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Falling into The Pit with Ben Stein and The Tribe.

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Ben Stein says that the unemployed are people with unpleasant personalities. He didn’t say anything about how Zionist Bankers are responsible for the majority of the unemployed. He sees no irony in the fact that he himself is one of the most unpleasant people in an unpleasant system that survives by military adventures abroad and cannibalism at home. It can’t be mere accident or coincidence that the authors of all recent assaults on foreign nations have been engineered by Zionists in critical positions in the American government; media, war profiteering corporations and well funded lobby groups.

It’s no accident or coincidence that 9/11 was orchestrated by Zionist, dual nationals in Israel and the U.S., with the help of rogue elements in the intelligence services, military and government leadership. It’s a straight shot from 9/11 to all of the recent assaults in foreign nations and the collapse of the economic system. Now, those responsible for the awful state of the American dream machine being turned into a nightmare, are migrating to India, Brazil and other locations in order to do it all over again.

For some of us, there is no greater misfortune than to live a lie. For most of us, lies and impossible hopes are a comfort zone against the inconvenience of the truth. The truth is not just what is. It contains a cosmic moral code which says that certain methods and means are unacceptable to a human being. It also contains the understanding of where these means and methods lead; to the loss of one’s humanity and one’s destruction. No one engaged in living a lie and performing injustices upon one’s fellows can bear what the truth affirms. They willingly accept their own destruction rather than to be hampered in the pursuit of selfish ends for temporary gain. It seems insane and it is insane but it is how it is for so many in these times.

I can now see how lucky I was to have been born into terrible circumstances. It made finding the truth an all compelling drive. I was able to see through the illusion of the world and its false promises so that none of these things attracted me for very long. Disappointment was swift and final. I have not yet discovered the truth about myself but I do not believe it can be denied to anyone who is determined in their search.

No doubt since long before the tale of the Golden Calf took place there have been a people upon this planet whose sole interest is the control and manipulation of the material plane. We see them in full flower today, like a Kudzu or Miconia plant infestation or some ravenous, Poison Nightshade, mind parasite that feeds impossible dreams while it feeds on the dreamer. Today, in a country created from a web of deceit and murder for the purpose of financial control over the world’s economies, we see a displaced people confined in a gulag and tormented beyond reason by the people who displaced them and performed before the eyes of an indifferent world.

We see these people in control of the flow of information. We see them as the instigators of world conflicts for the purpose of personal enrichment, while we see them brag about their capacity to perform it. We see millions dead and displaced from the cradle of civilization, while their antiquities are looted to serve revisionist history and for the profit in them. This country should have a t-shirt which reads, “Planet Earth, where the weak and deluded are killed and eaten by us”. We see where the illegally resident, in a country with no right to exist, work in tireless consort with their fellows around the world to plunge the whole of the Earth into a flaming Armageddon. We see the full implications of materialism, as the majority of the world scrambles for their opportunity to serve and emulate these psychopaths in order to get their piece of a replicating disco ball; a piece of something shiny and artificial, without nutrients or actual value. You can’t eat it but you can try to make love to it. Of course, there are a number of things you can’t make Love do and this is one of them.

Seen with the same eyes that see the state of the world, as if it were something to pounce upon, rape, kill and dismember and then sell off for the parts, one could easily be discouraged and led into despair. These eyes cannot see beyond the relative value of what they have stolen and desire. There are other eyes that can. We know something exists beyond this terrible state of the times. Those who have not sold out their birthright for a mess of potage know that a new world is coming. The greatest evidence is the terrible state of the times.

It is an indication of how low civilization has fallen when someone like Ben Stein is not universally loathed for the things he says. I am reminded of Marie Antoinette and her comment about letting the starving class of France eat cake. It’s true that she was referring to an inexpensive bread product and not what she is generally understood to have said but the implication and the point remains. We know what happened to Marie. We know that she was warned by Cagliostro and St. Germain. We know that the same is on the horizon for the Ben Stein’s and Netanyahu’s, the Murdoch’s and Rothschilds.

These bloody affairs do not come for any other reason save that there are no other alternatives. Those who have brought the world to this state and who press for even greater injuries are long past the point where reason and nderstanding can have any impact on their iniquities. They believe they are beyond judgment and they are determined to reap the ultimate degree of suffering from the lives of those they torment for their profit and pleasure. They actually take pleasure from the conditions they cause.

Those who can read the signs can foretell the future. Singular acts of prediction may fail but the general trends can be apprehended with little trouble. The incredible hubris of the psychopathic overclass; the pornographic butcheries, the unspeakable acts of profit from human misery, the diabolical religions and all of the institutions that operate in broad daylight, without any shame or sense of impending consequence, are all stage markers along the incremental march of a grand awakening out of a persistent and long standing darkness. They are all evidence and testimony against those who perform these things and a guarantee that retribution on a cosmic scale shall not be long denied.

When the hand of the punisher is raised, because it cannot be further withheld and when the patience of Nature, human effort and divine agency has been of little use in convincing those without conscience of the error of their ways, it can be a terrible thing to see. When calamity comes, then people everywhere cry out against the ruination of their hopes, their lives and their low born aspirations which are but the tale of what preceded it. It is easy to see. People in the main do not listen and they do not learn. They just look for another way to go about the same thing. It is no surprise that Ben Stein and his fellows have accomplished so much. All they had to do was pander to the lowest common denominator in all of us. All they had to do was to cater to the basest human appetites and hold out the promise of an opportunity to be like them. They set each of us against each other and ourselves and took profit from the confusion and conflict. They littered the highway of the human passage with road side carcasses and charged so much to roll in them and so much to watch it happen. Then they auctioned them off to each other.

For myself, I cannot look at what is everywhere to be seen, as if it were the real testament of all our efforts and ambitions. I cannot look at it as if this were the true nature of our human state. Someone has deceived us into something far below our real nature into a travesty of ourselves. Something has defined us as beasts of appetite and bid us eat our fill. Something has replaced our plates and cutlery with a trough and turned our environment into a sty. Something also lives in us and cannot be dishonored or killed. It is stronger than all of our failures and misfortunes. It is something beyond definition and the indomitable, single aspiration that will rise within us when all other means have shown us the error of our ways.

This is what I look at, even when it is so completely concealed in the surrounding disorder. Some of us are not going to “go gentle into that dark night”. Some of us will not give up or give in. Some of us have taken the narrow path; the King’s Highway that runs away from the modern road that ends in the unavoidable entropy of what lies result in. All of this madness and ignorant endeavor is nothing more than irrefutable evidence that none of it works. It’s truly said that the fool who persists in his folly will be made wise. There are other ways to reach this state and I sincerely hope you find one.

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Anonymous said...

with evil activities
perverted minds
unnatural reasoning
never ending crimes
lines of delusions
crafted in lies
signs of more trouble
in the beasts monkey mind
as it falls apart
of a broken cold heart
devoid of all divinity
no divine spark
it climbs insecurities
blaming the poor
whilst fighting itself
it sold its own whore
the laws of its doing
eating itself
cant go back now
the cards have been dealt
the trap was laid
years ago
now its lead by itself
to destruction it go.


Anonymous said...

Les, there is a good book written by Malcom Gladwell entitled "Blink" The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.

I "think" you would like it. Anyone else out there ever read it?

Anonymous said...

Another great post Les, thanks.

Origen the heretic said...

Another great article Les. One would think by now, after all you've written, that the muse would be dried up, but apparently yours is inexhaustible. Keep on truckin'.

I used to read Stein's columns in Amerikan Spectator (I'm ashamed to admit I used to subscribe) and way back then he struck me as an egotistical twit, but this latest rant is beyond the pale. However, it's the sort of thing one should expect from ... I forgot. Zids? Zio something or other? It starts with a 'z' anyway. I think. You know who I mean. Satan is their god, and they're always claiming victimhood and shooting Palestinian children and committing unspeakable crimes against humanity while lying all the way to the bank. And if you point this out, you're a filthy anti-semite, when of course they are the true anti-semites.

Rev. John

Liz said...

What little I have seen of Ben Stein over the years has always made my skin crawl. Incomprehensible, but never the less our current reality, or sort of. Have mercy...

Anonymous said...

Your best work yet...

Django said...

When all that entropy has me feeling like a pinball,
reading here is a moment of stillness.
Thank you.

DaveS said...


Again good stuff. Funny how all you need to do is write truth and it sings its own song.

I was thinking it would be fun to see some out of work guy break ben shitstein's nose then disappear back into a crowd. Ben would remember that moment each time he looked at his two blackened eyes and bulbous nose, and the fact the guy got away would gnaw at his gut. He'd know what most humans feel when some asshole in a suit ruins their life.

There isn't much that will get thru to the rich assholes. What punishment compares to the way they destroy lives? Killing the buggers is far too good. The French Revolutionaries had it wrong. They should have forced the evil assholes to live and eat with swine for the rest of their rotten days alive.

It seems there are several people who worry much about Pappa Visible's partying... I say party on Les. I'm sure you've been around enough to know when weird ain't good weird. Funny how many worry warts read your stuff. Spend all their days worried about this or that rather than getting outside and mixing it up. Shut off the fucking computer and go outside, talk to some strangers, share some laughs with friends, wrestle, play tag, scrap knees, swim, walk thru tall trees or just lay in the grass and make clouds disappear. Amazing what can be done when you stop worrying...

wv: feconi

We eata some gooda feconi last night :)

abe said...

Lost like a lion in the canyons of smoke... Brother it's no joke.

paolocaruso said...

Ben Stein is the face of the modern day Marie Antoinette. When the crap hits the fan, I pity Ben Stein, or anyone who remotely resembles him.

He is the poster boy for this corrupt banking scam.

It is interesting to note that Ben Stein went from lovable game show guest know-it-all to an ominous media debt collector for the banking system.

His patronizing face continues to appear spontaneously in pop-up ads and television commercials to his castigating offer of free credit score information.

What a dick !!
Stein role is to scare the sheeple into paying their loans or else they will never be able to buy plastic crap on credit... as if people are unaware how bad their credit score is.

And those that fall for the free report, fall into the debt collector trap, as their info is shared with the collectors of the money changers.

TheSparkle said...

Now, I've never seen a video of a chemtrail-spraying airplane in action until I just saw this video:

It looks as if someone who is a jet pilot and knows about chemtrails flew up and followed one while shooting a video.

tangel476 said...

I just listened to an interesting broadcast on about the economy. The NWO is crumbling. Throughout the decades, major corporations have experience profit decline. We have reached the end of an era but are not out of the woods yet. The PTB will not give up their economic hold willingly

kikz said...

someone off the comments in the last mirrors post, suggested john lash's website.

i'm quite taken w/it.

here's a short paper on surro-predation (human on human).
his prescription is; declaration of 'open season' and 'contra-violence' on the surro-predators themselves.

i quite agree.

i also look fwd to his 3rd installment on this issue.

much good reading there, thanks to whomever recommended lash's site.

Karen Toffan said...

Take a look if you can stomach it, on you tube, how dogs are tortured prior to slaughter in China, Philippines & Korea, torture supposedly releasing endorphins which makes their flesh tastier. Cats are boiled alive... puppy mills in North America where cruelty takes a back seat to profit.

Ghetto boys who murder for cheap kicks. We self-righteously condemn the rich elites, and rightfully so, but can we honestly play the put-upon victim when the majority of humanity, and I use that word tongue-in-cheek, are also guilty. Maybe not guilty (a good percentage of them) in performing barbaric life-negating acts, but guilty in ignoring them, which condones them.

