Saturday, September 2, 2017

Stupid, Vain, Celebrity-Crazed and the Rest of The Ugly Dwarfs are Gunning for Normal.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Of course it is top of the virtual fold on NBC news. It is even in the 'recommended' section. It is about how an obviously programmed little boy's mother who has been programming her son, threw a shit fit about her 3 year old son not being allowed to be Princess for a Day at Disneyland in Paris. The mother is from England and the news medium you are seeing it on is American. It is an article and also a mainstream video offering. Both of these are featured at the top of the page. They are really gunning for Normal and they are going to use Stupid, Vain, Celebrity-Crazed and the rest of the Seven Ugly Dwarfs to get Normal. Normal is in deep shit.

What they are hoping for; the parents, is that the very wealthy gay industry will produce a fully funded childhood for the kid and perhaps a scholarship to the Tel Aviv Preparatory Academy for Witless Gentiles in Sexual Transition. Why would I suggest the possibility that such a school exists in that location? Maybe this short listing of organizations exclusively for The Chosen might explain it. And perhaps looking at the 'religion' listing here might explain further, keeping in mind the disparity in numbers in actual population. It gets weirder and weirder but you ain't seen weird yet.

Whether its dangerous migrants or sexual mores that they are 'pushing' on the rest of the world, Israel isn't taking them and Israel isn't legitimizing it.

The power and force of a particular cabal of Associated Atheists is strong indeed. You might ask why there is not at the very least an equal number of representatives from the 99% plus of everyone else. They don't permit it. Everything that is geared to become viral and profitable is either co-opted by them or filtered out and replaced by an unreasonable facsimile. What happened with Facebook; who really put it together and who then stole it speaks volumes. Sooner or later Push and Shove are going to wind up in a steel cage match. Mr Apocalypse will be the referee. Otherwise... and as is usual, whichever member of the tag team not in the ring does the officiating, unless it is the other guys, then there is no referee. I think the appropriate phrase is, 'screwed if you do and screwed if you don't but... look on the bright side, at least you get screwed and don't have to worry about a date for Saturday night ♫looking for the heart of Saturday night♫

You really need to get your head properly attached, lest certain someones unscrew it and dance on the wires. If you are capable of this then you can see some part of the big picture and intuit the rest. The predators have put themselves front row and center. They've done this, motivated by the usual arrogance that attends the mindset of those who think they have all their bases covered but... as pride does indeed go before a fall, there are mysterious (to some) cosmic verities eternally at work and they apply to one and all and most especially to those who think they are above any sort of justice whatsoever and believe they can act more and more outrageously with impunity.

Of course, it is possible they might take a large number of the, formerly, human race down with them but that's the meaning of collateral damage when you don't have the right collateral. My plan is to trust the one running the whole show, regardless of whether he comes descending out of the heavens more light intensive than the sun, or whether he sits behind the dark lord and puppeteers him through his paces. Of course, I am more partial to the ineffable rising in my heart, as opposed to manifesting in some outward fashion, which is usually the province of the one being puppeted. Two things make the puppet seem autonomous; Fear and Desire. One might glean a great deal of wisdom from the inquiry into just what kind of Fear and what kind of Desire gives one that impression of autonomy.

In ancient wisdom schools one was brought face to face with certain archetypal realities. In some cases, failure resulted in death. In these times of darkness, the esoteric brotherhoods have retreated into the far reaches of the planet. It's dangerous and unpredictable all over and almost no one is listening or interested in what they have to offer these days. I suspect that is the relevant feature of their retreat.

The world is now a swirling morass of toxic influences. Millions are thumbhumping cellphones through every waking moment; if you could call those periods 'waking moments', given the amount of cluelessness, resulting in hundreds of thousands of accidents. I scrolled down for quite awhile but the page never ended. They are saying one in four car accidents are caused by cellphone fixation. The statistics are off the charts and these are just the accidents caused inside a car. Imagine how many other casualties and injuries are taking place by other means; all related to the cellphone obsession.

