Tuesday, November 21, 2023

"Evil Does Not Sleep Because Evil Cannot Rest. Evil is Agitated and Can Find no Peace. It is The Nature of Evil to Be So."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Reader knows what Trojans and viruses are... those that have to do with computers. Existence is a computer, and the government... which can be thought of as a shovel or a hatchet; some kind of tool, and religion... which can be thought of as a sleeping pill or a cocktail; some kind of soporific... do what they do at the behest of The Money Men. The Money Men are those who possess the most money and are then able to outbid all others for the services of these two corrupters and enablers of action and thought in The Hive Mind.

Well... you know this is so because you can see it in action all around you every day. January 6th was an example... where those of influence... used the government to subvert a desire for clarity and greater freedom on the part of the populace.

I only bring this up because of something I was told some days ago and then told several times again... over succeeding days.

“Visible... I have just set loose certain forces in The World. They can't be stopped or gotten around. They might take a short time to get up to speed, but you will see the effect of them shortly. When you see certain parties or vested interests acting stranger and wilder than at any time before, you will know it is my doing.

“You will also see certain information coming into the public sphere; that which was formerly hidden... now being revealed. Then you will also know... this is me.”

Well... sure enough... it is coming to pass.

Prior to my being told this, I had been inquiring of The Divine about the overstepping on the part of the monsters that walk among us, principally Gates... Soros... The WEF, and other bloodthirsty clowns and assorted collectives of villains. I was then told... not that long after... that Heaven had quite enough of them and was going to be setting forces in motion to counter their antics. So it was that I then... later.... heard about these forces set into motion.

I don't care one way or the other if The Readers... collectively... embrace what I say. That's not my department. My department is only to pass things on, not to be concerned about whatever reactions they provoke.

I've had time enough and experience enough to make me absolutely certain of the veracity of what I hear, AND... I know that when a matter remains less clear than it might have been, it is the result of my not hearing correctly what I have been told. That happens. Less so than at previous times, but I am not 100%... yet.

However... simple logic should tell anyone who actually cares to understand... that whenever Evil rears its head in any significant way... countering forces rise up to oppose it. This includes other sources of Evil as well... because Evil fights among itself, and wars for supremacy all the day long... and well into the night.

Evil does not sleep because Evil cannot rest. Evil is disturbed within and can find no peace. It is the nature of Evil to be in a state of distress at all times because Evil only sees competition or prey wherever it looks. Evil is at a clear disadvantage when it comes to attacking that which sets order in the firmament... because it goes contrary to its own nature, to begin with.

Evil always destroys itself because it wars against itself and that is The Purpose of Cosmic Demonstration in regard to Evil. It is the always certain outcome of Evil's Sisyphean efforts to rule The World.

I generally refer to Eastern Teachings when I am trying to illustrate a line of thought. That is because Eastern Tradition is much more comprehensive than Western Tradition... FOR THAT PURPOSE. The West is hopelessly linear when it comes to things like Good and Evil. Everything IS NOT black and white. There are shades of gray to consider... not to mention the entire palette of riotous colors, AND... all of them mean something, AND... most especially in relation to each other.

In The East, it is understood that the same force which snares... binds... and traps you... is the very same force that sets you free. There are little clues in The West, like... “lead us not into temptation,” but mostly it's God=Good... Devil=Bad... Heaven=Good... The World=Bad. In reality, it doesn't work like that, BUT... no one has more rocks in their heads than Christian Fundamentalists... unless it is any of the other fundamentalists... East and West.

It's similar to what I like to say about sexual torpor and flammability; the only thing stupider than a teenage girl... on this green Earth... is a teenage boy. In Times of Material Darkness... the sex force moves through an ocean of hooks and lures on all sides. It is very hard to direct that force within in such times. The bait is so varied and colorful. It's a shame, but... it's all part of the plan. You don't appreciate The Priceless until you realize you have sacrificed it for The Mundane.

Loss teaches us far more than having ever will. This is why giving will always lead to a finer world than hoarding can.

Because things are not what they appear to be... because appearances lie... hard times and disappointment are often the fruit of experience. We are here to learn. How quickly we learn is up to us. You can't tell people who haven't been burned how hot the fire is. They have to find out on their own, AND... for a long time... the self-willed... the driven among us... were certain there is some kind of workaround. It is endless entertainment for me to watch all the ruses that are employed, to... no... avail.

I love the science of Physiognomy. For instance, what do you see here?

Then there is that same tactic that has worked so well;

BUT... it is not going to be working anymore. The lawyer is hoping that lightning will strike twice. If it does, it won't be the way he is hoping it will.

