Monday, February 13, 2023

"It is a Time of Relentless Exposures and Revelations in The Hive Mind... Traveling at The Speed of Thought."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Wow! The Killer Vaccines are really knocking them dead.

They are literally NOT rolling in the aisles. They are very still, and they are not playing dead. It's moments like this when you take yourself aside and ask yourself... but not so loud that anyone else can hear you; who is it that owns these biological weapons labs, disguised as pharmaceutical laboratories where they make The Killer Vaccines?

Who owns AstraZeneca? Who owns Pfizer? Who owns Moderna? Who owns Johnson and Johnson? Then you could extrapolate to who owned all the criminal enterprises in Ukraine... and who was behind the Maiden (cough cough) revolution. You could further extrapolate out to who is most heavily involved in raw materials... farmlands... foodstuffs... AND Energy. Then you can narrow that focus down and backup from all those extrapolations, and you have... The Bankers. The ones who put the gold in that man's sacks.

The WEF fronts for The Bankers. The WEF; The World Economic Forum contains the party outfits that The Bankers wear when they strut their stuff in public. They have their tentacles so deep into every other business; everything of human construction is made by bending Nature out of shape. They can yank anybody's chain... anytime they want to, or... they can just tell someone else to yank it, or... they can show them the video they have... and the pictures... and the soundtracks... and tell them, "we know where you live."

The World is Nature modified for human needs, under the inspiration of invisible intelligence... to form Society as we experience it, in its ever-changing shifts from one temporary presentation to the next.

What do I mean by invisible intelligence? I mean that which exists beyond the sensory bandwidth... below and above. In Times of Material Darkness, more people are listening to Radio Infernal (W-666 on your dial). Mostly because it is broadcasting everywhere through the attractions of external phenomena. A broadcast does not come simply on the audio frequencies. It is experienced through every other sense that relates to it... that can carry the sense of it... so that it registers.

One can both hear and see indications of danger. One can 'feel' it too. One can smell it. It gives fear... ignition in The Mind, though it may travel there by visceral means.

The World started to go South when they began to hand out participation trophies... probably even before that... when Formica and microwaves became a thing. The appearance of grief counselors and therapists didn't help. Suddenly... there were all these new psychological problems, and then it was no time at all before they were demanding Jazz Hands... and getting Triggered by most anything at any time.

They created imaginary problems and then blew them out of proportion. All of a sudden, Racism was a thing again. Almost overnight... as soon as they passed a few laws... we were awash in sexual dysfunction, and guess what always follows something like that? Social Disorder is what follows sexual dysfunction.

One of the in-plain-sight mysteries of maintaining a successful culture, a culture that is still in the ascendant, is the... protection... of... the... innocence... of... children. When Babylon comes, this is one of the primary targets of those who serve The Infernal Realm. Another target is the general psyche of humanity, assaulted by despair and the loss of community.

In good times, most people agree on The Right Thing to Do. There are common boundaries with a certain amount of give and take. In bad times... the idea of everyone being your neighbor is shrouded in distrust and fear. When you can cause people to live in fear you have free rent in their minds. Then one is made a slave. When you cease to be your own master, someone will come along and oblige you.

I often go outside to sit with my friend, in Lord Surya's Seat; Lord Vivasvan. Some know him as Ra... Helios... Mithra...Sol... He has a lot of names because he's been around a very long time

So... just a moment ago, I went out and we were talking about people's baggage... Karma... Destiny and Fate, and he said; “Visible... when I like someone. When they get my attention for doing or saying things that are like what I do and say, a kindred resonance is activated and I take all their baggage, karma, and obligations and I sort them out. Then... when I've got them sorted... I set them free. Then I make it so that they can set others free too.” There was a pause... Then he said (in a comic voice); “It's a racket, I tell ya.”

The whole continuum of it was suddenly opened before my eyes and that is when I saw how truly great God is; of which I just had a tiny, momentary glimpse. God is matchless. God is the perfection we seek, and that perfection is in us as a tiny seed-molecule.

When it is fed by good works and the aspiration for Higher Love... it becomes The Body of Glory. Some bloom early, some bloom late, and some never bloom at all. I don't know the details of it... because I do not handle that end. My job is to sit still while it happens. The Operation of The Sun is the process by which The Body of Glory is made.

This is how I used to approach the whole spiritual journey thing.

You can't storm the Gates of Heaven. You really do get to a place where the whole objective is to sit still long enough for it to happen under the ministrations of the angel. This requires an utter reliance on The Divine.

The Rich and Powerful... those who attend these exclusive gatherings of The Venal and Rapacious, (sounds like a soap opera) have no experience in ordering humanity to its best state of being. All they know is to connive and steal... how to feather their own nests. They bring the same ham-handed lack of finesse to the wider world. This is being demonstrated in The World's view. They are found wanting.

