Thursday, November 16, 2023

"The Sexual Force, Rightly Directed, is The Great Liberator. That Which Confines and Binds You is What Also Sets You Free."

God Poet Transmitting.......

This is what we need to do to bring these reptile shapeshifters down.

Laugh at The Devil and he will flee from you. The Devil cannot abide scorn. The Devil has no real face of his own. He assumes the faces of those he possesses and operates through. He is imprisoned forever within a specific bandwidth that he cannot escape. Unless you venture into that bandwidth he can't touch you.

This brings us to the matter of Purity. Until Purity is established in you, you have magnetic touchstones in your body that resonate to The Satanic Bandwidth. This is why Purity is so important. Loss of innocence and Purity are a given when one takes corporate form here. They are both lost as a rite of passage. There are exceptions but that is another thing entirely.

The whole dance of life is about the loss of these things, and the regaining of them. If this is not accomplished then one fades into the corruptions of form and senility. It is a common theme in Times of Material Darkness. The Way is lost... in every sense of the meaning of that term. If you cannot be inspired to swim upstream... to spawn a new creature... (metaphorically speaking) you will die in the embrace of The Old Man. This is why we are exhorted to “put off The Old Man” in The New Testament.

The hardest part of the operation is to endure and ignore the tribulations that come with telling the truth. Few can abide the heat of the kitchen where the alchemy takes place. The Devil hates The Truth. He is designed that way and to that end. So he has endless mouths of ridicule that follow The Truthtellers because he lives in every carnal mind, which is the native bandwidth of its operation.

So long as impurity exists in you, you are at the mercy of such distractions. You can be harassed and troubled for so long as the magnetized particles of former corruptions exist in you. It's a process. The Rites of Purification are never pleasant, but... they are necessary. If you do not seek after salvation from The Penitentiary Mind, you will eventually fall into the grooves and ruts that make one like a Klaus Schwab or his minions. You will remain among The Great Deceived.

Rejecting the carnality of doomed materialism is the first step. One sees early on that the promise, and the reality... of any common appetite... do not match up with one another. Still... one forges on. Maybe the time and place were wrong? Surely this can't be all there is to it? Why the huge downside to all of The World's allurements? Yet still... one soldiers on... as if driven to. Let me repeat again what Jacob Boehme said, “walk in all things contrary to The World.”

As Buddha noted, moderation is The Key. Lord Krishna says the same thing in The Gita. Christianity is less forgiving of The Middle Way because of the cold-blooded... poorly repressed sexuality of perverted priests and ministers, who were brought low by what they couldn't control.

The Sexual Force... rightly directed... is The Great Liberator. That which confines and binds you is what also sets you free. This is another of the great but simple mysteries one encounters in The Schools of Ageless Wisdom. There are bonafide mystery schools, and... many which are not. It is a hopeless thing to go looking 'out there.' Looking within causes the soul to ping upon what it searches for.

Sex is not evil. It is The Lower Nature that makes it appear so. One can have sex with angels through higher forms of intercourse. Saying such a thing offends those who have no command over themselves, BUT... one either has sex with God or one has sex with The World. People who are outraged by hearing this do not understand the means by which this is accomplished.

When an artist... poet... or musician is inspired... that is intercourse with a higher plane, and their art... poems, and songs are the progeny of that union. Why are nuns called Brides of Christ? Why is The Soul the bride in union with The Christ in The Bridal Chamber of The Sahasrara? Heh heh... that gives a whole new meaning to mixed metaphors.

Guru Bawa once said that every pore in your body is a vagina. Breathing is a sexual act, as those who ARE INFORMED how to do it right... know to be true. There is a process in which one has intercourse with The Sun through the pores of one's being. There is a whole hidden world of many hidden worlds in which that which is unbelievable here is commonplace there.

When The World goes into disorder. When Materialism flowers and then enters its decline and fall... sexual perversity becomes rampant. Suicide and cannibalism follow. This is how you get The Walking Dead on TV and all the other entertainments that celebrate The Dark Side. None of these things happen by accident... and a certain group is behind the promotion of these rehabilitated depravities. That's easily proven. It's self-evident in fact.

