Saturday, July 31, 2010

There Must be a Reason but the Reason can't be Sane

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The mass media sounds like a pillow-soft, demented lullaby from a parent who really only wants you to fall asleep so that they can set the house on fire and then write some sensational and entertaining copy about it; copy you won’t be reading. Lately I have been going to to read the comments that follow the articles. Out of a hundred responses you might find two that attempt to alert the readers to what’s actually going on. When that happens, the rest of those commenting jump of them with the usual tin foil hat, conspiracy theory, nut job tags. It’s proof positive that the majority of people will defend those oppressing them as if the news were actually the news instead of manufactured horseshit woven into crowd control medleys of the kind of elevator music that was probably playing in the Twin Towers on 9/11.

I made a comment about the use of Corexit and explained how professionals, who certainly knew the effect, had to have a certain intent. I’ve pointed out that their reality is being shaped by the forces that manipulate the financial system, to reduce the value of everything they own, which has the result of making their efforts to earn a living and gain some portion of all the things the system promises them, into a Sisyphean endeavor. It doesn’t take and that’s why the cosmos is marching toward them with a 2X4 in its hand.

All through history you read about times and places where various individuals were warning the population about one danger or another. In every case they were ignored and whatever was going to happen, happened. Right now and in recent times, people have been stocking up on guns and ammo, food and whatever else they think they need, because of conditions they can see manifesting around them. Meanwhile, when someone tells them why it’s happening, they want to know if you are Mel Gibson. Here they are, arming themselves and preparing themselves as if they expected something, without even considering the cause.

Disinfo agent, Julian Assange has been convincingly outed as shill for the predators and immediately after, he and Wikileaks are on the front page every day. This psychopathic game goes on and on as elements of the bad guys, position themselves for transformation into the good guys, so they can advise and lead you into a new reality shaping, away from those who have been left behind to take the fall for what their associates are saving you from. If people can’t see what’s been happening to them all along, it is doubtful they will see the more complicated strategies that are employed to ruin them more completely. If they can’t master the game of “Go Fish”, it’s pretty clear that “Checkers” will mystify them completely.

This game has been in operation for a long time and an objective view of the present day status makes it clear that the ones running the slaughterhouse don’t have to worry about the cattle catching on. Even when they smell the blood and terror of the killing floor, panic is about all they can achieve. They don’t recall how they got there or much of anything else that happened before.

Consider the number of readers that rely on the mass media for information. The closest they get to arguing about what they hear is when they blame whatever is happening on the other political party. For them it comes down to liberal against conservative and it’s not possible that they even know what that means because both parties routinely trample upon the precepts they insist they are practicing. The fact that frothing at the mouth, demagogues like Limbaugh, Savage and the blockheads at Fox can attract millions of listeners is an irrefutable indication that Stupidity is the death of Curiosity and that Curiosity only travels from their crotch to their stomach and back again. Reason has fled, so there is no one to tell Curiosity that something doesn’t sound right and provoke it to look around the corner where the guys with the baseball bats are waiting. As far as they are concerned, there’s pussy and pizza waiting for them there.

It would be a grim tableau if it weren’t for the mysterious X factor that no one can identify but which keeps brushing everyone’s legs under the table. Part of this operation is to make everyone uneasy and part of it is to make all of the psychopaths think it’s one of their associates. If they smile that means something. If they don’t smile that means something. Everything means something and none of it is good. It is good though, because the end result is that they are at each others throats.

Millions and millions of people are listening to the mouthpieces, who are employed by the people, who own the media, that is owned by the people, who send the cattle through the chutes. Blogs get the attention of a fractional minority who held on to valuable characteristics that told them they should go somewhere else. This blog gets ten times the traffic as Visible Origami. The vibrating, controlling silence gets a great deal less.

If it was just going to go on the way it has been going on, you might expect it to just go right ahead but… that’s not what’s going to happen. The argument about whether there is something conscious behind the scenes and what kind of clothes it wears is not important now. It’s not important what you believe or don’t believe except insofar as it positions you and if you’re locked into some kind of dogma, then your situation is even worse. Dogma is only useful during those periods when self righteousness has the currency to give you importance in a completely buttoned down presence. Those buttons aren’t going to hold and your nakedness is going to bother you a lot more than those who will drop their clothes at any request. What matters is what is going to happen and how much you have to adjust to accommodate it. The greater and more rapid the accommodation has to be, the more intense the suffering, sense of loss and possible departure altogether.

The greatest tell, concerning the state of contemporary humanity, can be seen on the highways and in the supermarkets, where those going nowhere on a general mission of no importance must press and push and communicate their irritation in any possible way simply because they are possessed by a particular ancient force. One could say “get thee behind me”, if they knew where they were going because that’s what the force does. It drives you. It pushes and prods you to act with impatience and hunger. It’s the way animals get trapped and caught, people too. It’s what’s responsible for all the ill considered acts because the drive to the item of desire is greater than the good sense that wants to pause and consider.

When I heard some Israelis (who else?) had made tens of millions on Nigerian email scams, I was stunned. It didn’t seem possible there were that many stupid people who still had any money left to be scammed out of them. When I was in a casino a few years ago I watched people pouring money into machines over and over and all I could think was, they must be mad. Everywhere I go, I see some version of the thing that makes believing lies, already proven to be lies, which repeat toward an assault on one more country, doing a brisk business and it’s a rare bird indeed that ties the ownership of the media selling the lies, to the same interests provoking and demanding each of these wars, while getting those too stupid to notice to die in them for them, while paying for the chance to do so and then seeing if they shouldn’t be sure and send more money that the warmakers can use, to purchase politicians and whatever else they need to keep on keeping on.

Point this out irrefutably to those unaware of it and they will defend the one’s abusing them as if they were proud of it. This is why the X factor has to step into the ring and kick the ass of the predator and the preyed upon, as if there weren’t all that much difference between them sometimes, in terms of damage done to everyone else.

