Monday, December 10, 2007

Zionism for Compleat Dummies.

There are features to Zionism that are seldom discussed. Often when they are discussed the language is needlessly convoluted and intricate. It’s understandable; people who want to make their point are going to spend a lot of time on detail. I’ve yet to see the most important features of Zionism discussed in a simple ABC manner.

It is easy for anyone curious enough to want to do so to look into what Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, had to say. You can read Ben Gurion and you can read about the position taken by Zionist leaders during World War Two when many efforts were underway to remove Jews from Germany and the occupied regions. These aren’t secret documents. A very clear picture is painted.

The events of World War 2 were a tremendous boon to Zionism. This isn’t me saying this. This has been repeated often by Zionists and evidence of their activity during World War 2 is easily found... often on the front page of mainstream newspapers. Incidents such as their declaration of war against Hitler early on; March 24, 1933 it appeared in the London Daily Express. And the behavior of Zionist afterwards is also not a secret

“There is a huge amount of literature describing how the Zionists made it very difficult to save Jews during and after World War II. As various individuals and organizations were trying to arrange departures of Jews to western countries, the Zionists worked overtime to prevent this from happening. They expressed the opinion that building up the Jewish population of Palestine was more important than enabling Jews to go to third countries, and they insisted to western powers that Jews should not be accepted anywhere other than Palestine. Indeed, Yitzchak Greenbaum, a famous Zionist, proclaimed that “one cow in Palestine was worth more than all the Jews in Poland.” The infamous David Ben-Gurion said in 1938:
"If I knew it was possible to save all the children in Germany by taking them to England, and only half of the children by taking them to Eretz Israel, I would choose the second solution. For we must take into account not only the lives of these children but also the history of the people of Israel."

There’s much worse, such as their blockade of Red Cross aid to the camps which the authorities were most willing to allow. Zionists kept all aid from reaching these people with the sole intent of increasing the condition of their suffering. This is known and documented ... a real fact. This is all public record but that’s not the concern of this article

Theodor Herzl came up with the idea of using anti-Semitism as a tool to achieve certain ends. He said it should even be manufactured when there is opportunity and used whenever possible, true or not. Whatever it took to get what he wanted was fine.

Zionism is a pretty simple thing if you strip away all of the scenery. It’s about possession of the Holy Land exclusively for the Jews and about expanding the dimensions of it to include what they have interpreted from some Biblical map they have that implies that a truly enormous stretch of real estate belongs to them. This area is far larger than the presently ‘expanded’ borders that exist today. The only other feature of Zionism that needs to be understood is the use of anti-Semitism which is employed against anyone who opposes the hegemonic intentions of Zionism. It doesn’t matter if the person opposing Zionism is actually anti-Semitic or not. They automatically become anti-Semitic by virtue of their opposition. It is permissible to do ‘anything’ to further the purposes of Zionism; “by deception ye shall wage war.”

Let’s not get into the Ashkenazi question or anybody’s rights to exist. Let’s avoid all distraction and red herrings and go right to the point. The Zionists are to the Jewish people what the Nazi’s were to the German people. After the defeat of Germany the German people were all branded as Nazis and that is not the case. All Jews are not Zionists either.

Zionist behavior causes reactions because it is an ugly thing that no human being could countenance as far as its behavior and rhetoric goes. However, when you rightfully criticize Zionism you are tagged as criticizing Jews. As a result, Zionism has been able to become a world problem because they use the Jewish people as a human shield. You launch a comment and it is made to appear to hit collateral bystanders. That’s the intent.

It would benefit anyone interested in the truth of the matter to read about The True Torah Jews and look into the works of Rabbi Weissmandl and Grand Rebbe Teitelbaum; if you are interested of course. If you’re not then that’s up to you.

World Jewry and Zionism is not the same thing and commentary on one doesn’t impact on the other. Let us use an analogy. Republican conservatives and American neo-cons are not the same thing. The latter may be Republicans but they are their own reality. They may operate within the wider spectrum of conservative Republicanism but their direction and intention are not the same and they neither serve nor advance the interests of Republican conservatives any more than politically motivated religious fundamentalists serve or advance the interests of Christians.