I'm terribly afraid that Koestler was right..."the brain explosion in the second half of the Pleistocene seems to have followed the exponential curve which has become familiar to us, population explosion, information explosion, but did not become properly integrated with the ancient emotion bound structures. The brain explosion gave rise to a mentally unbalanced species."

Simply put, we are a failed species.

peter said...

Another great post Les Visible.
I met Ben Stein once at a party in La La Land. He is not an unpleasant individual - or wasn't then about 10 years ago. Underneath the self satisfaction which members of the tribe who are given access to the money/success/celebrity trough, I sensed a certain decency along with insecurity and desire to please, so this quote seems a bit out of character. But I guess he hs taken the wrong turning and is going down with the rest of his zio comrades.

Anonymous said...

You're really hitting the target with these recent essays/posts.
Keep up spraying out the INSPIRATION.
Thanks, dude!

TheSparkle said...

KIKZ, you are welcome.

I am reading John Lash's book, "Not in His Image" now. His website is great, but I have barely scratched the surface there.

RW said...

Yes, the Lash essay is intriguing to say the least. . .

"Rite action is not predation on the species itself, not a continuation of the m.o. of the targeted individuals: it is the use of predatory force for selective elimination of a deviant strain of humankind. Those who orchestrate social evil can be eliminated by rite action, the ritual expression of transpersonal rage. The practice of rite action, even the very declaration to practice it, cuts across their false margin of impunity. As fear-mongers, predators are highly susceptible to fear, especially fear of free-roving, dangerous human animals openly dedicated to their extermination. They can be driven to the edge of their madness and neutralized by the mere threat of such competing predatory force. Do they control and persecute by fear? Two can play at that game. But for different aims. Imagine how surro-predators (who know who they are, count on it) would react upon hearing that the hunt is on. Can you imagine what would happen to their vaunted assurance of unreachability upon public knowledge of even one successful hit among their ranks?"

Do you reason with T Rex when its locked onto you as a prey?

Do you give it time to think it over and change its mind?

Are we humans following a devic subroutine like the other species here, or do we have FREE WILL?

waiting for some holy spirit and the space brothers to materialize?

Identify, Isolate, Exterminate.

Otherwise its biz as usual and we are a failed species.

TheSparkle said...

kikz, you should look up John Lash's interviews. I remember listening to one on I'm sure there are more out there, but I can't recall specifically.

Also, for everyone:

The latest interview on is with Daniel Estulin, the 'expert' on the Bilderburgers. Usually he is interviewed by more mainstream, 'clueless' types. In this interview Mel Fabregas (not clueless) talks with him and asks intelligent questions. Interestingly he regards Rockefellers and Rothschilds, Bilderbergers etc. as mere minions of the true 'TPTB'. The more anciently-powerful families' names are hardly even known. He did mention one, Frescobaldi, the family who financed the wars of Kings Edward I and II of England in the 1200's and 1300's and also financed the Crusades.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stein is BAITING again. He did it with Ron Paul a while back. He makes rude comments, then when people lash out at him he pulls the "Anti-Semitic" card. But Mr. Stein is as semitic as Leif Erickson.

He's just a BAITER.

Vanguard said...

"Life is struggle."

"Life is motion."

"It is always darkest just before the dawn."

"Around the brightest lights gather the darkest shadows."


There is a perpetual, life-long set-up and tear-down of physical and mental constructs of those respective bodies. This is harmony.

Set up incorrectly, or tear down incorrectly, and there is disharmony, disease.

The peoples and individuals of the earth, as a whole, do not live, struggle, and engage in harmonious motion. They shall be shocked and impelled into true motion, for their very (spiritual) lives depend upon it.  Once moving, they can veer from the downward, spiraling course into the maw of evil, the pit of hell.

It is, of course, cyclical as many have pointed out.

We are steeped in the negative change agents' doings, but the time is fast upon us when the positive change agents shall shift gears and set things aright (which of course doesn't mean the elimination of evil, but a return to a balance point.)

Woe be to those who have trumpeted evil seductions, fed carnal lusts on such a massive scale--veritable seas of flesh and blood and sweat and tears and vomit...misery, and pain and suffering and squalor and death.

All who revel in such have openly declared their allegiance. Those who think to piggy-back or squirm into the new era hidden and unannounced are deceived and betrayed. The faces of evil in the new era shall be others, and developed over time.

This is the time for harvest, and the evil trees shall truly be hacked and cast into the fires.

Those few standing firm against the raging storms shall be rewarded with oases, tropical islands, with sacred, mythical fountains.

The others, no so far in one direction or the other, shall begin the trek to a new setting, still learning of the struggle, and the "right way" to exist...which is both general and specific.

Those "few" I mentioned entered this life in a mix of pain and sorrow, and also joy and wisdom. Your lives have always been marked with dire threats, and yet you have survived. A blessed state. You know this. It is for a reason. Not so much a test as a final polishing and and accelerated awakening. It was what was needed for you to be strong--as a chick pushing through the egg shell in the first moments of life--and so you could exist outside of orders and groups which would control you, and yet remember your powers and heighten them.

The pressures and fires of adversity at this time burn away the dross, leaving pure gleaming gold, and forge mighty weapons of razor-sharp steel which cut down the ravenous enemies, thirsting for our lives and our souls. Your mind, your heart, and your body are weapons, one weapon, of one power, even All Power.

Remember. And act.

Dammerung said...

Fractional reserve banking and the Federal Reserve are the creators of unemployment, you're too right about that. How many chronically unemployed Cherokee Indians were there before the white man came, I wonder?

All of my faculties of perception and all of my natural reason tell me that this system is wicked through its core and teetering into collapse. But then - just how in Hell has it lasted as long as it has!? I didn't think it would survive 2006 yet here it is, still standing.

A parasite that kills its host is an idiot. A parasite that exercises judiciousness eventually finds a way to benefit its host and they grow together into a symbiotic system. Every cell in our body is powered by mitochondria which are entirely foreign - they even have their own unique DNA. A parasite can become a symbiote but a stupid parasite commits murder-suicide.

Informed Lemon said...


Will the 9/11 False Flag attack be glossed over in mainstream history much like the JFK event OR
Will the TRUTH become common knowledge? If the latter, can you give us a timetable?

Inquiring minds want to know your opinion.

Visible said...

This is the Apocalypse. I think it definitely comes out due to a variety of other events that propel the exposure. I think the pressure of the times to be unveiled also weighs in. I don't know the circumstances but I have a very strong feeling that it happens and it is not far away.

Dammerung said...

Vanguard said...

I wish I could believe that.

It's about... contextualizing the entire world. Our lives. Scientists contextualize our lives as being meaningless aberrations of a soulless, mechanistic system. Religious fundies contextualize our lives as a life-or-death decision to follow their religion or go to Hell. New Agers contextualize our lives by presenting Earth as a particularly difficult final exam that heralds a graduation to the "next level."

Any of these contexts might be right. There's no real PROOF for any of them because by default a context to our lives contains information our lives themselves do not. How do we decide or distinguish which context is the correct one?

wiggins said...

I read recently that the Rothshites were behind the French Revolution ( those bastards get everywhere). Do not know if this is factual, but probably is, it is just their sort of chaos.

kikz said...

sparkle, many thanks ... very deep/wide recommend... pls forgive my inattention in attribution to you :)

i've been skipping around, rite aid section, last nite - the casteneda stuff, currently in the tarbaby jesus section :)

it's pulling together nicely in overview/synopsis - lots of threads i've been following for years, especially the operative/ideological division btwn gnostic/illumaniti....

again, many thx :)

vf: querant (big smile)

Anonymous said...

I always feel more hopeful after reading your words.

People ARE waking up and we need to encourage and help that along every chance we get.

I do not believe we are a failed species as someone here commented. We need to look more closely for the good and the light and we will find it.


Anonymous said...

What? I thought Ben Stein was already universally loathed. Talk about tossing stones from glass houses.

As for the rest, maybe it's just something we have to get through on our way to becoming a mature group of beings. There are those among us who are mature, but a certain mass of maturity must be reached before the species as a whole can move forward in any positive way. It kinda reminds me of slogging through the two-foot deep "mud season" in the U.S. northeast before the firmer, warmer ground of spring is available.


Anonymous said...

unctuous kike.

m_astera said...

True humans are not a failed species; we have been infiltrated by predators who animate human bodies.

If my working hypothesis is correct, the primary predatory psychopaths are soulless; being soulless means there is no ongoing part of them that will be incarnated again to learn the lessons they need to learn by experiencing the receiving end of their actions in this life. They have no karma to work out; when they die they are dead forever.

They can be highly successful predators on humanity simply because they don't experience karmic feedback; an unfortunate result of their material success without karmic consequences is that ensouled humans see that lack of consequence and think they too can live their lives that way.

Worth noting that by controlling the media these predators have been able to "sell" their shallow way of life and "success" as desirable, and have furthermore convinced the unaware to share the blame. Every day I read or hear more apologists for the predators telling me that greed and desire for power and the taking of pleasure in causing harm to others is "human nature". It is not; it may be a part of some animal natures, viz weasels and shrikes, but it is not the nature of an ensouled human.
continued below

m_astera said...

continued from above

I too read John Lash's essay re Open Season on Predators, thanks to The Sparkle and Rascasse cluing me in to them. Anyone care to put it into practice? Right now the more visible and successful minions of the enemies of humanity and Terra/Earth are gathered in northern California. Would this not be a good time to get the message to that group?

Pull up some pics of Bohemian Grove; get a good mental picture of where they are and who they are, and do what you feel is appropriate in consciousness, using whatever powers and rituals you are familiar with. There are plenty of groups sending love and compassion to heal the planet and its life forms; we could call that the "medic" corps, perhaps. Where are the warriors who will not only defend but take the battle to the enemy?

Here's an interesting tidbit from the latest webbots report, issue 16 page 32:

"What the data set seems to be suggesting is that the TPTB and especially their [minion class] will be [bloodied], and [standing (in their own) shit] when they had all planned to be attending a [mysterium meeting (ritual)] that was intended to be a [power boost] for their [leaders (of the TPTB)]. This [ritual experience] is described as being [interrupted] by [sudden death (from the sky...home made predator? death beam from space aliens???)] such that a [cresting wave] of [fear] and the [sudden chill (of defeat)] will [flow fhrough (the ether - aka hyperdimensional fluid)] and [affect (the blood line elites vibrations and senses)] planet wide. This [experience] of [colors (of death)] and the [dying outcry] of the [occupied bodies] is described as [surging through] the [collective cohesion clouds (links?...threads?)] between the TPTB such that [TPTB on the other side of the planet] will be [seen (visible)] as they [react] to the [sudden death/fear taste] that will [coat their tongues] from the [stream (of universe constant creation)]. There are several supporting sets showing that this [single (group) kill] will produce a [residue] the they (the TPTB) will be [unable to remove]. The linguistics are describing the [colors death (of TPTB) experience] as being [light cyan (and) faded blue]."

It has long been known that ultraviolet (ionizing) radiation will destroy pathogenic organisms. Within the past year it has also been shown that certain blues in the upper level of visible light can destroy pathogens as well. I am suggesting those colors as our weapon of choice. See them clearly and beam them strongly.

I would further suggest that each consider preparing for battle by taking on the archetype or aspect of warrior-hood that they resonate with strongly; go not only as yourself; take on the persona of your own Divine destroyer of corruption and righter of wrongs. Do what you will, and be willing to take responsibility for your acts. Protection of your home and your species against those who would cheerfully destroy you and your Mother and enslave forever whatever descendants you might have, that is what is at stake.

Warriors? Be creative. This is our time.

Anonymous said...

Ben Stein is a neo-con poster child for evil.

On the other side of the same coin; sen. chucky schumer fits the bill.

Communitarians had it made for a loong time...

