Friday, August 25, 2017

Existence is a Nightmare or a Wonder Formed from the Daydreams of God.

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The number one problem that everyone who is not a spiritual master or a saint has to deal with, is whatever world it is that they create through their naming of things and their mental projection of what they term to be reality, based on what manifests through the filter of their desire. It is through the quality and content of our desires that we create the world we inhabit. It is through the mysterious facility of magnetism that we attract both the people and circumstances that appear in our lives. I call it mysterious because there is a great deal more to it than exists in the general understanding of it. One thing that we must make clear here is that what we experience through the power of magnetism is directly and comprehensively affected by the quality of our desires.

This world can appear as hopelessly complex to those who do not understand themselves to begin with. Our understanding of the world is directly related to the degree that we understand ourselves. If we do not know ourselves we cannot know the world. The world is a rumor formed from the daydreams of God. We are here to perfect ourselves with the help of the angels of our better nature. If that is not the case, then we are here to experience the perversities that will eventually drive us in the pursuit of escape from them. Initially the perversities promise us escape and then provide us with bondage. If we did not experience the bondage, then true freedom would not have the value that it does. Until one has had their fill of the noxious confinements and suffocation of the material realm, one will not be as motivated as they need to be to break free of it; when the pupil is ready, the master is waiting.'

Many have told themselves that they possess the power necessary to attain freedom on their own. This has NEVER been true. There is more than one reason for this but I will provide one that will cover it. Every realm is governed by an entity; every realm. Each of these entities has attendants that see to the operations of that realm within the parameters of what experiences are possible. The infernal realm has a ruling entity. For the sake of brevity we will call him, Satan. He has legions of lesser beings that serve him in all capacities. In the supernal realm there dwells an entity that I call 'the ineffable'. Names have been given to this entity but very few are those who know his real name. He has legions of angels of different orders that serve him in all capacities. Between these regions there exists a middle ground whose playing field is called Earth. The influences of the supernal and infernal realms act upon the residents of this middle ground, where the inhabitants come and go over and over. This is the simple interpretations that will serve the purpose of this posting.

You cannot prosper in any realm without the permission of the ruling entity. You cannot move from one level of awareness to another without the permission of the ruling entity. All ruling entities serve at the pleasure of the overall ruling entity. Nothing moves or stands still without permission. A very few of us are free and those who are, are permitted to be. Everyone else is in some stage of bondage. Nearly all forms of bondage are the fruit of ignorance. Ignorance is the cause of selfishness. If the overall ruling entity expresses itself by giving itself away and making all of what it possesses available for the use of all, then it is a fool who does not emulate this.

This middle ground is a battleground. It is here that we war upon ourselves and war upon each other. Sometimes our wars upon each other are very subtle and sometimes they involve direct physical conflict. Why this is, is less important than what we can do about it. One reason that relentless conflict exists is that our bodies are composed of warring elements; fire, air, water and earth. Until we have brought these elements into harmony within, we will will exist in conflict with the world without.

At present, our material world is in a state of revolution and dramatic change. This is due to our collective passage from one age into the next. The previous age has ended and the new one is emergent. What once existed as tradition and infrastructure are being transformed into new models. The faces of the invisible archetypes are in transition. These archetypes endure through all of the ages but their appearances change. Some are eager for the changes coming and some are resisting the changes with all their power, especially those who are in positions of power and do not want to lose the level of influence which they have had. Lose it they will, however.

I want to make a very important point that is accompanied by evidence it would behoove one and all to pay attention to. About 225 years ago the French Revolution occurred. There was an eclipse that took place then and the planets were in a certain order. Whether one believes in Astrology or not is immaterial to us. The problem is not with Astrology. The problem is with the astrologers who do not rightfully understand the science they seek to employ. There are a great many doctors who know just enough about medicine to do their patients very little good and often a great deal of harm. This is not to say that people are not healed by the proper application of treatment. It's the uninformed medical practitioners that are responsible, not the science itself.

We just had another eclipse where seven of the planets were in the same position they were in at the time of the French Revolution. One need not be an astrologer to see the implications of this and certainly the present state of the world should tell us a great deal.