The January 6th tapes being released are going to have permanent reverberations... through the ranks of the bowling pins... lined up in the corridors of power. Divine Trojans and Viruses have been launched into the mainframe, and havoc is on the menu.

By the day... Israel is PERMANENTLY ruining itself in the eyes of The World. NOTHING can heal the image they have given The World. Yet... do they step back? Do they consider the damage? They do not. Relentlessly... one new outrage follows the next. They have cut off their own heads. For some reason now; Trojans? Viruses? For some reason... none of the old bait and switches are working!

The Drums of Doom are resonating in every corner of The World. The High and Mighty have overstepped themselves. They did not intend to. Everything has become multidimensional Wack-a-Mole. The Boy Who Cried Wolf cannot help the boy with not nearly enough fingers for the porous dike. Humpty Dumpty has lost his balance, and no one cares enough about him to prop him back up.

Evil has separated itself from the masses it was concealed in. It is as if the colors of Evil stand out among the uniform collective that Evil used to cloak itself in. It is being exposed and made vulnerable. It cannot pretend to be The Good Guys any longer, not since it tried to poison The World and... The... World... found... out.

The very instruments that Evil intended to use... to seduce The World into a slumbering accord... is working against it. Evil thought that if it controlled the faucets of information... it could control those who were being informed. Somehow... The Spell is broken.

Yes... there are many who sleep on and can be moved about on the gameboard at will, BUT... enough are waking up... so that the balance of power has been irrevocably shifted. Now comes... the beating wings, and... the tread of the invisible harpies and harridans... in the mind of the workers of Evil. A cloud of biting insects has been released into their thought streams. They wave their arms at invisible bugs. They cry out in the night and there is no one to console them.

There is a constant shiver at the napes of their necks. There is the rising howl of the hounds on their tracks. Can outright panic be far behind? Not far at all.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Being addicted to pissing on electric fences, I know what you're talkin' aboot reagardin' gettin' burnt by fire. Lovely post. Nostrils to the sky as I continue my wait for the Cosmic Reset.

0 said...

I'd argue if ones not Doing, ones not experiencing for self. Its ok to have the experiences, so long as one is trying to find understanding of self in the process. Those ones who always listen to someone Else tell their story of their experience which then puts the listener off from trying to have that experience is an odd thing.

I read the Vimalananda Trilogy and Etidorhpa and I'd like to have both sets of experiences.

People seem to assume that how it went for one is how its likely to go for All. They discount themselves as a variable in the formed context that sits within the expanded junction boundary for a period of time to grant the ones formed experiences via limited sense organs.

I guess you can tell I am one that burned my hand on the stove. Hot is abstract, the pain from touching the hot burner is Acute.

Its funny, Rick n Mortys latest episode drop was about The Observers Judging the players. The seeming aim was to disrupt judgement of anyone because everyone does wonky things on occasion. As if that is supposed to get people to forgive being injected with poisons and the mandates and lockdowns that harmed more than they helped.

Curious times. I wonder if we'll see the latest false flag thursday? Seems like a good time to cause havoc at a time when everyones supposedly giving Thanks.

Take it easy!

M - said...

The rising howl of the hounds sounds like Hekate is fast on their heels...

Anonymous said...

Ex white House aide telling a Muslim food truck worker "we only killed 4000 kids in Gaza, it isn't enough". High ranking officials publicly freaking out and exposing their evil nature openly and shamelessly. God is driving them insane

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"These Men are all Moral Tales of What Happens When You Cross The Line from Humanity... into Demonic Possession."

Anonymous said...

And there's this headline in Niagara Falls news today about a vehicle exploding on the Bridge.

"The Rainbow Bridge connecting Canada and the U.S. is currently shut down at Niagara Falls and the FBI says its Buffalo, N.Y., field office is investigating."

Oops..I n my haste to share this news I forgot to copy the link. Methinks it'll be easy enuff to find.

Also delusional prime inister Trudope has also ordered 3 other bridges closed for security reasons. That's gonna' be fun!
Take care, am

P.s. I don't know what's going on with this text?!?

G-Zeus said...

I live near the Niagara Falls Bridges. Our City of Hamilton was one the First Cities to get Electrical Power, courtesy of the Hydro-power.
I had noticed today that my Linux laptop was "wonky" in the early afternoon. I immediately Shut Down and turned on my Shortwave Receiver.

Carrier, Lower Sideband, Upper Sideband (CB or any AM Radio has all of those)

Septum, Left Nostril, Right Nostril >> All being Broadcast using the PINEAL Gland Antenna attached to your Brain.

Five Eyes, VI Kings, The Seven Rishi's of Ancient India.

G-Zeus said...




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