Sunday, January 31, 2021

"Then You are Sent Back to The Wardrobe Department on The Moon for Yet Another Life."

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Greetings, my dear friends. This morning, as it is every morning, I read a chapter from The Bhagavad Gita, from the Eknath Easwaran translation. Occasionally, I follow this with a chapter from “Aphorisms of Yoga”, (though not this morning) translated by Shree Purohit Swami. I identify the authors of the translations because both the text and the attending commentary can be widely divergent from one another. I prefer less commentary and greater clarity and I usually find what I'm looking for because I don't stop looking until I do.

Remembering that I offered a less than verbatim extract from The Gita yesterday, and then finding myself reading the source I had extracted it from this very next day, I thought I might offer it for your consideration. If you can grasp what is being said here- and it is not hard to do- you will have all the basic principles and clarifications you will ever need. This chapter hit me with great power during the reading this morning. Sometimes that happens. Lately, it has been happening a lot. The winds of a great and sweeping spiritual change are blowing and growing stronger.

Portions of humanity are being pulled and influenced in several directions. Other portions are confused. Still, other portions are indifferent and altogether uninformed and disinterested regardless. Destinies are being written, altered; everything manifest is subject to change. Now is one of those intense periods of transition and few of us are handling it well. Far more of us have no idea it is even happening. Pray that God may inspire you all to a greater sense of urgency and of promise. God is calling. Answer God in the fashion that appeals to you.

Here is that chapter called, “The Royal Path”>>>

“Because of your faith, I shall tell you the most profound of secrets: obtaining both Jnana and vijnana, you will be free from all evil.

This royal knowledge, this royal secret, is the greatest purifier. Righteous and imperishable, it is a joy to practice and can be directly experienced. But those who have no faith in the supreme law of life do not find me, Arjuna. They return to the world, passing from death to death.

I pervade the entire universe in my unmanifested form. All creatures find their existence in me, but I am not limited by them. Behold my divine mystery! These creatures do not really dwell in me, and though I bring them forth and support them, I am not confined within them. They move in me as the winds move in every direction in space.

At the end of the eon these creatures return to unmanifested matter; at the beginning of the next cycle I send them forth again. Controlling my Prakriti, again and again I bring forth these myriad forms and subject them to the laws of Prakriti. None of these actions binds me, Arjuna. I am unattached to them, so they do not disturb my nature.

Under my watchful eye the laws of nature take their course. Thus is the world set in motion; thus the animate and the inanimate are created.

The foolish do not look beyond physical appearances to see my true nature as the Lord of all creation. The knowledge of such deluded people is empty; their lives are fraught with disaster and evil, and their work and hopes are all in vain. But truly great souls seek my divine nature. They worship me with a one-pointed mind, having realized that I am the eternal source of all. Constantly striving, they make firm their resolve and worship me without wavering. Full of devotion, they sing of my divine glory.

Others follow the path of Jnana, spiritual wisdom. They see that where there is One, that One is me; where there are many, all are me; they see my face everywhere. I am the ritual and the sacrifice; I am true medicine and the mantram. I am the offering and the fire which consumes it, and the one to whom it is offered. I am the father and mother of this universe, and its grandfather too; I am its entire support. I am the sum of all knowledge, the purifier, the syllable Om ; I am the sacred scriptures, the Rig, Yajur, and Sama Vedas.

I am the goal of life, the Lord and support of all, the inner witness, the abode of all. I am the only refuge, the one true friend; I am the beginning, the staying, and the end of creation; I am the womb and the eternal seed. I am heat; I give and withhold the rain. I am immortality and I am death; I am what is and what is not. Those who follow the rituals given in the Vedas, who offer sacrifices and take 'SOMA', free themselves from evil and attain the vast heaven of the gods, where they enjoy celestial pleasures. When they have enjoyed these fully, their merit is exhausted and they return to this land of death; (like we say here, it's all on the meter.) Thus observing Vedic rituals but caught in an endless chain of desires, they come and go.

Those who worship me and meditate on me constantly, without any other thought – I will provide for all their needs. Those who worship other gods with faith and devotion also worship me, Arjuna, even if they do not observe the usual forms. I am the object of all worship, its enjoyer and Lord. But those who fail to realize my true nature must be reborn. Those who worship the devas (we know them as angels) will go to the realm of the devas; those who worship their ancestors will be united with them after death. Those who worship phantoms will become phantoms; but my devotees will come to me.

Whatever I am offered in devotion with a pure heart – a leaf, a flower, fruit, or water – I partake of that love offering. Whatever you do, make it an offering to me- the food you eat, the sacrifices you make. The help you give, even your suffering. In this way you will be freed from the bondage of your karma, and from its results both pleasant and painful. Then, firm in renunciation and yoga, with your heart free, you will come to me.