The larger portion of internet traffic is porn. Meanwhile, sexual dysfunction has transformed into a true holocaust and it is being whipped into a frenzy by the usual suspects. It is palpably insane that people would be arguing about transsexuals in the military. The idea of it is a cartoon. If you don't like the movement to redo the Statue of Liberty into a dominitrix lesbian, Hell's Angel Leather Nun with chest hair, then the Tim Cook funded, Apple Pederasts for Ipad Buggery and Satanic Rothschild run, J.P. Morgan's, '6 Fags over Kiddie Diddler Nation' are going to unleash their cross dressing pitbull, The Southern Poverty Law Center on your ass; literally.

Dropping out of sight like a stone, or never even registered at all are the amazing videos of masked and armored Antifa thugs at Berkeley and other locations, savagely beating everyone in reach. It was so bad that even Nancy Pelosi had to come out of the backroom betting gallery where her husband and his cronies loot the state of its resources, to say “mumble mumble (disingenuously dissembling)... ah... ah... (snort) it looks like unidentified bad guys have inserted themselves among these peace loving social justice muckers... ah... ah... has anyone got a Haldol?” Of course the videos show a seriously large collection of, all in black and masked modern day Jacobins with clubs, wailing away with no other types in sight. You can find a lot of examples of this at youtube, or Fox News.

It's true that a significant number of these violent lunatics are hired at 25 dollars an hour off of Craig's List' or paid out of one of the many funds set up by George Soros for this purpose but... a good portion are college students from the militant wings of LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ organizations, campus Communist Comrade fellowships and Atheist, anti-ineffable collectives... all of which are heavily financed by deep pockets Zionist Chess Clubs; enforcement arms of the Protocols of Zion, White Gentile, Genocide for Dummies playbook, whose motto is, “If it ain't broke, break it.” This is a companion ground rule to the tried and tested, 'wage war by deception' meme.

Here is what puzzles me, though it shouldn't, given the Goldman Sachs, Tribe takeover of the Trump-cigarette boat, casinoland administration. You would think that with all the law enforcement we have in this country that they would have identified who and what is behind this suddenly wide spread, free range zombie holocaust that is Antifa. We should know who it is that is financing this and promoting it; who the professors and blood stained intellectuals are who are fomenting the violence. It should be being made public... oh right... I forgot that who it is that controls the press is also who it is that is behind it in the first place. So the obvious intention of those orchestrating it and those permitting it is to create a state of social crisis, where those invested in the terrible event can make a buck. That's what it's all about in these times of degenerate materialism... making a buck. I'd look for the usual bankers to generate a serious financial crisis in the next month or so. It's kind of what they do when they're not having sex with a dead girl, a live boy, or some Occulus viewed hologram of a creature from outer space.

Here we have been, taking aim at the screen captured moment we find ourselves in, on the verge of almost anything being possible, in concert with, “Houston, we have a problem” and the horrific reality that all too few homeowners who have lost everything are not in possession of flood insurance, so the pitiful displays of Ellen Degenerate, waving a million dollar check that she got from Walmart but somehow, like a magicians trick, giving the impression of pulling it out of her own pocket, along with 500,000 from Twerk Central Cyrus and a million from Jerry Jones, who has 5 billion dollars net and every grandstander, donating amounts smaller than a penny, in relation to their net worth, aren't going to make a dent in this awful human tragedy.

As we have long maintained here and continue to believe, what is going to bring these raging insanities of runaway materialism to a screeching halt and a long, stunned silent moment, which seems to go on for a hundred times longer than it actually lasts; a moment of deep and profound reflection and introspection, is a perfect storm of natural and manufactured catastrophes, in tandem with large groups of people all losing their minds at the same time, with the ineffable sitting at that impossibly large and complex mixing board, tweaking dials and waving his hands in the air, as he conducts the eternal and invisible symphony through the transitional denouement of every instrument doing that windup section from the Beatles, “Revolution Number 9” on steroids in turbo mode and 90% of the world reflexively imitates the central character in Edvard Munch's, painting, “The Scream”.

