Saturday, May 8, 2021

"Worshipers of Form have Imprisoned Themselves in the Temporal Forms of Their Religion."

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Let's talk about diet and eating for a bit. There are a few critical realities having to do with WHAT one eats, HOW one eats, and the attitude one has when they eat. What I am going to tell you is CRITICAL to your health. Also... if you abide by these SIMPLE disciplines you will develop a remarkable immunity and be more at peace WITH YOURSELF than ever before in your life. Of course, GOD is CENTRAL to the whole matter.

I apologize for using biographical details on those occasions when I do. In no way am I suggesting that ANYONE must embrace or follow the ideas I present, or that I have any importance or authority whatsoever because I am a VERY SMALL part of it all. We are all ALWAYS free to make our choices, just as we are FREE TO EXPERIENCE THE RESULTS OF THEM.

I can look at someone and tell if they have developed problems from ignoring these disciplines. So can anyone if they know what to look for. It should be evident, even upon cursory investigation, that this culture is SICK and DYING. I am NOT saying all is lost. I am not saying some people are better than others, as the Fundie Christians do, gleefully pointing out to you that if you are not like them in every sense you will receive Hell-Fire everlasting. First of all that is an odious slander upon the Nature and Composition of The Divine but... we are on another subject at the moment (grin).

Except for occasional diversions, I eat brown rice Nori wraps. The contents are brown rice, scallions, garlic, diced Bell pepper, celery, cabbage, carrots, corn, cashews, and peanuts, my tahini sauce, ginger, Sesame oil, Tamari, turmeric, basil, Chipotle, rice vinegar to taste (not too much) and large Nori sheets. I could eat only these at every meal, but that's just me. Fruit, of course, is important as well, but I suspect I can live very well on this item. Besides this being near the top of the list of Rocky Mountain Walking Food, your system LOVES IT when you eat the same thing over and over and it happens to taste good and be good for you. I should not have to add that there are ENDLESS variations possible for this item. Your system ACCOMMODATES to the diet. Okay... that is the first part and also the least important OVERALL.

Look at the places people live the longest and study what they eat, AND WHERE IT COMES FROM.

How you eat, the attitude you SIT DOWN to shows what you are feeding. If you are angry, fearful, STRESSED, or filled with any negative emotions, THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE FEEDING! The same thing is transferred to others if you cook in that state. They've done studies on the diseases people get in prison and other stressful locations, like high-powered law offices, political theaters, hospitals, and the like. Hurried and under pressure; the results are telling. You should (must) be in a calm and loving state when you eat, because... THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE FEEDING!

You must bless your food in a sincere and aware fashion, otherwise, that is NOT what you are feeding. One is advised not to eat in hunger but in Gratitude. Unless one thoughtfully chews and fletcherizes their food, much is lost. 50% of the digestion is SUPPOSED TO take place in the mouth. One should not eat too much for OBVIOUS reasons, and that doesn't happen if you eat more slowly. This is a very important feature.

The benefits for smart and spiritual eating are beyond count.

Everything eats. God eats. Angels feed him. We feed the angels with our love and finer qualities. Otherwise, we are feeding the Infernal Kingdom. That is what comes from a CARNAL perspective. Everything is eating something and FOR SURE... something or several somethings are eating you, right now. Food and Sex have many similarities. When you have sex you are feeding something. Mikhail Aivanhov said, “If we could see who it is that shows up to eat when we are having sex we would be far more careful in our approach and behavior.”

We ignore the invisible world because it is beyond the report of our physical senses. The invisible world is populated with all sorts of entities. It makes all the difference what your mindset and intentions are.

I am not telling anyone what to do. These are subjects I have studied exhaustively and what you read is what I have experienced or learned (thank God!) vicariously. I also present thoughts that I have gleaned from the teaching of Initiates and Masters across a wide reach of time. For some STRANGE reason, though they may explain it differently and express in different forms, they ALL agree on basic principles. Why would that be? It is because those principles are TRUE.

This is difficult work. One has to be very nuanced and restrained in presenting their thoughts because disagreement is the reward from the triggered and uninformed. One can't worry about that. Dogs are always barking. It is in their nature. Most important of all the things I wish to present here is that The World is devolving more and more into a shared insanity. People are going crazy because life is changing in ways they do not understand. Most all of the infrastructure of systems, traditions, and beliefs are CHANGING. This is in the Natural Order of Things- forms.