Here is an interesting feature of revolution that escapes most people. Once a revolution takes place, those most fiercely engaged in seeming to bring it about are dispensed with. Robespierre and Danton were two of the main players during the Reign of Terror in the French Revolution. Following this they were both executed and this is not uncommon. Those fomenting revolution would be well served to keep this in mind.

At this time we are being assailed with all kinds of radical ideologies involving sexual identity and sexual practices that are very different than what has passed for normal for a very long time. We are experiencing a blizzard of new terminologies such as trans-sexuality, gender fluidity, bizarre pronouns that some wish to enforce the use of through legal means. The practice of pedophilia is in the process of being legitimized and it is being indulged in by the rich and powerful around the world. Depravity has gone mainstream. You will be given all kinds of reasons for the rightness of these forms of sexual expression but there is a reason it is happening and it is not for the callow and superficial reasons being given by those promoting them.

As previously mentioned, the archetypes are taking new forms. Long standing traditions are being reshaped into new traditions that are experiencing a rapid evolution. The divine feminine is being established in her correct place. Stellar influences are being expressed through new filters upon the material plane. A certain kind of feminine force is pouring down on the planet and causing many people to behave differently than we are used to. Because of the force of materialism at this time, people are acting out sexually. Many men and women are incapable of processing these stellar influences. Instead of gaining an increased intuitive ability and a deeper compassion, they are overcome with sexual confusion and libertine behavior is rampant. The result of this is that their hunger for sexual contact is being progressively amplified by the lack of satisfaction in the experiences. Subsequently it is continuing to intensify by the day. The hunger becomes greater and greater and cannot be satiated in the mediums in which it is being sought. These people are literally consuming themselves. In the process they are becoming more and more frustrated and as a result of that... more and more angry. You see this in the crowds of protesters confronting each other in the streets. They have no real idea why they are there. They think they do but they do not. Their aggressions toward one another are being promoted and financed by psychopaths whose primary motive in existence is the promotion of dissension and disorder. This is the hallmark of the Satanist and the power of the Satanist grows according to the level of materialism present on the planet. Existence is mathematically precise to the minds of those capable of objective perception.

You have no defense against the forces acting upon you if you are unaware of them. You are completely safe if you are reliant upon the one who is the origin of all force. We have said these same things over and over again in different ways. Put yourself under the protection of the all high, or take your chances on your own. On the one hand, the matter is, wonderfully, out of your hands. Otherwise, sooner or later you will be taught the foolishness of relying on your own devices.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Existence is a matter of perception. Still going through rough times, still living on the edge, but still here. Of course it's debatable whether this is good or bad considering I've hated life since I was 6, and am currently 55, but hey. It's getting better in some ways. My boss at the restaurant told me I can work full time for her if I quit my other job (which does pay more per hour, is a HELL of a lot easier, and more comfortable, but seasonal), and I agreed. Hey. She pets my nose and I get fed at the restaurant, so. . . The pay sucks, but I do get fringe benefits; including the stories I can tell now. . .like that my boss is now occasionally calling studmuffins 'sausage casings'. Wonder if she'll ever graduate to 'twat plugs', of if they play the other side of the street, 'bu. . .' Oh, never mind.

Actually, statistically my life has been better than most. It has been a roller coaster like that of most, but the high points were pretty awesome. . .for the price of my time and a lot of headaches for lack of sleep; but I suppose it was worth it. After all, I loved the job, I loved eating out every day, I loved having no financial difficulties, and I think I used my resources well. I got to build a music studio for my better half, I got to take a few homeless individuals off the street for a while, and I even let the thing I used to be married to stay with us until it got re-established after travelling the world, though afterward I decided to break all contact.

Looking back, I appreciate my past a lot more now than when I was living it; minus the 5 years I lived with the psychopath I used to get here. Even then, I had a forest to walk through in the outback of Warren, NJ, and a very nice Portuguese family living next door where I spent much of my time playing with their youngest crotch dropping of my age, and got spoiled with periodic eggnogs and a more reasonably functional family environment.