This is like a virus in that it pretends to be a legitimate cell but the virus is not the cell that it is mimicking. It’s a blind. The people who are going to pay the heaviest price for the actions of Zionism are not the Zionists. The Jewish people and others are going to pay the price and it is imperative that the Jewish people make an effort, which so far has not been generally forthcoming, to disassociate themselves from Zionism.

Many Jews have become convinced that the actions of Zionists are key to the survival of Israel. This is a lie. They are the biggest threat to the survival of Israel. If it weren’t for Zionism, Israel would already have peace with her neighbors just as the Jews who lived there previous to their arrival did. It is the intention of Zionism to steal the lands of other people and that sets other people against them. That’s an observable fact.

There is a reason that the Zionists ruthlessly suppress everyone who criticizes them. There is a reason they use anti-Semitism against everyone who speaks out against them. There is a reason they set up a hue and cry against research into and publication about the truth concerning them. The reason is that they are up to no good. What other reason could there be? If you don’t care what people see then you don’t hide it. If you do care then you do hide it. There’s a difference between making love to your wife with the door closed and raping a child behind the same door. There are limits to the defense of privacy just as there is a natural abhorrence against anyone revising history to suit their purposes.

The Zionists are extremely powerful. The Nazi’s were very powerful once too. They aren’t anymore and the same has to happen to the Zionist movement.

This slander of everyone who criticizes Zionist activity has to stop. It has to be unmasked for what it is. When the Rachel Corrie play is suppressed in every country where there is an attempt to have it performed it should tell you something. When Walt and Mearsheimer are hounded and slandered wherever they appear it should tell you something. When historical events are routinely doctored to serve specific interests it should tell you something. When a majority of the recent anti-Semitic attacks in France were proven to have been engineered by Zionists it should tell you something. When it is revealed that members of AIPAC were caught sending classified material to Israel it should tell you something. When a war is manufactured under false pretenses engineered by Zionists ...and American soldiers and foreign citizens die and the reputation of America is tarnished it should tell you something. When new drumbeats for war against Iran are being sounded by the same people that drummed up the Iraqi conflict it should tell you something. But are you paying attention? Are you listening?

I don’t suppose I would be as concerned as I am if it were not for the fact that real people are dying for lies fabricated by people who engineer and manipulate the conflicts. I wouldn’t be as concerned if an entire nation weren’t being used for target practice and abused daily across the stretch of decades. I realize that until it happens to you it doesn’t really matter. I don’t have that luxury, my conscience won’t allow it.

We have to separate the Zionist movement from the ordinary lives and goals of Jews the world over and see the difference; the same way we can see the difference between the Khmer Rouge and the Cambodian people, the Communist government and the Russian people, the Chinese government and the Chinese people, the American neo-cons and the American people, Nazi Germany and the German people.

This slander of truth tellers and blackmailing of nations has to stop. The association of anti-Semitism with genuine criticism has to stop. Sooner or later the wrong people are going to pay the price as they always do. It’s up to the Jewish people to begin to police themselves. The greatest power to do so lies with them. The world will thank you.

“Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist, not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either. Nahlal arose in the place of Mahlul; Kibbutz Gvat in the place of Jibta; Kibbutz Sarid in the place of Huneifis; and Kefar Yehushu'a in the place of Tal al-Shuman. There is not one single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population.” (Moishe Dayan) ...Genocide...


Visible said...

My Dear Friends;

I have received many letters about the comments sections of these blogs. A number of you do not respond now because the comments do not appear for some days. I am sorry about that. I don’t have internet at home and I don’t get to the internet café but twice a week. Sometimes I can check in and post the comments and sometimes my consort does but often a lot of time passes. I’m trying to get this situation rectified but it is hard when the people who are going to do that for me do not show up and continue not to show up. One day it will happen.

If you withhold your comments I won’t know what you think and that is important to me. I also received a letter from one of you and because a disk went missing I no longer have your letter or the email address. I do have my response because I copied the letter in order to do it. You should write me again so that I can answer you. For some reason I can’t find your letter with the address. Things like this do happen and sometimes mail doesn’t even get through so never think the worst.

