Wednesday, June 2, 2021

"It is a Sham and a Sad Masquerade of Doomed Fools, Passing Through the Wheel of Fire, Again and Again."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Prophecy comes out of a supersensory, visceral connection to the plane of revelation. It is transmitted on the angelic wavelength and the accuracy and exactitude of prophecy are based on this cyclic wonder of endless reoccurrence. Usually, that which prophecy speaks of warns against and informs us of takes place in an apocalypse. Ergo, we are presently present in the times of the fulfillment of Prophecy. Please take note.

Before anything happens here, on the manifest, it is an idea in the Mind of God, and it instantaneously becomes a reality on that plane. It hums across the angelic network in a kind of Divine Hive Mind concert of Joy and Heavenly ecstasy. That is the routine in Heaven. God speaks and the Akasha trembles. In times of great change, it can be compared to the rolling thunder of AUM, coming off of Shiva's Drum. This might be a tad esoteric (ya think?) but it is so. It is a cosmic verity. God speaks and the world is transformed. Since decadence and decay are a certainty in material affairs, God speaks at regular intervals. One can scarcely hear God with mortal ears, and not at all unless one is attuned to hear by Grace.

The closest material thought can come in the appreciation of The Divine Presence is to be found in The Lightning. Within, it comes as the flash of inspiration, which is also a thunderbolt at a higher level.

Heavenly time and material time are not synchronized. The commands of Heaven must descend through planes of consciousness until they wind up here at the Motor Vehicle Department of Earth. You have heard that “the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.” This is something to ALWAYS bear in mind when thinking of Heaven. One must also leave off with reasoning and logic. Sometimes they apply and sometimes they do not. There are states of awareness far beyond Reason and Logic. Better, perhaps, it is to say that, though Reason and Logic may exist in the finer realms, they bear little resemblance to the forms taken here.

It is due to this that the books and censers crowd are able to logically and reasonably justify their offenses upon others. Apparently, God told them to do it by the grace of THEIR INTERPRETATION of what has been written. Churches spring up in no time it seems. The priests and such are the interfaces between God and humanity. A man named Diderot is reputed to have said, “Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” It was a timely statement, coming as it did before the French Revolution. The problem is, is that what he said? Something similar can be found in one of his poems, which reads, “And its hands would weave the entrails of the priest, for the lack of a cord with which to strangle kings.”

I included that in order to show what can happen to scripture in the hands of those self-empowered to interpret it. That quote is only a few hundred years old. The quotes from scripture are MUCH OLDER, in all cases. Some scripture is thousands of years older, and the most recent of them is thirteen hundred years, give or take. Of course, Ageless Wisdom is... ageless, but that DOES NOT MEAN that what is commonly available is representative of that, once it has been manipulated by those who have a Material Interest in how it is interpreted. This MUST BE understood. The Truth is a reality, but where is it? It has been secreted within you. This is why, on those rare occasions, when you hear something it rings, or resonates with you. What has happened is that the statement pings off of the Inner Truth resident within.

The same happens when you are in the presence of a realized master.

One could say that you are ALWAYS in the presence of a realized master, should you take note of it. Guru Bawa once said that when you are caught up in the pursuit of material pastimes you are no longer on God's TV screen. He can't see you. I am guessing that, certainly, he can see you should he choose to, but you, voluntarily went off his radar.

Our souls and particle of spirit are always with God. One might say this and find it to be true, but a part of us is cut off because of The Separated Mind. There is ONE MIND and there is the separated mind and that is explanation enough for everything you encounter in this dreaming life. Fallen Angels are the inspiration for and in The Separated Mind.

As long as one is in the separated mind, one imagines themselves to be an independent entity, free to act as they please. This includes a large portion of humanity, and it is especially large, at this point in time, given the incredible power of present Material Culture. In Arcane History, there is evidence of previous cultures, now... remarkably vanished from our pedestrian history that has been written by the seeming victors. Before those cultures were other cultures. There have been so many variations upon the theme that it would astonish most people. NOTHING material lasts in its present form, but these forms are repeated endlessly over time. Fashions and mores come and go, ONLY the ineffable and his angels continue as they are.

For so long as one exists in a fascination dance with the material world, one will continue to dance in and out of physical life for incredible reaches of time. Fortunate are those who have developed a Divine Discontent with the things of this world. It might seem that they are fools, and the world holds no great admiration for them. They are shunned and scorned for their lack of shared enthusiasm for the common appetites and hungers. They bring the others down, as a constant reminder of otherness. This is why they learn to pass as if they were like everyone else and they keep their own counsel close. It accounts for The Mysterious Stranger that comes and goes, here and there.

