Friday, December 14, 2007

You want Flies with That?

Putin has said, in a meeting with Khomenei that an attack on Iran should be viewed as an attack on Russia. No wonder then that Zionista shill Amanpour did her little sleaze piece on him...Putin...dark Czar...fixed election....whispers of murder....Putin this... Putin that. Good thing they don’t get up to that sort of thing in the USA. We be squeaky clean.

See, this is what happens when you play the game of Risk on the big board. This is what happens when you try to take over the world. The other players move accordingly. Russia moves. China moves. No one ever takes over the world. They just ruin other people’s lives trying. Sometimes I think Diederot was right- “There won’t be any peace until the last politician is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” Close enough to what he said... I think.

It’s all coming clear now; the footsie with North Korea... we’ll be heading for Taiwan directly... bombs in Lebanon... bombs in Algeria... Al Qaeda this... Al Qaeda that. Someone want to tell me how this global terror network operates? Someone want to tell me how Bin Laden, who’s been dead for years, manages to orchestrate all this surgical mayhem with no evidence of anything except some phone call from somewhere, “Yeah, we did it.” from our plush caves in Pakistan. Someone want to tell me why people who know better keep talking about Bin Laden? Al Qaeda sounds like Starbucks. They’re a lot more effective and organized than they can possibly be.

Bin Laden never said he did 9/11, in fact, he said he didn’t do it. FACT; ...go to the videotape. No... not those videotapes, long proven to be frauds. There isn’t any Al Qaeda in the way it’s presented but... you know that. It’s impressive how someone gets the whole world to believe this bullshit.

Oh but are they angry out there in fascist land. The Likudnicks are frothing at the mouth because they haven’t quite been able to elbow the Americans into attacking Iran for them. You get a little cocky after you’ve pulled off sucking America into all those bogus wars and then find out the horse got hobbled by some honest people at the NIE. It sure is convenient about that assassination in Lebanon. Cut to: sold out mouthpieces sticking microphones in front of everyone they can find and asking, “Do you think Syria was behind this?” Of course, what they mean is Iran.

Here are some things we know -and if we don’t know them then we are, stupid, don’t want to know, don’t care or, are involved; 911 was an inside job. Both of the last two presidential elections were fixed. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and neither did Bin Laden. Iran has nothing to do with nuclear weapons. A small group of powerful individuals is behind the surgical use of terrorism that is designed for the purpose of social control. Organized religion is in on the scam. Corporations are backing the efforts with their front men in various world governments. The media reports what they tell them to.

I could add to this. I could dissect it... so could you. There is also a small group of individuals that know what this other small group is up to. We are all over the world. We all know the same things. When we speak about them, other people in our group of ‘the informed’ all know what each other are talking about.

Meanwhile... there is something that worries me. It doesn’t worry me the way you might be concerned about something bad happening- sure, there’s some of that but I know the difference between what I can affect and what I have no control over. No... it worries me the way a tongue worries a troubled tooth. It pulls at my attention in the back of my mind and I try to grasp what it is but I haven’t been able to. What it is, is... how come people can’t see what’s happening? It’s right there. It keeps happening. Surely by now the public should know that they are being lied to. Surely the fantastic inconsistencies of 9/11 should have a place in the human mind right next to the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.

Surely we should all be seeing that every time some newscaster’s lips are moving that they are lying. You can see the news being shaped; Syria this, Iran that... Putin bad... Chavez... bad. Surely you should be able to see. I can clearly see that American leaders are slandering, stealing and killing to support a lifestyle that is over the border of sense and reason, while actively reducing that lifestyle for everyone but the wealthy and that it’s going to break down.

It’s not just America, it is in many places. But America is the most defiant about their privilege to have more than anyone at everyone’s expense, including their own and America has the guns. We have become the bad guys. We torture and engineer terror attacks in order to react against them and set policies that guarantee our right to protect ourselves against enemies we have created for this purpose.

So... here’s the thing. We know that they put things in the soft drinks that make you fat and rot your teeth and god knows what else. We know that really strange things are going on at every level. We know there are all these experiments... all these new crowd control weapons... all these studies and tell me... is it something in the water? Are they doing subliminal work on TV... in the movies... on the radio? It’s a simple procedure. Is it some kind of a ray that operates through cellphones? Is it microwave?

Let’s use Global Warming as an example. Everybody has a theory. Forget all that... it’s happening- that we know. It’s happening. Maybe it’s a natural cycle. So maybe it’s a natural cycle that people are turning into quivering Jello Pudding-bots and religious hystericals. Maybe it’s natural that people are getting much stupider than they were a few years ago. Maybe it’s natural that they don’t react and protest as you might expect them to and on and on... or maybe it’s ‘enemy action’.

Look... everything didn’t get this frightening, dangerous, tacky and banal all on its own. This is intentional. The (some call it) music and all the ridiculous entertainments didn’t just happen. Someone made them happen. Why make it happen that way? Why is there a common moral code that most people tried to live by, and most agree upon, that now comes up against an FDA approved cultural trend which wars against everything that is commonly acceptable? The result is schizophrenia on a national scale. There must be some reason for this. We’re not being improved by it.

Sane and intelligent discourse has disappeared from the airwaves. It is acceptable to shout down and mock everyone who disagrees with the madness. Forget about telling the truth. It’s acceptable to do anything and to such a degree that even a rube should see after awhile that something is rotting in the sun.

Is it just a natural de-evolution as the culture declines? Billions of people can’t be united in agreement that what is happening is good. There are definite solutions to many problems. Even I know what a lot of these solutions are and that’s not my field. Common sense tells me how things should be. Surely millions can see as well. So, tell me... is there some kind of ‘stupid ray’? How come the education system stopped teaching people how to think? I see all of these connections. It’s like when you keep finding clues everywhere you look. There’s a whole effort afoot to deceive and manipulate the public so- logically... aren’t they doing other things too?

I keep trying to find the answer but the answer isn’t there. These collective pathologies must have a source. How can people be so stupid? How can they swallow unbelievable lies?