There are new posts today at all of the other blogs. Just go to the masthead on the main-page and you can travel that way if you are of a mind to see them. Thanks for all of the good words and unflagging support. I am very lucky that we found each other.

Anonymous said...

What is confusing about this Zionist thing is how the foaming at the mouth Evangelical christian leaders like John Hagee express support and absolute loyalty to Zionism. Maybe not so confusing if you realize that Hagee and his ilk rake in millions and millions of tax free dollars by scaring the hell out of people.

Why don't they open their eyes and see what Zionism has done and is doing to both Israel and the world?


Following the establishment of Israel, the Israeli authorities continued their destruction and desecration of Christian holy places.

1. Israeli forces seized several Christian convents and churches on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem. They looted the ornaments and church golden and silver objects and transformed those convents and churches into military posts for Jewish armed forces. An eyewitness who recently reported about the Church of St. Saviour on Mt. Zion stated the following:

The interior of the Church of St. Saviour is a scene of total devastation. The carved and gilded altar has been wrecked, and an altar painting lies destroyed on the upper floor. The oil paintings that decorated the upper part of the north and south walls have been torn out of their frames leaving only tattered shreds of canvas. Many of the Kutahya tiles, brought especially from Turkey by Armenian pilgrims in the early eighteenthcentury have been ripped from the walls; those that have not been stolen lie smashed on the ground, along with a tangled mass of broken church furniture. The valuable collection of old church vestments has completely disappeared.(13)

2. Israeli forces desecrated and vandalized the Armenian and the Greek Orthodox cemeteries on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem. Fourteen tombs of Christian patriarchs were smashed open and their contents desecrated. Two were demolished and excavated to a depth of 6 feet. All marble stones were broken.

In the Greek Orthodox cemetery on Mt. Zion, practically every tomb in the cemetery was smashed. Many graves were dynamited or smashed open. Fragments of marble crosses, angels' wings and inscriptions lie inextricably mixed with human skeletons and skulls, blackened tree stumps, and the remains of rockets and shells.

The Catholic cemetery on Mt. Zion received the same treatment from the Zionists. The Very Reverend Father Andres, Procurator-General in the Holy Land since 1962, published an article in the Catholic Journal, La Terra Sainte, March, 1968 in which he described the shocking acts of vandalism and desecration of the Catholic Cemetery. He published several photos showing the evil deeds of profanation. Father Andres states: "The Jews actually dragged the corpses out of the tombs and scattered the coffins and remains of the dead all around the cemetery."

Palestine Encyclopedia

Anonymous said...

I am a "senior citizen", which means that I have survived over 60 years in this country. I have seen my country go from being "the beacon of democracy to the world" to a debtor nation controlled by (blackmailed) a country on the other side of the bigger than New Jersey. I do remember the horrific scenes from Germany after WWII. That was when I was 5-6 years old. I am still being hammered for what the Nazis did then, while money to educate MY grandchildren is being sent to educate theirs to learn to hate me. Time to cut this cord and let the "Zionists" pickle in their own juices. Enough!

al said...

Actually, I think, Israel - one little country - a geographical comma actually - has a right to exist in that area.

As to Zionism, it's kind of neck to neck with the spread of islam, esp. the sect of wahabism - fundamental islam -straight from Arabia.

See map of islam:

As state and religion are one and the same for the Arabs, i.e. islamics, they have spread from Arabia - and conquered VIOLENTLY other indigenous peoples - and it "ain't" pretty. The indigenous Lebanese, the Syrians, the Egyptians, Babylonians, Cyrenia, Mauretania, the Berbers- these lands weren't Arabic! They were either Christian or Pagan - belonging to the Indigenous.

And esp. the Arameians - and the Philistines and Phoenicians - where "Palestine" stands today. Those are now taken over by the Arabs that surged out of the Peninsula. And the NAtive Peoples have been/are being repressed and abused today. And were converted by the sword. It's NOT a myth, read the Koran verse 9. In fact, read the entire Koran and get to know the Arabs. Read the Medina Verses (islamics only present the Meccan verses of Peace - but never the verses which supercede them - the Medina ones).

The Arab islamic strata is a thin social strata - which is vociferous and violent - calling themselves "Palestinians" - in their bid for permanent control - these Islamic Arabs, never seem to give up, and keep coming back to strike death blows to innocent - Non-Moslems, over and over.

