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Ron Paul and Rupert Murdoch

No one seems to make the connection between Rupert Murdoch and Ron Paul. Ron Paul doesn’t exist for Rupert Murdoch’s publications except when he’s disseminating hit pieces on him such as the accusation that he’s running a false internet campaign and the usual nasty shit that Rupert Murdoch gets up to.

There’s a great movie called “Meet the Feebles” which is done with Muppet-like puppets. It’s directed by Peter Jackson who did “The Lord of the Rings”. One of the characters in the film is a shit-fly who plays a show business reporter and is often seen buzzing around a toilet and sometimes dining there. This character sums up Rupert Murdoch far more effectively than any other image I can come up with for this muckraker extraordinaire.

I observe a recent trend that wants to publicize Ron Paul’s use of Masonic handshakes and other forms that can indicate that Ron Paul is just another member of the vampire overlords who are presently brutalizing the world in which we live; a stalking horse to some and a vote siphon for those who want to draw support away from ‘legitimate’ candidates.

Who knows? It’s possible that not a single candidate is anything but a tool of these elite bloodsuckers. Maybe they come in all flavors and colors and the game is fixed from the top to the bottom. That makes for a dreary perspective to be sure.

One of the areas in which I have studied all of my life has been the metaphysical and the occult. There are those who say that all things occult are satanic. Actually ‘occult’ implies something that is ‘hidden’ or veiled’. Anyone should know that just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean its evil. Although I have read extensively about occult sciences, occult organizations and occult practices, I have yet to find that Masonry is evil per se. Some Masons may be and some may not.

For me, the good or evil of occult and magical practice is determined by the composition of the individual. I see it the way I see electricity. You can use it to light your house or you can use it in the electrodes that you attach to someone’s genitals. Very often we find that what was formerly known as evil turned out to have great benefit to the human race. Destructive forces have been harnessed to our advantage. Individuals who were considered outlaws for a period of time; who were imprisoned and sometimes killed have later been revealed as exceptional human beings who made a positive impact on the world and the people who live there.

It’s a hard call. How can we ever know the sum of anyone? Even those of us who are mostly good are occasionally bad, or weak... or deceived regardless of good intention.

Rupert Murdoch is a celebrated man. He’s rich and powerful. Many people that might generally be considered good curry his favor. Lots of people are willing to sleep with the devil if it pays the rent. Many people come to terms with evil and give the excuse that it makes it possible for them to do good. You’ve heard the term, “necessary evil” I am sure.

I think I can state unequivocally that Rupert Murdoch is as evil as anyone alive. He spreads more lies across the planet on a daily basis than any other person here. He routinely assaults human dignity and panders to the lowest common denominator in everything he does. He prints every new lie about the conditions that cause war, bloodshed and suffering around the world. He originates lies. There are very few people anywhere who do as much harm to harmony and humanity as Rupert Murdoch.

I don’t have the space to list more than a small portion of the awful things he does. They run the gamut from promoting murder to degrading women and he lowers the bar every single day. He digs deeper with every effort he makes into the bottomless pit to limbo a little further under the bar.

Here is a man who wallows in every profane thing like a dog rubs itself in a roadside carcass and it is perfume to him in the same manner. I can well imagine him dancing under a black moon in the woven skin of murdered children and howling with joy. It takes no great leap of the imagination.

That Rupert Murdoch is a psychopath and definitively evil is beyond debate. That he dislikes Ron Paul does not make Ron Paul good. But what are we to do when confronted with the need to make decisions? Are we to assume that everyone is evil now and there really is no exit? That way lies madness and despair.

I have to measure each candidate against every other just as do you. In most people’s cases they pick a candidate that purports to represent what they prefer. Most people want someone who says the things they want to hear. They want them to have the same enemies and the same opinions. What is right for some is not right for others and so you have what we have.

Huckabee is a smooth customer. He’s also a proven hypocrite and the sort of fundamentalist that would have burned Galileo. Most of the rest are American Idol contestants; they just want to win and get a record deal. They want to fly on Air Force One. No leader can be considered a good leader who does not take into consideration the greatest good for the greatest number of people. That has to be the standard and whoever comes closest to that is the one I prefer.