If someone owns the media and also wants some wars and has investments in all the material and also loans the money that indentures the nations involved, you would have to think that meant something; if you could think at all.

Well, it doesn’t matter how slick and efficient some people think they are and it doesn’t matter how stupid, beyond the capacity of actual calculation- due to not having a measuring tool long enough- some other folk must be. Every now and then, it’s time for an accounting and a fresh start on the road to nowhere, with those occasional, hidden lanes to somewhere and it will head off, once again, and develop and evolve until it’s breathing down your neck, once more, in the car behind you, in the line behind you and no doubt in other places that, depending on what comes to mind, tells you even more about yourself. We’re here and the agent of the cosmos is here and it’s going to do what it’s going to do and nothing anyone wants or can do is going to have any effect on it; best get in tune with it now.

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Anonymous said...

i was in the lift the other day talking with some chinese about the jews when this voice piped up from the back of the lift you better watch what you're saying [it was a crowded lift ]i said what are you a jew are you?funny how you can smell poison [was'nt talking to the foul creature none of her business to stick her nose in]funny how they think their in charge of everyone

Anonymous said...

If ever I get to pass this way again, assuming a repeat in prevailing conditions, then I will become a top notch, big time, salesman. I could have done well on this trip if I had only realized that the majority of my potential customers were just there for the taking. Too late now that I have grown in consciousness.

I find reading comments from MSM articles a bit of a reality check. (Maybe i'm a bad machine.) However, I do resist from posting as I can well anticipate the response from the baying crowd.

I have been searching 'lump on inner bottom lip' quite often lately due to a recent small addition in that area. I was quite concerned from a health perspective until I realized that it was most likely due to the constant biting when in the presence of the likes of the MSNBC posters you describe. I am still concerned. How much more can my lip take.


Anonymous said...

"The fact that demagogues like Limbaugh, Savage and the blockheads at Fox can attract millions of listeners is irrefutable proof that Stupidity is the death of Curiosity and that Curiosity only travels from their crotch to their stomach and back again"

I saw the above on Truth Seeker. Man you have a way with words like no one else I follow. I haven't read your article yet. I want to wait until I have some quiet time to savior it. If you had the chrisma of an Elvis or Hitler and wide exposure you could change the world with your prolific writings. I've read a lot of channeled material and you hit me the same way some of these entities do. Giordano Bruno, Saint Germaine, SaLuSa, Tesla, JFK, etc. Remember what the professor said? Just who is this Les Visible???????

I want to be compassionate, work with people, help them find the light but another part of me says hell with them, they deserve what they are going to get. I just don't want to go down with them.


Anonymous said...

Reason hath Moons, but Moons not hers
Move mirrored on the Sea:
Confounding her Astronomers--
But, O, delighting me.

author unknown

ksdrover said...

I've visited your site from time to time Les and agree with your insight. With each day it becomes more difficult. I have children and those children have 'interests' which I try to be a part of. Sports, music, movies, etc. In each one of them I am continually reminded of the conditions that we live in and the truth that is never spoken.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy watching a good game but sports do nothing but reinforce nationalistic tendencies. "us" against "them". Music has changed from poetic discourses to mindless repetitive throbbing rythms meant to condition the mind and shorten the attention span.

Movies are no longer what they used to be. It seems like everything I see has a thread of truth in it which is never grasped by the audience. Reality and entertainement have been so intricately interwoven the general populace is ignorant to the truth. In a perverse way I suppose it's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Their minds have been taken over and no longer process information because everything they are exposed to reinforces the lies that put them in that condition to begin with.

Watching the noose tighten as the masses swarm from refuge to refuge trying to delay the inevitable. They can't seem to fathom that their controllers are leading them to the slaughter. They watch their episode of reality TV and fail to experience the epiphany that our government is causing human beings to live in conditions MUCH worse than any script writer could ever imagine. They think as long as it doesn't affect them that they are okay never coming to the realization that one day they will they will be voted off the island?

I am not entertained nor amused.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I have also received subtle warnings (for now) to shut up but A) I can't and B) They will get me anyway and I have no interest in the slave system they are trying to build.

Here's some clues for anyone from somebody who's sucked as much information off the net as possible for over 12 years.

1) Israel could not have been formed without the British and the Nazis (British puppets - google Hitler's typewriter)

2) The Soviet Union and Marxism could not have been possible without USA industry (USA is likely owned by England - google Admiralty Law, no common law, corporate citizens)

3) Bolshevism was ran mostly by Jews (google Solzhenitsyn)

4) The Pope is Jewish

5) The Queen of England claims to be a Davidic line Jew (google Hapsburgs, British Commonwealth, largest world landowner, committee of 300, order of the garter, head of international freemasonry

6) Thank you for mentioning Corexit, each time you hear the mass media harp on about "where's the oil?" - Corexit was designed to alter the chemical composition of oil sos that it dilutes into the water. THIS WATER IS STILL MAJORLY TOXIC< if not more so because now it can permeate your skin and also be picked up by rain storms and evaporation

7) We are under costant chemical assault by air, land, water, and most of our foods. This is no accident. (Google satanic and NWO corporate logos)

8) I could go on and on, but its obvious whos doing what at this point. Communist Jews in service to the British Crown and backed by the Vatican. A very dangerous alliance straight from the pit of hell.

Have a nice day, don't know how much longer I'll be living but here's straight from the horses mouth about what the true intents and techniques of the Communist International takeover now in its 40+th year

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Les I am sending it around! I don't watch MSN and it is rare I post in places where the victims of Fluoride and aspartame congregate. You already know what the reaction will be.

Sometimes it is good to see if any new cliches are circulating other than wrong link dude, are you on Mom's computer, are you out of meds and there was someone on the grassy knoll. These are old standbys.

Of course I also have a few standbys such as breaking news, Britain has withdrawn from Burma, Wright brothers invent flying machine and I can see you are not a candidate for a discussion of Hegelian didactics. Allow me to enter your world, is it going to rain today! Yes I am an anti-sodomite.

