Friday, February 24, 2023

"They are Written Upon Our Hearts as The Interior Bible and Gita that is The Soul's Message to The Dreaming Mind."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Why is there endless war? Look at all those who worked to push Russia over the edge; who baited and hassled Russia. Look at those who control the media conglomerates, and those who work in the media conglomerates like whores in a brothel... telling the same tired lies, over... and over... and over again, in support of the war... every war; If time is a river, why do mesquite trees always look like they're checking their watch?

Look at the manufacturers who make the weapons, and whatever else is included in the war material. Look at the merchants who can sell their goods to one side or the other... hoping for yet more war, so that they can sell more goods. Look at all those people... who one way or another... contribute to the war efforts. Will they not need another war so that they can be the ones inconvenienced just like the people presently living or recently dead in the zones of this current war... or SMO... or whatever you call it... so as to homogenize the message?

Look at the bankers who are behind every war, and have a hand in every business that makes money from war.

Look at the hapless fools who fight in the wars, who might have been bankers or someone associated with making war, the last time they were here. Their personal karma INSISTS that they have a war in order to experience all the things they are causing others to experience.

Those who carpeted Iraq with depleted uranium and stood by while young boys and girls went to the riverside with the five-gallon tins... suffused with depleted uranium. Should they not have the opportunity to also enjoy the horrific birth defects that came out of that? Was this not what the architects of that war were doing? Were they not arranging the components for their coming visits here in some war zone of future times?

What about the homeless in the streets? Should not the people who arranged the conditions that led to them being homeless, be permitted to be homeless at some later date?

What about the people who fabricated COVID, and manufactured The Killer Vaccines? Should they be denied the experiences they visited upon the rest of us? What about the doctors, WHO WENT ALONG WITH THE PROGRAM? What about everyone deliberately misleading the ones too stupid to see through it?

What about the children being constantly abused by Drag Queen Story Hour? What about The Gender Nazis? What about the reverse racism redux... manufactured by those looking to make a profit from it? What about all those who know not what they do? Should they not have the opportunity to be informed?

Look at the madness everywhere these days. Consider those behind the orchestrating and perpetuating of it. Should they not all have the opportunity to experience and encounter all the conditions and situations they created for others, the... last... time... they... were... here?

Don't ask me why there is endless war in the darker yugas or why there is poverty and disease... or why there are people terrorizing others, abusing others, and killing others; cause... they... want... payback. It is the reincarnation of the self-blinded... without teeth... trying to gum each other to death.

Why? Why? Why? Why this and why that? Even with all those annoying questions by people who won't take the truth for an answer... even more annoying are the people with all the answers. They learned it in school the same way the others saw... it... on... TV. Somebody told them something that they didn't go and see for themselves... because they weren't even born when it happened, BUT it's what the victors of the previous wars said happened, so... now they are experts, due to assuming what others before them assumed because somebody told them the same thing.

God speaks to every one of us. Oh... there are those who have hardened their hearts and won't listen. God leaves them to the precise... mathematical working out from The Lords of Karma. Then there are the ones who can hear but often don't listen. God speaks to them through their conscience; “maybe you hadn't ought to do that. You might want to watch out. Don't... get... caught.”

Most don't hear any words. They get feelings. The Intuition comes through The Visceral Zone, so... plenty of people get premonitions. You may not think that people get warnings in their hearts and heads but I am told from an unimpeachable source that it is true.

Materialism makes people dull. Let me say that again... louder; Materialism makes people dull, stupid... grasping, and selfish... run ragged by simple pleasures that result in complex pains, so... it is understandable that people don't hear... or are hard of hearing... when God is trying to warn them.

Are they not also indifferent to the joyous... larger than life persona of The Sun? (Children see a laughing cartoon face when they look at The Sun). Do they not overlook the countless beauties of timeless art, written on the canvas of life... by the hands of the angels of God... painting sunsets... and oceans... and skies of memory blue? How is it that people detour right around what becomes an everlasting sanctuary, in search of some pedestrian amusements?

God is not asking people to spend hours on their knees or run soup kitchens in Detroit, though... considering what they do get up to, those might be the better options. God... through his representative, Jesus Christ... said simply and clearly what God wants; that you love him with all your heart, all your soul... all your strength... and with all your mind.

Since you LITERALLY... cannot refrain from action... are actually moving all the time... one might intuit that one should love God with all their heart, soul, strength, and mind through the energy of whatever they do... while breathing itself. While eating and drinking. While eliminating wastes. When going to sleep and upon waking up. Through every thought... word... and feeling... you celebrate that interiorly directed... and outwardly expressed... Love at every opportunity, without... making... a... whole... lot... of... noise... about... doing... it.