I’m saying these things because I want people to think about them. I know it’s fuel for my small cadre of detractors but I enjoy the way it sets flames shooting off of their heads when I force them to think about this. I must admit to some satisfaction when the spittle and invective fly; not here but in other locations. Think of it as tough love. Sure, I’m crazy but I know for a fact that I’m not as crazy as most everyone else. I know better than to step in or buy into what is definitely shit, mixed with lies and mystery meat. I know better than to eat it just because somebody served it to me warm. I guess what I want to know is, “Do you want flies with that?”

Even a five year old ‘used to’ know enough to say, “yuck, that’s gross...”

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sockmonkey said...

terrorforming terrorfarming terraforming, todays special VEAL

Anonymous said...

S.A. Homes said:

"You Are What You Eat."

Anonymous said...

You are unique in what you do. As the song says. "I bless the day I found you."


Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the is the complete lack of an education system that has spurned this "de-evolution" into stupidity. Intelligence used to be held with such a high esteem but now it doesn't matter. "Reality" shit tv has not helped either.

Great post Les.

Visible said...


It just occurred to me to mention a writer to you. If you like a good novel, have a sense of humor and haven't read him then you are in for a real treat. HIs name is Ben Elton and he goes right at these issues in a way that will floor you. I have never laughed out loud so much reading anyone. He hearkens me back to Evelyn Waugh.

Start with his latest books and work back because these right now issues are most displayed there. As you go along you will find he had also written a couple of serious classics.

thanks for the good words

Jody Paulson said...

I once did a radio commentary about psychological experiments, which goes into Stanley Milgram's famous torture experiment. It's pretty trippy what most people can be made to do:

Also mentioned in the commentary is a mention of the origins of brainwashing, better described in this video about Naomi Klein's theory of the "Shock Doctrine":

Personally, I think they are doing things with electromagnetic waves that depress people's will, but flouride in the water doesn't help either. (Flouride is one of the main elements in anti-depressants like Prozac, BTW)

kikz said...

does seem to be a concerted effort on many fronts, w/various delivery vectors. drink/food; aspartame, msg, two major.

probably the water also; lead, fluoride.

another known vector, vaccines.

i remb a robin williams riff from shortly aftr 9/11, the first comedy show after the event.
"FUK-IT-ALL". probably present/added extra.... in everything hawked by big pharma on the tv vector.

i just can't understand why/how the few of us that seem impervious to it... are?

altered DNA? previous drug use? nicotine? i dunno. it does keep me awake some nights wondering though.

weaken for profit and control of course is the game plan. possibly later in large numbers, extermination.

useless eaters.. ya know?

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"So, tell me… is there some kind of ‘stupid ray’?"

Didja ever notice the almost hypnotic, strobe-light-like effects of the TV, particularly during commercials?
I haven't lately, because I ceased watching almost all TV about 3 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have a VERY effective and incisive way of articulating the baffled exasperation that many more of us than we're led to believe are feeling these days.

I've been thinking about why things periodically get the way they do as a kind of anthropomorphized fractal, where conspiracy is the fundamental unit found at any scale you examine. This would most resemble the "statistical self-similarity" variety of fractal, where essential characteristics are preserved at different scales but are not identical (which would be "exact self-similarity"). And for the purposes of this comment, "conspiracy" just means two or more people making a secret agreement (formal or tacit) that harms someone else's perceived interests.

I came up with this while thinking about the variety and nature of human interactions, beginning with the nuclear family. Within a family, which is supposed to be a cohesive (or "functional") unit, we find brother and sister conspiring against each other, then against mom and dad, mom and dad vs. brother and sister, dad and son vs. mother and sister, etc. Then we move up to a neighborhood, which is also a kind of cohesive unit (ideally). If we live in any neighborhood for long, we soon learn about the various conspiracies amongst the neighbors, which mostly manifest as gossip behind each other's backs or things like alliances to defeat an unpopular zoning variance another neighbor desires. Here again, the number of possible permutations of neighborly conspiracy gets large quick. Now, add more neighborhoods and the potential complexity explodes exponentially, almost like a fractal!

I think you can see where this is headed. The possible number of hidden agreements is larger even than the factorial of the number of people involved, since in terms of a typical family, 4!=24 permutations. However, dad can both conspire with mom AND against mom at the same time, like the U.S. does with China, so the potential number of conspiracies is much, much larger. Yikes.

So, this being the quick summary version, I'd conclude that conspiracy is an essential human characteristic, and that when humans are grouped in ever larger arbitrary units (families, counties, states, nations, blocks of nations), both the likelihood and potential number of conspiracies is beyond count, as an individual can even conspire with/against a nation!

Such a complex web will begin to act like any other infinitely complex system; if chaotic it will spontaneously manifest order, if order is imposed it will trend toward chaos in the Eternal Pendulum of cyclical reality. We've had Dark Ages before, and like this one we seem to be entering, it looks to me like a result of the friction and ebb-and-flow of all these factors and conflicting forces that when combined create a reality too complex for mere humans to ever comprehend.

Granted, there are new variables being added along the way, like nuclear weapons or unprecedented population density (not ideal when the occasional pandemic arrives), but it's still we naked apes who call ourselves humans and the delusions we desire that provide the push behind all this inexplicable, unfathomable madness we discuss here and elsewhere.

I have concluded (if the last Dark Age was any hint) that the thing to do now is stash the best of our culture somewhere safe and hidden where it can be "Renaissanced" when the Light Ages return. Hell, these days could probably be called the "Lite Ages," which might be worse than the dark ones because at least back then everybody ate organic food!

Oh, and this all points to one other piece of advice for the future: Hold on tight!

(but not too tight, if you know what I mean)

-The Village Idiot

Visible said...