The back lash is just beginning. Party on Les and thanks for your magnificent prose.

Love to all!

DW in The Tahoe Nat. Forest

mauiguy said...

Strolling along the ala'nui ke ali'i with brother Les watching the apocolypse bloom and the barricades fall.

Mahalo nui Les for another beautiful, insight filled creation.

Malama pono!

Anonymous said...

Les, thank you. Youre the not so soft voice of love Ive been hearing for sometime. Its taking shape and color within you!

Vanguard, thank you.

To both -
"Rise up! like lions after slumber.
In invanquisable number.
Shake your chains to earth like dew,
which in your sleep had fallen on you.
Ye are many - they are few!"

Percy Shelley

Love Your Life

Tom Mysiewicz said...

As someone who was a mainstream science writer for many years, I must take issue with characterization of Ben Stein and his ilk as "predators". More properly they should be considered (along with their Mid Eastern state) as PARASITES. I'll give you some examples. Worm parasites infect a type of snail and bore into its brain. They produce (a) erratic behavior and (b) a colorful display that attracts avian predators (birds). The birds eat the snail and the parasites reproduce and complete their life cycle in the birds. Then there's the stickleback (fish) tapeworm. Sticklebacks eat a type of freshwater crustacean to which the tapeworm eggs attach. Once inside the fish, the worm eggs hatch and encyst and remain dormant until the fish reaches maturity and reproduces. Then the tapeworms have a massive growth spurt (I found 6 large ones in a stickleback I dissected.) They secrete an opiate that causes the stickleback to have delusions and so weaken the fish that an infected one will remain in the open and invite being eaten by birds--in which the tapeworms reproduce and complete their life cycle. (These tapeworms live in the body cavity and often kill the fish before it can be eaten--possibly analogous to the U.S.--and themselves perish from their parasitism!) One other example is the toxoplasmosis parasite. Mice infected are attracted to cat urine and actually seek out cats (so they can be eaten for the benefit of the parasite, which completes its life cycle in the cat.)

Looking at the behavior of the U.S.--infected on a macro scale with a group of parasites--and a domestic population also infected with actual brain parasites such as trichonosis and toxoplasmosis agents(e.g., people having auto accidents were tested in the U.K. and found to be infected with toxoplasmosis parasites from their cats!) it can be seen that the country is not brought down in the clean kill characteristic of a predator. Rather, the country lumbers on in a deluded state as the parasites drain its lifeblood, setting it up for conquest by predatory states the parasite can infect and grow in during the future.

I once saw an Outer Limits episode along these lines. Space travellers were attacked and injected with paralytics/hallucinogenics with parasitic space spiders. They imagined they were engaged in all sorts of heroic rescues and actions (even getting military decorations for heroism) while they were in reality functioning as a food source for the parasites' young.

Anonymous said...

Great post. but why did you go and post a chunk of tsottc report? If everyone starts doing that, it will be a nightmare for Cliff and Igor. It's a big enough job as it is for hph to get one of these reports together.
Steven M

Vanguard said...

@ Dammerung 8:28 PM

"How do we decide or distinguish which context is the correct one? "

I think it is the context which we return to most often, which works, and brings fulfilling results, even if challenging or difficult. All can be misled by quiet inner voices, but not forever. We all receive multiple opportunities to review the validity and consequences of our favorite beliefs and practices. Any who genuinely seek "truth" will inevitably be led to it, step-by-step, as long as they are willing to adjust. Nothing asked of us by "good" influences will bring shame or sorrow. Nothing promised, plied by "evil" influences results in true happiness. These are guiding principles.

Also, "knowledge is power" and the more one prepares the mind, the more receptive one is to external/internal (divine) inspiration. Ignorance tips the balance in favor of base compulsions which never result in lasting satisfaction.

Perhaps a critical mass for fusion reaction is necessary (enough external knowledge, even if observed in nature, or imparted by a true guru), so that one can begin to see, to discern, the truth or falsehood of any written, spoken or manifested concept. Tap into the source and the quest morphs into purer mechanisms of existing in reality--unfettered and unvarnished. Knowing without seeking. A perpetual stream of conscious awareness.


@ Love Your Life 10:12 PM

The Warrior-Poet is definitely one archetype, which resonates with me. Words are a type of power, and beautiful words (prose or poetry) can be especially inspiring and effective power constructs.

Visible said...

You missed the mind parasite reference?

Vanguard said...

@ m_astera 9:02 PM

" unfortunate result of their material success without karmic consequences is that ensouled humans see that lack of consequence and think they too can live their lives that way."

Very interesting.

Also: "...when they die they are dead forever"

I think they seek to sustain their artificial lives through infliction of misery including blood, sex and human sacrifice (for the worst, and most lich-like), whether directly or vicariously...but infliction of misery upon others for the lower ranks still gives them a thrill, like "momma's little helper". Their actions are desperate, and extremely self-serving. We think the ensouled have instincts for self-preservation? The soulless are on steroids in that regard!

However, their methods unnatural and unsustainable, as many have pointed out at the weird appearance of some of the visible PTB.

Both the ensouled and the soulless can be deceived, each according to their greatest desires.

Rhetorical question: Faustian bargains exist for those with "what" is offered in exchange (if anything) by those without souls, for the spoils of this earthly domain?

Also, I agree that we must fight. I'd been fighting a defensive battle, being so very careful about the balance (and accepting that it's currently off kilter for a reason). I think the analog in the physical plane shall be a sign for the spiritual, when to carry the fight to the reavers of mankind (esp. women and children). Great shall be the fear and wailing of the fallen ones on that day, but it must be.

There is a Great Timing, and it must be followed, and it shall be made incontrovertibly clear when it has arrived.

"the [colors death (of TPTB) experience] as being [light cyan (and) faded blue]."

Of course those colors have significance which I can allude to: the reasoned elimination ["of the violators (of eternal laws)" this last being an inserted target/recipient for sake of completeness, but not specifically implied by the colorations].

[Side note: I know that many empowered at this time have less knowledge than usual, but that is necessary to avoid the stratagems of the enemy.]

Lastly, "...preparing for battle by taking on the archetype or aspect of warrior-hood that they resonate with strongly; go not only as yourself; take on the persona of your own Divine destroyer of corruption and righter of wrongs. Do what you will, and be willing to take responsibility for your acts."


Anonymous said...

internal sequences
lines of truth weave
the mighty kings patterns
transmit to receive
the inner stir forces up
in streams of evers light
rise into rivers
winding greatness with might
commanding light follow
charged deep with the aum
flow all ways everywhere
weaving hearts strong
harmonys center place
align the one mind
by seven star color burst
symbols and signs
on wing of the lightning bird
thunder scrawl peace
flow higher nature
hiawatha release
seeds on the ancient breeze
moon connect sun
the seeds of the living
thunder wake spun.


Visible said...

Let me draw your attention to this as a reflective moment. Webster has shielded his email. He must be getting successful. I used to be able to write him without any problem at all but this does deserve some scrutiny- Webster Tarpley.

And I now know why they went after Polanski. I suggest everyone see the recently released "Ghostwriter".

It's getting really interesting. I know that I survive this pending problema which has nothing to do with my confidence in the supreme controller but I suggest those of you with the brass and intelligence use humor and scorn because the one really manipulating those most inclined for material things cannot abide it and he still works for my boss only in a lesser capacity (grin).

Anonymous said...

m astera said:

" being soulless means there is no ongoing part of them that will be incarnated again to learn the lessons they need to learn by it is not the nature of an ensouled human."

What you are describing is a clone. I've discussed clones several times in the past. According to James of Wingmakers there are whole civilizations of aliens which are clones. As I have said before clones can be genetically engineered to be smarter, faster, stronger etc. than souled individuals. They can eventually crowd out the souled on a planet. Hitler once said he saw "the new man....." and it scared the shit out of him. He might have see these clones and realized their potential.

What is happening on this planet can't be merely a product of greed and corruption. It goes much deeper. The bastards want to murder over 80% of the human race (Georgia Guide Stones). It is one thing to be greedy but they have more than enough.

Back to the clones. If you have an souled individual that is fairly ruthless to begin with, he can be cloned and then killed. His clone will look just like him but can be programmed with all the "desirable traits." The clone will never realize the mischief he is causing, and there is no consequences when he passes on. It is a slick system we are witnessing and most don't even know it exists. (Remember what J Edgar Hoover said) The question is who is pulling the strings. It ain't human, humans couldn't perpetuate such debauchery over the millennium. They would need help. Where would this help come from. The god of the Old Testament comes to mind.


m_astera said...


There appear to be a lot of players. From what I have put together, we have (probably):

Those that the "cassiopaeans" call the Organic Portals, normal human bodies with the potential of being soul carriers but not having one; some of these are likely animated by various devas of the animal kingdom, some are "demon possessed" and used as direct tools by the interdimensional parasites.

Those that FBO described as mechanical or synthetic life forms, copied from humans without direct input from First Source by the dumb ugly fat guy who does nothing original. :-)

The interdimensional parasites themselves and their insectoid minions

Possibly the remnants of the Annunaki

Quite possibly our kin who were not duped/lured into inhabiting these physical bodies for the thrill of it

A large and befuddled mass of ensouled humanity whose potential future is mostly the reason for bothering with all this

Those of us who volunteered to help out

And any number of other walkons and opportunists.

Which of them should I rely on to give the signal as to when is the time to act? Which would I trust, and why? If Jesus appeared in the sky and said "Attack Now!" would that work for you?

Hope you see my dilemma; I don't have clear instructions, don't know anyone who knows more about it than it do, and don't know who I would believe or how they would convince me to believe them.

So I will continue to do what I can according to my gut, intuition, and logic. One thing I know for sure is that a wise warrior does not let the opponent choose the time or place of battle.

I didn't decide to start taking an active role in things this morning; been doing that for a while. The purpose of my earlier post is just to let others know my thoughts and what I'm up to in case they are interested in helping out.

Lastly, just to be clear, I'm not talking about a color as in reflected light, but rather a frequency of light.

Mike in Michigan said...

Perhaps Webster Tarpley reached the "just too much of it to pretend that I'm getting to any of it at all" threshold. Sort of like Jim Kunstler.

I am a big fan of Kunstler's "Eyesore of the Month" feature on his site.

Anonymous said...

Pretty good site Les I didn't even know about it, thanks. Did you mention scorn?

Just on a lark I checked to see if this name was available and it was.

Anonymous said...

m_astera is hitting on some very important points. We are dealing with predators that are quite alien to us, but not in the "almond eyed grey alien" type of way. There is a 4th dimensional element here, that they are from or more comfortable in, where they manipulate us. There is also a 3rd dimensional (physical) parasitical component that has also been called "possession" by Western religion or the black shadows that Castenada talks about with the shamans. They can inhabit us literally. From my angle, we must also factor in cloning, which is done to manufacture slaves / sex slaves / sacrificial victims / soldiers, but also to outright replace some political puppets. Of course, depending on the method, most clones would be souless and easy to push towards psychopathic behaviour. If the psychopathic parasites, along with their minions and clones are in control of the MSM, then that programs the real souled humans, as life tends to imitate art. The subliminal audio / video frequencies in movies, TV amd music are crucial within this agenda. "Broadcasts" from certain towers or satellites are also critical... continued...

Anonymous said...

continued from above...

But, the souled human must be quite a strong entity, as the efforts of the parasites must be enormous and continuous. This is why they have turned to our water and food supply to poison; it's not just the biochemical toxins and carcinogens, but rather the destruction of some of our "receivers and transmitters" such as the pineal gland. Fluoride and the mercury in fillings and vaccines are crucial here; and notice how it must be introduced to human infants immediately. Just look what newborn vaccines, baby formula and "pediatric electrolite" solution has in it. They want us disconnected from soul, immediately and completely. They want disease processes started quickly.