Religious people and Atheists are among the most affected because of the fixity of their beliefs in systems, dogma, and cant. The underpinnings of their faith are being removed. This is because their faith is based on the temporal expression, which is divorced from the timeless truths that were intended to be celebrated. Instead, worshipers of form have imprisoned themselves in the forms of their religion. They have become like a fly in amber. Fiercely not believing in something is the same as fiercely believing in something. The good news is that the God the fundamentalists believe in, and the God the atheists do not believe in DOES NOT EXIST. It is an anthropomorphic fantasy. I don't need to explain this. If you don't get it that is explanation enough.

As an example of twit-wits in action, it has recently come to my attention that those who believe the Earth is flat are not all either government operatives or simply stupid. I have noted, due to objections, brought to my attention, in defense of Flat Earth, that some number of them are Fundie Christians who believe God created this world from scratch in 6,000 years. I guess, from the looks of these things, the most recent thousand years are the day he rested (each day of God is a thousand years- they say) They have Bible verses that convince them, verses having to do with God shaping the firmament and dividing the waters. Unfortunately for them, the waters being spoken of are not the waters they think they are.

When I want to know if something is true or false, I go to the realized yogis and masters who have spoken here over the centuries and ALWAYS and ESPECIALLY to The Intuition. None of them that I have encountered talks about ANNUNAKI, reptiles from space, or any of the rest of the weird and wacky things bantered around these days. Maybe these things are real but simply unimportant. Of course, there are creatures out of nightmare that exist in the Lower Astral Hells. What the people pushing the Anunnaki meme do not get is that GOD IS ALL POWERFUL. Who can oppose him? This seems to slip the attention of everyone creating straw dogs and boogeymen. Those pushing 'the Earth is Hell message', or 'Earth is a prison camp' are SPEAKING FOR THEMSELVES. No matter what; their message is DOOM and GLOOM. They want people down in the hole they are in, OR... they work, consciously or unconsciously for The Infernal Kingdom because THAT IS the message of The Infernal Kingdom.

God is bright and wonderful, filled with iridescent rainbows of ever-intensifying light. God is splendor everlasting. God is beyond description and definition but... we do try. ON THE OTHER HAND, those serving the lower appetites and ambitions are dull, when they are not slick and slippery, transparently false and dark. Sure... they have access to special effects and can pretend to be anything... but a sincere and loving heart is not deceived.

I mentioned diet today because it is SUPER important. Every physical function that you ROUTINELY engage in through every day is of critical importance and should be treated so. The dietary example I mentioned, which comes out of the Macrobiotic tradition is a provable reality, in terms of results. I just want you to think about these things BEFORE it is too late. I'm going to be giving more examples in future postings because I consider them basic survival tactics. It could get very grim here for some. I don't want you to be among them.

I think there must be a Fundie Christianity Virus also, because there is an appreciable mass of them who have an exclusionary quote for every occasion. It doesn't matter if you love Christ, as do I. It doesn't matter if you follow his example, as best you can, in all you do. If you are not CONVENTIONAL and part of the scriptural gangbangers coalition you are persona non gratia.

There were some religious groups who celebrated the virtues of good diet, like The Essene's; long gone, and others... some of whom are still around but they are in a small minority overall.

I never was much for joining groups. What did Mark Twain say? Something like, “I refuse to join any club that would have me for a member.” I once lived in the Guru Bawa Fellowship, in the Overbrook section of Philly. I loved Guru Bawa, who was a pleasure to be around and lit up like a light bulb with spiritual force, but... the followers and especially the self-anointed in charge were something else. There used to be a nice greensward in front of the fellowship where people would sit and where gatherings were held in good weather. When Bawa died, in no time at all, it seemed, those who seized the reins of power, paved over all of the grass in front and put in a parking lot, Then they stenciled their title of office in their personal parking place. Once they were done there was little room for anyone else to park. Sadly, this was not my first experience of ashrams and religious communities. I've yet to find an exception, EXCEPT when we formed together as equals for the purpose of the demonstration we shared in, and then moved on.

I seldom know what I am going to write about and even when I have an idea in the beginning, it never goes as I expected. This is a classic example today, given that I wasn't going to write anything, but my friend said something and I went to write it down for later and just kept typing (grin).