One more reason why we are all anticipating this much anticipated blog of yours,

Well. you know and I know that the sub-matrix hums upon it's web and conspiracies usher forth like webbing from the spiders belly. Across the ages the varieties of souls play out their destinies and it occurs to very few that no matter how secret their conspiracies that they are all known to the one out of whom the web is woven who then weaves them to its own purpose regardless of the intention of the conspirator.

the knowledge of this in the minds of those engaged in no greater a conspiracy than love find that all plots are woven into a unity that is harmless to their progress. So, even though I walk through the shadow and so on,

It never fails to amuse me that people take their parlor tricks seriously and always fail to realize that it eventually takes them out of their own parlor and into someone elses.

There isn't anything one can say about this and hardly anyone is listening. So we wait and that's not a bad thing according to Milton and I like this wonderful ice cream suit.

Anonymous said...

Les: sold out mouthpieces sticking microphones in front of everyone they can find and asking, “Do you think Syria was behind this?” Of course, what they mean is Iran.

Me: the other night Robin Lustig of the BBC's World Service was covering the blowing up of Brig-Gen Hajj of Lebanon, and after backgrounding it said to his guest, paraphrasing here, "Do you think Syria was behind this?” .

So, i immediately thought that for a false flag to have its ripples spread globally it is essential that allied media assets know instinctively how it is to be covered and subsequently discussed for maximum benefit to the perpetrator. Otherwise there is no point in doing the false flag in the first place.

A dispassionate media would be able to discover at least as much benefit to Israel for this assassination, and develop a parallel line of enquiry to the first, but down that track not a whisper from the BBC.

And there is benefit as we well know the Zionist refrain of `from the Nile to the Euphrates` which is symbolised by the two parallel blue stripes on their flag, the fulfillment of which dream includes the absorption of Lebanon. This can't be unknown to the BBC but one would never hear about it as this would cancel out the purpose of the assassination in the first place, blaming Syria; and incidentally Iran as they have a mutual defence pact.

So, the second rule in false flags is never to have the public see through it; enter the BBC. The first rule ? Don't get caught doing it, Lavon Affair 1952.

Anonymous said...

Sadly i must say that this article hits very closely with many of my observations recently. I work in a very public place between a few malls and i must state that the amount of self-absorbed , conspiring, and to put it quite plainly, willingly controlled individuals I meet throughout my day greatly outnumbers the amount of people i meet with a positive original thought. Day in and day out this trend continues. Millions who deliberately fix their appearance to what is t.v. acceptable. Its comparable to being at the end of an assembly line and watching the product walk off the conveyor belt with batteries included. So of course my immediate reaction to all of this could sort of be percieved as hatred or disgust, but the more i dwell on the issue, and the many more 1 size fits all personalities i meet, my hatred begins to fade into empathy, remorse, pity..... And it only deepens after many attempts to maybe spark an original thought, only to be put on the defensive by harsh attacks, dirty looks, and sheer ignorance. I feel as if getting through just a little to any one of these "people" just gets them to jump to the other side of the same two sided coin. When my objective is to get people to throw this coin away.
Al; trapped in a massive intricate web of lies, propaganda, fashion, entertainment, religion, race, sexism, dietism, local nationalism. (how would one describe the concept of believing your town is better than a neighboring one?) all these false ideals spit out by the same company in the same package like a bag of m & M's. Pick your favorite flavor.
Anway, my point is that those with false realities are very hard to talk some sense into, and in many instances this makes me and others feel useless. I believe its because of the many facets of this web that people get trapped in to beliveing in one or more of these ideals. and each one just supports another column of their pre-packaged, vacuum sealed mental temple.
Caution: Results May Vary

Alan the Red said...

"I keep trying to find the answer but the answer isn’t there. These collective pathologies must have a source. How can people be so stupid? How can they swallow unbelievable lies?"

The answer is simple; it's because they are Christians. Didn't you know that Christians are all miserable, unworthy, sinners who are going to hell in a handbasket, and that they just can't help themselves because they aren't human beings; they're just a sub-human species who were created with no souls of their own.

Visible said...

Ya think?

Okay, all I want to know is, is this snarky or wounded? It could be yet something else again.

If it's anything but wounded then I'll just let it go by; being the busy man of affairs that I am.

However, if it is wounded I'll say a few words. Jesus Christ is fine with me; one of my heroes actually. But the witchburner Christian mentality and the self-righteous moralizing cadre leaves me cold and have about as much connection to Christ as Paris Hilton has to talent or class.

Therefore, they wouldn't be Christians but draconians in drag; when they not merely delusional. Even this is all okay. But killing people in the name of Christ; the onward Christian soldiers thing well, that's not happening. I'd rather snort speed with Ted Haggard and have sex before I support that sort of thing.

Glad we cleared that up.

Lord Visible

or, if you prefer

Starfleet Commander Visible

Anonymous said...

les, you are something of a mindreader yourself; your article has articulated my own thoughts exactly. Did you know it's been blogged on at least two very popular sites as a leading 'must read'?
kikz05 and michael (to name just two) have made very salient points. Why are some of us so not affected by the BS that we are trying to wake up the sleeping masses; witness the number of blogs like yours doing this, and yes, the BBC stands for the Biased Broadcasting Corporation (the word 'Corporation' itself speaks volumes). BBC World is even worse; it's sponsored by Shell for one thing, as is Euronews. Listen behind the words with both of them when they do any ME coverage.
May your candles never run out, les.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to ditto that last comment. This is the only blog that I check every single day and if there's nothing new I read it again or wander through the archives. Quite simply it's first rate.

Walter Mason
San Diego, CA.

Visible said...

Well thank you kindly people. I'm not sure I'm doing anything very well. I know some people don't think so but it seems to me that, as hard as it might be sometimes, we have to try to tell the truth as much as we know how to. Otherwise we default into a valley of lies.

Landers, if you don't mind I'd like to know what those blogs are.

alonelywanderer; Its like something out of a Steven King novel, some kind of mist or fog where people hear voices and follow them and then some people are immune. I always assumed that most people knew what was going on. The internet has changed that perception.

Sometimes I begin to think that a ship is really going to appear and beam some of us up by magnetizing our tinfoil hats (grin).

