Sunday, July 15, 2007

Who Will Live and Who Will Die?

As tiny as this planet is it is quite vast in a relative sense; vast in respect of our personal unit wherever that might be located and whatever it might be up to. Right now I am writing this and you are reading it. Both time and distance separate us in respect of that. Actually, though I’m writing this right now, you aren’t reading it right now, except that you are. If you have been keeping up on the latest developments in physics, even if you read what Einstein had to say some years ago, or Planck before that, you know that things like time and space, place and position, are not what they appear to be, or are more than they appear to be; like an iceberg or how the impression of a person’s face only reveals so much and that… can say a lot more or a lot less depending on who is receiving the impressions.

Most of us know when a politician introduces a bill that the bill indicates one thing on the surface of it but, very often has ramifications and impact far beyond what it seems to be about. We’ve all had the experience of political leaders saying or doing one thing and meaning, intending, something else. We have certainly had the experience of being told that something happened for a certain reason, or happened a certain way, when in the aftermath we have come to discover that it wasn’t that way at all; couldn’t have been in some cases... just couldn’t have been.

In recent times, those of us with open minds and honest curiosity have been stunned by the gullibility of the masses when it comes to the absurdity of official explanations. We have thought, “How could they be so stupid?” or “These people are too stupid to live.”

Every day, I see from a distance- and sometimes close at hand; sometimes as an immediate event and sometimes over the course of time, people dying because of the way they have processed information, because of the way they have lived and acted according to bad information. Often I see people living in conditions where death would be preferable. Sometimes these conditions come about because people have chosen to live in the wrong place at the right time. Sometimes they had no choice; they were already there and couldn’t leave.

We know what hurricanes, earthquakes and tidal waves can do. We are less aware of the origin of these things when they are engineered within a society by governments and economic forces. Few people can trace events that begin with a group of men in suits signing a paper and the terrible events that later occur at a distance.

In a Democracy we have the belief that we live under a rule of law. We believe that our laws are the result of what we collectively believe should be correct and proper in maintaining the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Laws are supposed to make life safe and efficient. They protect us from predators and faulty products. They protect us from fraud and theft and poisoned resources. That’s what we think; even when it is, all too often after the fact. Retribution may be desirable and just but there are few among us who wouldn’t rather that the offense had been arrested before the crime occurred. Nothing is more preferable than an honest populace. Where people are inclined and motivated to be honest, crime is rare.

Once the leaders of a nation begin to operate in a criminal fashion, anyone can become a criminal. You can become a criminal simply by opposing criminals, once the laws have been adjusted. You become a criminal by exercising the freedom to speak, once it is possible to arrest you for that based on some new interpretation of your right to speak.

Laws don’t just disappear or morph into something else overnight. It takes time to alter a law, especially if it is a constitutional guarantee. In a system of free enterprise, a capitalist system, there is an unavoidable trend. This trend, over time, moves from liberty to tyranny. That is its nature. After a time there is a small over-class of ‘haves’, a shrinking middle class and a large and increasing under-class of ‘have-nots’. This happens no matter what, because the ‘haves’ are patrons of the government officials that make the laws and control enforcement. Over time, the laws are adjusted in favor of the ‘haves’. This is why the founding fathers of the United States said that revolution was sometimes necessary and why the people must, on occasion, take arms against the state. They knew this back then because they know how this particular system evolves. They knew that liberty under such a system always- inevitably gravitates toward tyranny.

Bread and Circuses, manufactured fears in the person of a foreign boogeyman presented as a threat to personal life and liberty, sabotage of the educational system, control of natural resources- here is a fantastic essay on a particular feature that never gets reported on much

The performance of terror to insure compliance with draconian edicts upon the populace by the collective government/economic complex and the exercise of a controlled media to manipulate and falsely inform the citizens are all ancient techniques. There’s nothing new here.

There is nothing new about frightened populations herded into camps. There is nothing new about terror as a weapon of social control. There is nothing new about the rich controlling and manipulating the government. There is nothing new about superficial entertainments as distractions or the use of religion for collective compliance. There is nothing new about the sudden appearance of scaremongers and liars and demagogues relentlessly pounding misinformation into the minds of the people and setting them against one another. There is nothing new about invasion under false pretenses

or the control of natural resources. There is nothing new about generations of men and women sacrificed as canon fodder so that certain people with more than they can ever spend can gain even more wealth and control. There is nothing new about creating a nation of debtors who cannot resist or speak out because of what might happen to them. There’s nothing new here.