My, and the adventures I've had, and the crazy stuff I did. I won't make a list, but let's say I got away with a lot of things that I'd get arrested for today; not that I'm in any shape to repeat most of them today, and the only thing that saved me from that in the past was good timing. . .sometimes by seconds. Like the time I got myself photographed on the top of a phone pole, and hit the ground just before a cop drove by. That was in the 1980's, so I assume the statute of limitations is up on that. And that was one of my 'milder' moments. But in times like this it pays to be old, fat and crotchety. Keeps me out of trouble.

Great post, by the way. But you have less than a handful in your archives that are 'meh', so hey!

Visible said...

I always know when I have at least hit it off the wall (green monster) when you spend that kind of time reflecting; which we seldom get at that stretch of length- the one indicating the other. Of course that presupposes your judgment is sound but I'm inclined in that direction, irrespective of it having to do with me.

Oliver said...

Redemption Song

Anonymous said...

How the fuck do you do this? You are not human. I was just talking to my wife about this very thing and I come here and read this. Whatever is going on here, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Very Kabbalistic dark to light lead to gold daemon to Saint Love to the inevitable

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,

This is about the tenth time you wrote a piece just for me. Or I am everyone. I look like everyone anyway, but need to read this particular post every day. Thank you. Everch Mississippi Grind? I give it 5 stars.


Ty said...

Man Visible... like a key to the lock, everything writ here resonates profoundly with what has been happening in my life lately. Many people have mysteriously appeared in my life recently. Yesterday I picked up a peyote shaman who was hitchhiking to a ceremony, he spent the night at my place. He preached all night with academic and razor sharp insight into the origins of Zionism and all of their history, with more clarity and understanding than almost anyone I had ever known. I was pleasantly surprised with his insight. He performed some of his ceremonial music and purified my home with sage and song. I've yet to try Peyote. We shall see.

It has been writ by some great thinkers that even desires from childhood may have the potential of manifesting much later in life. That desires are like focused projections onto the future... some of which when finally let go of, may, ironically can suddenly arrive at ones doorstep, seemingly uninvited. Interesting how the mind works. Anyone out there struggling with addictions to pornography (and the like) or just curious about its effect upon the mind should check out the website and take note of the "reboot" section... thousands of stories from people who had overcome their addiction to pornography, and what happened as a result. Its astonishing, to say the least. It's probably the best resource on the web for this kind of information. He has a great video on it here as well.

I wanted to share a few very helpful words that further elaborate on your commentary on desire, quoted from the book "Kundalini yoga for the West."

“Desires arise from memory of experiences of the past. They are also projections onto the future. Selfish desires are outgrowths from competition and comparisons. Whatever the root of these desires, take the battle-ax of the Devi and cut them off before its too late. Discrimination serves very well as a battle-ax because not all desires are detrimental to our growth. A desire to grow in character and spirituality is necessary for growth to take place. Desires have to be carefully evaluated. What can we do about old desires manifesting when we have progressed beyond that point? Pray. Ask that the desires that accompanied a lesser state of development will not be fulfilled. With a greater awareness of needs, there is a greater attempt to simplify life in order to remove all possible distractions from the chosen path. Desires have to be carefully evaluated.

Reunification of desires can be achieved without pain and frustration if the contents or the fulfillment of them are well reasoned out. Leaving them to the emotions means that the attachment is still there, that we really want this or that, but are denying ourselves. It is important to make a list of desires, to look at each, and to evaluate with discrimination."

– Swami Sivananda Radha – Kundalini Yoga for the West

LostJEB said...

re: desires being projections..I was immediately reminded of a scene in Donnie Darko, I imagine it's quite a lot like that

I think most people are driven by certain moments left unresolved from childhood, at least by varying degrees, and many of them probably not all that memorable on the surface. Issues that don't really need resolving but we do it anyways, for some sense of completion. It's all pretty warped.. (the book is better than the title suggests in my opinion. contained a lot of food for thought that stuck with me over the years, and helped with general mindfulness)

Brian Crossland said...

Every posting you make has resonance and identification. Then this ramps up the synchronicity to 10.
So much here I have been pondering, literally before the posting. It's like clarifying my own thoughts in a far more eloquent way than I can manage on my own.
I will read and reread, inwardly digesting the truths within.

Absolute Gratitude.




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