Wednesday, January 27, 2021

"Karma Still Reigns Supreme; right under the Grace of God, Which is Empowered to Set it Aside."

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It's all about sex. You think the other person is someone else, but they are not. All those someone elses are also you. The trick is to know how to get along with all of them, through a certain commonality. Material life is a cesspool, all gaudied up to look like a hotel in Vegas. Existence as a streetwalker has come calling.

A word of caution to all. The brainwashing is going to intensify and other voices silenced. So it is that a nothing of a virus was blown out of all proportion. They created a Halloween monster and pretty much anyone that died of anything last year, died of COVID. They had been calling it Coronavirus but there was a trademark issue with Corona (grin). They did this to get rid of President Trump. Now he is gone and everything is going to go back to the normal that THEY intend to create for you. There is a vaccine that ONLY compromised people ever need anyway- and it's no good for them either- and the more you rely on vaccines and antibiotics, THE WEAKER YOU GET. I have NEVER lived in that world. I do not intend to start now.

THEY have decided there are too many of us. Be mindful. It could be that EVERYTHING on this plane is Controlled Opposition. It shouldn't matter to you if you harmonize it as you go. Meanwhile, the saucers may still come. The Avatar WILL appear and be coming to a real-life theater near you soon. Karma still reigns near supreme (right under the Grace of God, which is empowered to set it aside.) Many of you know this as being washed in the blood of the lamb. This, and all ageless truth and wisdom are reflected in all true religions, and there is a deeper state, which is that of The Initiate, and that is coming in a big way in the new age. Charlatans, Shamans, and intoxicated dervishes will be appearing worldwide, as, indeed, they presently are. At other locations, off the common thoroughfare, light-bearers and angels will also be present.

Many times more people died from drug overdoses than from COVID, which is also the cause of many of them indirectly, through forced isolation, despair, and the like. The faithful must be mindful that when trial and tribulation come, it is an orchestration designed and controlled by the Supernal Realm. The Will of Heaven is SUPREME. The Angelic Realm and those who serve it are the plenipotentiaries of God in human affairs.

If you are doubtful and confused, it is because you are allowing appearances to prevail over the force of the unseen, whose intention is that all things work for good for those who love The Lord.

It looks like there is as least one area where Biden is in perfect sync with himself and that is come Easter he can hide his own eggs. Most people live in a self-created delusion, concerning life and what takes place in it. One of the unfortunate realities about Materialism is that it creates a large percentage of the public which is bone-deep stupid. That is somewhere around 30% of the people. Add in another 20% that are merely stupid. You have a large bloc of people who go in whatever way the wind blows. Whether that is to escape the toxic stink of their own excrescences, or because they are all captives of herd mentality, I do not know. It is an unfortunate truth that there is a large number of us that ONLY want to eat and copulate, and be entertained. It stands to reason that there is a collective of doomed souls who feed on them.

I do not want to give the impression that I have an unmitigated contempt for humanity. I will admit to a state of terrible disappointment, and can well understand why mystics and seekers of all stripes tend to isolate themselves from the masses. Even if you are only a small degree awakened, surely you must say to yourself, “what do I say to these people?” “If I try to help them they might tear me to pieces.” It must feel like getting between a dog and his dinner; not your dog.

I have great hopes that the awakening I am seeing appear, in small flashes here and there, and most dramatically within myself as well--- one doesn't argue much against direct experience, that is... unless you don't like the outcome (grin). It is keeping me involved; this hope that humanity will RESPOND to the force streaming from the heavens in this time. I suppose Sodom and Gomorrah of a recent texture will come into play in places. I am also sure that some portion, even if it is quite small, will continue into the coming Golden Age. I KNOW it is coming. I just don't know when and I don't know what each of us (and that WILL VARY) will have to go through to get there.

Perhaps it is something like The Kingdom of Heaven come down to Earth. I suppose most people think that it is a state that arrives from somewhere, most likely from above. It would screw the myths and legends otherwise, and contradict Scripture, of course.. In reality, the Kingdom of Heaven is something you can acquire and live in and carry with you everywhere you go and SHARE with everyone you meet (should that prove safe). If you go about in your life with the certainty that you are already in The Kingdom of God, YOU WILL BE.

Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth, if Heaven is present. Heaven is a state of mind. Simply put yourself in it and voila! Of course, you have to BEHAVE as one must, to be in The Kingdom of Heaven. You must treat all creatures with love and impartiality. This DOES NOT mean that you have to be a doormat or deceitful. There is a confidence that comes from walking with The Lord that causes the darkness to flee, at all times; “Yeah though I walk through The Valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil.”