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Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
what a title for this Smoking Mirrors !
For so many the force of Christ is limited to only the Incarnation in Yeshua Bin Yozef.... The Teacher of Love and Forgiveness !!!
limiting the Nature of Divinity to an Earthly plane and linear time, inspite the invitation to Eternal Life... which the fundies explain as living in 'Heaven', a place limited to the experience of their five-sense existence only without any challenge, a 'paradise'.... is there in their minds even the idea of cosmos and Cosmic Christ, a Love beyond brilliance throughout the Cosmos, and the Uni-Verse, which indeed is the Verse of LOVE.... ? like a filter or sunglasses blocking the path of maturation of the Immortal Soul, in one's own mentation....
Profound Sadness, Grief , simultaneously present whilst the Heart beats with the Sweetness of The Presence...... as the decades of this incarnation pass, some of the days become unbearable within the simultaneity of such contrary Feelings..... and when some unknown Force pulls to other incarnations with the very same experience in the feelings, and i, a tiny, almost non-existent spark of awareness, at even the thought of imagining the Intensity of the Christ Uni-versal, shy away, in fear of becoming non.existent and non-aware of any sense of Self in time......
Thank you for this Smoking Mirrors, Mas and Mas Visible !
GrizzlyBear Hug

Thomas said...

GREAT post! And a wonderful comment from the good Grizzly :)

Those Nori wraps sound *delicious*...

brian boru said...

I've noticed that overweight people always seem to eat their food very quickly. So fast that it is hard to imagine that they are tasting what they are eating. Perhaps that's why so many of them eat 'fast' food. I suppose it's because so many of us don't know what the nature of existence is, and what is the reason we are here for, is why we are slaves to our various appetites. The great difficulty, at least for me, is how to convince myself of my true purpose and act accordingly.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up.

robert said...

Visible One,

How you eat, the attitude you SIT DOWN to shows what you are feeding. If you are angry, fearful, STRESSED, or filled with any negative emotions, THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE FEEDING! The same thing is transferred to others if you cook in that state

True statements emerge intact from the stillness of sincere attention.

Our mental and emotional states qualify or misqualify every effort, every pictured outcome, every intended message we create.

Can we be mindful every moment?

In the course of our mental blindwalking, we run programmed routines that use up our entire alloted time.

While focused on the illusion we believe is real, we stomp right on by the moments we were meant to apprecite as gifts.

In somber reflection, we note this pattern yet despair that we can grow out of it.

We take on another action to pile on our list of to-dos, even scheduling slots for meditation and appreciation, bypassing most of the possible appointments to awaken.

Until we reach our limit, see that place clearly and return to our spirit's source, we fail to launch.

Starting fresh every day, rebooting our operating mindset upon every chance encounter with our automatic execution, renewing our mind directly from the well of infinite Being, we rebuild our identity into something which can hold ecstasy for more than a minute.

We may grasp abstractly that higher dimensions are powered by the bliss of timeless Love yet deny ourselves the slightest taste, all to maintain the life we think we have.
As the corruption of the human-qualified world oppresses our spirit to extinction, we hunker further down into defense of who we think we are.
Until we notice that there is no floor to reach and bounce off to begin going upward for a change.

Then we see
WE are flying our spirit downward into sticky terrain
WE are driving ourselves crazy resisting the Love within us
WE are choosing to remain in a deadly trance, just because we believe in limited life

Every physical function that you ROUTINELY engage in through every day is of critical importance and should be treated so

Every moment of human existence is a way station to eternity
Yet we wait on the station platform, wondering where we should go...
Deeper down, we entertain doubt that we are loved and worthy of going anywhere better than our mind's set perception of less.

Once they were done there was little room for anyone else to park. Sadly, this was not my first experience of ashrams and religious communities

This pattern, where the reaction to spiritual energy peaks is followed by a lockdown illustrates human reactivity to a T:

We see this dynamic in human pair bonding: one person radiates in a selfless pulse of transcendance and the partner instinctually tries to control the situation.
Instead of going with the flow, past disappointments have programmed a suppressive strategy, not to be fooled into flying again!
In the middle of every ecstatic intrusion, minds scramble for cover, resisting life energy to the death!

Our will is our problem
Never mind the dim puppets of dark hole destiny!
They are driven to offer only the choice to die, with the seductive twist to abuse our desire to give by diverting our gifts to their own asses, to fatten their fatuous fear-based fantasy as we go down!

Why do we choose death at every fork is the question we must face.
Who lurking just inside the surface of our subjective mind is narrating our demise?
Why do we listen to that alter ego when we know it leads to folding our tent before we find our way?

Test our inner narrative relentlessly and see if there is love there.
Then begins the walk away from that lying, dying self toward the Self which we all really are.

Now we begin again to stay awake for increasing stretchs of time...
Until time is transcended and we live from a timeless base as we walk through real events, relighting spirit all around us.

We love our mothers or else
We love our Mother
We live to love our Mother like our Father does

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Religion is a Wardrobe Where Hang the Clothes God Wore Before. The Past is Past."



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