Friday, November 24, 2023

"The Schemes of The Globalists are Held Together by Threads. These Threads are Woven from Deception and Illusion."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The spirit of God in us is indestructible. The Soul is not. It is connected to the indestructible. The Soul is a vehicle for the imperishable spirit. It carries the fruits of our evolution from life to life... until such time as it attains to indestructibility. We'll just let that sit there and marinate while the implications trigger.

Parlare means talk in Italian. Mentire means to lie. Put those two words together. You can drop the re from each of them; might make it clearer.

Existence moves from stage to stage. What is presently happening in Dublin, Ireland has been coming for some time. The ever-worsening conditions of forced immigration that were brought about by... The Usual Suspects... only needed tinder and flame. It has that now, and it will soon be a conflagration spreading from country to country in the EU and... no doubt... around The World. All of the countries are on a knife edge. France and Sweden are probably the closest.

The schemes of The Globalists are held together by threads. Most of these threads are woven from deception and illusion. It only takes a certain amount of light to see through them. Their hold on The World is maintained through contracts with demons, which explains all the child trafficking and awful things you hear rumors of. Demons can only affect what Heaven permits and only within their bandwidth of operation. Let's just say all bets are off now.

Whatever remains of their tentative hold... is only for the purpose of exposing them with their hands in the cookie jar or your pants; feeling for your wallet or the family jewels.

This is all a farce... an example of God's Lila... by which he is entertained to the ends of His Will to be done. When it is said that The World is for God's amusement, one must keep in mind that one does not understand God at all. This is the cause of anthropomorphism where we project God as a larger version of ourselves, replete with all of our faults and passions. That is... in no wise the case... ever!

We can rise to a higher, but, still limited understanding of The Divine... but God does not come down to our level as God. His force... borrowed through his generosity for The Purpose of Demonstration... does mutate and adapt to various planes of operation. Where do you think The Infernal Kingdom came from? You have to get your mind right about God being behind everything... through creating or permitting it.

All the unattractive things you see are the fruits of False Self Will. If you are a party to this it is what you will see all around you. If you are... truly detached... you could well see something else. It's all a magic show. YOU... ARE... UNDER... A... SPELL.

This spell is constructed and held by The Mind and it is warmed and animated (driven) by Desire... Passion... The Heart; name it as you wish.

Black Magicians are operating the seats of power to specific ends. They move the politicians and religious leaders around like chess pieces... for The Purpose of Demonstration. This happens when there is less light and more darkness in the balance of things. There are four ages. The last of these... the one we are exiting... has the least amount of light. That's going to change. You can see it changing. However... it is a tad rough at the beginning.

It is best to see humanity as billions of slot cars running on rails. These rails are fueled by desire, and directed in their courses by mind. The Divine seems to have been an absentee landlord for a long time. People have gravitated toward Materialism, BUT... this is all part of the plan as well. Some move with reckless abandon toward Perdition (an actual place) which is not far from Tartarus. You go off Heaven's view-screen when you do that. No doubt there is a lesson to be learned there.

In this time of dynamic transition, all the parts are playing out for The Purpose of Demonstration. The Climate Nazis have their agenda. It ties in with The WEF and all the other controller agencies. They think they are visiting their will upon us, but actually... they are being spun through the necessary changes... of ever greater exposure... that The World might see through the illusions being visited upon it.

The Pope... who is The World's richest drag queen... just hosted a busload of trannies out of mutual simpatico. It's not a good look, but... that doddering old fool can't see it. John Kerry can't see the actual embarrassing, and evil nonsense of his war on normal food production. Bill Gates can't see the certain outcome of poisoning The World with chemicals... specifically designed to that end. Klaus Schwab thinks that being Darth Vader makes him a romantic figure.

At every level, The Usual Suspects are killing and looting at an ever wider reach, and controlling the reactions of the host bodies on which they feed. Little do they know that The World is waking up and about to render strong objections otherwise. Oh! They know, but they don't know. It's a conundrum difficult to explain.

Christ put it best; Father forgive them. They know not what they do. Christ Conscious individuals... Buddhas and Bodhisattvas... Sages and realized beings... all move through this world at one time or another... being useful where they can, and harmless when they cannot.

Angels circle the globe seeking the awakening light as it sparks in someone... so that they might attend to its nurturing and growth, just as The Sun encourages the plants to rise in celebration of its life-giving rays.

If you can't see... or at least sense that these things are true, you are blocked by yourself from the vision of harmony that exists on the one plane and is imperfectly translated onto the other, due to collective blockages... because selfishness is a given in Times of Material Darkness. It is how things get done... whether you like it or not. The key is to rise above it... by wanting nothing from it. Then you are not snared and bound.

Be like The Lotus that rides atop the murk of the entangling world. Calling it a water lily does not change its nature. Arguing about which it is... when it is both... is how things fare in a world of perpetuating conflict. Skirmish as you wish, if that is what pleases you. Walk away and no one will follow you. As you can see... they are busy.

Are you busy like a bee or busy like a fly? Certainly flies serve a purpose. Everything does. What purpose do you wish to serve? There's your free will, AND... specific agendas meet specific ends as you grow to look like the very thing you do.

