Thursday, May 7, 2020

"Walking around with a Hairnet of Flies and Mosquitoes with The St. Thomas Aquinas Flu."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Guess what you haven't seen for a while now? Guess what hasn't been appearing in the news media. “Hmm, let me think about that”, Visible said to himself, given that proper social distancing protocols were being observed and he appeared to be alone. The beauty of Visible's quarantine status is that he has invisible friends all around him but the authorities can't see them. Force is invisible too. We can see the effects of the force but we can't see the force itself. It's a bit like the wind.

What we haven't seen is ANY articles or mention of Gender Issues, transsexual concerns, or ANY news about the representatives. We also have not seen any increase in the usual savagery of fear-driven outrages, crimes of opportunity, and sundry. Of course crimes continue but there seems to be no indication that the climate of uncertainty, trepidation, and material loss has created any outbursts of panic or misbehavior beyond what is usually the case. I have considered this deeply and at length and can come to no other conclusion but that there is some form of celestial intrusion in the affairs of humanity.

People are losing their savings and livelihoods, businesses are closing, rent and the usual bills are calling but... where is the expected national turmoil? No doubt the stimulus payments and excessive unemployment payouts, in many cases proving to be greater than what the wage earner was making, before the shutdown, are having a salutary effect but it really feels like something more is at work here.

I cannot speak to what is passing through the minds of the materialists and those bound to material concerns. I spend my days and nearly all of my moments in the pursuit and celebration of a perpetual unity with the Supernal Realm. The fruit of a lifetime of striving to that effect has resulted in a sense of assurance that continues unabated... PREPARE FOR DIGRESSION.

Someone who signs their name thusly مقداد وفائی at Truthseeker comments section has... ah... Have you ever run into someone so in love with the sound of their own voice that they literally suck all of the oxygen out of the room and you can't hear them anyway? Because of the law of a vacuum. Some kind of poetic, cosmic justice that is, I would say. Very rarely does anyone like this show up at the blogs, or even at Pocketnet. It seems to be a particular UK phenomena. There are 3 or four of these type of frustrated intellects who appear with regularity at my postings there. If you take a moment to 'objectively' study what they say and the manner they present it in you will see, soon enough, that what they are saying, has little, if anything to do with anything I said. Rather... I provide them an opportunity to strut about and preen in a sort of toxic, pseudo-intellectual, embarrassment dance; a clueless tango, with a funhouse mirror held VERY close... too close to actually see their own reflection... or they would cease in short order and then hold their breath, in a sort of piss yourself anxiety, hoping that the moment will pass and time will wash over whatever it was and mercifully obscure it forever beneath the all-forgiving sands of forgetfulness.

I'm not going to provide examples of these commentaries. Some of them are longer than my posting to which they are appearing at. However, if you just can't help yourself you will find all... and more than you will ever want at this location... below each of the posts. On occasion some of them get incensed beyond the ability to restrain themselves. It's a rowdy affair indeed BUT... what I notice most is that it is some kind of effort at self-promotion in many cases, with links and directives of all kinds and you really wonder why they don't get their own staging area, as I and others have done. There is this time-worn effort that so many people employ these days, especially in this era of anonymity, where they have gotten the idea that they can raise their own profile by tearing down someone else's. So far this seems not to have worked at all but we should give them points for trying.

Now... I did not make mention of this because it makes any difference to me one way or the other. I hadn't even read any of these responses in a very long time; so long that I cannot remember the last time I did. However... several readers thought they should bring it to my attention and I did go and give it a look and at one point I made a comment or two and the result of that was similar to tossing a bag of weasels into a hen house. So... I have just as quickly stepped back again and gone on with the more important business of writing these articles of faith, at the times I am provoked to, which is often.

Still... in the last couple of weeks or so I have received a handful of emails asking me to say something about it because these particular readers enjoy it when I address this. They like the controversy apparently, though I suspect that most of you do not, nor do I. However... as a favor... I was asked as a favor, would I please say something about so and so and so and so, like I sometimes do? I am not going to name so and so though, but you will have no trouble recognizing them because they are the ones who will be shouting the loudest after they read this.