The Sun must be a big factor with our relationship with the parasites too. They don't want us in the Sun, and will create all sorts of bogus fear to keep us scared. They don't want us looking at the Sun, and the development of sunglasses, especially UV blocked ones warrants some critical thinking. If we are inhabited by parasitic pathogens, would looking into the Sun and capturing the full spectrum (including UV) into our eyes, down the optic nerves and into certain regions of the brain / mind harm those entities? Is their extreme interest in building underground facilities related to surviving a physical cataclysm, or the changing of our electromagnetic surroundings which is reflected in the Sun? Do the death mongers fear the light, literally? The Sun has changed; it is brighter, although less active, although more intense all at the same time. Chemtrail spraying is related to this, among other things. What can HAARP really do, aside from control the planet's weather? What are those enormous oblong structures near the Sun, that NASA has to digitally erase before showing us flare / activity data? The Changes are now obvious to any and all if they care to see. ...continued

Anonymous said...

...contined from above for the last time...

Despite our flaws and our weakness for being overtly manipulated, we souled creatures must be pretty special. We are failing in our duties, but we are not a failed species, in my opinion. I am no longer much interested in the term Jew (too general and misunderstood), but what type of sub-species are the Khazars / Pharasees? The people we call Zionist Ashkenazi must have originated somehwere, from some "cloth". Were they the elite of the Sumerians, when civilization was kick started again after the last major cataclysm? Do they have a greater percentage of "reptilian DNA" as David Icke suggests? The common "Jew" surely not, but what is the real Leadership made from? Does that explain their need for sacrifice and their human blood lust? It has been said that the "domestic pig" was created in ancient times by the elite using human / hog DNA recombining techniques, so that their eating of human flesh could be disguised. The common ancients found out and many taboos / negativety surrounding eating pork exist to this day (well beyond the claim that pork meat has more parasites). This might explain why pig tissues can be incorporated into people with little to no immunological rejection. We should show strong rejection to a species so distant from us, but we don't, and this has baffled medical science for years. We also show greater DNA affinity for domestic cattle than we should, by the way, especially their blood. Pigs are also much "smarter" than they should be if explain in Darwinian terms. Why are we much closer to the pig than the chimpanzee in many genetic / biochemical / hormonal ways? Our evolutionary story has been heavily edited, I'm affraid. Food for thought...

Regardless, m_astera's idea of focusing on Bohemian Grove is a good one. The idea of some of us having to be Warriors is important, although it looks like the Changes will defeat them regardless of what we do pro-actively. Something to be excited about, despite the coming hardships.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Yes, excellent comment regarding the parasitic relationships in the animal kingdom and how involved they can be. Some involve 3 or more species. Most involve "mind / behaviour control" of the host via hormonal / neuropeptide / neurotransmitter manipulation. I really don't think there are better or more relective examples of what the human species is going through. If "evolution" can create "strategies and agendas" in mere worms, that can control the lives of much higher life forms like mice and cats, then why do we think we are immuned? Some people may actually be controlled by worms / microbes, by the way, but somewhere back in pre-history, we encounted a very intelligent parasite, much older than us or worms. Nature mirrors everything, as nothing is new under the Sun, so I suggest people read up on the various relationships that exist in the animal kingdom; it will surprise you and provide you with useful analogies.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Les. Grateful insolitude. Shine on...

TheSparkle said...

kikz, I'm just a little sheep in the flock sniffing for tidbits on the ground, and when I find them I share if reminded. :)

Anonymous said...

Bholanath was hammering this Lash site a year ago.

Anonymous said...

Best ever Les! Danke! And thanks to all the commentators, m astera in particular.

Anonymous said...

"All of this madness and ignorant endeavor is nothing more than irrefutable evidence that none of it works."

Thank you for this crystal, Les.
It will be with me for a long time.

Anonymous said...

90 year old, John Demjanjuk, the man who was allegedly responsible for the deaths of 28,000 jews in 1943 at the death camp of Sobibor was brought into a court in München, Germany on a stretcher yesterday to "stand" trial.
Link, in german:

They brought him in on a stretcher!
The zionazis certainly are getting desperate.
I wonder if he'll ask for the documentary film "one third of the holocaust" to be admitted as his evidence?


William Freeman

a GrebBear said...


I saw this paragraph this way ))
I'm not sure how, nor why ??

"The Truth is NOT just what IS. It seems insane and it is insane, but it is how it is for so many in these times. They willingly accept their own destruction, rather than to be hampered in the pursuit of selfish ends, for temporary gain. No one engaged in living a lie and performing injustices upon one’s fellows, can bear what the Truth affirms. It also contains the understanding of where these means and methods lead; to the loss of one’s humanity and one’s destruction. It contains a cosmic moral code, which says that certain methods and means are unacceptable to a human being. For most of us, lies and impossible hopes are a comfort zone against the inconvenience of the Truth.
... For some of us, there is NO greater misfortune, than to live a lie.

Bravo !!
Brother Les ) ... clear Truth, that 'somehow' becomes more evident when said in reverse ))
... I Believe there is a 'cosmic' bonus in the receptability department ... because, it hammered me ))

end part 1

a GrebBear said...

Part 2

For whom it concerns:
(All, I hope))
The First 'word', was Love ))
Everything (yes, including Humanity and its detractors) stems from this !!

... the 'fallen', somehow renounced this Truth and manage to survive via 'Love' Vapirism ??
... OUR only thoughts of the fallen need be, of or via, the search for Truth ... all else (including well meant intentions, see: personal judgements) grants them 'stay' through OUR Beliefs.

All vibrations, be them pleasure or pain, are communications with the Divine. (whether WE are aware, or not) OUR strongest Beliefs adjust the 'tuning' ... and OUR grasp of Truth = Signal Strength.

So, Vibrational Sensations = Mind Mastery = Synchronistic Pull (good karma) from the Golden Ration Boost (phi + Crystal Skull + Serendipity) = A Happy Love Giving Divine )) = The Kingdom of Heaven Within !! -))

No, Vibrational Sensations = Mind Controlled = Coincidental Push (bad karma) from Nature for Equilibrium (Life Begets Life, and no grace given form The Three Princes of Serendip) = A Baffled Love Giving Divine )) = A trip back to the starting line ?? -((

... Personally WE will Love vibrations; because, when WE experience vibrations, WE are Response-Able and AWARE of OUR Life !! ))
... as apposed to OUR minds telling US what WE feel; Non-Response-Able = 99.99% of current humanity ((

To wrap it up ... living any lie, means WE are not living to OUR full potential.
Full Potential is ((for me)) knowing everything is made from Love, a message about Love and OUR proximity (see: relationship with the Divine) to Love.
Lies are EASY to spot; ALL dis-harmony is created and/or fueled by Lies.
Fear is only a Lie to OURself !!
because ...
... what are you afraid of now ??
; -)(- ;
... now feel all the vibration in Y-OUR body, smile, feel and radiate the gratitude you have for Y-OUR Life ... and presto ))
The Divine will leave you no question of its reality, in Y-OUR Life ))

Thanks, I Love YOU ALL )
a GrebBear

Peace Love Light Truth
(- ;
; -)

ps. meditation (Vipassana) + healthy foods + healthy thoughts + healthy actions = clear and equanimous mind = "fast track" to end ALL misery and ALL suffering = foundation for a relationship with the Divine ))

a GrebBear said...

In case the previous part 2 failed to show up ??
... a rewrite anyways ))

The First 'word', was Love ))
Everything stems from this !!
(yes, including Humanity and its detractors)

... the 'fallen', somehow renounced this Truth and now manage to survive (maintain consciousness) via 'Love' Vapirism ??
... OUR only thoughts of the fallen (t.p.t.b.) need be, of or via, the search for Truth (see: removal of ignorance) ... all else, including well meant intentions (see: personal judgments), grants them 'stay', through OUR Beliefs.

All vibrations, be them pleasure (easy Love) or pain (tough Love), are communications with the Divine (whether WE are aware, or not). OUR strongest Beliefs adjust the Signal Strength ... and OUR grasp of Truth adjusts OUR reception (see: personal relationship with the Divine).

If WE make no personal quest (intuitive, insightful, informative, ponderings) into the reasons for dis-Harmony; it won't matter how much WE Believe in the Divine ... WE will only receive a whiff of Love from the source. The reason is obvious; when WE are experiencing dis-Harmony and WE "don't make" the effort to personally find out the Truth, WE are accepting dis-Harmony as Truth and ALL dis-harmony is created and/or fueled by Lies.
Only you will know Truth for you; its an experience, not just knowledge. Truth will vibrate in you, when you find it; but,
... you must seek it, to find it !!

So, feeling Sensations as Vibrations = Mind Mastery = Synchronistic Pull (good karma) from the Golden Ration Boost (phi + Crystal Skull + Serendipity) = A Happy Love Giving Divine )) = The Kingdom of Heaven Within !! -))

No, Vibrational Sensations = Mind Controlled = Coincidental Push (bad karma) from Nature for Equilibrium (Life Begets Life, and no grace given form The Three Princes of Serendip) = A Baffled Love Giving Divine )) = A trip back to the starting line ?? -((

Personally WE will Love vibrations; because, when WE experience vibrations, WE are Response-Able and AWARE of OUR Life !! ))
... as apposed to Auto-pilot = RE-Actions = OUR minds telling US what WE feel = Non-Response-Able = (big)% of current humanity ((

To wrap it up ...
Living any lie, means WE are not living to OUR full potential.
Full Potential is knowing everything is made from Love, a message about Love, and OUR proximity (see: relationship with the Divine) to Love.

Lies are EASY to spot;
ALL dis-harmony is created and/or fueled by Lies.

Fear is only a Lie to OURself !!
because ...
Y-OUR body will be transformed (at worst) and nothing of YOU will be lost; because, YOU are pure conscious energy ... and conscious energy fueled by original source LOVE, can not be destroyed nor lost.

... what are you afraid of now ??
If the answer isn't an emphatic, NOTHING !!
Maybe you need to do some 'Truth Seeking' ??
; -)(- ;

Feel all the vibrations in Y-OUR body ...
and the Divine will leave you no question,
of its reality, in Y-OUR Life ))

Thanks, I Love YOU ALL )
a GrebBear

Peace Love Light Truth
(- ;
; -)

ps. meditation (Vipassana) + healthy foods + healthy thoughts + healthy actions = clear and equanimous mind = "fast track" to end ALL misery and ALL suffering = foundation for a relationship with the Divine ))

Anonymous said...

First off - briliant post Les!

It never suprises me when people I come to know express the attitude that unemployed people are all somehow culpable.

Not so long ago I worked for a guy who was quite senior in a major shipping company. During one of many conversations he tod me that 'everyone in Europe now has good jobs'.

Such views are simply an expression of ignorance and a contemptuous lack of empathy - at least.

Anonymous said...

For destruction
I command
that the soulless ones
those with dark intrinsic traits
whose psychopathic minds
and predatory activity
will be crushed
by collective intrepid forces
from divine warriors
using rite actions
in self defence.


Chiron said...

There is no such thing as a soulless creature just as there is no such thing as a shining lightbulb without electricity.

The essence of everyone is divine and immortal, everything else is temporary and of no significance.

When you have become wise, hardworking, compassionate and generous to the full extent that is when the world transforms by itself and turns into heaven.

There have been no crimes, the eternal law cannot be brocken. There is no iniquity, perfect justice is at work. Nobody has ever been murdered, life and death are just a dream. No lies have been told, Truth has no opposite (that was a tough one, lol).

veritas6464 said...