This whole world is nothing but Hocus Pocus. It is a sham and a sad masquerade of doomed fools, passing through the wheel of fire again, and again, and again. The true sorrow of the whole affair is that a brighter, more wonderful, and enduring world is to be found... yonder. One does not lightly pass into the Elysian spheres. It takes True Grit and relentless effort. It is not for the weak, the timid, nor the fearful. It's the great unknown, in there and out there. It is the Land of the Undiscovered Self. If there is danger to be found then you have brought it with you. It could also be that you have ventured forth unprepared, without sufficient virtue. There are many horrors in those regions below the surface mind. One is advised not to consider a visit unprepared.

This is why it is said that one must secure a guide. Someone who has been there before, and who can show you the way. This is an ancient and honored tradition and it comes with an admonishment; Pride of self cannot come with you, and you CANNOT succeed on your own, as many have come to discover. This is a big play on a grand scale. The separated human mind cannot imagine the power of the heavenly archetypes. It is beyond comprehension. The power of God Almighty is of another magnitude beyond those who serve him and resonate with His Will. Abject humility is the ONLY appropriate response, and he is CONSCIOUSLY RESIDENT in every master and initiate. Every realized soul hosts THE SAME INNER and OVER Lord. There is no particle of difference.

You have to get your mind around the scope and range of this. That one power interpenetrates EVERYTHING. It originates everything and it calls everything back into its original state. Not only this, but ALL the power that is manifest in the representative universe is but a fragment of the power of The Divine. Try to imagine it and you cannot.

I call this entity my friend, as could anyone who behaves like one. That is all that it takes. However, it is no easy task to be the friend of The Almighty, and not be a friend of The World. The mind of The World holds such folks as enemies of the realm. They don't fare well in reputation. Even when one is held up as an icon, they then set about a meticulous tearing apart of that icon, as we see in present time. To be Anonymous is best. To not stand out above your fellows is a sane posture. One learns soon enough, or one does not learn or learns in the fashion of their personal preferences. There is no place for personal preferences in The Kingdom of Heaven.

You might think that means an end to your freedom. It is the beginning of your freedom. Whether they think so or not, all members of The World in acceptable standing are ENSLAVED, or have hostages to fortune. So it is that they are ALL compromised in one way or another. There is no fortune here but the fruit of moths and rust. The way things are seen here is upside down from the way they are. This is why one should NEVER lie to themselves. That is the genesis of all your troubles.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Quite frankly, I'm royally fed up with the world. It's absolutely disgusting compared to the Otherside, but hey. I stay for I have no choice. My contract is up when my contract is up, which is NOW, despite being in the future; since time is an illusion. But I'm determined to finish my sojourn in the cesspit with utmost displeasure. . .despite the fact that if they knew, probably 80% of the human race would want to by in my socks for reasons I think I ought not post.

You really said it, with this piece. Can't argue with any of it.

Anonymous said...

Les said it best, it's the beginning of true freedom. So naturally the devotees of God are living in heaven, even if they don't look rich, altho some may be rich too. To sum it up, there's no happiness at all in being separate from God, only moth dust

Hat-Trick said...

It occurred to me to ask, how do you keep coming up with these masterpieces off of a palette of endless colors. I was just going to ask that and then it occurred to me that it would be impossible for anyone to do this without the support of Heaven or Hell. Getting that I had only to consider, "By their works ye shall know them." and that put an end to any further speculation.

Anonymous said...

HatTrick - nice comment. I was thinking the same thing but you said it perfectly!! Living proof that God exists and never ceases to amaze.

Anonymous said...

You might think that means an end to your freedom. It is the beginning of your freedom. Whether they think so or not" Like George M points out, a man's will isn't free until his will has been utterly denied and left behind for God's will. I know from my own experience the hardest taskmaster I have ever faced is my own pathetic lowly "self". Nearly all the pain and misery I have experienced the past 47 years was a direct result of my servitude to "self". What a miserable and wretched existence. It is that which I need saved from and now have liberty from and will continue to be free from so long as I desire it and look to Him who can help me achieve it. Truly truly truly where the Spirit of the LORD is there is liberty.

"There is no fortune here but the fruit of moths and rust. The way things are seen here is upside down from the way they are." Reminds me of what George MacDonald talked about regarding what Paul talked about to the Corinthians. How that your heart will fare as the earthly treasures it is set upon fare. That it will be eaten up by moth and rust...

"This is why one should NEVER lie to themselves. That is the genesis of all your troubles." The cunning and deceitful self...evering cunning and deceitful until it is denied utterly and filled with God.

I was so far down Les when I commented about it back in December on your FB post. My words to God felt as though they couldn't get past the ceiling over my head. But He heard my prayers, your prayers, and others who were praying for me. He has brought me up out of that horrible pit and set me on that narrow path. I'm spiritual stupor has subsided. So glad to be on this rock today.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"We are a Claymation Nation of Designer Labels and Knock-Offs at The Cosmic Knocking Shop."

jpow00 said...

Indeed! The true root of ALL evil is SELF DECEPTION.



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