Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Stupids take the Prize and Scream for their own Death.

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Quite often I wish that I and others like me had a wider reach in terms of exposure. The people we would most like to have made aware of the things we talk about are unlikely to ever be curious enough on their own to come here. I know this means that they’re going to get a wakeup that won’t be tender because they just can’t catch on otherwise and that saddens me.

Susanne had a friend in over the last several days. We’ve had a number of guests coming from distant and not so distant locations. I noted that her friend was not friendly to me in the way she had been the last time I had seen her. I didn’t think about it because that kind of thing just doesn’t make much difference to me anymore. Susanne came to me yesterday to tell me that her friend had gone to this blog and clicked on one of the sites in my blog roll and got really offended by something that blogger has written, as if I were the author and also responsible for it.

It probably had something to do with Zionism because now she thinks I am a Nazi, even though I didn’t write it and haven’t even seen it. This is an expression of the kind of thing that determines the sense of reality that is held by so many people and which is the primary and greatest problem that operates in the world today. People aren’t curious or open to more than they think they already know, so they aren’t open to having their mind changed, if the truth about something they swallowed whole from sources, whose intent was to deceive them to begin with, can be conclusively disproved if they would only take the trouble to inquire or look further.

It’s this that makes 9/11 and just about everything being perpetrated by the real villains, so difficult to expose to the people who most need to see the truth. They just accept what they are told, even when the explanations are absurd. Not only can I prove that 9/11 was not done by Bin Laden and a handful of Stone Age Arabs but I can also prove who did do it simply by the overwhelming body of circumstantial evidence; even more so with the hard and conclusive facts that are not circumstantial at all.

I shake my head in wonder at the colossal ignorance and lack of curiosity that is the present state of humanity. George W. Bush is the poster boy for the mass consciousness of those deluded by materialism and bombastic patriotic hogwash. I watched an exchange between Anderson Cooper and that Texas congressman who declared on the floor of the House of Representatives that terrorists were sending pregnant women to America so that they could give birth here and receive a passport for their child, in order to return at a later point and commit acts of terror. He had no proof at all and it didn’t seem to matter to him that he was on national TV and being humiliated by his own arrogance and lies. He was going to press on no matter what because somehow he knew that the truth doesn’t matter in a time when all you have to do is say the same thing over and over in order to convince most of the people of anything.

In the beginning of the clip you see a Texas legislator, Debbie Riddle applying the same kind of transparently absurd innuendo, in place of evidence to support this kind of nonsense. Terrorists don’t need babies with passports in the first place. That’s like walking all the way around the Earth to come up behind someone who isn’t even paying attention in the first place. Meanwhile the actual terrorists are the people who own the media that presents these clueless tools, who were told to say these things because they are shameless whores who knowingly work against the interests of the people they were elected to serve.

I can prove everything I say because I usually don’t say anything I can’t prove and if I speculate I make that clear but... no one cares enough to ask me, or any of the rest of us, to do so. It’s just not important. This is how the president of the United States can tell the nation that The Gulf of Mexico is perfectly safe for swimming and that not only are the fish safe to eat but that the fishermen should be back out there catching them. In the small print it says that the fishermen are liable if anything goes wrong. There seems to be no end to the lengths that these people will go to make things worse. How does this profit anyone? People will die from exposure to the combination of Corexit and benzene, combined with all of the other toxic compounds that work in concert to be far more toxic than any of these items are by themselves. People will die from eating the seafood harvested from those waters.

All of this deadly mischief can be tracked to the bankers and corporations, whose intent is to reap as much profit as is possible by doing the worst things they can imagine, in order to also make a profit from pretending to clean up the disasters they committed in the first place. The overwhelming numbers of those responsible are representatives of one of the smallest population groups on the planet. It’s hard to imagine a punishment that is great enough to equal what is warranted by the crimes they have visited upon humanity. This group has engineered awesome crimes just for the opportunity to present themselves as victims, in order to have even greater latitude for more crimes and offenses against the public at every opportunity. The sheer insanity of this is beyond measuring and the public carries on as if these people had their best interests at heart.

All of these people and their associates and servants of every stripe should be dragged from their places of employment and given the Ceausescu treatment. I never thought I would be thinking anything like this and have the firm and unshakeable belief that this would be a tremendous understatement in terms of what is deserved but... necessity demands an expedience to their removal from this plane of being.

These people have gained control of the Central Banks and used this control to print money that they provide to their associates in order to buy up most of the media and entertainment corporations for the purpose of destroying the human race, or enslaving it entirely, while painting themselves as history’s biggest victims, while history is filled with incidents they caused, which far exceed anything they claim happened to them and which also confirms their propensity to be exactly what was said about them every time they were booted out of any country, at any time, since history was being written. No group of people on Earth has been sent packing more times by more nations, ever.

The irony of this is that if I were given the chance to prove every bit of this beyond any possible argument, I would be made to look like those cretins Anderson Cooper was talking to who had no proof of anything. In fact, most of the public wouldn’t even need any help in coming to that conclusion because there is something in their ignorance that demands the truth be treated with contempt at all times and that lies should be exalted to near religious status simply because they are lies and for no other reason.

It is beyond my capacity for description to communicate the unbelievable absurdity of the times. Lately, I am in such awe of what I see that I am almost incapable of writing about it. I sit in a quiet park nearby, or in the backyard by the small pond; on the terrace of the empty apartment below and I sing to myself all of these things, as if my being needs the catharsis so bad that it caused this phenomenon to happen. I wind up being driven to the small park up the street at any hour of the day or night, just because I need to express these things into the atmosphere. I’m aware of people coming and going while I am doing this and I can’t contain my need to do it any time I am on the streets headed anywhere as if my existence depended on it.

It’s one thing to be so stupid that you allow yourself to be reduced to the state you are in now but it is another thing entirely to willingly cooperate with your abusers, as if that was all you ever wanted, while being reduced to ever worsening conditions, with no other reaction than unflinching support of them. If someone comes around and works to free or enlighten you, they had better watch their ass because you will kill them if you can.

I can’t get my head around it. There must be something I can do, if not for you then for myself, which would remove from me the need to preach to the choir while the congregation prays for the possibility to be made deaf and dumb and blind to any chance of being affected in ways that might prove beneficial to them. When blog entries stop for a time and comments don’t appear and emails don’t get answered, it is because I have become near frozen by the impotence of my efforts in the face of the conditions that surround me.

I am secure in the idea that there is a reason for all of this but that does not lessen the impact of all the things written about here today. Sometimes you just have to soldier on, no matter how pointless your own efforts may seem to you and be comforted by the assurance that it never did depend on you but upon the thing on which you yourself depend for everything and anything that has made it possible for you to see, even if you can’t understand.

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I didn’t do a radio show this weekend for reasons that are explained in the text of this posting. If I get motivated I will do one...

Smoking Mirrors Mirror.


coletteonice said...

i am starting to bite my nails in anticipation of touching down in downtownn luzerne and not being able to find a park bench that is not already occupied by some body with a really,really big functional umbrella...just in case it rains...knowing my luck, the park bench will have some suitably singing songster siren serenading .."seems it never rains in southern california"...ahhhhhhh.....

SouthernHungary said...

Don't even think of stopping,we need your words of truth more than ever!
I see Pakalert is down and now I can't access WRH. Truth really hurts those evil bastards which proves we are on the right path.

Always following you and the others even if I keep quiet in the background.

Greg Bacon said...

The hackers have shut down What Really Happened. The truth really gets under their skin, doesn't it?


And more:

?What Happened to whatreallyhappened.com?
I clicked on the link to grab a link for a story and was stunned.

