Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Man with the Bullhorn is a Lying Sack of Shit.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... I have to say it sometime. I didn’t want to say it because the next thing you know, someone will ask me why I let Jeff Rense link me or some other crap about something that isn't real and which I knowingly appreciate. I was astounded when Michael Rivero stopped printing my work and didn’t answer my emails but I never said anything bad about Michael. I just said I didn’t understand. Readers here know that I was perplexed and some readers said I should denounce Michael, since he was probably listening to his handlers. I never believed that and Michael stayed in my links and I always went to see what he thought was important because I trusted him to be honest and real. It didn’t matter what he thought of me.

The time came, over a year later, when I saw that Michael needed money to keep going because a certain Zionist controlled entity was no longer willing to pay him for his specialty contribution. I smelled a rat but there was no way I was going to write anything about it unless I asked Michael first. I wanted to help him and it didn’t matter what he thought about me which, I thought had to do with my talking about the divine so much. He doesn’t really know if there is one or not and I think he would tell you so but he doesn’t like religion and neither do I... neither do I.

I wrote him to ask for the information and he said, basically, “Screw all of that. What do you mean by, how I feel about you? I love your wonderful writings.” I thought, WTF? It turned out that, all of a sudden, he never had gotten any of my mail and this went on for two weeks during a period when it had never happened before. My not denouncing him made me feel pretty good in the aftermath.

Then that thing happened with Rense where, all of a sudden, I wasn’t on the site again. Once again I was perplexed, except in this case, I didn’t have anything to do with being on the site in the first place. I’m a curious guy. I discussed at a much earlier time how, when I first heard Jeff Rense speak, that the tenor of his voice made me keep listening. It was as if he could not sound like he did, at least to my ears, if he weren’t real. When I was suddenly gone from his site, the only thing I said was that maybe that Chomsky quote on his page had something to do with it. Nothing happened. People told me they had written Jeff and it got forgotten. A few weeks later I got an email from a Rense reader and contributor of my work who said that the only reason I hadn’t appeared, or had disappeared was because he was on vacation. He was the one who had been submitting my work. Then I got some emails from Jeff that blew my mind with his courtesy and professed appreciation. Reader’s... never burn your bridges with people just because your ego, which you think you don’t have, gets offended by something you don’t understand.

People still tell me bad things about Jeff and Michael and Rixon from the Truthseeker too. Rixon is the only one that never put me aside, no matter the reason ...but Rixon also was tested here because a crazy Texas hairdresser told him I was a major drug supplier. You would think, in that case, I would have some when I wanted them (grin); such is not the reality. Rixon found out on his own and has been a strong friend and a tireless advocate of getting me out there. I sometimes question his choices of writers and sometimes I wonder at Michael and his personal windmills. I don’t know enough about Jeff to have an opinion like that but... today, I got to say something about that blowhard with a bullhorn and I try to be understanding, like I was in these other cases but I got to call it like I see it when those I know, who are doing the good work, get screwed by those presenting themselves as truth tellers.

I don’t know how these three view each other but I know how I view each of them and no one is going to change that and if you respect my acumen and opinion you won’t try. I wouldn’t be alive today if the divine had not given me the power to spot a fake and not get taken in by anything because I don’t want what they offer and have far better given to me, in plain sight, every day if I wanted it. Not wanting anything makes you a good judge of character and that brings me to today’s painful exercise but I’m still going to have to say just a little more. Besides the people I mentioned, there are very few people I trust. I trust everyone to be who they are but very few are who they should be.

The first time I heard Alex Jones, all I could think was that he was really bombastic and annoying and he kept wanting to attract crowds to follow him in black t-shirts while he screamed that 9/11 was an Inside Job. I had already released an album by that name before he got around to saying any of that and I hadn’t identified who it was yet either, not entirely, but that was something that was still coming and when it did I said it like it was and is. So did Michael Rivero, Rixon Stewart and Jeff Rense. That is my litmus test when anyone who depends on advertising to do what they do has the courage and conviction to tell the truth and let the money go fuck itself.

I watched Alex Jones now and then. Sometimes Infowars would print one of my articles but if I said anything about Israel it never got published by them. I kept seeing that bullhorn and thinking how George Bush had done the same thing. When I found out that Israel had done 9/11, The Madrid Train Station and The London Tube, it pretty much rocked my world. Since then, if bad shit happens, I know they are behind it. Unlike most people, I have been deeply immersed, for a few years in each case, in the great religions of the world, except for the Synagogue of Satan, which I did know was just that a long time before I started doing this.

Then I saw where Alex Jones said that the Saudis controlled Hollywood, which was off the charts full of shit. Then I saw him defending Israel and never doing anything more than taking the attention of his readers and followers away from the truth, by acting like a loud embarrassment proof version of all the things he was supposed to despise and being proud of it. Then I found out who his advertisers are and who handles his public relations and the tree of money and influence that is the fruit of the poisoned message that takes the attention away from who and why is what and where.

I probably wouldn’t have ever said anything because when he goes down behind having made his ass a pleasure ground for some momentary money and fame, it will be through his own efforts and none of mine. Apparently the ruination troops of the American Dream and all those subsidiaries that call themselves countries and routinely bow down to felate the withered extremities of someone older than their own mother; referencing the Queen of England, have now circled the wagons because the truth will not be made into the same kind of bitch as one Alex Jones. When you are full of shit and don’t mind celebrating the fact then you damn well need a bullhorn since that leads into that Mussolini thing and your panting red face and rabbit ready incontinence is bound to make you angry enough to fuck everyone badly and with zero satisfaction- in the process-, before you supremely fuck yourself.

It’s a strange problem for the mathematicians, given that your reach can’t even reveal anything more of what is concealed by your pudgy little hands. The divine blesses those who seek with all the equipment necessary to the celebration of what the religions forbid ...but he’s real cheap with the pretenders and catamites who have to pay for it or get it as a perk that fakes the result, which is convincing enough for those who make lying a profession.

Alex Jones, you’re full of shit and better men than you have suffered because of it. You want Michael Rivero off of your channel, when it so happens he is Sephardic and loves truth so much more than the dark wet places you hump to help you forget what you are, minding that you might actually be those dark wet places in a confusion of bodies who forget what they did in the night.

We can no longer afford people believing a tolerable lie in the face of an uncomfortable truth. Every Jew in the world owes a debt to Michael Rivero whether they are in the majority of villains and supporting staff or... silent and lacking the conviction he displays on your behalf every miserably paid day. Like the others I mentioned, there are some few people who work on your behalf like monks in a small cell of determined sacrifice and wouldn’t even count their lives meaningful if they couldn’t keep on doing it to their last breath. So, Alex Jones, on behalf of this deep asleep human race, I urge you to go fuck yourself and tell me whether you’ve been given the means to make that worth doing, given that you’ve done such a bad job on everyone else.

Addendum; I apologize for being too chickenshit to say what I actually think, so I hope you can read between the lines and forgive me for acting like a chick. This is my understanding of who runs my world, so I can’t do more than emulate it (grin). Anyone defending this cat works for what is funding him and don’t tell me about how many eyes he has opened when the whole point is to blind them to the truth as soon as they get a whiff of it.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

the thing is a lot of people have not given their heart completely like yourself,I would say a lot of people are more ambitious and will use the truth as a tool of there ambition,where your ambition is the complete whole truth as that would clarity for everyone,not just for you and your friends,I dont know if you have been over to nobodys site and had a look,he maybe suffering at the moment and could do with some friendly words.
peace mr visibles of the finest
truth teller and fine bloke.

Visible said...

Well, that you for saying that and I consider Mr. Nobody a friend. although we don't talk much but that is because I don't seek anyone out, I figure if they want to talk to me or visit me they will but I'm too busy for all that social shit. I will go see him right now and it won't be hard to find him because he is in my links.

I can't stay on top of everyone's suffering when I am suffering so much myself.

Anonymous said...

Then I found out who his advertisers are and who handles his public relations and the tree of money and influence

Tell us, I guess, not everybody knows that.

Visible said...

How about using a search engine or, someone will step up and tell you. It's not like it's a secret or anything.

Anonymous said...

How do you keep doing this? I'm glad I'm not on your bad side and I don't even feel like you put your whole energy into it. I'm coming to see you soon. I'm off till the semester starts so just expect me to ring your doorbell.

That was a home run that went right out of the stadium. Someone needed to serve this piece of shit his lunch and there is no one better at that than you.

Visible said...

You had a rare misspelling. I figured you would want me to correct it.

Anonymous said...

well mr visibles of the finest
strength honor and peace be upon you sir,and anyone else who is hurting at the moment,remember we are all in this together,brothers and sisters..neil

Anonymous said...

theres alot of suffering going on i read your last post and it did something i changed my mind i asked myself would the divine want to sit here feeling like this well of course not well i don't know maybe but why.anyway everything changed .i was sitting on my balcony a couple of mornings ago having a smoke and looking at the big old ghost gumtree in front of me when this big kookaburra flew up and sat at my elbow it was sitting there looking me in the eye no fear just sitting there the divine is everywhere

Anonymous said...

I dont know but it sort of sounded like mr nobody was maybe treking to no mans land,I am sorry if this is not correct and I have been counting my artichokes instead of my cauliflowers.neil

tim said...

Why would Alex Jones kick Mike Rivero out and keep David Icke? Icke talks about israel all the time and I see your articles linked there also. This seems strange to me; maybe there is something more?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Les,... I love that thing you do! Rock-on brother visible!


P.S. I cannot; and it has been a while since, I have been able to access the page you link that provides the downloads of your radio stuff. I became a fan and then NOTHING! Like a newfound junkie with abruptly curtailed supply. Damn!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Les,...left Nobs to come here; left here to go to WRH and fuck me if you don't top the Bill!


wv: scaryop - yeah!

Visible said...

The radio show is right there in Visible's radio shows. You say you can't get to it? Affirm it and I'll put it in a downloadable file for you somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Fuck, Visible! You know he's going to read that. That was some really mean and truly deserved insult festival. I could see "exploding shit rockets smearing the sky" to quote you.


Anonymous said...

awesome asskicking

Anonymous said...

Well myself and a lot of other people posted your column or sent the link in. I don't know why Mike didn't post your stuff as often as he used to. He sells memberships to raise money to stay on the air and the web and let's the members post links which he then links on the main page. So he has to keep his members happy. I don't take vacations except at the request of the federal government if you get my drift.

After so many of us got pissed at AJ, Mike toned down his announcement of no more interviews,delinked a rant from one of his more enraged posters and made comments designed to cool his listeners down. He was acting like it was no big deal after he saw how mad people got at his percieved treatment from AJ and Genesis. Mike also wrote that he is moving to Republic of his own free will. In the words of Emily Litella;"Never mind!"
Les I don't know what's going on over there at WRH. Maybe he got threatened,because Mike sure tried to cool everybody down. Just hope he hasn't jumped from the frying pan into the fire over there at Republic!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Les,... See...now that shit is a worry. I hit on that fucker:

f2f-visible.100801.mp3 mp3 7.8 MB 01-08-10

and it started to play - that is LIKE magic - see, I don't get scared by much, but that is either your voodoo or our/my THE voodoo, that is some seriously scary Ops! That right there brother! I'm no mug with a PC and I've got cluey mates - that, well, let's leave it at...THAT.

Nameste brother,


Anonymous said...

Alex Jones is obviously the zionist gatekeeper. Which really points the finger solely at them, (zionists) for most everything. This is why Jack Blood, Jeff Rense, Mike Rivero, etc have been shown the door. This guy needs to be taken down. I think its way more important than people think. This dude is foamenting a race war with all the mexi hate. I don't think it should be hard to take him down. Hell every time Rivero was on Alex's show, he would serve that mutherfukker up! Alex Jones couldn't debate his way out of a fuckin wet paper sack next to any of these people! Room temp IQ, redneck, fratboy asshole. I actually thought Alex was doing much better lately. Not berating the callers as much, tacitly criticizing Israhell. But when he began defending the zionist pirates who slaughtered those people on the flotila. What a piece o shit.

Your a bitch alex! I hope you get fucked up by some MS-13 gangbanger you race baiting usurper!!
Go die!!!

Fight the Alex Jones Industrial Complex!

Alex Jones Is An Inside Job!
Alex Jones IS A Mossad Job!

Go fuck yourself you sayanim piece of shit!

Whew!! Sorry bout that. Now I feel a little better.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Les,..This just in......

The yids have begun the do in The Lebanon:



Anonymous said...

Les, I couldn't agree more. I knew this for quite awhile now.

Mr. Jones caters to a demographic of teens and tweenies with little education and hormone issues as is evident in the "readership responses".

I also see a quite a few adults with the same condition too. Some still like in the parents basement and others never grew up and now serve this country (and others)in a variety of high level positions(unfortunately). Kind of like that kid with the ball that kept making up his/her own rules as they went.

Yes, it is a war for their minds, much like what a pedoplile does to convince a child that what they are doing is ok, or maybe someone that keeps beating his wife and physically/psychologically abusing their children and finds a way to justify it.

Spot on Les!

Neko Kinoshita said...

Well, it is Smoking Mirrors after all. You always come right out and say what you think Dog, and it's always entertaining.

