Friday, June 25, 2021

"The POWER Within is ALWAYS Greater than the Power Without, IF... One Knows This."

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Summer is here, but... already, you can smell the burning of infrastructure, like piles of dead leaves in a False Flag Fall. This sort of thing makes you think of Halloween; witches, and goblins, and vampires and Ghosts... oh my. Show me a culture where sexual license and the pursuit of mindless convenience are the disorder of the day, and I will show you a culture where these creatures rule.

Humanity DOES NOT understand who and what it is that keeps the forces of darkness at bay. They don't SEE it happening, even while it is happening. Every now and then though... something... someone... opens the Gates of Hell and a few, or a great many regiments slip out upon the landscape like barbarians through the portcullis of the castle. Your body is a castle. You don't see castles that aren't built for defensive purposes, just like your body, though we don't see the defense mechanisms that inhabit us. Bad lifestyle will destroy a castle even more effectively than cannon fire or siege engines.

When you look at what's what in the countries of The West, perhaps you may wonder where so many strange and undesirable trends are coming from. Why should anyone care about the gender-bending fantasies of a very small collection of the mentally ill? Why should the world care about the sexual practices of a small fragment of humanity whose lifestyle will kill them off in a generation or two? What caused all the rage and hate, all the chaos and confusion of recent times? Who... is fomenting race wars, wars between the sexes, wars between political perspectives and WHO... is making war on Christianity? Most importantly, who is making war on Thought and Speech and has taken over the shaping of the minds of the young?

The same people are behind EVERY ONE OF THESE strange and undesirable trends. We know them as The Usual Suspects. They've had a good long run... or is it a long bad run? Of course, the polarity between the relative poles of Good and Evil is necessary for the world to be. Perhaps that doesn't make sense but... we wouldn't get very far without Night and Day, Hot and Cold, Lawmen and outlaws, and all the other colorful characters that dance across the stage in their respective times. The key to freedom is to be indifferent to either extreme, to not care at all about Attractions and Aversions.

Why... we've had The Enlightenment (which was not an enlightenment). We've had The Age of Reason, which proved to be very unreasonable, especially in France, which, if I remember aright, was the closing chapter in The Age of Reason. It might help to know that The Age of Reason and The Enlightenment were in the same time frame. We ALSO had the Age of Faith, ironically it happened in one of the darker periods. No question it was a time that needed a great deal of Faith if they were going to make it to The Age of Reason and The Enlightenment. There was too, The Renaissance. There were subsections in various ages, like that period of Feudalism. It gets confusing when you try to stick all those images onto the whiteboard and talk about chains of custody; chains seen and unseen.

We don't usually see things as they are. Everyone's world view is colored and shaped according to their desires, while imagination feeds the fire, and The Mind goes ballistic, thinking it might have missed it, whatever it was. The Dog of Desire has its nose in the garbage. The Monkey Mind is riding on its back, indicating points of interest in the garbage, as if the nose wasn't telling the dog everything it needed to know already.

Think of the scavengers and the vermin that follow the tracks of the lions and other predators. Lobsters and Crocodiles serve similar purposes in the water, as do buzzards and vultures (no... they are not the same) in the air. In this world, people wish for it to be different than it is. Sometimes they wish for it to be very, very different. Sometimes, the most twisted and deranged among us wind up setting policy, and you know it won't be much longer before some major adjustment in the balance of things occurs. Things can only go so wrong for so long and cosmic force intrudes.

I love the smell of False Flags burning in the morning (to paraphrase the risible Robert Duval). They smell like an apocalypse. Lightly... lightly they move. There are eyes everywhere; unfriendly eyes. They have competition. All sorts of scavengers have banded together in packs. They are expecting to feast shortly. Will there be enough corpses to go around? One has to ask this question in light of the understanding that someone is messing with the human reproductive function.

No NORMAL person cares about 63 genders, or is curious about anal sex. Fascination with one's body is supposed to pass in one's infancy until puberty sets sail in a high wind. White supremacy is a straw dog. Racial hate is something you have to feed like the coal furnace on an old train. These are ALL artificial constructs and their Single Purpose is to CONFUSE and INTIMIDATE. Yet again, ♫ what's puzzlin you is the nature of my game ♫ We have devil and angel both within and our lives are a struggle between them. You can say they are representative of our Lower Nature and our Higher Nature. OR... there is The Intellect and The Spirit, and The Heart and The Soul. The Intellect is the lower nature of The Spirit and The Heart is the Lower nature of The Soul.

