Sunday, May 16, 2021

"ALL OF THEM are Creations from the Shadowland of Hungry Ghosts."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Wondering what was behind the recent renewal of hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians? Nitwityahoo was in deep political trouble only last week. What do you know? This just sort of came along and everything is hunky-dory now. It is truly amazing how things like this happen. Moving right along...

Water shortages will be appearing as the drought continues, and raging wildfires lie in wait. Rolling blackouts are predicted across the American West. The new domestic policies are seeing to it. The barbarians inside the gates are revving up for another warm-weather spectacular. Honestly... so much is going South at this time, it is impossible to predict when it will crash to Earth, but... this much I know, an Intervention is coming, or something that stops the world for a time; something epic and breathtaking, so that you remember where you were when it happened for the rest of your life.

I don't want to be a Daisy Downer, I'm just looking at the trends and appearances before me. It might well be heavy and harsh if you are in the middle of it, and a spectacle of sorrow if you are catching it from the hillside across the way. Has your 'admit one' ticket been punched or did you tell the tour-master that you have a headache and need to stay home? Serendipity CAN work like that. What is Serendipity anyway? I find that if I put any amount of attention on something and KEEP IT THERE, the object of focus will do a time-lapse strip tease for me, and reveal its true nature.

Patanjali talks about how unswerving focus will cause anything to show its true nature in relatively short order. It often puzzles me how seldom people will seek to look past appearances to the source of the presentation. God is playing hide and seek peekaboo at all times. He likes to hide himself and be rediscovered in... or by... you. I remember some eastern text that described how one might try to follow Krishna on a narrow path through the jungle, but Radha keeps dancing between Krishna and you. The whole of the world's frolics and fantasies are contained in that image. I know the gender-junkies would have a field day if they ever saw this. Their minds are riveted on parsing pronouns into infinity.

It SHOULD BE apparent by now that a large mass of humanity is becoming ever more and more insane. They are breaking from their moorings because their moorings were never secure enough to restrain them; 'castles made of sand'. I grew up in a time when fables, nursery rhymes, and all manner of allegorical teachings were there to be pondered. Many of the secrets of life are concealed in fables, nursery rhymes, and myths. It is why they remain until today, but no longer resemble the primary intent for which they were written. The compass and the rudder are broken in many cases. Either they were poorly made or fell out of use and did a Tin Woodman freeze. It's kind of like, “I am Jazz” played by Kenny G.

Day follows day and absurdity is piled on to absurdity. I expect to see that Gorilla Glue Girl is nominated for the Nobel Prize this year. Next year it pretty much has got to be Courtney Stodden, whose pronouns are They and Them; honestly. I didn't understand the article I was reading at the time because I thought they were talking about someone else (the writer of the article) but it turned out there was no other... They... there... and no Them either. I apologize for even putting that link in, but suspect that many of you do not even know who that is. That would be a commonly shared state here, I imagine.

Obviously, none of this horse-pucky came about on its own. The entire transgender, no gender, multiphasic gender movement DID NOT come about as some sort of organic move from the hinterlands of Nature. This is a CALCULATED agenda that came out of the stockpots of Tavistock and whatever the alphabet soup name our own version runs under now; MK-Ultra 2.0?. All of these suddenly front and center force fields, like BLM... Antifa... Gender Clueless... Flat Earth... It came from beneath the Valley of the Annunaki... all of these were brewed up in vats at the Rand underground laboratories by way of The Usual Suspects.

Consider this; who prints or posts the information that accounts for us knowing anything about these splinter groups of marginalized intellects? Who funds these social CONSTRUCTS? Who sits at the head of the table of the boards of directors of each little jellyfish filament of the particular depravity they represent? Who does the public relations and hires the lawyer, cause there are plenty of lawyers, this we know. Where there is money there are lawyers, which makes me think of what Shakespeare said about them in Henry VI.

NONE of these things have come about on their own. ALL OF THEM are creations out of the shadowland of Hungry Ghosts. So... since we can prove the chain of custody in the evidence chain, it begs the question; Why? Why would anyone intentionally lower the intelligence levels of the public, through manipulation of the education systems, so as to make these things acceptable? What is the point? The point is Chaos and Confusion; bewilderment and puzzlement across the temporal range of human activity. Now... who do we know that promotes and proliferates Chaos and Confusion? Certainly, The Prince of Darkness comes to mind. Who is it that we see employed in these activities as his representatives? I'll take The Usual Suspects for $200. and a spin of the wheel.