I had not found Mr. Nobody. I'll start looking to see what he has to say now. Thanks guys, new information/perspective is always good to find. I wish I had time to read them all...

crawling through the trash in the alley,

DH said...

I've never believed this garbage about Jones being an Israeli shill. If it were true, then Jones is a terrible agent for controlled opposition.

I can't say that Alex woke me up, but he was a big part of it...no one was telling me at the time, that Israel was behind anything. I figured it out on my own.

I always assumed that was the intention.

Alex can't get on the radio, as the visible mouthpiece for opposing the power elite, and rant about Jews. That would be just too easy for his critics to shred him and keep otherwise intelligent people from getting to the truth.

So he avoids focusing too much on Israel, because if you're not completely ignorant and need every little thing spelled out for you - you will get to that destination eventually.

Alex has done some stupid things in the past, but I'm not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Alex Jones is like a gateway drug to deeper truths. He unlocks the minds of masses, and it is then their responsibility to keep going towards the truth.

chuckyman said...

LOL. I do love a good “throw the money changers from the temple” rant now and again. AJ always has the right weasel words to match every occasion. His methodology (not his volume) reminds me of Grima Wormtongue. He always draws the sting of righteous anger against Khazar injustice.

It should be fun to see all the AJ trolls appearing around here for a while. They’re like herpes. Bloody hard to get rid of I hear (grin).

v word = stlist.

I guess we're sure on his list by now. LOL

Greg Bacon said...

Watch the documentary "New World Order."

Part of it has AJ 'searching' for 9/11 truth by acting(?) like a crazed, bug-eyed madman.
He helped set back the truth movement, not bring enlightenment.

Which gave credence to the feds who say that 9/11 truthers are nuts.

AJ is a Zionist shill, following around the cattle and like all pigs, scarfing down their hot cow shit.

Anonymous said...

You just realized this? I have known about Alex since when he first started. He works for the Zionists. Notice how Alex hijacked Loosechange and made it unwatchable. The pentagon tape clearly shows a missile but Alex went to great lengths to try and convince his sheeple otherwise. Most all his advertisers are Jewish. He probably can not make it in hollyweird because he stutters so much and comes across as a complete raving lunatic. He also seems to have a disdain for white people. Alex is in it for Alex and the worst sheeple are his delusional supporters. Here is the real Alex: http://www.wingtv.net/shame.html

Anonymous said...

I think you just take Alex Jones too seriously, he serves to his followers of angry mob with issues over which they can get angry for few minutes and feel informed then they can go back to their shells. It is just this angry rhetoric over any issues he disagree with then puppy eyes and soft voice on issues he likes. What is missing is only a soundtrack -angry drums and horns and then soft piano and violins.
It was always this way so I am surprised anybody is still shocked by this. It is the same info-tainment like OReily - just don't try to argue against or you will be swiftly thrown under the table with insults. Doesn't matter what is the truth, what matters is what is the truth to the shouting person.
I like your writings, most of the time. Sometimes your articles are really brilliant. In few times it is just a selfserving rant...this may be one of them...I mean anybody who can read people just a little will see the shallow entertainment FOX TV qualities of Alex Jones.

But it is a dangerous path for any writer to go personally again others because then the essence of article is gone and you just jump into a high school mentality arguing about who said what. Soon everybody will seem like a personal enemies.
A best test is to observe how a person cope with critique. Some people will immediately start screaming and kicking and calling you names - AJ is one of them. Mike Rivero would on other hand simply laugh at it with some funny remark.
I would suggest you simply do the same - forget about insulting others, it doesn't solve anything, just laugh at them.

Anonymous said...

Les, it is not a bullhorn. It's a SHOFAR. ((rams horn))

Visible said...

No, I did not just realize this. I just didn't say anything. I did once praise him to see what kind of a rise I would get and that wasn't a whole lot of fun. I could nail a different gatekeeper every day but that's not my particular job.

Willow said...

Hi Les! Willow here. It's been a long time since I posted but I'm glad I caught your latest. I read WRH every day. I admire Mike. On occasion I catch Jeff and like his postings, as well. I haven't been to Rixon's site.

I learned this from an old mountain man from Virginia recently, whose little book he published on dowsing, really caught my attention: if you do nothing, nothing will happen. If you do something, something might happen.

You and Mike and Jeff and perhaps others I don't know about are doing something. As a result, something is happening...namely, those paying attention are starting to see the truth being revealed, little by little. Those of us paying attention are connecting the dots and for that I am grateful.

I don't know Mr. Jones and I don't visit his website. Perhaps it's because on an intuitive level his stuff is too lower chakra/low frequency for me. As I see it, the object of the game here is to raise your consciousness. The higher the consciousness, the better the insight and intuition, and as such, better solutions will be created.

As your consciousness rises you'll have a natural aversion to lower chakra/lower consciousness energy. Since the world seems to be awash in the low frequency/low chakra consciousness, those of us who struggle to raise our energy level find ourselves on the outside, marginalised and malined, ridiculed and scoffed at.

So be it. Eventually, evil will turn on itself. It always does. Just keep doing what you are doing, keep raising your consciousness and energy, keep moving to the higher chakras, keep up the good work. Those of us that are doing the same work will be right with you. You are not alone in this. You have our support.


Anonymous said...

Control yur opposition! Need I say more? Wake people up and walk them around in circles going nowhere and dissapating a lot of energy.

The rabid dog in the ME is going to be dangerous for awhile, but what eventually happens to rabid dogs?

Exciting times just around the corner folks. Keep your seat belts on and hold on!


Visible said...

Reason enough for someone else to be made into a smoking ruin first.

A riveting read. I love Pakalert Press. Israel wants Pakistan in the headlights because Pakistan has nukes. If they have any brains then all those nukes are aimed at one particular country so that no matter what happens they launch. I hope all these beleaguered nations are in sync to at least vaporize the real psychopaths since the intent is for it to happen to them anyway.

Visible said...


You confuse insults with truth. None of this is an insult, it's what it is and hardly anyone says what I just said and no one with the readership. If all I did was pound this sand on following days then you might be right. As it stands, you are not. I said what I had to say and that's the end of it from me, for the moment. Read the link I just put up from Pakalert press. I want the enemy outed now and I want a solid wall of opposition because, as I full well know, an American city is going to be dust soon, maybe around August 10th but certainly before the soon to be canceled elections.

TheSparkle said...

Les, you might want to add a RENSE link to your list where you already have WRH, TRUTHSEEKER, etc. Wink wink nudge nudge say no more!

wv: sties

Stan sties in hylie as we all go skyly.

Visible said...

Hey Willow, long time no hear. Yes. Most people don't know that some chakras are also dwelling places unaffected by physical things.

Andrew said...

I posted a letter from Teresa a long time member of What Really Happened yesterday and now today we have this on "the Mirror". She has a very good grasp on wtf these guys are up to and I suggest a quick read and consider her opinions.

Visible said...

Damn Sparkle, I am a dunce. Right away babe.

chuckyman said...

Gordon Duff has posted many excellent articles recently on Israhell and its buddies. He posts over at his site Veterans Today.

Anonymous said...

i used to get emails from a site linked to you about eating martial arts etc shit you thought could help people which it did that stopped however i notice lately there is alot of anonymous posters telling you what to do

TheSparkle said...



Rebel4E, thanks for posting this and thanks to whomever mentioned it in the other comments.

WATCH THAT VIDEO! What is it? Just scare tactics?

Andrew said...

excuse me for the double post, as I should have collected the thought feces and added to the single basket but I might add I was a strong supporter of Mr Rivero with a paid membership and was featured on his Ruby Ridge anniversary show. (I was present at the time of the murders). Unfortunately we, as in members, witnessed a huge change in Mike when the GCN network started buttering his bread. It was enough he already worked directly for ABC on the "Lost" series, but after the jump into bed with them through GCN, he became a tyrant. I was told that if I made any further references to chemtrails or HAARP in his chat room, I would be removed as a member resulting in a helluva battle in the What Really Happened chat, some siding with me and others saying "Mike is right, chemtrails don't exist." Since my departure (fvkme if I'll pay 60 bucks to be censored) I have noticed his viewing numbers crashing and only new members and a few "ditto heads" remain. Now that AJ has kicked him from GCN, Mike needs to rethink his situation and maybe GET SOME NEW FVIN MATERIAL DUDE, and tone down the megalomania! good Lord..

Anonymous said...

Les Id have to say thanks for standing up and saying what you feel. If more people would just let it out, we'd be in a better place.
Ive said this before, even the trickesters and liers serve the will of the divine too, dont forget. With one hand they hope to control thought, and in the other, they only feed it.
It not your job or Alex's to show us the truth. Its one's own faith that will do this. Dont get made when others fail at learning their own lessons, but thanks for calling them out today.

Love Your Life

Rebel 4E said...

@The Sparkle

It's a spoof..(big grin)

I must admit when I first watched it on You-tube I was shocked..(thinking it was real)
Nothing would surprise me these days...even ten foot tall, flesh eating, rampaging monsters...lol!

Alex Jones...Hmmm!
I had a vivid dream a few weeks ago, Mr Jones was chasing me around my house/garden brandishing a double barrel shotgun with a big scary grin on his face...telling me it was for my own good . . (o___0)


LiesVisible said...

Israel did 911, London and Madrid?

HAHA. Your intellectual bankcruptcy is revealed right there. How do you "know" Israel did 911? You don't - you just put together a load of vague rubbish which implicates Israel and call it "knowledge" and "truth".

HAHA - pathetic. The proof of how pathetic you are lies in your censorship and your inability to deal with critics.

Can a pathological anti-semite recognise their own pathology? Seems not, mr Lies Visible.

A.Mouser said...

Hi Les.

Alex Jones will not go all the way about 9/11 and confirm that zionists were the principle architects and actors in the entire bogus spectacle.

Arabs had NOTHING to do with 9/11. Zionists had EVERYTHING to do with 9/11.

Most people were read here - who are not trolls - know and confirm that fact daily.

Jones ommits 'whodunnit' and thereby commits the greatest lie of all according to truth forefather Orwell who said
"the greatest lies of all are those of omission".
That statement is true. Thereby Jones is a lier.

A man said to be married to a jewish women (their kids are thereby jewish), and who gets almost ALL of his advertising money from zionists.
Who's your daddy Alex?
Certainly NOT the devine truth.


James aka jackruby said...

Sparkle, that's an older video produced by the Onion, satire at face value, but perhaps some hidden underlying meaning?

Anonymous said...

Amen Les, well said. Mike is true-blue and even if he tactically chooses to not run certain pieces of mine I don't think anything of it. Out of all the 'big guns' out there he stands out as the most uncompromising when it comes to getting the truth out and for that reason he deserves all our support.


Animadverto said...

I only say something when I have something to say. I listen to all the “truth Sayers”, including Alex Jones, Mike Rivero, Rense, Rixon, and you, to mention a handful. It is up to each individual to sort out fact from opinion for themselves. Each person is their own experience and truth.

All religions, at the esoteric core are Luciferian, controlled by self serving zealots, for consumption the exoteric masses. I tend to like the more feisty personalities. Listening to Rense puts me to sleep. Having said this, I don’t give his information any more or less credence than any other personality. I pour through the information and opinion and form my own decisions. Many were complicit in 911; it was not only one group. The NWO is not only one group; they are people who use religion, all religions as a front for their Satanic agenda. Divide and conquer. As we can see, it is very effective.

The blogs have been on fire over the split between AJ and MR. These opinions are just adding for flame to the fire. This, of course, is simply my opinion.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

excellent post, what could I even say?

Visible said...

It seems like you are advocating a general disinterest and involvement which also implies going back to sleep.

What I find difficult to process is criticism without defined and justified alternatives but, that's just me.

Pretty much everyone knows 'most' of the religions are full of shit so that's no news. As for all those complicit in 9/11 it is pretty interesting that .0025% percent of the population from a particular country and from the worst religion make up the majority of those implicated in it or... you have data to refute mine? Always welcome.

Visible said...

DM... that is a funny WV. I don't even remember that article or what it was about. The name rang a bell and I thought, "That sounds like one of mine." I've never gone back to read any of them. It's nice to know someone does... given that they get something from it.

Animadverto said...

"you have data to refute mine?"

I didn't realize that Bush Jr and Cheney were Jewish. Biden calls himself a "zionist". Halliburton is headquartered in Dubai. The House of Saud are traitors to their own people and support the zionist agenda. I am sure if I put some more time into it, I could make the list three pages long, but this is what came to mind.

Anonymous said...

so what do we have hear
a truth movement split by ear
alex jones out telling lies
sounds to me he work for spies
infiltrated by the zids
corupters wearing wigs
where they live in side themselves
all broken in a hell
but thats what they pursue
the opposite of truth
and when the truth does come
cuts the wagging of their tongue
thats the inner principle
dont mess with the invincible
dont work for evil spore
or in the end your shown the door


Visible said...

You are going in the wrong direction or being intentionally obtuse. You name two people and I can name 20 who were all positioned at critical points who are Jewish. Where a company is based doesn't mean a damn thing if it is internationally operative; that's just dumb to say it and what has the House of Saud got to do with anything?

the total control of the media and the central banks by these people means nothing right? The reality of Rothschild is what? You read the recent link? Are you a member of the tribe or associated with it? That would clear some things up or at least point me in another direction to understand your surprising disconnect. Is a Kumbaya kind of thing?

m_astera said...