Self-evidence and its concealment is always one of the conditions that lead to The Emperor's New Clothes. We see what we assume it is in our best interest to see, and not to see. These are not happy times for The Truthtellers. Of course... there are few good times to celebrate the truth, except in enlightened times. We're headed there now. Otherwise, The Truth is inconvenient and a pain in the ass. The World is all about subterfuge, concealment, and... mystery.

Woo Woo is the big turn-on. The merchants who are obsessed with selling you shit... are in competition with each other... to play the number's games of varying degrees of quality. If things last you sell fewer items. It's where planned obsolescence came from.

In the background... behind the scenes... Black Rock... Vanguard... State Street and other holding companies swallowed up everyone and then... came the pressures of forced behavior. You vil do vat ve say! They got enough voting shares to compel DEI and all the other bullshit that turns The World into chaos because setting us against each other is how they control us; those stupid... greedy... or frightened enough to be herded about.

However... lo and behold... they can't do much about the generations that keep showing up. It's hit and miss for them, and sooner or later they are brought down by whatever... means... are... necessary. Their big mistake is that they think existence is a random occurrence to be harnessed by the stronger will. It's already harnessed by The Stronger Will. Everything is numbered and counted, AND... under control. Even when it's out of control it's under control.

As The World gets more varied and the attractions are dolled up with the latest technology... people are sucked out of themselves and become immersed in externals. The more absorbed they get... the easier they are to lie to. In fact... there is nothing going on 'out there' except disappointment and death. The carousel of birth and death goes round and round, and the drones are driven under the whipmaster's lash, cause that is how it works when WANTING is what moves you.

Oh well... maybe next time?

Brambles and thickets are everywhere. Roots reach out of the ground to trip you. Chemicals disorient you. The attractions fascinate like will-o-the-wisps, leading you ever further astray. It can take lifetimes to find your way again... if you don't know how... or who to ask.

Now... the fools with the money believe that they can extend their lives indefinitely. They're all going to wind up looking like Henry Kissinger, or Rockefeller in his dotage, and yet... one can become immortal by a specific process that's been around since the beginning and has to do with The Sun... Moon... and The Dew, and a couple of other things.

They don't want to go that way because it means giving up all the other things that are their reason for living. No! They want to be Jabba The Hutt lookalikes who can move from depravity to depravity and spit in the eye of The Creator at the same time.

Well... they will never get remotely close to the eye of the Creator in that way, and their self-hatred is their greatest and most enduring illusion. It accounts for the way they treat everyone else.

If The Avatar hasn't been around for a while, things get really bent out of shape down here, and the worst among us rise up to lord it over everyone else. It goes on for a while... until the noise of it reaches Heaven; don't make me come down there! Still... he does come down there and sets it all right again, and The Nasties and Nodwells must retreat to anywhere out of the light they can find... to lick their injuries and plot their returns... somewhere... sometime, but... not anytime soon.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

In my own experience, the more women I had sex with, the more I was able to "relax" into existence. Retaining the semen is no doubt important, but I only attained enlightenment after having sex with around 40 different women. Sex and enlightenment are not contrary to each other. But once again, yes, I agree that men should not waste their semen unnecessarily, as it is truly their vital life force.

Visible said...

Well... how lovely for you that you attained enlightenment.

0 said...

"People who are outraged by hearing this do not understand the means by which this is accomplished. "

Enter the ideas of Schappeller and Glowing Magnetism.

Experience is needed for one to make determinations about things. Its not really hopeless to go looking unless you are reliant on your Own ability to tell you whats meaningful or how to interpret whats found. If one never goes looking tho, one will never tumble to the perception that they are picking and choosing what matters versus letting the all bring to ones awareness what one took in and putting it into the Alls Context for understanding to be had. Gotta Do to Be-Come. When one takes in enough information one starts to reach the limits of what Mans knowledge is and one sees the empty spaces between the compiled knowledge as the gaps in Mans awareness. Can't get to the important questions if ones not asking the simple questions to evolve that understanding. All "smart" is is being able to ask questions that bring understanding. The world tells you "smart" is finding and taking the advantage. That short circuits the level of effort the All expects from ones, in the one who takes that path.