I do not believe that Ron Paul lies. He appears to be someone sent by providence for the greater benefit of us all. This is how he appears and that is the problem given that nothing is what it appears. But I look at where he’s been and what he’s done and when I compare that to everyone else it’s a no-brainer. He is absolutely the right man for the right job at the right time. Furthermore, everyone that I know to be lying is against him. Yes, you can say that this is another clever effort on the part of those who would enslave us. You could say that even if he is what he seems to be they’ll get to him later on. You can surely imagine that they will try to kill him if they feel they have to.

Should I just crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head now? Should I just give up because there’s nothing we can do; because we’re all screwed anyway so... bring it on? What am I to do? What are you to do? Should we survive by mimicking the movements of the bodysnatchers?

Ron Paul’s support is enormous. It is far greater than it appears and it covers every spectrum of society in America. All of this has come about while he has been ignored and slandered by the media. Rupert Murdoch’s influence is enormous and yet he can’t change people’s minds about Ron Paul no matter what he does or does not do.

I can’t honestly tell you that Ron Paul is everything we want to believe he is. Sometimes you have to go with your gut. He reminds me of Cindy Sheehan in a lot of ways; an ordinary soul made extraordinary by possessing the courage and conviction so desperately needed by us all. His position on the Federal Reserve is the biggest evidence to me that he is not evil. This is the physical cornerstone of those who visit the greatest harm upon us. His intention to change this situation puts him on the side of the angels.

His position on Israel is spot on. His position on the IRS and so many other things is exactly what it should be. He’s a man of superior common sense. Maybe the Easter Bunny is going to turn into a vampire. I don’t know. Maybe we are all condemned to slog on through the darkness of these times without hope- but I cannot accept that. I KNOW that the light is shining and that I must strive for the light. Even if I cannot see the light I must strive toward where I know it to be. If I am knocked down a thousand times I must get up a thousand and one. If I am deceived I must change course and shake off my error with a renewed conviction, hope and determination.

Ron Paul may not be the answer. That isn’t going to stop any of us who will not be satisfied with anything but a better world, even if it never lives anywhere but in our aspirations and dreams. For the moment he’s a better star to sail by. Even if he may prove false, so much of what he says rings true.


There is an enormous discontent percolating beneath the surface of the culture. It's volatile and vast. The robotheads dutifully repeat what they are told but meanwhile there's the kind of rebellion you get from people appearing to go along with the program who are no longer going to go along with the program.

This is going to come head to head with the resident Jacobins presently showing the world their shiny red asses from beneath the bloody shadow of Madame Le Guillotine. They've been having their way for awhile and it's all been good and profitable.

Whatever may come of Ron Paul he has certainly united the most disparate collection of Americans that I have ever seen. He may be no more than a reminder of what has been lost but it will be felt all the more keenly for his having brought it to our attention.

Time to bring out The Monkey Wrench Gang if all else fails. Revolt is going on at all levels; witness the recent collaboration between the military and the NIE.You never know when too much finally gets to be too much. You only notice when the dam breaks; good reason not to live below the dam or in the skyboxes at the top of it.

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Visible said...

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Visible said...

I thought I'd just put my comment on the front page.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what you mean by the "military and the NIE" but I've always sort of felt if we ever had a chance to really change this country, to have revolution, we'd need military leaders who understand the game, to rise up and throw the bums out. I mean clean house and start over, enforcing the constitution, holding new elections.
Being former military I can say that while some hold the military/industrial complex accountable for most of our ills, and rightly so, there are good men in the military, with good intentions, who know the evils of war first hand, and understand also that something's just not right.

Visible said...

The recent intelligence that Iran gave up on it's nuclear weapon research and development in 2003 was made public by a joint military- NIE effort; at least that is what I have been informed is so to this point. You may be sure that this information did not surface with the approval of the administration.

