For a heavy set man he was incredibly acrobatic and agile and boy! Could he drink? Uh... yeah. There is a story told about him. He was on the golf course one day and he liked to take one of those collapsible directors chairs with him. On this occasion he was sitting on the edge of a hill with his usual drink in his hand and... for whatever the reason (maybe he was drunk?) he fell over backwards and rolled head over heels and did not spill his drink. He rose up and emptied it. I don't know if he said anything or not but... that was statement enough. Maybe I had a reason for saying that and maybe not. True story. I remember reading that Gurdjieff drank 24 shots of liquor every day, mostly in his coffee. It was anecdotal. I don't know if it is true or not. What I do know is that the ineffable empowers people to do all sorts of things with apparently very little damage for whatever his reasons are. I am living proof of that though, I do not take it for granted.

One of the best and most well informed writers these days is Gilad Atzmon, whom I also count among my friends. He has a wealth of anecdotal information and this is but one example. He is also responsible for my learning something that I have never forgotten. It was a lesson similar to the one I got from my girlfriend Svargo a few decades ago. I had developed a dislike for Gilad. I won't go into the details. However... I was invited to speak in London at a convention by my friend Tyler and Gilad was also on the menu. I remember walking up some steps and he was at the top of them. The way he greeted me is something I have never forgotten and through the course of that day we saw how many similarities we had in common. Suffice to say we spent a lot of time together and I got to meet his wonderful family as well. That taught me a lesson I have not forgotten. Concerning Svargo, one day we were discussing something and I made a comment and she said, “You're wrong.” I was absolutely sure I was right and imagine my surprise when I found out that I was wrong. Six weeks later, the same thing happened again. I know the ineffable set that up. On both occasions I was completely convinced and... I was wrong. I have never forgotten that. Svargo saved my life by being with me in the most critical part of it. That was the ineffable at work again.

Why have I mentioned this? Too many of us do not realize that the ineffable is intimately involved in EVERY aspect of our lives. Nothing happens in our life that the ineffable is not aware of and if we would only recognize that and live with that awareness uppermost in our minds, the ineffable will also become proactive in our lives. Perhaps he always has been but with a little effort on our part, it can become noticeable.

If ever there were a time to begin to take this seriously, it is now. Certain social phenomena are becoming more and more manifest due to programming coming into the minds of those who have no command over their minds or their hearts. Here is a classic example of the profane, the ridiculous and disingenuously deceptive, playing on hot button issues as a defense against really bad behavior. The comments at youtube says it all and illustrates the tensions burbling beneath the surface of this alcoholic and narcotic wet dream of a declining culture.

I don't want to be part of the problem. I don't want to be one more person yelling into a mob of people also yelling. From what I see of the trends we are only in the beginning of what will soon be more common than 'most of us' would like and it is because not enough of us are engaged in letting our light shine and letting the ineffable live our lives through us. It is far easier than one might suspect and it is far more powerful than one might suspect. If you make the effort to greet everyone as if the ineffable were greeting them and you look into their eyes in search of the ineffable, you will find the ineffable because there is no life in anyone that the ineffable does not make possible. Every moment of every life is an opportunity to change yourself and to change the world.

We touch, affect and influence everyone we meet. We touch, affect and influence everyone in the radius of our passage, whether we know this or not. The vibration of our being extends far out from our physical form and especially when the ineffable is growing in power within us in every moment that we get out of the ineffable's way.

The same way that a plague of disease and ignorance and rage can spread through a population, so can love. Love is by far the most viral and powerful contagion of them all and we increase our sphere of influence by magnitudes as we simply practice love. We don't have to say a word and when we do it can be so wonderful if we let the ineffable guide and inspire it. Each time I go into a store I make it a point to see the people around me; the customers, the cashiers who have been there for hours, the ones who frown because of the conditions of their jobs or the ongoing indifference of the customers going by each day, the thought of the conflicts at home and a thousand other things. I know they are all suffering because, as the Buddha said, “All life is pain caused by ignorant desire.” So... what I try to do is to touch those cashiers and customers at every opportunity, to make them smile and even laugh. I go into those stores and walk on the sidewalks outside and I am singing, audibly. I was with my friend in the supermarket a couple of weeks ago and I was just leaving the checkout location when this woman came up to me and said, “Thank you.” I asked her what for and she said, “for singing. I used to do that all the time but I started feeling strange and hearing you today made me laugh and I started singing too, so thank you very much for reminding me how powerful that can be.” I thanked her and walked away, very much moved by what she had said. My friend and I looked at each other. We didn't have to say a thing, silently Wow! passed between us. Similar experiences have taken place and they increase in numbers as I practice getting out of the way.