What evidence is there that Israel was behind 9/11, the London subway bombings, and the Madrid train bombings? How about the same Israeli security company being in charge at all of the above airport and rail locations?

Maybe they are just a really, really poor security company, but that was a question that needed to be asked right after 9/11 and wasn't. Just wondering if anyone knows who is presently in charge of security at those US airports, London underground, and Madrid train stations. Also would like to hear about the results of the investigation of said Israeli security company for incompetence.

Visible said...

Something I should have said


Visible said...

Michael; as you know, that is the main point I hammer. I will add that most of the really sensitive and potentially dangerous locations in the U.S, are controlled by Israeli security. They own the place. Looks like we are the smart ones, having left. If you are around my area now then the next week or two is massively fantastic for dropping in and sampling the consciousness at the cutting edge.

Would like to see you but I can't travel because I have to take care of an invalid and the dogs but that's a snap.

Animadverto said...

Wilson signed into law the Federal Reserve System. Clinton repealed Glass Steagll in 1999. Are they less traitors to this nation since they are goy’s? Chelsea married Mezvinsky, is she less a goy now? The Hebrew faith passes through the female. Will the child be a goy? Does it matter? Are not the political cast and financial cast both complicit in the exploitation of the world masses, skimming of wealth from the middle class and the poor? Is social Darwinism limited to one group? Does not the above mentioned marriage refute such a notion? Does a religious label change the psychopathic mind; make it less ruthless and self served? Do psychopaths only exist in one race, creed, color? Are the goy’s of the agenda, the order of the quest, not equally complicit to the formation of a global Fascist, totalitarian world order? I have nothing else to say about this. So feel free to banter on.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LiesVisible said...

Here's some circular reasoning - or is it just prejudice, ignorance, or stupidity?

Lies Visible: [people] from a particular country and from the worst religion make up the majority of those implicated in [911]

Pakistan? Saudi? Afghanistan? No....apparently it's Israel, right? LOL.

You implicate people (a pile of jews) - then claim it's all jews whom are implicated.

Wow - what a result! What a surprise you conclude thus?

You say earlier:

LV: if bad shit happens, I know they are behind it.

Well, whaddya know? This is called prejudice, Mr Lies Visible. For you it constitutes conclusive evidence! Of what? That you're crude and deeply prejudiced? It says little else.

Does such a thing as Islamic extremism exist, Mr Visible?

And where's your evidence that Israel was responsible? What's your single strongest claim? Let's assess it? I dare you?

Anonymous said...

Grima Wormtongue, exact!
That's the ticket AJ!
I just started hearing weird
things about him, my son in Austin said he had a jewish wife....then he said the Saudis controlled Hollyweird, yuk yuk.... then he started screaming at a caller who was criticizing Israel on the Gaza thing... three strikes and you're out. Les hasn't struck out once, yet.
Mike and Jeff, maybe once.
wv: perse
Purse your purty mouth, Alex...
take the Zionut wienerschnitzel...

the_last_name_left said...

m astera claims as evidence for Israeli guilt that

the same Israeli security company being in charge at all of the above airport and rail locations?

Oh really? That's based on guff from fascist Willis Carto's AFP presumably. They peddle such "facts" as these:

AFP contacted Visor Consultants, the mayor of the City of London, Scotland Yard, and the transportation authority to ask about the identity of the unnamed partner in the terror exercise.

A likely candidate is an Israeli company called International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS) International N.V., an aviation and transportation security firm headed by "former [Israeli] military commanding officers and veterans of government intelligence and security agencies."

So, let's have THE SAME COMPANY that was "IN CHARGE OF ALL THE LOCATIONS" involved in these attacks? What is it called?

presence said...

Morning Thinkers,
Can't help but feeling, much as Teresa, in her letter, that there is much more going on here than is being let on...

AJ is obvious, there are litmus tests that quickly & easily prove this, but M.Rivero (and Rense...) sure test some funny colors on a bunch of strips too.

Like this one (as a starter) that tests for:
Your opinion on the wildly opposing feats of physics that 'occurred' on 9-11 with those 'Planes' and their Reactions to those Buildings...(the Pentagon we are demanded to believe obliterated/disappeared it's plane, while over in NY, the Towers just opened right up and let em slide right on in...)

What, color, is, that, Mike, etc?
WTH really happened down there that day?

(and the NASA thing obviously is a factor here... the moon landings were so darn fake, seriously...
there is no haarp and no shitty skies?? and the
joe stack story was real? wth??)

i check em all out, and observe what they are servin up, and (maybe) more importantly what they are leavin out...

As Teresa wisely notices, NOBODY wants to talk about the Evidence that is out there, and Lawsuits that Have been filed... M.Rivero won't touch it, Rense won't touch it, Coast to Coast won't touch it, and of course AJ goes ballistic at her mention (Judy Wood)... as far as i can tell, Judy is out there speaking from and for the small people and i can't help but Love her.

Also can't help but wonder, (after my partner brought it up) if there isn't some bit of chauvinism going on within the 'actual' truth-diggers/ excavators... if perhaps there is a problem that some are having with the fact that a woman has figured out the puzzle (w/a bunch of help) and compiled and put the evidence out there...?
i thought it was a good question.

i am beyond sick of this dirty, corrupt world, and since it's coming flaming down anyways and it's apparently game on & game over time, well, WTH do we have to lose in holding em all to the fire? Never forgetting our own feet...

Speaking of holding things to the fire, J.Burgermeister could sure use some love
(she is reporting as well that "her" Wiki-page has been removed)...

As someone smart said: Don't believe anything/one till it's been officially denied... :)

Judy's Wiki-page was removed in 24 hrs and her name permanently banned from it:


not trying to be the constant searcher for
the pea-under-the-mattress girl.
i'm just not into being taken for anyone's ride.
(except the one i am on with life :)

(i think) we are here to be the sieves. to keep shaking and shaking and shaking them till only the nuggets of what it is real and good and true remain suspended before us... no compromise, masks off.

i apologize if i sound naive, i am young(ish) and cynical as hell, have also lived in beautifull situations and been witness to the morphing of
sad souls into much happier souls when surrounded by people who are really not into wearing masks, and take the time to be real and kind to themselves and those around...

and, the timing of Rivero only now 'addressing' the "Is Mike Rivero John Wenkus from Flight 11?" question seems a tad odd. I can't help but see Mike in Wenkus, and i'm not the only one... does anyone know if he has addressed this in his forums or elsewhere? Perhaps this has only now come to his attention, though given the weight of the question/accusation, i think i doubt that...
Could this a false split to create more illusions
of choice?

wv: bianeth
bholanath's cousin? :)

Visible said...

It's troll season and also Animadverto, for some reason keeps breezing by what I said and offering hypothetical examples of absurdities so irrelevant that I don't know what to say. Facts are facts. My suggestion to you is to argue with irrefutable concrete realities that you can find in mass media. Most of what I say has been reported there. It's not my fault you don't like the truth. Don't blame me for using it in my work.

I have made it an ongoing point to not condemn all Jews even when I catch shit for it. Furthermore there are quite a number of Jews who will jump right up and defend me should that be called for. Some of them I have known most of my life and they fly over and visit me and we never even discuss any of this. They know what I know and there's nothing to argue about.

As for the inarticulate and borderline intellect troll. The matter of the security companies is public knowledge and so is most of what I say. Do yourself a favor and put any of it into a search engine and marvel at your own kinsmen reporting it. Oops, you don't want to know, you're a troll, silly me.

I'll let you go on for a bit if you want but I will probably cut you off at some point simply for not being entertaining. If you were at least entertaining you could hang around. And what was that about accusing me of censorship before I was even able to post you?

I don't censor anyone except for anonymous imprecations and ad hominem stuff and it doesn't happen very often. If people would identify themselves; Facebook page, scanned driver's license (grin) or ass xerox heh heh then you could embarrass yourself here on a regular basis. But you are wasting your time if you think you'll get a rise out of me.

I'm not susceptible to that. I'm the kind of guy that if you grab my shirt like you were Vinnie Jones or something, I just take two quick steps back; that's not the only option either. And, I'm not going to debate you or prove shit. Look it up... it's all there.

European American said...

tim said...
Why would Alex Jones kick Mike Rivero out and keep David Icke?

What's that saying "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer."

If you ever listen to David on Alex's show you'll hear that David knows how to tip toe through the sleeping elephants. He doesn't trust Alex for a second, IMHO, but he's not one to shy away from expressing his opinion if given the opportunity in any situation.

I've never felt comfortable with Alex, ever. Maybe it's that harshness in his delivery, and his style (rather large Ego), yet I believe Alex serves a greater purpose, a function above and beyond his personal motives, just as other influential individuals, good and bad, are needed to foster us through the phase transition, i.e. special period we find ourselves in now. I believe the key is to be able to have the "knowingness" to ferret out what has value and what is garbage (sack of shit).

If I might be so bold as to say I've always felt these were the "Saints and Scoundrels"
but then again, who am I to say?

As for Alex, his time will come, as will all of our, thank God.

tim said...

They tricked us well on that video. It was an actor dressd as a cogressman reading the exact words. They changed frames, showing the actual house floor with an actual congressman that looked like the actor. I feel silly.
Mr. Nobody;
I loved your article on the end of the world today. I've done extensive research on peak oil until my fuckin head hurts. I'll do my best to explain: in 1997 Brezinski wrote "The Grand Chessboard" which can be summerized as "for America to remain primary, we have to control the Mid-East". Even before the Cheney administration was "elected" the Project for the New American Century began how to implement this concept. Cheney believed the peak oil theory. Abiotic oil is irrelevant because, even if true, it is so deep that the intense pressures blow the shit out of drilling equipment. Deep drilling in the Rocky mountains can hit fault lines, cause earthquakes, and trigger super volcanoes like Yosemite. Cheney and his israel-first neo-cons did 911 w/ mossad. Now we have our justification to take over the Mid-east, control the oil which is absolutely necessary to keep our millitary primary (a slealth bomber without jet fuel is an expensive paperweight), our israeli masters will be overjoyed, and Eden will be restored at last.

zenndoubt@aol.com said...

'I did once praise him to see what kind of a rise I would get and that wasn't a whole lot of fun'


this is disingenous. you 'praised' him in ignnorance - not with calculation - and were quickly brought up to speed by your internet friends.

you seem gullable regarding rense and rivero. these are hang out operations. feasts with poison. that's all. banner laden rense is obviously compromised. rivero is still a jew, a marano, a sehpardic. a jew. busy channeling all streams. you might want to ask him about his yearly reciting of the KOL NIDRE.

keepin' it real internet friend.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

Well Presence, I'm sure some of us would appreciate a few revealing photographs (grin) you being young and naive, I am never sure of the spelling of that word.

I was invited to speak at a 9/11 event with David Ray Griffin and Nils Hiffit. I was between them. They both spoke for a very long time and went on and on and on about all of these details. I went up and said none of them matter. What matters is who did it but I couldn't say who that was; out of respect for the host, Freddy, whom I respect and admire. He's a class act but... this is Europe.

When I got off stage, half of the audience followed me out of the door. That is what happens when you speak the truth straight on and then leave instead of putting people to sleep... luckily they were Swiss and the Swiss can sit through all kinds of things like that.

You could be right about the details conflict but that means nothing to me. What matters is that each of these people know who did it and aren't shy about making it public.

Michael is an extroverted personality and maybe Jeff Rense is not right about everything and puts some people off sometimes. I do too. But I have found Jeff to be a class act and I take a person on my own terms and don't care what other people say about them.

Those of us who are capable of being a friend knows what that means and I consider Jeff Rense a friend in the making. I know some things about him that makes him someone I admire so far and up to this moment.

Michael Rivero has got balls and conviction. He is the kind of guy I could trust in a dangerous situation. Rixon Stewart is a prince and there's not much I wouldn't do for him if I had to.

People are going to have different takes in this regard but I take people as I find them and let them reveal themselves to me and I don't care what anyone else says. I consider friendship sacred and welcome the possibility. Most people don't make the cut but anyone who really wants to can.

My dog is snow white but I'll bet I could find some discoloration if I look hard enough. I don't look that hard with my friends. That's how friends are. If friends are money then I am one of the richest men on Earth.

We all have our weaknesses and short comings. We wouldn't be here otherwise and if we were you couldn't see us unless we wanted you to. Good people doing a tough and often unprofitable job (financially) out of a sense of duty are not the biggest population on the internet. So I will take these men with whatever flaws they possess because they miles ahead of most everyone else.

Anonymous said...

"I hope all these beleaguered nations are in sync to at least vaporize the real psychopaths since the intent is for it to happen to them anyway". Trouble is Les, the psychopaths won't be in Israhell to suffer the vaporization. More likely, they will be sending the instruction to push the button. Israhell is just another one of their tools..... a lot of wicked ppl there I know, but, only tools to the real violators of humankind, but, as you know, they are drowning slowly in their own putrid scuzzbucket.... their time is very near, they are doomed to nothingness.

Steve B

PS AJ? The man is not a man, he is an arrogant buffoon, always has been.