Maybe someone will have an answer later and the problem will be fixed; however, take a click and see where they lead you:


Wake the Flock Up


atlaslives said...

dear Les...I feel your pain. We live with a foot in each world with varying degrees of discomfort depending on how awake one is. And so...I too am truly amazed to witnes those who are completely oblivious. As I struggle to cope, putting up with the jeers of friends who weren't ready yet, I take comfort in that we are not alone. Creative thought is the answer and the only way anything has ever come into being. If you look at the effort being made to control thought...you have to come to the conclusion that this is what "they" are after. Want something to come to fruition? Convince enough people to think about it and voila!! We just need enough of us to tip that scale and dream up a new world. And write it down...it helps to read it over when darker moods enter your head. I am one more...

Anonymous said...

"All of these people and their associates and servants of every stripe should be dragged from their places of employment and given the Ceausescu treatment. I never thought I would be thinking anything like this and have the firm and unshakeable belief that this would be a tremendous understatement in terms of what is deserved but… necessity demands an expedience to their removal from this plane of being."

You said it.

A certain number of these cretins need to be removed "from this plane" via helicopter.

It will be justice seen to be done when the principal cretins involved in the treasonous 9/11 mass murder of 3000 innocents are booted out of stationary helicopters at least 1,000 feet above the World Trade Center site - sans parachute.


Anonymous said...

I feel impotent, too.

I'm up for discussing concrete ideas to create change. This fellow running for NY State Attorney General has some great ideas for how to take back local control:


Most of us cannot just stop working (and thus stop paying income taxes), but stopping the mortgage payment is an idea, esp. if it takes at least 2 years to foreclose. What would you do if you could live rent-free for 2 years? You need a lawyer to represent you, but it can easily be done.

Local currency anyone? See Carl's website for good ideas of how to use the existing laws on the books to foil the organized crime that is suffocating us.


GodSend said...

The Alien Race and their Zionist (also reptilian) AGENTS are VERY clever, cunning, carnivorous, cruel and cannibalistic. THEY have been cultivating humanity for eons on Gulag Earth. The explanation of 'sheeple', being herded, milked, fleeced and slaughtered is quite accurate. Most of humanity dutifully gathers in the various 'Temples' of worship (look for edifices with columns - teeth) and feeds the Alien Race with (Negative) Spiritual Energy. It's quite an elaborate and deceptive set-up and most of the 'sheeple' are clueless - by DESIGN (Brainwashing).

The Vatican is the most prominent of these 'Temples'.

It's ALL explained on my website and Blog - REALLY!

DaveS said...


First, let me say, Happy Birthday!

I enjoyed my 41st on Friday the 13th (I was 13 on a friday the 13th too. The 13th of Aug is known as the day of long odds which has been useful to me more than once)... yeah, I'm a member of the pride too. What a bunch of freaks we all are :)

I hope this year brings more clarity to everyone. Not just me.

What really happened to What Really Happened? Damn ziotrolls at work? Or just Mike doing some cleaning? Regardless, I hate seeing one of the few net news spots I trust go off the air.

The world is full of blind men with sight. How can people not see the terrible changes men running (ruining) nations and corporations have created on our shared planet. I guess that's what gets me; the fact we've got to share this neat traveling sphere with a bunch of fucking assholes who would kill their own mother if they could make a 3% profit.

Les, keep fighting with your words. Someday truth will show her naked self to the world, and those who've longed for her will see the beauty. The assholes will only see scars and stretchmarks. Of course they aren't gonna find truth beautiful because they're lying fucks. Go figure :)

Peace in truth
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Anonymous said...

What really happened to What Really Happened???

kikz said...

here's another example of stupidity in the political arena...

i really didnt' know what to say on viewing this... literally i was slackjawed, and hav no idea how the 'uniform' didn't crackup laughing? peter principle, indeed!

unc' al, sez.. push on, against all odds...

...and as willfully ignorant as most are, funny how something like your livelihood being 'disappeared' and/or a constant in your life - being utterly ruined (the gulf) will wake one up. and buddy, when they do finally wake up frm their self imposed stupor.. they are enraged.

p.s. i'm not terribly thrilled this am, as WRH has been offline since 05:00 CST...

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
I've been feeling so sad for the last week. As much as I'd like to enjoy the day, which I try to, I can't get this sadness out of my system as I know of the suffering and injustice going on. There is a voice also that tells me that my feelings are not in vain and that there is something bigger than me going on here. I can no longer act as if everything is okay. I can no longer lie to people on the elevator and give the small talk that means nothing and only accepts the blindness going on and supports it. it's as if I can't lie to myself therefore lie to others anymore.
I feel a sense of freedom and in that freedom, I still feel encaged in this world of limits and actions outside of myself and therefore in a prison. Having two conflicting feelings at the same time. I am beginning to be unable to support this system in all it's forms, so much that I am starting become unable to speak and probably seem crazy to many right now.
I guess we can hang in there until the rides goes into another cycle.
Not sure what the cycle is, but I'm staying for the ride, as agonizing as it is, i'm sticking to the people like you who serve some comfort to my soul and are able to call things as they are or at least get a grasp of something that is of some reality that rings true to me.
Love, Debs.

Visible said...

I don't know what really happened to WhatReallyHapppened but I do know that Michael will have it up and running when he gets out of bed. It's about 3:00 am there right now.

Luzerne is only about 70 miles from me.

Greg, I have a whatreallyhappened website up so let me know what the link is that you want and I will find it and post it here for you to copy.

Onward and inward.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

The following is a true classic:

"If someone comes around and works to free or enlighten you, they had better watch their ass because you will kill them if you can."


Thanks and God Bless,


Lukiftian said...

WRH is gone. Is war on the way?

And the answer is in the word verification.... paters. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Succinct and completely accurate.

Thank you for soldering on Les.


"The elected governments of all of the western countries are now made up of sold-out political whores who have the integrity of a rumme with respect to the people they were elected to serve: that is 'me first, you later - maybe'.

Bob said...

Krishnamurti: The gentleman asks, you have talked about fundamental change of human consciousness and so on for the last 50 years and obviously there is no change at all. Then the question is, why do you talk? The speaker is not talking for his amusement, for his fulfilment, for his encouragement. If he didn't talk, he would not feel depressed, he would not feel lacking something. Therefore, why do I talk? Have you ever asked why the lotus blooms?

FBO said...


Take heart, dear fellow - the solution is directly in front of us, and all human kind are actualizers of it.

For the time being - no differently than it has been for you and every single one of the rest of us, as well - we have no choice but to keep on soldiering forward as the persons that we are until reaching the finish that awaits us: every one of us.

Your silent paean to Hare Krishna reveals the way there: and we praise Him for that

Anonymous said...

During a recent discussion with an Aussie guy who frequents the same health club i was reminded of the mass psychosis that ultimately prevails.

He said that he thought all politicians are corrupt and idiotic - but that he loved Obama!

In an attempt to balnace his view I printed out a few MSM articles highlighting some of Obama's darker aspects and handed them to him in person. I chose MSM articles as, although this guy spends his whole life staring into his laptop, he thinks anything other than MSM is conspiracy shit.

The next time i saw him he just walked past chanting 'Obama - Obama'.


Endwell Road said...

Synchronicity! :)

I was just reading a speech from the movie Network (1976)the other day.

" Television is not the truth. Television's a goddamn amusement park. Television is a circus, a carnival, a traveling troupe of acrobats, storytellers, dancers, singers, jugglers, sideshow freaks, lion tamers, and football players.

We're in the boredom-killing business.