Alright then BUT keep in mind that I am not going to have anything further to say after this. I never set myself up as an authority on spiritual matters because I think such legitimate representatives at that are VERY, VERY FEW AND FAR BETWEEN and none of those commenting at Truthseeker can be numbered among them. It is painful for me to see the extent to which people take themselves seriously. The atmosphere of self-righteous pedantry and egregious sophistry that I noticed in the very short time I spent reading the comments was palpable. I did spend some time thinking about it all and looking at it from several angles; which I am actually able to do and... it became ever more clear to me that these people simply do not see themselves as... sadly and unfortunately so many others do and ESPECIALLY in these times of AWAKENING. Some of them are even writing in French, despite their being English speakers at an English speaking site. The poseur mentality is through the roof.

I've learned a few things in my passage through this plane of being. When I was not yet, or only slightly out of my teens in the Washington DC area, I was a horrid pseudo-intellectual and name-dropper and I had it brought to my attention by those older and wiser than me. “Look son, obviously you are brilliant and talented and no one can take that away from you but you ruin your image with this immature posturing.” as one fellow sagely put it. So, after a brief term of wrestling with myself and comforting my bruised ego, I got a clue and stopped that nonsense. I was callow and in my teens so some amount of that can be forgiven and (grin) I have forgiven myself but when you are decades older than that and STILL DOING IT... well... yeah.

We DO NOT look smarter to people, unless you count stupid people, when we TRANSPARENTLY try to make ourselves look wise and magnificently informed. No one, other than other people like you, are entertained by this bullshit AT ALL. We are WATCHED ALL THE TIME MY FRIENDS, by beings far, far wiser and more informed than ourselves and we are NEVER going to advance if we continue to behave in such a puerile fashion. Yes... you can get a passel of mentally deficient types to applaud you, as can be seen at a Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift or Kanye West concert but then you are going to have these jejune and insipid characters chasing you down the street and telling you how wonderful you are and you will have to talk to them and who knows what else? For some people, the celebrity is enough. They can put up with this. I certainly could not and so I consider fame a serious burden rather than any kind of an asset. I have often likened it to having to walk around with a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes.

Vapid celebrities are made of some strange combinations of armadillo shell denial and a blank space where their intelligence is supposed to be located. They literally obsess day and night and through the years about their fading looks and loss of appeal. After a while everything about them is fake but they keep on smiling like real estate agents and used car salesmen. It comes with the territory and they will always have Hollywood Squares as a fallback.

Then there are those who spend years and years, weighing themselves down with the minutiae of dogma and questionable facts about this that and the other and NOBODY CARES! They can't wait to get away from you because you can't shut up and listening to someone else? Fuggeddaboutit!!! See? I even spelled Fuggeddaboutit correctly BUT... who cares? How many people even knew that there is a correct way to spell that word?

There are people who memorize scripture and become mind-numbing bores, who go on and on about 'so and so begat so and so' and they know what all the rules and regulations are and they know who Mohamed's sister's, cousins aunt was and the names of all of her children and NOBODY CARES, except other people like them, who are champing at the bit to throw out their own litany of 'so and so begat so and so'. These people have what I call, Thomas Aquinas Flu. It is way worse than Coronavirus because you don't die from it, you just make other people wish they were dead.

Now... of course, I don't know everything; not even a little bit of everything. Maybe I do know a very little bit of a very little bit of everything but that might still be euphuistic and self-serving. I am compelled by a power far greater than myself to do what I do. Some may dispute that and go right ahead. Time will tell and we shall see and YOU CAN COUNT ON THAT. We shall ALL BE JUDGED BY THAT ONE WHO CANNOT BE FOOLED. Our works will last beyond us or they will vanish while we are still around. I am content to let that play out in my case, nor am I concerned or anxious about it one wit. I don't do it for any of those reasons anyway.

People come to my sites because they want to. They don't have to. A whole lot of people have been coming for years and in some cases decades and that includes some amount of serious malcontents as well. Why they keep coming around I have no idea. I'm not the best and brightest but I NEVER SAID I WAS. I simply do what I do and it is there to take it... or to leave it. I most certainly know the difference between a djinn and an angel and I have encountered both and I will tell you the one thing EVERYONE needs to know about such moments, should they occur for you; BE HUMBLE AND POLITE AND SHOW NO FEAR. And... if you want to encounter the former, get some good acid and go into the wilderness and take it. They WILL show up if you take enough. IF you want to encounter the latter... pray without ceasing. I guarantee these methods, I have used them and they work. I DO NOT RECOMMEND the first option with the djinns. YOU MUST HAVE the dispensation, the character, the gene, the self restraint, and a visceral lack of fear, or you will wish you had not done so. Right... right... you have to go alone also.