Now, there has been a significant chemical accident in Ohio/Pennsylvania. There is a regular coming and going of mysterious fires and disasters harming wildlife... genetically altered feed that stops chickens from laying. No news coming out about the Ohio accident or much else in compromised media.

Balloons in the Troposphere are getting shot down and there's a big buzz about aliens... doing the shimmy-shimmy foxtrot... with rumors from China as the soundtrack, across a dance floor made out of shiny reflecting-bullshit, AND... in Ukraine... the big guns are about to run into the really big guns, AND... if a whole lot of really stupid and possessed individuals... with too much borrowed power... don't get a clue, they're going to get wised-up in real life.

I don't want to get too far into these things because I'm not a Doom-head. I see brighter tomorrows with clearer skies... but the run-up to the wake-up is gonna be plenty rough for some. If you drank the Kool-Aid, and you got The Killer Vaccines; signed that timeshare contract for the regular boosters, you're on the road to Hard Time Junction... cause you keep buying into one lie after another in defense of your convenience and your comfort.

All it takes for The World to change is for people to stop believing in the snake-oil salesmen who are guiding them down The Road to Perdition. There are VERY OBVIOUS efforts afoot to reduce our numbers c-o-n-s-i-d-e-r-a-b-l-y. They have been in operation for some time.

If conditions were to continue as they are, The World is looking at a Zombie Apocalypse. Fortunately, a renaissance of awakening is on the doorstep of the moment. (Boy! The buzz-phrases are happening today (grin)) Unfortunately... many will not be moved. They like it just fine, wherever it is that they think they are. Even when explosions are heard and there is fire in the sky, they tell themselves it is just background noise at the drive-in theater.

Everything I see, tells me that humanity is not equipped to find its way out of the maze of connecting events that lead wherever their intentions take them. Help must come by other routes, and... it... will. Very few have any idea of what is happening around them. This is what happens when too few seek to rule over too many, and the too few can't even rule themselves... and are incompetent to boot.

Help will come by other means. We are not alone and abandoned here. We have powerful, invisible help... if we would only seek it out within. For many centuries, a secret brotherhood of kindred souls has existed out of the general sightline. Their policy is not to interfere in human evolution, but only to guide it WHEN... POSSIBLE. Now... we have reached one of those critical moments in which the fate of humanity may go very good or very bad.

We are in a time of summing up. You can look at it as a symbiotic interaction of punishment and reward. It is a time of unmasking. It is a time of relentless exposures and revelations in The Hive Mind, traveling at the speed of thought. It is time to pay attention. It is time to cease from grasping and contending. It is time to end the war within... and embrace the wider unity of hearts in a common understanding, and the inspiration for it rests with God and his angels... and the power to accomplish it lies with God and his angels and us.

End Transmission.......

Some links are to be found at GAB, BUT... you can go here to The Daily Crow for references to what I discussed here today=



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Your opening sentence was a 'carved in stoner'. Hilarious. Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

Mas nad Mas visible. Thank you !!!
This post opened my ayes to afcet that was previously hidden to my efforts to 'polish' my sense of Self ,incarnate in this open-air insane asylum expereince of reality.
It has to do with the way i have been dealing with repentance. (i an kind os slow, inspite of myself), and on the third reading, some paragraphs suddenly made connections. i have been covering my repentance in 'fig leaves' so to speak.... Sort of beating myself up with it, not expressing it to be shown to The Divine, Ineffable, sort of like it was my 'Jewel in the 'strong box' kind o attitude...
Thank you very much.
(more)Cheerful Love ,Grizzlybear hug

Solar Vortex said...

LV-1 Sol was out today and beautiful.
Always giving thanks, especially the little things.
Keeping it simple, keeping morale up.
Trivial things like the childhood ruined faux book covers, classic movies, which is just about anything before early 1990s.
That is when the PC and participation trophies came along and music atrophied.
Rediscovering some vintage even if they were Tavistock/Spahn Ranch, someone had to play the chords and sing.
Awakening would be right on time and that is just how the River rolls..

TotoFromOz said...

Beautiful dear brother 😊

Asil said...

Beautiful - a masterpiece

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"The Devil is The District Attorney in God's Courtroom of Perfect Justice. It is This... and It is... More Than This."

tasmith said...

Excellent! Unmasked- except when devious apparently. Thugs and crooks and fearful continue.

Anonymous said...

Well, since we’re on the subject of poisonings…

They’re offering $1000 per person to apologise
Carbon footprint reparations won’t cover it, Greta.

Homo Sapiens Homogenus Domesticus could very well
be considered functionally retarded, me thinks.


messianicdruid said...

Thanks for sharing your conversation.



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