After a time, people come to look like what they are. They will go on and on... looking for what cannot be found in those industries... for as long as they can bear the pain of it, and the separation it creates.

Tortured artists with less than zero talent... prance about The World's stages... in a self-fellating awe of their prowess. Then they get old, and Time is a cruel mistress. Politicians work all sides of the trough... for sale to the highest bidder, and then the sands run out, and it all turns to ghost shimmers. Is what you have... what you do... is it real? Everything is on the meter, and people run in circles... to gain the merit... to do the same thing over and over. Somehow they think it will last. It never does.

This is The World. It is a place where you can do ANYTHING, and you will be charged accordingly. As Hasan-i Sabbah said, “Nothing is real. Everything is permitted.” Why go that way then? Why do people do what they do? They are under a spell. Every now and again... at rare intervals... The Spell is broken for a time, and people are able to see what is... to the extent that they are able.

It is all coming out now. Some will do anything to stop it, but they cannot. They will only expose themselves in the effort. What is happening in Gaza will have long-lasting repercussions. Nothing will ever be the same for those who caused it. For decades they acted with impunity, thinking... what is anyone going to do about it? And no one ever did anything, so... they thought no one ever would.

Traps laid by Heaven are impossible to escape. Now will come the death of ten thousand cuts from all directions. Those who have grown fat on the misfortunes and sufferings of others are nowhere near as lean and mean as the people they have persecuted. They have become too fat and decadent to dare to die. The others have no fear of death. They have been living under its shadow for a very long time. The Tides... have turned.

Look at how people's true loyalties have been exposed! Look at all the people showing The World where their allegiance lies. It's not going to be pretty, and shame burns like fire.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

Yeah, glad I missed that halftime show. LOL

Also glad the Cowboys kicked butt.

LOVED LOVED LOVED the story of Froderick and thank you for the link to the Bourdain vid. They will both be used in upcoming Posts at my end...

Anonymous said...

I hope your Thanksgiving was good Mr. Visible. From the recent Origami, it sounds like it was. Mine was ok too.

I made a pumpkin pie and that was good enough for me. I love pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving is my favourite of all the Holidays. It is a simple occasion that doesn’t last for months until you get so tired of it you can’t wait for it to be over; and you’re only obliged to bring your favourite dish. It’s also a nice cozy time of year. I always appreciated it for what it is. And it reminds me to count my blessings. One thing tho, I could never understand why employers would never give the Friday after off and make it a nice extended weekend. “But it’s just Beeeznesss!” Gotta top out in the last quarter of course, “it’s the ‘Murican Way! *sigh*

I also really like those health tips as a new feature, very cool for Origami. One thing tho about unhappy peeple who have more than they know what to do with, i feel some sympathy for some of them because a disproportionate number of them aren’t really allowed to fully enjoy their “blessings” because there is always the looming threat by the cheats who legally steal from them to support this God forsaken system. Many of them worked very hard to obtain not only the essentials, but to build some margin of security and enjoyment from their efforts and too many are now facing the real possibility of losing it all. I think i’d be a little resentful and pissed off too. The major issue being they often are working to build a beast they never thought would devour them whole the first chance it gets.

The clueless can go on being clueless and not understand a damn thing, but those sleepyheads who’ve wiped the sleep from their eyes, or scales if you prefer, and are catching on are the ones who deserve some encouragement and support.

One last thing, “Parlare means talk in Italian. Mentire means to lie. Put those two words together. You can drop the re from each of them; might make it clearer.” That is a very interesting take on the word combination. I think they probably would prefer their original nomenclature, which is after groups of owls, which is called a Parliament; thinking themselves wise but have strayed so far from it, yours fits better the description of the structure of our current law “making” bodies.



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Early Christianity was a religious emulsion, essentially Zoroastrianism with the addition of the Jews' tribal deity, whom they impudently identify with the God of Stoic monotheism, together with details borrowed from Neoplatonic, Neopythagorean, and Hermetic (Egyptian) sources to make the inconsistent doctrine palatable to goyim. Each of the very numerous sects, however, had its own formula, varying the proportions of the ingredients, and, of course, its own collection of gospels, composed or revised to fit. Many of the sects either disregarded the Jews' collection of tales about Yahweh or relegated the Jews' god to an inferior status as merely a subordinate of the supreme god who had dispatched Jesus to proclaim a true religion; some sects logically identified Yahweh with Satan and so regarded the Old Testament as a record of his evil deeds.

word bird said...

Hi Vis,

re: "Father forgive them. They know not what they do"...

This may have been Judas speaking not Jesus. According to the Gospel of Barnabas (chap. 215-217), Judas was made to appear like Jesus when the Sanhedrin guards came to arrest him and hand him over to the Romans to be crucified. Judas was one of the disciples. When he was hanging on the cross, he asked God to forgive them because he really believed they did not know what they were doing.

That someone other than Jesus was crucified is consistent with the Qur'an which says that Jesus was not crucified and that it was 'made to appear to them' this way.

Visible said...

Yes. I have mentioned this a number of times in previous postings. Guru Bawa said that Jesus was not crucified, that it was Judas.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Those Who Believed They Were Beyond The Reach of Justice... Find Themselves Alone... on The Playing Fields of Saturn."



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