Somewhere off to the side, all around the world, is that other 10%... singly and in small groups, their hearts and minds flooded with love and light, in simultaneous intercourse; a speechless, interior lovemaking of self and self awareness in a perfectly integrated counterpointing of the infinite moment, with both past and future suspended, rivers of bliss and rivers of joy, intersecting and running wild, banks overflowing... air... finally released from so deep inside, where it has been held through the extended tension of warring appearances, finally stilled for once and carrying with it those beautiful words, in concert, every one in unison harmonies of... “Hallelujah! There really is a God after all!” It is my sincere and abiding prayer that the whole of you find yourselves in this group of the blessed, where all sorrow has been swallowed up in joy, every loss forgotten... there to dance upon the shore of something that is nothing like anything that ever came before.

End Transmission.......


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr more ;] or les visible
Another out standing post!
I wait daily for your timely timeless words.
YOU my good man NEVER fail to impress & deliver .
your friend

Anonymous said...

I will be part of the " remnant " along with the rest of you!
This isn't the first time because otherwise it wouldn't have been mentioned.

Gotta have a starter batch to reignite the world as it should be.
Starter batch...seed.
Yes, us!

" Go forth and replenish the earth".

Genesis was just such a replenishment.
Maybe we'll be better at it this time.

Try to remember.

We always seem to forget.
Dear God...make me a better gardener and husbandman to this planet!

It's all we have.
And all we are!

Spare the next generations from the mistakes of the past.
No one should have to go through this again.

_0_ said...

One side of the coin
"The world is a vampire. Set to drain."
Smashing pumpkins

Other side of the coin
"Be still, perhaps if you are still enough you can hear the everlasting tide of being fling itself on the shores of forever."
James Dillet Feeman.

Having a stiff cup of coffee and the usual poison a Marlboro red 100. They say, those damn things will kill ya. After 10, count them 10! That is right NDE's in this life, death and I have an understanding.

Ya see, those who are here/hear don't understand that this world and everything in it seeks to keep you. It's the grand design. All the entries and people you mentioned are slaves to this world. The rothchilds are slaves to power and money. The Jews to their religion, the LGBT to sexual orientation and the mission for acceptance. The problem with all those self help books is they are all about self! Just like those entities and individuals.

Trust me on this, it won't matter one iota when you die, who was president and who was controlling the money in this world. It won't matter who you voted for anymore if than if you beat a drum to talk to God or raised your hands and spoke in tounges, chanted, danced, beat yourself with a whip or sang songs from hymnal books. All these things people do to serve themselves. "God" on the other side, doesn't care how you pray or what songs you sing. On the other side of life all beings are the same sex, all beings answer truthfully, even about things they hide from themselves.

Take heart, be aware of the fucked upedness of this world, but be not bound to it. Lest you find yourself back in this place. Everyone in this world without exception!!!! Under goes the baptism of Job! Either you do it in this life, here or you do it on the othet side. I have done it on both. Ain't nothing like being layed naked with the spot light of the divine on ya, examining everything, searcging, penetrating, digesting all that you are. You can scream, shout, plead, barter and beg, cry, everyone cries so it's ok. The Divine searches the very fabric of your essence. It is by far the most painful experience I have ever known and the release from it better than a thousand thousand orgasms. To be known, and to know.

All these people you mentioned will all go through it Vis, have pity in them. I do. all of them on chemical induced sense of purpose. Were winning! Like the drug addict says, "going to score". It's facade. Life is an addiction.

Why am I here? I was given a choice to not come back. I'm here for a few who are close, to point them in the right direction. That is all, i dont have any karma to fix here, HE (was a masculine presence) called me 0 on the otherside.

It's not so important what happened to your body. Your recent experiance, kundalini as you said, as it is your essence or soul if you prefer. The Divine searches moves things, removes things, those spiritual cancers that eat away at us. From my point of view, you went through what I would call a spiritual clensing. Not a physical cleansing but a spiritual cleansing. It is just hard on the body, because we grow attached to such instruments. You spent your whole life identifying with your body, and everyone identifies you by your body. Sorta a harmonic reset on a spiritual level. Hard to describe. I used to call it getting slammed with an magnetic sludge hammer. Sure is an attention get er.

Sorry so long, wonder if you will post this.

Well, I best get busy painting my new dwelling and a girl, who is much prettier than you, just messaged me. Everything is permissible bit not everything is beneficial. Most of it is self glorification. That is what pornography is really about. Self worship.


Visible said...