Anonymous said...

I do not necessarily think that people are getting stupider. It is possible that they always been this stupid but in earlier ages they knew they were, hence they sometimes listened to the few intelligent. Now, due to the PR, they think they are smart and those who know better are shunned by them. Besides thinking hurts, if you are not used to it. Great article BTW, as always.

Anonymous said...

Kinda fun to watch, ain't it?


Visible said...

I will admit to the entertainment aspect of it. I have a hard time respecting myself in the morning but I can't help myself sometimes.

Visible said...

there is no peace process, just masturbating voyeurs in a photo-op.. One is a catamite and the other a serial killer.

Anonymous said...

Picking up peteroflonetree's comment on TV, the average person goes into a dissociative state when viewing TV making them very easy indeed to programme.

I don't watch TV and the only friends I can hold an intelligent conversation with for more than 2 minutes are people who likewise don't watch TV.

All the rabid "Christian" churches and preachers form their dogma on the Old Testament. Even a curserory read of it will show that the themes of dominance and control, killing and exploitation. It is the Scripture of Judaism.

The New Testament, especially the Gospels, runs 180 degrees counter to it. It is about compassion which is the total opposite of exploitation. There are no armies with it, no wars. The New Testament is so at variance ot the Old Testament that, why, it could belong to a very different religion!

Jesus severely warned people not to harm children whereas the OT treats them like cattle or possessions demanding obedience and using violence against them to get it.

If you want to know about being trained in obedience, go read Alice Miller's books or Arthur Silber's blog.

Great post, Visible, BTW!

Anonymous said...

The masses of people haven't always been as stupid as now but they have always been similarly ignorant (the end result is in essense the same), due to brainwashing/mind control through organized religion plus the deprivation of "good education" and true history.

That's what enabled them to be enslaved, i.e. that's been the control system of the elite ruling classes, and it still is.

However now with the onset of the internet and other communications technology the enslaved masses have had to be aggressively dumbed and whipped down by the ruling class or they might finally wise up and rise up (the poisons like fluoride, aspartame, toxic vaccines, MTV, hell just plain TV, terrorism, etc are widely spread out). Call it "scientific dictatorship" if you like.

A few of us slip through their matrix net and figure out various degrees of the truth, but so far are too few to pose any threat.

Anonymous said...

I join your regular readers, to say that your essay was enjoyable, substantial, and inspirational. Basically just about all the things, you mentioned contributes to make Western society, -which once cherished the idea of independent, Free thoughts,- to deteriorate to the level where we are now: The existence of masses of meek and conformist people. One part of it, is due to general existential insecurity,

A) What people in a society feels where middle class is diminishing,
B) Where the top 1% have more wealth than the bottom 90% combined, and where people are ever more indebted and forced into ever more economically dependent position.

The other jaw of this pincer is the mindset of the common people, which has been 'worked on' by the oligarchy for decades. Education has a big role in it, which became 90-95% indoctrination, to the minds of young people. For the rest of us, who fallen out of the cracks, or whose education had been long time ago, when the indoctrination hasn't been so tight and relentless as nowadays it is the mass-medias, particularly television.

TV does conduct indoctrination sometimes, or does trivial diversions at many other times, plus dumbing-down the population to a universally low level in the process. Attention spans and focusing are all reduced because of it, as well as it hinders reasoning, even to the point of extinguishing the organisation of coherent thoughts. It is also a great tool for whipping-up emotions all the way to mass-histeria, if that's what the controllers want.

And if everything else fails in this regard, the question arises:

What one does with his/her widely divergent 'take on' things?

Modern society is designed to isolate individuals. Even the atomic family has further split to subatomic particles; alianation is a given fact of life.

Secondly, the recognition of these hidden, (or semi-hidden) social realities would require to face-up and re-evalute oneself in a critical way too: What's our role in the great sceme of things? Do we help (however little) the degradation of Humanity, or do we fight it? Chances are, if we earn our wages, in some degreee, (at least on the degree of servants and wage-slaves), we too are part of the system.

The combined effect and the psychological burden garrantees, that most people rather choose to live in-denial, than to confront the system, and ultimately themselves.

I’d like to link a few sources for further illustration: The first one is a thorougly enjoyable and passionate 3 minutes excerpt from the movie titled; 'Network 1976' played legendarly by Peter Finch, who had prophesized the future, which is our contemporary present for the majority of people in the Western World.

The second is a more detailed essay about the role of television, for those who have more time to read about it, and circle around the subject and learn its far reaching consequences in shaping the 'public mind'.

The third one is a video recording of a public presentation by Peg Luksik, who with her volunteer group, did some important background research about how Public Education is surreptiously subverted by elite financed think-tanks with the help of an army of cluless government bureaucrats, to become the most important laboratory for indoctrinating our children.

The fourth one explains how far the establishment may go, to eliminate any meaningful, independent mindset and independent self-asserting character to be developed in our children. Answer: Quite far, such as drug them, even if that endangers their lives.

I particurarly recommend the last two videos for those who have children or adolescents attending public schools.

Link 1) Howard Beale : Turn off your television sets!


Link 3)Peg Luksik: Who Controls Our Children?

Link 4)Gary Null: The Drugging of our Children

sockmonkey said...

dull skull cull

Anonymous said...

You really can't fool all of the people all of the time.

And we can perform, witness, or experience miracles every day...and still not MAKE people care. (paraphrasing Richard Bach)

The only sort of conspiracy I want to be involved in is a conspiracy of love. hehhehheh

The comments here have added so much more to yet another brilliant essay.

Tis true Les, you are one of a kind.

Treasures man. So many treasures at this site :)

Oh yeah, I've got to "second" Alice Miller. She is a genius. A lover par excellence. Extraordinary woman.

I too sometimes wonder why I'm so "contrary" to or "different" from the vast majority of people I encounter, here there and everywhere. Could it be love? I dunno'. Heaven only knows...