Now... these same Usual Suspects are shutting off access to energy sources, stopping the transportation of goods, paying to keep workers at home, suppressing the cash flow and creating inflation, AND... fomenting WAR. NONE of this is accidental. Well, you ask... if there is a God why is he letting all of this happen? It is permitted for The Purpose of Demonstration. Apparently, we DON'T learn otherwise. HOWEVER... and this is a big however, you DO NOT have to participate. You DO NOT have to involve yourself, and you most certainly do not have to go to war with them because they are already in the cross-hairs, and they KNOW it. You WILL see that there is a method to the madness, and you WILL see what comes of it if you are still around.

I will say it again as I have said it before, these are not the ordinary times, where the predators do as they please and then rewrite the history to suit their purposes afterward. This IS a time of summing up. This IS a Grand Apocalypse, and you can't have one of those unless The Avatar is scheduled to appear in following acts. This is a SCRIPTED stage play. There IS a director. What makes it confusing is that until The Director signals for the plot twist that explains it all, it is NOT CLEAR what is happening, unless you are clear on the matter already.

When YOU KNOW that God is The Supreme Ruler, who CANNOT be opposed with any success, and which amounts to fighting yourself in the first place, there is nothing for you to concern yourself with. You simply chop wood and carry water, but you are MINDFUL of who it is that is really chopping the wood and carrying the water. ♫ Hi ho. Hi ho, it's off to work we go ♫ Mind that you don't kiss the princess without a signed release form.

I KNOW that many of you are asking yourself; how can this unbelievable stupidity continue day after day? How is it that people can lose their minds to such a degree as to embrace these tragic follies? How can the world permit such lunacy to continue and to reproduce? Hardly anyone wants this saltwater fecal taffy. It sits on the shelves, but... that doesn't matter. The point is that it gets on the shelf to begin with and that it reminds you in passing.

Note the hysteria of those who are insisting they will wear their masks from now on, no matter what vaccines they may also get. Think about how helpful it was to have the mask factor at the time that those behind Antifa and BLM needed it. IF you are going to be a sheep, then you had better be a sheep of The Great Shepherd. Otherwise, you are going to get sheered and butchered and hung up on the hooks. Now comes the vaccine blackmail scam, where you can't do all sorts of normal things unless you have proof of vaccination. You can't go to colitch; no great loss there. If you are in the military, you can't leave the base. You can't see your children if you aren't vaccinated, and in places, they can't go to school. You can't travel on an airline. There is already a huge market of counterfeit vaccine cards and IDs. The true irony is that there was never a reason to fear or get vaccinated in the first place.

How is it then that billionaires and international celebrities, and anyone with name recognition, or in a position of power are pushing this agenda with such determination? Remember what Holmes said, "When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

It all comes back to who is hidden in the shadows, and that comes back to The Avatar sweeping out the planes above as he precipitates DOWN into the manifest. Truly... we DO NOT war against flesh and blood. This is all a test of your mettle and your character, which is the indicator of your fate. REMIND YOURSELF... God is coming. God is coming;

"Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me."

There it is, as it was written thousands of years ago. Either you believe it, or it is going to be proven to you, regardless. The fearful heart compromises with the darkness, thinking it will gain security when so concealed behind the subterfuges of humanity's worst enemy. That enemy is an interior concern and it is completely resolved once you engage in the proper alignment. Sure... it seems like an external concern, but ALL external concerns are ruled internally UNLESS they are not... seemingly.

Christ said he would return. Krishna says he returns on a regular basis. Maitreya, Kalki, and the Mahdi are on the way, so THEY say... and they're right, and whatever their perspective is will cause the appearance to reflect the tradition in which he appears, but with a new permutation. Don't like that concept? Heh heh...