This kind of activity REALLY makes a difference and if only a small amount of us act in kind it can change the world and what it really amounts to is changing ourselves. Like all of us, when I was ignorant of the living truth of what makes life possible, I acted in a selfish manner and I did a lot of stupid things but it doesn't matter what we did on our way to finding the Lord of Perfection and the forgiving heart of the master of all things. What matters is how we answer for that forgiveness and the investment made in us. It is not possible for me to articulate what love has done for me but I can surely say that it has given me the impetus to share it at every turn. There's nothing like it and all the credit goes to the one who made it possible and who makes it possible for every one of us.

When we move through the world, we need to recognize that EVERY situation is a golden opportunity to touch a life. It is made so much easier when we possess the certain conviction that everyone we meet is ourselves at another point in our evolution to an unshakable union with the ineffable. One single individual who is committed to this exceeds a much larger number of selfish acts that happen every day. Look at all the great things achieved in this world by a small group of people and sometimes by one person alone, though I am of the opinion that no one does it alone.

How do I communicate the force and power of letting love move from you into the world around you? I know there are people who will never trust me for whatever their reasons may be and that is of no consequence to me. I know where I am coming from and the joy that it gives me cannot be measured by any instrument that exists. As the Buddha said and I paraphrase, 'only pursue a wrong doer to show him the way'. Well... the ineffable pursued me. I cannot outrun God, who is at the beginning and end of all things, nor do I want to. I am simply an undeserving recipient of grace and ALL of us have this available to us should we seek to live it. It isn't easy, especially in the beginning. It only becomes easy when we are no longer the one doing it.

Let love rise in you and burn away everything that stands in the way of love's fullest expression and you will never regret having done so.

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Anonymous said...

All glories to You! O Buddha of compassionate heart!

Kazz said...

Funny you should talk about singing Vis. Whenever hubby and I go riding on his trusty California Stone Motto Guzzi I love to listen to music and sing my heart out. Regularly I will be joined by a motorist at traffic lights in a chorus of the song I am singing. People respond really well, especially considering I am a much better writer than I am a singer, and my writing leaves a lot to be desired :o).

I love playing with people, which usually results in a smile or a laugh. I just love being silly. Perhaps it is my many years of being around children, but the Bible does tell us that to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we must be like little children. I also love complimenting people if I really like what they are wearing, or if their hair looks really nice. I don't ever make a compliment up, I only do so when I feel inspired to. I also have this thing where I love to look at the check out person's name and use it, so I can connect with them, because I notice how many people go through checkouts treating the person serving them like a robot.

I am lucky that I live still in a fairly small community, on an island no less, because even going to the local supermarket usually provides plenty of opportunities to catch up with someone I have not seen for a while. My greatest pleasure is the way all the children that grew up around my family, who are now adults, come up and give me a big hug and a kiss, or they go out of their way to catch up and tell me what they are up to. Even though I only had 5 children our home was usually filled with at least another 5, sometimes 10, so serving up to 15 teenagers with hot dogs on a Friday night was nothing out of the usual. My greatest claim to fame is the number of these children who have confided to me in recent years that their best memories of childhood were in my home. As we live in a poor socioeconomic area our family collected many wayward little souls over the years. My greatest pleasure has been watching these children grow into loving, caring human beings, and having had the honour to help put them on the right path toward the light by being able to shower them with the love of the Divine.

I really think you have hit the nail on the head with this post Vis, because everyone has a child within them who simply needs to be nurtured and loved. Oh what a wonderful world we would live in if everyone behaved as good little children. Unfortunately for us those who run this world remind me more of the schoolyard bully who think because they are bigger and stronger they can intimidate everyone into bowing down to them, but all they ever end up doing is alienating their selves from the rest of the children, living lonely desolate existences in their very empty mansions that are a testament to the many souls they had to walk over on their path to loneliness and heartache. These people have a fascination with materialism and hedonism because they don't have anything real, like the Divine's love, to satiate that growing emptiness that becomes all consuming as they get older, because that is the plight of those who do not choose the path of love and light.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

You couldn't be more right about that.

Anonymous said...

Les there is a series or book out there by Dave Mcgowan on Laurel Canyon. Pretty extraordinary stuff...are you familiar with Mcgowan? Seems like you are in the position to make some pretty pertinent observations on his well documented suggestions of the connections between the occult the military/CIA and the Hollywood crowd. Would really think some synergy between you and Dave would provide some incredible insights. Just a thought.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Definitely another NOSTRILS UP!