There has always been a large mass of people that only starvation and earth in upheaval seem to get their attention and cause the critical faculty to cut deeper.

presence said...

"When I heard some Israelis (who else?) had made tens of millions on Nigerian email scams, I was stunned..."
Yesterday whilst reading comments over @ Reflections, couldn't get over the feeling that some
of anon's comments sounded eerily like a
Nigerian email-scam...

Way to wield those typing fingers.
They + Your heart/brain = swiss knife.

Visible said...

Speaking of insane and... sent to me by- guess who; no doubt by one seeking for me to oblige them in some way comes this lovely missive,



I've got friends who can find out exactly who it is but the interest is not that great, the amusement factor isn't so bad though.

Visible said...

Hmmm blogger doesn't want his email to show up

World Changer

anakahamon at ritternet dot com

World Changer World Changer
World Changer
World Changer

Let's see if that gets it through

Visible said...

does my email go in

Visible said...

Well now, that's a mystery. You can't put that email in the comments. I've tried 3 times Of course I got around that didn't I (grin) by spelling 'at' and 'dot'. Well, you don't see something like that every day.

nina said...

the kind of elevator music that was probably playing in the Twin Towers on 9/11.

The Montovani Orchestra doing a muted "I'm Looking Through You"...

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid most people really are. How they can not see the "why" behind what is going on, is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

I was just about to add you to my favorites list and then I saw your reply to the guy who rightly told you jews are behind almost everything you wrote about. Knowing the media is owned by the bankers and ignoring that they are all jews running all this crap is assinine.

You are a coward or stupid either way you are not worth reading again.

Scott Mollett.

Visible said...

Scott; most likely you are that guy and also the kind of person I don't want reading me because you obviously are stone cold ignorant of what I say and do which any
number of readers will tell you.

The amount of articles I have written on the subject is pretty massive and direct. On the off chance that you're just a immature person without the intelligence to look before you speak, I've taken this trouble to let you know that you are about as off base as you could get and should be embarrassed if that were possible for people at this level of personal growth.

Otherwise this is the beginning of a trend that is coming because of a sudden wider exposure to the Hasbara operations and for the good of the readership that comes here to interact and not dodge flack, none of you will see print here again.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
European American said...

Sometimes, Les, when reading your posts I laugh so hard I cry.

Stiff upper lip, Siamsam

How can we help heal others when most of us can't even heal ourselves?

Hey "Song" who out there DIDN'T have an abusive Father? Join the club and be thankful it made you a better "man". Remember, HE had an abusive father too, so end the on going script/program in this lifetime and save your future ancestors the trouble.

God I like this Ruski...wonder if he's still alive? He's good, damn good. (this is probably old news for most of you)

Les, when are you going to share with us that script for that block buster movie that couldn't possibly be shown in theaters around the world?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I have this earthlink tab at the top with little buttons such as account, mail etc. Lately it has gone totally blank at times. That is when I figure the entire mail program is relayed to Haifa. So I have been shutting down and rebooting when it happens and it seems to be working so far.

Earthlink is out of Clearwater, they are the scientology block of the pyramid. They have assigned my a static IP and the router no longer changes IP addresses like it should and my google location is not my home town it is a little town about fifteen miles from me with a nice airport and federal facilities.

Visible said...

European American; My next novel gets released in PDF form beginning of September with an album of song stories based on what happened to me a couple of days ago. Unlike every other thing I've done here I am going to charge ten Euro each but that is probably a good indication of the film you are talking about. I'm pretty happy with what came out.


Now, speaking of strange things. For a couple of weeks now an individual web browser will appear on its own. I've asked Susanne if she's been leaving these things but she says no. All of them are something like this

Not the same thing but odd things I've never heard about before. This is about the 4th time this has happened and each time the item or information has been intriguing though I don't know the validity of any of it.

Visible said...

heh heh, it never rains but it pours. Known Zionist operative Eric Hufschmid has got my picture on this site as a neanderthal and something else.

Hufschmid's been nailed a number of times for raging against his paymasters which is what they pay him for. I wonder what it has got to be to wake up in the morning like that. I can't imagine how he justifies this in my case since I have no connection to anyone other than what gets exchanged here. Must be the price of minor fame.

Here's a website devoted to this in his case and there's a lot more.

All kinds of funny things are coming to my attention lately.

presence said...

In case any of you missed this c-span video
last year on 'homeland security bill HR8791'...
Something to (may)be be aware of...
Read without apparent prior study by rep. haller:

"..Classified... if said attack leads to 80% of national population being affected by, uh, classified...
or the first large scale attack of, classified... classified, air borne, classified, flesh eating and or all of the above, in such an event of spewing, classified, escape... air force units may also be directed to combat said, classified, due to their other worldly size and strengths... should event occur in urban areas,(pause) Jesus..(pause)..that's uh, classified..."


Anonymous said...

The merging of the mass media and entertainment industries is now complete. The honest truth is America doesn't have the intellectual courage to answer the hard questions for its apparent imperial death-spin, the sad part being the lack of response from true Christians who respect the Ten Commandments.

America enjoys riding that Pearl snake of 911, as it glides so easily on the ocean of lies, why fight it? Endless head programming around the world is making deceitful news broadcasts and false reports more tolerable. The now obvious
UNification of the media-military-industrial-abattoir can butcher the truth without fear, it seems.

The luciferians have created a new religious cult where its followers occupy another country and kill its people. There seems to be alot of conflict with a few of the Holy Commandments, the American/Canadian Sunday christian really feel they donot have to adhere to, what's worse is they are telling others to do the same?

Please ignore:
"You shall not kill"
"You shall not steal"
"You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor"

The devil must be near the final step. Thank God that the serpent of old can't swim for that long.

Billy G.

Anonymous said...

fuck the cattle

they won't listen, so fuck 'em

whatever is comng their way, fuck 'em

they deserve it

Hank said...