Up to a point. Then again, everything not directly experienced about another is a projection. It might be true and it might not be. The responsibility for that rests on the one giving it meaning. Regardless... if there is no point to anything one does, there is no point to anything you said. The world was created for a purpose, otherwise it would not exist. Subjectivity can create an entire universe out of its own definitions about the meaning of any of it but it would still only be relevant to the one defining it, if even that.

I don't know if I will post this or not but I will most assuredly spell check it.

_0_ said...

(Grin) as you put it. Spell check? Checks are pledges, promises to pay, guarantees on a word, contract. Like the latin word Mort me and death and a mortgage is a death pledge.

This world exists for one is simple reason: that you and everyone else can overcome it.

True, your experiences and everyone else's are uniquely experienced. Except 2 core experiances. Life and death. We are unified in life and we all die at one point. Even Jesus died. Only to be resurected. But one has to die first to experience resurrection.

Rememeber: every word that is written, is re-written by the mind that reads them. We all have our "assemblage" points.

Perhaps, you would remember me as "Q" and "A" from the garden of Zen, before his great confession. Or liberation/baptism. I have had many handles and many people know me on the net by many different names. I ain't in it for the win, or the identity. I'm simply here for those I am lead to.

It's like the dude on the other side of life said to me when I asked him which religion was the right one. No words were exchanged simply a sharing of the mind. He thought to me this answer. What flavor of cheese is the moon then laughed. And all these wars over religion... The Spanish killed millions when they conquered south america. More than the nazi's and Stalin combined. They ripped babies out of myan women and beat them against the trees and exterminated a whole culture. All in the name of God and Queen.

You do know that is not what is written in the bible that fucks the mind. It is in how it is written. Ya see they double space around negative context words and single space around the positive ones. It is a form of hypnotism. Slows the mind of the reader upon Darkness and void in Genisis one for example, to give it greater impact to the subconscious mind.

Anyway, if I be labeled as anything, it would be a christian here. Not as the Sunday in church kind.

Good chatting with ya Vis, spell check. Yes a must for sum. Wonder if the ineffable spell checks. It is a paradox wrapped in a pun, metaphorically speaking. (Grin)

Visible said...

Whatever the case, I am here to do what I do. Whether it is needed, or right or wrong is irrelevant. That I know I am commissioned to do it is what matters and the world is big enough for everyone to do what they are here to do, or not do and it is big enough for everyone who objects, agrees or is indifferent.

Smoking Mirrors exists for geo political concerns, though it is big enough to include other things and all of them are going to include mention of the ineffable, which is the real reason I write about anything else on the way to doing that. Petri Dish is about culture and Origami about metaphysics. Whether any of it means less than the empty space in a rat's ass is neither here nor there to me. Some number of souls enjoy it and that is motivation enough for me though, no doubt, I would do it anyway.

I'm well aware of all the arguments for total silence and complete detachment, dualism and advaita and more parallels and counterpoints than I have the time or inclination to comment on at the moment. I do what I do and people are free to take it or leave it. I could no more not do what I do than not breathe, though probably I will get around to that as well at some point.

It's bedtime for me now so any further comments will have to wait till morning. I'll not really going to sleep, I'm just leaving the office and going into the house to play the guitar for awhile and maybe sing a bit. It's something that gives me comfort. Good night.

Anonymous said...

The Antifa dynamic resembles that of is ISIS --a sudden emergence and wide-spread deployment. In the case of ISIS the combined resources of the intelligence/security/military/ apparati of Europe and North America seemed, just as suddenly, to be rendered incapable of doing anything about it.

Same old story....


Kazz said...

The most wonderful world is coming. One where love and harmony are the ruling force. A force that is conducive to both plantetary and personal conscious evolution. All one has to do to be a part of this new Creation is raise their energy. This is the end of slavery, starvation, and suffering in this world. Far from being a debt free industrial utopia It is the beginning of a balanced world living in accordance with universal law. Those who do not raise their energy will find it impossible to prosper as the new frequency takes hold, because anyone who is not operating under universal law will be at the mercy of the disharmony they create. The elite are waging an all out war of shock and awe campaign to destabilise humanity so they can maintain control, but everything they do will work against them due to the shift in energy currently taking place. This world is on the brink of a most marvellous miracle. There are no words to express the gratitude I feel toward's my Creator. Only God could create something so wonderful. The new world will be a masterpiece to behold. The collective consciousness is rising. Christ is returning in the form of the Holy Spirit to fill every heart that is open to love and healing. The global elite know this, which is why they are so keen to start WWIII and destroy humanity. The elite don't want everyone evolving because they are stuck here. Whether those who were captured in the elite's manmade systems are capable of waking up and removing their self before they go down depends upon the individual. I pray in my heart multitudes will, because the more saved the greater God's and Christ's joy.