Everything you need to know about walking the talk is in scripture, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, within you already. You just have to tune to it. It is the same as working a radio dial, or a TV remote. You are a machine, just like a radio or TV. You are a transmitting crystal. You simply have to work the pump handle for a time until the water runs, and then runs clear. Right in-the area- of your brain, which is used by the mind for many purposes, there are transmitting and receiving stations that permit you to speak with angels, residents of other planets, long-dead sheaths, still transmitting their ageless commentary... and there are worse things in OTHER directions. Materialism is a POWERFUL engine for driving the higher in us... lower.

There is nothing wrong with being rich. We all get that many times, just as we do poor and mid-level. Really, what follows you from life to life is in your hands. People wind up in poor circumstances because of the way they behaved when they had so much. Sometimes they are poor for The Purpose of Demonstration because they came here to make some form of statement. Still... you could be rich life after life if you are a Good Steward, AND if you can remain unattached. It is always about priorities. So is what happens down here. That is why they say, “follow the money”. There are many connections to be made if one considers all of this.

You don't HAVE TO suffer. Still the inner flame. Turn it down to a blue-white stability and it will carry itself from there to The Pure Radiance. Calm the raging waters of appetite and desire. Focus your desire into a SINGLE objective and everything else comes with it as well; NOT THAT YOU SHOULD BE THINKING ABOUT THAT END OF IT. Of course, if you were you wouldn't be able to 'love the Lord God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and with all your mind' and you would get NEITHER. Such things as wealth and good fortune are worse than meaningless because they can be painful indeed... IF THEY ARE NOT SHARED. Why create a prison for yourself with a nasty warden, guards, and inmates? Neither wealth nor good fortune will last. It's ALL on the meter. Get off the wheel!!!

“Okay, Visible, lighten up. You've said more than enough for today!” ...bub... bub... bud... just trying to be helpful. I'm going to close in an anecdotal fashion. Many who come here know about my fanboy thing for Tom Brady. I was watching football some 20 years ago and there was this game between The New England Patriots and someone else. The Patriots' quarterback, Drew Bledsoe got hurt and in came Tom Brady. I had one of those moments, which I have had more than once when I spotted 'greatness' appearing. I have followed his career since. I am pretty sure he is the only reason I keep watching.

Anyway... after having been disrespected by his coach for a few years and who refused to give him any weapons to fight with, he left and went to Tampa Bay. It so happens that Tampa Bay is the site of this year's Super Bowl, making it the FIRST TIME that the Super Bowl would be hosted by one of the teams playing in it. It should be apparent that this is a rare occurrence since this is the first time it happened.

Meanwhile, Tom Brady has ALREADY won 6 Super Bowls and appeared in 9. This is #10. He went to the Super Bowl in half the years he played in the NFL. This is a career of achievement to which nothing else comes close.

The point of why I am bringing this up is that MANY months ago, I knew that the Super Bowl would be in Tampa and that Tom had been traded there. The previous year, that team had won only 7 games and lost 9. This year Tampa Bay made it in as a Wild Card; meaning they barely made it. They had to then play 3 games in the home field of the best of the rest of the league in their conference. It also rarely happens that a wild card goes to The Super Bowl, much less wins it. I kept saying to my friend, now and again, for months, “Wouldn't it be something if he went there.” The odds against it were VERY large. What do you know? He's in the Super Bowl again. People HATE him for this. I love him, not because he's a great football player but because of the way he carries himself as a man. I won't go into that. Let's keep this brief. Watching him has taught me many things.

All kinds of things CAN and DO happen here, and if they are not happening to you, they are happening to someone like you. They can also happen to you. Personally, I've no desire to do anything here anymore, but I will if I'm called to. Otherwise, there are far more brilliant and splendorous vales to dwell in and pass through. This world is one big feeding trough and I've tasted most of it and... heh heh... like not much of it. I've felt the call to more wonderful lands where Love and Peace and Truth flow like actual rivers and streams through them. I KNOW these places exist and they are beyond describing; some mention of this is made in the 23rd Psalm. My only real purpose here is to tell you about them and hope it may interest some amount of you.

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Guy Reid-Brown said...

Mr. Trump is not gone, Les.

He is THE supreme exponent of Sun Tzu's 'Art of War' of our time, and I am sure you are familiar with that.