The planet resonates. It has a frequency that can't be heard, but rather....felt. Like a ship about to sink, it has a way of letting you know, if you are attuned, as any rat will tell you.

It's a big gong, that sounds in a tone consistant with who ever wields that big stick with the pad on the end. When wielded by those with noble intent, it resonates in a way that seems to naturally compel 'things' to align, and reduces confusion and chaos. Gong,ong,ong,

Unfortunately those who would strike it so are few and far between. Besides there's no money in unity. Profits and power are served by chaos, and those with the big padded stick, most of the time, are like those who have it now. Those that have been seduced and consumed by the material world.

But the yin and yang cannot be denied, and somewhere along the line the pendulum has to swing back the other way, and everyone, in their own way 'feels' the resonance change. The gong is struck by the money changers and their minions and it has a different feel. Wrong, ong,ong,

It's felt everywhere and by everyone, to some degree. Politicians are abandoning ship. The masses huddle together with their fellow tea partiers, knowing something is very wrong, but too stupid to see what's right in front of their faces. They listen to the propaganda coming out of their TVs, with no clue that the messages they are getting are being brought to them by the people who are making the gong sound that way.

Even many of those who gather here wish to argue about whether it's the nuts or the bolts that are the problem, insted of swithching over to Visible Oragami to try and see the whole machine. Never seeing the target, because they are focused on the machanics. It doesn't matter if it was the icebergs fault or the construction of the ship, what matters is that the Titanic is sinking.

The planet is resonating, and it is telling us that something bad is coming. It doesn't matter if it's the jews, or the politicians, or the media, or the corporations, because it's the mindset and the lack of spiritual connection that they all share that is the problem. It is the combination of those two things that is making the gong 'feel' so bad.

We are a species that is stuck in third gear, and the engine is maxed out and ready to blow, and unless we as a species can find a way to shift into forth might want to cover your ears. Peace to all.

Odin's Raven said...

Regarding the verse posted by Anomymous at 4:48,
Reason hath Moons, but Moons not hers
Move mirrored on the Sea:
Confounding her Astronomers--
But, O, delighting me.

thanks to the magic of a search engine the author is no longer 'unknown.' He was Ralph Hodgson.

presence said...

re: the neander-page:
may-be not so minor fame :)

Self organizing collectivity 4 the Gulf:

"Help the Gulf People: Connecting People who
want to leave the gulf with People who can Help"

Censored Gulf evacuation news:
Aid for Americans fleeing chemical rape:

wv: forma

May we dream up a real world out of the ashes of this one burning... and love it into life...

DaveS said...


That video is from the Onion. Ummm, you know the newspaper and video 'news' program that is done, ummm, tongue in cheek?

I was pretty freaked the first time I watched it... but if you look at the news symbol you'll see their logo.

What is scary about that particular video is how 'real' it seems and how easy it is to think our government has gotten that bad. Of course they're smarter than that. All the real bad stuff stays out of the public's eye.

wv:detab... as in someones gotta pay detab before we goes to the next bar

DaveS said...


Well said!


presence said...

omg, thank the lord,
and thank you for correcting me!
oops & sorry. :/

Anonymous said...

a rumble gather
a feather float
on ancient breeze
where truths invoked
that spoke in garden
of inner way
when past the gate
down old lane
with scented flowers
and bumble bees
with butterflys
that fly round tree
to tread the road
of inner aum
the mighty living
gather strong
spring inside
and waken flow
the risen heart
that ancient blow
a mighty spark
of color free
of living one
one earth one see


European American said...

Ahh, but the real reason for coming to this site is for sane reasons. That's why I come here. To read the initial post by Les. And this is Good. And this is Healthy. And this is Sane.

It's very important at this time to be influenced by Sanity. I prefer that. It may be uncomfortable at times but Truth alone Triumphs. Thank you Les. You are a good man. A good person. A mind and heart that are integrated. Your motives and methods always rise up to lift our hearts and minds. This is the power that that this site has on those who want to experience balance and harmony in a world seemingly gone belly up (for the moment).

And I want to thank the many posters who bring to the table here the opportunity for something greater to be gained from the experience, case in point Hanks thoughts today.

I think there is value in simply addressing at times what is good and the benefits that result whether experienced directly or indirectly.

A lot of people Love you Les and that's the bottom line. What else matters, really? Isn't that behavior "of sound mind" (and sound heart)?

TheSparkle said...

Les, that webpage with the neanderthals also has Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio, and has him labeled as a zionist propogandist. That's funny because you should see his past guest list.

Henrik seems like a good guy. Les, I think he should interview you. He usually goes for 2 hours at least, and he is intelligent.

You must be a zionist propogandist as well I suppose, lol! I guess Scott Mullet might agree. ;)

Anonymous said...

Infiltration is an old "trade" for certain individuals Les you have pointed out a lot of times; But here lies the question. Why is so hard to explain to people the materialistic world We live in is a mere mirage Where WE are the expectator of a great play and the wolf is dressed in a red Cloak, I love to ask you less, Why so much division about race in the US? Why so much political correctness? I speak in favor of laws and regulations? but to completely alienate peoples just for base of legal status? come on! Are the American People really goint to believe this dirty propagnada to divide its polulation? manny questions surface. only one answer. please coment.

Visible said...

Well, the way that works is to use money to get people to front for what you want, as well as creating situations and mixing up the signals and the use of various powers that are available to those in alignment with the dark side.

You get a series of statements and events that appear to be coming from one place but are engineered in another. People don't usually wonder if there is more going on than the obvious because that's as far as they look. Their education doesn't teach them to think and the world they live in demands that they react with force against force and so on and so forth because that's where the test seems to originate from but it's a setup.

Every discipline of the mind and the body that involves inquiry, investigation and analysis goes in opposition to this and the same applies to certain forms of response to aggression. It's possible to tag the initiator through the proxy if you understand the process.