Visible said...

I've read all of Dave McGowan's work some time ago. He's passed on (?)

Riveting stuff!

Thanks anyway.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "We touch, affect and influence everyone we meet. We touch, affect, and influence everyone in the radius of our passage, whether we know this or not."

The above is SO important. That, plus the internal knowing that We Are One. Combine the two, and you have a mini-ethos for daily living...

(LtPtB, I enjoyed your 'adventure' story. I had one like that where my alternator went out, stranding me at night in a questionable neighborhood. A person showed-up that challenged my preconceptions, and proved to be courteous, kind, and helpful. Humbling.)

(Karen/Kazz, that was a wonderful trip through your 'inner life'. Kudos!)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Gwen said...

Amen (and thank you).

Anonymous said...

Wow. Good one Les. Thank you.
One act of love and empathy really can be most powerful. I remember such an act, by a complete stranger, that happened over 45 years ago.
And so many more - it's a teaching thing I guess, and the effects over time become overwhelming, wave-like.
Les says " If you make the effort to greet everyone as if the ineffable were greeting them and you look into their eyes in search of the ineffable, you will find the ineffable..."
and I will try to remember to do that every day. As is said, we are all made in God's image.

"You (Lord), therefore, who bestow life and existence, are that one, who seems to be sought differently in the diverse rites and is named with diverse names, since You as You are remain unknown and ineffable for all." -Nicholas of Cusa


Stan Del Carlo said...

Lord, please buy me the good times on a civilized rolling Stone, that way we can ride together
up highway 9, and go any which way, over all the mountain back roads that we know, across three counties of coastal mountains, the natural beauty of Creation On Earth, without stopping, all the way West, to the Pacific shoreline along Highway 1, to the beaches where all our Invisible Friends hang out, where it is all understood, that to be Truly Experienced, is not to be necessarily Stoned, but Beautiful. So get on your bad Moto Scooter and let it ride. Hellboy will never make home, because we ran out gas.

Anonymous said...

I normally don't comment on the quality of these post's (like it would matter, haha), as they are all far above "that line." This one evokes me in so many ways.

This could be pride talking, but I think not because when it happens, I'm Terribly uncomfortable, but so many people in public over the years just find themselves near me and totally UNLOAD on me whatever it is that they may be going through. Sometimes it's a HEAVY unloading. It's unreal! I generally feel embarrassed as I sense the other people in the area are watching and wondering what the hell is going on. But I know they need to do this and they know they can because I'll understand. It's important to me that I treat them gently. And they know I will, that's why it happens, I think.

The Ineffable is putting me through it, right now. (Ha, like I'm the only one). I basically said to Him, "I can't do this, you have to." Not with people unloading on me, but something terrible.

Oh God, am I really going to write this...????

My wife is having an affair and I recently totally proved it to myself. Wow.

Instead of going crazy angry (that happens, but not as bad as most), I realize that the Ineffable created this whole thing. I was thinking seriously (of course!) about leaving today and I got hit with a very unexpected thought.

"Stay put. It's just a phase."

My first reaction was that thought was just denial (my favorite defense mechanism!).

Well, after seeing this post, clearly other things are playing out and I should take the Ineffable's perspective. (Can I do that?) Well, I'll try.

She doesn't know that I know and I'll keep it that way. What a freaking world! :)

Please pray for my sanity (if it still exists)


Visible said...

My God, Jim. I am floored by the way you are taking this. That is one of the most profound expressions of 'getting it' that I have seen. You will most assuredly be in my prayers and I suspect not only will the ineffable listen to you as well but he is already doing so. Not that the ineffable does not listen to everyone, because he hears everything but his wisdom is so great that his responses and lack of a response is rarely understood by us. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Just woke up and read your response, Vis. Thank you, my friend! I'm pretty stunned, too! I should be walking, and I'm just sitting here observing. I don't get it.

Thank you SO much for your prayers. I really mean that.

Anonymous said...


You're doing it right.

His law is written on your heart.

Numbers 5: 11 - 31

Don't get jealous.

_0_ said...

Dictate, pontificate, adjudicate, percolate, masturbate, reiterate, regurgitate, exhonerate, spectate, exhasperate, contemplate, quantum fate and

Jump, SING, spin, sway, shimmer, caveat.


You're simply Divine and there is just no getting around that issue.