My father was a 30 career military man and I and my four brothers all served. One of them was a twenty year man- ex-Delta Force instructor.

kikz said...

JC's common sense..

by their deeds shall ye know them.

Anonymous said...

Truth to power at it's very best. You are at the top of the field. Thank you for this wonderful statement.


Gertie said...

and, further information on the masons: my understanding of the masons and why they're so "secretive" is that the organization began as a meeting place for actual masons (men who worked with stone and metals). it was secretive because the masons didn't want the trade secrets to get out to the public, and take away their bread and butter.

just like anything else, americans turned it into something dramatic, and assumed it was evil. :)

lovely us!

thank God for RON PAUL! if through some rotten turn of events he doesn't become president, we may all have to move to nevada or texas, annex from the US, and have him as our president then. :)


Anonymous said...

I like the description of Murdoch, personally if I met the man myself I would snap his scrawny neck after he shamelessly sacked my mother whilst on holiday when she was one of the Dep Eds at the Times, she was good enough to meet the Queen for the crappy paper, good enough to be forced to undergo the special branch training as the IRA had asked for her specifically being Irish to be a codetaker, she was good enough to spend 18 hours a day producing the Royal Wedding supplement but because she said no to Murdoch as he was trying to bypass the editorial committee, he simply terminated her contract behind her back.

What a scumbag.

Thing is with Murdoch, he has now the crown of "kingmaker", with control of low brow press publications he literally tells the working class who to vote for and invariably they do, we have seen this in the UK time and again and it seems that people in Australia, UK, Canada etc have two hurdles to surmount, one) to be accepted by Bush two) negotiating a slimy deal with Murdoch.

You will note in the UK that David Cameron has been paying much court to Bush, as well as his party has been host to such as Bolton so they are definitely cosying up to the neocons in hope of their support.

Blair's price was the destruction of the BBC for Murdoch, David Cameron is offering incredible tax breaks and a blind eye to monopolies right now but I think that if Ron wants to be elected, he has to win over the Murdoch empire and the only way he can do that is to negotiate that slimy deal...

When the old monkey finally goes, I am going to pour a bottle of single malt on his grave... filtered through my kidneys first though :(

Anonymous said...

You might want to look up muckraker. I don't think you meant to use it like you have.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the US elections from a neighbor country, I must say I agree. While there are no guarantees that even Ron Paul isn't a sellout, he's the best chance you've got to pull out of the muck you are in as a state.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les:

I am enjoying your posts as it dovetails with what I am arguing about with my partner recently. Is the truth worth the struggle? What is the truth?


Alan the Red said...

I don't particularly like Murdoch, but I do feel I have to come to his defence. Murdoch is just the pusher-man, who makes money out of selling lies, but if people didn't want to buy those lies, he would be out of business, or be forced to sell used cars for a living. As long as people are so damned needy, and lack independence, there is always some pusher-man who can supply their every need.

Anonymous said...

As a non-US cit I have no vote, but like the rest of the thinking world, I'm watching the US election run-up very closely.
'Comes the hour comes the man' is what springs to my mind whenever I watch a Ron Paul video, BUT... I also think he may be a vampire in disquise. However, on the heels of that thought comes another one - would he openly run on a Republican ticket if he was a wolf in sheep's clothing? Surely he would switch to the Democrat party, and become a Repub Trojan Horse, like the fragrant Hillary.
Bit of a 'Catch 23', eh?

By the way, les, I caught this article on 'thetruthseeker' site.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul has held these opinions for many many years and has often spoken out.He has been very consistent The length of time involved (unless he is some sort of long term "Neo-Con Sleeper Cell")suggests that he is probably legit rather than a more recent recuit for the establishment. We have to give him a chance. Many people believe he may be our only and last hope.

Anonymous said...

Filtered through your kidneys first! aw, I like that too right. Far as defending Murdoch, yeah and I bet the women trafficked for whoredom are just filling a need. That's an unprincipled thing you said. Very often needs are created and then filled. Ever heard of pandering my man? You don't know what you're talking about.