These islamic Arabs have taken over, control the vast numbers of Indigenous Peoples in that area- through fear.

Who is anyone to say that the Arabs have a right to the land where Israel is today? The Arab is a late-comer, who gives them the right?

As well, they have spread their poisonous belief so far, that it is a fatal virus that went even further than the Middle East, not only taking over those ancient Proud Kingdoms, but over Anatolia (Asia Minor/Byzantium), Mesopotamia, Persia, Afghanistan, the rest of Central Asia, and Malaysia,and in the last 60 yrs took over most of North India ( now Pakistan, Bangladesh/Bengal) but seeks now to completely take over Kashmir - Uttar Pradesh, and the rest of India (are giving them havoc right now).

As islam does NOT recognize any country, but Mecca, it's spread to Kosovo, Cyprus ( is chewing away at the non-moslem portions, beyond the aportioning), chewing away over South Thailand,and Chechnya, and right now, the Philippines has divided into an islamic country in the south of Philippines - islam has finally prevailed after more than 500 yrs there.

The Arabs have taken Niger, Somalia, Ghana, Madagascar, Mali, Chad and in the last, have taken Nigeria.

They are working to take over Sudan and Ethiopia.

Again, as the islamics,don't recognize nations, only islam, they're creating havoc in Western Europe, France, Sweden, Italy, the U.K. and in fact, intend to reconquer Spain.

Why shouldn't the Jews have the geographical comma - that small area of Israel?

Anonymous said...

remarkable. your work is consistently outstanding and unique.

Thank you,

Dr. George Ryan

Anonymous said...

Incidents such as their declaration of war against Hitler early on; March 24, 1933 it appeared in the London Daily Express.

Since the World Jewish Congress declared war on Germany (twice, once in 1933 and again in 1939) and declared that all Jews were combatants in this war, the actions of the Nazis to round up the Jews is perfectly legal and morally justified. International law states that any enemy combatant found in your country, not wearing a uniform of a valid armed service, is a spy and can be executed out of hand.

Therefore, if six million Jews were killed in camps in WWII, they deserved what they got.

What is confusing about this Zionist thing is how the foaming at the mouth Evangelical christian leaders like John Hagee express support and absolute loyalty to Zionism.

Hagee, and other Xian fundamentalists, are pro-Zionist because they believe that bible prophecy states that the Jews will restore the temple in Jerusalem just before Jesus comes and raptures active sinners to heaven without being judged. IOW, Hagee is counting on Israel to start a nuclear conflagration that will wipe out the world, and then Jesus will have to come because there will be no future. Obviously, Hagee and others who believe like him are dangerously insane. They should be put to sleep.

Why shouldn't the Jews have the geographical comma - that small area of Israel?

Because someone else owns it. The Jews may have displaced the rightful owners for 70 years, but that doesn't transfer ownership of the land from the Palestinians to whom it belongs to the European and American Jews who are living out a fantasy.

Also, if "the Jews" want a homeland, then get the hell out of my homeland! I don't want my country filled with Fifth Columnist traitors seeking to maneuver an advantage for their racist brethren in some foreign land.

Zionism combines the worst of Naziism and the worst Communism into the most dangerous and racist ideology ever known on planet earth. Zionists are "anti-human", at least anti-all-humans-except-Jews. Zionists should be exterminated en masse.

Anonymous said...

The founders of Israel are also the
founders of our central banks. That effectively explains every headline you see.

Anonymous said...

"Why shouldn't the Jews have the geographical comma - that small area of Israel?"

It was swindled from them via the Balfour agreement engineered by Rothschild. All your blathering about Arabs is available on the usual "mainstream" channels, why bother to come here? This blog is about enlightenment, not stale rhetoric.

I don't give a flying fuck about the Arabs. I'm concerned about the psycho jews that pulled off 9-11, blamed the Arabs, and stole my nation's army.

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't the Jews have the geographical comma - that small area of Israel?