Kahlil Gibran is right on the money when it comes to love, imo. As are others including Alice Miller, M. Scott Peck (Road less travelled), Theodore Issac Rubin (Compassion and self-hate), Louise Hay (You can heal your life)...

Thank you Les and fellow who-mans ;)

love n hugs, annemarie

Anonymous said...

First time I've come across your site, posted as a link on another forum.
Very well written and the only thing I can say is that you are not alone.
Other comments touch on some of the problems, i.e. education as indoctrination at all levels. The assault on the family unit which has gone on for decades, the assault on traditional male and female roles in family and society. We are far easier to control when we as individuals are confused about the roles we should play as husband, wife, father, mother. We are far easier to control when we as one comment said "isolated individuals".
Anyway, without question there is some sort of brainwashing that is continually pounded in our heads but the attack is multi-layered so it serves to divide and conquer us. A simple reference is to the comments regarding Christians, it is pounded in our heads that Christians are fair game, however Jews are not. Dems good, Repubs not etc. I guess what I'm trying to say is that they've divided us so much that they've taken the heat off themselves. How does a Dem have time to check out the real story when a Repub is to blame?
Lastly, they distract us. They do it with sports, movies, American Idol, you name it. We are all so busy trying to earn a living and survive the day just so we can watch football or the next episode of "Lost".
I feel like the cabal has put its' foot on the accelerator, and the dumbing down, blatant misinformation and in your face (even if you suspect us) is happening far more rapidly. I sense alot of folks feel like somethings not right but they are just powerless, to damn busy or in denial to do anything about it.
Thanks for the writing, look forward to reading more of your stuff.

Anonymous said...

My pleasure, les:

although sorry to say your piece has now been pushed from first place on both due to other breaking articles.

And speaking of ships beaming us up (!), you might like to scroll down to the article 'Big Machines Parked in Space - What are they?' over on:

for some really scary pictures.


Anonymous said...

As I understand it, the Zionists began actively infiltrating the education system just after WWI. According to the Reese Commission Investigations of 1952, subversive groups were commandeering the funds set aside for certain nonprofit foundations, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Guggenheim, etc...and were using the money for studies on how to undermine America, involve us in a war, alter the teaching of US history, etc. This is when the takeover of the Education system began.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say what many of your commentators have already said, a
very good article that articulates well my own enormous puzzlement at
how few people seem to notice what has been out in the open since 911.

And in the many who say, at least to my face, that they do notice -
how little passion and importance they attach to events that so
blatantly signal the destruction of what few freedoms 'we' in the
'free' west have managed to acquire, at great, great cost.

We are all openly heading for a great pile of deliberately heaped up
shit, and the only apparent response from the mass of people is "shit
happens, shit has always happened". Well so have murder, rape, theft
and house fires. And Mankind has had organised strategies for dealing
with the shit, when it happened, from when we were living and painting
in caves, and ever since. Or we wouldn't be here. Many times we
wouldn't be here. So how IS it being done?

As for Who is doing it, I think the commentator on your site who talks
of the fractal nature of conspiracies has something.

The intelligence agencies and organised crime have been openly working
together since the murder of Kennedy. They developed the drugs trade
together so that where in the 70s there were less than 300 heroin
addicts in the whole of Britain, now there is no city or large town In
The Whole World without a major drugs problem of hundreds or thousands
or even tens of thousands. Quick to jump on the bandwagon have been
corporate nazis, illuminati vampires, political psychopaths, Zionist
monsters and related Abrahamist moral inadaquates. The whole being an
entity where each part thinks that they have a direction to go and
some measure of control. But the truth being that the entity has its
own momentum and agenda and, although I am no Abrahamist, is as close
to their concept of Satan as makes no odds. If you believe, as I do,
that our mother Earth is a single living being then these people are
its cancer. Their entire raison d'etre is consumption, and
consumption is cancer by another name.

Either that or our planet is being stolen from us by aliens - really
the worst case scenario

As for what to do about it? I think you, we, are doing it, all that we
can, anyway. There will be a critical threshold of awareness. And no
matter how good Their control mechanisms, when, IF, the 100th monkey
becomes conscious of what is going on (or should that be just
'conscious') They will be finished overnight. Formative Causation/
Rupert Sheldrake

Sorry for the rant, but had to get it off my chest.

Good luck and best wishes

kikz said...

on the sidebar of educational indoctrination/dumbing down, done by the "robber barons"...
J.T. Gatto, a veteran of the NYC public school sys., offers a free/online book.
"Underground History of American Edu.".

i offer 2 snips that offer some forensic hindsight, in as much as capital is responsible. also of note, these american robber baron's began their lot as fronts for the rothschild dynasty, in that vein, quite apparent as to their socio-political bent.

chap 8:Plato's Guardians
chap 8
Plato's Guardians

—when the ultimate source of overproduction in products and services was the overproduction of minds by American libertarian schooling and the overproduction of characters capable of the feat of production in the first place? As long as such a pump existed to spew limitless numbers of independent, self-reliant, resourceful, and ambitious minds onto the scene, who could predict what risk to capital might strike next? To minds capable of thinking cosmically like Carnegie’s, Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s, Morgan’s, or Cecil Rhodes’, real scientific control of overproduction must rest ultimately on the power to constrain the production of intellect. Here was a task worthy of immortals. Coal provided capital to finance it.

Through the dependence of the all on the few, an instrument of management and of elite association would be created far beyond anything ever seen in the past. This powerful promise was, however, fragilely balanced atop the need to homogenize the population and all its descendant generations.1 A mass production economy can neither be created nor sustained without a leveled population, one conditioned to mass habits, mass tastes, mass enthusiasms, predictable mass behaviors. The will of both maker and purchaser had to give way to the predestinated output of machinery with a one-track mind.