My DEAR friends, God is the living vitality of ALL LIFE. There is no life unless God is present, in the good, the bad, and the indifferent... in all, et al. Any problem one might have with the REALITY of God has to do with their own definition of the indefinable, and that is what imprisons them in their own separated minds. As you label it so it comes to be for you. It is far better to say, “I don't know, but yet, I believe.”

End Transmission.......


Thomas said...

I'm saving the post for tomorrow (already had the Petri Dish today :)), but just wanted to put this here:

The more we stay calm, even in the face of great uncertainty, the clearer we can see, both what is going on, and what the wisest course to take is. Staying calm also allows us to concentrate fully on the present moment (and God), since calmness is not disturbed by erratic and shifting thoughts about the future (what I need to do!) or the past (what happened to me!). This allows us not only to make better decisions, but also to enjoy life more fully.

Thoughts about the past and the present can also be actively summoned in a calm state, there to be treated without obstacles or disturbances, so that one can plan ahead, as well as study past experiences for learning and wisdom.

robert said...

Visible One,

What a contrast:
Between sharing timeless truth and the pragmatic application of metaphysics to the human mind, to share the love
The obssessive/compulsive desperation of the game of nervous system tag played in the Matrix to spread the fear and maintain the compulsion!

Not only what people spread by their coughing up colloquialisms of the new normal
BUT HOW they are sharing:
Breathless fear-laced dramatics in service of the darkened design?
Calm recitation with the intention to empower, coming from a centered breath?

Sharing the objective impersonally, however imperfectly, with no thought of return?
Personal limitations expressed as art for the attention and dopamine feedback?

I find that if I put any amount of attention on something and KEEP IT THERE, the object of focus will do a time-lapse strip tease for me, and reveal its true nature

Matter-of-fact reminder of how everything can reveal itself directly to consciousness powered by clear and sincere intention!

Time lapse vision or telescoping of time reveals the potential in anyone or anything, since the One is present in all created things.

This can play havok with relationships before they even begin, though...
Seeing all the way through, from the beginning, makes going through with it an act of courage or hubris!

Dismissed as "mere imagination" by the scoffers who cannot hold their mind to a candle long enough to see
deliberate disinformation by those that know damned well that access to the cosmic computer is that available to all,
the devaluation of the imaginarium keeps people from accessing the very same source of all ideas, inventions, inspirations, visions that humans have tapped from their first day in the garden.

Ah, but the key is the simplicity of the heart, the integrity of the will to use what is discovered for the greater Will of the One
To aggrandize personal gain at the expense of exploiting others

Tools for liberation
Weapons against spiritual freedom?

We are witnessing the full deployment of the rotten fruits of the latter motivation, in a last chance power grab to smear the lens of history with smegma.


robert said...


It SHOULD BE apparent by now that a large mass of humanity is becoming ever more and more insane. They are breaking from their moorings because their moorings were never secure enough to restrain them; 'castles made of sand'

Unless standing on a firm foundation, our dust becomes agitiated into a whirlwind as the game board is being shaken and tested for integrity.

When people have embraced the suck for too long, accepting being pissed on and the accompanying narration that it is only rain, as Revelation proceeds apace, the reassuring lies-to-self lose their biding force.

The notion that material comfort will be theirs if they jump through hoops long enough has devolved to: you will be permitted to live longer than the other slaves IF you accept experimental medical intervention AND "show your papers, please!"

You can join the in-crowd, take off your slave mask, get your job back ONLY IF you give up the ownership of your body to genetic hackers making human robots "better"....

The purpose of the psyop is now brazenly exposed:
Get people to invite the vampire in
To accept the con for some perceived gain
To willingly don physical bondage that is invisible but more pervasive than any form from the past.

How brilliant the perpetrators believe themselves to be!

Opps! They moved too soon and are precipitating their own demise, right on divine schedule!

Dismantling the economy and the useful idiots solemnly nod "Save the Planet"
Destroying fertility and crippling the children and the useful idiots solemnly nod "Save Us From the Pandemic"
Displacing every vestige of human freedom with inverted mockery and the useful idiots solemnly nod "For Social Justice"

Sounds like a nightmare but advertised as the inevitable new normal.
The pinacle results of Bernays' and many others' work to perfect the psyop, for profit and control.