Whether you believe in some form of God, or whether you believe you are a meat puppet. Whether you believe dragons are mountains or that monsters live under your bed doesn’t matter. Whatever you may believe does not change where you find yourself. None of us want to be in this particular collective reality at this time. Except for the few who really enjoy killing, raping and enslaving, none of us want to be faced with the challenge of the time. You have two choices. Live free or die. The latter is by degrees, moving through ever more increasing cycles of slavery and debt, whipped ever onward by fear and phantasm.

Your government is not going to change in 2008. Nearly every candidate is bought and paid for. The difference between Giuliani and Clinton is mere surface perception. Larry Silverstein is one of Clinton’s biggest campaign contributors. She’s necking in the cloakroom with Rupert Murdoch. Giuliani’s corruption doesn’t even need listing. As it stands now, only Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich have any appearance of honest possibility.

Control of the water... control of the food… FEAR... millions crowded in uncertain urban spaces... the press of disposable populations… the planned outbreaks of terror and the manipulation of information… Eugenics and Malthusian blueprints for the future...

Do the majority of people even want freedom at the risk of security and livelihood; even though these are being removed one paving stone at a time as I speak? The United States of America is under the control of the Zionists and unless that changes the future looks grim. Most people actually know this. Most people are afraid. What will they do? What will they do? For the moment they are going to wish in one hand and shit in the other.


Anonymous said...

The proof's in the pudding Visible.

Anonymous said...

"He will also do it" (Thessalonians)

There is Good News! Check out (RESISTANCE section)

"To die is gain" :)

Anonymous said...

It's either one of two things.
The world knows our governments have made a mess of things and it's almost impossible to clean house now, and that twisted road full of pot holes that we're speeding up on is leading us to no where but a dead end. So that's where the population wants to take it.

Various people (prophets) had forseen mans future and that there will be a time of destruction and cleansing so that the human race will smarten up and discover what should be the real values in life.

They say the meek shall inherit the earth.
That leaves the American assholes out of the picutre, as they are now picking up where Hitler and the different zionist Communists had all left off.

Joy said...

"Most people are afraid. What will they do? What will they do?"

What has every disenfranchised, defeated people done? The answer lies on every reservation, refugee camp and ghetto: drugs, alcohol, prostitution, petty crime, gambling, and suicide. It happened in 1990s Russia. That is where the FWO (formerly well off) of the western world are headed too. In large part, it has already happened.

In the 1950s, gambling was legal in one US state: Nevada. Since the 1980s, gambling has spread to 49 states, often with the state governments running what used to be called the numbers rackets when the mob did it in the 1920s. Houses are no longer a place to live, they are highly leveraged financial assets to be pimped for a quick buck to a greater fool. Just lie about your income on that subprime loan application, everyone does it.

Currently 1/3 of all US children are born out of wedlock. (In the 1950s, the rate of unwed motherhood in US black communities was only about 10%.) Meanwhile the system pushes prozac & oxycontin in broad daylight and coke & meth in the shadows.

After the killings of JFK, MLK,and RFK, something was broken in the American spirit. People certainly did not understand the details, but in their bones, they knew. Americans had become a defeated and colonized nation. Their masters no longer needed the consent of the ruled.

"And in the end they traded their tired wings
For the resignation that living brings
And exchanged love's bright and fragile glow
For the glitter and the rouge
And in the moment they were swept before the deluge" - Jackson Browne

Unknown said...

Can't say I find disagreement anywhere in there, but straddled between being fully cognizant of the horrific reality of what my beloved Nation has become and the care and love I am bound to embrace my growing family with, what am I to do? I offer them hope even in my own despair, see in their bright and smiling eyes a reflection of what I was once upon a time before I started to die inside and pray that we escape the deluge, and watch the bloody river roll past us from the high water mark of Empire.

Great writing, as always Les, thank you.

Anonymous said...

I happen to think that Mike Gravel is a far superior candidate when compared even to Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.

What has either of Paul or Kucinich done, aggressively and productively, to change the course of military empire?

They voted against certain Iraq "war" provisions. Yes, they did.

What beyond that have they done? What floor speeches? What press conferences? What meetings with constituents? What aggressive statements to the media? What interviews with bloggers? WHAT HAVE THEY DONE?

Mike Gravel has a record of two powerful acts as a Senator.

1) Ended the draft.

2) Published the Pentagon Papers.

Nothing that Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich has done comes anywhere close to EITHER act, let alone both.

Most people do not know who Mike Gravel is because the mainstream infotainment media ignore him when they're not ridiculing him. And anti-war bloggers seem infatuated with Paul's bizarre libertarian stances, or with Kucinich's "liberal puppet" role. While Paul and Kucinich both are improvements over the other 533 members of the US Congress, that's not saying much.

I'd be surprised if any Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich supporter would not support Mike Gravel, if only they took the time to learn about Gravel from Gravel himself, rather than from anti-Gravel sources.



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