I've never got a bad hit from the Red Ice people. Now and again I find one of my articles there but it's been awhile now. I don't know that much about them because I don't really go looking that much outside of wherever it is that I am. There's a few solid operations for which integrity is the watchword. I suppose they are one of them.

I've never had a vibe go wrong on me that way. That's why I never once read anything that Wikileaks provided and had no inclination to. The vibe was just too strong in the other direction.

Mr Bullhorn had that impact on me the first time I heard him speak. Then there are some number of people who write a lot of books and travel around talking about things who never take the risk of telling the direct and irrefutable truth because the books stop getting published and the tours dry up.

You're either unflinchingly and unchangingly what you are or you are what it takes to keep getting paid to skirt the realities that make some people cringe and everyone else wonder how you can say that if you actually ever did.

Visible said...

Concerning the first part of that last comment. The money to fund all those organizations that are supposed to stand for what they say they do comes from somewhere and if you look at the board of directors of any of those organizations you can answer your own question. Political correctness is an impossibility whose fruit is frustration and anger that creates a need to police human thought. It removes our focus from our common humanity and exalts the perceived victim into a privileged class. Who's the main group that has realized the maximum profit from this?

Who pushes hate crimes? Who makes laws that says you can't question certain things? I should point out that the way that law is set up that it doesn't matter what you can prove. I don't think a lot of people realize this. The law says you can't question it period. Nothing added or said beyond that means anything. It's just did you or not? Slick huh?

I say, of course I don't question it. It was supposed to happen. It was karma for killing far more Russians and all kinds of other people as well. It was full on deserved according to karmic law and only partially fulfilled; no law against that.

Anonymous said...

that was lovely hank,thank you spoken like a master..neil

peter said...

The posts here are as good as Les Visible himself - which is a v big compliment to Les ??

Jim Humble disocvered that sodium chlorite - used in swimming pools - is also a strong disinfectant effective against cancer and especially malaria.

His website:

beardlessb said...

Hi Les, I have wanted the chance to say how much I love your wordsmythery...I agree with many others that you seem to channel strait from Souce.

Anonymous said...

charging hunter
howling wolf
rising sun
stars in source
opening flower
hum of bee
soaring eagle
fly on free
roaring lion
ancient wind
risen flow
in living spring
thunders forces
lightning fire
wandering star
of ever higher
the sacred garden
of inner school
in all is one
in inner all


Anonymous said...

Excellent and humorous observations....((minus a few crudities)). You pretty much nailed it. I encounter these same problems with the blind being led by the blind, who are sure they can "see", fully deceived by the false 2 party hegelian dialect and the bogus "war on terror" own family included. However, I differ from you in one important area, and that is I am "dogmatic" that Jesus Christ is the only way out of this mess. Read Revelations and see how it all ends. By the way, the REAL Jesus Christ who is the Truth (John 14:6), not the pseudo-hippy, candy coated, blue eyed European, knights templar/shroud of turin phony worshiped by babylonian, denominated, freemasonic controlled "churches" with their hired hand "pastors" who teach lies to the sheep. The real Jesus Christ is spirit and He is truth, and He is His Word, which cuts like a double edged sword. He is not the religious mumbo jumbo you hear in 99 percent of "churches" or anywhere on the Hellavision. If only people would repent of their sins (which the enemy uses to keep us under control) and get to know Him, then they would realize how much they have TRULY been deceived, on a much greater level than even those who are "awake" realize. The Illuminists who have hoodwinked the whole world are working directly under the fallen angels and their leader, Lucifer. It's a hierarchical pyramid of power and each level is compartmentalized on a need to know basis so that only the evil ones at the top know the big picture. It's all based on money and bribery and black mail (i.e. SIN). Each person's sin is what keeps the ball rolling for the Illuminists. When you repent of your sin and follow the Truth (Jesus) then you remove yourself from their spiritual chess game and no longer play by their rules. If the majority of people would do this, they would be defeated almost instantly. But, unfortunately, as the Bible says in Matthew 7:13, most people take the wide path to destruction, because it's much more comfortable to the flesh.

Anonymous said...

Is this where we go to comment on the stupid sheeple? I hope not since such commentary would be as trite as 'are you on your mom's computer' and 'are you out of your meds'. 'Breaking news', the ignorance of the American populace has been evident since the advent of talkradio. Repetition in this case will not make my heart grow fonder. With all due respect, which is said before a criticism, the ignorance of The Masses has been made clear since the Interwebs were born. Or invented by Al Gore, so as not to seem too cognitive. I am glad there are blogs like this, but it reminds me why I'm really not into blogs s'much.

Anonymous said...

The H1N1 "Swine Flu" Virus is Back, Says FDA, WHO
FDA Just Approved the Untested, "Novel" Virus
For the Seasonal Flu Vaccine!


Copy & paste here to Say "NO!" to Seasonal Flu Vaccines With H1N1

Act Here Now:

H1N1 (Swine Flu) is a cruel hoax, but, like some hideous nightmare, the bizarre threat that it might become a threat is being repeated over and over again like some noxious mantra.

1. During the past year, during the WHO and FDA's hoax "Pandemic" people stayed away from Swine Flu vaccine in droves. They did not get their flu shots. This was a light flu season, one of the lightest since vaccines for flu were introduced. In fact, in our opinion, the vaccines CREATE the epidemic.

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

Beardlessb we are all channels of the source, it is just that some like me have more (smoke on the mirror)!

Les has managed to clean his off very refreshingly. What is impressive with the dog is that he manages to categorize an entire field of thought with a conclusion within the confines of one sentence. It may sound a little perplexing to some, especially those who have never explored that particular field of thought and reached a conclusion as to the validity of it.

On the other hand though many of the readers here have and understand he is not holding the class back due to the slow learner. All in all it is a good exercise as I am sure it motivates some to begin delving into things if for no other reason than the "what the hell is he talking about" factor.


walter washco said...