These facets of the melting diamond we note and then we remember who we are.
All is calm, all is bright

Peak stupid is not to be feared but laughed at from the same tolerant heart of parents, watching and waiting for the right moment to apply the corrective love required.

Sweeping out the dust from all minds, the ashes from all hearts does create quite a storm.
Storms pass and we rebuild.

Love the souls, ignore the madness, heal the pain.
Chop wood, carry water in the rain
Hold each other in tender embrace
Be present for the healing of the human race

Ray B. said...

Vis, an 'indefinable' post. Thanks!

Vis: "Now... who do we know that promotes and proliferates Chaos and Confusion? Certainly, The Prince of Darkness comes to mind. Who is it that we see employed in these activities as his representatives? I'll take The Usual Suspects for $200. and a spin of the wheel."

I was finally reading an old Miles Mathis article and ran across this very insightful paragraph, which I have broken-up into three paragraphs for clarity (p.22):

"Here's one last thing to think about: many conspiracy theorists buy the Satanism story, telling us that these bad people behind the government and Intelligence really are Satanists. But, I suggest you go back and read the Bible, or any other old history. Satan and Lucifer were always pro-sex, weren't they? They weren't for marriage or monogamy, but they were all about men and women getting together in the way of Nature. Same for the pagans. Even the Wicker Man movies admit fertility was the major theme.

But Intelligence isn't following that script, is it? Does Wicker Man (2006) make you want to go out and hook up? No. It makes you want to buy a six-foot rubber and crawl into it permanently. All the government ops of the past decades have been anti-sex. They are keeping men and women apart, to create trauma, to prevent free gratification, to sell more products, and for population control. That's not the MO of Satan or Lucifer or of any of the pagan gods.

The people destroying your world aren't Christians, Satanists, or pagans. They have no connection to any gods of the Earth or Sky, good or bad. They are just shallow psychopaths, organisms whose innate functions have badly misfired. This is why Nature will be forced to wipe them out."

(Mathis isn't an atheist, but he tends to discount any "War in Heaven" influence on us, Down Here. He limits himself to an ancient, shadowy, powerful group that he refers to as the Phoenician Navy - which includes The Usual Suspects. He may be doing this to stay alive...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

I know you've got your sources for reference but... I don't think movies can be used as such. They are hardly credible (just my opinion). As for the sex part, it is a KNOWN facet of Satanism to engage in same-sex sodomy as a rite of passage. This comes up in occult texts over and again. Furthermore, ANY appetite that leads to the destruction of one's character is desirable by the Satanists. If could be that you and I have a vastly different idea of what any of that is.

You and I are on entirely different slipstreams, which is not a negative in itself. For years I was hamstrung by rejecting points of view other than my own. I am none so cavalier now. It is entirely possible for divergent points of view to both be relatively correct according to different perspectives. Still... it fascinates me that you can use films as a legitimate vehicle for your arguments. I'm not sure I will ever get that.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the extended reply. I will attempt to disentangle any misunderstandings:

First, the paragraph I posted was one paragraph of a 25-page article by Mathis, which was primarily focusing on ops/misinformation by the bad guys. The article was very detailed, including much research into historical details and genealogy (with sources). Within that, a few pages were devoted to the cited movies, to detail how the baddies work. Mathis did not use those movies as "a legitimate vehicle for your arguments." It was an 'artifact' of me extracting one paragraph from a large article. (I thought about "..."-ing his paragraph to remove the movie reference altogether, but thought journalistic integrity was more important.)

Second, Mathis has made it plain that 'Satanism' is used as a cover for Intelligence operations/operatives. As such, "engage in same-sex sodomy as a rite of passage" would also be a way to co-opt or future-blackmail any person as 'insurance'. See Jeffrey Epstein & Co for the general methodology. That would also include "ANY appetite that leads to the destruction of one's character," as those unfortunate people would have more and more blackmail-able material over their heads. (This is how Mathis would view the situation.)

Third, there is a distinction between Mathis and myself. He concentrates more on the physical realities. I concentrate more on the Unseen. I know that there are usually-invisible entities of both beneficial and malevolent flavors, and that they 'set up shop' on earth-plane through different degrees of overlighting, possession, or earlier agreements. Individuals are influenced or taken-over. These individuals are then used to 'outsource' negative movements, like Satanism. I am not naïve. I used that one paragraph to illustrate how Intelligence is anti-sex (normal sex) - for their own purposes - and ancient religions were not. That was interesting to me.

