Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Realm of Angels, Globoctopi ...and the Land of the Last Jot and Tittle.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I have been sitting here, waiting for the Eagles/Seahawks game and asked the ineffable, “What do you want me to talk about today?” This isn't something I've done with regularity (like I probably should have been). Mostly I just sit down and let it produce itself. About every ten times, I'll have a problem with the post. A couple of days might slide by and then... so does the post. It's replacement will roar out of the gate in under an hour. So... I asked the ineffable what he might like me to write about and there was... silence. I went over to a news site and... there I saw a blurb, amidst a lot of other blurbs, which read, “Ruth Bader-Meinhoff Ginsburg hospitalized for chills and fever.” What is interesting here is that I had just been listening to a report about yet another judicial appointment by President Trump to the 11 Circuit Court of Appeals.

What should be pointed out is that this court and the one in New York, handles almost all of the cases on their way to The Supreme Court and almost all of them get decided in these courts and don't get sent up the ladder. Was it Fate? Was it some mysterious synchronicity? Was it an invisible push that sent me from one news item to the next? Hmmmm... Whatever the case may be, I want to point out that 'fevers and chills' ALWAYS precede The Big P. AND... it is The Big P that takes you down, when you are at an advanced age and have been wrestling with increasing bouts of frailty and discomfort. I suspect Judge Ginsburg is arranging for the ferryman's fee at The River Styx, as I write these words; could be wrong but...

I only mention this because I'm not emotionally invested in the outcome. I try to 'have made' such a thing, a thing of the past. Looks like Kismet will have its way anyway. What this means is that... regardless of the hopes and fears of supporters and opponents about the election, I doubt Ruth makes in much further down the road on this plane. This means a solid conservative is going to move through the Senate and the balance of power is going to be 6-3. It's been a long time since there was anything like that and NEVER has this country been in a state as critical as this, with big ticket legal briefs, that could decide major cultural issues. It ever we NEEDED a stanch conservative bench, IT IS NOW!!! This is especially true because of The Rhino Chief Justice.

There are forces in this country that want to make Heterosexuality a second class citizen. There are forces that want to start race wars and... if there is chaos and havoc associated with it, there are forces pressing the issue. There are forces ACTIVELY pressing for the teaching of perversity in grade school. There are forces that want to make having an informed opinion, hate think and talking about it, hate speech. There is a subliminal technology at work that is acting upon the subconscious of the widespread unaware among us. We've gone some distance since Edward Bernays. Attitude, opinion, perspective and belief systems are being formed in the backroom of consciousness by a massaging, rhythmic shaping. No one is going to tell me otherwise about this because it is palpable to me, which is why I am not impacted on by it.

You have to see the enemy of humanity as a creature, not unlike an octopus or a squid. Each tentacle is a separate industry and all of them work to the benefit of the creature. The industries that create cancer (processed foods, wave making techs and assorted) are a tentacle or two and the medical industry is another. The pharmaceutical industry is another. The 'banker financed' war making industry is a tentacle and the weapons manufacturers are another tentacle. I call this monster, Globoctopi. It's got rows of big sharp teeth AND poisonous fangs.

I am going to speak as plainly to you as I can. First though and MOST IMPORTANTLY, God-The Divine-The Supreme Architect and Commander; the real Master and Commander, who is not Russell Crowe, is ALWAYS IN CHARGE OF EVERYTHING... PERIOD... WITHOUT EXCEPTION and ACCORDING TO YOUR FAITH IS IT DONE UNTO YOU!!! So... if you have a deep and solid bond with your creator, it doesn't matter where you are. If you do not have such a relationship, it very much does matter. Karma is THE AUTHORITY... unless, you have a deep and solid bond with your creator and he is 'moved' on your behalf, that's what is written and so... you won't be reading anything like this. You won't be ceaselessly seeking the good offices of The Angelic Realm. HEAR ME! Unless you are persistently in the pursuit of the ineffable, you are in The Land of the Last Jot and Tittle.

Let us say... you are paying attention and you are reading this... BEWARE OF THE CITIES. This is where it is going to go down. For decades now, I have been trying to put together a community of kindred souls and have met with opposition of all kinds; lack of necessary finances, timing, my own behavior (intentionally provoked by the ineffable) and sundry. Later it occurred to me that a community that does not form itself, is subject to all manner of undesirable conditions; not the least of these is THE ENEMY WITHIN. I am no longer concerned with this. If it is meant to get done. It will get done. It is not my affair. Now... my dreaming project, is to build a meditation garden for 'the practice of the presence' and possibly, help to found The First Church of the Presence of God. Basically, you celebrate the indwelling and recognize the indwelling in everyone you meet. Everything else is window dressing, ceremonies and rituals for those who need them (grin).

I think we can be pretty clear about the timeline of it all now. The most critical election in American history is coming up a year from now. The world population continues to increase. Food shortages are inevitable. 5G is set to wreak turmoil AND Natural Calamity + Global Political Revolution, is coming or already in progress. The Satanists, with Little Georgie Sorrows and his ilk are pressing for catastrophe. Their plan has been in the works for a long time now. They knew about The Apocalypse and the one riding in upon the winds of change. For the Infernal Realm AND the Supernal Realm, it's a numbers game. It is all about the Grand Summing Up; the harvesting. Time to get with the program, my friends.