Hey Les,..Excellent piece; IMHO that style is your best 'play' set, IMHO you should stay with your high percentage 'plays' - the end of the season is very near brother(no disrespect intended brother, everyone has a favourite flavour). Also, we all need to have our endgame strategies sorted. Finals start soon!

This 'just in':

UK seeks war crimes law change

"If approved, amendment will enable Israeli politicians, IDF officers to travel to Britain without fear of being arrested. Livni: Free world must differentiate between real war criminals, those who fight terrorism."


Love Light & Peace...

'til we get'em in range(grin)


Visible said...

I couldn't even find something where disrespect could have been interpreted so, no harm.


Chiron; in principle I agree across the board with all that. I don't concern myself with most of what gets said here. It's not relevant to me but I can see that it is to others. I do recognize that there is more than one level on which I or anyone operates- even if they are one at a certain level of awareness. So I attend to certain things at certain levels and not at others. It comes down to a male female thing in many ways. I am male in some interactions and female in others and neither in some. The relationships are automatic and I've no argument with anything because things are only what they are period regardless of appearance and perception so it sorts itself out and any argument on my part just indicates a lack of faith in the greater state and an unfortunate reliance on myself in the lesser state and I don't find that useful or convenient.

Futhermore I don't find it accurate because that judgment is not mine to make. Truth states itself I am only the thing impressed on by it until it has worn away that which is impressed and reveals itself as me.

Anonymous said...

Les...Thank you for another of your wonderful writings.

These cretins don't get it....karma is painful. They will indeed "get theirs" in full view...and on a giant screen. Unfortunately for Ben Stein and people like him, they have the belief that karma doesn't apply to them. But, as you say, the Apocalypse is here.

“For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known.” Luke 12:2

“God will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing, whether good or evil” Ecclesiastes 12:14

Almost all evil deeds and intents are begun with the thought that they can be hidden by deceit. The kingdom of evil is built on lies, secrets, and darkness. It requires the absence of light to survive. Thus, for all it's fearsome appearance, the kingdom of evil is structurally very weak. Turn on the light, and the cockroaches scramble to go under the refrigerator.

1 Cor 4:5: He will bring into the light of day all that at present is hidden in darkness, and he will expose the secret motives of men's hearts.

“ sure your sin will find you out” Numbers 32:23

Sin (evil) thrives in the darkness. Selfish deeds dreamed up in the unreal fantasy world of night all too often prove to be foolishness when exposed in the full light of day. “Though his hatred is covered with deceit, his wickedness will be revealed before the assembly.” Proverbs 26:26

Luke 8:17..."For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light."

The truth will be revealed to all.

alpholive said...

Visible. I don't have much to add to the enchilada on this plate. some lime and some pepper to spice it up, maybe. I got on to JL Lash a couple of years back when I went viral/virile. Friends that don't "get it" are a luxury of the bygone era of thumb twiddling. It inspires me to have this feedback. I have no patience with vapidity banality or drollery. Questions please. Otherwise, dont let the doorknob whack yer ass on the way out. Shit or get off the pot. Our gang need to be self starters not yes men or toadies. I hear answers her not questions or prayers to a god that never was. You people like it neat, straight up and to the point. No matter where you are there am I. Love you all. Aleph

Dammerung said...

I'm extremely disturbed by this soulless/organic portal type talk. I personally was an authoritarian psychopath for the first 20 years of my life. I was indoctrinated in it absolutely. I was exactly what is described in this free book, times one hundred.

Well, people change. If humans are the larval form of gods, then I would say that these types are the larval form of people. They come at the world through a distinctly animal and "law of the jungle" mentality. They understand life strictly in terms of personal gain and bodily survival. Just like animals. If you threw these people back into ape bodies they'd probably be the enlightened ones.

They went from being big fish in a small pond to small fish in a big pond and it makes them feel existentially threatened, 24/7

Wen Ao Long said...

What that "something" is, is Dignity. What makes it matter is the spiritual will which brings us to embraceo our dignity, our inherent worth that you describe, and embrace it into death if need be, but all the way knowing that only in that condition have we really had a life anyway!

Anonymous said...

m_astera, powerful comments. It hit me like something I should have known all along. The time has come on many levels.

Anonymous said...

I seem to do the same thing. I can "feel" ideas and people out plus us the mind too. The body has its own sense and adds understanding to the whole system of the self. I do believe not all people take in or share the divine with the body, but could? Love and saying that word is a wonderful place to start!. Say it as you exhale. Do it for just one day, all day and a new path is opened up!

Now Im just adding my thoughts on this cause I worry too much. Look, as one person said here, all beings are souls or have them, same thing. To view and filter the world via who has a soul and who doesnt, can be very unhealthy. It leads to elite ideas and Dammerung's authoritarian psychopath idea, I think.
Even if its true and some are "souless," it not for you to judge or fight. I like looking at it as those that dont learn to hug and worship the self and the divie within "seem" without a soul?

Love Your Life

bholanath said...

Always thought-provoking when Dr. F shows up.
Really appreciating the level of conversations lately here with Les the most excellent party host.
Rock/rave-on, sistren and bredren!

m_astera said...

Dr F-

Possibly the "real leadership" are those cyborg flesh machines created as copies of the human by the upstart who seemingly thought he could do better than the original, that the divine half of the equation was not needed; that careful and intelligent engineering could do a better job than directed evolution. The Boss said OK, go ahead, and at the same time saw a way to use these creations as teaching devices to accelerate learning in the Great School.

Very good point about the propaganda to keep us out of the sun. I am fortunate enough to live where I can get out in the sun most days, and I do. I don't wear sunglasses or any glasses because I want those rays coming into my eyes.

Chiron wrote "There is no such thing as a soulless creature just as there is no such thing as a shining lightbulb without electricity."

When I use the term soul I am not referring to the life force but to a specific construct, a non-physical construct that allows certain created entities to "incarnate" in the time/space universes for purposes of experience and evolution. It is both a "probe" and a recording-transmitting device that feeds information back to a higher level "self" and from there back to Source.

The only way to know if I am right about that or not would be to be able to show/prove the existence of the soul as a separate "thing".

What I would like to believe or feel comfortable with believing has nothing to do with it. I am only interested in the truth.

kikz said...

the gnostic's archons, castaneda’s shadows, or jk rowling’s dementers.

in light of 'no proof' in this plane of existence...

I read all as metaphor.

We’ve met the enemy, he is us.” Pogo.

humanity is …triple or triune brained.
now, I’ll use another ‘metaphor’ to elaborate.

humans ALL house 3kinds of Operating System ‘software’.

in some, the 3rd highest level is not activated (unclaimed freewill) or if is.. is corrupted and/or overridden by lower OS software programs; F4.0 (fight/flight/food/fuck) or other ‘viral.exe ’ programs such as ‘religion.exe 1.0’.

I discount wiki as authoritative expert on anything, and link only as convenience….

Vanguard said...

I should clarify when I speak of the soulless, I'm really speaking about those without an eternal, divine spark.

Many here know of different systems which describe different "components" which can describe all beings, seen and unseen.

Many or most "being" have souls comprised of one or more fundamental components, and those souls die, at some point after the bodies, so I agree when people say "they all have souls". Hence my need to clarify.

Not all have a divine "component" which is not really compartmentalized like that, but it's a frame of reference for discussion.

I'm just agreeing and discussing the reality that some human-appearing beings have no divine spark. I don't know how many.

This also doesn't imply superiority or "hunt them down" mentality. It's to understand things. If I know a pack of neighborhood dogs have formed a pack and are savaging my herd at night, and I confront them, where is the unwarranted viewpoint?

I'm not sure whether those fashioned without the divine spark must be made aware of their state, part of the formation, but it's very possible, which means they know. Unlike humans who sense but it depends upon upbringing and other things to give context to their inner promptings.

Also, Michael, I understood you to be referring to a frequency. I was commenting on that quote from the web bots and the colors mentioned have specific meanings in certain esoteric systems. I found it unsurprising the colors were listed as is.

I am intrigued by your suggestion for a specific frequency. From the early days, reflected blue light was a "healing" color. Projected frequency in a high spectrum...very effective I would say.

Side note: it seems that some of these most inimical to us, operate on one or more fundamental shared frequencies, and to fight them on those key ones will be highly effective, effecting all on some level. There are analogies to this in different works.

I will ponder and meditate more on the "signs or signals" and whether such must be awaited. If I see a thug attacking someone, especially a woman, a child, an elderly person, there is no hesitation or thought for self. I act.

bholanath said...

Still thinking about Dr. F's mention of the "domestic pig" (shudder).
Sounds 'reasonable' to me, if there's anything reasonable about cannibalism and perverting souls throughout the universe.
You know about the "promised universe", right?
Chosenites just stick with 'blessed' organs.

Anonymous said...

_astera said, "What I would like to believe or feel comfortable with believing has nothing to do with it. I am only interested in the truth."

Yes, sir, that is the case with me also. I am, perhaps, the most disturbed with what I write, but first hand experience, combined with solid second hand research information, logic and rationality has lead me to certain conclusions. One of those conclusions is that Man (in the modern era, which should be distinguished from what was accomplished 12,000 plus years ago) has the ability to make "cyborgs" that are able to fool almost everyone from TV perspective, but also the vast majority of people from 1-on-1 perspective, that they are normal human beings. Well, they are not. Now, do we have the right to kill them? Maybe not, but make no mistake that I do distinguish myself from them and do consider myself "more special" than them. That is not to say that I consider myself better than any other souled human, or natural creature. I don't; in fact, I would risk my life to save my dog if needed.

Now, the story isn't quite that simple because there are various types of "clones / cyborgs", and the argument could be made that some of them might be souled, but it would be in an "artificial" way nonetheless. This information is scientific fact, so we must use logic to understand what the implications are, IF that is your interest. But, let's not go into ridiculous denial, because I have seen a light bulb illuminate without conventional electricity. It was in the hands of an Indian guru, who could generate the energy to light the 60 W bulb. That observation changed my outlook, obviously.

So, as I piece together some puzzles, and observe the Changes taking place around me, I make what preparations I feel are appropriate (and for those loved ones around me who have their own opinions), BUT I will not jabber how all walking creatures are wonderful / special and filled with love and there can't be lies. That talk applies to dimensions beyond this one. In this dimension, understanding the Game, its rules and players seem to be a more practical / useful endeavor. For me at least, and I might not just be at the spiritual level of some others here. Fine. But, I am interested in what others (astera, Fud) have realised within these topics.


a GrebBear said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow great stuff here.

Im seeing this point about parts of the soul and what not. Id just say without any reason that all parts of any system have to be there at all times. So not having the "divine spark" within you isnt possable? It might just be not knowing the soul's gifts, leads to the clones and their makers. To simple yes, but truth isnt based on reason but faith and intentions?

Next topic, defeneding others. Its might seems correct to stand up for others, but if you think youre doing anything more than defending yourself, its not healthy in any sense. The world outside your eyes is just a form of your own mind. You will be fighting yourself or worse letting others make you fight you divine state? Now "taking action" doesnt mean much to the divine but tons to your body and the energy you create and move with and give off. So use those "vibs" to fight with first, youll find not taking action but thinking about it is pretty powerful too? Once within that vib and when your minds eye is correct the outside world may still have a "battle" for you. Its just fine to push and fight then, but dont forget youre creating this, not the divine. Its a test of sorts, and you cant win but somewhere alone the way you can figure out how to pass it. Till then youre just feeding fear with fear of harm and loss to your loved ones and yourself?

