Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Anacondas and the Jesus Jumping Girl.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

This is a blank page, or, it was a blank page. I could say anything here and someone will read it. Maybe I can make an anaconda come out of your bacon and eggs and eat your breakfast in front of you, while your children watch and maybe one of them says, “Shouldn’t that be on TV”? ...and maybe I can’t. We’ll see. I don’t eat bacon and rarely any kind of eggs but I might know an anaconda or two.

I don’t know who I am and- I never have- or I forgot. Whatever the case, I don’t know. Could be reincarnation is a fact. I believe it is. If so, then I also don’t know who I was before the last time, most of the time. Sometimes I do remember and I think that has something to do with whatever I have been looking for, for such a long time and I think for anyone that is how you come to define yourself or simply allow yourself to be defined; in one case or another. That’s the empty suit phenomenon and the vehicle of psychopaths, which are the cutting edge; Wharton School graduates of recent times and... other places and other suits.

The hardest thing in this world is to not be an asshole. Like the empty suit, it is more than it seems. One thing you can be sure of, if you are an asshole you will act it out. It comes with the persona. Probably the most pathetic thing in the world is the unclaimed asshole, trembling in a suspended state, no face attached- you get to use your imagination on that one- and it’s just there, wanting to be owned by anyone... someone. Go ahead, write your name on that ass with a felt tip marker, so that it says, “Property of” ...who the fuck knows?

What is it with a person that allows them to think that there is some ambition or profit or desire that is important enough for them to murder their own being in public view, or out of public view? It works either way, anyway.

I understand the arguments about whether there is or is not a god. Let’s put that aside for the moment. Let’s talk about logic and also about how you feel. What do you want? Even though I do not know Jack Shit, I am aware of him and he is not a friend of mine. It could be that he does not exist.

Somehow, somewhere, someone lost the point. Or; maybe this and maybe that, I don’t live on maybe and Hope is a lot like meringue.

They are about to shuffle the cards again. They? Them? Him? Her? It? Be my guest; like I said, let’s put that aside for the moment. What is it that you think you want? What do you trade off for something else? If it keeps going upscale then I guess there is no problem but... if you are trading off something that you already owned, in order to no longer own what was yours in the first place and you think that is a good deal then maybe you live on Maybe Street.

I’m looking at a culture where the Jumping Jesus Girl got to be the prom queen and married the quarterback and just said to herself, “You know what? I don’t like Cherry Hill anymore. I think I’ll go over to Camden and see if anyone wants to turn me into a crack whore. I will still have a family but I realize I am too stupid to pay attention to what’s happening around me. I based my life on superficial shit so... uh, shouldn’t I be a superficial slut and have all the things that adored and propped me up force themselves back into the canal through which I produce the continuing dream of my own replicants and be left totally unsatisfied in the bargain?”

Well, there you are and this isn’t a blank page anymore.

As it ever was, most of the world is struggling to get or to hold on to their little piece of what’s important while being compelled to trade off what is important, for the security of appearing to be, because a handful of not so empty suits did an HIV tag marker thing on the thing that made you lose it for something else, that wasn’t worth shit. Ask Jack. He knows

You can’t live according to ideals you don’t actually live by. Do you lie to yourself or not? Do you make money?

This world is exactly what it is until people can no longer tolerate their conditions, then the money moves to the other side of the fence. That is where you have to catch them. Just take their money and do the right thing. Putin understood this and is one of the few who actually gives a shit about his own people. They are going after him hammer and tongs as I write. They are going after Jeff Rense through some guy named Larry Sinclair. They go after Mike Rivero via Alex Jones and they put on the Allman Brothers doing; “Tied to a Whipping Post”

Jeff Rense sits in a room for 14 hours a day keeping his website alive with little or no help and surviving in a minimalist sort of a way because he is trying to lift the veil of ignorance that everyone uses to convince their lying eyes. Michael Rivero is like the element (molybdenum?) that was bonded on to the car of the lead singer for The Seeds that I saw sitting in Richard Brush’s driveway on Maui and because of which, it was impenetrable to one force or another.