Keep on rantin; Vis.

love and peace to all.

Visible said...

Zenndoubt, you are wrong about that because one only has to look back to posts preceding that one to see the opinion I already held. I'm not shy about apologizing or admitting I was wrong or more passionate than I needed to be. My blogs are full of examples of that.

I made comments about Alex Jones in this section previous to that posting which were pretty direct about what I thought and I've also sent some number of emails concerning what I thought to people who read here and who knows, you might get a surprise.

Because I handled it a certain way I can see where you would have gotten that point. I even removed what i said because I was asked to by a friend.

As for the rest. i answered it in the comment before this.

Anonymous said...

i don't believe there is poison in your feast.

Anonymous said...

Good! Good! Good!

Thank you Visible for giving expression to some of what I think of that great big bully, the little fool, the pathetic specimen of a man, Alex Jones. He is a horrible bully, just a thug, a very common and vulgar thug.

I hope he sees the video of of the five year old boy desperately fighting "Israel" thugs in uniform, the uniform of that disgraceful lie, "Israel"

I suppose all the readers here have seen the picture, one of many, of the three year old, his little arm held slight bent as three years do, look into the gun of another of those disgusting so called "soldiers."

I cannot imagine any woman ever wanting to go to bed with one of those Jewish men who have spend their youth terrorizing children. No decent town would ever allow one such to touch her, never. It would be impossible.

They are utterly disgusting.

Visible said...

Jesus! I just reread the article and can't believe I said what I did. You know, I just more or less channel and usually I can live with it because it is likely sincere but I think I may have gone over the top with this.

I apologize to anyone who may be offended. I don't know what got into me. I'm not going to take it down or change it but I didn't mean to come on so strong. There is now a link in the article, near the bottom, to a powerful article written by a lady who wanted to let the world know about Alex Jones. It's riveting.

Once again... wow! I'm going to try to watch out for that side of myself. I'm in no position to be so righteous and I could have said it better. I guess I was thinking about all the people who have died and are being brutalized because of lies and those who tell the lies on either side are as responsible as the people who commit the crimes.

Anonymous said...

I trust Rixon Stewart implicitly. I have been reading him since around 1995 when he and I used to post on the rumormill. I got kicked off about the time rayelan and her buddies decided the Iraq war was such a good thing and torture was good if it saved lives. Riiiight!

I can tell you also Presence be careful of her buddy Theresa surfing the abobolypse also, she is another psyop in my opinion. They are both or used to be on the same server in Texas.

I know this because when I used to block one from crawling all over my hard drive it would block the other one too.

I go by a feeling, nothing special and I trust Les, Kenny's sideshow, Peasant, Noor, Chucky, Bholanath and probably a few I have left out. You may not always agree with someone but to me it is real easy to see they are trying to give you their version of the truth anyway without skirting anything.

I don't know what Rense is all about, just that there is some good information there at times, some not so good. I take the good and link it on my blog.

I had no intention of even starting a blog. I only did it initially so as not to be anonymous here on this blog and I am sure Les will vouch for that. I was posting under Dublinmick anonymous, a name I used on the spur of the moment. I then saw that others were opening a blog for posting purposes and decided to try it. That is when I realized that blogging was fairly easy.

Visible said...

I've got a blog called Siamese Mirrors which I haven't used yet and I was thinking of asking you and about a dozen other people who are possibly interested like Bholanath, Michael and others and we would all have the password and use it as a social thing that would link to the New Shangri La. I feel bad that so much work went into that, especially on Phil's end and I want that resurrected. We have nearly 300 members now.

Z.O.G. said...

***Alex Jones' Jewish Connections***

1.) He has a Jewish wife named Kelly Rebecca Nichols, and he has three(3) children with her.

2.) He and his Jewish wife and children all qualify for Israeli citizenship under Israel's "Law of Return".

3.) He has at least twenty(20) Jewish sponsors and advertizers that financially support his radio show and websites.

4.) He has a Jewish lawyer named Elizabeth M. Schurig who is also the lawyer for Holly Lev Bronfman, the sister of Edgar Bronfman, Jr. Thus there are only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and the Bronfman family, one of the most powerful Jewish Zionist families in the world.

5.) His flagship radio station, KLBJ AM, in Austin, Texas, is owned by Emmis Communications, a media conglomerate based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The founder, president, CEO, and chairman of Emmis Communications is the dual Israeli citizen Zionist Jew Jeffrey H. Smulyan.

6.) His radio show is broadcast on Sirius XM Radio. The chairman of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Eddy W. Hartenstein. The CEO of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Mel Karmazin. The President of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Scott Greenstein. Of the six(6) executive officers of Sirius XM Radio, five(5) are Jews.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever wondered why you will never hear the truth from Alex Jones? Have you ever wondered why Alex Jones will never tell you that Mossad agents were arrested on 9/11? Have you ever wondered why Alex Jones never tells you that Zionists pulled off 9/11?

PROOF that Zionists were behind 9/11: http://www.theinfounderground.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=5367

PROOF that Alex Jones' advertisers are jewish: http://theinfounderground.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5900

PROOF that Alex Jones' wife is 100% jewish: http://theinfounderground.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5878

Here's Alex Jones ON VIDEO saying he "supports the jewish state Israel": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNseMDToKdk

Here's Alex Jones saying that he knows that Zionists are behind it all... and yet he lies to you all when he says that bullshit "german death cult" is behind conspiracies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDiqfFJP6ds

Did you know that Alex Jones says that Arabs run Hollywood? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZtw3P6RtTs#t=42s

See some other of his lies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFEaam2cojY

and: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrfNEp9wZ0Y

Here's what LA Times says about who runs Hollywood (writer's jewish): http://articles.latimes.com/2008/dec/19/opinion/oe-stein19

Did you know that AJ didn't predict 9/11 and Bill Cooper did? http://waronyou.com/topics/fractures-in-the-truth-movement/

Alex Jones' lawyer is the same lawyer that Bronfman (one of the biggest zionist families in USA) family uses: http://www.alexjonesmachine.com/betlev.htm

Alex fired Jeff Rense for posting an article on Rense.com that exposed AJ's Zio links: http://www.alexjonesmachine.com/pissing.htm

Alex Jones also fired Mike Rivero for exposing Zionism on GCN: http://www.sott.net/articles/show/213082

Alex Jones is a Zionist, a liar, and a fear-mongering profiteer.


PS: You should copy & save this comment and repost it around and spread the truth!

Anonymous said...

Would I have the opportunity for some of my ham handed photoshopping? Yeah I would

European American said...

Speaking of the Shangri La (or is there another one called "New" S L that I'm not privy too?) I visited it earlier today while cleaning "bookmarks" from my menu, and thought "What's the deal?" Pretty quiet.

I think the intention for such a site is/was great, and still has potential. Unfortunately, I think most of us are just too lazy, unwilling to compromise and fear that a life outside of our picture postcard make believe lives might stretch us beyond our illusory comfort zone. I mean really, who is willing to leave a sinking ship for the possibility of boarding another potentially sinking ship? It comes down to having faith in a greater Force that guides the courageous and who's got courage? or at least that kind of courage?

On the same subject, I keep telling my partner the only way to make this transition a tad smoother is to do it with others. Can't be done alone. Well, it could be but that's not why we are on this planet earth this time around. So anyway, I've been working a a design for multiple dwellings, timeless Japanese and Italian architecture, all contained within a 108 foot square, fashionably fenced boundary, that could feasibly provide sustenance, i.e. shelter, food, protection, for a number of like-minded individuals, couples, families, at an "affordable" price. Personally, I like a simple, but a tasty and flavorful environment to grow in. I think the Japanese and Italians figured that out long ago. "Affordable" is always the big question mark. $50k is beyond comprehension for some and peanuts to others. But when 10 people each bring that amount to the table then one has some leverage to work with, especially when those 10 make up the buildings labor force. Wow, did I get off the subject here or what?

Time is growing short. What to do, what to do.

Anonymous said...

There are TONS of articles on Prison Planet that SQUARELY blame Israel for all types of wrongs --
even for being involved in the 9/11freakshow.

chuckyman said...

Thanks DM. That means a lot to me.

I always been one to listen to the tune and ignore the lyrics – that’s possibly why I’m a piss poor singer (grin).

I knew when the AJ hornets’ nest got rattled that things would liven up round here. I’m surprised that there haven’t been more trolls but it’s early yet. I remember AJ pissing everyone off at a protest in Austin, Texas back in January

Not sure if it’s the cult of the personality thing going on or some megaphonies watching his back but that one rumbled on for months.

I have developed huge respect for the writings of Gordon Duff over at Veterans Today. This is a link to at interview he did with Kevin Barrett.
This one is good also. Most people are not aware that 2 airplane fights took place out of the US while US airspace was closed down after 911

I am a humble hack and I started blogging for similar reasons to Dublin Mick. Anon counts for jack shit around here and I respect the work of many here – and their own individual work. Les has been banging them out of the park for years and has the archive to prove it.

You opened a new view to our continuum for me and if I’m a rubbish pupil it is no one’s fault but mine.

PS - last pissy point for the trolls. Check out Dov Zakheim. Where did he leave those $trillions$

Steve A/K/A STR said...

I could go off myself on a lot of the issues I've seen come up regarding Mr. Jones. But I'll spare you the diatribe and just say this once. Thank you for your post today. I know Jeff. He is good people. As we used to say in research work, you follow the facts where they lead you. Sometimes it ain't pretty and sometimes it doesn't jive with your own world view but it is what it is. Sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade. Good show!

Anonymous said...

The truth is AJ is headed for the main stream media and you stooges have nowhere else to go so you move to areas closer to the real truth movement only to infiltrate it with your Zionist BS and never specify its Jewish BS. The truth is BS is BS however you sling it.

Mel Gibstein

Anonymous said...

The truth is AJ is headed for the main stream media and you stooges have nowhere else to go so you move to areas closer to the real truth movement only to infiltrate it with your Zionist BS and never specify its Jewish BS. The truth is BS is BS however you sling it.

Mel Gibstein

bholanath said...

Presence -
Thank you for the John Trudell link on the other blog.
He's a most beloved brother, and everyone should hear him in person if they have the chance. A true human being and a powerful poet shaman.
No need for a bullhorn when the shakti's real (grin).

Visible said...


If you're still around I wanted to say that for whatever reason I feel like I'm telling myself the truth with what I said but I don't want to try to weasel out of anything and am perfectly content, regardless of the reality, to be seen exactly as you painted it. I don't know why I would have brought it up as I did to begin with if I hadn't felt comfortable because there would been no response if I hadn't. I don't have any kind of a track record for lying so I'm inclined to just accept whatever the perception is because it doesn't change anything. I thought the way you put it had an amount of personal force of a type I am familiar with but that's neither here nor there.

Greg Bacon said...

HAARP or Chemtrails?

HAARP is for real, a facility in Gakona, AK that is frying the ionosphere for some unG-dly reason.

The Pentagon is fiancing this outfit and has changed it's reason for existence several times.

Whatever they hell they're doing, you can bet it's not for the good of humanity.

As for Chemtrails, why waste all that money and time spraying the skies with some kind of chemicals designed to do what?
Brainwash us peons?

Every American household has at least one, some two and many three electronic chemtrails, called TV's.

Anonymous said...

Les, the problem I think Alex has and won't face, is the hypocrisy.

He can't proclaim a hatred for government's lies knowing the love for truth gets put aside when it comes to Zionist control.
Hate can still be good if it is controlled. Christ told us in the book of Luke 14:26 we are to love him so much that we should "hate" those who would try to take us away from following him. (This would include those who want Christians to fear them more than God, and are towing the life lie, people such as Jones).

Henry Ford understood how they operated, warning everyone not to fall for the cries of persecution or the truth will never be revealed. This kind of public hatred for deception was a good call on Mr. Ford's part.

I haven't seen Alex on one major news show, and considering the PNAC calls for agents to take action in the realms of cyber-space, he seems to be blending in.
I even heard he blacklisted the Dixie Chicks. Not very good at it, is he?

J. Croft said...

Once upon a time, a few months ago, I was a supporter of Alex Jones-yes he's rude, shoots from the hip, obnoxious, not someone I'd like to know BUT I thought he was one of the Good Guys. I thought that all the smoke from all the controversies that have doggedly tailed the fat kid, that some were true because he's an asshole and the rest was some kind of an attack.

Then I watched in utter disbelief, even horror, the day of the Austin Gun Rally. Alex Jones and his coterie of sycophants, bullhorn in hand, did not join the rally... he destroyed it. This was NOT a Bilderberger meeting where he'd join the protestors oh no this was (I thought at the time) like-minded folks... the motherfucker goes for the cameras and turns them all on him. The motherfucker then has the nads to call the gun show proprietor an idiot and then abuses one of the REAL organizers of the rally, Catherine Bleish. 350lb fatass nerd in a suit tells a 5ft pixie that she's got a hard on for him?

Yah, I was fucking stunned. Why did I keep quiet? It was because I don't want to "fork the insurgency" as John Robb over at Global Guerrillas admonishes. We're divided enough... more on that thought below.