Nothing posed a more formidable obstacle than the American family. Traditionally, a self-sufficient production unit for which the marketplace played only an incidental role, the American family grew and produced its own food, cooked and served it; made its own soap and clothing. And provided its own transportation, entertainment, health care, and old age assistance. It entered freely into cooperative associations with neighbors, not with corporations. If that way of life had continued successfully—as it has for the modern Amish—it would have spelled curtains for corporate society.

chap 8, Plato's Guardians

LanceThruster said...

Les - commentary from my friend Bernie the Attorney (aka Winston Smith).


First article was KILLER (Zionism for Compleat Dummies.). He lays out all the stuff you and I have been going on about for years. As for this area of inquiry, he really gets it.

As for the second article ("You want Flies with That?"), he's lost. You and I could maybe help him out here with the 'Rules' he's butting up against, as in the "You Can't Escape The Bell Curve" rule and others. The reason for his frustration is the general population's level of mental wiring, hard-drive space and above all else, processing capability. The issues he examines and the conclusions he reaches all require thought, intelligence (moderate) and the ugly "E" word: effort! We have the evidence right before us, as he so frequently points out in this 2nd piece, and yet he does not see it. Why? Because he is doing the very same thing the monkeys he criticizes are doing: he is refusing to confront a reality that is plainly manifest before him over and over and over. He does this because the conclusion drawn therefrom is too frightening to entertain: the situation is hopeless, the stupids far outnumber the smarts, and the smarts that are there are still --plain and simple-- just not smart enough. Not smart enough to come up with a plan that everyone could 'live' with. Or worse, on the side of darkness.

No, the human equation keeps pointing to a result that is simply not acceptable to people like Les Vis, and thus he refuses to accept the truth, and castigates those around him for not recognizing the truths he DOES 'accept' (or 'create', more accurately.) This is the same monkey business as the regular Joe morons regularly engage in, but on a much higher developmental level. His concern for justice and fairness are clearly manifest, and echoed enthusiastically by those like you and me, but we ultimately see the world fundamentally differently when it comes to mankind the world over.

Unlike Les Vis and others, we recognize the futility of ours action, but engage in them anyway because they are the RIGHT thing to do. Most monkeys work along the lines of Me! Me! Me! (unless someone's looking, of course; especially those trustworthy christian monkeys!) Les Vis is hung up on the monkey business of the Rules, because he hasn't figured them out and/or accepted them yet. Once he breaks free from wishful thinking, he'll be in the position to make the cool, calm observations of the TRULY detached impartial observer. And that would lead him to the "Rules". The Rules would tell him that nearly 50% of the world's humans are going to score less than 100 on the IQ scale, period. You simply cannot escape this scientific fact, and which is embodied in the rule which bears its descriptive name. The 'Bell Curve' distribution of human intellectual performance is the scientific fact that people like Vis won't accept in their FINAL analysis. And yet, they tacitly accept this in various other areas of broad social assumptions. They accept the 'fact' that people are stupid because EVERYBODY knows everybody else is dumb, right? People hear it and say it constantly. We recognize this pandemic of intellectual paucity and we ridicule it daily. But when it comes time for our real, gut level beliefs, the kind we act upon and actually believe, the kind that stir us to write and communicate with others, we express the exact opposite: that things will work out, that people will do the right thing, that it will all come together somehow, and ultimately, that people are smart enough to accomplish all of the above. How do we explain the obvious inconsistency here?

The inconsistency noted above is predicted perfectly by the most fundamental of all the Rules: the Energy Conservation rule. This most ancient of all Rules, a Rule that arose with the slime molds and one-celled progenitors of modern man, is utterly pervasive and all encompassing. It's the rule that prevents Les Vis from seeing his own 'prison of assumptions'. The amount of energy that would go into processing these multi-variable 'problems' that all lead to 'Pi'-type solutions is actually physically, and thereby emotionally, devastating to the human organism. What I mean is that by changing the definition of average human intelligence from "low" (what we assume in casual conversation, i.e., that most people are dumb as a rock) to "substantial" (what we assume for public discourse, published papers, and theories of social contract) we create the very basis for this seeming disconnect. Why aren't things going well for mankind if we actually are such clever beasts? Obviously, we're not. The assumption we are clever is merely a trick we play on ourselves to avoid confronting reality. If we assume humans are mostly stupid, the conventional modeling says we aren't going to survive as a species. Better to change that assumption (i.e., reality) to make it easy on our mental energy consumption, physically and emotionally speaking. Better to just say: We're smart; we'll survive; end of problem!

Accordingly, all organism are genetically programmed at a fundamental level to seek easy, simple answers to problems confronting them. Their genetics demand it. The only solution for humanity is for each family unit to create an environment wherein environmental 'pressure' is exerted by parental influence to fashion the child's early desire/reward structure to favor intellectual curiosity and intellectual pleasures as being 'normal' and 'desirable'. Upon that foundation we then build the concept of work/reward for the "E" part of the equation (the most difficult part), 'effort'. This really is the hardest part: to overcome genetically-based physiological systemic resistance to energy output, especially on a mentally massive scale. The answer: daily rigorous mental exercise that the parents establish as a crucial avenue for parental acceptance, support and affection. This creates a situation where the flood of endorphin or L-Dopa hormones and other desirable chemicals from the parental 'rewards' (love, lavish praise, etc.) given to the child for hard mental work cancel out and dominate the child's negative hormones and physical blood states (acidification, etc.) that make effort, both mental and physical, something the body tells the mind, "I Don't Like That!" and "Avoid That!".

If a set of parents can establish a parenting model with this in mind, they will succeed in creating in their child a truly integrated and powerful brain with dexterity at incorporating new ideas into prior models without system failure or stoppages. Over time, the child's mind, like its body, becomes inured to this way of rigorous thinking, like a young body will become well adapted to long distance running vs a couch potato who never ventures off the sofa. The mind and the body work exactly the same in these regards, and the same rules apply. Parenting with this approach should result in a child with a mind able to process the necessary information to make informed and intelligent decisions on all fronts (which means 'Adios!' to religion, fundamentalism, jingoism, xenophobia, racism and every other form of mental shorthand classification that is used in place of thinking, especially those camouflaged to hide an agenda of hate!) So why isn't this model of parenting the norm, and not the very, very rare exception?