On the other hand, brilliant fuckin bit of writing Les Visible. You seem to say exactly what I'm thinking more times than I can tell you. This is the first time I've had a say here and it won't be the last.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Farley for saying that.

Defending Murdoch by saying that he's just giving people what they want is so defenseless, and crass that it made me laugh. Defending the Murdochs of this world by casting them as "mere opportunists" is delusional.

Nice try though buddy. I'll bet you envy Murdoch and all the pathetic Murdochs of this world. With your words, you come across as an impotent, lame poseur ;)

It's an incontrovertible fact that the overwhelming majority of human "needs" have been manufactured... as pathetic and futile attempts at satisfying the insatiable among us. Actual human needs are very simple, and all are offered in abundance by Nature.

If Cerne abbas was actually capable of feeling, I'd recommend a read of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for starters. Or even Horton hears a who, by Dr. Suess. pfft!

Alas, the story's been told umpteen times. But, the fuckers will never get it, they will never comprehend or grok it because they only feel alive whilst fucking others over whilst fucking their very selves. AS the saying goes: the joke's on you ;)

To even consider defending a person like Murdoch who (directly and indirectly via his gluttonous and obscenely vast corporate properties) is to also defend: Wars. Genocides. Planet-wide environmental destruction. Pornography, perversions of all kinds, and child and adult prostitution. And every other manufactured attack on human rights, dignity, and decency.

Cerne, your lame-ass "defence" is tired. Transparent. Hackneyed. Been done to death. Too bad for you. Go try it on a much less discerning crowd. We be grownups (for the most part) here.



Anonymous said...

Ron Paul all the way!!!!!!!!!!!
Much appreciate what you had to say. Some of this is always around but people don't talk about it. You write so well. Every time I want to give up and die I find something like this and I forget how I felt before. Sometimes it feels so dark REALLY DARK and I know that light is shining too. That is one of the best songs I have ever heard and I wont be exagerating to say that you made my day. God bless you.


I don't want to leave before I say that Rupert Murdock is a pig looking for a barbecue and he is going to find it.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting that I post that bit about my own families run in with Murdoch (glad some liked the filtering proposal)...

What I find rather amusing is that I look out my window and I can see the hills of Cerne Abbas.

As for defending him, he is indefensible, my mothers story was proof that he sidesteps these committees he sets up to assuage shareholders, he only tolerates yes-men and to say no is fatal.

My money is that he is negotiating right now with all the candidates but focusing more on the less hopefuls as they would be easier to turn to his own purpose.

And I had heard a rumour that he was sent in to buy Wall St Journal as the neocons need someone in control who will say the dollar is doing dandy, have confidence etc, to keep the myth and the lie running which allows the US military machine keep doing its thing and the US President can keep his rather startling control on the world today.

What Murdoch has done is simple, he knows people don't want to think for themselves so he and his friends lay the thinking on for them, the old adage of an ear with only half truths spoken into it comes to mind very much here.

Anonymous said...

Don't think so Les, he is not going to turn into a vampire. I have watched many, many Youtube clips over many months, and there is no lie to him.

People know this when they watch and listen, which accounts for the growing tsumani of Americans emerging from right across the spectrum who will inundate the political scene in 08 with a roar like nothing ever has, not since the promulgation of the Constitution, sweeping away the existing Reps and Dems into a remnant amalgam - if they survive at all.

I wish we had one like him in Oz last month to vote for. I don't think we ever have had and probably never will, but the Internet may now make the emergence of one possible, even in Australia.

Having said all that, i would say that the reason few paid attention to him in 1988 when he was running as the Libertarian candidate was because the Internet was not available to the public and ALL knowledge about a candidate was filtered through people like former Australian Rupert Murdoch, with the result a foregone conclusion.

But now, with a mature Internet, Rupert Murdoch and his ilk are dinosaurs and don't yet know they have been bypassed.

America has had a coronary bypass, it is called the Internet, and America will recover and prosper yet again.

Joy said...