6:29 PM

Um, because two wrongs don't EVER make a right. Geeze, even a kindergartner would be able to correctly answer that "trick" question. hahahaw

Geographical comma? Nice try you putz. What, you think the rest of us haven't seen maps of Palestine before 1948, after 48, after 67, up til today? Hello! Who exactly is "wiping whom off the maps"? As well as maps of "Eretz Israel" which runs from the Tigris-Euphrates Rivers in Iraq all the way to the Nile in Egypt, and encompasses several countries? Puh-lease.

Israel only has a right to exist insofar as Palestine has an EQUAL right to exist. And by this I mean Israel's post haste withdrawal to pre-1967 borders. AND with socio-economic reparations to Palestinians from Israel, the U.S., Britain, et al. Heck, use the multi-billion dollar (though tis likely in the trillions by now, when all costs, tangible and otherwise, are factored in) Holocaust Industry* as a precedent for guidelines as to how this might be accomplished. *Norman Finkelstein.

Zionism? Plenty of Xtians who call themselves Zionists too, as I recall.

Me? I'm light years beyond all these fucking *isms*. Schisms. blecch!

I'm a human animal. And equal by birthright to ALL other human animals on this planet. My eternal spirit is temporarily enclosed in this human animal skin. Anybody caring to tell me other than the truth, the whole truth can go pfft!

I know who I is. And who you be too. heehee If you don't yet know this particular truth that I happen to, too bad about yer luck and your choices!


Thanks again Senor V. ;)

Anonymous said...

Cogent article (as always)Les.

I am reminded of a comic routine the iconoclastic Lenny Bruce once did.
It takes place just before Easter, circa 1948, after the Zionists have invaded and taken over Palestine. They made arch-terrorist/Zionist zealot David Ben-Gurion their first "President".

The Pope is sitting in his office in The Vatican when the phone rings.
He answers, "Hello?"
The voice on the other end of the phone goes, "Pope, dis is Ben-Gurion".
Pope goes, "Ben-Gurion?!, what are you doing calling ME?"
Ben-Gurion goes, "Pope, ya gots to call off Easteh".
Pope: "You're out of your mind, I can't call off Easter".
Ben-Gurion: "I tells ya, ya gotta call off Easteh".
Pope: "I can't call off Easter, it's the second biggest holiday of the year".
Ben-Gurion: "Ya gots ta call off Easteh".
Pope: "I've bishops, cardinals, and priests all over the world preparing for Easter. I can't possibly call it off".
Ben-Gurion: "Pope, I tells ya, ya gots to call off Easteh!"
Pope: "Why man, why!?"
Ben-Gurion: "We just found da body".


Anonymous said...

to Palestine Ecyclopedia...You defend Israel's comma..their postage stamp size...who cares how small it is? It is utterly corrupt. I could use your inane argument to suggest the American settlers have more claim to America than the Indians who were here beforehand. Oh wait I almost forgot...that's exactly what you're saying! That the plundering, disrespectful white man has more right to the land simply because the redskins were less powerful.
Yeah, that's what I thought you were saying. In the end it has nothing to do with Jewish, or Arabic, or Indian. It has to do with might makes right. Whoever is the ballsiest, the most stubborn, the most insistent...that's who should win. Wow, what a concept...You don't know shit about history. Learn this...the American Indians fought against the ridiculous white men the same way the Arabs are fighting the ridiculous Jews. When thieves break through to steal your fight them with all you have. Go Palestinians...I hope they find a way to beat the crap out of the Jews.

Anonymous said...

to Palestine Ecyclopedia...You defend Israel's comma..their postage stamp size...who cares how small it is? It is utterly corrupt. I could use your inane argument to suggest the American settlers have more claim to America than the Indians who were here beforehand. Oh wait I almost forgot...that's exactly what you're saying! That the plundering, disrespectful white man has more right to the land simply because the redskins were less powerful.
Yeah, that's what I thought you were saying. In the end it has nothing to do with Jewish, or Arabic, or Indian. It has to do with might makes right. Whoever is the ballsiest, the most stubborn, the most insistent...that's who should win. Wow, what a concept...You don't know shit about history. Learn this...the American Indians fought against the ridiculous white men the same way the Arabs are fighting the ridiculous Jews. When thieves break through to steal your fight them with all you have. Go Palestinians...I hope they find a way to beat the crap out of the Jews.