I believe you have taken Mathis' one paragraph and transplanted-that 'as' me. With all that I have posted on here for the past few years, I am disappointed in that...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Well... that's a perfectly honest mistake so there shouldn't be any strange emotions over it. I am occasionally mystified at things you say and you bring up film references often. I thought you had a grounded understanding based on personal modalities that work for you, but are foreign to me. I was in no way seeking to disparage you. I figured you had a system. That is what I mean when I say were are far apart in certain areas. There's no criticism in that. I know any number of people that would apply to. I think all that's of concern is what my intent was and it was not that. (grin)

Sukh said...

Hi Ray:

If I am not mistaken, this is what you are saying:

Satan promotes illegitimate sex (fornication and perversion) but Intelligence does not (promote any kind of sex). Therefore, Intelligence is not based in Satanism, but in run-of-the-mill psychopathy.

I hope I got that right.

I guess I would just put forward that Intelligence does indeed promote illegitimate sex, no? Heterosexual fornication is powered by ubiquitous pornography and dating apps like Tinder and these are Intelligence concerns are they not? Are not all of the sexual perversion movements also carried by them?

Sometimes a difference in opinion is just a difference in definitions and both sides are actually saying the same thing.

Thomas said...

Good one, Vis. Very clearly stated. Tough times for many, but GOD IS REAL! (And the soul shall forever live)


Although we've both been regulars for years here, we haven't interacted much. Your way of looking at things is very different from mine, and I approach life in a quite different way than you seem to do. You seem to be looking at God and the world in a very logical and intellectual way - and nothing wrong with that! I do believe that your experiences are real, insofar as we can talk about really *real* here. As far as I can tell what you are saying is and has been self-consistent over the years. It may also be true that all the different species of beings you have talked about over the years (and elaborately listed, with different levels of vibration) actually exist in some shape or form - I couldn't say.

I think that Yogananda is correct when he talks about there being three worlds: the material, the astral, and the causal - and that we have a body in each of those worlds. And I believe that the astral world we experience is greatly influenced by the individual constitution of our causal bodies, in the sense that our causal body to a large extent shapes the astral world we experience. I think that this is the explanation for the very different stories that people relate about near-death experiences: some see a bright light, some see Jesus, some see Buddha, some see loved ones, some see Hell, and so on. In that sense, what you are relating is to a certain degree *your personal worldview* - not that there is anything wrong with that: we all see things from our own perspective. But it does mean that not everyone will be able to really understand what you are trying to say. I don't think you should feel dissappointed about that; indeed, I have also seen people express gratitude for your comments, so I guess you must be striking a chord with at least some of the readers.

Whatever works! "In my Fathers house are many mansions" ... :)

As for the anal sex, it is "common" knowledge that it has an initiatory role in black magic societies. It is not so strange either, seeing that it can be a very dangerous practice, that can mess with the internal organs, rupture the intestinal walls, and in extreme cases cause the anal muscles to collapse, resulting in anal prolapse. People can even die from it. As such, it has an element of violence to it, and spiritually, it can easily damage the aura - allowing demonic entities to take up lodging. This is sort of the idea in black magic - and then the magicians imagine that they can control these entities. Granted, to a certain extent they can, but they are messing with things they *do not* understand, and they are going to suffer terribly for it, without question.


A P.S. for my other comment:
To stay in and to observe nature I find to be greatly conducive to attaining a calm state. Nature is mostly very restful, and beautiful, that certainly helps! Anything works, really: looking at birds, plants, clouds, the night sky, the sea, listening to the wind, lying in the grass, going for a walk in a field or a forest, etc. etc.

While it is theoretically possible to find calm inside under any circumstances, as we can see from the dramatic stories of some saints (joyfully singing God's praise while the body is being roasted alive, to take a stark example!), but I think it is both prudent and sensible to avail ourselves of all the help we can get from Sweet Mother Nature. She gives it freely!

Anonymous said...

@ Ray B,
I've been an avid Miles Mathis reader for almost as long as I've been a Les Visible fan. (I've devoured both of their incredible bodies of work for several decades).