I look upon all creatures equally; none are less dear to me and none more dear. But those who worship me with love live in me, and I come to life in them. Even sinners become holy when they worship me alone with firm resolve. Quickly their souls conform to dharma and they attain to boundless peace. Never forget this, Arjuna: no one who is devoted to me will ever come to harm. All those who take refuge in me, whatever their birth, race, sex, or caste, will attain the supreme goal; this realization can be attained even by those whom society scorns.

Kings and sages too seek this goal with devotion. Therefore, having been born in this transient and forlorn world, give all your love to me. Fill your mind with me; love me; serve me; worship me always. Seeking me in your heart, you will at last be united with me.”

I don't know how you may feel after reading that but I hope and pray that it strikes you in a moving and memorable way. My God!!! We live in a time of tremendous opportunity. Anything you wish to know, or discover, is virtually dancing on The Internet; not to mention, already within you but hidden from you. In what manner and to what end do so many spend their time? It is truly saddening.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, powerful entities from the Infernal Realm are seeking to drag humanity down into an inferno of deranged appetites and bad directions. The Dog's of Desire are howling at The Moon. People are going mad. This is what happens when The Truth appears. One either embraces it or flees... on any number of highways into the darkness and off-ramp suicides. OH!! The light is too bright! It's too bright!

If you only died, then that would be the end of it, BUT... you don't die, you merely appear somewhere else. Then you are shown what your life could have been, in excruciating detail. Then you are sent back to The Wardrobe Department on The Moon for yet another life.

Most death is suicide of one form or another. Let me state here that suicide is a very bad idea, which becomes quite clear after having successfully accomplished it.

Look at the words that are arranged for your understanding. Ponder and contemplate what Krishna is saying. Call him Krishna, or Christ, The Mahdi, Maitreya, Kalki. God appears in various forms to appeal to specific populations at specific times. Here is one person's take on avatars. Attempting to explain or discuss such things is beyond me. I am only a little guy in a vast and measureless space. I must demur. I have some few things to say that I say over and over in different ways. That is the sum of it, until God improves my understanding, which I KNOW that he will. As we ASPIRE, God INSPIRES. Use your time wisely, my friends. Go to the fountain of everlasting life and drink deeply. Let your capacity grow and increase.

Call out to God within as often as you can remember to. God IS listening, and if you are sincere, the angels will carry your prayers to The Throne. I cannot emphasize this enough; GOD IS REAL!!! God is LIVING and EVERLASTINGLY ALIVE!!! God is watching you right now. Turn your mind inward and drink the water. Drink the waters of conscious light. Sip from the sunbeams that radiate upon you all through the day. Look at The Sun, with your eyes closed, as you stand before it and speak to the angels of Lord Vivasvan. Sunbeams are communication currents that run in both directions. Remind yourself that The Sun is the source of all life on this planet AND SO... there MUST BE a great deal more to that if you think about it. The Sun is liquid gold, and it has finer and finer variants of itself.

Let the heart add its passion to your thoughts. This is a form of emphasis added, which fires and fuels it. Within this understanding lies the wisdom of love. Love is a heat and Truth is a light.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I remember those passages when I read the book. Me thinks 'tis time to find my copy, and read it again.

robert said...

Dear Visible

Being put to the test here and now
Tested by the One to fracture or to realize we are One
The choice to be divided from the One is self-inflicted cruelty
Unity is real and disunity is but a disease of the mind

"But those who worship me with love live in me, and I come to life in them"

Translation of worship (a word euthanized in the West):
Pay attention, our only currency, pay it from within a state of love
Invest our lifeforce and receive more than we can yet imagine, which is the only reason not to take the deal!

"Turn your mind inward and drink the water. Drink the waters of conscious light. Sip from the sunbeams that radiate upon you all through the day"
All is Beauty!

"But truly great souls seek my divine nature. They worship me with a one-pointed mind, having realized that I am the eternal source of all. Constantly striving, they make firm their resolve and worship me without wavering. Full of devotion, they sing of my divine glory"

Is it that great souls seek or does the seeking make great souls?
Firm resolve is a trigger concept for those coddled by neglect, suffering from challenge deficit disorder and subjectively strutting about in the Emperor's naked entitlement garb

Just as the divine masculine is suspect, so is all firmness!

"But those who fail to realize my true nature must be reborn"

All roads lead to the Real but we must thread the needle quickly to be speedy

Thomas said...

Oh, they are beautiful, those words... God is good!!

Knowallbeall said...

Peace Love and light
Thank for all that you do and be to raise the consciousness of humanity ��������������

Ray B. said...

Vis, thank you for the Bhagavad Gita chapter.

I am pretty sure "God" and I will be having some form of audience. I have been bumping-up against a wall of lack-of-understanding. Even resentment. Hopefully, I will get a recognizable answer:

Most of the Cleaning trips which Higher Self and I have undertaken involve some form of trauma. (Hence, Cleaning thereof.) Our viewpoint may be biased, in the same way a doctor interprets his caseload upon the general population. However, there appears to be a tremendous amount of pain 'generated' down through the eons, on many Levels.


Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Instant replay; time delay.

Unknown said...

..."Then you are shown what your life could have been, in excruciating detail. Then you are sent back to The Wardrobe Department on The Moon for yet another life."...

this is the nub of it, in my opinion: The giveaway that universe is a soul trap you are not meant to escape from and that was not created for your benefit - rather with complete insouciance,malice even, with regards to your welfare. It's not to 'learn lessons'.

Why do I claim? Because a spirit in a body is subjugated by it, not sovereign over it. A simple head injury can strip a man of the ability to love, a brain tumor may turn a chaste woman wanton, vaccine damage may render a person less than sensible, and so on. Free will is freedom of motion only within fixed parameters: your understanding. And that comes to you - a man cannot force it. Your sight is deliberately impinged in this life so that you will never quite 'make the grade' -

tell me, what is the ascension disposition of a great and noble Yogi that gets alzheimer's and becomes a cursing, genital exposing flasher to children? The game is rigged is all I am saying. Life never had a chance. No good beings would create a system where all must kill to live.

just my opinion

Unknown said...

This is a follow up to previous - in my opinion, the truth is likely that beings are either good or evil by nature, based on their origin. Good beings may be programmed into evil but there is always a wish to escape it deep inside - evil beings take to evil naturally. so they cooked up this scheme that we are all the same inside and its down to our behavior to determine if we go to heaven or hell. In the first place, that lets them dispel any notion that anyone is better than anyone else - because they are in fact inferior - not even valid. Then you can be programmed with enough flaws that you are never quite good enough, always wanting to be better, not knowing how - then after death, they use this to hold your feet to the fire. They anesthetize you in some fashion to think you are in heaven (like drugging an animal) - it may be that they take the very best in your deepest imagination and manifest it for you as clear persistent thought. But its just a prison farm. again, just my opinion at this point in time

Visible said...

Well, James, to simplify the matter, some of us have a glass half full and some a glass half empty. Given (according to the TRULY awakened and aware) that the WHOLE of your life is defined by what you tell yourself; how you explain it to yourself, and the whole of you is the same, defined by intention and perspective. It CAN BE SEEN many different ways. I have seen the morose and disenchanted and I have seen those who are awash in joy, luminescent, and incandescent, and I have seen this UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. In ancient Greece, during the time of a nationwide epidemic of philosophers, you could walk the banks of the river, on either side and on one side you would see those weeping for the tragedy of humanity and on the other side, those laughing at it; sometimes both at the same time. I do not find what you said to be true at all, meaning I have not talked myself into that. I have daily direct experiences of the beauty, generosity, love, and forgiveness of God and so very, very much more. This is what I see. That is what you see. I could go on and on about it but I won't. Let me just say, I've had life hammer the shit out of me, for protracted periods of time, about as egregiously as possible, and I've had it cover me in roses and divine light. The latter is how it is these days and I'm going to stay with that.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like James has a case of the Mondays😉

Unknown said...

in terms of "love, and forgiveness of God" - can you cite an example?

Quiet Bear said...

I will echo Visible's gratitude for what God has done for me. I have stories of my own of God's forgiveness and love, but telling them would not likely satisfy what you are looking for. You have to let God bless you. Remember that the "they" you refer to work for God, good and bad. If you declare yourself on His side, then the light will shine through. Keep reading and pondering all that Visible is laying out for us. The Bhagavad Gita passage is gold and worth a lot of meditation. Meat space is just gonna suck a lot of the time, but seek and you will find.
Quiet Bear (and a fellow James)

KnowThanx said...

Lemuel Gulliver just posted an excellent comment over at Truthseeker.
: )

spirits in the material world said...

The bat guano Terminal Madness demonstration is wildly entertaining!
It is a gift to be able to see it for what it really is.
The sleepwalking mask-er-aders, they can't see it, because they are not meant to.
You knew Mr. Apocalypse was going to be dancing the night away after that abomination of the Obiden inauguration complete with prayers and the pablum puking our papa horsecrap from comrade kommissar George Snuffleuphagus at Always Bolshevik Communism (ABC).
May we be in Lady Nature's sanctuary when it goes into Russia 1917-1918 mode and especially Mr. Trump who will be the last American president.
Giving thanks every day for everything because it is 100% better than nothing.

Sukh said...

Visible Origami (Looks like Vis skipped Petri Dish):

They Come and They Go to That Unknown Country from Which They Return, Again, and Again, and Again

Anonymous said...

Any chance the forces of darkness will be stopped any time soon?
Looks like they’re having a field day
Lions 4. Christians 0

BlackBelt Yogi said...

Hello Dear one! I wanted to thank you again, for your love!!
I was listening to your feet to fire posts on my phone from 2015 and having your voice and wisdom preserved and present is such a gift. You were talking about all the yumminess of apocalypse before the others and as a trail blazer, a truth sayer and Godly being...I fucking appreciate you



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