Infensus Mentis said...

Great work, visible.

Anonymous said...

wow Al, have you heard the term "Islamophobia" before? What you have said here is an attempt to divert these responses away from the original topic. In fact, many of your points are clear examples of outright racism. "Zionism for Complete Dummies" is not attacking Jews. In fact, the author clearly states that she/he is in full support of the Jewish people which is what, in part, motivated this article. I have to agree with the author in that, Zionism is the greatest threat to the Jewish population today. Much like neo-cons are the greatest threat to the U.S.A right now Zionism continues to threaten Israels existence. Zionism will, eventually, destroy the Israeli State and force the Jews, to once again, have no home.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think you'd post my comments. Well, at least I know now that you're a pseudo-intellectual fakir and not to bother with your blog anymore.

Anonymous said...

replacing one pile of shit with another bigger pile of shit is NOT ACCEPTABLE!
and israel should NOT exist!
the israeli jew should go back home or learn to live in peace in Palestine.
Don't forget Judaism is just another crazy religion of this world as are Islam and Christianity - all full of man made lies.
Without prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Mister Visible you are too kind.
All of those nice things you said about us Israelis - we are wonderful people; a force for good in the world. And clever too. See how we manipulate the world to suit our every need, very clever.
Oh! I must pick you up on one point though Mister Visible, "to steal the lands of other people". Now that's not right Mister Visible. We liberate the land (we learnt that one from your wonderful President Mister George Bush).
Oh, and another “ruthlessly suppress everyone who criticizes”. Remember what your wonderful animator Walt Disney said "If you can't say sumthin' nice don't say nuthin' at all". That is well worth remembering Mister Visible.
Woops, another one “historical events are routinely doctored”. Is the glass half full or half empty Mister Visible? I see the clearing of olive trees, in Gaza for instance, as a land clearing operation for future farming not the destruction of someone’s livelihood! Simple.
And as I’ve said before, with the help of the American tax dollars, soldiers, mercenaries, and armaments we will endure. I love my life Mister Visible - Thank You Lord.
May the Lord bless your every waking moment.
Sollie Leberwitcz
ps. Rabbi Hashem says sell your American dollars – quick!

Anonymous said...

@al: Let me put it this way: then why shouldn't the geographical comma of the Hawaiian Islands belong exclusively to the indigenous Hawaiian people? Call it "Hawaiian Zionism." All the Asians in Hawaii have the vastness of Asia, and all the North Americans have the vastness of North America to live in, right? They don't need Hawaii? But the Hawaiians do because it's all they have?

I'm not in favor of Hawaiian Zionism but I am saying, "Sauce for the (nene) goose . . ."

Visible said...

To the one who objected to my not publishing his defense of national socialism comment, it is very rare that I don't publish every comment I get. 99% of everything goes up. I didn't post yours because I couldn't figure out if it was a joke from one of my snarky friends playing with me or if it was serious... so, I didn't put it in. As a result I found out that it was not a joke. Now that I know, why don't you go ahead and resubmit it and I'll put it up.

I'm sorry if this bothered you but I had no way of finding out what I wanted to know otherwise.

Usually only two kinds of comments are not posted and those are... ad hominem comments from 'anonymous' sources. The other is when I perceive that certain quarters deliberately make inflamatory claims in order to give the appearance that the claims are coming from another quarter or to make this site look like something it isn't.

I don't get many of either type but it does happen. I'll even post ad hominem if I can verify that you are someone identifiable. If you're going to talk that way I think I have the right to ask you to identify yourself. After all, don't you stand behind the comment?

So.. never fear. I don't just publish comments I like. I publish everything but what I already explained. Carry on good people and thanks for all the great statements.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

'Jever notice how the words "Nazi" and "Zion" resemble each other?

Les, for an interesting study of the history of how words, ideas, and facts can be, and have been, manipulated about the subjects you have brought up, I suggest a look at Michael Tsarion's "The Irish Origins of Civilization" (Vol. 2), subtitled, "Akhenaton, the Cult of Aton, and the Dark Side of the Sun."

Visible said...