Bravo Visible!

As Freud said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. With Dr. Paul, what you see is what you get. He is not going to make a deal with the devil.

IMO, the rise of Ron Paul was unexpected by the PTB because of their arrogance. They own the MSM, the most powerful mindfucker ever built. It has always worked for them before. They never expected videos of the demolition of WTC 7 to go viral and they never expected liberty to go viral either.

They have tried stopping Ron Paul by ignoring him, leaving him out of the polls, ridicule, and slander. Nothing has worked so far,so expect more of the same. I wouldn't be surprised if they produce a ob-gyn patient of his from 30 years ago to charge him with molestation or malpractice or some other such crap. No tactic is too low.

If dirty tricks and lies don't work, they might have to assassinate Ron Paul just like RFK. But that will not be the end. Over 100,000 people have donated to Ron Paul, levels of support previously unheard of. We have found ourselves and each other. If Dr. Paul falls, another will take his place. The R3OVLUTION will grow year by year until it prevails.

Visible said...

I've just been notified that I am under review/investigation for violation of terms of service contract. I'm not sure why that would be- it's possibly something to do with Rupert Murdoch then again....hmmmm.

In any case, this blog may or may not disappear depending on who is leaning on Blogger. I'd like to think they'd be fair with me but that sort of thing usually depends on who is angry and not on the actual merits of the case.

Ironically I've just put up a piece here that seems to reflect on the sort of people that don't want the truth told.

We'll see folks. You regular readers remember to bookmark any one of the other blogs so that you can find me if I disappear. Worst case scenario I will host the blog myself on my main website which is a New Zealand company and won't ever take any sort of action against my efforts to tell it like it is.

Anonymous said...

I am not from the US but I feel for them.
We ( US or not ) need Ron Paul's vision. He is our hope for the future. But, at the same time I'm afraid good people don't last and go well in the US.
It's like the familiar phrase : " Either you're with us or ....." . If you are against: see what happened to Keneddy/s , so other US Presidents before that.
The once proud nation is slowly dropping to the absy...
I think there are too little US citizens that knew the outside world. You are too dependent to people like Rupert Murdoch to feed you with lies...But Rupert is serving a group of powerful people. Yes..many of the presidential potentials alligned themselves with them.
So what is your future AMERICA !

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul and Howard Dean were both populist country doctors and internet prodigies. The power regime will not allow anyone like them to even come close. How did Senator Max Cleland, who resigned from the 9-11 commission because of Bushco "stonewalling" end up in a Presidentially appointed position at the Import Export Bank?
What the fuck was Ross Perot babbling about when he withdrew from the race back in '92 anyway? Why would that asshole Nader deliberately scuttle the Gore campaign in 2000?

The aforementioned building 7 is key to all these questions. We are witness to a facade. Period.

Visible said...

new post and new blog here

Visible said...

a new post here.

Anonymous said...

Freemasonry began, at least here in America, as a group of elite well-to-do thinkers in diverse fields from business to politics. But it wasn't until the perverse ideology of Zionism infiltrated the organization that it became truly malevolent. Generally, most lower level Masons are decent people because they are actually unaware of what kind of group they are in. The Masons above the 30 degree level are the ones in power and they are Satanists, Luciferians, etc. On average, I would say the practice of anything Satanic is evil and not in the best interest of humanity. The Masons are no longer a group of stonecutters attempting to conceal their knowledge of the trade. That died centuries ago. Freemasonry is also based on mystic Kabbalistic rituals, which delves into the dark arts. A large majority of some of the most powerful men from the 20th century were Masons. They include Soviet butcher, Joseph Stalin and Germanic tyrant, Adolf Hitler and most of America's presidents and members of Congress for at least, the last 100 years. The reason the truth about Freemasonry remains elusive is because the organization is shrouded in philanthropic good deeds. From Shriner hospitals for children to various services they provide in their respective communities; Masons, for the most part, are above reproach, which verifies the old adage, "you can't judge a book by its cover."

Anonymous said...