The reason this is not how 99.9% of the world raises their kids is that the Bell Curve and Energy Conservation rules were there first, and this is DEFINITELY a 'first-come, first-served' world, at least where Nature is concerned. These two Rules act together to keep us tied to our ancestral roots of easy answers to hard questions, and if pushed, then turning to a fight-or-flight response, which itself works on a 'tipping point' basis and thus fits nicely into the primitive structure that the Bell Curve and Energy Conservation rules create. Thus, humans tend to be naturally mentally mediocre and lazy. Even when consistently confronted with a horrific future of dire consequences if they do not act soon, the standard human response is: "No response. No response. No response. No response." That is, until a tipping point is reached, and then suddenly the monkey literally EXPLODES into a response, one that is absolutely irrational and primitively based and easily controlled by smarter, more cunning monkeys. Accordingly, the apparently stupid, self-destructive apathy we see prevalent everywhere is actually thoroughly understandable from a genetic perspective and from the historical development of the human species. Humans wait and wait and wait and wait and then............... OVER RESPOND! That's us in a nutshell. And it is all predictable from our Rules. It is, in fact, to be expected. (Rove, Goebbels and other scummy evil proto-simians all use it to these evil monkeys' advantages.)

Thus we are left with the unenviable result and conclusion: the deck is totally stacked against us. By our very natures, we create the perfect vehicles for our own self destruction (and that of most life on the planet, as well.) Our only hope is a parenting model similar to that set forth above. Although rare, it truly is our only hope.

With parenting like that, coupled with love and emotional nurturing and supportive environments, humans have a real possibility of working selflessly together to solve our problems. But as stated previously, this type of a loving, intellectually rigorous environment is exceedingly rare, and more importantly, even more rarely produces a 'warrior class'. ('Soft and sweet' is more like it. See, e.g., [Bernie's kid].) Yet human interactions and politics work from a 'lowest common denominator' model rather than from a 'top leads the way' approach. In democracy, we are insured of lowest common denominator results, with concomitant social and environmental disaster. The selfish warrior classes working with the evil geniuses callously 'use' the remaining 'masses of asses' (general public) by manipulating them through fear and lies, separating them from their hard earned cash and political power (their vote), while convincing these scared little monkeys to sacrifice their 'blut und gelt' ("blood and money") for the benefit of the other groups: the warrior class (the hyper-aggressive, hyper-selfish proto- simians) and the evil geniuses (the ultra-nasty, ultra-twisted super-selfish originators of the misdirection and fraud.)

People like Les Vis sit back and freak out over the situation, but you and I take a more sanguine approach to the whole mess, knowing it's all monkey business, just more SOP for the semi-hairless monkeys. Despite the knowledge there is very little hope, I prefer to go on living and loving and not letting the monkeys get under my skin too much. Instead, I'll just try and be as accepting as possible of the idiotic and absurd conduct of the human monkey, knowing there's really no other solution. I'll take great comfort in having the incredible fortune of living with two incredible people who share my views [Bernie's missus and Bernie's kid] and the fact that I've got wonderful friends and acquaintances who know the real score as well. I've tried, and continue to try, to keep ALL my friends informed of what I see and figure out, but many really aren't interested or it is just to overwhelming for them, so they opt out. Which is EXACTLY why Les Vis is PISSED. He's pissed because of those of us who SHOULD know and SHOULD care, but deliberately WON'T KNOW and DON'T CARE, as they've simply decided not to because it's 'too hard' or 'too depressing'. Blissful ignorance is much more comfortable and easy for them, thank you very much! The Energy Conservation rule wins again! Easy IS better! (And our species' ultimate survival is, well, not really my concern, actually ...... )

And therein lies the source of Les Vis' anger and frustration. "We could have done so much more...... ", is what I hear him and Vonnegut and others like them dejectedly observing. But in all fairness, we couldn't have. We never had the chance really. Mother Nature stuck us with a genetic nature that conserves energy in the immediate, in the short term, neglecting the long term and thereby the survival chances for the entire species, and the world of living things in general. We were selected for short-term survival characteristics, through the icy crucibles that descended upon us every 12,000 to 20,000 years, and through the haze of volcanic dust spewed by occasional super volcanoes that again set nature's terrible swift sword against those who showed even a modicum of altruism. As food sources depleted and died off, so did the altruism of our ancestors who actually hesitated to kill and eat their neighbors, and whom instead were killed and eaten by those less 'reflective' and more 'reflexive' among them, thus leaving us with a genetic legacy of simply unrepentant selfishness, greed and murderousness. Selected for intelligence? Hardly! Selected for the emotional characteristic of unmitigated hyper-selfishness in times of hardship is far more accurate. And this is what we see all around us today. How could it be anything different?

So Les Vis is upset our genetic heritage isn't up to snuff, eh? What's that, Les? We're mostly dumb-ass monkeys, easily misled and even more easily impressed and swayed by smarmy unctious fawning obsequiousness? Get over it, Les! We ALL have to. Just live your life to the fullest within the parameters of your own moral guidelines, as I always mutter. Do what you can, here and there. Donate some time and money (or blood), if you are so inclined. But 'never give up, never surrender', as the "Galaxy Quest" saying goes. Have fun and forget about the monkeys, but keep your moral compass. For as Christ basically said, "The stupid monkeys shall always be with ye; yeah, but we are here so briefly. So verily I say unto you, do your best to ignore them." And be a good person, too.


Anonymous said...

They just tripled the flouride in the California water last week. Swartznagger approved it in a hurry. Also we have been getting sprayed with odd substances that have unleashed a whole floor of the nsa, nasa, the doe, and the af, into debunking and terrorizing anyone who tries to look into it and spread the word. I've been sick for 2 years. My neighbor died mysteriously of Legionairre's in Southern Cal where LEgionairres is basically never found. I say we have been targetted with bioweapons.