Here is the text of the comment I didn't publish, in reference to the eplanatory comment above-

"While we all need to learn more about the threat posed by Zionism, it's hardly acceptable to combine that with the kind of anti-Nazi trash that is incorporated here. Since many myths propagated by Zionists surround the Nazi regime, its obvious that in fact we need to revise everything we know about National Socialism.

If you're interested in the truth, why are you still telling the same old lies about the Third Reich?"

Fair enough?

ranirtk said...

Hi,I was delighted to read your informative article.Infact I have been writing about this for over six years,but I dont have a zionist sugardaddy to favour my work.All I can say is,"We all belong to one family of Adam and Eve" We the people of this beautiful universe can make a difference if we learn to love and respect each other sincerely. We have to fight the evil forces of hate and war mongers as forcefully but with love.They will have to surrender to love,peace and unity of all man kind. Once again keep writing briliant piece of work.

Anonymous said...

Damn, that National Socialism comment is funny. It doesn't look serious does it? I guess you'll be real worked up if he doesn't come back.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible said, "We have to separate the Zionist movement from the ordinary lives and goals of Jews the world over and see the difference; the same way we can see the difference between the Khmer Rouge and the Cambodian people, the Communist government and the Russian people, the Chinese government and the Chinese people, the American neo-cons and the American people, Nazi Germany and the German people.".

With the exception there, Les, of American neo-cons and the American people, you are right, as the jews would also have had to be silent in those other countries.

However, since the jews are eerily silent in America, that is tacit consent to the zionists' activities for the most mercenary of reasons, viz; they will be the beneficiaries of a zionist based NWO, and i do not believe their silence is because they fear the zionists as these zionists, in the west, are really paper tigers and will not be destroying fellow jews who merely openly disagree with zionist plans for the world.

Another reason for the silence of the jew is that the overwhelming majority of them are pro zionist, though not actually zionist, and this makes the dissenting jew feel hemmed in, who then says nothing.

But, the formerly dissenting jew and the pro zionist, will be the population pool from which the administrators, camp guards and executioners will be derived, for no one else will be entrusted with the business of exterminating non jewish humanity - all 6.7billion of us.

LanceThruster said...

When I tell any truth it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those who do. ~ William Blake

Anonymous said...

OK, thanks for putting up comment. My point is a serious one. Why is it that so many people encourage us to criticise the lies we get from the establishment media on most every subject, yet they never question establishment lies about National Socialism? Why should the Third Reich be the only case in which we take it for granted that the establishment has told us (i.e., ordinary people) the truth? But why would the purveyors of so many lies (down to lies about Chavez and Iran's alleged nuclear aspirations) tell us the truth about the history of a country that they spent fifty years destroying? You must admit that it's extremely unlikely that the mendacious power-hungry elites that rule the better part of the globe wouldn't also be trying to pull the wool over our eyes with regard to what they did to Germany and why they did it.

Visible said...

No problem. Honestly, the way it read to me at first was I thought one of my friends was toying with me; they do that. Your point is much more clear here and I see what you are saying and happen to agree with you.

Look... any time in the future that you may think I'm not doing something right or whatever it may be, don't hesitate to tell me. I'm open to improvement.

Also, sometimes things are different than what they first appear to be, as in this case. I would hate to lose a reader because of a misperception. I'm glad we were able to sort this out.

Thanks for coming back to check.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for allowing me to have my say - I don't often get a chance to. For example, British newspapers like the Guardian and the Daily Mail never publish my posts.

Anyway, to complete my point: it looks very suspicious to me when so-called truthseekers recycle hackneyed establishment propaganda 'truths' about Hitler and NS-Germany. Let's leave them to establishment hacks like Martin Gilbert.

Anonymous said...

You're mistaken about Herzl. He wasn't the bad guy. In fact his vision of Zionism is 180 degrees opposite to what ended up as Zionism.

Herzl opposed any forcible seizure of land, he opposed any manipulation of foreign interests for the sake of Zionism. He believed that anti-Semitism could only end when Jews had their own nation and stayed OUT of the business of other nations.