It all comes down to whether people tell the truth. You want finesse? Then you get shades of truth and you don’t want the truth. I want the truth and I wander around between these places looking for it and why is that? ...because I am more likely to get it there. Some places are ‘highly likely’ and some are suspect. The Truthseeker, Infohub, Global Research, Information Clearing House, Uruknet, Pakalert; they all look like the good guys and they keep looking like the good guys as time goes on and that, of course, includes those already mentioned and... what about David Icke? I would know a lot less if I had never read him and he passes the litmus test. They all do. They all pass the litmus test. They are beleaguered and beaten on. Some of them might even make money but I don’t think that’s the driving force.

I don’t know this but I would bet that none of them get along because they are all vying for the same space but they are brothers under the hood of that automobile. They are one way or another, personal shortcomings aside, warriors for the good of the rest of us.

It’s past time for the real soldiers among us to put aside our differences and forgive each others trespasses. It’s past time for all of us to stop carrying that impossible standard up the metaphorical Iwo Jima. You do it together. You don’t do it alone.

With all the known disinfo operations, of which we are aware, if we would just concede what we don’t actually know, we would be a lot closer to getting there. We are pulling sand back into the hole we are climbing out of and it’s not effective. Very soon now, things are going to dramatically change. We won’t even have a choice then. We already made our choice anyway.

It’s a good thing I don’t know what I’m talking about or I probably wouldn’t have written this and... then again, that might not be a good thing. All I know is that when push comes to shove most of it depends on whether you are in a crowded room at the time. I’d be a lot happier with the whole affair if there were more laissez faire between the real truth tellers and a lot less give between the liars but whores are always a lot more relaxed than debutantes when faced with the inevitable reward for whatever it is they have to offer; given that there is, of course, a quite different class of suitor.

Tomorrow it will be another blank page and for everyone reading this there will come another blank page so, I guess we’re rehearsing for something.

End Transmission......

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'Jews from Outer Space'

Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List

Smoking Mirrors Mirror.


Peter of Lone Tree said...



Visible said...


You are way cool.

Anonymous said...

The greatest generation of fools,and are,nt we all, needs to do the greatest thing yet and get the hell out of the way. Because they were tested and found wanting to the truth,every institution of mankind is as toxic as nagasaki the day after.The fascist supremacy will remain unchallenged til the day you die because regardless of what you were told in school, the fascist won. Global fascists that is. And god help you if you don,t shut up and go along with it. They have ways of silencing dissenters you don,t want to believe me.

bholanath said...

I have to confess I don't know Jack either.

Someone said to Jed McKenna, "You're enlightened and you don't know who you are?"
His reply: "Can't know, doesn't matter, don't care."

I like his term "Break-Out Archetype", in the Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment book.
Maybe you can relate.

Some attributes:
.Purity of intent - monomania
.Acting, but no reflection on fruits
.Imperious, self-sovereign
.Knowing one is alone
.Going further, come what may
.Hyper-Promethean - "Stealing fire from the gods is petty larceny compared to stealing illusion from Maya"
.Driven, not drawn (toward desire)
"Truth has no confines"
.Embracing one's madness
.Madness is sanity
.Non-ordinary, unconventional source of knowledge
.Never counts cost - "Nothing true can be destroyed, nothing false exists."
.Both player and spectator
.Operates from place of perfect certainty
.Undetermined whether he chose his destiny or was chosen by it
.Appears insane
.Spiritually absolute - no Plan B
.Still human
.No regrets, misgivings
.Discovering his role as he plays it
.Ego stripped to the bone
.Knows it's out of his hands
.Stark raving happiness, transcendental exultation

Jack's not around.

Anonymous said...

Les, speaking of blank pages, Erik Prince (of blackwater fame) has left the U.S. and moved to Abu Dhabi.....

Anonymous said...

Here is the article regarding Erik Prince leaving the U.S..

Looks like he may be "jumping for jesus" over there to put the final touches on armageddon.

jay said...

you think way 2 much. just relax and enjoy the ride, already.

Jack Frost said...

Ifitwernt for the fact use being so cool we'd warmly like to icily nice you and the cake for snaping the rule
Assist as it is you cannot be Bernard for carrying the fuel
Thatch wood be true cruel
We've alsolovenly deduced that you're nutta fool

Peter of Lone Tree said...

I worked for 17 years in the office of a flat-roll steel mill where about 10% of the orders had molybdenum as part of the steel-make process for strength and hardness.
(It was '69 - '86 and I had to punch it in to to make sure of the spelling. Most of the time we just said "molly" 'cuz we couldn't pronounce it either. Shh! Don't tell anybody.)

bholanath said...

