Monday, July 30, 2007

By way of explantion.

For the first time since I have been writing this blog I got snookered by something I found on the internet. I found it from three separate sources that I knew to have been legitimate in the past. What I read seemed very strange to me but yet it also seemed that it might be true. Feeling as I did, I included certain disclaimers that I hoped would show that I wasn’t convinced of what I had included. Sure enough, what I posted turned out to be a satire from The Onion. I got had. I found myself apologizing for my error and removing the offending insertion. I made a mistake. It wasn’t intentional but it was a mistake. My how lies have wings. There are five full pages in Google tracking the article. There's a sad irony in that.

I’m glad it happened because I’m a lot more careful now. The truth is damning enough without adding to it. I am gratified by the understanding I received and very appreciative to those of you who caught it and let me know.

I don't intend for it to happen again but if you ever see something here that you know is certifiably wrong then please let me know. I am honored that so many of you read this blog and I know you expect me to give my very best in being as honest and comprehensive as I can. You have a right to that. Together we can make our way and, god willing, get past the traps set for the unwary.

Thank you for your continuous support. I do not often engage in the comments section but I always answer my emails.


Anonymous said...

Such a tangled web Visible, it's a wonder more deceit doesn't creep into your insights.
Rely on the Force Visible. Allow it to wash over you. Open yourself to its light. It won't let you down.
So ...I'm a Star Wars fan, you know what I'm trying to say.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about being snookered. If it happens only occasionally, it shows you are human. I expect nothing more than human performance from people, you should do likewise!

Do you care to share what three sources or stories got the better of you?

I will say that Jon Tester got my vote for US Senate in Nov 2006 and I was hoodwinked by his views on Iraq, which he stated were pro-Troop Safety. It seems that in Tester's view, you help with the troops' safety by continuing to put them in harm's way. Not exactly protecting the troops, Jonny boy!

A second gulling happened when Wayne Madsen reported that a friend with info from Patrick Fitzgerald's office confided that there was an indictment brewing for Karl Rove. This was back in 2005. Nothing has come of it.

Visible said...

One of them was internet muckraker 'Skolnick' who has done a lot of writing for Rense. The other two were larger conspiracy sites and I found them on google by inserting Bush crime family 9/11

I'll look to see if I can find the other two sources in my day to day.

Anonymous said...


Well, this comment is a little post facto, especially since I hadn't even noticed that there was a link to The Onion. doh! That site btw was one of the first that someone with whom I once worked pointed to me as being a good, humorous time-waster.

There's so much crap, disinfo, so many liars, shills, spammers, saboteurs, etc. around that sometimes I feel I should fact-check my own name. heehee

In any case, your integrity is unscathed. Your cred unharmed, and this explanation, imo, a bonus.

ta, annemarie

Anonymous said...

Oakland would be a good spot for them to nuke or WND. the Katrina-like black population can be "rescued" to the camps without much complaint by the rest of us, and the damaged real estate need gentrification anyhow. Cover story is the "terrorists" picked that spot because they hide out in ethnic neighborhoods - and the "God's wrath" (ala New Orleans) angle will give us much sermon fodder. The liberals will jump on the bandwaggon because, as they say, "a conservative is a liberal who got mugged".

The Port of San Francisco would be perfect - the radiation would blow over Oakland, but this white elephant needs to be modernized anyhow to fit larger container ships. The re-building would be high priority and so plenty of money will flow back. Meanwhile, the push for more Mexican trucking is made to alleviate shortages, etc. etc. There's plenty of "good" projects that could come out of SF Port being nuked. That's were I'd bet these sickos will do it.



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