I must be one of the original Rixon Stewart 'Truthseeker' followers - I used to have all the xeroxed magazine copies of 'The Truthseeker ' from its pre-internet days.

I have been following Henry Makow for years too - it was through him I came to know and correspond with Philip Davis, who believed he was murdered (I got emails from him from the night he first felt the stomachs pains from the poison,and further emails continued on from the hospital where he passed. Those emails all disappeared from my account.)

The point I am making is that I am familiar with the territory and are somewhat baffled by the fact of The Truthseeker (from where I discovered your own writings) and Makow suddenly seeming to have been turned and are pushing the 'Biden is in/ All is Lost' doomsday narrative - as are David Icke and Alex Jones.

The Truthseeker has always been scathing of the latter two, so it is telling that they are all now on the same page.

It is not a page I turn to much these days

The people I like to refer to now all have one thing in common - optimism, and a touching and sincere belief in the Christian God and a proclivity for quoting Scripture.

Therefore, here is a list of names of people who are all close to Mr. Trump or members of his inner circle, as Stewart and Makow definitely are not, and provide an antidote to the defeatist pessimism, in no particular order -
Donald Trump Jnr himself (I LIKE that guy) , Mike Pompeo, Patrick Byrne, Lin Wood, Generals Michael Flynn and Thomas Macinerny, Brits Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward, Juan O. Savin, Jessie Czebotar and the very jovial Jeff of 'Right on Radio', Mike Adams, David Robert Steele -

Well, that will do for now, but you get the picture -

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up to the point they are outta this multiverse.

I must admit I do have a very high contempt for the collective humanity. The way most live is very unpragmatic and downright stupid for the majority of cultures. Some of their traditions and rites are downright destructive for the individual to some degree. Then again, I have contempt for this entire realm. Living here is like a very bad game of Dungeons and Dragons that goes on forever, compared to the Otherside. For someone who does not like their discretionary time messed with, this is a locale of perpetual inconvenience, though statistically I am less inconvenienced than most due to not playing ANY of the silly mortal flotsam games I am not forced to play by law.

Ray B. said...

Vis, an 'anecdotal' column. Thanks!

Vis: "...and pretty much anyone that died of anything last year, died of COVID."

The best way to approximate true Covid deaths is to count the additional deaths over-and-above a prior year. Excess deaths. So:

Extract from comment at ZeroHedge by gcjohns1971 :
Total Number of deaths in US 2018: 2,839,205
- FastStats - Deaths and Mortality (

Total Number of deaths in US 2020: 2,823,030 (as of 21 Dec 20)
- Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) ( (Table 1 column 3)
"Even the CDC admits that as many as 2/3ds of those listed as Covid deaths (285,548) died WITH Covid rather than OF Covid - placing the REAL Covid Deaths at 94,230, within the normal range for FLU."
Correcting to a full-length year for the second figure:
(365/355) x 2,823,030 = 2,902,552

Excess deaths (for 365 days) = 2,902,552 - 2,839,205 = 63,347

This is probably close to the REAL Covid deaths last year. That is about 174 deaths per day - nationwide - due to Covid. (And, I wonder how many of those were of trapped elderly in nursing/care facilities...)


Vis: "It is an unfortunate truth that there is a large number of us that ONLY want to eat and copulate, and be entertained."

It is almost like they have been entrained. Think: "Morphogenetic Fields." There is a funny side of MFs, as discovered/popularized by Rupert Sheldrake. Accomplishing a new MF for the first time is incredibly difficult; there is no template in Nature*. However, each time the new MF is activated, the easier it becomes to do the next time. In essence, it is like building a habit.

Along that line, the tamping-down on Spirituality has been very apparent in modern times. It is obvious that THEY want humans as de-spiritualized, de-powered 'meatbags' - the better to rule over. If you peel-back the tumult, that is where the action is...

This is why I hammer on humans' spiritual/psychic 'advanced abilities' so much. It is our Heritage. Much of transhumanists' tech abilities are simply 'downgrades' of what advanced adepts already had: Telecommunications instead of telepathy. Airplanes instead of levitation. AI instead of clairvoyance or foreseeing. Etc.

In Sheldrake terms, THEY want to minimize the spiritual 'morphogenetic field' and maximize the transhuman 'morphogenetic field'. If that happens, it will be hard to claw-back from within that field. Hence, intervention from 'outside' or 'above' that field will probably happen...