So, I'm stunned. I'm shaking my head but Deborah Medina has a shot at blowing out the Texas Gubenatorial race but because she doesn't kow tow to Alex Jones... that's the real reason not because she distanced herself from the 9/11 Truth movement(Ron Paul can because AJ jocks his masonic bobblehead ringer ass)... yeah-because she used the same campaign tactic as Ron Paul Alex Jones blasts her for hours and hours, destroying her campaign.

I wrote an opinion on a blog like this one. Not at my blog, not on Alex Jones' forum. Next thing though I'm banned from Prison Planet. Come to find out dude's monitoring all the patriot sites for dissenting opinions.

Yeah... Alex Jones: ringer. More like a bridle to steer people into a meandering circle. Like Stewart Rhodes with Oath Keepers-Ron Paul's campaign advisor he latched onto the movement started by Charles Dyer(July4Patriot)formed an organization and then used that org to stifle the OK movement. Like Ron Paul, the movement's biggert Ringer: raises hope of his "revolution" but then when the expected campaign fraud started cropping up in New Hampshire primary what does he do? Refuses to so much as challenge it.

Alex tells MUCH of the truth but you have to kick him money and acknowledge his presumed leadership-which is a de facto leadership as he's the self-made star. If the fat kid doesn't like you or what you say you're in the Freedom Movement's ghetto.

Which is where I'm at. Sad: the man bogarts my phrases and uses my points and whatnot. Never an on air acknoledgement. Not one. Well what do you expect.

J. Croft

Anonymous said...

Dog daze of summer are crazy daze.
CBS Snooze signs off tonite with appropriate hommage to who?
Morrie Yohai, "Jewish mystic" and...
and... "inventor of the cheese doodle." I kid you not. Check it out!
I appoint Alex Jones chief Cheese Doodle minister with official portfolio.... World citizens, you're being taken for the biggest ride in the history of the planet!
WV: pashio

Anonymous said...

This is really sad watching you gung ho types put the boot in Alex Jones.

Is this what you always do when your heroes-of-yesteryear turn out to have human weaknesses?

This is not the Divine approach to weakness, IMO

Consider: he has Jewish relatives, possibly a whole host of them infected with that awful 'paranoia' gene that has been handed down over millenia of pogroms against people that have been sedulously programmed to believe they are the 'Chosen of God'

Cognitive dissonance or what? In Israel and the territories it unlawfully occupies this illness has now resulted in a deeply psychotic state.

Does anyone imagine that this psychosis does not filter back full force to those who still support the Zionist version of Monarch programming in the US?

Hey ho - Divine to me means a personal journey to rise above our limitations and become what we wish to see in the world and beyond, not waste energy on those led astray.

Bottom 3rd density line - the clueless need to have their fears stoked to slough off the fluoride fog - AJ does a good job of that as his hangout is not that limited except in one vital area that genuine Truth seekers will always have to face _for_themselves_, in their own way, eventually.

Without the help of _any_ pundits...

Anonymous said...

atuning vibration
quickening sound
sign of aligning
connecting of ground
truth spinning symbols
the sky and the moon
humming bird wing
with the sun all atune
weaving together
till nothings apart
buzzing of bee
in rising of heart
round the old living
tree of all learn
learning that peace
that inner way yearn


Anonymous said...

Ah, Les, how I love thee...

Dark wet places, indeed.

Comme l'intérieur de Jones' ruined nose.

TheSparkle said...

Bright people here so I thought I'd ask.

We all know what Sodomy is, but wtf is Gomorrahrism?

Just checking because I've been wondering for years.

Odin's Raven said...

In addition to Pakalert, there are interesting stories on Palestine Telegraph, particularly by their columnist Peter Eyre, especially regarding the missing South African nuclear bombs and the money trail to British politicians. See,(inter alia) http://www.paltelegraph.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=6357:israel-extremely-worried-about-stolen-nukes&catid=103:peter-eyre&Itemid=123
Rumour had it that the Israelis acquired them and sold at least two to North Korea. Others may still be available for false flag attacks.

TheSparkle said...

A restricted (password) 'live blog' including or consisting of a live chatroom with archives would be really sweet. I have been a member of such, a more button-down sort of place than here, but it's easily done. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to just throw out an idea and get some immediate response from who's in the room, all of which is archived with timestamp etc. so that people can respond whenever they are able? It would be similar to an unmoderated comments section of a blog but with the live component. If you catch my drift. I hope this makes sense. It would, at least, be fun.

TheSparkle said...

Has the topic and substance of today's article inspired lively discussion anywhere else? URL's or links would be appreciated.

wv: ancense we're on that topic let's all have a beer

Anonymous said...

tell you what bholanath would be nice to get our mr trudell over hear on the odd occasion,only if he felt like it though,massive deep respect he gets from me anyway.also I agree with our dublins its that truth were following,if each of us go where it takes us whole heartedly it doesnt matter if sometimes we get it wrong thats how we learn and we are all unique and individual with our own little things anyway,I have never really looked much at aj seen a couple of his things,it was all a bit glittery for my liking and I found more stuff on wrh and rense,truth seeker is where I started and mr icke,it would be nice to get a great big flowing every thing covered truth movement going,well I suppose it is already but it would be better if we lived in a big village or out in the woods or something and told stories round the campfire every night but I suppose that maybe asking a bit much.

peace to all of you..neil

Visible said...

That's not asking too much, that's asking for the right thing. That is what I want and will have, a large rambling structure with a commercial kitchen and large common room. 30 or 40 people and no one in charge but everyone in charge of something. Some of the jobs rotate and some do not. That's going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Well well what can I say. I have several problems with Alex Jones but my biggest one is he doesn't know how to shut the fuck up when he has an interesting guest on. Take it for what it is worth. I've seen a lot of his stuff that has merit. Yeah, he has a difficult time saying Joo but so what. There are plenty of other sites like this one that can get an individual up to speed. Lots of great books out there too. Like David Duke's two books My Awakening and Jewish Supremacism. Mr. Duke is a true patriot. AJ's material can tweak a person's curiosity and then if they are half way intelligent they will investigate further. If they are zombies so be it, can't hurt, and they aren't going to get it figured out anyhow.


m_astera said...

the_last_name_left wrote:

"to ask about the identity of the unnamed partner in the terror exercise."

Hmm. First time I've heard of this actually. How could there be an unnamed partner in a terror exercise involving government and law enforcement that resulted in blowing up parts of one's city and killed fellow citizens? How long did the partner remain unnamed?

Les, I'm still in Europe and will be for a few weeks. Would be silly to be this close and not get together. I'll PM you tomorrow.

Spent a little time at http://www.new-shangri-la.org/ not long ago and was impressed by the amount of good work accumulated there; lots of good ideas and useful discussion.

Everyone has had a year to get more insight and refine thoughts and ideas.

A few days back a friend emailed that he was thinking of moving to Ecuador and named a city. Then he asked me where would I go? My answer was that if I knew where I'd probably already be there. Might be easier to get an intuition that one is not in the right place than to know for sure that one is in the right place.

Anonymous said...


AJ:"Hello & good evening you're on the Alex Jones show!!"

Dog Poet:"hi Alex, this is dog poet calling and I'd..."

AJ:"LOOK, I've gotta' interrupt you for a minute & remind you and my audience that I LOVE a good poetry,I'm a cultured guy who's read ALOT of books! ALOT OF BIG BOOKS!!
'She was a fast machine she kept her motor clean, she was the best damn woman that I've ever seen!' I A LOVE POETRY, GO AHEAD!!"

DP: "wow, yes, as I was saying I would like to discuss Mike Rivero and his recent..."

AJ: "LOOK!!! if you're another rational person who actually wants to address an important issue regarding Jewish power and influence in this country, you're not going to do it on my show you snivelling anti-semite. GO AHEAD!!!

DP: "well Alex, as I was saying,..."

AJ: "I'm going to have to interrupt you right there because I've just about HAD IT UP TO HERE with your drivel! You're probably one of those types who thinks Jews are behind your bread turning mouldy. EMPTY SUGAR JAR? BLAME A JEW!! GO AHEAD!"

DP: "well Alex, I've noticed that there IS a real need to discuss an imbalance of power and your treatment..."


DP: "well as I was saying..."


Again, I leave you with some Stevie Wonder.

He's a man
With a plan
Got a counterfeit dollar in his hand
He's Misstra Know-It-All

Playin' hard
Talkin' fast
Makin' sure that he won't be the last
He's Misstra Know-It-All

Makes a deal
With a smile
Knowin' all the time that his lie's a mile
He's Misstra Know-It-All

Must be seen
There's no doubt
He's the coolest one with the biggest mouth
He's Misstra Know-It-All


Visible said...

torus (laughter)

You're right Fud and this is the first time I feel bad about having written something. It's not like it isn't true but it now feels meanspirited to me. Live and learn

Anonymous said...

oh that would be lovely mr visibles,I would be their also I am a carpenter with a lot of tools that would come in handy..neil

DalGuy said...

fear monger, fear monger, fear monger, me, me, me, buy my films, buy my films, buy my films...This is what AJ is all about. I always thought he was a baptist preacher, he sure sounds like one.

there are other radio talk show host AJ got rid of, Michael is not the first. And then there is his buddy Jason Burmas, a sicko frat brat jew who is even more sickening than AJ.

there are many new online radio networks and some great hosts, screw GCN and "Ted"!

Anonymous said...

Greg said:
"As for Chemtrails, why waste all that money and time spraying the skies with some kind of chemicals designed to do what?
Brainwash us peons?"

It is hard to believe any rational person could deny the existence of chemtrails. You look up in the sky and see a grid pattern, or they spray back and forth until the upper winds cloud the entire sky. WTF, no eyes to see.

As for the reason for spraying google Morgellons Disease. Plenty of information out there, nothing definitive. As a result of the spraying these weird fibers associated with Morgellons are probably present in everyone. Twice on this site I posted a simple test to check for their presence in your mouth. Everyone I have checked has them. I'm not going into it any further. One thing I am certain the spraying isn't doing us any good.

For some mysterious reason they have stopped spraying in my area and some other places that I'm aware of. Another thing I have noticed is there is very little plane traffic and those planes I see have the short traditional contrail. I live in the Pacific North West and there are no major airports around here so light traffic is to be expected. When they were spraying there were planes up all the time. Is it tied in some way with the Corexit in the Gulf?

Again I will quote J Edgar Hoover, "the average person is at a distinct disadvantage when he comes face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous that HE CAN'T BELIEVE IT EXISTS." The old man said this a long time ago and the chemtrail situation is one of these monstrous conspiracies. Do the research. What you or I or anyone else believes is of little consequence. The truth is all that matters.


Hank said...

The dark side of the force is strong, and has claimed another soul with it's fear and lure of material wealth.

I visit here, Rense, Truth Seeker and WRH every day as my staples, and between them I think I get a pretty good picture. Alex on the other hand has worried me for some time.

When I first had the 911 ephiphany, Alex seemed to be a champion, but as my knowledge base about it grew, the more I saw him as working for the man. That's right, Mr Charlie himself. Whoever the hell that is. Anyway, the thing is, it didn't take much to see that his tactics were either blatantly stupid, or by design. And I just can't believe that someone that makes a living in 'media', would be blatantly stupid when it comes to presentation.

I mean, black shirts, groups of young people shouting at people in cars and arguing with people on the street. Let me see, what else can I do to discredit the 'truth' movement. I know, I'll make a complete ass of....myself, thereby relegating anything I have to say to the fringe.

Alex may have had noble intent going in, but the sith has him by the balls, and with fear and money, has turned him to the dark side.

I believe there is a special repetition in life for cowards, or as I like to call them, human toilet paper, and Alex is already booked on that bus. Have a nice trip Mr Jones.

Anonymous said...

Excelllllllennnnt....Time for a I.Q test....???....Do even 1 of you KNOW WHERE the term INFOWARS came from..???..I will give you a hint NOT from....A.J......Hummmm......word for word..............A fortiori.....322

Anonymous said...


Anything you wanna post on our site http://restore-americanow.com please feel free to email me @ hq@restore-americanow.com


Bobby C

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daveycrockett said...

well vis, you've likely hit the nail on the head. Bye the way - just how did AJ get himself into the fortress that should be called buggery grove?? By stealth, I sincerely doubt that..

Anonymous said...

tony, did the kookaburra in the old gum tree laugh, kookaburra, laugh? (how gay his life must be:)
Mr. Visible: I just love you dearly. Thank you. MV

greencrow said...

Hi Les:
So glad you posted this and also give us a chance to add our two cents worth.

I see this "outing" of Alex Jones as a natural progression in the journey towards universal acceptance of the truth of 9/ll...clearing out of the underbrush, so to speak.

There have been others along the way, Mchael Rupert comes to mind, who also did the "limited hangout" thingy. They all have fallen by the wayside in the inexorable march to the truth.

This particular truth is a horribly bitter pill to swallow...there is a lot of resistance, but as the truth knocks down these false gods, one by one..we get ever closer to that glorious day when, as Martin King said:

"I have a dream...we will reach the promised land" (of truth).


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z.O.G. said...

