Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Mr Chertoff to the White Courtesy Phone."

Maybe it’s just me but it looks like, yeah, it looks like they are at it again. You can hear the drums coming up on the fader, the bass is coming in… ba boomp boomp… ba boomp boomp. Any minute now and we’ll be hearing the lead guitar. Zionazi Herr Oberneocongruppenfuhrer Chertoff has just moon-walked on to the stage. And there’s some interesting synchronized swimming going on as well.

If you’re paying attention… and some of us are. You hear rumbling. You hear odd snatches of conversation like someone keeps opening and closing the door on a cocktail party. Something is happening in Syria. Israel is making unusual noises, brandishing false overtures and grinding their teeth about that little episode in Lebanon where they did that trampoline act with all those women and children and yogurt factories which are no longer competing with the Israeli firm and where they got their asses kicked by an irregular army of guys in pickup trucks with cell phones. Boy, they didn’t like that. The Enterprise has sailed into the gulf and here is an interesting detail… just like the twin towers (which were facing billions of dollars of refurbishing expense which would have provided a major problem had they remained around to need that refurbishing) The Enterprise is on it’s last legs. Well, I’m not suggesting anything...

...just connecting some dots the way you might doodle on a restaurant napkin, playing a little what if. Some of you might remember the USS Liberty that Israel attacked in one of their ‘false flag’ operations. It would be too bad if the Iranians appeared to do something to that ship, or any ship. Why… some little unfortunate event and we’re all back in Sarajevo again.

Chertoff has that gut feeling and, though it would be better for all of us if it were just a case of gas, I don’t think so. What kind of a statement is that? There’s nothing accidental about it. But what kind of a statement is that? I feel a part of my mind toying with it like a loose tooth. I’m doing that probing thing. Because… there’s all this rumbling going on and little set ups like the recent events in London and Scotland. They made a huge uproar about that and it was... really nothing.

I’m not going to list all of the things dovetailing here. If you’ve been paying attention then you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t been paying attention you probably won’t be paying attention to me either. However, let’s look at some of the back story. As tame and lame as the Democratic congress is presently showing itself to be, certain elements are putting some real heat on the administration… sooner or later push is going to come to shove. Bush’s support from anyone besides the hardliners, rapture freaks and terminally stupid is gone. Heavyweights in his own party are lining up against him. Interesting tidbits are coming up about how serene, how filled with resolve he is in consideration of his legacy. There’s a media molding at work. Inside the White House things are quite different.

The administration really needs an event to take the focus off of so many things; the Libby commutation, the Gonzalez affair and the war; that big dumb fucked up war that is lost. It really would be serendipitous if something happened. Think about this, what are all those carriers and other hardware doing all bunched up around Iran? Think about it. What has Iran done? Iran isn’t blowing shit up. Iran isn’t rattling sabers; we are, but Iran isn’t. You hear this talk about them arming the insurgents and then it always comes out, even out of the mouths of generals, that there’s no proof of this. If they had proof you know that would be a headline. There’s this ongoing thing about their nuclear program and the truth of the matter is that they are not building a nuclear weapon. Irrespective of the lies and innuendos they just aren’t doing that. I wouldn’t blame them if they did though. Look at their situation. But they aren’t at this time. So there really isn’t anything Iran is doing except sitting on a bunch of oil and sitting between Afghanistan and Iraq and messing up the geo-political map of the neo-cons by not being presently assaulted based on falsified intel. And anyway, Iran was the whole point of the thing from the beginning. They don’t want to stop now. Iran is the ‘money shot’. You can’t have a successful film without the money shot.

Israel really wants us to bomb Iran. They really, really want us to bomb Iran.

One thing I think almost all of us can agree on is that the players in this administration are not honorable folk. They will do and say anything to get their way. This whole scenario has been a long time in the planning. These are not the sort of people who will look at things and say, “Well, it hasn’t worked for us, let’s cut our losses and move on to something else.” These are serious people. The people behind these people, the people with the real money and power are also serious people. They are the sort of people that are well accustomed to getting their way. Negotiation, compromise and the like are not in their dictionary.

It would just be sooooooo convenient if something unfortunate were to happen. Just as it was before 9/11 you are hearing all of the same things again. The administration wants to complete their mission. Sooner or later they will no longer be the administration. I think it’s a fait accompli that, one way or another, they’re going to get something to happen that allows them to attack Iran. Maybe, I’m just being paranoid. Maybe I’ve got a narrow view and this is just a lot of speculation. Well, it is speculation but it’s based on observation. By this time, certain behavior patterns have become very clear. What would be really surprising is if they didn’t engineer something that allows Israel to have what they want.