I wonder if any semen is ever wasted? if the comte de gabalis commentary is apt, then perhaps all such emissions are made use of by those other peoples of fire/earth/air/water. It would be a trip if such resulted in an army of those ones that back the formed one who caused them to be. Its true its no longer in oneself, but it is still in the All regardless where it goes. Dunno, but something to wonder at.

Lots to learn, the schooling neverends till one stops taking it in. Maybe thats why some men go Bald. :P

Take it easy!

Visible said...

The reason yogis and other mystics retain this force is precisely because other life forms use it. This includes the denizens of The Lower Astral and various regions. One is responsible for their offspring and the higher the force is focused the finer the offspring. It can literally open the gates of Heaven while one is still in the body.

Conversely... awful things can come about. Mikhail Aivanhov said, "If people only could see who was having lunch while they were having sex it would radically alter the way they went about it."

0 said...

Curious huh. Makes one wonder if the All modulates the emissions based on the ones mental state.

Is the statement "the higher the force is focused the finer the offspring." applicable to just the state of concentration ones achieved?

There are also claims that depending on what the pair engaged in copulation are focused on at the time of copulation will draw that seed to it that most matches the state of coupled concentrated focus. I wonder at this one since I have 3 kids spaced 2 years 1 month and 1 day apart Exactly. Off by a few hours in the timing. My oldest is the one having the hardest time dealing with objective reality while my middle and youngest seem more at ease with the transition to employment to have their lifestyles they want. I wonder if thats partially my fault given where I was when she was conceived, but then a large part of it is just on her for how she chooses to be. I've changed irrevocably since my 20s now at almost age 50.

I want to be helpful, but not to the point of doing Others work for them. That defeats the purpose of an iteration of form.

Good stuff!

0 said...

Do you think yogis think that by Not releasing such they are accumulating more and more of it in self?

Do you think that if they don't release it that it stops accumulating at some point?

I've read the assertions that infer that not releasing it causes it to sorta fill up the spinal column into the brainpan and that this is desired.

If it is able to be constantly output by the organs that produce it, and the spaces it fills inside self are finite, then it would infer at some point that such is maybe being recycled or consumed by the cells of self somehow?

Reminds me of vajroli from Vivekananda. Instead of letting out, one draws in by creating a vacuum in ones abdomen... the books from svoboda claimed Vivekananda could draw liquid mercury up via such means, which would infer one could assert that force during intercourse which would draw the fluids from the other so engaged into self. There was also some commentary about being able to steal life from women who just had their first menstral cycle by taking the "sleep" that accumulates at the edges of that ones eyes during that event.

The vague comment I made about schappeller was in reference to how he went about causing the magnetism accumulated in a vacated glass sphere to go incandescent. He posited that the atmospheric gasses all had some fragment of the nothing in it so that when one has a glass sphere at ground level in the atmo, and one draws a vacuum, that portion of the nothing thats part of the gasses is drawn out with the gasses allowing the remaining Empty space to fill with a slight excess of that nothing in nothing. He then made electrets and charged them and wrapped those around the glass vacated sphere which induced that slightly more dense nothing inside the sphere to glow faintly. It is perhaps a similar idea for how to make space for the All in self, willfully, by calcining aspects of self that otherwise would occupy that space.

Great post, and discussion.


Visible said...

All that complexity of thought and technique makes it difficult for me to reply to or to understand. The whole process is much simpler than that. Tricks with the body are countless but don't add up to real progress. My experience is that it is all handled by the one who is leading me through the experience. I am not on my own and dependent on what I think I know. My job is to permit it all to take place. The Details themselves are handled by The Master and driven by my aspiration focused on the same.

Anonymous said...

Nobody who is enlightened ever says they are enlightened

0 said...

I understand.

Its ok. I am in agreement with what you say. I think I will start to rely more as you do.