Below is an article I came across, and like so much of the material that passes before me it comes directly from my mentor and guide, the Holy Spirit, without which I would be totally lost in the dark. There are no words to adequately convey the gratitude I feel toward God for the wonderful adventure I have been put here to undertake.

As I have said before, there is no such thing as coincidence. According to the following material Australia is where it all started, and Australia is where it is all going to end. The Gosford hieroglyphs, which have been debunked by those who wish to keep such truths hidden, are well known to my husband, because they were erected in what he refers to as his 'backyard', because they are located in his old stomping ground.

I suggest scrolling back to the beginning and reading through the chapter of material that is provided on the link below, because it reveals much about what is really happening, where it is taking humanity, and what is going to happen to the global elite and those who follow them. Not coincidentally everything is consistent with the Bible. This information shows that those who are helping to facilitate this rise in consciousness are friends of humanity who are here to help us free ourselves from the psychotic plots of the global elite. The dark has done it's work, now it is the light's turn :o). The dark time that is coming is dark for those who serve Man, and Man's Creations, instead of the Creator, because very soon all that is going to fall away.

Rejoice because God's real Kingdom of Heaven is approaching.

Luv Kazz

_0_ said...

Do your do's. Do your dont's. font your do's, dont's and indifferences. Matters not to me.

You drew me to you. Death row didn't keep you. resurrection! And neither will I.

And Not because I'm some great imaginable thing.

"So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and never even know we have the key." Already Gone, The eagles.

I may be here just to listen.

Good night.

Anonymous said...

Pre-occupation with ones sexuality has been considered to be a facet of autism.

TWas in the Doctors the other day..
A woman enters and is told "walk this way"...
The parrot on Her Shoulder yells "pieces of eight".
Presenting a puzzle to medicate
She declares aloud, "I Be Long John Silver, Shipmate"...
The Doc says, "aye, so ye be, put you're leg up 'ere, I'll fetch me saws.
But what of your Birdie and the Bawls"?

Visible said...

O... I'm not getting into this control freak, cat and mouse back and forth. I'm too busy and have plenty of sane and relatively stable people to deal with. You can strut around here and enjoy the open mic atmosphere. People with all sorts of personality eccentricities come and go around here and so long as it doesn't get venomous or ad hominous I'm okay with it. I didn't draw you from anywhere. You're not some magical entity, here with the cornucopia of all the wisdom I've been missing and could profit from IF ONLY I were contrite and humble enough to avail myself of. I have interior access to the limitless already and it is a proven and rigorously tested verity. I've no quarrel with you or desire for contention but I am unlikely to pay attention so hopefully you can interpret that and not spend too much time talking into space. I don't mean to be offensive here. I really don't but I am fully engaged in what I do and have my own magic 8 ball when I need it. For all I know you did come here for someone. It just isn't me.

Bill D. said...

Nicely done, Vis.

_0_ said...

Law of attraction. No offense offered, no offense taken. Simply having a conversation over a few smokes and some coffee. You and I aren't the only ones reading these word, IF they don't apply, pass them by. We each weavers of the great tapestry.

I need no majic "8" ball. As you know the Aramaic word Abracabdra, simple means from what I speak I create. The first rule of magic.

you're asking for validation of your observations. You're asking me to judge you, because you value the investment you've made in developing your views. You identify with them. And when I declare them invalid, you take it personally.
You are not your opinions. Your validity isn't conditioned on theirs. And their validity is suspect when you take offense to having them questioned. Should you take offence.

This world is NOT ruled by symbols. It's ruled by BELIEF in them!

When illusions vanish, what remains is what was hidden by them.