Not mentioned very often but possibly the biggest factor in the whole game is the ten thousand pound elephant and five thousand pound giraffe in the room; Russia and China. Well, Putin was out in Kennebunkport talking to GWB and the real power, Bush Daddy who fronts for the serious money men. That must have been a pretty serious matter. Here’s Cowboy Bush saying all those mean things about Russia and whipping up a missile defense system and then he’s like, at the family compound; nothing weird about that.

So, I’m doodling on this napkin. I’ve got a picture in my mind. The picture is based on thousands of images that display a pattern of behavior. I’m looking from PNAC to the moment I’m sitting in. I’m looking at all of the things that have happened and who benefited from the things that happened. I’m looking at where all these events have led us and I’m looking at the evidence of the motivations and intentions of all of the players. I’m looking at Nigerian Yellow Cake. I’m looking at Michael Ledeen and I’m still wondering what Mohammed Atta was doing on Jack Abramoff’s gambling boat the week before 9/11. I’m wondering if The Enterprise is going to make it into dry dock. I’m wondering and I’m doodling and every now and then I scratch my head and I can feel my mind probing that metaphorical loose tooth.

You know, when you take a lot of aircraft carriers and you stick them in a war zone up against a non-combatant who is armed to the teeth and you throw in a lot of confused uncertainty and hostile intent it’s sort of like when a bunch of drunken sailors walk into a notorious bar where trouble is known to happen and coincidentally the bar is crowded cause it’s Saturday night and all the locals are there. It’s late and the music is loud and the sailors are horny and so are the locals and there’s only so many women. You do the math.


Anonymous said...

Man, I love coming here. An impressive new stylistic change. Count on my getting this one around.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, as always. I'd forward this to everyone, but I have some septugenarians on my list who don't like the f word, so it'll be selective, but it really was a fucking great post.

Anonymous said...

Life's a gamble.
The United States government is involved in the illegal arms and drug trade shows. Everything else is just theater commercials to sell tickets.
When we actually ponder our past decisions or wish we could change what is, leans heavily on a present sense of right and wrong.
I'm betting a rebirth on America's conscience and sense of duty to reboot itself and a clean action against the evil that has so blinded their vision.

Anonymous said...


Freaking beautiful man.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt whatsoever that the Zionists who control America are going to get what they want and according to the Talmud it doesn't matter how many 'insect gentiles' get hurt.


Anonymous said...

Can you say martial law Visible?
I knew you could.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the Kennebunkport hosts' gift to Putin was a Segway. A segue, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I just phoned a Ms. Laura Keehner at D.C. Homeland Security Press Office (202-282-8010) and was told "We dont speak to 'unaccredited reporters'. Well I am both so I asked this
automaton a few questions.

Q: "Where is Osama Bin Laden if this is an Al Qaeda threat?"

LK: "Ah- ah- that is not something we would deal with here- you have to try CIA."
Q: "CIA shut down the Osama bin Laden Unit over a year ago- so with a massive new Al Qaeda threat, we should be able to call you. Wasnt he the head of Al Qaeda? You are advertising the latest Qaeda threat."
LK: "I am not aware, I dont know.."
Q: After the billions of dollars spent for defense over the past 6 years- why is Chernoff relying on a 'gut instinct'? With all this money spent- Why is the threat level at this stage?"
No answer, just rubbish about we are doing our job, the borders are secure, and of course we rely on people's tips...
Q: "After the last phoney threat in October, I tried to call Homeland Security Office in NYC about a "tip". I was told there was no NYC Homeland Security Office in NYC. Is this true? So where do people call?"
LK: "Well I dont know if we have an office there, if a separate one exists- we have contacts in the Coast Guard, Police Dept. You could call the Police I suppose..."
Q: "But the big terror attacks and targets are in NYC. Why is there no NYC Homeland office?"
Dunce: No answer.
Conversation continued like this with nothing substantive gleaned and much "no comment due to 'national security'"...
Folks, we are in deep, deep doodoo here. We have no gov, no press and unless we get on the offensive personally, and start calling these people on their lies-DIRECTLY- it is nukes over Iran for Israel and dictatorship in the wings.
CALL and confront!
CIA: 703-482-1100 800-280-1445
AIPAC 212-750-4110 DC 202-997-4614

Anonymous said...