Oh crap, I meant to put that on Origami.
You're too prolific and I get mixed up.
Did the world end?

Linnea said...

It’s past time for the real soldiers among us to put aside our differences and forgive each others trespasses. It’s past time for all of us to stop carrying that impossible standard up the metaphorical Iwo Jima. You do it together. You don’t do it alone.

With all the known disinfo operations, of which we are aware, if we would just concede what we don’t actually know, we would be a lot closer to getting there. We are pulling sand back into the hole we are climbing out of and it’s not effective. Very soon now, things are going to dramatically change. We won’t even have a choice then. We already made our choice anyway.

Thank you for saying this. Time someone did. If we all get completely paranoid ( which would not be difficult), we are completely lost.

Keep up the good work, you inspire and calm me. I hope we meet in a future life.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Wow,just wow.


bholanath said...

Our county's largest industry and employer is the Chevron-owned Molycorp molybdenum mine.
Screwed the employees, the community, and the land royally.
Super ugly. Names have been taken.

Visible said...

I could have just left those off but it wouldn't be as amusing. So go ahead and put it at Origami; hardly anyone goes there anyway (grin).

thanks Linnea, we will


Anonymous said...

Bottom line is: When will we all realize this is an experiment and we are the guinea pigs.....?

Frog said...

Here is a link to a recent column claiming that Riviera sold out to the system. The blog is called "How Dare I"...

Anonymous said...

beaming in colors
strings of the sound
stirrings of inner streams
rumble from ground
frequency shudder
open and wake
wandering truths
inner vibrate
scented of medicine
blowing on breeze
brushing the flowers
flowing through trees
weaving in essences
shades of awoke
the notes of our nature
across the sea float
spun from the stars
the moon and the sun
everything is all
and all is one.


forces rise
living light

abe said...

Be your guest?

ChewyBees said...

My current top of the heap song of my ages:
"As long as one man can deceive another there can never be peace. When no man can deceive another there can be nothing but peace."
Peace Out.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Jed McKenna mentioned here . . . his are three of the best books ever, IMO.

Josey Wales said...


You are the warrior we all hoped we would be.

Together we win.


* For inspiration the St. Crispin Day speech to the troops does it for me.

Anonymous said...

We have a chance to do something great, to be among the greatest Americans, to be like Tom paine, Tom Jefferson and George Washington but we're fluoridated, vaccinated and chemicalized until our brain cells are toasted.

Whether we have it in us, collectively or individually, remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

No dog poet, reincarnation is nonsense.

"It is appointed unto man once to die & after that the judgement" as Christ told us.

Hope you're ready....don't die in your'll be too late then.

Anonymous said...

Courage To Resist

For those who have any questions or doubts about Bradley Manning (The accused WikiLeaks whistle blower) current situation, please go to:

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

After what Jefferson, Washington and the like did to the natives, slaves, buffalo, etc., etc., etc., it would seem a vaccination of that type of behavior and thought would be in order.

Anonymous said...


Sometimes when I read you I cry because I realize that I am not so alone in my thoughts. Thanks for that.


Anonymous said...

sound centre scented
essences sway
weave on the breeze
sent on a wave
in a shade of an indigo
a beam of a flower
float from the center
in a grain of the power
across the sea blue
shooting star tails
electrify the living
spin leaving trails
beams of the sun
ground to the sky
crossing the winds
charging of light
chase like a river
signs inner glow
in symbols of peace
from center blow.


TheSparkle said...

Anonymous said:

"No dog poet, reincarnation is nonsense.

"It is appointed unto man once to die & after that the judgement" as Christ told us.

Hope you're ready....don't die in your'll be too late then.

What sins? Are you some kind of damn fool, 'tom'?


wv: ranier, yes a pretty thing

Anonymous said...


One sentence I did not understand: " They are going after Jeff Rense through some guy named Larry Sinclair. They go after Mike Rivero via Alex Jones..."

I (think) I know why Jones is there in relation to Rivero, but I don't understand what you mean by: "They are going after Rense through Sinclair".

Are you saying Larry Sinclair is a tool of TPTB? He's always struck me as an honest guy but then again, it would not be the first time I'm wrong about a public figure.

long john said...

Avatar Meher Baba - Highlights of His Life, Work and Message - Part 1

Avatar Meher Baba - Highlights of His Life, Work and Message - Part 2

Avatar Meher Baba - Highlights of His Life, Work and Message - Part 3

estebanfolsom said...