Presence, thanks for the link.

walter washco said...

DaveS thanks for the correction I am still laughing.

Daphne said...

Les, I am doing Kundalini Yoga because that's what I always wanted to do. I need to align my chakras... well, I think I do.
I don't expect what happened to you, because I don't think my body could handle it. Yikes! At 67 it would definitely be the death of me, if it was nearly the death of you!

But you keep me sane. When all around me is madness and everyone is so asleep I could scream, I turn to you.

And I figure I'm only just a little way on my journey to me.


Anonymous said...

Les, maybe the link I give is better off with one of your earlier works but it is also appropriate here. It describes the company one Mr. Epstein, the pedophile (who also just got away with it) keeps and his "special treatment" he had while under house arrest.

wv: aniongle

Anonymous said...

My first laugh of Sunday morning was your new column; the second was the article in UK Telegraph, "Fury after Israeli president calls English anti-semitic." Never any gratitude, you'd think "liberal" Peres wouldn't bite the hand that signed the Balfour declaration.
wv: apsialu ?

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

It Doesn't Matter What we Do Because no one Says a Thing.

Visible said...

The point is for them never to relent because their behavior demands constant justification. I think I covered it pretty good (I should allow myself more words sometimes but I like the challenge of around 1500 words) in the newest Petri Dish. I think the time has come to name no one. Let them imagine I am talking about them. After all, it could be all sorts of countries right? Right? Right?

Pstonie said...


Who's the more foolish, the one who does the jewing or the one who works forty hours a week to pay for it?

Projecting an enemy allows you to heap everything bad about the universe (and thus about yourself) onto one person/people. When you become the "good guy" it becomes impossible in your mind to do anything bad, so your actions are to you always justified. This is what happened to the jews.

I would also like to point out that saying the jews are the problem ensures that you can't do anything about it and be morally justified. It completely glazes over the fact that your slavery is completely voluntary and leaves you with no recourse but hate.

"Battle not with monsters lest ye become a monster yourself; and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you."

Anonymous said...

More brilliance Les, brilliant article - thanks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:52 AM

The word 'dogmatic' in your comment negates anything you have say mate - sorry.
Go and join GodSend, he'll listen.


Anonymous said...

The media is agush today.... the princess bride! Like the Gore girls
(Karenna Gore Schiff) and the Kennedy gal (Caroline Schlossberg), the Clintons know who they have to give their daughter to for their rations!
wv: sulaem

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I'm with you Pistonie those poor jooz seem to get blamed for everything they do. There should be a law against it. Actually I think there is. The jooz have been fighting for decades to get their numbers back up after the holohoax. I once looked up holohoax in an old encyclopedia (circa 1960) and it wasn't mentioned. I think it was Alex Jones who said back then encyclopedias were written by the Arabs. Good quote Pistonie, "battle not with monsters best to let them take you over." Brilliant, brilliant, I learned something today.

Still no chemtrails in my area. Something is cooking. I'm sure the bastards didn't have a change of heart. Maybe they figure the Corexit will kill enough people. No sense in going for overkill, not just yet. We have wars to fight, need cannon fodder errrr soldiers.

Seems like I see your work on more blogs lately. I guess they are trying to polish up their image.


Origen the heretic said...

Goddamn Les! I'm a Neanderthal too! And so is my dog; her forehead slopes even more than mine. Just the fact that you're lumped in with all those losers tells you all you need to know about Eric Hufschmid. If I were interested enough to investigate, I'd no doubt discover that wanker is just another Zid. BTW, for those unaware, according to Karl Schwarz, Zid is a Russian word that roughly translates to "Zionist piece of shit Jew". And it's a lot shorter to type.

Most people seem to think (if that's the word) that events 'just happen'. They never get a clue that this whole package is a concerted effort to drive them into the cattle chute or the slave pen.

Personally, I've given up on trying to communicate with anyone I know about what's going on and who's behind it. Either you're classified as a nut case, or they get downright hostile. I never realized how bloody powerful TV brainwashing is until I tried to counteract it. So now I just sit back and enjoy the show. And what a show!

Rev. John

Kevenj said...

"As far as they are concerned, there’s pussy and pizza waiting for them there."

Hee hee. +10

But seriously, where?

European American said...

Duke's take on Stones comment

Any one out there "coughing up blood?" Know anyone personally that is?

Eric Hufschmid's take on "Egg Gel on Toast."
(Does his head look like a Lightbulb? Not seen in Video)

Anyone antisemie out there have a Jooish girlfriend?
Why, I do.

vpflet said...

I'll use this on my letters page.

-- Victor / Toronto Street News
PDFs of broadsheet pages available on left side of:

Pstonie said...


They've already taken us over. Consider us took. I may not know the best way back out, but I do know it's not by doing exactly what they've been doing.

I may be wrong, maybe war will work this time. All we need now is someone to loan us the money. We can pay back the interest over a thousand generations.

Anonymous said...

Off subject here. I've noticed people from time give a bit of praise to Putin and company. They would be doing exactly what America is doing if they had been dealt that hand. Here is a good example.

Russia gives powers to FSB to prosecute ‘thought crime’


Anonymous said...

It sounds like what you think is happening is a mega-reset, kind of a Cosmic Jubilee.

Maybe so. If it's all just an ancestor simulation, it would be probable that the programmer would have a sense of humor.


Dammerung said...

I hope you don't hate me Les. I often agree with you completely. This was a really good post.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Pstonie you are a true Israeli patriot!

Mathmatics is antisemitic, it does not show obedience and denies the holocaust.

Liz said...

Don't think Les needs anyone to defend him, he does quite nicely speaking his truth. The trolling seems to be intensifying I think...but that is not surprising, the death throes of an age, inevitable. Go with the flow, and sing...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

To all the politicians, thought police, corporate media ass-kissers and war mongers....I send you some funk!! So glad that I had music like this to hear on the radio in the 70's. from a blind, black, genius that I'm sure you've all heard.

at it's core, I'm sure the motivation was purely the civil rights movement. And to a man like Stevie, I'm confident civil rights is extended to all!