The Truth is beyond being symbolized.

Not all mental activity is thought. Some of our conversations would likely promote reflex instead.

Where there is light, not all eyes will open. Nor will some minds open to thought which isn't their own.

Those who thirst will find someone to draw water for them. But some will merely use it to rinse their mouths out, and spit it back out.

however, i do not think you are as one of theose who uses scope. (pun, for a scope sees closely, but it gives one tunnel vision.)

Much of what I say doesn't apply to this now, it will come to you later and will be useful then.

I already told you that it wasn't because I'm some great imaginable thing. By all means I am a very simple man. I drive a dump truck to earn a living, I live very humbly, I just don't age like the rest of humanity.. pushing 50 and look like im in my late 20's. And I don't stay dead. I'm not well educated but I know things because "God" knows all things. I'm just a pitcher to be poured out.

when the Divine or ineffable if you prefer, speaks through me, pay attention! When I'm done writting, I have to go back and read it as well because for the most part it just flows and I always learn something new.

For now, what was said was said and that all I have to say. To the rest of your life and mine, see ya on the other side. Until then, i bid you health, wellness and prosperity.


P.S. you know how those Persian rug weavers make these elaborate rugs with tiny little knots. How they weave in a few seemingly random mistakes as not to piss off God. For only God is the perfect weaver. Much is the same with my words.

Visible said...

You keep this shit up- "you're asking for validation of your observations. You're asking me to judge you, because you value the investment you've made in developing your views. You identify with them. And when I declare them invalid, you take it personally.
You are not your opinions. Your validity isn't conditioned on theirs. And their validity is suspect when you take offense to having them questioned. Should you take offence."

and you will be hasta la vista. I'm not into this kind of thing and you've said your piece and it's been heard, noted and filed in the appropriate location. Continuing to provoke along the same lines and thinking you are clever when anyone can see what you are up to is going to get you nowhere. You have already wasted more of my time than I want.

You are NOT the perfect weaver and your words are nothing but fatuous self aggrandizement. A casual study of the way you arrange words exposes the lack of higher inspiration. It's circus routines and has no power or impact. You're not going to be allowed to play God here, much less claim to be. You've been informed.

_0_ said...

You are the only one claiming I am God, I am not. Those words are not mine. They just come through me. I don't know what I'm saying until it is said. I dont give a rats ass if you belive me or not. Im not here to impress you. I never boasted I am a guru. My only claim is that I have experienced death 10 times. Which is true. Ask George Ure. He knows me. Ask rense, ask the seaker, ask trinity at glp, ask clif high, if you need a witness..they all know me. That is, If you need extetnal human validation.

Ask them, where I was in a trance, and I wrote the next 4 years of future and it is unfolding exactly as predicted. Before trump won the Republican nominee.

Fuck it! I will save ya the time and give you the link time stamped and dated by a second party.

04/18/2016 10:05 PM


I bid you health, wellness and prosperity. I won't return to your site. Everything that I was sent to say has been said. I'm busy.

We have spoke before, it has been some years. Via email. You were less threatened by me then.

Ask George about the one month heads up I have him about hurricane harvey hitting his area.. it's documented on his site, time stamped.

Like I said, take what you want and leave the rest. If it doesn't apply to you, let it go. I won't return to your site. I have heard enough.

Take care.

Visible said...

How truly insecure you must be to be filled with such braggadocio. Do you not hear yourself while name dropping from right and left? I can't remember running into someone any time recently who was so full of themselves. You should be embarrassed for saying the things you do and demanding this unique status from one all all. I don't care what that prissy minxing little hair toy prima donna Rense has to say. I am grateful for your saying you are leaving. That I appreciate. I can't see any aware human being wanting anything to do with you. I'm holding off on your comment for a little while and just putting this up. I want the readers to visualize what it is you might have said before I provide it. You really need to consider acquiring a little humility, not to mention perspective on your actual place in the scheme of things. Finally, I don't go by what anyone says about anyone. I go only by my own impressions and such bombast and megalomania I have not seen in a long time.

Visible said...

Okay... I put it up, comment 13. Honestly folks, I don't know how to take something like that. He says he is God but then says he didn't say it because the words just come through him.