So if you want the Truth, go to God.

Go to your gurus.

Go to yourselves!

Because that's the only place you're ever gonna find any real truth.

But, man, you're never gonna get any truth from us. We'll tell you anything you wanna hear. We lie like hell. We'll tell you that Kojak always gets the killer and that nobody ever gets cancer at Archie Bunker's house. And no matter how much trouble the hero is in, don't worry. Just look at your watch. At the end of the hour, he's gonna win. We'll tell you any shit you want to hear.

We deal in illusions, man. None of it is true!"

Many of the alternative news sites on the web are simply regurgitating what the muppets are spewing at the hypnotised mass, who seem to have a never-ending hunger for more revolting stuff. Now you get the horrors from every corner of the world, on what we percieve are the "guys on our side", all the time. 24/7.
The new propoganda is now readily available on the street and on the interwebs, for those that threw their television out of the window and started looking for truth elsewhere.
You can follow the new semantics on many of these alternative sites and all you hear/read is terror,lies, fear and anger!
So what´s new???
Those few inspirational pages and people that dare speak out about love, peace, truth or happiness are labelled hippies, daydreamers and nutcases.

This the new war on the soul. New blogs and news sites popping up like poison mushrooms pretending to be "wholesome".

But I guess there is no danger of them being stopped or of peace breaking out on our planet because there are no dollars to be made in that. ;)

I join Debs et al and park my derriere on a chair in my garden and continue being inspired by you and those people that uplift my soul on these pages.

Thanks for sharing, Les. I think there are many who feel the same as you do at the moment.


Miss Ticwitch said...

From Whatreallyhappened.org:

"Sorry about last night's outage. We are re-organizing all domains and accidentally deregistered this site."

Google "whatreallyhappened" and find a link the for the .org site.

Anonymous said...

Right on Les! Move out and draw fire!
Its not pointless, as all is to gain from. Change comes to all of us and your message might just need a new theme or color. Rest, write, sing, and love brother!

Love Your Life

Erik said...

@ a GrebBear, TheSparkle

This obnoxious 'cat' Raphael over at DiscloseTV could be on to some other part of the hidden Truth. His blog is worth a visit: http://kachina2012.wordpress.com/

(I do not want to register (yet) at dTV, nor do I want to 'intrude' in Oldsoul's discourse :-)

vixen said...

Here's another way to get to WRH.


This message is posted on the WRH site.

Sorry about last night's outage. We are re-organizing all domains and accidentally deregistered this site.

Anonymous said...

For those whom are trying to get to Mike Rivero's website:


Please note that the .com extention doesn't work (in the continental USA).

Anonymous said...

Whatreallyhappened is up, I had to go here:


bholanath said...

At least in this madhouse we can still go to the park, even set up a small amp, and create a small auric field of sound-vibration and light-force for the immediate vicinity and the beings therein.
It does resonate, by extension, throughout all creation.
Are these 'stories' of insane absurdity and stupidity - seemingly starkly contrasting from true sacred stories - actually the set-up to real cosmic sacred stories of the great (re)turning to full remembrance of birthright and overstanding, cautionary tales to be told by future generations as our descendants gracefully heal and nurture the world back to wholeness? I have to just go soldiering on under that assumption. Neither silence nor suicide is an option.

Jody Paulson said...

A group of 9-11 truth activists are gathering money to air commercials informing New Yorkers about the destruction of WTC 7. It's a start.

"Recognizing the high correlation between those who know about the collapse of WTC 7 and those who believe that a new - or rather real - 9/11 investigation is needed, I propose that the international 9/11 Truth Movement initiate, starting this September, a world-wide, year-long 'BuildingWhat?' campaign. Through this campaign, we would seek to make the fact of its collapse so widely known that the mention of Building 7 would never again evoke the question: 'Building What?'"

-David Ray Griffin



Anonymous said...

Realize that ONLY part of the reality we experience is made-up of whatever we choose to occupy our conscious mind. The media is all about influencing our conscious & subsconscious. By rejecting filthy influence we become modern pioneers: we are heading to the virtual west away from the mental landscapes controlled by fascist oligarchs. The reality that REALLY exists has vast tracts of possiblity, way, way beyond what the media & these perpetrators of fear can possibly imagine. Our hope is in populating those expanses and escaping their pernicious influence. When the world recognizes the new frontier as being full of possibility beyond what Geithner & his Fed can deliver, then you as a Pioneer out in the far frontier will continue to be joined by others who smell the stink and are on their way to fresh pastures of light & power!

Anonymous said...

I understand your frustration, but I think it's important to continue speaking the truth. I have faith that we can get through to more people but we mustn't get defeated in the process.

We need to remember that the majority of people are severely brainwashed. And let's not forget how we have all been poisoned by these freaks (chemtrails, flouride, our food, etc.), not to mention that it appears that most of the population is on some kind of prescription drug(s) which alter the brain and how we think/behave.

We cannot give up. Humanity needs truth speakers.


Anonymous said...

You really are a fine fellow, les.

In hearing you one realizes he/she is hearing a servant of the Lord.

Because I'm not so exalted as to, in the words of Don Juan, "stop the world," and stay that ceaseless inner voice, I instead encourage it.
Mantra meditation, consciously, subconsciously, aloud, silently.

Since we are all creatures of habit, whether we wish to be or not, let's make it be all it can be to serve us..

You surely have a lot of people rooting for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les. As Slick Willie Clinton used to say: "I feel your pain". Just because people choose to not believe that 911 was an inside job, isn't because they are ignorant, nor is it because you have failed to show enough evident facts to support your claims. People just simply choose to believe lies because they are easier to accept, rather than the possibility that our own Government had conspired to make 911 happen.

I work for one of the World's largest petro-chem manufactures, and they employ some of the most intelligent people in the engineering sector. All of these engineers have been educated well beyond the fundamentals of a Physics 101 classroom, but they still chose to ignore the evidence of what really HAD to happen to make the WTC Towers fall. Bottom line: kerosene cannot burn hot enough to weaken steel and only super thermite can melt/cut-through giant steel columns. Just that fact alone will create a strong foundation, which will be a stepping stone to the other circumstantial evidence that supports the claim of a conspiracy.

Don't be discouraged. Furthermore, even though many visitors do not comment on your blog postings--they still read them. Rome wasn't built in a day, and it will take time and patience to reprogram ignorance and/or to readjust a mass primordial fear of the truth.

Unknown said...


Even tho’ you “preach to the choir” for those who read here, your thoughts and feelings are obviously shared. Some of us experience what you experience, maybe on a smaller scale, but the frustration is the same. I cannot speak for others, but when you share your thoughts, experiences, feelings, I recognize many as my own as well. I wish I could put into words what it does for me. The best I can do is to tell you I do appreciate all your efforts. I learn from you. Sometimes it is just that someone else “sees” the same things I see. Sometimes I learn a new way to present something. Sometimes your words give me insight as to how to improve myself. Sometimes your words give insight on how to inspire others.

I view myself in the “remedial class” here. I’m not the brightest bulb on the tree, but I do seek the truth and have been for some time. Seemingly, at this point in time, not too many are desirous of truth and I feel badly about how some will be learning/experiencing the truth.

As you say, I never could fathom why someone doesn’t want the truth. My thinking was simply that if you didn’t have the facts/truth, no remedy you apply to a situation will ever be beneficial. I found that the more I insisted on the truth and speaking it, people left in droves and I was ostracized by many, and the few who stayed, well I think I became some kind of amusement/entertainment for them. Eventually, after considering the implications of being among those who weren’t seeking the truth, being the “outsider” ceased to disturb me in the sense of leading a rather solitary life.