If the 48 years lived so far haven't shown my consistency, its doubtful that the remainder of my days will produce anything different. :) My apologies for all the disparate thoughts.


Visible said...

The process of the arrival is not as important as the arrival itself... so there's no harm no foul from my perspective. We each bring different tools that we apply to our progress. Is it the tools or our faith in the tools? The best of tools do not require a toolbelt.

M - said...

I've always been crazy about flamenco dancers.

Oh, and thanks for the link to that hilarious video - had to put it out there on my site, as well. Very well done.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

No problem here goin' contrary to the masses. I mean when you have nuthin' but contempt for the ways of the world. . .and physical existence itself. . .

Nostrils to the sky.

robert said...

Visible vibrations

Just when I think that you can't pack any more deep truths into a coherent post, you exceed all expectations!

A veritable claymore mine of inconvenient (to the little self, the carnal mind, the inner adversary) truth bombs!

More exemplary evidence of the no-limits Nature of your friend and mine, coming through transparent personas.

Your prose poem today conveyed the stark contrast between the soul weary vision like Ecclesiastes or any One who sees through the transient projection of bullshit
and the ever-excited Visionary exuding child-like joy in what lies beyond the lies of human miscreation.

The dynamic tension between these viewpoints, one misunderstanding all that is seen as all there is
and the other knowing there is more and no longer chasing their tails or tail in general, is making the story of the millennium play out before our lying eyes!

Microcosm of the literary artist mirroring the Macrocosm

Musical congress with the higher order chorale drowning out the dirge from the human Congress disporting their vanity in extremis for our eventual amusement!

Who would want a limited lover when the One wants to love us?

As you point out, the price we pay to be brides of the One is to regain a single hearted, single-minded purity and preserve the lamp oil that powers our vision to something more.

Sooner than our minds can conceive, our thoughts are taking form in the whirlwind
When we cannot corral the rising force within after breaking out, we fall back to the strategy of keeping still, keeping our mind quiet and receptive, immune to mediated madness.

This is the first art we learn:
to release all would-be creations inverting the love that powers them before they grow enough to kill our joy
Clear our receptors, daily, of left-behind offal clogging out pores
Relax the tension that strains our hearing out of tune with the timeless
Like the breaths of ecstasy, we hold our peace only when we let the flow go forth unstained by angst.
We create without effort and without concern for ourselves
We breathe forth union until it appears all around us

Adam said...

Visible - if you haven’t heard this yet, I think you’ll love it. Right up your street. And goes perfectly with the sentiment at the beginning of this post.

Twitter link:


Adam said...

And this one!


Asil said...

In regards to 9/11 it was obvious upon the first plane crashing into the building that something was seriously amiss. We have (or had. . . not sure) NORAD with jets capable of arriving anywhere needed in the US within 5 minutes. The planes on 9/11 had been flying extremely off course for over 45 minutes. Like so many things, too many people believe whatever they are told, even when they see or hear the truth.
As to your post, as always, I learn something new - your mind is a labyrinth of amazing twists and turns.
With each step we take on the earth, see the sky, feel the wind, rejoice in the warmth of the sun and refresh in the rain drops it should be a prayer of thanks to our Divine Creator just to be here.
I found some of the posts hilarious.
Well, anyway, thanks for another walk in the labyrinth. Take care always.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Not One Rat Will Evade The Karmic Trap. Under Their Own Power... They Will Find Samara... at The Appointed Hour."

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Alchemy article! Was always interested in this but never really looked into it. Printed for weekend reading!


Anonymous said...

Regarding sex, Maybe that's why some (many? All?) Are known to cry out "Oh God! Oh God! (Or variations of that) ??? 😆

I'm lolling atthe comments.

Great piece btw, I was just only going to write "Yes!" But after the comments... 😆 🤣 😂
Ta Les, am

Kenzer said...

Real Physical Alchemy

ChrisD said...

You're on a roll this month, much to grasp.
This outflowing male force doesn't apply to me, though, not being male....however, I follow your post well enough.



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