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

@ Dr. F

Within the animal world your view takes shape. We are within that world too but moving to somewhere else. This path isnt for everyone for sure. It will be.
To be " "more special" than others is thinking youre at the wheel of this whole thing. Youre arent. If you keep thinking that, youll just create your own pain and battles to remove such views.
What you do or act out might be "more special" than others. Im saying your writing is that? Thanks
Dont let the image of yourself be the guiding force, but the divine images within, all of them (ones you want to fight and ones you want to be next to)? These come in many forms and at all times do we stnd to gain for just looking? Looking and fighting arent the same thing. One can look and fight at once, but this takes form within the body and not the outward struggle seen by the eyes?
If you have to fight for love, truth, or the divine light, it means you dont really have it within you completely yet? Funny thing, you started this whole trip with all of it, where did it go?

Love Your Life

Javier R. said...

It is happening isn´t it? Our life as we knew it is almost gone. Revolution is on it´s way...bloody or spiritual revolution.....

Les I am really really trying to wish for that (metaphorical or real) bonfire where some of us could reunite to sing of the old times and the new times. I guess we´ll be back to some kind of pre-historic age... It will be actually be post-historic. As it was in the beginning as it is in the end...

Les my most sincere appreciation for you and for all the people in this forum.

Love to all

Anonymous said...

decievers to squabble
warmakers war break
murderers mind weak
with thinkings of afraid
weaker and weaker
decievers out of time
sublime messages
float in from the divine
by a spark on living breeze
a swirl into flame
the colors of the rainbow
electrify the plain
and charge a roaring thunderbolt
the lightning wind and truth
and charge through the divisions
through the lands till all is good.


kikz said...


i found some of lash's podcasts, but currently, not in his image is offline..but should return...

found this website perusing thru lash's astronomy stuff...then searched for him, another huge library to wander thru... thx again.

Chiron said...

You could be right mastera. I don't know. I just see no point in talking out somebody's inferiority without realising that it is only a sign of our own faults we must address. Belief systems are only useful if they propel us to change ourselves and transcend our current limitations, at whichever level they may be. Setting hefty goals or the correct vector can be helpful also, and that's what Les is doing here for many on his blogs.

I used the lightbulb analogy a bit incorrectly in my last comment.

Electricity is more like the spirit, the invisible driving force. The lightbulb itself is the soul, while the light that it emits is the physical manifestation.

Most lightbulbs are painted by various combinations of colours which determines the characteristics of their manifestation. Some are painted thick black, so that they emit almost no light. Some are completely pure and irradiate all their surroundings..

The goal of our game here is to cleanse the colouring that obstructs the light and increase the amplitude from 100kw to 100,000 or 10 million so that the light shines so bright it melts away the colours on all the other lightbulbs.

I think the lightbulb in my head needs replacing now haha.

m_astera said...


My knowledge of the interdimensional parasites who feed on the emotional energy of humanity is personal; I got to the point where I could "feel" them and notice their actions and input to my own thoughts and urges, and at that point I learned to banish them. I think if you perceived them you would wish to banish them too.
Just so it's clear to all what I'm referring to when I say soul: When the pre-existing singular Source turned its attention inwards and contemplated itself the result was an explosion of trillions of sparks of light, each one an individual point of awareness, a holograpic "chip" with all of the inherent potential of First Source. These divine sparks went on to create various planes and realities in accordance with the Divine mandate to make known the unknown. There is seemingly a finite number of these original divine sparks, and it is these divine sparks who use the soul construct as an interface to allow them to incarnate in human bodies. Amoebas and cows neither need this interface nor do they have this interface, nor do all human bodies necessarily contain it.

Are the divine sparks "more special" than a rock, an ameoba, or a carrot? Yes, they are.

I have no argument with those who say the first task is to work on one's self. Then what? After the work is done to a certain point of accomplishment, then what? Withdraw to a hidden retreat and pretend that predators and parasites are not slaughtering innocents and destroying this beautiful planet?

If your children came home from school each day having learned evil actions and harmful lies from their teachers, hurting themselves and others, would you tell them to work on themselves and address those parts of their self that are susceptible to lies and misdirection? At what point, if ever, do you begin to question why evil teachers are being allowed to corrupt your children? At what point do you decide to do something about it?

Anonymous said...

lightning wind of thunder roar
flash across the sky
charged in screams of wonder burst
from maps of ancient wise
the scented beams of everflow
of rainbow medicine
signs the higher nature
with the forces of presence
inner howl the shine of sun
penetrate right pattern through
glowing river shining beams
with essence trails of truth
fusing minds with destiny
of earth been bound to wake
through the inner passageways
up to the garden gate
walk the winding ancient path
sit under learning tree
with bird and dreaming butterfly
by flower with a bee.


Anonymous said...


Damn, you're good!

Reading your words is like a huge sigh of relief. I used to think I was alone in my revulsion for Ben Stein. Thank you for articulating my disdain far better than I ever could. Excellent work.

charmian said...

Buddha's advanced teachings include the "no soul" doctrine, preached as a spiritual expedient for those who can receive it. A breath of fresh air when ideas, concepts and personal beliefs about individuals, souls and other "them and us" divisions are not present.

Speaking to a different wave length ---> the contemporary gnostic pamphlet "The Great Fall of Spirits" offers a simple, yet informative overview about the situation on earth and for fallen humanity.

And who can forget the Tibetan Book of the Dead ---> decisively informative about how one is attracted and called with great intensity by UV radiations but is not willing to abandon that which has to be left behind.

So many messengers have left a trail of bread crumbs....yet so few appear prepared.

One might reconsider the lucidity of J. Chiappalone's 1998 writings about "Terminal Madness of The End Time".

15 And the kings of the earth, and princes, and tribunes, and rich, and strong, and each bondman, and free man, hid them(selves) in dens and stones of hills.

16 And they say to hills and to stones, Fall ye on us, and hide ye us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the lamb;

17 for the great day of their wrath cometh, and who shall be able to stand?

~ Revelations 6:15-17

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kikz said...

we simply hold differing perceptions as to the origins/attributes of the agent(s) of influence/causality;

the choke or control point of ‘negation of effect’ remains the same – internal - the mind.

All is Mind.
The Kybalion
further reading may be reached at the index livelink at the top of the page.

Anonymous said...

Here's another interesting site which has a translated version of the Nag Hammadi codexs.
Codex II sections 4 and 5 are particularly interesting. The written word is a lie.

Phil R

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think Cliff High is looking real good at this point. Politicians resigning. Who wants to go on trial for crimes against humanity?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

LOL humor from the shills. This is not me.

m_astera said...

I take the time to check out most of the links that are posted, both by Les and the commenters on theses blogs. I just finished going back through the posts and reading in full or at least scanning most of the URLs posted in this thread.

The overall effect was rather depressing, and leaves me wondering, not for the first time, just how alone am I in my firm conviction that this Earth is a wondrous and beautiful place and that Nature and Humanity have a glorious future together?

I don't wish to see, nor do I expect, the destruction of Terra Earth or of humanity. I have no wish to escape from here to a more perfect plane, I like it here and wish to help make it a true garden and place of joy. That is, has been, and will remain my focus and purpose.

There seems to be a bit of misunderstanding about judgment and superiority regarding the question of souls. Simply put, those souls who are incarnating here in human instruments have a greater responsibility as well as potential; emphasis is on responsibility. If those with souls screw this up they will pay for it big time and probably over many lifetimes. Those without souls will only suffer the consequences of physical cause and effect. Who has it better?

At present, it appears that some of the bodies that are not "soul carriers" are being hag-ridden by demons bent on enslavement and destruction of both humanity and all life on this planet. My wish is to identify and neutralize such ones, and further, to prevent them from any possibility of possessing or parasitizing humanity ever again, and to accomplish this by non-violent means if at all possible.

I really just want to get that unpleasant task out of the way, because creating a new, beautiful, and joyous world will be a whole lot more fun than fighting creeps and perverts.

Anonymous said...

Well said, m_astera, and you can count me with you.

I will conclude by re-iterating my previous position: looking at an ant, I am still wonderstruck by what it does and how it came to be, and although I see myself as having more responsibility and potential than the ant, I certainly wouldn't think of being "more special". In the real and natural, that distinction is inappropriate. HOWEVER, looking at an unnatural creation designed by a malevolent entity which manipulates us in this fictional Game... well, then my feelings of greater specialness is warranted. It is not us, in the most fundamental way.

Go back and read the authoritative Dr. Peter Beter from the 1970s. Read what the man said, and consider why someone of such distinction would seemingly fall straight off his rocker, if he didn't firmly believe some of the info he received from insiders. I followed up some of his suggestions from those transcripts and confirmed some interested tidbits. Certainly, his thesis dovetails with many strange happenings in the 70s, especially what came to be known as "cattle mutilations". IMHO, he was 40 plus years ahead of his time, even if he at times misnamed some of the Players (ie. Russians vs. Zionists).

But, in the case of these trauma-based-mind-control people, and implanted people, and various other victims, then I do feel empathy and sympathy and connection, but they must be removed from positions of Leadership all the same. We are in a pickle, and being airy-fairy about it is spinning in the mud.


simon said...

M astera said

" ...The overall effect was rather depressing, and leaves me wondering, not for the first time, just how alone am I in my firm conviction that this Earth is a wondrous and beautiful place and that Nature and Humanity have a glorious future together?..."

Check this out M

how could anyone doubt?

Anonymous said...

old demon pig foul
sits with its tongue out
its own doubt hanging
diseased on the roundabout
round to clout
by the hammer and sword of electrify
peace lines transmit
lightning in climbs
in signs gather
forces invincible
unstoppable transcend
higher indiminshable
in principle
on the wings of light ingrained
flash thunder
hunter burst command the in flames
rise in the pig
howl the force of raw wind
and burn spinning truths
till all truth sings
all the strings connected
end to the start
in heart
till all is all
nothing is apart.


charmian said...

Just behind the face of this world and its humanity awaits a new reality, a reality of untainted beauty and light. It has been given many names but is known equally by all who can feel and recognise its purity. It is the Promised Land descending from the heavenly realms, the long-promised return to Earth of the Kingdom of Souls.

This new sphere of life is presently still subtle in the world but will, over time, become more and more tangibly apparent to all who have prepared themselves to receive its light by co-vibrating with its purpose. It will become more and more visible to those who, through their selfless consecration and divine yearning, have cultivated the inner vision with which to perceive it.

The new reality is not of this world and so is completely unaffected and untouched by the sufferings, the pains and the struggles of earthly life. It contains no duality in which to swing back and forth in endless polarity. It is free from the extremes of light and dark, right and wrong, good and bad, and all the other pairs of opposites that perpetually toss mankind's consciousness from left to right, and which have for ages bound the mass of humanity to the pendulum of restlessness and suffering.

Full article:The New Kingdom


bholanath said...

m_astera, you're not alone. I'm with ya and Dr. F on much of this perception regarding Earth and Her beings.
I've had too many profound 'downloads' from 4-leggeds and of course seen the willingness to lay down their lives for me. People can talk all around in circles about 'souls' and 'anthropomorphic projections', but I've had pretty clear evidence of individual allies over lifetimes and great masters in non-human form, so I just am not interested in the 'soul' concept the way some are. Sometimes there has been plant-medicine assistance and sometimes none. Perhaps there are species group 'souls', and there's also many indigenous oral traditions of extended deep interaction with 'other nations'.
Anyway, I'm totally down with "Nature and Humans have a glorious future together".
Just my dos centavos.

TheSparkle said...

Dr. F, that's funny I was just thinking about Dr. Peter Beter last week.

m_astera said...

Dr F

I am familiar with Dr Beter's work; first came across it in the late 1980s, and I used to hang out at the coffee shop with "Val Valerian" who published plenty on the subject.