Consider yourself. The whole of your days is a response to the urgings of The Mind and The Heart, who require guidance or they will perish. You can EASILY tell which of them is influencing you by what they want. When The Spirit and The Soul are in charge you are sailing across the Ocean of Birth and Death. Otherwise, you are attempting to swim in stormy seas. God help you.

So... we look out at what is taking place in the wider world and it becomes EVIDENT that the worst of us has muscled aside the best of us. This is a temporary affair. They have to mess it up good before those appointed to fix it appear. It is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to get your mind focused on THE FACT that EVERYTHING is UNDER CONTROL, no matter what appearances may say. This has to be a visceral awareness. An intellectual awareness is not going to do the job. God PERMEATES the whole of existence, every single particle is a part of the composition of The Body of God, which is The Universe itself. All consciousness is BORROWED consciousness. It is the same with all force as well. Both the good and the evil get their ability to act from a SINGLE SOURCE. In other words, 'God has you surrounded.'

God surrounds and suffuses you. What is the difference between one who is awakened and one who is asleep? It is the awareness or lack of awareness of this understanding. God is ALL IN ALL. Your being unaware of him has NO impact on the reality of His Presence.

Everywhere I look, I see CHAINS. I see chains in every shape and color draped like shawls around the shoulders of humanity. The World is enslaved by the chains of the senses, and a good portion of the culture is constructed for the whims of appetite. Where is our nobility? Where is our dignity? Where is our honor? These are all connected to our Integrity, and their presence or absence accounts for our character. IT is NOT because of the governments, or the religions, or any external construct that we suffer so. Yes... they play a role, but it is we who put ourselves at the mercy of these systems because of our hostages to fortune, and because we REFUSE to engage in Self-Inquiry. It is much easier to root around in the business of others than to take personal inventory of ourselves.

We have NOTHING to fear from The World unless we are inattentive. The POWER within is ALWAYS greater than the power without IF one Knows THIS. “If God is for me, who can be against me?” “Greater is that which is within you than that which is in The World.” We get hamstrung by fear of The Unknown, when we, ourselves, in fact, are that undiscovered country. All that is said here are only words unless the meaning accompanies them, and it is our Understanding that accounts for that.

I was once troubled by the directions taken by The World. I now know that it's none of my business. I have Cold Creek to sleep by, and its endless, running waters to comfort my soul. It IS possible to fly over the cuckoo's nest. Stop trying to make sense out of nonsense! Stop trying to fit in. When you come to a REAL accommodation with yourself, you won't have to worry about any of that. The True Self is SUPREME. The False Self is not. You do not speak to the False Self. You do not even acknowledge it. The whole of your attention is on the True Self. If you are standing IN the light, no shadow can touch you.

It is very simple. Either God is in charge of everything (one way or another) or he is not. This is something one must prove to themselves. Some don't care. Some refuse to be bothered. Some are utterly clueless but... you do not have to be. You WILL know when you are on the right road. The road itself will tell you this. If you cannot find it, but you are sincere in your quest, the guide ALREADY appointed to you, WILL STEP IN.

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In the middle of the Ob River in Siberia lies a forgotten island. Never officially named, it’s known after the nearest village: the hamlet of Nazino. But people who live in this desolate region know the island has another, secret name; a name you will never find on Google Maps...


brian boru said...

It's getting harder all the time to listen to or watch what is happening. The knowledge that virtually everything that we are told is a lie or distraction makes the idea of totally opting out more attractive all the time. I envy those who have a clear connection with God and aren't easily distracted.
I don't know whether you have seen this site:
Whether all he claims is true or not he seems to have done his homework. If he is mostly right it makes you wonder whether any history or anything at all that we are told is true.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The information in this post is more self-evident as ever. Nostrils up.

Thomas said...


I was reminded of a story of Appolonius of Tyana, where he was sitting in a dungeon in chains, together with his scribe and disciple. The dejected disciple asks him: "What are you thinking of, Appolonius?", and he answers: "I am thinking that I am not bound by these chains", takes one of his feet out of its ankle lock, winks, and puts it back in again! Heh!