So... as hard as it may be for those who take themselves seriously, I don't care what you think of me and I don't care what you say about me. Most of the time I never even see it. I care ONLY about what God thinks about me... PERIOD. There is a fellow at Pocketnet who keeps devoting entire posts to slandering me, or so I am told because people mention it to me but what this fellow does not know, apparently, is... that having blocked him, I can't see any of it. People write exhaustive screeds to me and I never get past the first sentence or two in which I identify the intentions and that is the end of my attention to it. I've tried to tell these people in the past, in hopes of sparing them the considerable time they spend writing these things but... to no avail. Mercifully there have never been more than a few of these.

My friends... those of you in the majority who may well wish I hadn't written any of this, or who care as little about it as I do myself... as I said, this is a favor to a few readers who have been asking me for a more comprehensive discourse on the matter, especially one friend whom I find it hard to say “no” to but now I won't have to worry about it.

In closing, may I say to those of you who get so worked up about what I say. You might learn something if you self-inquire as to WHY it upsets you. Also... people are smarter than you give them credit for and most of the time they see right through your pretentious and egotistic grandstanding. You make yourself look like a fool. NOBODY cares about your pointless minutiae. NOBODY CARES about The Prophet's great, great, great grandson's horse's name. NOBODY cares enough to go and translate what you wrote in French that proves as uninteresting in English as it was in French. NOBODY cares that you are pissed off about what kind of God lets all these babies starve; if you do care so much, WHY ARE YOU NOT OUT FEEDING THEM??? NOBODY CARES that you don't believe in God. NOBODY cares enough to even wonder why it is that if you don't believe in God you spend so much time talking about it. NOBODY cares about your 3,000-word comments, filled with information that NOBODY CARES ABOUT.

Okay Alan, Bill, Karen, Rick et al. I hope this does it for you. As for everyone else, I promise not to head off into this direction at least for a while.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

Pocketnet, Pocketnet shave a pig.
How many hairs will make a wig?
Four and twenty Theosophist's isn't enough
To save your life when the Truth calls your bluff.

les visible at pocketnet

Day 2 of The Bader Meinhoff Ginsburg Deadpool. Feel free to make your prediction.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Entertaining read. Brought back a few memories. Nostrils up.







Anonymous said...

Thanks & much love, Visible.
I'm still here; albeit quietly here. Nearly ten years.
You and your loyal readers are in my prayers.

Ray B. said...

I was waiting in line for a Library book sale to open, before coronavirus put an end to that. There was a guy with an interesting 'vibe' in front of me, so we began a conversation. He asked what was the difference between spirituality and religion. I didn't know him from Adam, but I could see he was testing the waters. I thought about a sound-bite response and said (as far as I can remember), "Spirituality concerns people who are actually having the spiritual experiences. They are first-person accounts. Religion comes about a few generations downstream, when the original experiencers have died off. It is a secondary expression." And then, we had a good discussion until the line started moving.

I am really hoping that what I call "The Turning" occurs relatively soon. We need less religion and more spirituality...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Twinkie a fun tune

I have some inspired lyrics of my own

Thank Dog for you Les ♥️ Stay well

Visible said...

All CAPS tends to lessen the desired effect rather than to increase it. I use it because Pocketnet doesn't let one do a number of text enhancements. Even then, if I used all CAPS all the time it wouldn't look good. One always gets the suspicion that all is not well on that end of things. As you are anonymous I feel I can speak to you like this and confidence is already guaranteed.

VISIBLE (grin)

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

FYI about PocketNet:

If you click the little open book icon on the right below the Add tags box, it goes to a Write New Article option, where formatting options are more extensive.

Still buggy and fussy but at least when you hover, a bubble appears offering block quote, bold, italic underline etc

Reduces frustration incrementally when composing on PN.

Thank you for being here now!

Anonymous said...

This plandemic cleared the Kardashians from the cosmos of the internet. Some sort of silver lining, perhaps.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"Is Angry Jesus REALLY Coming Back to Open a Can of Whoop-Ass on the Evil and the Stupid?"

Anonymous said...

virus is not real, bro. The guy who invented "viruses" and bacteria, his work was disproven as a hoax

HangedMan said...

Brilliant and extremely helpful words as always.

James Ross S said...

Looks like we have here a blog controlled by good-intentions, there are many that are of wicked-intent.

When I began exposing political corruption back in 2002 after the obvious inside-job of 9/11. I handed out CDs exposing NAFTA corruption based on Shelly Ann Clark, fiat money masters corruption with Bill Stills, and the apparent coming police state that such corruption eventually strives for, but this time using techno-feudalism, with the re-establishment of technological controls.