Watch this german tele report....

annemarie said...

in re: commentary from Bernie the lawyer/Winston Smith

I agree with much of it. Definitely don't like it though. C'est la vie...

And still I'm not inclined to believe that it was/is Nature which limited us, rather I incline towards the possibility/probability that we who-mans (naked apes, human animals) have been tampered with. Genetically altered a la Frankenstein's monster.

As for the proposed parenting paradigm , I wholeheartedly agree with that.

And I know that I stubbornly insist when I say that Love is (nevertheless) the answer.

Take care all. Make care all,

annemarie :)

annemarie said...

I must add to that comment I just made in re: the lawyer's (winston smith) comment.

What I did NOT like or appreciate about it was the writer's smarminess, arrogance. Arrogance is a cousin of ignorance; and really our world is inundated with such shite.

Just wanted to make that clear, as it possibly wasn't. Don't have lots of time to write right now. So I trust this addendum clarifies my entire post/feelings.

btw, I'd like to add that one of the things which I love and appreciate about Les Visible (and why I eagerly anticipate his words) is that I've never detected a tinge of arrogance in any of his writings. That is among the rarest of treasures, among the rarest of experiences for me.

take care All,


LanceThruster said...

anne marie - Thank you for your observations. I will pass them along to "Bernie." He tends not to sugar coat things and as such comes off as quite bombastic at times. I too have struggled with his assessment and feel that it is analogous to the Kobiyashi Maru scenario of Starfleet training that Capt. Kirk had to 'reprogram" in order to come out on top. []

I do not see any way around the reality of human nature and especially the fact that it only takes a few bad apples to ruin things for everyone else.

LanceThruster said...

One other thing I need to add is that Bernie indicated that this was not the version he intended to have me post on Les' site. He wanted my help in toning it down sufficiently as he felt it was appropriate to show deference to Les Visible as he has stated time and again to me that he respects Mr. Visible immensely. He stated his admiration in that Les is on the frontlines, taking a stand few dare to take.

My error and my humble apologies to Les and Bernie.

Visible said...

Well, Bernie had his say. To me it sounded like Bernie wanting to make Bernie heard but not wanting to do it on his own. After all, it did find it's way into print and we must assume that was the intent.

If he wants a forum, which it looks like he does, he should get a blog and see about getting an audience. It seems that the lack of one is what is annoying him more than anything else.

There wasn't much in there that I could find useful because it was more of an in your face shouting down sort of a thing than it was anything constructive that one might grow by. The presentation alone was enough to turn off anyone who might honestly want to understand it.

I kept trying to figure out what there might be for me in it. Generally I listen to all criticism, even if I think it's off the wall because there's nothing I would like better than to be able to do what I do better.

I'm most perplexed why someone would send something to someone else and then expect them to tone it down for them and even more perplexed why this wasn't apparently clear enough so that it happened; not that it matters.

It's not a big deal to me. I don't expect everyone to like me. Quite frankly I am surprised that so many people do. I anticipated a lot more static than what I get. So when I do get static I always remind myself that the most comprehensive picture about my success is to be seen in the composite of all my respondents and not in any particular offering.

Bernie is very welcome to his opinion. I hope it carries him where he wants to go.

LanceThruster said...

For the record for some time Bernie has sought to stay off the radar. He additionally worries about my well-being in regards to the activism I am involved with (I have been harassed and threatened by Zionist already). It is largely from my pushing that I get him to share his views with a wider audience (as long as I provide the buffer). He was not seeking for me to do a rewrite but rather to collarborate with him on the editing so that the tone would not drown out the message. He and I speak in a short-hand based on a common understanding. Had I been paying sufficient attention, I would have confirmed that this was not the version he wanted to share with the author. Be that as it may, the piece still stands on its on merit. I'd like to think that there is a way around our evolutionary hardwiring but haven't seen anything that addresses the core issue. About the only bright spot is human perseverance in the face of adversity; but we also persevere in our folly to our detriment.

Visible said...

Well, be that all as it may be. I'll stand on the merits of the majority here as they express the collective opinion that indicates the success or failure of this blog and it's author.

Everyone has ideas about how something should be done. In that case it is they who should be doing it. A person's opinion is worthless if they don't stand behind it.

It's impossible in a short essay, as all of these are, to address the complexities of the subject matter. I'm more of a poet than a scholar, more mystic than academic.

When people object to someone's presentation or object to the time they spend on one subject as opposed to another; or generally object in any way about how someone else does something then... they should see that as a clarion call to do it themselves. It's not my job to do what other people want me to do, that's their job and they'll have a lot more success saying the things they want to say instead of browbeating me into being their mouthpiece. I don't hold their opinions so I can't express them. I'm not them. For some reason... ever so occasionally... someone thinks I should be doing things the way they would do them when actually they should just be doing them.

I wouldn't give this the time I'm giving it ordinarily. I didn't find much of interest in the commentary nor was it crafted in a way that made it interesting. It read like the hatchet job that it was and there's no reason to put a pretty face on it, nor apologize because it came out the way the person intended it instead of airbrushed.

The reason I am putting a little time into this is that there's something going on here that isn't being said and my intuition has proven to be just about perfect in this regard.

So, what I'm really doing is speaking to the mind behind the mind here and sort of saying, "wink, wink, nudge, nudge." maybe, "Yeah sure," says it well to.

I suspect some things but I'm not going to say them. It isn't important. But there are clues all over the place if someone wants to look.

Anyone who wants to engage with or communicate with me should know that I am immune to flattery and criticism both. I listen to criticism because it is one way that I learn... given that I am willing to learn it's not difficult for me to separate useful criticism from that which just wants a little blood on the floor.

As for flattery and praise... I know myself well enough to know that I'm just another person on this sphere and that what talents I do have come from somewhere else. I'm just good at getting out of the way of the flow and letting it flow. I'm not the origin of the flow.

Why I said this is just to say that I keep a sharp eye out and I read things carefully and without personal reaction. It makes it possible to see things that others might miss.



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