I visit your blog every day, several times to learn your thoughts and read the “choir’s” thoughts as well. In a sense, I visit all of you to get a “spiritual” hug; the inspiration to continue and the strength to carry on and a sense of hope. And I just want to hug you all back with the same energy.

Thank you Les, Thank you all.

Eyes Wise Open

vixen said...

You are preaching to the choir, but we’re the only ones listening anyway. I was hopeful more would wake up a few months back but that didn’t seem to play out. Maybe all those that are going to wake up (in advance of the thing no one can deny) have already opened their minds and the rest just get a surprise they couldn’t ever imagine. Please don’t stop or I won’t have anyone I can relate to without severe angst.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

" it is because I have become near frozen by the impotence of my efforts in the face of the conditions that surround me."

Which is precisely what they want all of us to do - you sure you haven't been hitting the fluoride ? ;-)

It's getting clearer - more people are taking the time to read Carr, Mullins & Springmeier - wherein lie the entire solution to the present nightmare - we've had sixty years to get up to their speed - I believe it's happening only the actors don't exactly want to poster it round town

hang in,


Anonymous said...

Oh and get off everything g00gle - it's becoming apparent that State Dept, District of Corruption, is using g00gl demographics as their clincher for moving onto areas for repressive purposes. Every comment, every search just reinforces their paranoia, their policies, their idiocy.

And no, this ain;t an April Fool - check out State Al Qaida Spain...

preferably on a decent search engine like https://startpage.com/


kikz said...


tu vixen!

the... waketheflockup.com link does work :)

Hank said...

I have written many times here about exactly what you are saying. I am and have been agog at what I see around me.

In the beginning I questioned my message, thinking it must be my presentation that was lacking, and all I needed to do was refine my method and the world would have the necessary epiphany. However, after one memorable preaching of the gospel of truth about 911, I received the response, "I wouldn't believe that even if it were true".

It hit me like a hammer. It wasn't me that was lacking, it was....well...them. I woke up, looked around and realized that I was adrift in a sea of elective ignorance and stupidity.

Of course that began a search of a different kind, to try and discover the 'nature' of humans. I am sure of nothing, but my conclusions to date are less than inspiring. The best I can figure, with the incomplete information available about ancient times, we as a race. were genetically engineered from a much more primitive humanoid species, by aliens, who visited and lived here long, long ago, for reasons we may never be clear on.

But the 'stories' lead me to believe that we exceeded the design specifications, 'ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil' and became aware of the true creative force in the universe. Acording to ancient tales, that became the reason some wanted to destroy us, and others were compelled to ensure our survival.

There is also 'evidence' that our genetically engineered race has a tendency to, over time, revert to the more primitive nature of our pre engineered ancestors, and have needed and gotten periodic genetic updates, judging by the emergence and decline of ancient human societies.

My inescapable, not really knowing conclusion, is that human kind is once again in a period of reversion, and in desperate need of an update. Simply put the masses have become too stupid to see the truth, even when you slap them in the face with it.

Of course there are those that are affected less by the degradation, for unknown reasons, which account for you and me and most who come here, and the ones with evil intent who are taking advantage of the sea of ignorance.

At this point, and as I have come to realize at all points in my life, I don't know. I don't know what to do about what I think I know. What I will do for now is contemplate the universe, seek the wisdom of the creative force I have been given knowledge of, and hope it can find some way to reach the many souls that have been lost along the way. I will also take some comfort in knowing from my visits here, that I am not alone.
Peace and love to you and all who come here.

Visible said...

Screaming about Jesus and then cursing me out results in you needing to find a new place to embarrass yourself and shame your faith.

Anonymous said...

Awaking the 'Sheeple' is something I think, even Sisyphus would have give up on.

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes you just have to soldier on, no matter how pointless your own efforts may seem...."

And they are seeming more pointless every day! I can't tell you how may times I have written this over the past 13 years:

If the Republicans or the Democrats could have fixed this nation, they would have done it long before now. Both major U.S. political parties are dominated and controlled by the "money trust" (banks/corporations). They do NOT work for, nor do they represent "We the People"; but instead represent the global elitists; the super-rich foundations; the NGO's; the global bankers; the global corporations; and the lobbyists. Bankrolled by the money dynasty (principal owners of the federal reserve banks), they have emerged as our present day aristocracy, the “political elite families” which includes generations of Rockefellers, Kennedys, and the Bush family; perennial “intellectuals” like Kissinger, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Albright, Christopher, and Rubin; the gang at Goldman Sachs, all the members of the “Council on Foreign Relations” and the “Trilateral Commission”; and all of the one-time and/or yearly attendees at the annual “Bilderberg” conference.

This criminal cabal of power elites, banks, corporations, revolving door government officials, and the mainstream media have effectively destroyed our economy, and the foundation of constitutional government which we have taken for granted. These evil people have stolen the wealth of the US Treasury whilst exploiting the power and might of the US Military to achieve their agenda. Meanwhile, corrupt government officials continue to pass unconstitutional laws to the benefit of themselves and the elite. They believe our Constitution and Laws don’t pertain to them. It is imperative everyone know that both political parties are controlled by the “elite”, and that our presidential election is a fraud between their two preselected candidates. Their “man” always wins.

We transition from the lies, deceit and prevarication of one administration to the lies, deceit and prevarication of another; it is, in fact, a continuation of the same betrayal of constitutional guarantees, unlawful and unrestricted immigration, insecure borders, wild frivolous spending, and government encouragement of the continuing transition to a deeply immoral society. The government will persist in eroding our constitutionally protected unalienable rights, and what little is left of the people’s sovereignty will most assuredly be legislated away. In days gone by our leaders were chosen from among the people: they were the servants and we were the Master. Now our leaders are chosen from (and by) the elite: they are the Master, and “we the people” are their servants.

Erik said...


Thanks for so clearly expressing also my feelings.

'I will rest my case, your honour'

Josey Wales said...

Hi Les,

Josey here.

I had an interesting revelation when playing with the letters in ZIONEST.

It spells Snot-Zei. You know snot like.
SNOT-ZEE = Slimy, slippery, rather gross. Snot like.Snotty.

The new spelling and definition seems more appropriate than the old spelling and definition.

Strange but true.

Al Weir said...

What you do is invaluable. You are making a difference. I share it with all who care to hear and their numbers are growing. You have a great gift being able to put the thoughts of so many into words. Better to light one candle (in your case many) than to curse the darkness.

Many thanks,


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Lordie lordie lordie Les, you captured how we all feel perfectly!

There are times, you just think you are wasting time. Then ONE person sends you a note, asks you a question, and you get through to that one person. It is all worth it.

I have been asked why I bother by so many people and answer that if I can reach just ONE person, it is worth it all. That ripple effect yanno? You never know who that person may pass the message on to or where your words can grow from that page you posted on.

Making a difference to just ONE person has to be enough, my friend. You, Mr. Visible, have made the way clear for far many than just one. You do it sooo well and so deeply your words are pure dynamite.

Anonymous said...

Please don’t give up posting in despair, LV. And thank you for what you’re doing; it will spread like ripples.

Like all the others above, I come here so as not to feel isolated and forlorn. Your insights and those of many who come here are a tremendous help to know there are others who are aware.

This site works also for WRH: http://www.whatreallyhappened.org/

For searches where one’s address is not saved, this site also can be used:
“Ixquick Search Engine
Ixquick search engine provides search results from over ten best search engines in full privacy. Search anonymously with Ixquick Search Engine!”
Also available for other locations.