It was other Zionists, such as Achad HaAm and Jabotinsky that advocated the Zionism you are describing in your article. Their Zionism required anti-Semitism as a way of scaring Jews into support for a Zionist State. They also saw a Zionist State as a safety house for Jews running from the law. Zionism would be a way of making the Jews act in lockstep and also be able to influence other nations as a result.

We can see that it is their version of Zionism that triumphed and not that of Herzl. I think that one of the best answers to modern day Zionism would be to revive Herzl so people can see how far the reality is from his idea. There would be no forcible removal of Palestinians. There would be no Zionist lobby or foreign money for the Zionist state. All the Jews of the world would move to the Zionist state rather than remain behind to extend influence around the globe. Herzl's Zionism was conceived as a plan to limit Jewish influence and not expand it. I hope you will read Herzl carefully and not take him out of context, as I have seen happen on too many occasions. Often quotes of him that seems to support negative Zionism are actually criticism of such ideas of others. What is left out is that he is merely quoting others and his answer to that is missing.

If we are going to put a stop to the influence of modern-day Zionism, we need to get our facts straight and see that Herzl is indeed an ally. He died a broken man - seeing that his vision had been turned 180 degrees by those truly sinister.

Anonymous said...

this Zionism thread is fascinating. I wonder if any of you have read the insightful "They Dare to Speak Out" by former congressman Paul Findley? He describes in great depth the way pro-Israeli members of the USA state and defense departments have steered our new top secret military hardware to Israel, sometimes before our own soldiers get it. How they spy on us as a matter of routine. everybody knows, but nobody says anything. A case could be made that the Zionist plan goes back many decades. I am currently researching the McCarthy era during which the various intelligence agencies began to realize they were being compromised by spies, literally trojan "Zionists." But our efforts were so easily deterred by persecutions from the "anti-semite" attack dogs, we caved. the system tried to defend itself with numerous investigations, lists of subversives, etc. but these skirmishes at all levels of government were turned against the US agencies. they dropped investigations and looked the other way because the trojan Zionists being positioned throughout our government have powerful friends who blackmail and put other pressure on those investigating. And the whole thing gets swept under the rug. Working backwards from the observation that an overwhelming majority of evidence suggests Mossad/Israeli involvement in 9-11, this trojan Zionist power core is now nearly all-powerful, and so deeply embedded it must have taken decades to build. I conclude that the takeover of the United States has been underway for almost 100 years. The period of the early to mid 50s was when the invading parasites first took hold and the Zionist agents became firmly entrenched. Our body politic convulsed briefly but then the symptoms subsided, much like a terrible virus. the virus has now spread and eaten away the ability of our government at any level to defend itself against constant theft and coercion by the Zionist power core. It can at will direct the resources of the US to do its bidding, and then erase all evidence. a truly incredible crime actually. And the best reason I can deduce as to why this is being done...the state of Israel is actually a shell, a front for a global mafia which protects itself from any investigation. It is above the law. It promotes US warfare to create camouflage for itself as it siphons public funding and new military hardware out of America. That is the entire purpose. This mafia cartel has worked it so that the US pays for its development and maintenance. It has worked it so that Israel is armed to the teeth and cannot be challenged as it takes over the middle east. And it has worked it so that its intelligence capabilities actually subvert those of the US so it is always one step ahead. Our finest attempts at being secretive or protective of our own national interests are easily and stealthily circumvented. It is a very powerful machine, rising like a monolith, towering above the landscape like an invincible leviathan, reaching its tentacles into every sphere. Dwarfed by this monstrous creature, revealed in all its sinister splendor, it occurs to me that we have been here before. At this exact place. Impotent to steer our own course, or to grasp the extent of subversive infestation. Incredibly a man once took a stand to fight this very enemy. He saw it for what it was. He brought the full power of his civilization to bear to root out the seemingly omnipresent foe. His name was Adolf Hitler. True, Hitler himself became a heinous monster, ravenously destructive in pursuit of his effort to quarantine the virus. Undoubtedly his tactic was a disaster. But did he not correctly perceive the danger? Am I crazy or is the world right back where it was in 1933? Only this time the enemy has learned a new trick. It has made it illegal for anyone to point out the enemy. we are only allowed to accuse those who are guilty of nothing. Orwell would be proud.

daftar harga mesin said...

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