"We would not care to wake up to the nightmare
That's becoming real life
But when mislead who knows a person's mind
Can turn as cold as ice un hum

Why do you keep on making us hear your song
Telling us how you are changing right from wrong
'Cause if you really want to hear our views
You haven't done nothing"!

Anonymous said...

Les (and Others),

You might enjoy this

...and go to link on left for
"The Answer"

The author is a theoretical
physicist...nothing really to
do with this blog...but his
blend of "in your face" and
language style and topic choice
reminded me of you (Les).

Posting here rather than mailing
directly b/c it might be of
some use to some people...dunno.

So...feel free to approve/disapprove
post -- not that you needed me to
tell you that :-) -- but just so that you know my intent was
primarily to reach you...

Best to you,


Anonymous said...

To jump on the waggon :)

For Me Bob Marley said it best -

God rest Bob


Anonymous said...

woken colors
expanding free
of totem feather
in medicine breeze
inner flames
ignite and rouse
thunder chief
chant at war cloud
with wind of might
and ancient lightning
higher nature
charged of evers
inner be
the one in all
the mighty cheif


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, when someone tells them why it’s happening,
they want to know if you are Mel Gibson.

which unfortunately means only that we don't know how to tell our story, and how to convince others. We are at war with the opposing force, and we have to win the minds on every opportunity, yes, even in elevator, as another reader has commented. And I guess if you immediately put forward the whole piece, including mentioning cosmic forces, then you see for yourself how it works.

The opposing side does not make these mistakes, and wins the minds every day - has already won them.

If we want to win minds, we need to learn and practice the fighting effectively and professionally.

Pstonie said...

Dublin Mick:

I'm not apologising for the jews and I never mentioned anything about the mathematics of the holocaust. I don't know how many died or if it even happened. I operate under the assumption that a fraction of the official amount actually died, and that whoever orchestrated it and benefited from it and their families were well out of dodge.

I doesn't matter who is skimming the blood money from the system. What does matter is how they are doing it, and in most places it's called capitalism. By using our own, proven weaknesses against us they have hypnotised everyone into a mass delusion, where empty pursuits are exchanged for life force and anything with real value is seen as worthless. We cannot be free of them by playing the game they designed to ensnare us. Ask the Germans.

Fear is the weakness that continues to be exploited, and that is our only real enemy.

Visible said...

Why did the front page headline at disappear completely from the site? It was there just a little while ago, people injured, rockets into the chosen land and not turning into larger and larger headlines on the chosen people's media? Very mysterious. A big rocket attack just suddenly didn't happen?

Visible said...

2:06 Man, that is some self righteous, supercilious commentary without a single piece of information and a total assumption based on very little. I'd be delighted if you would point out your personal successes that so far outstrip everyone here. There has got to be a site somewhere where your efficacy is showcased and celebrated.

Dammerung said...

Also, com'on people, get it together. it's not "THE JEWS" that are the problem. I had a Jewish friend in LA who worked at a meganational bank for awhile. He got fired. For losing TEN DOLLARS after a day of heavy transactions. Yeah, that's real Jewish control of the banks alright.

Got another Jewish friend who THIS WEEK narrowly avoided misdemenor charges because she borrowed a parking permit from her house that turned out to be stolen (she and no one else in the house had any idea. It just showed up one day.) She's got 50 weeks of community service to do now. That's Jewish control for you.

Dammerung said...

Pstonie said...

Capitalism is economic freedom. It's the ability of people to work and trade outside a system of organized coersion called "government." I suppose a Supreme Soviet which decides how much of what to produce when and who has to do the work would be so much better? The government has proven so trustworthy for everything else that we should let it run the economy too!

As to a life of empty pursuits, who are you to decide for someone else what is empty? You might think my playing video games is an empty pursuit - alright, come take them - if you can. Personally I think people whose hobby is golf are wasting their time but it's no right of mine to tell them what they can and can't do.

Anonymous said...

Some people are just ordinary stupid and some people are as Les says "Bone deep stupid". You Dammerdung are that guy plus you got Hasbara written all over you.

Dammerung said...

Yes, my evil Jewish friends are secretly controlling the world, which is why they live in a house with 5 roommates or back with their parents because of the unreliability of their work. *eye roll* And I'm a propaganist for Israel.

Honestly, sometimes you people are dumber than a bag of hammers. You let healthy skepticism become unhealthy paranoid delusions. You're like those Baptists who see demons everywhere - it's like the old joke. After an accident a guy touches his side and it hurts, touches his knee and it hurts, touches his ribs and they hurt, and then realizes that his finger is broken. If you see demons everywhere you should get your eyes checked.

Pstonie said...


The system I'm referring to is called capitalism in most places, other places it's called socialism. Really though, in the end, any system where money is involved (money = power), the effect is that whoever has most--be it the people who've been stealing for centuries or the government--are the people that rule over most of the system.

This is where we are now. This is why the ones with the most money currently can start a global economic "crisis" and then buy up all sorts of things like smaller banks, smaller businesses, property and land at a bargain and add it to their own empire so they can draw the maximum amount of profit from the war. It's a system based on numbers and whoever has the most zeroes has the most control. Where we are now everything's value is determined by most in monetary terms. If it can't be quantified that way, to most it does not exist. A monetary system is the symptom of a fear-based society where everyone views themselves as separate entities.

Pstonie said...

I think I've made it clear that I don't want to come and take your video games. You should be free to make your own choices as each jew is free to make theirs. I don't have control over the actions of anyone else, nor should I have. I DO have control over my own time and creativity, and I am planning to remove that from their system. That is what I can do. It's an option I've denied myself.