"And I got a lot of friends in Hollywood."
- Alex Jones

"Hollywood is owned by the Arabs."
- Alex Jones

"I mean so, the point is, they [Arabs] just own everything. I mean, they control the whole deal."
- Alex Jones

"And the Arabs are the biggest owners now of media in the United States, okay, and over stock exchanges. And in many major U.S. cities they're the majority owners."
- Alex Jones

"And everybody's running around talking about 'Zionists' all day. Okay, just keep parroting that over and over again."
- Alex Jones, ridiculing people who say that Zionist Jews are the dominant elite

Z.O.G. said...

"Now the British are still the biggest owners of raw land...oil...uh...uh...mines...uh...a lot of infrastructure. The British are the most wealthy in the world, that is the elite that's based there. They're the 'King Daddies'."
- Alex Jones

"I do a real analysis of who actually owns things - it's the British...the Dutch...then it's the Arabs...then it's the French...then it's the Jews...and then, on down the line."
- Alex Jones

"Yeah, it's no doubt, the entire European Union to be the center of the new world government...is to carry out Nazi policies and mass death."
- Alex Jones

"There was a secret Nazi plan to go underground...the crypto-eugenicists."
- Alex Jones

"They're all Nazis. They're all Nazis! And you can say what you want about who runs the world...and...and...and...and...what the system is. The facts are the facts. And they are carrying out eugenics."
- Alex Jones

"There's no doubt the Vatican admits a lot of the Nazi loot went to them."
- Alex Jones

"Because the European Union is...is...is basically a vessel of Rome. I mean that's in their founding documents - from the Treaty of Rome. It's an extension of that empire. You can debate who's driving it, but you got the last two Popes calling for world government."
- Alex Jones

"Really, from my research...it's...it's these Luciferian controllers. It doesn't matter if it's Albert Pike, the founder of the Klan/Confederate General, allied with these people, or Adolf Hitler. It's just an evil crew of individuals."
- Alex Jones

Z.O.G. said...

"And I don't even blame Israel for this."
- Alex Jones, talking about the U.S.S. Liberty attack

"But that doesn't mean Israel carried out the attack."
- Alex Jones, talking about the 9/11 attacks

"Now...uh...I...have not...you know...jumped on the bandwagon to say that Israel carried out 9/11."
- Alex Jones, talking about the 9/11 attacks

"Now lets be clear. Neither I, Avery, or Fetzer...uh...think it's an Israeli attack. In fact, they've had national polls of people who believe it's an inside job...[only] seven percent believe Israel was involved."
- Alex Jones, talking about the 9/11 attacks

"Folks, I've done the research! Israel could not carry out these attacks! And...and...I...uh again, I'm just saying that on the record. I'm trying to go after who's guilty. I'll say who I believe did it, and th...all the evidence shows it. And it's...it's...it's Dick Cheney 'n it's people above him."
- Alex Jones, talking about the 9/11 attacks

Z.O.G. said...

"Every time we look, they're killing Jews."
- Alex Jones

"Why? Why are they always wanting to kill Jews?"
- Alex Jones

"They're good people. I have a lot of Jewish friends. Jews are very diverse."
- Alex Jones, talking about Jews

"So...so...you know...th...it...it...it's a religion to...to...to bash Jews, and I'm just not gonna take part in it."
- Alex Jones

"And I certainly don't like the white supremacists and those whose religion is hating the Jews, period."
- Alex Jones

"The Jew haters and white supremacists...all they do is fight with each other all day too."
- Alex Jones

"And I found out...again...a lot of the Zionist organizations are covertly funding white supremacists."
- Alex Jones

"I'm saying...I don't wanna be anywhere near the white supremacists...but not even them so much...just the Jew-haters...uh...are...are just the most mentally ill, lying freaks!"
- Alex Jones

"I mean there are a bunch of people who I've heard worship Adolf Hitler who don't like me because I don't think Jews have 14 inch fangs and drink blood and sneak around in bushes."
- Alex Jones

"It's...it's easy to have some little bitty website and use a fake name and sit there and...you know...talk bad about Jews all day and enjoy yourselves...uh, you know...getting your kicks 'cause you live in, you know...a...a one room apartment and you're mad at life or whatever and wanna blame us...you know."
- Alex Jones

"I watch these nazi(sic) groups and anti-Israel groups. I mean, they're just a bunch of scum! They all fight with each other and lie!"
- Alex Jones

Z.O.G. said...

"I'm about the truth. I'm about integrity."
- Alex Jones

"Because I know I'm for real, ya know. I know I've got my integrity. I know I try every day to be a moral, upstanding person. And I try to not hurt people's feelings either."
- Alex Jones

Anonymous said...

My experience with Mike Rivero (sp?) is that it seems as though he is also deflecting peoples' attention from who really did the 9/11 job. While the hit squad may be Israeli, who controls the Israelis?

Money talks and the one with the money from centuries of war, theft and fraud is the so-called Holy See... the Vatican. All these Khazar Jews simply serve as a decoy and many may in fact be Jesuits and not even Khazars.

The supposed Jewish bankers (probably Knights Templars)would probably be wearing concrete swim suites or suffer some other fate if they were as bossy as a lot of 'truthers' make them out to be.

The Vatican believes that the only way it can 'save' the human race is to have total control over every single person on the earth. The Holocaust (whether true or not) was a smoke screen to move its crusaders back into the 'Holy' land. You only have to look at what happened in Utashi Croatia to know what is coming up soon if the Vatican gets its way.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I enjoy your writings too. This is the first time I've posted on your site.

Perhaps Alex Jones is just a victim of false ideas about the world, as are we all to some extent.

Based on some of the things I've heard him say I assume Alex has some sort of Christian background, belief or influence in his life.

Normally I try to use the word Christian in the Jesus sense and not as a synonym for 'Christian Conservative', 'Moral Majority' or whatever other pharisaical or political manipulation/distortion of Christianity gets mixed up in people's minds with the term and here lies the possible cause of the problem I'm about to describe: It gets mixed up so much, trash and treasure under one catch-all title serving confusion rather than clarity, and little birds just swallow the lot because they're told it's food and good for you.

Most of us know there's a big difference between being Jewish, in whatever way you want to define that, and being a Zionist and that historically there have been and still are, many different expressions and degrees of belief in what we call Zionism from the innocuous to the insanely infernal. But sometimes we judge so quickly and forget the subtle influences people may be under unconsciously through upbringing and not through ill intent.

I bow to your much greater levels of interaction, experience and knowledge of Alex Jones but would like to say, in case it's worthy of consideration, that perhaps Alex is still bound up with ideas inherited from U.S. Christian Culture that incline him to view Israel the nation, as it stands today, as a sacred cow and "God's chosen nation" as many have been programmed to believe including myself before the tracks I followed after 9/11 began to show me otherwise, to such an extent that he is unaware of and resistant to the idea of Israel as the nation that Ezekiel 7 says will reap what it sows in spades. Is it possible his intent is good, even while his ideas may be wrong, and that he is not quite as sweaty a fellator of putrescent power as you say?


Jesus: "If you listen to me you will know the truth and the truth will make you free"

Confucius: "The gentleman calls attention to the good points in others; he does not call attention to their defects."

Anonymous said...


Most of us know there's a big difference between being Jewish, in whatever way you want to define that, and being a Zionist and that historically there have been and still are, many different expressions and degrees of belief in what we call Zionism from the innocuous to the insanely infernal. But sometimes we judge so quickly and forget the subtle influences people may be under unconsciously through upbringing and not through ill intent.

I bow to your much greater levels of interaction, experience and knowledge of Alex Jones but would like to say, in case it's worthy of consideration, that perhaps Alex is still bound up with ideas inherited from U.S. Christian Culture that incline him to view Israel the nation, as it stands today, as a sacred cow and "God's chosen nation" as many have been programmed to believe including myself before the tracks I followed after 9/11 began to show me otherwise, to such an extent that he is unaware of and resistant to the idea of Israel as the nation that Ezekiel 7 says will reap what it sows in spades. Is it possible his intent is good, even while his ideas may be wrong, and that he is not quite as sweaty a fellator of putrescent power as you say?


Jesus: "If you listen to me you will know the truth and the truth will make you free"

Confucius: "The gentleman calls attention to the good points in others; he does not call attention to their defects."

Anonymous said...


What are you some conspiracy whacko? You got the wrong link dude! LOL

Anonymous said...

So you are mad at Alex because he got paid, and you need a dozen paragraphs with profanity for that?

European American said...

Hey Jeff, if you're also reading the comments, when you gonna have Les on your show?

Speaking of Rense, just pulled this off his site

August Forecast: Cloudy With a Chance of Mayhem


LorieK said...

You once wrote to me after my site was hacked for telling the reality of the Bullhorn censoring the real man. Rivero stopped posting my articles after the domain created in self defense to protect the truth went live. I understood, sad though such understandings are, as you well know. Now, it is my turn to thank you for getting the words of my heart, as well, into your words and out again. I am like you, I would rather have a bad truth, than a good lie. Alex, screw you, and your little Ted, too.

The machine rolls on, but we are lucky enough to be in the position to watch it, not be part of it. Luck is hard to find these days, most are not as lucky as we.

Oh Alex, you don't know what you're missing, you really don't. It's so sad, you contribute to the contamination.

Tell two friends...

Thank you, again.

Anonymous said...

You never make it clear whether or not you actually have the inside scoop on why AJ split ways with MR. You however use enough vulgar epitaphs thrown at Jones to make it seem that you know whatever it is that you are afraid to disclose. You compare to a drunken fool sitting on his porch screaming threats at people who annoy him, but ready to run inside when called out to the street to back up his mouth. Instead of being coy, tell what you allude to know,… or are you just a blowhard as you appear to be?

Visible said...

6:24 AM

I'm pretty sure you're not looking for those answers but It's been discussed at www.whatreallyhappened.com site all day yesterday and all the information is there. That would be the first place I would have looked.

Anonymous said...

Somebodys informed opinion from sone time ago . . . .



Anonymous said...

Sometimes people get it wrong.

Stop looking for a leader of the revolution. You are the leader. You are the revolution. Peace.

Mister_Ed said...

Well, let's see--guess I now join the hundreds (1,000's) who have had their opinions deleted so much in the "comments" section of Infowars I'm no longer worried about cosigning whatever Nimmo writes or doesn't for the Sirius XM chapter of B'nai B'rith.

I could re-post comments here I've submitted on that peckerhead's site, only to see them suddenly become invisible; suffice it to say, Jones is Zionist to the core, Rothschilds' butt boy, and everything I've posted on IW in the past 6 months that points a finger at Israeli involvement in 9-11 has either turned invisible as soon as I offered it, or else the entire main article was suddenly and rapidly "circulated" off the main page. [Sometimes, the article ITSELF disappeared.]

Anyone here recognize my moniker, "Mister_Ed"? Not like I ever got famous, but I think it's kind of funny when a website as seemingly big & bad as Infowars makes a whole Paul Joseph Watson essay vanish just because a half-asleep monitor missed what a completely unknown, un-contactable commenter posted beneath it. Yet it's happened. As a result, I'd feel like the biggest whore in Babylon working for the Genesis Communication fuckbots.

[There--said what I meant. Hope it's less than 4,096 characters.]

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now.

*It's Going to Rock your World.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Z.O.G. for reminding me (AJ quotes). Yes, I was a sucker without an even break and an unsmartened up chump, and bought all the Alex Jones DVDs, but with impaired anterograde memory from all that Israeli ecstasy I took in the 1980s I did forget what AJ actually said. You just reminded me. Thanks for the quotes from High Minister Cheez Doodle. I'm sure he'll be quite bizzy when shock and awe begins against Iran this month.
wv: cution! (caution, cave Alex Jones)

veritas6464 said...

Hey Les,…Anony-mouse @ 5:09 AM says…

“Money talks and the one with the money from centuries of war, theft and fraud is the so-called Holy See... the Vatican. All these Khazar Jews simply serve as a decoy and many may in fact be Jesuits and not even Khazars.”

Then follows with this shyte…

“The supposed Jewish bankers (probably Knights Templars) would probably be wearing concrete swim suites or suffer some other fate if they were as bossy as a lot of 'truthers' make them out to be.”

It gets better…

“The Holocaust (whether true or not) was a smoke screen to move its crusaders back into the 'Holy' land. [WTF?] You only have to look at what happened in Utashi Croatia [‘Ustasi’ – soft-cock] to know what is coming up soon if the Vatican gets its way.”

Oi! Knucklehead - There has not been a Christian Pope for a thousand years, each and every Pope since ‘Vatican 2’ has been a Jew!

This anony-mouse ‘Hooker’s pudding’ (anyone recognize the euphemism?) is obviously demented, drug-fucked, both or a shill.

As for all the anti-visible pro fat-fuck-big-mouth commenters; follow this link to jootoob and watch the series ‘Missing Links’ – this stuff defines IRREFUTABLE!


The filthy zionist scum that control this satanic ‘world’ are not jews, are not victims, are not given of the ability to feel remorse – they are psychopaths, they are YIDS! And they are all from eastern Europe – not one single yid member of the Knesset claiming to be a Jew, was born in The Palestine (I don’t recognize their apartheid state of israhell). It is an illegal whore-house gangsters’ hide-out and will soon be a smoldering pile of rubble. Oh, am I offending the peace-niks among you? Bad fucking luck. Grow a pair people; we are not in a fair fight.