Call me a fatalist or maybe a paranoid, but i believe the war against Iran was a done deal years ago. This moment in time was set in motion in the 1990's, when the demented and power hungry neoCONS were out of office, but not out of connections.

With no Pentagon on hand to send overseas to kick the unholy hell out of any nation that didn't kowtow to their delusions of grandeur, life was tough for the neoCONS.
To take up time, they started playing "what if" games with certain nations whose wealth they lusted after. Nations like Iran and Iraq.

To complete these suicidal fantasies, they drew up documents, like the "Project for the New American Century." The PNAC is a rather long read, but well worth it if you want to help understand the king-hell size mess the U.S. has become embroiled.

One of the paragraphs specifically states that the American public will not be on board with all the wars needed to steal other countries wealth, like oil.
But, if a significant event took place, like "another Pearl Harbor" type of event, well, that would get American blood lust up to the boiling point that the crazed neoCONS would be able to wage war to their little black hearts content.

That the neoCONS doctrines fit in well with the equally crazed Israeli Likudnik Party desire for ME dominance was more than a coincidence. The Israeli Zionists realized that with their control of the US Congress, through its myriad organizations like AIPAC, that Israel would be able to help the neoCONS achive their goal and at the same time, be able to use the US military as their own private band of mercenaries.

And now we're at the point of these two groups of lunatics salivating at the thought of launching another illegal and immoral war, this time against Iran.
When the next "false-flag op" takes place and again, like on 9/11, American lives are lost, the MSM will swing into place, launching a well organized propaganda scheme, placing the blame on Iran.
And off we go, to another war, which will quickly escalate into using nuclear weapons.

Any wonder the USA has become the "United States of Israel?"

The US is nothing more than a vassal state of Israel, doing that nation's murderous tasks of eliminating any nation or group of people that Israel deems an "enemy."
AIPAC barks out a command and the US gladly lets loose its powerful armed forces to wreck havoc, death and destruction on all things Moslem/Arab.
Israel says that it is the only friend in the Middle East the US has???
i can't help thinking that before Israel came into
existence, the US had no enemies in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm being naive here, but I'm frankly amazed that Iran didn't enter into a deal with either Russia or China some time ago to just purchase a couple hundred nukes or so and have them planted on their soil. That would have put an end to the saber-rattling flatulence out of DC, because we all know that the big, bad U.S. doesn't fuck with anybody that can actually fight back, or at least that they THINK can't fight back. After seeing what has happened to Iraq, Iran would be absolutely nuts to not be looking to score some nukes equipped with the latest warhead technology.

Now, maybe Israel would attack Iran, just as they took out Iraq's nuclear reactor in 1982. But that would be a problem between the two of them. There's no reason why Americans should be involved in this, except for one thing. Zionists managed to get America involved in two world wars, and since the federal government in this country is run by, and bought and paid for by Zionists (especially the counterfeit Senate), the United States is forever sacrificing its own sons and daughters to advance the agenda of these demons.

It won't stop until the people of this country rise up and tear apart everybody in DC limb from limb. And it can't happen soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you do it, hit the target dead center every time. At the same time all of a sudden similar POV's are popping up everywhere. At it seems like half the articles are about this or connected to it. I for one really appreciate this great public service. If you ever go broke or run into trouble you can stay at my house.

Dr. George Ryan

Visible said...

Thank you my friends for the great comments and signs of appreciation. It means a very great deal to me as you can imagine. I hardly ever get negative comments and usually those are a spillover from The Best of the Fray at where I post as apollonius. It's an armpit of a forum in a dark backwater of the internet and there are some real predatory snipers lurking in the murk- but also some really gifted people which makes going there worth it.

I've been meeting some great people through these blogs of mine.

This fellow Joe has a website called and he's been reprinting me. As a result I've gotten to read some of the articles at that site and they are really well done.

Then I got a letter from this guy who is a very interesting video artist, musician and writer. A lot of other people as well. It's a great payoff for me to be able to network with fine minds around the world. Who knows, maybe something will happen out of this.

I just got a letter from a reader who says that I should charge a subscription fee. He told me I was good enough to and it felt good to hear it. But I would hate to lose any readers and when people link me then they'd get this subscription thing and uh oh.