It isn’t just one material that was used on the eleventh Sept. This Finnish expert’s hypothesis below accounts for the different kinds of evidence; his focus is on the means which could have produced the observed effects.


the photographs here have to be explained (disregard the mechanism she suggests) http://drjudywood.com/articles/DEW/StarWarsBeam5.html

this is one attempt to explain them

high tritium levels in the water and incidence of cancer in workers

This site below goes into many other details and follows connections:

abe said...

Cheer up Les, Nazi is way past the expire date as an insult. Just break it down man.

Nationalism?- good, Socialism?- also good if managed by citizens committed to their nation. Intolerance?- that would be Judea's declaration of war on Germany in 1933, according to Gilad Atmon. Descrimination?- it's literally the basis of every decision or choice one makes, nothing to be ashamed of as long as we keep our civility.

The next person who uses Nazi as an insult should be required to prove how the Nazis were worse than the Anglo-Ashkenazi imperialists they were competing with.

Visible said...

I should clarify something and I'll explain it the way I did to an email earlier today. The writer was kind of chastising me for mistaking one thing for another and for not letting the cosmos move through me (I won't even bother with that point but),

I explained that sometimes I write something because I feel like it is something a great many people are feeling and it turned out this was the case here as it pretty much always is because the reader and I have a relationship that can't really be defined in the usual terms.

I've noticed this myself for some time now because of hearing the same thing from a great many people and feeling a certain way prior to anything I write and sometimes it is a funneling of collective perspectives and sometimes it's... uh... something else?

Anyway, I'm not feeling depressed or like I am wasting my time as much as I was looking for a medium or template through which to express what got said. I have noticed that if I am not careful I can give the impression that I am in a state I'm not actually in.

That seems to be the case today but obviously there is truth in it so it doesn't matter in the long run whether I'm transmitting a personal condition or a view upon something larger because it is all shaped by something that is mysterious to me and probably always will be.

Rebel 4E said...

The M-asses are so fucked in the head at this point in time that they really wouldn't give a shit if the M.S.M broadcast on every channel the fact that 9-11 was an inside job perpetrated by ZioNazi Rat Bastards...
After a week or so it would just be more old news.
Sad fact...people just don't care.
Fluoridated, Desensitized, Dumbed Down, Fat Arsed,Jelly-Headed Morons.

Visible said...

Strangely enough it didn't bother me at all except for the means by which she came to that conclusion which was as an expression of what this post is about.

Generally, especially if it is someone else's friend, I am as gracious and tolerant as I can manage without having to be insincere to the degree that that troubles me more than the trouble I am taking.

When I was told, the first thing that hit me was the incredibly shallow and presumptuous way that it came about. So I then went into a mode where I behaved as if neither I nor that person existed because neither of them do (grin). This wasn't difficult but it took care of any inclination I might
have had to clarify the matter.

I feel as if I have recently passed some sort of personal equator or the universe has altered the conditions that result from simple and common actions. It's as if the water in the toilet bowl now rotates the other way and everything else has changed its nature.

I'm speaking differently and acting very differently so that I do things that I never did before and don't quite know what the meaning of them is. I find that I say whatever comes into my head with no concern for diplomacy or calculation for results that I used to think were best for all parties because, given that people are only what they are at any point, it made sense for me to employ awesome tact (grin) and restraint in terms of the degree to which I would state or discuss anything. For some reason I don't care about any of that now, nor do I care what anyone thinks in respect of it.

It's a little worrisome but there's this sense that it's okay even though I have no idea why that would be. I do find myself wanting to adjust this with periods of smooth operating and bonhomie if I feel they were both lacking altogether previously. Well I could go on and on about this but I won't.

Abusee said...

"It’s one thing to be so stupid that you allow yourself to be reduced to the state you are in now but it is another thing entirely to willingly cooperate with your abusers, as if that was all you ever wanted, while being reduced to ever worsening conditions, with no other reaction than unflinching support of them. If someone comes around and works to free or enlighten you, they had better watch their ass because you will kill them if you can."

You've just provided a perfect summary of the abuser-abused relationship. My best friend is caught in just such a relationship, and he'll do anything possible to safeguard the hell he's in. The more he gets treated like shit the more he needs to convince himself that she loves him and that the people who are trying to tell him otherwise are assholes. She is approaching perfect control and he perfect servitude, and yet, despite its manifest, even absurd, obviousness, he won't accept that the situation is anything but perfectly normal.

Erik said...

Hi All,

I don't know about Y'all but for me 9/11 was my WTF moment to start digging for the truth.

During this search I happened?? to stumble on Les' blogs, SM at first.

In the last couple of years my 'ego' has been successfully destroyed.

Luckily I had checked Origami before this and started another journey from there, together with you my dear fellow travelers; with unexpected results 'I' might add.

So Les, you can stop now if you want; you have reached this One person you needed .......(big grin)

ItsTotallyOutOfControl! said...

WRH 24.08.2010
"FBI sources indicate that the increase in Mossad activity is a major problem, particularly when Israelis are posing as U.S. government officials, but they also note that there is little they can do to stop it as the Justice Department refuses to initiate any punitive action or prosecutions of the Mossad officers who have been identified as involved in the illegal activity."

Its TOTALLY out of control now.


Anonymous said...

Natural Sozialist. Hey, Dumbass! Get up!! Be counted!! Or die like those 'gods' told you you should, dog!

Anonymous said...

"These people did this"

Who are thwse people? Congress?

the Last 4 presidents? Obama?

Ok. Ok. Who gives them their marching orders?

And doesn't the name start with a

(dare I write it down?)...the name starts with a Z, and ends with an n-i-s-t .....?

(oh, my, lions and tigers and bears, oh my...)

If one can't see the writting on the wall?

I don't know who wrote it, the Z-word, but I have certain thoughts.Am I a criminal ?

This woman you spoke about,(you stepped on one of her frogs) should become a hermit, and bury her head in a pile of leaves- because she gets offended. Terible. Terrible.
How long has she lived in this world?

It's a tough world out there, in case she doesn't know.


An "It's time to end this crap-Anti-semite" Amazon Latina Maverick Heretic Blasphemer

vixen said...

I notice as I get older and older, I’m a boomer and I am old by anyone’s calculations, that I care less and less about the manner in which I respond to people I feel are being a pain in the ass. I chalk it up to aging and could most likely call myself a bitter old woman if I still didn’t feel like a rowdy teenager at heart. I usually just keep to myself so that part me stays private and I don’t cause a scene. I’ve mostly given up trying to share my beliefs and opinions as they are usually met with anger, questioning looks, and gestures made with hands near one’s head making circles……

Anonymous said...

Don't despair Les, be assured by the fact that everything is under control.
Birth/rebirth and destruction are the way of the universe and even though we may not be able to 'understand' doesn't mean (shoulder shrug?) in the overall scheme.

I know of no other who can put 2 and 2 together and come up with the conclusions that you do; your insight is brilliant as is the tapestry you present as way of explanation/exposé.

We are all ‘children of the Universe’ and truth is the only thing that prevails/survives.
If there were no truth entropy would rule.
You help sustain the universe.


Anonymous said...

men in suits
with psychopathic means
corrupted politics
and evil schemes
financial chaos
with starving children
endless warfare
burned out buildings
insain laws
and ethnic cleansing
land thats dieing
not progressing
pharmaceutical experiments
and poisoned sea's
and people dont care
they think their free.


DaveS said...


One might choose to interpret that as a sign of... well, maybe a sign that the signer is thinking you're hyper-unique because they haven't yet evolved enough to understand you.