I also *love* it when deep truths are expressed in ways so simple that even a child will be able to get something out of it (e.g. racial hatred that needs to be stoked like an old furnace) - like Aesop, La Fontaine, Ramakrishna, or the parables of Jesus (and others, too). Simple stories, like proverbs, moral yarns, or old folk tales containing wisdom, really has a way of getting under ones skin, I find - and are easy to recall and wonder about. Besides, they appeal to my childish side, which I like :)

Visible said...

Well... the good news is that when you are done reading him you have people like Zacharia Sitchin and others to weave even more tales. I don't know if what he or any of them have to say is true and I am not curious to see. What I do know, is that The Truth is there to be found, inside of me; just as it is for anyone, and that is the ONLY truth I am concerned with. If it rings within then it verifies or rejects whatever is outside.

Visible said...

Brian; here is my problem with Miles Mathis= I could put MANY other links in but this is short and to the point.

I agree with him about the conspiracy issues but then do not agree with his take on them. Also, I get NOTHING spiritual from him and that is my Litmus Line. I don't care to hear from anyone who has not got God at the base of their thinking. That's just me and it's probably racist, but so is life from what I can see.

I hesitate to criticize Mathis. There are others here who swear by him and, for all I know, he could be right now and again. I KNOW for certain he is not right about things that can be RELATIVELY easily checked if you have some understanding of these things and I do. This then makes me wonder about the things he says that can't be checked. I've been thinking his whole thing is Satire but he hasn't revealed that yet. That would explain a lot.

The things he says about Lincoln's assassination being staged and certain other VERY suspect statements, makes me very leary. This is the same kind of Cointelpro that I see with Alex Jones, Mike Adams, Wilcock, Fulford and others. They weave the sensational and intriguing into what is already taken to be so and then create a web of credulity to snare the reader in. As I said, I don't want to criticize the guy or anyone, if I can help it. Sometimes there is no way round speaking your mind. These days I just prefer to contemplate the ineffable and that is my guide and my teacher, I don't need any other sources.

Anonymous said...

hi viz....ability

Thank you ONCE again for the re-confirmation of the path!

FWIW..I check for your posts daily

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the 'educational' column. Appreciated.

Since I brought Miles Mathis into the conversation, I thought I should sum-up my views on him. As usual, this is just my take; your mileage will vary. (For the record, I am not associated with Mathis in any way.)

(As an aside, I do not buy-in to any author's view of the universe. I do two things: I mine them for ideas. "Hmm, I hadn't considered this." Then, I pass them [the author and his/her proffered idea] over to Higher Self and/or my intuition. They are then either 'tossed' or put on some shelf in my mind for future reference.)

Mathis is a tough cookie to quantify. In some ways, I trust his analysis. In other ways, he throws up flags. I definitely have to be on-my-game when reading one of his papers.

On the spiritual side, he rarely mentions anything having to do with what we would call God. He even has debunked several psychic 'hotspots'. On the other hand, he frequently mentions his Muses in a way that implies more than random insights. He has also mentioned that he used to visit various eastern-style ashram-like settings in the Santa Fe area. In a vague way, I would put him as halfway between Confucian and Taoist...


Ray B. said...


On the earthly side, Mathis is a mixture. I look for authors who can both maintain an 'overview' picture of things while also being able to dive into the details. Both are important, with a slight edge to the overview. Mathis satisfies this criteria.

As Mathis has gone further and further down the rabbit hole, he (and guest authors) has identified a 'group' which came out of the Mesopotamian area many thousands of years ago. They had such an advanced system of trade, treaty-making, and arranged-marriages that they 'took over' the Mediterranean basin (east to west) and beyond. Many 'signs' remain of this culture, if one digs (usually ancient names of places). However, this group prefers to remain in the shadows for some reason - and so, history has been 'massaged' to keep them out of the limelight. (The winners write the history books.)

Mathis prefers to call this group the "Phoenician Navy." And, they still exist. History can seem very different, viewed from within this 'lens'. (If you see some similarities between the "Phoenician Navy" and the fabled Anunnaki, you would not be alone. However, Mathis has not made this overt connection in any of his writings.)

I am wary of Mathis' propensity to see everything in a conspiratorial light. However, there is enough identified by him to cause serious thinking - especially in how the Euros were subverted/taken-over. On American history, I am aware of many 'currents' running in the background. I would not be surprised if at least some of Mathis' observations are real. I am letting all this data 'churn' in the background, to see what Higher Self brings-forward as pertinent to me.