"They just come through me. I don't know what I'm saying until it is said. I dont give a rats ass if you belive me or not. Im not here to impress you. I never boasted I am a guru. My only claim is that I have experienced death 10 times. Which is true. Ask George Ure. He knows me. Ask rense, ask the seaker, ask trinity at glp, ask clif high, if you need a witness..they all know me. That is, If you need extetnal human validation. "

I don't know how George Ure is going to validate that someone died 10 times. On the other hand, I die every day. I don't see what the big deal is. I don't see how whether one dies or not is meaningful at all, unless one becomes dead to the world and its blandishments. Now that is a death worth coveting.

How am I supposed to know who Trinty is, or the gip? The Saker is spelled wrong and it's just that there are so many 'tells' in his comments that a whole realm of psychoanalytic wonders present themselves.

I'm trying to be more understanding these days and grant latitude and operate with understanding but in this particular instance, red flags are coming up all over the place. I also don't see how any of this is relevant to anything. There's no context and no point. the closest I can come to seeing a rationale is that all these references are there to give weight to his efforts to diminish me. I'm sure the ineffable will take care of that if the need arises. Anyway, I'm trying to do the right thing but since I don't even know what that is (grin), it's hit and miss.

I'm going to move on to something else Perhaps in the time I was writing this, the fellow has died and risen yet again.

David Alan McBride said...

When I have been in the presence of The Presence, I completely cease to exist. All sense of self, I-ness and Self are gone. Utterly. No sense of body. No sense of Soul. No sense of anything. No memory of anything. The only thing that exists is the presence of The Presence. Completely one with whichever official representative of the Ineffable is present. If a message is delivered then I am that message. The words being spoken are the only things that exist. Only afterwards does any sense of self or Self return. Only afterwards do I slowly begin to realize that I even exist at all.

Experiencing the real deal is immeasurably more obvious than the sun up in the sky. If you are not experiencing something that obvious, then it is not the real deal. Aim higher. Just my own two cents.

Anonymous said...

The greatest error born into the bone of man was the need to be loved, by God, above all others, rather than to be of Universal Oneness.
Love, MeMom

Kazz said...

O, I really enjoyed your rave. We are on the same page me thinks :o), even though you most probably won't read this. As far as not doing ad hominem attacks go, if you want to attack me that will be okay because I have noticed ad hominem attacks are completely acceptable here if they are aimed at me :o). I don't mind, because like you I am a REAL Christian who has followed the narrow path, not one of those exoteric one's who has followed the broad way, who bow down to the antiChrist/Pope who swear allegiance to the corporations/corpses/the dead/satan.

'Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it (Matthew 7:13-14).

I picked up what you were saying about the Bible. If one is not guided by the Holy Spirit they are cactus.

I walk as one with the Holy Spirit. My experience is completely different to David's experience, mentioned above though. Walking with the Divine, for me, is an experience of wonder, awe, fun, excitement and love. The Divine brings life to life. Just for the record I don't care what others think of me because I serve the big G, so why would I care two hoots about what others think of me, especially when they are so cowardly that they have to hide behind a mask of anonymity to do it. I do believe the term is gutless ;o).

The Divine told me to tell you he enjoyed your and Vis's dick waving contest. So did I :o)

When are you going to do another live radio broadcast Vis?

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

Last Sunday just like every Sunday, regardless of the biological imperatives of dick waving and alligator ballroom dancing.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Check it out every week in case there was no prompt, though I assume you already did that. . .Kazz. It was a good one. Then again, isn't it always?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm wondering if 'THE PURGE' has begun via weather warfare. Asia got whacked, too.


Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now;

Is it Better to Reign in Hell than to Serve in Heaven?

Anonymous said...

Love your writing, love your humor, love your wisdom, love you!

Randall said...

Hey Les Randall here. Good stuff. I took some cymbalta today, and now I see
The light. This is the drug that is going to change everything. But seeing
As I have to personal knowledge about every drug, I took it anyway.
Weird deal man. Feel like I entered a bizzaro world where Bibi Yahoo's son
Has a reptile fixation. How very Icky David is..see ya... Going to the new tropics. Randall.... From fed land.

Anonymous said...

Bibi's boy might be on to something.



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