'i'm sorry dave
i can't do that'

ring any bells ?
one emp away

keep a pencil
and paper handy

and when you add

you'll know
your there

estebanfolsom said...

i agree

we need a
stick to
get her


two down
bottom of the ninth
sox's up by two

strike's im out


Zellie said...

That website reminded me of that guy who said he met an alien when a craft landed in front of him somewhere in Europe...I can't remember his name right now, but on his website, was all the people looking to 'hook' up and have sex since there is no God, just aliens that recreate worlds and when one world gets evolved enough to relate to and welcome aliens, the message is 'there is no God,' just your turn to go out there and seek out a new world so as to pass on the message(s)...need those pretty pics afterall who wants to hook up with a dog? Oh, ahehm, excuse me...don't answer that!

abe said...


Rabbit said...

I think some of us know what you're talking about no matter how little effort you take to make it clear.

I am just happily drifting along with the flow myself. Owning little, I yet know plenty, holding onto nothing except regard for that which clings to me. I kind of got washed off the rocks, and managed to reach the surface again without need to cling to them again.

Not too worried about what comes next, but I'm very curious. Feeling good about being an old man tomorrow. A little bit like the present is fading into a dream and tomorrow, a new world is solidifying within my view instead.

Alan Donelson said...

Les Visible, may you ever approach IN-visibility, even achieve transparency, and let the Light shine ever more brightly through, in your own words. Thank you very much for all you have contributed, especially words of hope in sorrow. I strive to do the same in my own way, even less visibly than you do!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your words of encouragement Les.
Disinformation is like sticky tar - hard to see under your feet when walking in the dark.


Anonymous said...

Les .. Wild thang you make my heart sing.. you make nevermind
but !! you do make my heart sing
Mo Visable

Visible said...

This is one of the reasons that I like Mike Rivero. He puts this kind of thing up on his site. People ARE catching on. The world IS waking up. It is many times more powerful collectively than individually. It is realer than real or smoker than smoke. Where's my pack of American Spirit? Gelb bitte.

Anonymous said...

American Spirit, gelb ?
For me it´s Pueblo, also without additives and lot less fuzzier.
Never past time to modify a pastime.

Anonymous said...

"...whores are always a lot more relaxed than debutantes when faced with the inevitable reward for whatever it is they have to offer..."

That is about the funniest true statement I have seen a while. Thanks for starting my day with a plea for truth and a chuckle!

the BCth said...

long john @ 3:37 AM

Thank you so much for the video links. The presentation moved me to tears more than once. I only wonder how it is possible that Meher Baba and his work have been so totally unknown to me... have I just not been paying attention? Everything about him speaks to his being the genuine article... perhaps that is why we don't hear about him...

Visible said...

Maxing it out here Boss.

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

The Truth is the Best Fuck in Town.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Sorry, but the divine is reminding me to quit giving away what's important in an effort to hold on to what's important, and there you are again.

digging through the trash in the alley,

Anonymous said...

"Even though I do not know Jack Shit, ..."

I can see that.

kikz said...

anon 12:40

you do realize... washington left paine in a french prison to rot, right?

well, a slight twist of fate stopp'd his execution temporarily, and then franklin was able to extricate him.

then think on the 'whisky rebellion'...
the MAN had to get his cut..

fuk washington.

Anonymous said...

When I was very young, I had the misfortune of what I will assume was a very old snake revealing itself to me, and just as suddenly vanished. Other than my NDE before in the same area nearby , reasons I still cannot understand.

Satan is getting a free pass. And those who are inadvertently
holding the door open for this scum of the earth see down as up.

Anonymous said...

Putin knows how to play chess! Just because he got HAARP'ed recently, he's not that popular anymore. His motto is 'Never interrupt an enemy when he's making a mistake'! But wait awhile, and when the time is right, he'll turn on his own Scaler Wave machines and Corexit will be all over Amerika!

Anonymous said...

I feel like I have read Kurt's scribbling' on a coffee shop bathroom wall... some where, some lifetime ago.
So thanks, this empty page registered some humor that came out of my monitor and drank my coffee.

JG said...

Time is a stripper, doin it just for you!

randalll said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No dog poet, reincarnation is nonsense.

"It is appointed unto man once to die & after that the judgement" as Christ told us.

