Friday, May 21, 2021

"The Basic Drive of Life is Freedom. The Problem is What We have Identified it As."

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Think of angels, those of the rank called Angels, as similar to honeybees. They are surely as industrious and like angels they flit among the flowers, taking the nectar, and making honey. This is similar to the way that angels make a kind of honey out of us... if we permit it. Some of us are flowers, and in cosmic terms, here for a much shorter term than any flower. Some of us are weeds that have flowers and the angels still come. Angels don't come if you don't have any attractors for them. Loving God means courting God, wearing your spiritual finery when you go a calling. Your spiritual finery consists of the qualities of God that you have emulated until the effects show through you.

God loves, impartially, as do all residents in the Kingdom of Heaven, only God's love is of an immeasurably greater magnitude. Think of it, our Sun, presently shining in the sky, at least where I am, is not even a large star! It is nowhere near the size of some of the giants. What sort of cultures do you think might inhabit such a system? No... our star is not nearly so large and yet LOOK! Look at the power it contains. That is only one of the countless stars in the heavens. Then consider that this entire manifest universe and ALL OF THE FORCE moving through it comprises just a FRAGMENT of the power held in reserve. The mind CANNOT compute it.

The Mind has fantastic powers, but it can take a considerable time before evidence of it shows down here, outside. It can show much more quickly outside. Thought is subtle. It has to move down through the plane of Feelings, through the plane of Forces and Industry, and then into a material expression of it. It is similar to the way that we come to be fashioned out of Frozen Sunlight; Sunlight in extension.

When the wrong desires are formed, in a Separated Mind, The Mind then conspires and connives with itself to make those desires a reality; or what passes for reality in such locales. The heart of the Lower Nature burns for the objects of desire. Then it goes through any and all contortions required, until that which the pursuer misunderstood as something else is in its hands. Then... after a period of time, a brief period of time in many cases, the shine wears off and that which was so ardently chased after (not unlike the doves in the yard) loses all of its attractive features, and a terrible disappointment sets in.

Many people refuse to see that this, or that, disappointed them or broke their heart. This is the Garden of Resentment and it can become almost like a factory farm, with all kinds of thoughts fashioned into workers on the plantation and in the Penitentiary of the Mind.

I try to recall those mindsets in which I was deluded about one matter or another. Now, they do not seem important enough even to remember them, unless they are a cautionary tale. One REALLY should remember the cautionary tales, and that “there but for fortune, goes you and I.” I've got that tattooed inside my skull. One of the states of mind one can most ill afford is Schadenfreude.

Invisible eyes are watching, ALWAYS. Some of them are like recording and transmitting stations. The effect of The Watchers can be seen in the quality of your life. Certainly, we are what we think, and that results in what we do. We radiate outward perpetually. The waves generated out of our being wash over everyone in range. Sometimes when something mean comes into your thoughts and you entertain it with the emotions of your Lower Nature, even though you may do nothing about it, someone more susceptible does. Think of it as something like a prizefight. Visualize all of the atavistically inspired drunks screaming for their choice in the contest. That force is channeled far and wide. It often results in crowd fights outside the arena.

This is such an effective transmission of the negative that agents of The Infernal Realm actually set up communicating towers that radio bad thoughts far and wide. Yes... the mind is very powerful. It is impotent before the One Mind, but in a world of separated minds, it CAN BE very powerful. As you entertain negative and fearful mindsets, the creatures that come to life, as a result of your meditations upon the negative, the fearful, the enraged, and similar, GROW IN SIZE and can become truly intimidating. There is a cosmic character called, The Dweller on the Threshold. Reports have it that it is a scary customer.

The Dweller on the Threshold is ONLY as imposing as you have caused it to be, and it is a composite being of all your weaknesses, resentments, and what have you from the dark cabinets below the surface waters. There are creatures in the deep. According to tales of allegory, you have to pass by this creature in order to enter The Blessed Spheres. Here is where MANY foul up, because they rely on their own devices, and that is what they are left with. It is the job of the guiding angel to shepherd you by. To confront this with your own force is a perilous engagement because The Dweller is fashioned from parts of you. You are fighting yourself. Will you win? How did you fare in life and what was the coin of the realm that you used in passage?

The Dweller is also the sum total of our fears and it is here that LOVE becomes supremely important because they displace each other. Fear and Love cannot inhabit the same space at the same time. What type of love are we talking about here? Finding the right love to be our driving force is CRITICAL. Spiritual aspirations and industries lead to spiritual locations. Carnal aspirations and industries lead to carnal locations. If you are happy about that then you have no problem... until it becomes a problem.

Here's the big problem in this case. The basic drive of Humanity is FREEDOM. The Problem is what we have identified freedom as. Liberty is not license, as any wayfarer will report after having run the gauntlet. Reflect upon the ways in which life disciplines us when we fail to do it ourselves. This is a good habit to encourage and it dispels the need for hindsight.

I was about as wild as it gets. I am thinking that the urge to freedom is very great in me, and early on... I could see what the confinements were. The sticky traps were not hidden from me. Perhaps that is a part of the reason I am still alive after so many brushes with death. Or... it could be bad Karma (grin). Of course, I don't have to be in the common and relative, HERE; not when Here, There, and Everywhere is all around us. So... it is altogether possible, I would say CERTAIN, that there are those among us who glide through controversy and confusion BECAUSE it has no relevance to them.

I guess it is safe to say that The Attractors of MANY here in this time are painfully being identified as something they are not. You see this kind of thing wherever there are people, 'living their own truth.' The Purpose of Demonstration INSISTS that their truth encounter The Truth. It's one of those pervasive laws that few pay attention to or are even aware of. More and more I come to understand what St. Augustine had to say about it all. He was the author of, “Lord grant me chastity, but do not do it yet.” Heh heh...