I personally like to think they're making an off-centered halo sign, and pointing out my somewhat off-beat heavenly qualities :)


Anonymous said...


Thank you for all of your efforts.

Odin's Raven said...

There's an old saying that nothing true is popular and nothing popular is true.
T.S.Eliot reminded us that humankind cannot stand very much reality.

Anonymous said...

Tune For The Day:

"End Of The Line"

By The Traveling Wilburys

Well it's all right, riding around in the breeze
Well it's all right, if you live the life you please
Well it's all right, doing the best you can
Well it's all right, as long as you lend a hand

You can sit around and wait for the phone to ring (End of the Line)
Waiting for someone to tell you everything (End of the Line)
Sit around and wonder what tomorrow will bring (End of the Line)
Maybe a diamond ring

Well it's all right, even if they say you're wrong
Well it's all right, sometimes you gotta be strong
Well it's all right, As long as you got somewhere to lay
Well it's all right, everyday is Judgment Day

Maybe somewhere down the road aways (End of the Line)
You'll think of me, wonder where I am these days (End of the Line)
Maybe somewhere down the road when somebody plays (End of the Line)
Purple haze

Well it's all right, even when push comes to shove
Well it's all right, if you got someone to love
Well it's all right, everything'll work out fine
Well it's all right, we're going to the end of the line

Don't have to be ashamed of the car I drive (End of the Line)
I'm glad to be here, happy to be alive (End of the Line)
It don't matter if you're by my side (End of the Line)
I'm satisfied

Well it's all right, even if you're old and gray
Well it's all right, you still got something to say
Well it's all right, remember to live and let live
Well it's all right, the best you can do is forgive

Well it's all right, riding around in the breeze
Well it's all right, if you live the life you please
Well it's all right, even if the sun don't shine
Well it's all right, we're going to the end of the line.

I just LOVE this band. Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

On and on and round it goes!

Just read this article:

The main point is completely missed by those commenting> I wish i could say - unbelievable!


Masher1 said...

I just noticed WRH is down.

Has anyone heard why?

smiley edna cactus girl you sorta know who said...

As I began reading this I immediately began thinking of "preaching to the choir" but of course you covered that, didn't you? :)

Back when blogging first came to be, in the dying days of web 1.0 I suppose, I was a blogger with a fan base and a lot of rage at the machine.

I realized at some point I was preaching to the choir and quit.

I couldn't reach even my loved ones, the ones who paid to put me through college (not that college helps everyone become more astute) and paid for me to hone my critical thinking skills.

If I couldn't reach them, what chance have I in this world of TEXTUALLY SCREAM WEIRD TROLL STUFF AND MACHO KNOWERS-OF-ALL-EVERYTHINGS?

Screw it.

And now (remember I told you I was actually paid to write garbage?) I've been given a political forum, sort of carte blanche. Except I work there and it's a better job than most so I don't post anything that resembles a big pile of zionist dogshit. But other people could, oh yes indeed.

Me, I just post news stuff I'd pick up at Rense and WRH...oh and hey, what really happened to what really happened? Been down all day!

Hi Les, and blog family. Hope you've been well.

VW: relimp. haha.

Randall said...

Hey Les,
this thing be explained by a the same, but smaller situation: cults.

Western cultures are no different
than Scientology or any other cult
mentality; just on a bigger scale.
In a cult of any size, there are those who can see it for what it is,
and there are those who need to be kidnapped and forcefully deprogrammed by a pro.
It's always a question of personality, those that can believe their own intellect and deal with the cognitive dissonance , and those who can't.
I feel good that I woke one young person up at a guitar forum who
was name calling and everything.
I gave him a link to ONE vid, I think it was 911 mysteries: demolition, and he was a totally different person the next time.
Slow going, yes.
Jayne Gardner brought up the possibility that the Holocaust
might not be exactly as believed,
and her sister was so emotionally invested in this, that she would have disowned her over the issue if Jayne had kept on about it.
That's how strong the Cult mentality is.

Timster said...

I humbly apologize, if mine was the one she visited and caused you so much trouble...
not for the content...just for your trouble.

smiley girl edna said...

oh, there's WRH, thanks for the alternate link! http://waketheflockup.com/

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I couldn't agree with you more. It's hard getting closed minded people to see the truth because they don't think outside the box. Their minds have been conditioned by the "Powers That Be" to accept the government's answers regarding 9/11 and secrecy's.

I've woken up many people in my circles but that doesn't outweigh the one's who won't at least listen. Those who don't get angry and tell you that you're an idiot. That's what my sister unfortunately told me when I tried to explain the truth to her about 9/11.

Building 7 is a perfect example. It's amazing alot of people don't even know about Building 7 collapsing on 9/11.

Keep up the fight and God Bless You.


hi les n im here from a beautiful person wno told me to come here ..im shocked but yet not surprised that you summ up my feelings so well-your thought are mine i feel the same things everyday many times ive exhausted myself ot all this ran away only to come back stronger with more conviction yet i realize sadly its not getting through to the masses ..i truly believe hell is here on earth now-a mixture of joy n total death n destruction both spiritual as well as physical ....we cannot give up if for nothing else your own sake is what is important...many people are changing their minds but still too many people watch tv e.g.fox news bill oreilly n his truly nazi slant ....maybe you can never change the ignorance n drive of this majority ...for me justice is served only in knowing their dna is less than pure-angelic n they have to get old n die ...truly maybe is the only justice that will ever be n of course you cant take anything with you to the hereafter so maybe they find themselves in a place filled with the voices of those they defiled n eternity is then rent unto them -i hope n wish it to be so...in closing nothing will ever change truly until we have MASSIVE PHYSICAL RESISTANCE WITH BLOODSHED-I PRAY FOR THE TIME BUSH CHENEY BP OBAMA/MINIONS DANGLE FROM THE TELEPHONE POLES ALA MUSSOLINI ....

Origen the heretic said...

Yo Les! That moron you were talking about, i.e., Louie Gohmert not to mention the blond dingbat Debbie Riddle point out perfectly just how stupid AmeriKans are. What'll you bet at least 3/4 of the audience buys that bullshit? 90%? As I mentioned once before, I've given up on trying to communicate with these brainwashed idiots. And as you say, it's bloody dangerous. Listen man, it's OK to preach to the choir. I assure you as one member of the choir, I get a hell of a lot out of your posts. Moreover, if you look at Feedjit, you'll know that you're constantly getting non choir readers, and no doubt you're doing some good there. Last but not least, what is the title of your new novel?

Rev. John

mcalevy said...

This is probably what my state of mind would be like if I were still in the USA. This man, the Dog Poet, is significant enough in the realm of things to have shown up in the reports of Cliff High.

Pete Peterson in his interview on project camelot indicated that 15% of the population is genetically different and is not subject to mind control or propaganda. At this point, it is kind of tragic to see those in that 15% still barking at the other 85%. All I can say to the 15% is take cover, because the stench of the bodies of the 85% is going to be really bad for a while.

The above is my comment that I posted on facebook as I shared this blog.

Anonymous said...

Pick a villian and send them to hell. It's really that simple. We got Lloyd Blankfein and associates at Goldman Sachs stealing trillions through Congress. (btw, any Congressman or Senator that voted to fund the wars needs to be sent to hell) We have Jacob Rothschild and associates close to owning the globe calling the shots. (remember the pic of Arnold Swartzenegger being vetted by Jacob and Warren Buffet?) Tony Hayward...grand destroyer of the Gulf should live or die? You getting the picture folks? Do nothing, of do what needs to be done...it's that simple.

Anonymous said...

Chin up, man.