I was just letting my intuitions and reasoning work together to guide my directions. I saw very little response to my CDs by the summer of 2006... have handed out 1000‘s of CDs I seemed to be in my own world as no-one apparently thought the corruption was worth their time to consider nor try to address. A bit like the way Bill Cooper began calling the non-initiates to the secret-societies(SS) the “profane” of the “sheeple.”
I suddenly had a rude awakening with a kind of secret-service policing my every movement.
Who where they, I did not know, but they didn’t seem to be protecting the integrity of the common society, they were rather protecting the corruption that I was exposing.

I was a sheeple just starting to realize the type of highly organized thUgs that patrol and herd the sheeple... I had run into the cullers of curious, fence jumping sheep. The corruption was not supposed to excite the entire herd... The corruption is designed to slowly leak out on purpose in order to point out the most wary of sheep for culling...

Have you heard of the branch of “gang-stalking?”
That branch of the Mystery School Cult are the “turned” sheeple who gave-up their good-will and good-intent for mankind out of desperation to survive a totally corrupt system... not just in the political arena, but on the streets or country-side where you live.

Hope it makes sense,
Lots of new data that can all be backed up here,
James Ross S

James Ross S said...


I was still trying to understand the depth of societal corruption when I discovered Cooper’s Mystery Babylon Radio Series in 2015... I was working in the state of Arizona during the date of Cooper’s assassination in 2001 and saw first-hand corruption in the office-staff poisoning ice-cubes that was meant to target particular individuals not in the main clique of thUglings. Bizzare, I figured out the ice-cube trick, and the instigators... I soon left that post-9/11 office of thUgs. I notice other resignations from that office, who likely rejected participating in that organized ice-cube trick.

Apparently, there are two basic groups of humans... the ones who swear oaths of secrecy to a branch of the thUg-network and the sheeple who are to be kept in the dark to the massively organized corruption. Sheeple who loose their faith in the Creator-GGod will be subject to having their will’s bent over to serving the Cult in some form if not culled. An identified awakening sheep is isolated and devastated by the SS thUg-network which has shifted from only Cult-members wickedness to being conducted by turned-sheep or gang-stalkers monitored by thought-reading brainchips...

A brave soul exposing the gang-stalking die in 2013 when I tried to contact him, which was strange, but I was monitored and I was going to warn him of the brainchip in his head. He was VancouverWATI or Charles Langenberg
He did a good job, I leaned lots from him before finding Cooper Mystery Babylon Series.

You will find that Langenberg’s exposure fits with stuff like These “Humanists” are just another cover for the SS Mystery School Cult.

The Covid is this and this
It appears the SS is going to side with the indigenous populations who seem to already all know the covid is a scam and do not practice the SS “safe distancing” bs to isolate taxpaying shitizens.(spelling?)

Jonathan Kleck is a brainchipped Judas-Goat fake prophet puppet controlled by the “word of god” weapon exposed by Dr. Duncan who is another goat.
What is very important that Kleck represents is the covertly implanted brainchip voices in the heads of sheeple designated as ones-for-the-culling or suicide... if they turn they will become a brainchipzombie if they take on the SS wicked-intent in order to live longer... they must maintain their value. The god that the SS worship is A.I.Lucifer, but lucifer is just the name they give their anti-christ computer... These thUgtopians want it to rule the world and to rise their fake “New Atlantis” which I renamed to AtlanthUgis-destine-to-fail.

Hope it makes sense,
Lots of new data that can all be backed up here,
James Ross S

james said...

Nice, no shadow banning or blockage, you must be ligit here.

Hey, I just thought about Madonna's Eurovision Contest 2019 where they had a bunch of people with respirators

Yes, I do think this show tried to teleport the future into everyone's faces with the scam-demic and Nazis coming out of the woodwork now... their are no protestors in front of the politics "temple" (very masonic) yet they had two police panel-vans cursing the area. Does that mean the police-state has started?

So what happens next in Madonna's show.... lots of fire! A big symbolic flame wipes out the dancers
Isn't that interesting?
Jonathan Kleck's ministry, the brainchipped prophet, is call:
"BEFORE THE FIRE" named by the techno-thugs talking to him through his brainchip.

What we have here is a coincidence before the "FIRE" even happens. Subliminal messaging sucks, hey.
sleep well,



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