So I'm just going to keep doing everything for free. If someone wishes me well, or wants to help me out because they've got 50 million dollars, or maybe only ten then they could become my patron. if someone wants to tell the music producer who lives in their apartment building, or the literary agent that lives down the street, or someone in the biz with a conscience and a sense of fair play about me and my work then that would be great too and I would appreciate it.

However, until the hand of destiny reaches out and taps me on the shoulder I'm just going to keep giving it away. If I should become more successful let it be because Nature called out for me to. If not, maybe it is better just to be an embarrassment to your friends rather than the whole world. It's not my department to know these things and I'm not good at marketing myself. Truman Capote once told me, in a bookstore in Palm Springs to, "get a good agent young man." well, that just hasn't happened yet. Maybe it will.

Anyway, I wanted to take this time to say thank you to all of you who have made this such a meaningful experience for me. I am constantly impressed by the level of awareness and often the writing ability as well. You people make me look good because you're so classy and well-informed.

I'm not saying this as well as I would like to. Writing the blogs I never have to think about what I'm going to say. it just runs out and is almost always within a few words of the same length and there it is. I think I have someone helping me. But this sort of thing... yikes.

People, I really appreciate the comments and the emails. Thank you very, very much.

Anonymous said...

I thought this eight years ago before even 9-11. I thought Iran was really the linchpin in the remaking of the Middle East planned by these PNAC nuts all along. I always felt that Afghanistan and Iraq were just introductory warmups for the real main event, which was utterly destroying Iran.

So this entire time I've been getting ready for the consequences and there hasn't been a year in between I have not expected this to happen before the end of the year.

Now, it's not just me connecting the dots. A lot of other people are seeing the fact that these people will not just throw in the towel and go home to give way to a new administration in 2008 which may or may not be of the right flavor for their purposes.

So I figure that 9-11 was not the mother of all false flag attacks. I reckon the attack coming will go down in history as the most horrific false flag attack of all time. I just don't see how these characters are going to relent without staging something to give them a justification.

It won't happen in Jew York City. Despite it being a logical choice for any real Middle Eastern terrorist. No, I suspect this attack will be somewhere in the flyover regions, the heartland where all those filthy cheery fresh faced rosy cheeked goyim cluster in their izod lacoste shirts, oy vey, the best of them should be killed like a snake, to die they should.

I think we will see an attack targeted at the people remaining in the United States who are still sane enough to see that nothing in this fake war has anything to do with them.

Joy said...

Prediction is about two things:
1) What?
2) When?
The what is often easier than when. I am quite confident that it will snow again in Aspen this year, but I wouldn't bet the farm on any particular date.

It is a certainty that the Anglo/US/Israeli empire will make a move on Iran eventually. But when? Who knows? The sabre rattling against Iran has been up and down since Seymour Hersh rang the alarm bell in the 24 January 2005 New Yorker. I remember that the opening of the Iran Oil Bourse in March 2006 was supposed to trigger nuclear war - didn't happen. How to sort out the propaganda from the actual planning?

Likewise, major US domestic false flags/black ops happen pretty often in recent years. OKC to 9/11 was 77 months. 9/11 to date has been 70 months. Since the public fear about 9/11 has pretty much worn off -many people don't even recall what year that was! - it is getting closer to the time for the people ranchers to zap their herds with cattle prods again.

My "gut" (a magical crystal ball like Chertoff's) tells me the next "big one" will not be to rescue GWB, but to discredit him. When the next mass casualty event happens, it will show that GWB and the neocons were incompetent and soft on terror. His approach of no draft, no use of nukes, pork for crony contractors and tax cuts for the rich will be swept aside. The next figurehead Emperor/Empress (likely a democrat) will have the popular support for total war - a draft, higher taxes, shared sacrifice/gasoline rationing, and free use of tactical nuclear weapons.

The shape of this new beast can be clearly discerned in the oaths of fealty to Israel taken by Obama/Edwards/Hillary. They have also refused to take nukes "off the table" for dealing with Iran. Liberal gatekeepers like Bill Maher are paving the way as well. Maher recently had a televised lovefest with Netanyahu, Larry Silverstein's best buddy. Larry Silverstein is also Hillary's top campaign contributor. Not to mention Hillary's support from Rupert Murdoch, or Hillary and Edwards caught on live mic plotting to keep the peace candidates, Kuchinich and Gravel, out of future debates.



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