My beautiful country, my home; a once proud nation, I thought I helped to defend (if only I knew then… yada yada) formerly known as Australia is now completely controlled by yids (Czech-born yid dual israhelli/Aussie citizen; Frank Lowy, was co-conspirator with Silverstein in the WTC insurance scam) and they have renamed it Rothschalia in honour of their fat greedy fucking queen’s chief family of bean-counters.

It has got to end, it will end and it won’t be pretty as it does…

“Ask not for whom the bell tolls…”



ha ha haaa: wv - driespu

secong dip at posting: wv - parotra

Anonymous said...

My name is Gregg and I live in Prescott, AZ, so there's for not being anonymous.

You sound like another, Jew-obsessed hater to me. I've read these blogs from you a few times, and I find them full of half truths, downright fallacies, hate and envy. Its kind of pathetic.

Alex Jones gets more information out there than anyone, and one of the reasons he can do that is because he does make some money to fund his operation AND take care of his family. He gives a hell of a lot away for free, too, so this crybaby nonsense about him making money is just ludicrous. With more money coming in, and some drive, your message would get out to more people, but maybe you don't really have that drive and are lazy, so you just hate on Jones who does have those qualities. I dont know.

Second of all, nobody is right 100% of the time, and some of the crap you write at times is complete nonsense. A good portion of what you write about Jones is unsubstantiated, and without facts. And this crap about how Jones never criticizes Israel is totally untrue. More and more he's discussing it and the Zionists...if you cared to stop selectively listening. Most of what the guy talks about he can prove, and its searchable. A good portion of what you write seems to lack documentation and facts, yet you state these unprovable assertions as fact all the time.

And now that you mentioned Rense...wasn't it Jeff Rense who spread all sorts of nasty rumors about Art Bell back in the nineties when Bell was going through that situation with his son being raped by one of his male teachers...you mean that Jeff Rense? To this day there are a number of people who will never appear on Rense for his actions during that episode...and it kind of sounds like his hating envy of Art Bell and your hating envy of Alex Jones are identical now that I think of it.

Please get over yourself, and grow up. We're all in the same fight here, and nobody ever will agree with you 100% of the time, nor will they agree with Jones 100% of the time, either. But atleast someone is breaking through...maybe if you worked harder and smarter, you can, too.

Visible said...

It seems to me Greg that you are the one who should be embarrassed. Did you miss the link in the article and the massive amount of information concerning Jones that has been posted right here?

As denigrating my work I'll let the majority rule. This implies that what you said most likely applies to yourself. I didn't even get a tingle reading it.

Art Bell, major disinfo agent. What's his son (raped you say? or seduced?) sexual experiences got to do with anything?

Anyway rave on, you're welcome here. Who knows, you might actually get a bonafide criticism if you keep your eyes open. There's a variety of things in me that could use and update.

Anonymous said...

Bad habits die hard, but if I hear Alex Jones is going to be on the playpen of Coast to Coast AM I hasten to the bowl and smoke on and await with ba(i)ted breath. Alex never fails to provide laughter. Yes, the shrill LOUD voice is hard to bear for the stoner, but the obsequious, "Oh George (or Art, or whoever) I just luuuuuve you, blah blah blah.... and then we get thrown off course into all his hallucinogenic misdirected um bullshit. That should say it all, that AJ is allowed on public corporate radio. After his shtick I can put something decent on, like Marley as an antidote and in my stoned mind can envision Bob Marley's reaction to having to be in the same room with this stinker.
wv: exattilt
Not quite exaltit from my altarboy daze.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll try again as generally I respect your approach, Les. Where you write:-

"this is the first time I feel bad about having written something. It's not like it isn't true but it now feels meanspirited to me. Live and learn"

I am truly happy to see you write this. Hopefully it will be picked up by all the sites that link to you? For a moment I felt you had pulled the rug out from the now global opposition to the 13 Families evil aims...

This article does not become you, Les - I suspect it will end up damaging the meme we are all trying to convey to the floundering, the frightened and the clueless; those who have recently had their reality shattered and. sadly, need direction.

We are ALL sovereign beings on the road to enlightenment, whether we like it or not... and that includes Alex Jones.

Please review this clip of his, entitled "Where I stand":-

I challenge anyone to prove that he is not talking from the heart _according_to_his_perceptions_and_limitations_

Okay, Les - you have unwittingly allowed the 13 Families to win this round, let's make sure they don't win the war...

ps: Don't EVER forget 'their' mindbending dictum:-

"We will lead every revolution against us"

Think about it...

pps: Apologies for the anonymity but I refuse to subscribe to any of the Herzliya/NSA data collection schemes you list on this blog.

Visible said...

Satya; thank you for your comment.

However I must bow to the overwhelming evidence that supports what I said and which is right here in the comments section and in the link near the end of the article. Jones is intentionally misleading people and working for the dark side. Certainly he can switch sides, he can change but as of this moment he is what the comments here say about him and so on and so on.

Anonymous said...

And thank you for your response, Les.

I 'largely' agree with the present facts of the matter but still attempt clarity and balance. As pointed out above, Mike is not entirely squeaky clean, either, despite the Norway Spiral ;-)

It's good to finally 'break through' and communicate with you - must be a new policy in Herzliya to give us all plenty of rope here on their Blogger.

I wonder if they will _ever_ catch on that Eternal Truth is so much more valuable than mere life on this plane, playing their silly but deadly 'divide and rule' games? ;-)



tim said...

Greg Bacon;
HAARP was originally supposed to be a low-frequency communications device for submarines. What it does, however, is to bend the ionosphere so the path of the jetstream can be manipulated. I always had my doubts about chemtrails simply because Dick Cheney and Queen Biatrice breathe the same air we do. But once when camping, at around 1 in the morning, I see a small plane, very low flying, spraying something. Crop dusting at 1 am? I don't know about this one. Guys,....our elite masters are a combination of Rothchild money with the Vatican and European royalty. Not all jews are guilty, or Sicilan mobsters, or Catholics. But whenever the old testament god is worshiped, or that book is taken literally, everything and everyone is destroyed. From Jerico to the American Indian to our glorious war on terror.

Biological_Unit said...

Utashi Croatia

I suppose that these victims of the Nazi allies don't have bones or teeth. I'm not even allowed to ask that question. I was not able to resist as a German Death Cultist had a gun to my head.

sometime contributor, always reader popping back in

vixen said...

“We are ALL sovereign beings on the road to enlightenment”
I have severe doubts about that statement. Just as I have doubts about many truth screamers with their bullhorns and babble. Some may be misguided, but for others their agenda is completely negative, anti life and anti enlightenment. After a lifetime of searching for an understanding of the evil that men do, it’s the only conclusion I could come to. I can quote many sources and videos for my beliefs, but some things are better left for others to find on their own especially if their belief system is doggedly one of ALL are sovereign.

Anonymous said...

mv 417 no the kookaburra didn't laugh but it was there again this morning i think someone must be feeding it

Anonymous said...

Another brilliant ad hominem argugment by a loser. Just blog, you loser, and don't worry about what others do. If you are of the truth it will prevail. Obviously you want to distract the public from other's fine work. Get some of your own original work and stop boring us with pinning the final tail on Israel and ignore the liberals you really support.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les.

I haven’t posted here for a while. In fact, I originally stopped posting on your blog because I had a bad habit of drinking vodka, and then making nasty comments. However, I wanted to express my thoughts regarding your findings about Alex Jones.

I had the opportunity to witness Alex on his bullhorn in New York City, and I had the audacity to ask him: “You are a really outspoken person, Alex. How have you avoided receiving an assassin’s bullet in the head?” Furthermore, I had also once asked you [Les] that same question. The difference between you and Alex was that you answered my question—Alex wouldn’t. The followers of Alex Jones have blind faith in his movements. Even if his devoted disciples become am unwitting target of his bowel movements, they will always come back for more with their mouths open.

About one year before the 2008 presidential elections, I supported and campaigned for Congressman Ron Paul for President. Like thousands of other American citizens, I was never really active in any type of political ramblings before, but blindly saw hope in this Presidential Candidate. About three months before the election, I started to really question Dr. Paul’s motivations, and even asked other people in my campaign group to please evaluate the possibility that Ron Paul was either: a duped shill being used as an unwitting tool by the Establishment or, if he was actually working in concert with them. I went on to suggest that Ron Paul, as well as Alex Jones, may be the establishment’s pied-pipers leading all the dissenters into the open to be marked for their future extermination.

There is a quote that keeps going around in my head: ‘In politics, nothing happens by accident. If something happens, you can bet that it was planned that way.’ Well, Ron Paul will most likely be running for President again in 2012. Alex Jones will be running his mouth in a bullhorn and, sucking the teat of Rothschild’s creation: Mother Israel.

I like Mike Rivero, cautiously review the Jeff Rense site, and maintain the X-files proverb: “Trust no one”. Everyone has intent when they allegedly seek the truth. However, to determine if an individual’s agenda is sincere, you only need to follow the source of their support and/or funding. Alex Jones is a paid agent of the Rothschild Dynasty, and Ron Paul is a high-degreed brother of the Freemasons. It isn’t that hard to guess what their agendas are—they will do what they are told to do [my opinion].

Visible said...

110% is what I like to give, unless God is giving a seminar or a lesson for me of how people behave around him as if he isn't there. Oh but he is and he's going to demonstrate that soon

Anonymous said...

i am smiling inside knowing thats true .they are being given enough rope to hang themselves and they are doing that admirably it is getting ridiculous the behavior of the creatures in positions of power in this country[just listened to your latest radio show always a pleasure]

finnmaccool9 said...

Amazing on how much time it took to read through all the posts....The information helps me although I knew horn blower Alex Jones for what he really is long ago. Nice to know others feel as I do. My comments are simple but old simplistic sayings....Actions speak louder than words and Sticks and stones may break their bones but names will never hurt them....Note the slight modification using (their) in place of (my). Yes we must take action and I'm accumulating lots of sticks and stones to confront the horn blowing leaders of the brain dead sheeple if you get MY drift. It will be needed in the very near future. My own blog of poetry and words needs a follow up with ACTION also.... and may yours do have same followthrough also. http://allusionstoillusions.blogspot.com ..truth justice peace..

ericswan said...

The only thing threatening the precession to peace is the United States of America. Nothing is more diseased on the planet than this entity in it's entirety called the United States of America.

I listen to Alex Jones every day and usually listen to the program repeat a couple more times while I try to sleep. I don't like him. I don't phone in or follow the blog. I think he is a goalie for the new age NWO. He has dragged his butt on almost every issue including chemtrails, the alien agenda, legalizeit, and last but not least, the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

His claim to being the point of the spear irks me. I listen every day. I am not a fan.

Here's my truth. The Gulf of Mexico has been set upon in order for tptb to subsidize a methanol operation that uses designer algae. The entire gulf will be killed off and the Mississippi poluted nitrogen runoff industrial ditch that is will feed the algae and be subsidized by the United States of America as a "green" energy and a great place to dump CO2.

The Military Industrial Complex will have it's renewable jet fuel. Big oil gets first dibs on the gulf. The fishermen, the copa cabanas, the culture, will be moved off the coast.

The Zionists/Jews didn't do 911. I suggest you check out Rayelan's radio program at 11 every Wednesday or visit www.abeldanger.com.

As for Mike, I only hear him on Alex' show and he is very well behaved.
Another truthseeker that gets deepsixed by this crowd is Sorcha Faal. Your loss. Hey Dog..you rock the man.

Steve De'ak said...

To the poster who mentioned the chemtrails have stopped...I noticed it too...

I live in PDX, and the skies haven't been this clear for years. Two weeks now with no Spraying.

My wife drove to Central Oregon to visit her sister, and I asked her to check the skies as in the past Central Oregon has been heavily, heavily sprayed. She reported clear skies there too.

My comment to her was "huh....wonder if they're done".


Anonymous said...

Les, you are full of truth and massive spirit. Just do what you do friend. Your "channel" is tuned tightly where many of us suffer the static. You twist the dial for us, bringing it all into focus. Thank you, sincerely.

TheSparkle said...

Sorcha Faal, lol.

Dep Burns said...


When the AJ split with Rense happenned, my eyebrows went up, but thought the info was solid on prisonplanet so continued to monitor the site.

But I began to question AJ's emotive style that keeps splitting the world into the duality that traps our spirits and imaginations. He creates fear in the hearts of his listeners, which is no doubt compelling radio, but it shuts down the higher order thinking to be in a state of fear. It took me a long time to learn that lesson. We can't hate our enemies, because if we are all a part of the same thing, they are merely showing us where we need to do the work.

To hear Michael has stepped out of the GCN orbit -- one of the reasons I did listen to Jones, to hear Riverro --
it was very sad. But no surprize.

It makes sense, though. PTB materials describe how they corrupt the leaders of all groups that could be an issue for them and misdirect the followers. It's just business as usual. By co-opting Jones to lead the "truth" movement, they corrupted our inborn desire to know the truth and lead it towards their ends. Genius.

The problem isn't with them, though. We have to transcend the duality that really exists in our minds, and it is for each of us an individual process guided by providence or whatever you may want to call it. There is an intelligent hand at play, agreed?