I started to figure things out in early 2005, in large part cause of you. And I’m proud to say I have enlightened exactly one other person in these 5+ years. Like Ted Stryker says: “What a pisser.”

Always remember: BinLaden’s a pimp. He never could’ve outfought NORAD.

And once again for the cheap seats – DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A GRAVITATIONAL COLLAPSE! http://www.sxolsout.org.uk/p11_files/image017.jpg


Lee said...

Sir: I have been reading your blog for about a year now. Whenever I tried talking about the subject of Israel, Judaism and Jews, I get the roll of the eyes. This mostly comes from my oldest daughter who is rather informed, college educated, etc. I am quickly branded antiSemite or Nazi although I fully support the real Semites.The indigenous Palestinian Jews.
This is also a paradox. Although I detest violence and pointless hatred, racism, and many of the ills of this world, I cannot say enough of the kindness I have received from these people. I am to this day, deeply in love with a young "J" girl who treated me with the greatest kindness I have ever known.The same goes to several teachers and a few friends of that same extraction. Not all of these people subscribe to that Special Victims Unit,and or, Perpetual Victims Mentality. They are just people and not just God's Chosen.

Still, it is important for us less than perfect beings, to speak out. Even now, I am borderline homeless due to threats against my life by a former friend and gangster. That evil mentality knows no bounds.

Keep the good cause. Also, please support that good man, Brother Nathaniel Kapner.

End Trans....

The Eagle flies at night said...

_..most of the public wouldn’t even need any help in coming to that conclusion because there is something in their ignorance that demands the truth be treated with contempt at all times and that lies should be exalted to near religious status simply because they are lies and for no other reason._

The best quotable quote I've read for, oh say, since Busama bin Years.

My words can't rival yours as I'm a county boy getting on in years. You can tell a school of fish to avoid the worm and they'll swallow hook, line & sinker in spite, but then, if you tell an old dog to sit and listen, he'll take every word you say as a treat from you for taking the time with him to relay.

Your thoughts are formed as arrows, the fates will determine how many minds become true targets. Your task is to keep your bow strung tightly & let those arrows loost.

Publius said...

This quote is by Gerhard Richter:

Form is all we have to help us cope with fundamentally chaotic facts and assaults. Formulating something is a great start. I trust form, trust my feeling or capacity to find the right form for something. Even if that is only by being well organized. That too is form.

This one is by Mr. Natural" "T'was ever thus."

Rabbit said...

I see it all the same way exactly, just as speechless when it comes to describing the insanity I see around, and I'm trying to run a manufacturing business, pay taxes and raise three teenagers who are already lost to the system it appears and amount to all the cliches we're becoming familiar with.

It is easy for people to play the game if they think its all hunky dory, but hard as hell if you know what a crock of crab crap it all is really. I sometimes feel like I should just go crazy myself, I even feel it might be possible, just go crazy and join the crazy throng in bliussful stupid ignorance.

Then I rememeber it is all just a bad dream and will be behind me one day anyway.

Anonymous said...

Who was it that said 'intelligence is the ability to join the dots'?

Well obviously there has been a successful concerted effort for sometime to prevent people from finding the elephant in the picture (room)!

Now I am not saying that I am of any particular special intellect, but I like to join the dots. I think it harks back to when I was a kid - those join the dots books were everywhere.

One I made earlier............

Barack.. Hussein.. Obama..

Emund Barack..........

Saddam Hussein....

Osama.. Binladen

Can you join the dots?


Anonymous said...

Smoke a bowl, have a drink. Make your own reality. This one sucks. I’m too old. The earth shouldn't be like this. Humankind could be so happy. You know Satan is behind it all, truly... but say it and people think "looney".

Dark City (1998 movie)
Inspector Frank Bumstead: "No one ever listens to me."

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

Homo Erectus and the Kiss of Rothschild.

Anonymous said...

Les and everyone, check this out:


Then google "Moldova Israel".

GodSend said...


You sound like a reasonable man. It hurts when you see your own children caught up in the Matrix. Satan is a formidable enemy and the Solution (to The Puzzle) is never served up on a silver platter. "NO PAIN, NO GAIN" is the formula.

May I suggest that you go down the rabbit hole which starts on my website (Sons of Light) and continues on my Blog. There is something to be DONE before you reach the end of the line!

Good Luck!

GodSend said...


Many dots are really bloody blobs!

The MSM creates a facade of reality. There are FAR more people enlightened about the true state of affairs (like about 911, for example) than THEY would like everyone to believe. We live in an Orwellian world, where what you see is NOT what you get! The trick is learning how to SEE!

Anonymous said...

One more Les,


There something to be said about hammers dropping!

Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad to have found a place where others feel like they're standing in two planes of existence. I just thought I was losing grip with my reality. I

almost hate this feeling, because I find myself regressing into past memories, and being challenged with "it wasn't like THIS back then!". I'm concerned for how fast the train left the station recently, though. It's hard to explain to others what's up.

I lurk in a lot of places, and read a lot of blogs, Les, but I enjoy the peace yours brings me, even though it seems to agitate other nerves I wasn't even aware of until visiting you.

I don't normally comment to any blogs, but I HAD to say "Thank You" for your persistence, your fresh aspect and transmission of the truth, and for givng me a place to find like-minded souls.

No matter WHAT happens in the future, please try to keep this blog rolling along as long as possible.

I will faithfully continue to "lurk", and listen carefully to many who seem wiser than me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
Although this is my first post, I have been reading Smoking Mirrors etc on The Truth Seeker for over a year now and your words never fail to resurrect a feeling of hope in my heart. Sometimes I feel despair and frustration at those otherwise lovely intelligent people who surround me and who fail to see the significance of events such as 911 and their connection to the pain and suffering inflicted on the world since. I have awakened 3 people who have begun their own journey and research, but it's not enough. It never fails to amaze me how people spend their valuable time and money on grooming, junk food, crap movies and tv etc, but when I tell them how much enjoyment can be had by growing your own food or how free you can feel by not conforming to the latest fad diet, crippling footwear fashion, debt-laden Christmas spending spree etc, they just look at me as though I'm MAD!! So please keep up your excellent work - there are many like me out there who love what you do but don't tell you. (I also find Dublin Mick very informative)
Thank you,

Copernicus Kidd said...

fantastic post. just want to note that the debbie riddle humanoid appears very near to catastrophic gello destablization - akin to the scene in Terry Gilliam's Brazil, where the wake of the mother character is stampeded.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Les for once again speaking the truth about this tribe in these difficult times. I do what I can locally although it is a constant uphill battle. It is very difficult telling people about the scope of the lie, they do not want to think about having been fooled their entire lives. I have a list of great books that show beyond a shadow of a doubt the enormity of their crimes and lies. Fortunately, they are still mostly available free of charge as pdf files to download, as the tribe also controls most publishing houses. Please download, read, and pass on. Thank you, Bill

For understanding the real history of the Jews, their influence and power in the world, and, their agenda.
Many of these books were written by honorable whistle-blower Jews that could not remain silent with this knowledge.