What I suspect is that there is going to be a fury of ruination and a great passing of lives, followed by a Golden Age of fabulous technologies and an awakened humanity, expressed in the arts and letters of the time and guided and powered by the Second Coming of the Christ ...IN THE HUMAN HEART. I expect a flowering of the age and a time of wonder and celebration BUT... this will not be everywhere and it may not be at all. The wheel is still in spin. It is the aggregate intensity of Love in the hearts of humanity that will determine outcome. Let us pray and lend our shoulders to the great wheel of selfless service that The Master, The Galilean, drew the blueprint for, long ago.

This is a time of the most remarkable spiritual opportunities. Seldom... very seldom does a time like this arrive. As has been stated here, MANY TIMES, that is why the degree of difficulty and the distractions are so great. This is why so many people are here. The force of pedestrian appearances is so great that few of us can see through them. Business as usual, has become most unusual, ...but there is something mesmeric in control of the collective mind.

Yesterday, I found myself in the company of angels, via internal communication. I had been pressing for this for a very long time and only had encountered it previously, when in a seriously altered state of consciousness. This indicates to me that the time is now fast approaching, because I wouldn't be hearing from this particular group of invisible friends otherwise. To say that I am overjoyed and literally walking on air is an understatement. I know there is a whole area of humanity that talks about regular communications with the angelic order but... my name is not Crystal Blue Persuasion and I don't charge a dollar a minute to tell you about what they are going to do for you. You won't be getting details from me in any case. This is just to say that when the accouterments engines of the divine, draw near to the Earth, something is brewing. Some might say... “the angels are always here.” Yes... that is true. 'Some of them are'. Some of them are engaged in the daily affairs of humanity, JUST LIKE THEIR COUNTERPARTS ARE. There are also a surprising number of entities that masquerade as angels but a time comes when their presence becomes noticeable, even to one in the lower ranks, like myself.

This is a time for attending to your spatial awareness. This is a time for praying as you go, as often as you can remember to. This is a time for practicing the presence of God all times... BECAUSE NOT IN RECORDED MEMORY has the chance of divine appearance WITHIN been so fortuitous. Now is the time to seek to awaken the Great Love within that it might rule, motivate and inspire your EVERY THOUGHT, WORD AND DEED.

That's what I got for today.

End Transmission.......

Epstein did not kill himself.

Kanye West is a fraud and a manipulated stooge.

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Anonymous said...

Damn, you're good!

Nothing else to say...but Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Don't frighten every one, these are all very good things that are happening.
For demonstration purposes, as you have said many times yourself.
Know your maker.
A shift in the ages that has long been expected, and predicted, nothing new here, there never was, just kept hidden. 'Occulted' no longer.
'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..., well not anymore!
Brace yourselves, have courage, fear not, trust in your maker, love.

Visible said...

Yo... Anonymous... no one is going to buy that cause most people read the post. Surely there is no reason that we can't know your name? I very clearly said those very things that you are implying I did not. Why people think they will slip something by me, or make me insecure is still a wonder to me.

Anonymous said...

To know my 'real' name would only bring you bad luck.
You're writings have been helpful to me so I would not wish to cause you the misfortune
of knowing my 'real' name.
Bye for now.

Laura said...

So much expressed that divinely dances within me. Now is the time for the Great Love to inspire and ignite all within us. Let it be so.

tasmith said...

Thanks, Les!

Anonymous said...

You've flopped badly. Kindly give it a rest.


Brian said...

Well, thought provoking as always and honest as it should be. I, too, have been reminded very recently that the Spiritual entourage accompanying most is more pronounced. The 100th monkey has been reached. In speaking w/ morn & the other day..It occurred to me that the battles, which are raging..wars really have naught to do w/me...really. There's only one side to take in the matter. I am on The Father of Lights' one. However, the need for me to stay out of this cluster is great. This is between 'God' & The Adversary--Anti-Christ.

I will do battle & wage war if called upon to do so. Otherwise, I am cautiously minding my own business, so to speak. It's very easy to get caught up in a whirlwind and consequently find yourself scattered about trying to piece it back together like Humpty..

Warm Regards...

Anonymous said...

truth is a very powerful weapon...

and these days of real value for a strengthening Army
to harvest the tares...

more than 90% of the cult members in the stool sculpture deity cult compound
could come out....

certainly your crown will shine very brightly

still no Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo



Anonymous said...

This will sound so utterly stupid, but, today it hit me. I mean it HIT me!

I live in a world of lies!!!

I lie, too! Hey Jim, how was you're weekend? It was great! (It sucked). Someone else said, are you excited about you're upcoming trip? Oh man, I can't wait! (Yeah, can't wait for it to be over).

I'm completely a part of the world of lies. I'd prefer to be apart from it, but this is what I'm working with at the moment.