We are shifting into a winter period where preparation is critical. The longer it takes us to awaken, the tougher and more chaotic life is going to be. Conversely, the more we listen to the universe and go through the doors it opens for us, the more the resources and insights will become available for us, and the more we will trust that presence.

We need this chaos in order to learn to trust life, no? To reconnect to the source of all?

You are a musician. I have a band that might interest you.


I would appreciate your feeedback, perhaps we could collaborate? Marching into riot police is no longer a great survival strategy, I reckon, but hitting them with a few well placed music bombs that rip around the planet might be all it takes to topple this old windmill we are all on.

These are great times to be creative, so much material to work with, and all the evil ones are merely reflections of our own weakneses, no? and thus they are teaching us why what we are being today is so wrong. Judas played an important role in the story of Christ and taught us the fruits of betrayal.

I have heard it written that we all chose to be here at this time, and that we all knew what we were taking on. So I'm of the mind, bring it on. The sooner we slip into the birthing channel of the Golden Age, the sooner we can lose these chains of fear and destruction.

Anonymous said...

I stopped going to Alex Jones' sites because most of the people commenting were idiots. I didn't want to be in that company. The people here are way more intelligent. As is Les.

Rachel said...

This is a really interesting blog - not sure what you're talking about much of the time, but I really enjoy your writing.

Alex Jones: Think I may have read something by him, but wasn't terribly impressed and don't read/listen now.

Question: what is a "V word"? I see this in the comments sometimes.


Steve A/K/A STR said...

Alex, just like Jesse Ventura, just like a few others out there are just tools for the powers that be. Some unknowingly, some knowingly. The fact that these guys are main stream should be a wake up call for anyone.

If the powers that control the media let them in their circle you know right off that someone is being used and that the powers view these guys as nothing more than tools. Like any tool you use it until its no longer useful to you and then you discard it like an adjustable wrench that will no longer turn a nut.

You'll know I'm correct when these guys are left high and dry and the powers that back them turn their backs on them. It will happen.

Origen the heretic said...

This was an absolutely great article Les and was no way over the top. You cut the asshole a new asshole which he obviously needed since he's so fat and full of shit. Anybody here notice that Jones and Limbaugh are oinkers while Les is rather skinny? Could this have some cosmic significance?

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

That's all there is, Les....
Depeche Mode: "Grabbing Hands"
It's Grabbing Hands
Grab all they can,
All for themselves,
After all...
It's Grabbing Hands,
Grab all they can
Everything counts,
and all amounts....
How do we ever get through this?
We don't. Alex Jones makes a ton of money and Shangra La don't. The quandary.....

Annsie said...

Hi Les, Regarding Alex Jones I agree he is loud and annoying and comes across as an evangelist at times, constantly interrupting his guests and generally getting on my wick.That said he has had two of my favourite speakers on regularly which is David Icke and Michael Tsarion. They have mentioned that its not always a good idea to point the finger at one particular group as these Illuminati can put on whatever cloak suits them be it Mason or Jewish or whatever to further their aims and love playing one group off another. In saying that David has been very specific himself which has him banned from talking in Canada as the good ole ADL have branded him Anti Semitic).

My point is this,If I had come across your site first regarding the truth I would not have been able to digest it. I would have been overwhelmed. Alex put me on the first rung of the ladder and since then I have gone from site to site searching for the truth which has led me to your wonderful site. Small steps at a time..I don't know what Alex is or isn't but I have to Thank him for leading me to you..

Visible said...


I understand that and have laid off people in this regard most of the time but... people die because of lies and if a truthteller is working for liemakers then it becomes a little problematic for me.

I write something like this less than once a year and have no idea why I did. It just showed up. We'll be moving on to something else now.

Anonymous said...

Yo Les Visible!

Yes, the Bullroarer is a zionist shill, say it loud and be proud!

On danish TV, about 5 years ago, there appeared a threefold piece of propaganda spin: "JFK, 911, and soccer World Championship 1958 in Sweden"

1st part about the KJF murder 1963, I didnt see.

second part started out with the line "some believe that Israel and zionists were behind 911".
(Since then, we are some that are quite sure that is the Truth.)
After that opening line, the program seemed to be digging in the dirt, but not really, only superficial scratching.
And they spent an extra ordinary amount of show time on Alex the Bullhorn, without any substance, pure waste of time.
Because hes a zionist shill, controlled opposition, and a false flag operation of course!

3rdpart, about soccer championship in Sweden 1958: "We follow a bunch of loonies and whackos, who after having studied photos and other documentation, have come to the conclusion, that the 1958 soccerchampionship did not take place in Sweden, but was filmed in a Hollywood Studio"

These nutjobs are of course made up for the show, none such are to be found among "real" "conspiracy" "theorists", but make a nice clincher on this piece of danish/zionist propaganda spin job.

Or the latest spin job by danish/zionist media, to discredit our lone 911 expert, Niels Harrit, lector of chemistry at Cph. Uni., and coauthor of the expert report on 911 and nano thermite.
The jewsmedia refused to bring an 911 article he wrote.
The jewish controlled "Bureau of press complaints" turned down his complaint of censorship, non reporting of vital information, and withholding diverging views from the danish public.

But they had no qualms about publishing an article about his lecture, with a giant picture of him, lumping him in with moon landing and holocaust deniers, AIDS conspiranoids, and "Protokolls of the Wise Elders of Zion" rantings, which is a complete construct by their journalist zioagent Heinrich Kaufhorn.
Harrit only covers the rational scientific side of the event, no politics in his lectures.

But of course, when one realizes the towers were a controlled demolition job, its hard to miss the real perps., and Harrit knows it as well as we do, but he wisely doesnt say it out loud, so the ziomedia has to make it up for him.

Greetz from the Rotten State of Denmark! :-)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

Except that she is a guy. I am waaaayyyyyiiiting. I am waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyiiiting for the secret letter that dissolves in chocolate or something that looks like it which will send me off into a Van Morrrison frenzy of Brown eyed Girl.

and so on and so on

Martin Kearns said...

Anonymous @ 2.52pm said:

Just blog, you loser, and don't worry about what others do. If you are of the truth it will prevail. Obviously you want to distract the public from other's fine work....

Anon, you are Alex Jones, and I claim my 5 pounds.

Origen the heretic said...

So Les, how much did George Soros pay you to write this article? :) From SOTT.net: 'We find it interesting that Jones is now lambasting his "attackers" as "George Soros funded".'

Rev. John

Andrew said...

http://bugoutgroup.oli.us/ Is a real time secure chat owned and paid for. I noticed some members wanting a place to gather. I would like to offer my service free of charge to any that want to use it.

Visible said...

Dep Burns... didn't see the link but I will. I'm in a zone at the moment.

Thanks for writing. I'm up for anything that serves but, though I can play, I don't. I just dance and sing so, if you're close enough and that works and keeping in mind I only do what comes out of me but can bend to howl the classics if encouraged and certainly love other voices cause I can harmonize nizze, well... have at it.

Anonymous said...

Rev John
This is disconcerting as the check from Soros never came in the mail. I do this for free.

Anonymous said...

Appalachia is in itself a surival area by default.

Ever spend a winter in West by God Virginia?

Visible said...

that's Kaminski?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Satya said: "I 'largely' agree with the present facts of the matter but still attempt clarity and balance."

If one speaks 98% truth, it's a lie!

R. Zuercher

Anonymous said...

anon 7.07
I have driven through West Virginia and I did spend a night sacked out in the car at Big Bone Lick State Park rest area in Kentucky!

TheSparkle said...

To the people who say that the big fat pig is good because he introduced them to 'alternative' reality, conspiracy theories or enlightenment--I say this: I learned how babies are brought into the world because I was tenderly and lovingly raped as a child.

wv: syncing

Anonymous said...

les, you are entitled to crap in public occasionally AFAIK. it could be the alchemists gold that you are still producing.good not to make a habit of the poison pen though.

tony, kooka's were thought of as mates of the bushmen.... something like the divine , or guardian angels, watching over us. alternativelymaybe they get bored spotting worms in the ground and are mad curous about us silly bugger humans, so maybe they are laighing kokaaaakakakaka, and a arooooh from the dingos too.


polyb said...


I would say that Alex Jones is more than equipped to go fuck himself. that is why the divine gave him a hand! !)

The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude by Etienne de la Boetie

Anonymous said...

The pressure must be working, at least somewhat. Recent days Infowars has had articles critical of the chosen state.

Anonymous said...

You were right Les; I was wrong.
As I die of cancer, I become aware of the Higher Power. It/s/he is out there. I was an atheist all my life and only now do I know, it's all around. Just didnt see. I was a fool.
"We'll be forever loving Jah...
Zion Train is coming your way...
(And) You better get on board...."

Anonymous said...

If you or nobody, or anybody has health issues and would like to see whether natural remedies can help, please contact me so I can hook you up with my partner whose background is healing humans naturally. He formulates all of our companies cat and dog remedies using scientifically proven ingredients.

Anonymous, for now

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Posted, Dog. Along with a film and some interesting images of Alex Jones. I do hope you like, should you end up viewing. Smiles. Sometimes I stumble across the perfect images jusssst when I need them!

Greta said...

Les I've been away from electric mahines for a spell, R U spreading the word - www.savetheinternet.com is working to keep our lines clear so we can keep SEEING your words. The zion forces also are planning to shut down online petitions by this Novemeber. Google/veripuken sack of pond scum deal global communications industry is trying to grow life-eating fungus over the whole planet suffocating everything and everyone. Please help resistance forces retain oxygen resources - Blessings.

Anonymous said...

AJ is not perfect but he has given voice to critics of zionism. When Michael A. Hoffman II published his 1,000 page tome on Judaism (Judaism Discovered), AJ had him on his show twice. Hoffman, a protege of James Shelby Downard, is often shunned and ingored, though many others draw on his work and ideas while never mentioning him by name. At least AJ had him on his program and let him advertise and talk about his book when others wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole.

Who knows what ultimately happened between AJ and WRH. Someone could look at Rivero and claim he was engaged in a "mystical charade," pretending to criticize zionism to provide cover for his hatred of Christianity. One could argue there's a mandate for such subterfuge in the Talmud.

In the end, it's all a spiritual battle that, while manifesting itself in external events, is really a battle fought invisibly in the heart of each and every person in this world. Carnal weapons have little if any effect in this kind of war.

Anonymous said...

Heya...as one of your "Anon" poster-people said, I am
not giving the Beast any more info than necessary, and
that is why Anon, for now.
They say with CARNIVORE and other snooper monitors
on the 'net, you are never truly Anonymous...
Many of us became a little more aware because of hearing AJ for the first time, or the crucial beginning
of questioning, or whatever.
Because of a brave individual on the local Public Access station (under Comcast), I heard of Mike Ruppert for the first time, election fraud exposed by
hidden camera in Broward County in 1996, The Masonic control of Police and Judges, lots of Prophecy Club speakers to hear and sift through.
So, now we see, and can assess the various speakers and points of view over these years.
I became aware of
a Masonic individual hassling the truth-teller folks
running their shows at their appointed Pub Access times at the station. I became involved, taking the
training class to get you ready to produce your own
Pub Access show.
Thanks to the Alex Jones earlier shows, and before he got so fat and Bullhorn-y, I looked into internet stuff, discovered Rense, and did a lotta reading.
Mostly because of these TV shows, and living and experiencing University political shenanigans, I came
to feel pretty naive, and delved deeply as I dared.
Now we see that there are Shills, Provocateurs, Fakes, Sinister Forces.....but, also, there are those of us just learning as well as we can, under the
retardation forced on us by schools, TV hypnosis,
social engineering, etc...we reach a certain state of new knowledge and want to talk about it, see who knows anything...
Cayce says a lot of us are Atlanteans, and
some say we are genetic experiments in process.
Whatta World!
Cool blog, Mr. Visible...

Anonymous said...

Can you please give simple, straight forward explanations about your views? Your clever style of writing is sometimes hard to understand. I don't disagree - I just honestly want to know what you are saying.

For example... Instead of writing: "Then I found out who his advertisers are and who handles his public relations and the tree of money and influence that is the fruit of the poisoned message that takes the attention away from who and why is what and where."

It would be clearer if you wrote: "Alex Jones is not unbiased in his news reporting" or "Alex Jones lets his advertisers influence what he talks about on air"...

Please don't be offended - I did not mean to hurt your feelings. I actually care about your message. I'm sure you will tell me to go "F" myself, but I'm not putting you down or trying to hold you back.

Anonymous said...

what's with the giant racial slur a la "genetic garbage" comment? There is lowlife in every government and every collective of peoples, but constant commentary of anti-jewish themes (control of Beatles etc) and genetic material of nation of Israel, TOTALLY dilutes what you supposedly spew forth on your Visible Origami blog. I listen to Alex J and others, but this putrid hatred of a certain people that you present as a transmission of truth turns what I thought was a kindred spirit into just another cosmic court jester.

smoking said...

Control yur opposition! Need I say more? Wake people up and walk them around in circles going nowhere and dissapating a lot of energy.

Brian Brown, Ph.D. said...

I concur. Alex Jones has some mental health issues. Read about them here: http://www.dailybrian.com/brian-brown-on-alex-jones/



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