My up-front disagreements with Mathis are on his 'nukes are not real', his 'space accomplishments are not real', and similar. I also question some of his genealogical-derived conclusions, since being an eighth-removed cousin of someone may not be pertinent. I have not taken the time to review his 'physics' papers to see if they have merit, since my path is very different at this time...

Regarding Mathis' personality, yes, he is full of himself. He is also combative, although I could see this as a prerequisite for the 'field' he has chosen. I have emailed him, and he has responded in a thoughtful manner.

(I do occasionally wonder if "Mathis" is a group of writers in Sub-Basement 6 at Langley, due to the sheer volume of writing. Same with a 'trained' AI program. Just another method to 'stir' one's mind, directed at those not totally asleep. We will see, if the reverse "Tower of Babel Moment" ever occurs.)

So, all in all, I still consider Mathis to be worth reading - with caveats...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Interesting. I would put him halfway between a New Ager and an Off-roader, especially since you mention Santa Fe. I'm familiar with Santa Fe, as I am with Taos and Sedona and I know what noises the coconut telegraph makes in those locations. I understand sifting the info from anyone and everyone, and taking what's useful. It is what I do. I don't know enough about Mathis to make an informed critique. I do know that the areas he explores are of no interest to me. There are many fonts of information on the road to Self Discovery and... in the end, it's ALL about Self Discovery. I am able to locate myself better in certain environs more than others. In some areas of info, I can't even recognize myself.

For me, I care not at all about the possibilities of the past. ONLY right now matters to me. I will feel the same tomorrow. I don't know if that makes me psychic or not (grin). What I do know is that I am on a specific ray and only that which is germane to the ray is of interest to me. What other rays get up to is their concern and all I look for in other rays is what harmonics are required for me to avoid conflict with them. Harmony for me is The Key to it all once the love is flowing. I recognize that tales from the past can be educative, but whether I knew Annunaki were real, or not, or actually someone else or someone else, would not be important to me.

I don't like opera, except for certain arias and I can't stand ballet or bluegrass music. That is not a comprehensive list. Meanwhile, there are millions who appreciate them, so I don't judge the forms. They simply are not for me, like the flesh pits. I've been there and that salt has lost its savor. I imagine I had more interest in certain things when I was younger. Now it all gets a hard pass. I found what I was seeking and there is no reason for me to look anymore.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the extended reply. What is an 'Off-roader'? Assuming you don't mean someone driving around in the boondocks. (I know you use 'New Ager' as a pejorative. I see the negative side, as well as the positive side. Different strokes.)

I like the Past as a means of informing the Present. I have been waiting half a lifetime for something 'unique' to occur. A Big something. So far, visibly, it has been more of the same - with a downhill slope. So, I find it appropriate to 'know the territory', rather than just roaming-around within what the Overseers want one to know. If Mr Apocalypse wants to step-in and remedy the situation, big time, I am more than willing to ditch the Past. Until then, I like to be informed as possible. (And use the Intuition beyond that.)

And yes, I prefer Harmony to the opposite...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

An Off-roader is literally that. One who goes off-road and far afield. So I could have meant that Miles does this and he goes to some fantastic lengths sometimes to make his point. I could also mean that he goes over unfamiliar territory. It might be the same territory but he sees things others don't see. To my mind at this point that is a two-way thing. He also sees things that aren't there. Of course, I may not be able to see them and I don't discount that, but... I've traveled enough of him to get his relevance to me, insofar as what I do.

It's like the Earth is one huge corporation and we work in different departments. Different things are important and this world covers an enormous spectrum. That's how I see it these days. We are all specialists in our fields. We are also blind men groping an elephant. However, now I can see people without negatives and only as different. It is a life changing moment for me, meaning it's still going on (grin).

Visible said...

and all a different expression of a single being.

dave1010 said...

To see people without negatives and only different is my goal. But when I see them spewing the dark side agenda ��my hands are clenched in fists of rage�� I keep trying and failing. But I keep trying.

Visible said...