What I am trying to say is that, instead of attacking Israel or complaining about how bad the jews are, it might be a better idea to just remove yourself from their equation. This is assuming that you have any type of problem with what they're doing. If EA's latest offering is worth a forty hour work week to you, then what's the problem? To me, it is not. The interests of big business and my interests don't line up, and to me the situation has become untenable.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Bringing the Extremes into the Middle.

Anonymous said...

I'm usually right up there with you, Vis, but I must be losing my touch. I hadn't worked out that Assange was a disinfo agent... Boy, that is an interesting slant that I will take on board.
Cheers, Susan

Visible said...

Susan... let me not present myself as precognitive in that respect. Wikileaks already sounded like Jim Wales with his exclusive Zionist encyclopedia. Let me just say that the thing stank from the moment I heard the name as being something I'm pretty good at not stepping in. The people running around that I routinely admire can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Those that are doing the best they can might require me to take off my socks.

Anonymous said...

"who THIS WEEK narrowly avoided misdemeanor charges"


Then why the 50 weeks of community service?

50 weeks of community service for a misdemeanor?
Are you kidding?

Are you saying she plead out?

A misdemeanor? You're not even hardly a person if you've never had a misdemeanor.

A person who has never had a misdemeanor is someone I'd steer clear of.

Dammerung said...

The fact that they even report on Assange's work makes me instantly suspicious of it. It'll be a cold day in Hell before the Angry Arab, or Chris Floyd, or you for that matter Les get that kind of press. Reporting negatively on something is still calling attention to it. Why do they want us to look at Assange?

Visible said...

Not to mention the obvious question about where the story came from which begs the further question is this more of the same? I wish those concentration camps were still there so I could fall in love with some invisible victim once they climbed out of the swimming pool and offer them an apple through the fence. The best thing is to say it happened in April because everyone knows that even Nature conforms to lies told by those who make us believe them.

Anonymous said...

Hell of an ‘extermination’ camp, Les, huh. An inmate swimming pool, hospital (with maternity ward), dentist clinic, theater, playing fields for inmate soccer, etc, camp currency for purchasing sundries (and comforts at the camp brothel), barber shop, concert hall, library, post office complete with postcards . . . the list of facilities provided for the enemy aliens, Communist agitators and various run-of-the-mill criminals by those evil Germans goes on and on and on.

If we didn’t know better (thanks to our deeply implanted History Phd from Schlemielberg & Co.) you’d almost think it was a massive industrial complex built to produce such desperately needed items as synthetic rubber for the German war effort.

(You remember the German war effort? Where they tried to stop their country being taken over by the Zids (thanks Rev. John) and the inevitable slaughter of tens of millions of Christians that would surely follow, just as had been done to Christian Russia from 1917 on by the Zids?)

Yes, you might even begin to think those in the German internment camps were treated better than the enemy aliens America confined in their camps in the USA during WWII.

If only Hollywood had been built in Germany; we would have an entirely different ‘take’ on history.

I’m reminded of a quote I read online . . . Just about everything we believe is a lie.

TheShow said...

Hey, Les

I've been lurking here for quite some time now, absorbing your prodigious output as best I can (sometimes a challenge, but always worth the effort). I've put off posting my comments because, quite honestly, my ADHD ramblings would be rather weak among your gallery of deep thinkers, but what the hey, I thought it was high time I joined in the discussion. I'll start off with a sincere thank you. I've been a web junkie ten years now, a long way from my baptism at the MSN message boards. (Wow, the abuse they used to heap on my innocent soul back then!) I've discovered since those days that most of the outlets of 'truth' and/or its 'honest discussion' fall sadly short of their potential. The same cannot be said of your group of blogs here. I have moved on from nearly every site I used to frequent. Yours, on the other hand, is one of a very short list of keepers. I may even add you to my 'Favorites.':p But enough about you.(big grin)
This ignorance of what seems to be a vast majority of people is, in my opinion, inexcusable. The dirty secrets of the dirty bastards that are running this dirty game on all of us are easily found with mimimal investigation. How hard can it be?--I found it.
And these assholes are all connected. I came across a picture today of Zbig Breszinski chillin' out with Osama Bin Laden, oh, back in the 80s sometime. WTF!?!?
Evil is one incestuous SOB. The same people keep appearing together in the same places, doing the same shit. But trying to point that stuff out to some folks is like explaining algebra to a housecat. But usually a bigger waste of time. They just don't want to know. (The people or the cat.) Too much to think about. Too heavy. The cat, I get. The people, not so much.
So, anyway, this giant can of whupass that's about to be opened up on them that's got it comin' can't come any too soon for me. I just hope it doesn't raise too much hell on the ignorami, cuz I guess they just don't know any better.
And one last thing before I go:

"Personally I think people whose hobby is golf are wasting their time but it's no right of mine to tell them what they can and can't do."

I couldn't agree more. It's a monumental waste of time, but you try quittin! The game is like crack, man.
Which reminds me, I gotta make a tee time for tomorrow!

Copernicus Kidd said...

The slaughterhouses must be closed.

AC Bhaktivedanta

Anonymous said...

Srila Prabhupada:

As soon as there is falldown from brahminical culture, and as soon as there is discrepancy in the protection of cows, there will be no more peace in the world.

Andre Preneur said...

Hi Les... your old drummer buddy in the Tarn here. Re: the Humble/MMS stuff.

When Humble first came on the scene and the internet went all atwitter, I read his book. It was full of neurolinguistic hints at the man's pathological issues. I couldn't even finish it, it was so far off. Eventually there were those whose discernment wasn't so attuned who became disciples of the Humble "miracle cure". Some of them became quite ill, but Jim said that was natural. It meant they were healing. Huh?

Anyway an article came out this week that should be read by all who are considering Mr. Humble's nostrums. It is written by a doctor well versed in alternative therapies who saved a young lady's life when she nearly slipped into a coma after a couple of doses of Jim's "miracle cure". The good doctor's deconstruction of the hyperbolic MMS claims is well referenced by solid footnoted science. It can be read here:

Your pal




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