Yes we all know it's a world of lies intellectually, but then it hits you viscerally (doesn't some guy around here mention stuff like that every now and then... :)

50+ and I finally figured it out. That would be low speed high drag.

Our great friend Q is back after being dark for 3 months. 8chan was were the qresearch board was until the powers that be suddenly realized that the truth was getting out so they shut it down at the end of August.

In a Q post from last July, the last line of the post looked like this:

[ 93 dk]

Turns out the board was dark for exactly 93 days. The new board is here:

This is the link to the catalog page. To find qresearch, click on the top most, left most picture you see of the Marines raising the American flag on the top of Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima in WW2. It also says "Q-Anon Research on that picture. You'll see a bunch of those pictures, as said, the uppermost, and to the left most is the current "bread." Each bread will stop at the 751st posting and then a new bread will be baked.

Don't even think about posting until you've lurked for a good while. Newbs soon realize that there people in the world that are a lot smarter than they are and quickly get their asses handed to them. Avoid.

And then, you never know... I could've just lied about all that. [ :D ]


robert said...

Dear voice of the Visible One,
Thank you for your words of fiery truth!

We've gone some distance since Edward Bernays. Attitude, opinion, perspective and belief systems are being formed in the backroom of consciousness by a massaging, rhythmic shaping. No one is going to tell me otherwise about this because it is palpable to me, which is why I am not impacted on by it.

Humanity is in the midst of a war on the mind and spirit, on top of the challenge of a degraded environment and the people who believe that they are smarter and better than other people are OK with being provoked by propaganda into attacking their fellow human if their THOUGHTS diverge from those permitted by the ever tighter mind collar?


Forces powered by vast wealth are attacking human reason, health and economy on multiple fronts but those who see this and dare to point it out are the problem?

Conformists to corporate rule, how do you justify your thought process being inverted from that used successfully by humanity for millennia?

It’s different this time?

Turning everything upside down is not a sign of liberation but of confusion, enslavement and disempowerment!

Finally, the lazy selfish ego has been given the reward of social recognition!

Now, egotists may indulge in whatever hypocrisy they choose, gossiping about others, judging everyone but themselves, joining in the cruel mob as it derides people with degrading calumnies, mentally masturbating in public using fetishes of pop culture sound-bites.

It is the time when the lowest shall be raised up above the salt of the earth, just long enough to betray their character flaws for all to see and learn from!

If only the faithful could get away with disconnecting their emotions from their awareness, to shut out the increasing subliminal shouting going on from mechanical media massage.

The minions are drugged on lies, bad food, pharmaceuticals and media excess, with their emotional responses protected by safe zones everywhere, created by their corporate owners.

For those of us who must remain in relationship with the inner genius, the spirit of the Christ, in order to survive and respond immediately to intuition, there is no option to anesthetize the emotions to slide through the delivery process!

We who choose to stay present in our right minds and bodies must walk all the way home awake.

May we learn faster than we are dying and awaken completely when the trumpet sounds!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Like. No, LOVE the post. I don't think Epstein is even dead. Me thinks he was traded out.

Chinese Sneakers said...

I has always been my experience, too, that when the angel(s) show up, then something serious is in the offing.

Ray B. said...

Nice column, Vis. Thanks!

There are many 'levels' of non-physical beings, ranging from those with individualized consciousness up toward collective consciousnesses. Not sure where/how it 'transitions' into all-God. It is quite a 'zoo'...

The more that I 'travel' courtesy of Higher Self, the more I am aware that conditions down here are the result of conditions up there. Yes, I am aware of "As above, so below." However, an intellectual knowledge is way different than an experiential knowledge.

There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that asleep people are more or less helpless. They can be interfered-with at any time. It turns out that it is only down here that telepathy is not a fact of life. That means that any higher being can reach into you and 'tweak' you, for good or bad. This is one of the highest-kept 'secrets' from the daily public.

The good news is that the higher areas are being stirred-up. Normally, the levels are kind of 'stratified'. Most non-physical beings tend to stay at roughly their native levels. (Advanced humans tend to 'roam' more.) This has led to an insular state of existence for many non-physicals, and various baddies being overlooked during their 'playtime'.

Now, the non-physicals are being given info on what earth-plane existence is like at this current time. Much info (especially emotional info) is being 'up-shifted' into terms/states that they can understand and relate-to. They are frequently horrified...

Gradually, there is a willingness to look-around and see who/what is causing those conditions down here. There are out-and-out, 'natural' baddies who can only be moved to other pastures. However, many others are not natural baddies. They have a 'bad attitude' because of old wounds and other calamities. Those can be Cleaned and will 'turn' toward helping humanity upward.

As a consequence, there are a variety of background changes. Some are minor, like psychic 'influences' moving from negative to positive. Others are more major, since higher-level beings can shift Reality. Remember in The Matrix movie where 'glitches' sometimes showed as that synthetic-reality changed? You ain't seen nothing yet...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

You Knew it was Inevitable; CRAZY is the New Normal.



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