Hope you're ready....don't die in your'll be too late then.
No tom Christ did not say that at all.
That's from the old testament,
the book of the jews war-god.
Jesus said you must be born again (duh, I wonder what THAT menas, lets make it complex tho eh?) both of water (physically)
and spirit (soul in a new body)
Thanks for the disinfo though, always love a chance to refute it.

Yes, this is the original randall,
of chems, and guns, and the great linking for truth project randall.

Visible said...

That link probably doesn't work and this one will-

The link to the live recording of my evening where I had no idea what was going to happen and got recorded for the same reason both unknown to me.

Visible said...

In France that is more often determined by the conversational exchange that takes place between you and the person looking back at you between the chair legs because it turns the chair on by being the medium of what all French people believe their identity is based on that it declares it was only pretending to be a chair so that someone would sit on you and that is taking a lot more trouble made the person that was waiting to endure even an indifferent offer just so they could celebrate their rite to prove that being French means sex is not why you drink and you certainly don't drink to be in the mood. You drink to forget about sex because once you get drunk you realize that being French like sex is not all it cracked up to be when you actually have to do it so that being French can be worth criticizing everyone who isn't even when they take the trouble to learn to speak your language well enough to act like they understand you and that means pretty good. You have lots of opportunities for sex in France because part of being French is that only they can do certain things so well and it is the duty of every french person to be available to have sex with a hungry foreigner because it has to be better than anything they ever had before and they care enough about their duty to show you that they will tell you all the ways that you kept yourself from enjoying it if you had been able to but you're not French. I've been to France.

The sex there is best when you can attract what is truly beautful in natures desire to be generous and skillful in her powers of attracting a certain scenario of appreciation for physically lovely free and nearly unused but very willing espressions of fairy tale princesses. If you have an imaginative and romantic nature or your desires in that way require a poetic side to make you do what you might do if it were only a creative and beautiful substitute for what you might wish was only made to fall in love with you then that's the place because they are french you just have to be attractive or persuasive enough for them to be interested because if beauty and abandon are your thing they are the best and most common version of what is rare anywhere else.

estebanfolsom said...

sunrise for breakfast
high noon for lunch
sunset for dinner
i never ate so well

slept when i tired
ate when i hungered
drank when i had a thirst

made love when i wanted
with her right there with me
she always would finish first

we lived in a cottage
like in dh lawrence
i thought my heart
would explode

one day she left me
for greener pastures
not sure if there
better or worse

i’m all alone now
but that’s not so tragic
it’s just about
what i’d rehearsed

randall said...

"one more expensive kiss off, doesn't he have a home?
Lord I know you're a special friend, but you refuse to understand.
You're a nasty school boy with nowhere to go..try again tomorrow"

Anon..Jesus said you have to be reborn.
That's reincarnation.
Get your head out of tim lahey, schofield,
Get some experience: it's there for you to have.
i shit you not. i had an obe where
i was in the neighbors house, freaked because i'm a big supporter of privacy, back in room,
still in control, wanted to go 'somewhere fast'. and was in a temple, where gifts of different kinds sat on the polished stone
floor, and an arched room with an immense amount of white lite was down a ways.
i guess i wanted to go towards it
as that's what i did, but trying not to let my 'legs' get caught in the candle flames as there were alot of them too.
short; fear of light. back into room in a flash.
told anyone who'd listen, the next day. college counselor told me to seek help.
well shit is coming now to a head.
were all going to go through it
with different results, but know this; if you're simply on the side
of truth [as you struggle with all the other shit non narcissists deal with] you'll likely be okay.
don't be scared.
likely you've done your best warn others, most of which have shined you on, or denigrated you.
that ain't important. keep helping.
your exact role is revealed as it unfolds.
ain't it grand to know there are 1000's of us playing our role/

Anonymous said...

Ceci n'est pas une chaise.
Ceci n'est pas une pipe.
Ceci n'est pas l'amour.
Ceci n'est pas une reincarnation...
Il n'y en a aucune
wv: tanestro

Anonymous said...

Thought For The Day:

"The game of life is the game of boomerangs. Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us sooner or later, with astounding accuracy." -- Florence Shinn

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Mystikel said...

Hey Les, what happened to It was fine earlier tonight, but now the entire site is just a parked page.

Visible said...

don't know what happened to wrh. I did notice what has replaced it. Michael will explain when he gets back up.



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