My skepticism about the subject of clones has been mostly that I don't think Earth humans have the knowledge or ability to do that yet. Doesn't mean it isn't and hasn't been happening, but that I don't think any of the usual suspects are doing the work. My present hypothesis is that along with numerous other factions we are dealing with a 100% synthetic race, highly intelligent and with technology far in advance of that known to humans. They have been here for a while and have inserted themselves into positions of control and influence. They provide the clones when they find it expeditious to do so.

Esoterically and mythically, the synthetic race could be the result of Lucifer's pride and challenge to First Source: smarter, faster, stronger, and longer-lived than natural biological humans. But lacking souls or the ability to be soul carriers. It appears though that gaining that ability is one of their goals.

Simon, thanks; beautiful indeed.

Charmian, thanks as well. Serious sense of deja vu reading what you posted and linked to. Did I write that? Just kidding, but maybe you know what I mean.

WV: lophead

Anonymous said...

Tune For The Day:

"Inside Out"

By: The Traveling Wilburys

Look out your window
That grass ain't green
It's kinda yellow
See what I mean?
Look up your chimney
The sky ain't blue
It's kinda yellow
You know it's true
It's so hard to figure what it's all about


When your outsides in (inside out)
And your downsides up (upside down)
Yeah, your upsides right (right-side up)
Yeah, don't it make you wanna twist & shout
When you're inside out

Look down your drain pipe
What color do you see?
It's got to be yellow
Don't try to fool me
And don't it make you wanna twist and shout


Be careful where you're walking
You might step in something rough
Be careful where you're talking
And saying all that stuff
Take care when you are breathing
Some thing's funny in the air
And somethings I'm not saying
Bout what's happening out there
It's inside out

Look into the future
With your mystic crystal ball
See if it ain't yellow
See if it's there at all
Ain't no shadow of doubt
Don't it make you wanna twist and shout.


Posted By: Deacon Blues

ravenise said...

Chiron said...
"There is no such thing as a soulless creature just as there is no such thing as a shining lightbulb without electricity.

The essence of everyone is divine and immortal, everything else is temporary and of no significance."

I agree with your first sentence, although I personally believe every single atom, rock, plant, bug, and every point in space time is significant and is an expression of the universal mind. Call it an externalization of the soul, call it whatever. The universe is a conscious being, and we wouldn't be here if it weren't for rocks doing what they do best. Rocks may be conscious on a time scale that is incomprehensible to our perception. Everything has importance, and everything will be recycled in an endless journey into the incredible unknown... the rocks and mountains are like the bones, and we are the fingertips of the great mystery, or god. We are star dust after all. Imagine the entire spectrum of light (and condensed light) dancing among the stars as memory, information, and thought akin to the emf and synapses firing in your brain...

Where we put place our attention, and where we don't is connected to the source of everything. Our thoughts and intentions are transferred via invisible fields of the earth to the sun, and to Sirius, and neighboring stars, and the black hole in the middle of the galaxy and to neighboring galaxies, and to the source and the all encompassing beyond. If we push too far in one direction spiritually/mentally/materially of this multi billion year balance/dance, it will eventually push back and visa-versa. Everything is under complete control. Nothing would be if it wasn't so.

bholanath said...

"People can talk all around in circles about 'souls' and 'anthropomorphic projections', but I've had pretty clear evidence of individual allies over lifetimes and great masters in non-human form, so I just am not interested in the 'soul' concept the way some are."

Thank you bholanath for the fresh air. If it wasn’t for the bottom of the food chain... like the algae in the ocean, we wouldn't be here. If we extinct algae, or whales and dolphins we might realize very quickly how integral and sacred and they are... but we generally don't pay attention to that until it is too late. If we understand that all of nature is an expression of god/the great mystery... then we become more conscious and in tune with what keeps us alive. When we awaken to the sheer power and beauty everywhere, in everything, then we take part of the dance of creation. At least thats how it seems to me.

Take care

Anonymous said...

nice stuff ravenise...neil

Anonymous said...

Para -
I, like Bholanath, support your goals, M Astera. Ravenise, your ideas are close to mine.
Since the One (Mind, Consciousness, Spirit, Ground) is the source of everything, from Strings of Probability, to different frequencies of vibration, to all matter and consciousness, my speculation is that everything is a filtering of the One in different ways, through differently calibrated filters - brains, minds, sensors.
Since Alexandra David-Neel was able to produce a tulpa, seen by others, interacting with others, by her thought alone, and later dissolved it also by her thought, some kind of objective human-seeming entity without biological birth has been demonstrated to be possible.
I don't find it necessary at this point, in my present state of knowledge, to posit genetic engineering by extra-terrrestrials. By the way, Semitic scholars say that Sitchin's reading of the seals he bases his theory on is off; he has refused to debate them.
Humankind is selfish and cruel, as it is also generous and kind 0 capable of evil and good.Invoking Occam's razor, and mixing metaphors, one does not need to posit epicycles
The non-human animal and plant world is not inferior to me, in my model. They are different, are aware, conscious, in different ways (have different software in their systems) - Stanislav Grof's work, psychometry, the experiments with plants, eg detailed by Peter Thompson, bear this out.
Our knowledge is based on speculations (theorising) with some backing from measurements and replicability, but filtered through our systems of perception. Other perceptual systems would arrive at different models of reality and what is.
And for literalists, religions use metaphors in trying to describe the Unknowable. We can only grasp the new through what we know already. Eg, the image from Tibet that Lash uses, Ulmata Bhairab with Tantric weapons, of a fearful God, is the fearful form of Siva, Bhairava, adopted by the Buddhists, found from Tibet to Vietnam. Like the Scandinavian Thor, but fearful in a different way. The fearful aspects of the natural world as well as the benevolent, were personified and represented in simile and metaphor. Christians, the eucharist, drinking the blood and eating the flesh of God, is a metaphor.

m_astera said...

bholanath, and others-

From all indications, I'm not from around here. Though I have studied in various Earth schools, I've never resonated well or felt at home with any of them. The few past life regressions or experiences, with one possible exception, could just as easily be picked up from my surroundings or just be time projection. There seems to be no resonant genetic memory from my heritage either. I'm not "from" the family I was born into.

All of this might go to explain why I look at things a little differently, have different priorities and concerns, and lack attachment to this planet's mystical, mythic, or religious traditions.

Nonetheless, I like this place a lot and plan to stick around and see how cool it can become, which will be pretty cool.

pandora said...

First, I'd like to say how wonderful and thought provoking everyones comments are. A wealth of information has been posted here. Thanks to all of you.

I do not mean to bring down the level of this conversation, but here is confirmation of a subject several of you mentioned. When I read this ten years ago, I stopped eating mammals....

Gene Engineers Grow Pig Embryos with Human Genes

October 8 2000 AUSTRALASIA

Cloning teams cross pig and human DNA

SCIENTISTS have successfully produced an embryonic pig-human hybrid. Human DNA was inserted into pig cells which became tiny embryos.

The researchers have not revealed what happened to them, but suggest they could have been grown further by being implanted into a womb - and that either a pig or a human mother would have been suitable.

The intentions of the researchers are not made clear in an application they have submitted to the European Patent Office. However, such embryos would be ideal for research into therapeutic cloning, when cells are cloned, grown into tissues such as nerve cells and then used to treat a patient.

The researchers, from Stem Cell Sciences in Australia and Biotransplant in America, both big players in the biotechnology industry, took a cell from a human foetus, extracted the nucleus and then inserted it into a pig's egg cell. Two embryos were grown to the 32-cell stage, which took a week.

Experts in medical ethics are deeply concerned about the patent application, which has a strong chance of being granted. They say the research exploits loopholes in European law. It is not illegal because the embryo is not technically human.

Dr Richard Nicholson, editor of the Bulletin of Medical Ethics, said: "This kind of research depends on devaluing human beings."

Nobody knows whether the hybrid embryos could have be-come living beings. They would be much more human than pig because about 97% of DNA is in the nucleus, which was human. There would, however, be some effect from the 3% of DNA from the pig.

kikz said...

But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?

It is the east, and ANON 2:46AM is the sun.

Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon...'tis much ado about nothing.


wv: hero led

charmian said...

The True-False Motion-Stillness Verse

There is nothing true in anything,
So don’t view anything as true.
If you view anything as true,
Your view will be completely false.
You can know what is true by yourself.
Being apart from the false is the truth of the mind.
When your own mind is not apart from the false
And lacks the truth, then where is the truth?

~ The Sixth Patriarch’s Dharma Jewel Platform Sutra

CarissaC. said...

Prompted to respond due to Peter's comment....

Ben Stein's also gone on record as being a Creationist/Intelligent designer, which shocked a lot of people, and he's an anti-choicer. Those are interesting beliefs to have in fiercely liberal Hollyweird. So for that reason I find him to be kind of an interesting character. I don't own or watch TV so I haven't seen all the annoying credit commercials people speak of. Doesn't surprised me I guess. Keep in mind that for years Ben was (and maybe still is?) the face and monotone voiced spokesperson for "Clear Eyes" eye drops. So maybe the dude just takes whatever commercials he can get. :D Or maybe it is something nefarious. Who knows.

With comments like the one quoted concerning the unemployed, the media put it out there and play it up because they know it's inflammatory and guaranteed to provoke people. It guarantees that people will "choose a side" and go to war, fighting back. And sure enough, here we are - Les has devoted an entire post to it, ranting, falling for it. People are entitled to their opinions. Ben's entitled to his. He may be wrong, or off the mark, or not factoring certain things into the equation (like the fact that a depression is a bit different from normal unemployment situations, so therefore having a bad attitude and being lazy can't completely account for the millions of unemployed....) but, try not to make the mistake of getting sucked into the loosh generating, polarizing distraction. Although it's probably too late for that. ;) I wouldn't liken Ben Stein to Marie Antoinette, because Ben Stein is not somebody who's in charge. He's a guy who's made a name for himself, most recently in the "entertainment" industry, and for that reason his quotes get headline attention. But who is he in the big scheme of things? Nobody. Marie Antoinette was responsible for her starving people, so her(supposedly) saying that they could eat cake, if that even actually happened, which it probably didn't, is a tad different. Apples and Oranges.

Just my two cents....

Vanguard said...

Children of the Divine

To use crude analogies: Is the finger as important as the eye? Or the leg, as the heart or brain?

I agree when people say all of creation is an expression. Everything cannot and should not be the same thing--that is, an advanced expression of the Divine, a human being.

And a person is far more valuable than an ant. There are plenty of doctrines which distort the pre-eminence of humanity. I'm not going out of my way to harm other beings, but I will not wear a broom fore and aft to sweep away insects and to leave no trace of my passing. There are plenty of beings that would end me if they could, in a heartbeat, and some would relish it.

Humans can take upon themselves the divine, and act in that capacity. No other creatures, even powerful entities, can rival that, when fully realized.


Any doctrine or exhortation stating new times are ahead regardless of what we do, and with nothing to do on our part, is yet another variation on a theme to lull people to inaction. Evil powers and agendas want slumbering giants. Here's a retort: We shall usher in the times worthy of our efforts. Our future is an expression of our selves, and our wills. Left unchecked, we face a dark future indeed. Who exactly and how exactly are things going to change for the better with all of this talk of hunkering down and watching?

Good and Evil

And pleasant fiction about no right or wrong, no struggle, etc., ignores reality. Existence is motion, struggle. People often rationalize away hard-won truths because those take effort or require change. It's far, far easier to just adjust one's viewpoint. However, that does not bring advancement, if that is a goal. If not, enjoy the 10,000 cycles.