I think this is a more appropriate Mile Mathis paper to cite here:
The Spirit and the Muse" gives a simplified explanation of angels (one man's "angel" is another man's "muse" : )

Miles is also prolific as an artist but (IMHO) his greatest accomplishment is the "charge field" physics he documents here:

Every one of the hundreds of papers on that site is a wonder to behold... let there be truth and let there be light!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Weird for me. This covid crap has been a package deal for me. Both good and bad. The bad is I have to wear a masque in places of business, and at work when we have customers. The lighter traffic was cool, and it was kinda nice gettin' paid to not work, but I got fat and more outta shape during my furlough and am now regaining what I lost there.

May 26 of this year is supposed to be some sort of 'gateway'. Blood moon, and all. I came across a video that said Nikola Tesla predicted a bunch of nice things for 2026, which is an important year for all the mystics I read or listen to. Free energy finally, and all that comes with it. Quite frankly, I hope I'm off the planet by then, but who knows?

Re Tesla:

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Fergot sumthin'. That Stodden person. What is it with so many bimbos? I personally have nothing but contempt for them.

Also, I might as well post what I just found here, for those interested:

Enuma Elish - The Babylonian Epic of Creation - Full Text

Speaking of borrowed mythology, huh?

Now for further spiritual enlightenment, add The Kolbrin, Nag Hammadi if you have the patience and are good at intuitively filling in what was destroyed of that, The Emerald Tablets, Kybalion, and The Book of Enoch if you have 2 or 3 months of discretionary time to kill. Gods, read, work, read, work, read, work, and try to get a couple of hours of political research in there when able. Now I can't remember what was in what book, but somewhere in there is a passage that basically said, 'If you are murdered, forgive your killer for he/she/it hath set you free from the chains of life.' in other words. I am paraphrasing heavily. Interesting, huh?

Well, apparently I'm not the only one who thinks physical existence is garbage; but I did ask for it, bein' I was the fool that I was. Just had to get one final run outta my system.

Ray B. said...

Thanks to all the posters here (including Vis' responses). One of the good things coming out of this is that I haven't seen this much 'interaction' in a long time!

Thomas: Yes, it is always a question of how much we "make up our own universe." A 'squishy' view of reality! There is even the reverse, in that other entities may interfere with our decoding process. Some sources point to that 'ability' as to why various entities can remain invisible, even when we are looking straight at them. (I had that experience a few times. I could 'track' them by their life force, but they were totally invisible to my eyes. And they were not high entities, in the sense that they were vibrationally too-high to see.)
Sukh: You have nailed it, especially the "difference in definitions" part. About the only 'twist' I would add (to second-guess Mathis) is that Intelligence does not really care about good/bad/ugly/beautiful sex at all, in an innate sense. Sexuality is to be used to further any 'goals' they have in mind. They would push having sex upside-down, backwards, with an orangutan, while swinging in a hammock, if that would further an important agenda. They are not immoral; they a amoral. (There is an Unseen aspect of the above, which is Important. However, Intelligence is mostly as 'blind' as the general populace. Only their behind-the-scenes negative masters know the real reasons why certain practices are promoted...)


Ray B. said...


Peter: Same sentiments, although I do disagree with Miles Mathis on certain issues:

I do not think he has enough military experience to judge whether certain battles (throughout history) took place. His stance on Napoleonic battles started this for me.

Also, I think he does not have enough Cold War experience to judge whether nukes are real or not. A few years ago, most of the film footage of 40s-60s nuclear & thermonuclear bomb tests was declassified. I spent some horrified & fascinated time reviewing them. These were film clips, not photographs. It would be very difficult to 'fake' them, given the scale.

Finally, I disagree with him that the Space Race was not real, that we never went to the Moon, that we never sent probes to other planets, etc. I am/was an aerospace engineer, raised and trained in the middle of all that. There is just too much evidence - from program details to data - that all these did take place. Whether or not there is an additional Black Program or Breakaway Civilization is another matter.

Miles' strength is in his 'lateral thinking' and un-visored logic. Plus, his genealogical digging. I think he has done a very good job of unearthing various Phoenician Navy 'schemes' throughout our history.

