Friday, December 20, 2019

Introduction to the First Church of the Presence of God Indwelling.

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Today's presentation in Smoking Mirrors is comprised of the Introduction to the First Church of the Presence of God. The main teaching of this spiritual discipline, is that the adherents practice the presence of God. The idea is to go about the activities of your life, as if God were expressing through you and this is true, only in most people it is badly accomplished, because of the resistance of the host, to the free unhindered passage of the spirit through them. The form of worship is to think, speak and act as if God were performing these actions through you, with the sure and certain belief that if you do it sincerely and consistently that it will become a reality.

The members of the First Church of the Presence of God, celebrate the presence of God in everyone they meet. Where a deeper communion is possible it is permitted to take place, where it is not, one expresses their recognition of the truth of it to the extent that they can. It might only go as far as “Hello,” it might include, “Hello, how are you doing?” Whatever is possible is what is accomplished.

The members of the First Church of the Presence of God, are in church every waking moment and strive to be even in sleep. The whole of their lives centers around the celebration of the presence of God.

This first video is rough at the edges and involves me having to clear my throat more than I, or you, might like but... I have not done this in quite some time. As these become regular events, my throat will clear, as it always has before and I will become more assured at speaking, on the central theme and all of the secondary and supplemental features.

We of the First Church of the Presence of God, believe that God can be found in every authentic religious tradition and we hope to harmonize these sacred faiths with one another, pointing out the similarities and revealing the mystical traditions that are present in each of them.

At a particular point in the discourse I recite the Pattern on the Trestleboard, which has to do with The Tree of Life. Although adherents of the Kabbalah, claim the tenets and symbols of this belong to their tradition, in fact, it predates their system, just as what is called the Hebrew Alphabet was taken from the Chaldean Flame alphabet. All of these have been appropriated from earlier cultures and that is what we celebrate, not what those who borrowed, or took them for their own purposes, celebrate. Because some of what I will be talking about, is drawn from arcane traditions, I will be doing a series of seminars on the Tarot, to provide context and its value as a meditation aid. Fortune telling will not be a topic of discussion. We have no use for that aspect. Why would one wish to tell the future with these cards, which they can't do anyway, when they can CHANGE THEIR FUTURE WITH THE PROPER USE OF THEM.

I realize that what I am engaging in WILL NOT APPEAL TO EVERYONE. Please then... move on to what does appeal to you. We do not seek to be in conflict with anyone and wish only to communicate with kindred spirits. If you have questions, these will be dealt with in future videos. We are already aware of the nature of what questions there may be. We will not be debating or arguing with anyone. If you seek polemic or contention, you WILL NOT FIND IT HERE. That said, here is the first of the videos from The First Church of the Presence of God.

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate you for sharing your practice and insight into the old ways,

"The idea is to go about the activities of your life, as if God were expressing
through you and this is true, only in most people it is badly accomplished,
because of the resistance of the host, to the free unhindered passage of
the spirit through them."

In the olden days as today - we need to be sure that those inspirations are coming from the right source.
Modernity has brought technology to influence people as if they were hearing, seeing and feeling supernatural things.
The increasing use of these surveillance and influencing technologies via the internet by unscrupulous individuals is of great concern.

AI - The Ghost in the Machine is a golem of our own collective making and for the most part "we" are unfit to wield it.

My point is - before allowing this unhindered passage, one needs to gain the ability to discern between grace and the influence of unscrupulous individuals.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Anonymous said...

"I appreciate you for sharing your practice"

You are more precise in detail this time than the previous time you explained your religious practice. Snake is a weird dogma but that is beside the point. I'm not really here to poke fun at someone else's practice.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now-

"At The Moment of Change, All Will Go Still and a Great Silence Will Cover the Land."

messianicdruid said...

Goes with previous post:

Anonymous said...

And then there's this...

Christus - Kristo - Krishna

"The Bible encourages us... "From sunrise to sunset, one should sing the praises of the holy names of the Lord." Similarly, the Vedic literatures encourage us to chant and sing...

Anonymous said...


Can't seem to post at the Petri Dish.

Only referring my little life, but man, you went there with Tarot!

Quickly, I did the BOTA Initiation Ceremony a couple of days ago (again after many years) using incense, water, a white table cloth, and such. Made a point to do it exactly as one should. Had profound effects! Demons are gone... will not think of them as to not let them re-establish connection. Went to bed WAY early as I was dozing off... early nightmares only, had bought Yoganadas Biography earlier that day and placed it next to my pillow... they tried, but couldn't get close enough to get me.

I've begun the Tarot work again from the beginning and have studied the Keys daily. This world has thoroughly kicked my ass and I CONCEDE! You win world. I'm going inside from the storm now, and I surrender your victory to you. Keep it. You win, world!

I'm out!

Today, I forgave terrible crimes against me. I had it coming, no doubt. Time to let it go. If not now, when? God, I concede! Whoever beat me wins! I congratulate them on their victory over me. They can keep it.

I will now move to a new home, hopefully a quiet, secluded one. It's time to move inside and let the outside have its due.

Lord God in Heaven. Please deliver me to a restful and quiet place. Amen

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!




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