What do you know? The Bhagavad Gita says the same thing, going into greater detail. There are certain points of agreement shared by all traditions and The Wise. Then I listen to what my heart tells me because all of those scriptures came out of my heart. They are written upon our hearts as the interior bible that is the soul's message to The Dreaming Mind.

In fact... “as ye sow, so shall ye reap” is in all of them too, and also a hallmark of Buddhism as well. Why would all of these different faiths agree on the same thing? That's what I look for when I look for truth in scripture. I look to see what they all have in common, and then I move along to direct experience, WHICH... I... TRUST... A... LOT... MORE...

The object of The Spiritual Quest AND all genuine religion is... communion with God, also called The Knowledge and Conversation of The Holy Guardian Angel. It is also called... The Great Work. It is also called The Operation of The Sun... and what about The Philosopher's Stone and The Pearl of Great Price?

Don't get lost in the minutiae. God is not hard to find, but persisting in the search can be very hard, and I do know whereof I speak. It's getting your whole mind onboard. After that it is easy. You have to come at it with your whole heart, and want it, more... than... anything... else, and you will have God's company.

Don't concern yourself with payback or... the evils in The World... the looming threat of The Unknown or... your own fear born of ignorance. Yes... the whole house of cards can come down... and gruesomely so... at any minute. I can see the dominoes trembling. Oh my! Don't concern yourself with these things, lest you desire to fight in those wars we spoke of before... or experience those other options as consequences of your actions.

Let God move and groove and express in your being. Of course... you will be clumsy at first, BUT... at least you will be authentic and not trying to win a popularity contest with all the people who don't like anyone else... themselves included.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

You hit another one outta the ballpark with this one. Me and the soul nostril who does not live with me may discuss it.


(See Bob Dobbs about the third nostril.)

0 said...

"Don't ask me why there is endless war in the darker yugas or why there is poverty and disease..."

I have a take on this and its relative to the underlying space the solar system moves thru in its 25,000 year journey around our arm of the milky way. The Yugas appear to define that whole period, with the inner side of the galactic arm closest to the galactic center having a different characteristic of underlying space that lends to greater connectedness all around while moving to the Outter most point going around that arm, we are in less connected space so do things without being more aware of the total consequences of such actions.

Theres also the note that says the Good Inner Yuga lasts much longer than the bad kali yuga, and this too must be a function of the density underlying the space which the solar system moves thru and carries us along for the ride. (which is sorta the opposite of the type of trajectory one would see for an asteroid that speeds up as it heads in toward the sun and slows down as it leaves the sun back to its farthest point where it turns around and starts the journey back in.

I suppose the main difference there is that the galactic center is an outflowing plane of division and the inflows are on the Axis of the galaxy. So when the solar system is moving against that outflow to move to the closest point in its travels to the galactic center its moving against a current, and when the solar system starts to move back out to the kali yuga its accelerated in some measure which causes the period of time leaving the innermost point take less time to pass thru.

Curious to wonder at anyways. Guess the big announcement was the UN finding Russia at fault for invading Ukraine. Lets see if they use this as a way to invalidate the UN or if Russia Defers lending the UN credibility in its assertions. It always seems to be a game of Groups, with the bigger grouping taking advantage of all other groups. Only way one can see it objectively is by being part of No groups.

Found a dead and ripped open freshly killed rabbit in my front yard today, couple crows going to town eating the carcass. Maybe its a message, but if so I ain't getting the message. Death is just a doorway for they who used their time in their iteration of form to be-come More. Lacking that everyone enjoys the "outter darkness" aka the removal of all sense capacity that their iteration of form lent them for a period of time to gain experience. Given the way the worlds been going, even outter darkness would be a nice change of pace from the constant Bullshitooken!


Missing Munich said...

I needed exactly your words today. Many thanks!!

Greetings all around!

Missing Munich

TotoFromOz said...

Great always Viz. Love to you from OZ:)

Duntoirab said...

Oh my.
Perhaps a juicy retort coming soon?
Or maybe not.
I'm finding the best answer to provocation, mostly, is none at all.
Well, it's working well with irate customers at work who can't get their gee gaws.

Visible said...

Thanks Duntoirab;

I had to go see what you were talking about. I only saw a line from that comment. There's some kind of trick where only a certain amount of the comment is revealed. I'll be more watchful now.