(in no particular order)

"The Controversy of Zion" - Douglas Reed
"The Religion of Judaism" - Michael A. Hofmann
"The Synagogue of Satan" - Andrew Hitchcock
"The Jews, The Whole Truth" - Kostas Plevis * (not yet available in English)
"Final Judgement" - Michael Collins Piper
"The Victory of Judaism Over Germanism" - Wilhelm Marrs
"Dissecting the Holocaust" - Germar Rudolf
"The Myth of the Six Million" - David Hoggan
"Not Guilty at Nuremberg" - Carlos W. Porter
"Made in Russia - The Holocaust" - Carlos W. Porter
"The Hoax of the Twentieth Century" - Arthur R. Butz
"The Holocaust Industry" - Norman Finkelstein
"The International Jew" - Henry Ford
"Terror Timeline - History of the Jewish Assault on the World" - Victor Wolzek
"Holocaust, Jewish or German?" - S.E.Castan
"Jewish History - Jewish Religion" - Israel Shahak
"Hoax or Holocaust - The Arguments" - Jurgen Graf
"Truth For Germany" - Udo Walendy
"When Victims Rule" - 2000 page compendium of multiple authors, mostly Jewish
"The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes" - Samuel Crowell
"The Rudolf Report" - Germar Rudolf
"Auschwitz - Open Air Incineration" - Carlo Mattogno
"Auschwitz Lies" - Rudolf, Mattogno
"Auschwitz: Plain Facts" - A Response to Jean Claude Pressac - Faurisson, Mattogno, Rudolf, Thion.
"Did Six Million Really Die?" - Barbara Kulaska (Report of the evidence in the Zundel trial 1988)
"The First Holocaust" - Don Heddesheimer
"Anne Frank's Diary, A Hoax" - Ditlieb Felderer
"Did Six Million Really Die?" - Richard E. Harwood
"The Invention of the Jewish People" - Shlomo Sand
"Masters of Discourse" - Israel Shamir
"Israels Sacred Terrorism" - Livia Rokach
"The Nameless War" - Archibald Maule Ramsay
"Secret Societies and Subversive Movements" - Nesta H. Webster
"The Forced War" - David Hoggan

Anonymous said...

"Truth For Germany" - Udo Walendy
"When Victims Rule" - 2000 page compendium of multiple authors, mostly Jewish
"The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes" - Samuel Crowell
"The Rudolf Report" - Germar Rudolf
"Auschwitz - Open Air Incineration" - Carlo Mattogno
"Auschwitz Lies" - Rudolf, Mattogno
"Auschwitz: Plain Facts" - A Response to Jean Claude Pressac - Faurisson, Mattogno, Rudolf, Thion.
"Did Six Million Really Die?" - Barbara Kulaska (Report of the evidence in the Zundel trial 1988)
"The First Holocaust" - Don Heddesheimer
"Anne Frank's Diary, A Hoax" - Ditlieb Felderer
"Did Six Million Really Die?" - Richard E. Harwood
"The Invention of the Jewish People" - Shlomo Sand
"Masters of Discourse" - Israel Shamir
"Israels Sacred Terrorism" - Livia Rokach
"The Nameless War" - Archibald Maule Ramsay
"Secret Societies and Subversive Movements" - Nesta H. Webster
"The Forced War" - David Hoggan

Kevenj said...

Preachin' to the choir as it may be also serves the needed purpose of community and edification from those that have been given the gift to those that might use it wisely.
It would seem you have.

Anonymous said...

Pleas let professor Mike R. know that the stinky stuff in CNG is not Hydrogen Sulfide... It is Mercaptan.

Unknown said...

Soldier on my brother. I too am spreading the word while being scorned by the ignorant and closed minded. It is worth every detrimental verbal assault knowing that one person's mind has been touched by the truth. You are an inspiration and a spiritual oasis.

thathollowfeelin said...

I agree with everything you say in your blog, but to quote the words of someone i can't remember, "don't cry for the world, but at the same time don't be blind to the pain of a sparrow laying on the ground dying" or to quote someone else i think its martin luther (the german priest),"its only in the jaws of death that we are truly alive", or "learn what to take seriously and laugh at the rest", i quote these things because they ring like a bell across the ages of time to me, i'm inspired by these words as i am by your words. People today don't even read, so all the wisdom of the ages and lessons learned by blood are lost, the bell isn't ringing, because people are to busy shopping or listening to there ipod's while watching DVD's.
Selfishness and materiality go well together to produce people who care more how things looks than what things really are or the next sensation or latest gossip, the people today have been taught and conditioned to behave like children, never living up to there potential or depth of understanding reached through contemplation, its like the people today have ADD (attention defeceit dissorder), the more you tell people the less they give a stuff about anything. I fear whats coming when the people are asleep. The solution to our wows today aren't pretty, human society has been damaged by self serving interests, damaged people don,t know there damaged, humaness is becoming a sort of consuming syborg that is "I consume there fore i am", while were given these toys to play with or lollies to eat, great crimes are being committed, moses took his people through the desert for 40 years so the generations that were damaged by the pharoes died out, then he began anew, this analogy isn't the best one, but i cant find another.
The only consoling thing i can say is its all happened before through out history, the fact people learn nothing from it says something about us as a species.

coletteonice said...

sheesh! that hollow feeling.only 40 years for moses to follow through those directions!...he must have had a really,really goodly geographically onto it guru to have pulled that one off!

Anonymous said...

Hey Les, I just came across a good search engine that competes with google. Its name is Yandex and is based in Russia.

It seems to work quite well and is in english.

Maybe the readers here could try Yandex out.

Anonymous said...

Fishing boats based on the east coast to protest Obama at Vineyard Harbor tomorrow...Recreational boats will also be there.


Anonymous said...

Thought For The Day:

"In a mad world only the mad are sane." -- Akira Kurosawa

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...


estebanfolsom said...

'in the valley
of the blind,
the one eyed man
is king'

i believe this is
h.g. wells

a great
short story
check it

estebanfolsom said...

it might be called
'the country of the blind'

here it is
worth your while
i assure you


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up.

Fishsticks and the Temporary Art of a Plastic Stationary Ass.

This is in case you got here from the specific link and not the site itself.

Candace said...

Godsend, there is no alien race out there, it was only reptilians living under the surface, and they are now all removed. the aliens here are totally from the higher realms and preparing the planet for the massive changes. their thugs still walk the surface but that is soon ending.

Take care, Candace,

www.abundanthope.net. This is the working team for getting the plant thru the coming changes.

PS, love your work always Les, we posted this one on the site. we all feel this way, well said.

Anonymous said...

Israel et.al. (zionists) don't know when to say "uncle".


Look who is picking this fight, again.

vw: cowint (cowards)

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:09


Is this in response to proposed russian weapons sales to Syria. Many commentors on Haaretz article regarding the weapons sales mentioned that Israel should sell weapons to Georgia.

wv: BRATIONI (something bad kids get for dinner!)

Anonymous said...

Kremlin will not stop arms sales to Syria.


Taylor, V. said...

Les, I've been reading your sites for the past three or four years. First time I ever made a comment. I often think about saying "F*ck it" when it comes to my own ignorance, and the ignorance of others. Reading your words can take that pressure off of my shoulders. The way you present ideas, and the ideas you often convey, are refreshing.

If there are more like me (which I am confident there are) then you have more people listening to you than you probably believe. I, alone, have been in the shadows of this site for years.

Just showing respect. In a world that appears to be barren of truth and justice, it is good to know that you are always a welcoming oasis.

~ Taylor: West Yarmouth, Mass.

Anonymous said...

Dear Israel,



Vickie said...

Truth in a time of deceit is a revolutionary act.

The big lie mantra really works.

They are right - Sheeple aren't smart

Joesph Goebbels would be so proud.

There will literally be hell to pay
There is zero other option
There is only one correct answer to a sum - That's it.

Truth is static not relative; despite all uncritical, unthinking the drivel I am subjected to otherwise.

This, this evil age ends.

Time is on my side - It's a promise take it to the bank.

Truth - That's it.

There is zero other option.

History will prove me right.

And so the lying game goes



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