Mathis had a good 'open letter' to the "various factions of The Dark Lord". Worth reading...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember the last time I saw so many adults in the same room. Huzzahs for you all. Visible is not as he once was, having to defend his turf. Another force does that now. He no longer offends if it is at all possible to avoid. This to me means if anyone is offended they misunderstood> no shortage of that these days (in other places)


Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Not only the posts but the commentaries are growing in clarity and brother/sister-hood sensation upon reading them.... at least for those whose Mother/Father are of common lineage.....inspiring indeed.

As to Miles Mathis, the problem is with genealogy taken as accurate, especially among 'nobles', although the 'common people' are probably about the same BS.... as an example, sometime during the last decade of the previous millennium, due to so many divorces and the mothers asking for alimony, at some point the lawyers would ask for genetic proof of fatherhood.... 34 percent of the cases the 'fathers' were not genetic, biological fathers... not broken down by race, in the report....yet the law was if you as father paid the first month, even though not the biological father according to the lab analysis, the payments would have to continue until the child was 18 ! Intwo cases of analysis my Miles M. of historical figures, using the genealogical analysis, i know that data was wrong and therefore his analysis also... i also have data in personal life of three case with such themes, biological father was not the legal, registered father....Whether Clinton, Bill and daughter, and , the Bushes, Dianas' second son, etc ... or many of the artists of the twentieth century, similar case, in my perception.... it is part of the attribution of some capacity of leadership being transmitted as result of genetics, therefore 'authority' also.... an enslaving program many of us, if not all suffer from, whether from the Phoenician Navy times or earlier... Who Knows?... more importantly, to free one's Self from the enslavement program, including that Reality is limited to any one or combination of the five senses generally attributed to our carbon based speech-capable biped mammal vehicles.
It is said the Sukhyamuni Buddha was poisoned by a cook, and forgave him and hugged him, chatted with the cook in plenitude of consciousness of the poisoning with cook and disciples present, before laying on his right side, facing the setting Sun, and like a Lion, gave up the link to his physical body..... really, really have no idea why the various poisonings over a few decades, have not led to that freedom for me, at least as yet..... perhaps because my forgiveness of the creatures who applied them is not yet complete ?

Sill at it, Boss, doing my best to be 'out of function at armageddon junction '.

Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear Hug

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Very Simple People have Found God, and Rained down Love and Beauty on Everyone They Met."

Aggressive Truth said...

Aggressive truth
Sacrafice Love
The Spirit of God alone can orginate revival!
We must remember that sanctions against usury were put there by wiser men than us. It has been the concept of usury utilized in a lawless fashion that has brought the world to the brink of destruction.

Fear of death has produced this sorry situation. Instead of denying death, we must accept it, we must learn that we have only one chance to make this universe a beautiful place. You won’t be coming back as some repetition of yourself, and you won’t be going anywhere else to permanently vacation with the legendary teachers. Where you go and what you become after you die depends wholly on what you do right here, right now.

Ye me, you do not have to be afraid. Peace can not be built on death. God himself should fear. He will be planted. I'll tell you that now you bring your plan in a hurry, trust me wrong it finish. I myself am full of sin. Satan tempts my soul. How would you know you would understand my conclusions. While exploring the new world. Catholic Church Pope to convert the Maya to the Roman Catholic faith. They killed the true religion, they burned many unique knowledge and hypocritical religions introduced by destroying the culture and knowledge of the Mayans.

All we can fix enough not to panic.

Just that Browse through the eyes. How many more you stand it. Depart from evil. Enough with carry the cross of my sins, I have still a lot of yours.

I know you reading it on 10 January 2016
Les we have now an imaginary pandemic after I say not to panic. After four years my English is better but idiots are more stupid. Wait when I back to conditions after all this exercise what they make on my family because I’m. Nothing can stop this, after 4 years I collected back all dot with Dossier. Road of TAO or White roads metaphysical speaking God Road is simply. Love your neighbours in this same way how yourselves. Only don’t tell me że nie ostrzegałem earth is beautifully places to live only man is dickhead and don’t have respect to others. Next boom Les this is war



Zionism, 9/11 and The War on Terror Hoax

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