(A side thought: What happens to the MF of all of humanity when 'new' mRNA is injected through vaccinations into, say, a billion humans in a biologically-brief time?)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.
* One of the most famous examples cited as evidence for MFs was in the creation of new types of crystals. One theoretical type was very hard to create in practice. However, once one lab had managed to create that type, it suddenly became much easier to create in distant labs. Same procedures; different outcomes...

robert said...

Dear Visible,

Your heart pours out words that lead us back to our hearts

"It is keeping me involved; this hope that humanity will RESPOND to the force streaming from the heavens in this time"

The me I identity too much with, is totally involved.
To the point where even though we all have totally individualized experiences, they are all converging to meet our maker.
We are all one
Every child devoured body or soul or both, eats away at our soul experience at this time. No more philosophical rationalization for the people of planet earth!
We end the predation of the elites or pay the hell together.

Though the payment plan be a sliding scale for past service (karma is strictly accounted for) every human soul must shine down the corruption consuming souls for breakfast lunch and dinner!

"If you go about in your life with the certainty that you are already in The Kingdom of God, YOU WILL BE"

Attaining that certainty is the learning experience the most challenging one in the age of maximum madness.
Why are all the major cons and psyops perpetrated on ensouled humans aimed at confusing the mind?
Seduce the senses, titillate the kundalini, entrance the animal mind but the prize is to throw a wrench in the mind's creative power.
Imagine being able to shine a klieg light so bright that all delusion is banished, all illusion evaporated, just from opening a channel the unending effulgence of the One?
An undamaged single eye peering into darkness to embrace the lost or scatter the roaches?
Mind power on!

"You don't HAVE TO suffer. Still the inner flame. Turn it down to a blue-white stability and it will carry itself from there to The Pure Radiance. Calm the raging waters of appetite and desire. Focus your desire into a SINGLE objective and everything else comes with it as well"

A benediction!
Many who share your words may have worn their desire down from raging to a trickle yet even a repetitive single drop can drive us out of our minds. Our limited experience makes it hard to manifest intangible focal points e.g. to serve, to be useful to the purpose of the One.
To love like the Christ Avatar loves, all in, wide open, fully committed, no holding back, nothing to lose, nowhere else to be: One w/ One

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Philip Davis? What am I TALKING about - Philip JONES of course.

Another Hero brought down by the Worthless.

This is a Time for Heroes.

I should have mentioned X22 Report.

Anonymous said...

From the Gospel of Thomas: His disciples said to him: "When will the kingdom come?" Jesus said: "It will not come by waiting or anticipation. It will not be a matter of saying 'here it is' or 'there it is'. Rather, the kingdom of the Father is spread out upon the earth, and men do not see it."

DK said...


I have happily shared TB12 enthusiasm with you here in the past. The SB in 2011, or was it 2014? or 16? or 17, or 18? All of the providential elements you point out here are accurate and salient. So strange the synchs in play, TB in TB and TB won the Stanley Cup and almost the W.S. this year too. Cartoonish and perfect for the 4-D theatrics we bear witness to in these times

Go Tom!

Anonymous said...

Re: "Total Number of deaths in US 2020: 2,823,030 (as of 21 Dec 20)
- Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) ( (Table 1 column 3):

It looks like they have just cooked the books at the CDC.


Guy Reid-Brown said...

To provide further consolation to Mr. Visible that God is not only in control but, as with Mr.'Nebuchudnezzar' Trump in the Temporal Zone, having given everybody every possible chance, only for the Bad Hats to carry on as the unmitigated traitors and criminals they are, He is now intervening directly, and He is ANGRY.

Fox News, surprisingly, broadcast a monumental piece of documented revelation that Dr. Anthony Fauci, America's new Chief Medical Officer, is directly implicated in the creation of , and dissemination from, the Coronavirus at the Wuhan Laboratories.

Proof of its veracity is that You Tube has censored it.

Door. Stable. Shut.

Ray B. said...

This was interesting - could be innocent, could be significant:
A Mystery Guest just Booked All 446 Rooms at an iconic Canadian Lodge for 65 Days
"The entirety of the well known Fairmont Hotel at Jasper Park Lodge in Alberta has been booked for 65 days beginning February 23. The estate is a collection of log cabins and other buildings that is spread over 700 acres. It is well known for attracting high profile guests. A mystery guest has booked all 446 rooms at the lodge, which has been mum about who the mystery guest is, and what the purpose of the stay could be. ... Additionally, guests who previously had reservations booked for that period of time have been told their reservations are cancelled."

Anonymous said...

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"How Come it's Got to be Like That Anyway? Why has it Got to be All Pure and Stainless?"



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