Perhaps, it might help to know that that feeds the very thing that outrages you AND it NEVER changes it for the better. ONLY Impersonal Love will serve to bring changes and that won't be immediate unless you are of a very high station. They ARE destroying themselves. Buddha once said, "show compassion toward your enemies, it will place coals of fire upon their heads." Maybe he was talking about something just like this. Love is a healing balm. It is also a cutting sword, as Jesus implied. You wouldn't expect Buddha to say something like that but it PROBABLY came out of something like you just said (grin). Anyway, the truth is that loving those who hate you is not pleasant for them; not that that should be one's objective, but it's not bad as a side dish.

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,
Thank you for your posts. They resonate with me somehow. Intellectually, I find it impossible to appreciate faith, but somehow I’m getting more receptive to it as I age (I’m 68). Warm regards.

Anonymous said...

"I don't care to hear from anyone who has not got God at the base of their thinking".


Couldn't agree more... (Smile).


Thomas said...

I just read yesterday in the Danish "Medical Weekly" that the mRNA-vaccines are a "triumph of medicine", seeing that are ready "only a year after the Corona was discovered"... Well, well... seeing that it is very likely that the virus itself was created in a lab, it is not a far stretch to think that the vaccines have been ready for years, too. The medical community, cult-like, generally do not consider the possibility that the virus is a lab-creation, and therefore fawn over the "speedily discovered" vaccines.

What would this accomplish for the "elites"? Well, for one, they could have already done extensive safety testing on the vaccines. Then, telling people that "we need to hurry, and it's going to be experimental, but it's important!", they calculate to score 2 PR-victories: "see, experimental trials are not so bad! It worked!" - and additionally: "Oh, all those sceptics and conspiracy theorists! How they fantasized and worried for nothing! They are not to be trusted!".

Pfizer, especially, is tied into the occult networks, as far as I have been able to ascertain. It is possible that Moderna and Astra-Zeneca are competitors on that level (their vaccines are more risky, it currently looks like. Perhaps not in on the loop.) - or maybe used as strawmen. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine has been restricted here since they say it has not been properly tested - but one can still go and buy it, if one is impatient to get a proof of vaccination / "Corona-passport" (for travelling, mainly). Russia is designated big bad boogie-man here, so no Russian vaccine (it has not even been talked about). And no Ivermectin either. Conversely, hydroxychloroquine is starting to draw medical attention. A big meta-review, also mentioned in the recent "Medical Weekly", of 42 studies found statistically significant positive effects from it in preventing serious illness from Corona - depending on dose and protocol. Could be very embarrassing!

The biggest trouble with the vaccines, it looks to me, is that they are used to divide people psychologically. A former national belly-dancing-champion (many roads to fame, I guess!) recently announced that she does not want to be in close physical proximity with anyone vaccinated, as she is convinced that the spike proteins are highly dangerous - I have yet to see actual evidence for this claim. Looks like an attempt to divide-and-conquer, as usual.

(Continues 1/2)

Thomas said...

(Continued 2/2)

It moves like an enormous snake, or the tentacle of an even bigger creature. But like the heavy and slow dinosaurs were outcompeted by small and nimble rodents and other mammals, so it is possible that the big and cumbersome corporate / organized darkness will die a "death of a thousand cuts" from all the seemingly disorganised resistors, moving like a swarm of many autonomous entities. The fact that the darkness relies on a compartmentalized need-to-know basis, utterly shot through with lies, is one of its primary weaknesses. In desperation and impatient, blind lust, it exposes its flanks, and sometimes even open nerve centers.

In the "Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion", there is a line somewhere saying that what especially needs to be avoided and suppressed - what they are most vulnerable to - is *personal initiative*. Yes, I concur with that analysis. Seen from a martial, strategic point of view, how in the world do they mean to deal with a loose swarm of committed opponents, using everything they've got, from guerilla activism over economy and scientific argument to prayer and conscious spiritual influx? How will they deal with inspiration, telepathy, and angelic assistance, which they can neither monitor nor control? Trying to defend themselves against this broad onslaught, they run a very high risk of turning the sleeping masses against themselves, and they know it! It would not surprise me to learn that some of them were already looking for an exit.

God IS good! The soul is eternal. It is best to keep the body, but there are times when a willing sacrifice (or simply taking the risk of it) is a very good investment, spiritually speaking.

Visible said...

A new Petri-Dish is up now=

"And ALL OF THEM are LIT, and Nose-Rooting Through the Tunnels of Appetite."

No longer a Trump supporter said...

I expose miles Mathis as a disinformation agent on my Blog. The biggest proof of that is his post on the JFK assasination being staged. See:




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