My friends, I have to head out the door now on one of my rare appearances in The World. So... I will bring this to a close and yadda yadda.

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Anonymous said...

You and the angels, Visible! "Angels don't come if you don't have any attractors for them."

In a previous comment I mentioned that I would be sending angels to your side (so to speak). When I called them in on that particular night? They were clamoring at the gate. You are in God's good graces obviously (grin). We are blessed to hear what your message brings to us - yes, angels are all around us. Call them in to carry you over any and every obstacle in your path. Soon, there will be no obstacles, only opportunities for spiritual growth. It's a matter of perspective.

Thank you for being a refuge in this dimension of separation and confusion.
Curious to hear how your roundabout in "The (outside) World" went?

Chinese Sneakers said...

Another very fine piece, Vis.

Some truly brilliant spiritual insights, especially in the realm of the mind.

And would dare say that the following turn-of-phrase was as good as anything eye've ever read:

"Your spiritual finery consists of the qualities of God that you have emulated until the effects show through you."

The above is just one of many gems worthy of attention.

Moreover, it all comes to us for free--which fact in itself is proof of a higher power being at work around here.

That is way no one can touch you, Bro.

Thanks muchly for being out there.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Me thinks freedom is self-containment. No attachments, no needs. I don't think it truly exists in this realm, if you want to stay in it. It is something I do want, but I'm gonna have to wait until my stupid contract with myself is up.

robert said...

Visible One,

One, visible

Why is the concept that we are all, everything is, One, so repellent to the impatient mind?

Sometimes when something mean comes into your thoughts and you entertain it with the emotions of your Lower Nature, even though you may do nothing about it, someone more susceptible does

Grasping the profound reality that we are all connected, have an effect on all others and are really one beyond separation brings responsibility to mind.

The escape from responsibility is the first priority of the separate (self-centered) mindset: How can one indulge in licentious diversions in the delusion of diversity if there is karma, consequences and responsibility to pay?

Before the media Matrix and the State began to own the children, humanity noted the rite of passage where indulged egocentricity gave way to feeling for others around the child. That was the day the child became a human being with a soul, more than just a naked ape-ling

Now, the corrupted death cult entices people to leave their souls at the door, to be defiant about being regressed rioters, unconscious of others' feelings, all in the name of Unity?

Oneness, the intrinsic One mind, the immense One heart of creation is no word game!
This one concept (pun intended!), logically and emotionally grasped and grokked to the bone, leads us out of our self-created hell.

To confront this with your own force is a perilous engagement because The Dweller is fashioned from parts of you. You are fighting yourself. Will you win

Consider the unconscious appeal that if we mind our business and indulge ourselves in conformity with the zombies around us, that evil personified will not single us out of the herd and consume our vanity, terminating all of our "fun".

We know what happens to prophets and visionaries and Avatars: they get noticed by powers and principalities.

Getting so noticed, we anticipate that our little game of hide-our-self-and-pretend-to-seek, our dance with the devil we know, comes to an end and soul challenge begins.

Why do we bring only a ritual suicide knife to an artillery fusillade?
Our personal experience cannot cope with anything outside our experiential bubble without help!

When we are blessed, we are taken down to our lowest by events which do not kill us but make us learn to rely on the force of Love which contains us.
We learn from many little defeats and challenges that we CANNOT serve or even survive coming from our limited awareness!

The state of many who have been so safely ensconced in their own shells that they believe in the sentimental simpering of media narratives telling them they are unaccountable evokes pity in those who know.
How will these ones grow out of their superficial subjective safety-seeking shells?
Especillay under such crises that will force life or death choices into their paths?

If we have had a hard time and many struggles and have learned to rely instead of re-lying to ourselves, we must be in gratitude!
We have learned to relate to the One force, the One mind which can hold our life aloof from the corruption casino.

We no longer follow laser pointers in futile forays into fantasy fields.
We no longer seek the vagaries of self-limited desires
We no longer hunger for empty promises made by sophisticated sirens

We see ourselves in the light of higher dimensions and know that we are in a union beyond our creation, a relationship surpassing our integrity, a Life with more facets than we will ever grow weary of experiencing.

We are home even in the middle of the madness manufactured by magical morons...

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the column!

Caught Red-Handed: CDC Changes Test Thresholds to Virtually Eliminate New COVID Cases among Vaxx'd

“New policies will artificially deflate 'breakthrough infections' in the vaccinated, while the old rules continue to inflate case numbers in the unvaccinated.
To be clear: If these new policies had been the global approach to 'Covid' since December 2019, there would never have been a pandemic at all.”

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Avatar is Going to Wash The World and Our Interior Galaxies with Healing and Energizing Light!"

Chiquitastan said...

It sounds like a Matrix built for the benefit of everyone but humanity.
Once the Evil Empire on the Potomac gets the enemy of humanity rating then we might be getting somewhere.
There should be no love for the Evil Empire and cheers of joy when it is erased.
Just read a beautiful piece about the wave of decentralization and the obsolescence of centralized planning and control.
Rare appearance in the world? You are on to something there, if you avoid it you can save a lot of trouble and it feels good to turn your back in a come out of her my people mode.
Keeping an eye out for bolt holes and hideouts as the madness grows more terminal and interactions with others of the glorious unity collective (sarc) can only bring trouble.
I'm just a fool and an idiot along for the ride and even if my purpose is to demonstrate that which should not be done, what a pleasure it is to even have a role.



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