Abstract rationalizations are all fun and games until you or a loved one is brutalized. There are far too numerous horrifying examples to delve into. Such is not inevitable. And if you have the power to prevent, but don't, your are complicit, and bind yourself with chains of misery which must be endured according to eternal laws.

Evil must be confronted. There is good and evil. Evil backs down only in the presence of stronger good or evil.

My hope is that people will encourage good and right actions. Far, far too much in this world allows rampant evil, corruption, pain, misery and death. People, systems, teachings, practices, traditions, media and much pushes for what is low and base and painful, body and soul.

Saying it doesn't exist is deluded, cowardly, or pushing a nefarious agenda.

The time to act is now. With your every thought and deed, make a stand, in small things and great. All is magnified now. You know whereof I speak. Take care what momentum you adopt.

Anonymous said...

Para - Off topic-
For Dublin Mick and others affected by the Gulf disaster:

“People who are in the direct vicinity of the Gulf Coast should be taking Calcium Bentonite Clay internally.. Calcium Bentonite Clay can also be added to your pets' food to keep them detoxed and parasite free.. spray your grass and garden at least 3 times a week with clay water.”

Visible said...

New Visible Origami

Webster Tarpley.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I have some clay around here I have to remember to take but quite frankly I can't wait to get on the other side. There is war in heaven also.

Anonymous said...
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ravenise said...

re para, bholanath, m-astera

somewhat OT as well, but relevant, commonly overlooked and very important.

Perhaps plants and trees, for the most part, are not conscious... at least not in the way we can currently understand. But here on earth, much like the ecosystem of Pandora in the film Avatar, nearly every plant and tree is interconnected and communicating with eachother over vast landscapes via mycorrhizal fungi. Subterranean networks of fungal cells which give fruit to mushrooms are referred to as mushroom mycelium. Any fertile land with plants and trees rests upon an oasis of sentient networks of symbiotic mycelia which honeycombs the soil, where just a single cubic inch of fertile soil can contain more than a mile of mycelia cells. In a cubic foot of sawdust impregnated with mushroom mycelium there is an equivalent number of synapses that are present in the human brain as there is in the hyphae of the mushroom mycelium.

The idea that a cellular organism demonstrates intelligence may seem radical if not for work by researchers like Toshuyiki Nakagami, published in Nature 2000," Paul Stamets writes. "He placed a maze over an agar-filled petri dish and introduced nutritious oat flakes at the entrance and exit. He then inoculated the entrance with a culture of the slime mold Physarum polycephalum under sterile conditions. It grew through the maze and consistently chose the shortest route to the oat flakes at the end. Rejecting dead-ends, the slime mold demonstrated, according to the researchers, a form of intelligence.

These findings crack open our current understanding of nature and the meaning of intelligence, leading us toward a more panpsychist view, one in which consciousness is intrinsic in even the minutest level of matter.”

95% of all plants have a symbiotic relationship with fungi... including myself as you might have noticed. These underground webs of mycelium network with the roots plants and trees and then branch out, sometimes for kilometers, to break down decaying plant matter into nutrients, and gather water for their symbiotic allies. Mycelium is sentient, and it knows when you are there when you are walking above it. The mycelia networks mirror the same fractal pattern of dark matter, the neurology of the human brain, and the internet. As above, so below anyone? Currently, the single largest entity known on the planet is a subterranean fungus, one cell wall thick, stretching over 2200 acres. It has been around at least 400 years before the time of Christ. That is a big brain.

"The symbiotic relationship between plants and mycorrhizae also represents an excellent picture of the web of life. This relationship is vital. As Christopher Uhl writes in Developing Ecological Consciousness, there are many different types of relationships between plants, but symbiotic relationships "are among the most important in life's web" (p. 78). In Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture, Toby Hemenway demonstrates the importance of symbiotic relationships by pointing out the connection between Douglas Fir trees and a type of truffle and the relationship's significance for the entire forest. "Without the truffle, the fir forest won't have many red-backed voles, a rodent that feeds on the fungus. Lacking voles to eat, the spotted owl population will diminish. This poverty ripples through many species and the whole community is diminished"

Quoted from an fascinating article on the topic of sentient fungi:

Anonymous said...

Amerikagulag said:

"....for the most part, are not conscious... at least not in the way we can currently understand....."

Plants compete, fight and work toward a goal of more sunlight. I'd say that's a form of consciousness even if it's on a SLOWER time scale.

David Attenborough did a wonderful documentery called the "Private Lives of Plants" which dispels any selfish notion that plants are not conscious beings.

ALL LIFE is conscious of itself.
"I AM" is the driving force behind all life.

Visible said...

Not to defend Godsend but only to say there are more virulent Christians giving a fine performance of the basic truths of their teacher. I know nowhere in the words of Jesus where he mentions anything about profanity or telling the as leading to Hell fire. You can post here because it defines what is wrong with so many of your who are exactly what Jesus condemned.

I've got no fucking comment (Grin)

Anonymous said...

Measuring the man - WikiLeaks??

Anonymous said...

Para - ravenise, anon 4:23, et al,

ravenise, thanks for the further references; I knew about the fungi and the largest one.
I had in mind The Secret Life of Plants (1973) , Peter Tompkins [not Thompson, as I wrote] and Christopher Bird, subtitled “a fascinating account of the physical, emotional, and spiritual relations between plants and man”. When the NYC owner of some plants was in England, in one experiment, and he thought about holding a lighted match to his plants, instruments attached to the plants still in NYC, which graphed their state 24 hours a day, showed wild perturbations. W.A.Tiller offers a theory in “Radionics, Radiesthesia and Physics” – Proc Acad Parapsychol and Medicine, Symp on the Varieties of Healing Experience, 1971. Their book, Secrets of the Soil, is also worth reading.

Anonymous said...

Tune For The Day:

"Ballad Of The Skeletons "

By: Allen Ginsberg

Said the Presidential Skeleton
I won't sign the bill
Said the Speaker skeleton
Yes you will

Said the Representative Skeleton
I object
Said the Supreme Court skeleton
Whaddya expect

Said the Military skeleton
Buy Star Bombs
Said the Upperclass Skeleton
Starve unmarried moms

Said the Yahoo Skeleton
Stop dirty art
Said the Right Wing skeleton
Forget about your heart

Said the Gnostic Skeleton
The Human Form's divine
Said the Moral Majority skeleton
No it's not it's mine

Said the Buddha Skeleton
Compassion is wealth
Said the Corporate skeleton
It's bad for your health

Said the Old Christ skeleton
Care for the Poor
Said the Son of God skeleton
AIDS needs cure

Said the Homophobe skeleton
Gay folk suck
Said the Heritage Policy skeleton
Blacks're outa luck

Said the Macho skeleton
Women in their place
Said the Fundamentalist skeleton
Increase human race

Said the Right-to-Life skeleton
Fetus has a soul
Said Pro Choice skeleton
Shove it up your hole

Said the Downsized skeleton
Robots got my job
Said the Tough-on-Crime skeleton
Tear gas the mob

Said the Governor skeleton
Cut school lunch
Said the Mayor skeleton
Eat the budget crunch

Said the Neo Conservative skeleton
Homeless off the street!
Said the Free Market skeleton
Use 'em up for meat

Said the Think Tank skeleton
Free Market's the way
Said the Saving & Loan skeleton
Make the State pay

Said the Chrysler skeleton
Pay for you & me
Said the Nuke Power skeleton
& me & me & me

Said the Ecologic skeleton
Keep Skies blue
Said the Multinational skeleton
What's it worth to you?

Said the NAFTA skeleton
Get rich, Free Trade,
Said the Maquiladora skeleton
Sweat shops, low paid

Said the rich GATT skeleton
One world, high tech
Said the Underclass skeleton
Get it in the neck

Said the World Bank skeleton
Cut down your trees
Said the I.M.F. skeleton
Buy American cheese

Said the Underdeveloped skeleton
We want rice
Said Developed Nations' skeleton
Sell your bones for dice

Said the Ayatollah skeleton
Die writer die
Said Joe Stalin's skeleton
That's no lie

Said the Middle Kingdom skeleton
We swallowed Tibet
Said the Dalai Lama skeleton
Indigestion's whatcha get

Said the World Chorus skeleton
That's their fate
Said the U.S.A. skeleton
Gotta save Kuwait

Said the Petrochemical skeleton
Roar Bombers roar!
Said the Psychedelic skeleton
Smoke a dinosaur

Said Nancy's skeleton
Just say No
Said the Rasta skeleton
Blow Nancy Blow

Said Demagogue skeleton
Don't smoke Pot
Said Alcoholic skeleton
Let your liver rot

Said the Junkie skeleton
Can't we get a fix?
Said the Big Brother skeleton
Jail the dirty pricks

Said the Mirror skeleton
Hey good looking
Said the Electric Chair skeleton
Hey what's cooking?

Said the Talkshow skeleton
Fuck you in the face
Said the Family Values skeleton
My family values mace

Said the NY Times skeleton
That's not fit to print
Said the CIA skeleton
Cantcha take a hint?

Said the Network skeleton
Believe my lies
Said the Advertising skeleton
Don't get wise!

Said the Media skeleton
Believe you me
Said the Couch-potato skeleton
What me worry?

Said the TV skeleton
Eat sound bites
Said the Newscast skeleton
That's all Goodnight.

Posted By: Deacon Blues

TheSparkle said...

ravenise, that's really interesting about the plant other 'lower' organisms communicating.

I posted something off-handedly somewhere about a mycelial product that you can buy to innoculate your soil and/or seeds. I thought of going to a really virginal wild place in nature and digging and harvesting some of that old established mycelial network to incorporate into my in-town garden soil.

ravenise said...

@TheSparkle said...

I posted something off-handedly somewhere about a mycelial product that you can buy to innoculate your soil and/or seeds. I thought of going to a really virginal wild place in nature and digging and harvesting some of that old established mycelial network to incorporate into my in-town garden soil.

Mycorrhizal fungi generally only thrive in symbiosis within its native habitat and selected allies, but there are many ways you can incorporate fungi in your garden. A good example is king stropharia, which is a great species you can plant directly into your garden, which helps filter out pathogenic disease and also helps boost plant growth. You may be interested in the book by Paul Stamets, "Mycelium running, how mushrooms can help save the world." It is jam packed with information on how you can do just that.

I did a research project in 2008 using mycorrhizal fungi in conjunction with common garden vegetables... the results were astonishing to say the least. I uploaded a copy of my report here, if you are interested:

Mycorrhizal Research Project

TheSparkle said...


Yes! That's the guy Paul Stamets. Now I remember his website that I forgot....and it's an easy one, LOL. And, I may have seen your paper before. It looks familiar, but I am not sure.

wv: micistio

m_astera said...

Ravenise and The Sparkle

What fungi do is make what mineral nutrients are present more available. They do not manufacture nutrients, they find them and bring them to their symbiotic partner.

Let's say you have some worn-out soil where all the mineral nutrients have been sucked up and exported for profit. One can introduce symbiotic fungi into that soil and they will find and dig out whatever traces of nutrients are left. They will not make nutrients. They can only bring what they find. So, by introducing them to an exploitative scheme, you may have only depleted the soil's fertility further.

Beneficial fungi and bacteria have an important role in agriculture but they do not make essential minerals, they only mine them. Finding a better way to mine the soil is not the answer as it only leads to short term gains and further depleted soils.

You might want to take a look at or the new agriculture blogspot.

Anonymous said...

I never thought much of it & always like him for what ever role he played! But, after I saw THIS, I'm a very different person, for the experience! Here's why;

Want to know more? Just Google;
"The Ages of Uras". Lord jESUs, had to have help, creating all the life here! Enter; Master Geneticists.............



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