The co-author of Ron Paul's 1993 book "The Case for Gold", Lewis E. Lehrman, is at the Board of Directors of Project for the New American Century.

Anonymous said...

Lehrman's Institutional Affiliations

Citizens for America: Co-Founder and President
American Enterprise Institute: Board of Trustees
Morgan Library: Board of Trustees
Manhattan Institute: Board of Trustees
Heritage Foundation: Board of Trustees
Lincoln and Soldiers Institute at Gettysburg College: Co-Founder
Yale University Council: Chairman, Committee on Humanities
Conservative Network
Council for National Policy
Democratic International: Organizer of insurgent leaders in Angola, 1985
Republican and Conservative Party: Candidate for New York Governor, 1982

Corporate Connections/Business Interests:

L.E. Lehrman & Co.: Chairman
Gerson Lehrman Group: Board of Directors
Ten Squared Investment Fund: Founder
Lehrman, Bell, Mueller, & Cannon (financial forecasting firm)
Morgan Stanley Asset Management (Morgan Stanley & Co.): Managing Director and CEO, 1988-?; Senior Adviser and Director, 1987-1988
Arbusto Energy (George W. Bush’s Texas oil business): Partner, 1979
Rite Aid: President, 1968-1977


Yale University: B.A.
Harvard University: M.A., Woodrow Wilson Fellow


But look at this beauty of an accusation (no, I don't have 2 sources on this):
"George W. Bush begins operations of his oil firm, Arbusto Energy. With the help of Jonathan Bush, he assembles several dozen investors in a limited partnership including Dorothy Bush, Lewis Lehrman, William Draper, and James Bath, a Houston aircraft broker..."


Boris Epstein said...

An excellent post, Les!

In my opinion, it matters less who Ron Paul is as a person than the movement he symbolizes.

Anonymous said...

I was in Austin, TX last weekend on a shopping expedition of sorts & was shocked and surprised at the Ron Paul explosion. Something never in the corporate broadcast media and that I would not have expected in a "liberal" city.
I went in very different establishments -- everything from a head shop to a gun store to an alternative book store and everywhere was the Ron Paul buzz, esp. on the Sunday Fundraiser. Bumper stickers in every apt. complex parking lot; yard signs in every neighborhood. A big article in the Austin American Statesman on the local Ron Paul explosion, page 1 Sunday edition, 16 December, carried on to two more pages. Yes, something's definitely happening.

Anonymous said...

"Are we to assume that everyone is evil now and there really is no exit?"

Assume that everyone in the American political system is evil, yes. But there is an exit, and it will not come throught the American political system.

Here are the possible outcomes of this Ron Paul affair:

1. He gets elected and then BAM, another 9/11, and the overall policies do not change ie. war continues etc..

2. Votes get rigged again and he does not get elected.

3. He get elected and attempts to change the policies, the FED, the war etc.. and BAM he dies of a heart attack...

I think #2 is the most likely, closely followed by #3.

I know you love your homeland Les, that is why you still hope that things might turn out alright. But the apple cart has been rotting for way too long, there ain't much hope to find fresh apples there... There needs to be a new harvest, but all the pickers are either brainwashed or powerless.

Hey check this out: Russia to equip Iran with S-300

Actually I think they are already equipped with them because the Tor-1M's tactical purpose is to guard the strategic S-300. They are just declaring it now to make it absolutely clear...

Told you man, you will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but the end is not yet.. Iran is where the line is drawn, it will not be bombed by anyone. Same for Syria, the Russian navy is docked at Tartus.

Anonymous said...

^ Actually I meant "closely followed by #1". Not #3 because I doubt he will even get into office.

But you know, if Ron Paul gets elected, GREAT. If he changes all the policies which are destoying America, AWESOME. If he can actually turn around this lie-infested cycle of violent ignorant greed that is the American foreign policy.. what can I say? Then there is still hope for this current world.