Your latest Vis, reminds me of the language of the sun. The sun speaks unconditional light, warmth and life to all creation. It does not judge by human standards. It does not say no life, no warmth and no light, "no not for you today you told a lie or cheated on your husband or went over the speed limit". Light does not contend with darkness. Light just shines.

And what shall we say bout the language of the moon, you are speaking that language too. The language of the moon is of reflection, gravity, tide, time and cycles. A sturring of the mind and heart. A cleansing.

The conscious and subconscious thoughts of the ineffable. The non-material language that effects/affects the material universe. Fruits of the spirit that soften the heart, encourage the mind of the soul to delight itself with the wonder and awe of serendipitous juxtaposition.

Well done!


I am not sure if I will be back to your site/sight. I have a life/world of my own to resuscitate. It has been to my benefit, this short visit to know you

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Boats on the Water, Captain at the Helm and the Devil in the Deep Blue Sea.

covkid said...

You remind me of the poet RUMI and his take on the ineffable,it's a pleasure to know both of you!
BTW I met Gilad Atzmon at a symposium " the war on terror " in London in 2010, he seemed a real nice guy and by all accounts is a talented musician.
Wishing you the very best,


P.S. were/ are you a Tull fan ?

Visible said...

Are you talking about Jethro Tull? Absolutely. Man... that guy was primal. It's funny you mention Rumi. I've been hearing about that for decades. My close friend Michael Green wrote a book called the Illuminated Rumi. I think he sold about 2,000,000 copies; at least that is what he told me (grin).

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim . I have just started to read the articles here and saw your comment about your wife's affair, it moved me so much I had reply to you .
Six years ago my husband had an affair , I knew it was happening ,on a subliminal level but "something" was protecting me from really "seeing " it , and confronting my husband . After a year he confessed to his affair , but also told me his lover was pregnant with his child . I was devastated and can honestly say have never been in so much pain , the hatred I had for this woman consumed me .
I told God I hated" him " and questioned why I would be given so much pain , what I had done to deserve this ? After much conversation between me and what Vis describes very well as the Ineffable I realised I was being given a gift , an opportunity to practice love , and love the unlovable .It's easy to love our friends and family , but to love someone who causes pain and despair ?
Slowly , gradually I began to stop hating this woman , and began to truly love her to see her through the eyes of God , to forgive her and my husband , and more importantly to see their child as a blessing .
A child is a blessing regardless of how it gets here , and I realised I had no way or right to interrupt God's greater plan .
My journey has been a hard one , and there are times when I have felt desperate and despairing , but surrender to love and faith has been my salvation . Hatred is a terrible attachment and burden , to be free of this is such a gift for which I am eternally greatful .
My husband doesnt see his child , we can for now only love him from a distance , love is love, and separation and distance have no effect on that love . I know everything will work out as it should
My marriage is stronger than it has ever been , we have seen each other as we are , there is nothing hidden between us or before God .
Sitting where you are and observing is a good place to be , watch and wait ,trust you are being guided . My prayers and thoughts are with you .


Alan Donelson said...

Second that "Amen" in the comments above. What a sermon you delivered, Les. That and most comments delivered tears of sorrowed joy to my cheeks.

Now, with clear, dry eyes, on with the Mass, the masses, and the massive undertaking awaiting one's full and gratitudinous attention to details that, before though seldom again, slipped unnoticed, their messages unheard, the guidance missed. So much more fun to Love GOD (again, dog spelled backwards in upper case letters, Big Dog by whatever appellation) and Love my neighbor as my SELF. We exit the Hall of Mirrors looking for our reflection everywhere, all the time, at least this Sun's Day.

Anonymous said...

I know this thread has probably outlasted it's usual lifespan, but I couldn't not respond to the many kind words from Vis and those anonymous posters who cared enough to write.

Thank You!

I'm mean it from the bottom of my heart. And on a good note, I must say that all of your prayers went straight to God! The morning I posted was my wife's birthday and when we woke that day, the reaction to any of my, "I love you's" to her were met with a tepid response. Knowing what I know, that really hurt.

I was determined to make her happy and honored my promise to get her breakfast in bed with a memosa. I went to our favorite local breakfast place and picked up her order, bought roses, and got back home to set it all up.

It went really well! Things warmed considerably after that and later I took her shopping and got her the present she wanted, among other things. The next day was even more affectionate which is stunning considering the chilliness of late.

I believe sincerely that all of your prayers brought this change about. We'll see what happens. Thank you all again!


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Musing on Invictus, while Trapped and Riding in Slot Cars on the Freeway of Karma.



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