This guy was obviously molested while in some ashram and now the whole world of Hinduism is a black mark on the soul of the universe. I can't figure out why he comes here, I don't promote Hinduism. I include Indian spirituality with Christian... Buddhist and Sufi teachings. It could be a ploy that has nothing to do with the subject matter. Anyway, the retort has been made and we won't be seeing this anymore.

I try to be easygoing with the comments section. I even mostly stay out of it because this section is for the readers, but I won't let it turn into a shit-slinging mosh pit.

robert said...

Danke Visible!

Coaching from the centerline, casting out lifelines to weary surfers, calling all angels to carry us home if we will be ready to go there...

Let God move and groove and express in your being. Of course... you will be clumsy at first, BUT... at least you will be authentic and not trying to win a popularity contest with all the people who don't like anyone else... themselves included.

We test our own sincerity; the Dance Meister moves in effortless grace and relentless abandon, calling the tune
Shedding all bounded-ness in the service of love moving One way in endless fractal splendor.

The tireless runner who never stops but allows us to join if only we take off our stiff ties to tedious tensions!
It is always only we who lose faith, give up, turn away.

There is no need for a stern judgment for us to pass through, since we never could do so on our separate ways.
The sun shines radiantly upon all creation, but gets tickled pink when consciousness rises above the horizon of self-made horrors
A leap for joy in body or mind rides the network of flares and conducts an element of ecstasy from our nervous system to the fine knitting of sun woven wonders

Only our we apart from I AM can create enough dissonance to drown out harmonic healing always on tap.

We could never measure up!
We can reach out one seeking heart string and be pulled up
When we end our fear of heights

Why we wail while waves are carrying us through our timing belts
When we know our heart's desire yet look for love in moving masks

There is heaven to give out which never runs out of reason
A simple turn of our bodily apparatus from receiving mode to transmission mode
Being positive more of the day and all through the night

Taking nothing for something to give while relating to the real
All the way we failed to feel
Will return to make love real

Will we feel our brother/sister hood more than our personal pain?
This is the only question on the test...

Visible said...

For anyone interested in why this anonymous character is attacking India and Hinduism, he is an OSHO follower. I think we are all familiar with Baggerjuan... Roger Nietsche; he of the Oregon poisoning of locals and the massive commune with the hundred Roll's Royces and the guards with submachine guns running alongside of the Rolls that contained The Master.

Almost without exception, all the followers of Osho that I met or observed (not the capital of Norway) are stone cold materialists. I have met them in many places in The World.

You'll want to see the documentary, "Wild, Wild Country." I have personal experience of this worshiped con artist, who also happened to be a native of India and of Hindu Origins. (hypocrisy alert) One can also read up on the cash-register religion ashram in Pune where EVERYTHING costs top dollar and whatever OSHO-money you get when you go into this toxic Disneyland, they... will... not... convert... it... back... to the currency you bought it with.

Finally... these are not locations for anyone to whine on about personal vendettas. It's pretty open here. I don't require or even ask people to only comment on the post... you can criticize my points of view. You can criticize me. I couldn't evolve otherwise, BUT... I also KNOW when someone is using a legitimate vehicle to be spiteful and mean. You can also mention all kinds of things you might think are of interest to the virtual community here.

Finally... I don't argue so there is no reason, and no future, in trying to get me to. I don't argue. Did I mention... I don't argue?

Let's try to keep it light around here, given how dark The World is AT THIS TIME. Let's try to interact at the highest level we are each capable of, and... all these spaces will stay at the highest level we are capable of.

God Bless you one and all!

Yukon Cornelius said...

Les I really enjoyed the “ when children draw or paint the sun it usually always has a s
Ole on its face. That put a smile on my face just like the “ cabin by the flowing streaming did”

G-Zeus said...

There is a Civil War in Shekels-Slovakia!

Root out the SS from our besieged world!

Anonymous said...

There's endless war because religions have made people ashamed of sex, and filled little children with shame, fear, and guilt.

War will only end when sexual repression ends. Sexual repression will only end when the idea of "God" and religion fully vanishes. By "God" i mean the childish idea of some father figure sitting in the sky watching you and judging you. The feminine concept of God is that of an impersonal energy force. The future is female, and a world of chaos and magic is returning after the apocalypse.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"I Consider These People Spiritual Card-Counters who Think Heaven is Some Kind of Casino with a Pecking Order."

From One Frothing at the Mouth to Give You All the Answers said...

I embarrassingly feel so many times you are writing about the very person I have become.



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