But with all the things that have been happening since JFK got shot, do you really think such a turn-around will happen? I mean really, honesty, do you? Sure we can hope for it, and I really hope for it, but do you really think it will happen now just like that? Because of an election? Do you really think Ron Paul got where he is in politics just through his integrity and honesty and some people votes? ie. without the consent of the powers that be?

Its no longer a conspiracy theory that it is the people who control the FED that rule America, it is a proven fact. Why do you still think that politicians have world-changing power?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should rename the title of this topic "Ron Paul and Rupert Murdoch & Featuring Chiron's comment column" hahaha.

Been watching videos of Ron Paul on youtube such as this:

He comes across as a sincere and honest human being who genuinely cares for his beloved country and its people. So I was wrong, not the whole apple cart is rotten. Just the overwhelming majority of it! His opponents on the other hand come across as hypocrite zombies, Giuliani makes me sick! Same goes for the massmedia commentary.

You are right in that he is the best possible option at the next presidential elections. But I still believe it is naive to think that elections will change the course of the country, be they presidential or parliamentary (congress, senate etc..). They have gigantic military bases the size of cities going up in Iraq. And the last president who tried to revert the control of the FED got his brains blown out. There is no way they will let him change these two things. And I'm simply trying to be realistic here. I'm an optimist by nature because I know that all will turn out to be alright in the end.

You have to understand that elections are just a show to distract the common people to keep the dream of democracy alive. It is drilled into people’s heads from childhood.

Remember what you said before the congress elections? You thought they were so crucial that they would need to instigate another false flag to influence them. Had you understood that the democrats and the republicans are controlled by the same entity you wouldn’t have made such estimates. And what happened? The democrats won and the course of the country has not changed one bit. Why do you think presidential elections will be any different? The powers that be will not relinquish their control no matter what election. They are the ones who plan elections decades ahead.

Even Ron Paul himself has said that the FED is too secretive and accountable to no-one. Nobody knows how much money it prints and where it goes. These people do not make “profits”. They don’t need to buy shares, lol. They can OUTPRINT ANY FORTUNE OVERNIGHT, they own and control the very foundation of the western economy. Too simplistic eh? Well then, tell me, who is the FED accountable to? Mayer Amschel Rothschild said "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws."

"Most Americans have no real understanding of the operation of the international money lenders. The accounts of the Federal Reserve System have never been audited. It operates outside the control of Congress and manipulates the credit of the United States" -- Sen. Barry Goldwater (Rep. AR)

"This [Federal Reserve Act] establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President [Wilson} signs this bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized....the worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill." -- Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. , 1913

"The Federal Reserve banks are one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen. There is not a man within the sound of my voice who does not know that this nation is run by the International bankers -- Congressman Louis T. McFadden (Rep. Pa)

And on and on and on.. there are hundreds of quotes like that if you want to search the net. Is it all made up?

They may not influence Ron Paul directly right now, but they still control the whole environment that he must operate in, from the massmedia, the voting system and even the presidential decision-making channels. He is like a dove in a den full of vipers. Maybe they let a few honest politicians like him remain in the system to keep people from completely losing faith in it. But it is still a deception. He is in their hands from start to finish, even if they let him win the elections, he can be blackmailed and intimidated in office or even killed if need be. They have so many cards in their hands its not funny.

So what’s my proposal then? Sure a revolution will not come because you’d need just as sophisticated and organised a network to remove the power structure that they already have in place. And people simply do not have the information or willpower or the tools to organize something like that. The internet is definitely not the place to do it with government employees reading all the blogs, lol.

THE REVOLUTION MUST BE INTERNAL. WE MUST BE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD. When you realize what you Truly are, your infinite potential, changing the external world will be as easy as taking a breath. Even the worst demons serve a purpose in this Divine drama. All is the will of the One Being which is the true self of all souls, be they demonic tyrants or saints, all will return to the origin, sooner or later, in this life or in a billion lives. So be brave my friends. EVERYTHING IS OK and has always been ok and will always be ok…

(although in Truth, nothing has ever changed.  I still love you Les, you are a beautiful soul!)



Zionism, 9/11 and The War on Terror Hoax

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